Flat Screen Computer Monitors - Things to Know Before Buying

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					Flat Screen Computer Monitors - Things to Know Before Buying


Most computers that are sold today are sold with a flat screen computer monitor. This type of
monitor is the preferred device to use with a computer to deliver pictures and information from
the computer.


LCD is a type of flat screen computer monitor. LCD is an acronym for liquid crystal display. The
kind that is of the LCD type is a thin flat panel that has molecules between two sheets of
Plexiglas or plastic. These molecules become excited when electricity is ran through them and
they illuminate. This illumination is translated as pictures, words, numbers and other display
items. The drawback of an LCD monitor is the color display. Although the color appears vibrant
it has a problem converting pixel ratios to any other ration but it native ration.


There are models that are made from plasma. Plasma technology relies on phosphorus molecules
to produce the screen image, the molecules like in the LCD models sit between two surfaces, in
Plasma models of the flat screen monitor the molecules sit between glass. The glass is vacuumed
sealed. The resulting images are crisp and colorful. They do not share the same problems that
LCD screens do but have a host of their own problems to include screen flicker and a large
consumption of energy


Surface conduction electron emitter display is another type of flat screen computer monitor.
SED's rely on molecular movement as well. The SED's operate on a much smaller supply of
energy and do not share the problems of either the LCD or plasma models.


An organic light emitting diode is another newer type of monitor model. These devices are still
in the prototype stages and have yet to be fully developed. This type promises to use less energy
and less costly to manufacture than older or different models.

Traditional computer monitors had a cathode ray tube and took up quite a bit desk space. They
were large and heavy and cumbersome. The screens were similar to TV screens. The tube had a
tendency to go out, they were the first displays used in computer technology and have almost all
but been replaced by a today's newer flat models.

A flat screen computer monitor takes up less desk space, provides a better picture and in
estimated to last over 60,000 hours before it has to be replaced.
Still using your old tube monitor? Learn more about flat screen monitors before finally
purchasing one.

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