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Do we all know what to give our dogs? Of course not. Can we learn more about dogs food so that we
can improve their health? Definitely.

There is so much to know about dog food. Anyone who knows me know that I always recommend
natural diet for canines. And not just natural, I actually prefer raw and organic— the closer to the food’s
natural form the better.

Meat, fresh fruits and vegetables are great additions to any meals, including our dogs. The minerals and
nutrients found in these natural fare are so valuable to our dogs. You will be surprised at how healthy he
will be because of what you are feeding it. Now, the question is— do you cook it or serve it raw? There
is a debate about this that is ongoing until now.

For a lot of people, they do not like the idea of just putting a slab of meat in front of their precious dog.
Well, for one thing, you don’t just put out a steak out there for him. You need to chop it to bite sized
pieces so your dog can chew it and digest it better. And secondly, keep in mind that dogs are descended
from the same family of wolves and raw meat is an accepted element of their diet. Don’t worry about
making them sick, as I mentioned, they were built to eat organic food so their systems will be able to
handle it.

If you are still uncomfortable in serving up uncooked meat, then lightly cook the meat you are giving.
Make sure if you do cook the meat, remove the bones. Chicken and turkey bones especially splinter
easily when cooked and this can be a choking hazard that you want to avoid. Put the bones back in or
grind it and sprinkle it all over the meal. Bones are a valuable source of calcium and phosphorous that
dogs can greatly benefit from.

Dogs are carnivores so meat must constitute a large part of dog food. However, this doesn’t mean that
you should neglect the other elements in their diet. Vegetables are an amazing way to build up his
health. Raw carrots are crunchy treats that not only improve their health, they give your dog fresh
breath as well. Broccoli, parsley and green peas are chock-full of minerals and are good treats to keep
your dog full easily, keeping his weight down to an acceptable number.

Fruits are another fantastic way to boost his immune system. The antioxidants found in apples, oranges
and melons will help prevent the colds and other more serious canine diseases from getting into your
dog. It is very important that you take out the seeds from the fruits that you chop up and feed your pet.
The seeds have properties that can trigger cyanide poisoning, potentially lethal for your dog.

Now many pet owners, while they want to give their dog the best dog nutrition, do not have the luxury
to give meat, fruits and vegetables to their pets. They need the convenience and ease of pet food. Don’t
worry, not all pet food brands are bad. In fact, there are several brands that offer amazing products that
are specially formulated to provide maximum nutritional for your dog.

When you are shopping around for the right dogs food brand, do not let the price tag be the deciding
factor of your purchase. Many times cheap dog food is cheap because they use substandard ingredients
that are not good for dogs. Meat by-products are nothing more than unwanted meat products like
beaks, feet, claws, etc. If that doesn’t sound good for you, can you imagine feeding it to your pets?

If you’re wondering why, if many cheap dog food brands use this, dogs don’t seem to mind the taste of
it. The answer is because preservatives and artificial flavoring are infused into the products to make
them look good and taste more palatable. These chemicals can make your dog very, very sick.

This is not to scare you but this is why you need to be careful about what you are feeding your dog.
Wrong choices in his diet can be potentially fatal. Opt for premium dog food brands that use only the
highest quality ingredients and the mildest form of processing (dehydration and freeze drying). It might
cost you a few more dollars but believe me, it is worth it. Your dog will have less trips to the vet and look
a lot better for it. If you want to know more about the best healthy dog food brands, go to the links in
this article today.

Discover more about dogs food and other valuable resources for your dog’s health in this site. A healthy
dog is a gift that just keeps on giving. Enjoy!

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