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Although a fairly new term, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) can mean different things to different people. DCIM stemmed from the need to reduce energy consumption.

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									                      DCIM Implementation – Understanding the Business Value

Although a fairly new term, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) can mean different things to different
people. DCIM stemmed from the need to reduce energy consumption. Analyst David Cappuccio of Gartner says,
“DCIM is an offshoot of the green IT initiative and originally was designed to do basic energy monitoring, reporting
and management at the data centre level.” It signifies an emerging class of IT physical infrastructure solutions that
has already produced huge market acceptance. A recent Gartner research report predicts DCIM will quickly
become mainstream, growing from a 1% penetration of data centers in 2010 to 60% in 2014.

Despite the fact that there is a great amount of business value that comes with the proactive implementation of
DCIM in any data center, data center management has always been regarded by upper management as just
“maintenance”. But now with inefficiencies coming to light and old data center architectures getting out-of-date,
upper management is gradually understanding that DCIM can actually be a cost-saver, and not just a cost.

A DCIM project can be suitable for your business

Yes! There are credible facts and data that support DCIM and the modernization of data centers, making it a
suitable proposition for your business. These facts include the following:

        Although there is a change in IT architecture, there is a need for assets to be fully utilized. Considering the
         existing financial conditions, it is not feasible to remove and replace assets. In order to make certain that
         full lifetime value is being obtained from the individual IT assets available, it is essential to fully
         understand the asset base.

        With fluctuating energy cost, it is important to ensure that energy usage is fully understood. This way,
         there can be optimum usage of energy loads at the IT hardware level and in data center cooling, thereby
         resulting in quick payback and better technical flexibility. Data center environmental monitoring and
         enhanced green credentials result as a bonus.

        Organizations must be able to adapt to the changes, and it is significantly important to introduce new
         hardware and software rapidly and effectively. With enhanced agility from IT, it is important to ensure
         that the existing platform operates effectively.

        Huge cost savings can be had by not building a new data center. As many organizations are exceeding the
         capabilities of their existing data centers, data center monitoring systems can be used to mitigate the
         usual problems of space constraints, lack of power and poorly designed facilities by providing
         performance visibility. By understanding the true capabilities of the current IT infrastructure, assets and
         investments, future states can be considered, and real responses and advice can be provided back to the

Any business is always looking for changes that lower costs, mitigate risk and/or maximize value. Building a
business case around these three areas will enable a greater chance of true communication with the business, and
of project investment being made available. Using a Total Value Proposition allows a series of hard-hitting,
business-oriented messages to be constructed. This will ensure that a DCIM project is optimized for a business.

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