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   Vertical Insights - August 2011

   It’s that time of year again, summer is almost over,                                       • At present, there are 2,688 residential mortgage
   days are getting shorter and consumers are starting                                          products for buyers to choose from – the most since
   to hibernate back to their homes to frantically search                                       December 2008. Buyers with a 10% deposit have seen
   online to sort out their financial stability post-summer                                     their options increase considerably; there are currently
   and plan for the future. That’s why, at this time of                                         261 products at 90% loan-to-value, up from 176 at the
   year, we see spikes in financial searches. This month,                                       same point last year. The tier with the highest number
   we want to look at mortgages as traditionally August                                         of mortgage products at present is 75% loan-to-value,
   through October is peak season for home buying.                                              which is comprised of just over 800 residential home
                                                                                                loan deals. (Moneyfacts)
   Here are some of the highlights:
   • Remortgages are likely to be a significant growth area
     for lenders this year, as speculation mounts over a
     rise in interest rates. Indeed, Barclays and Nationwide
     have already launched Switch & Fix propositions to
     capitalise on consumer anxiety here. (Mintel)
   • The number of loans for house purchases and
     remortgages both increased in May, reflecting a
     mortgage market that appears to be stabilising.
     Figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML)
     have revealed that there were 41,500 loans worth £5.9
     billion advanced for house purchases in May - up from
     40,800 (£5.9 billion in value) in April. (CML)
   • Potential first-time buyers are seeking out advice in
     droves as lenders begin to return to higher loan-to-
     value lending. First-time buyers looking for guidance
     in the market accounted for 40% of all advice sought
     on mortgage matters in June, the highest level seen
     since April last year. (unbiased.co.uk)

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT BEST PRACTICE                                                              • Match Type suggestions
                                                                                              • Keyword Expands
As we can see from the above news snippets, there are
certain mortgage areas that are particularly strong at the                                    • Excluded Keywords
moment. In particular, remortgages and first time buyer                                       • New Ad Suggestions
mortgages. It’s crucial to make sure you have these                                           • Dynamic Keyword Insertion
campaigns built out and optimised. With 2688 residential
mortgages for buyers to choose from, it’s extremely
important to relate your offer in the adcopy in order to                                      TOP KEYWORDS
set your product apart from others. For example, if you
                                                                                              1.    mortgage rate                          12. mortgage uk
are offering no deposit or 5% deposit mortgages, make
sure this is displayed in your copy boldly using Yahoo!’s                                     2.    mortgage                               13. best mortgage deal
dynamic keyword insertion. Another thing to bear in mind                                      3.    mortgage calculator                    14. first time buyer mortgage
is to have relevant negative keywords in your account. If                                     4. remortgage deal                           15. mortgage broker
you have separate accounts for loans for instance, make
                                                                                              5.    buy to let mortgage                    16. best mortgage
sure you have loan terms as negatives along with other
finance products you may offer.... In order to have your                                      6.    remortgage                             17. 100 mortgage
accounts ready for this peak season, contact the Yahoo!                                       7.    compare mortgage                       18. mortgage protection
creative team to help optimise your accounts. Below is                                        8.    mortgage advice                        19. mortgage quote
summary of the work we can help you with;
                                                                                              9.    mortgage deal                          20. mortgage loan
• Account Investigation
                                                                                              10. fixed mortgage
• High Volume Restructure
                                                                                              11. fixed mortgage rate
• De-Dupe
• Bid Proposals

Read on for: Mortgage Seasonality, Mortgage Product Seasonality, Top Keywords By Clicks vs. CPC, Hitwise - Share of all Portfolio Clicks          www.advertising.yahoo.co.uk
Page 2 of 2                                                                                         Vertical Insights - August 2011

Impressions on Yahoo! saw a surge last September
which tailed off in December. January, however, was
very strong, so it is important to ensure that accounts
not only have the relevant keywords to take advantage
of this seasonality, but also that the top keywords are bid
on competitively to help them have a presence in top ad
positions. You can also see that Y-O-Y searches are up
this year.

As expected “fixed rate mortgages” are most popular at        This table is very interesting as the number-one term by
the moment with searches at their highest in two years.       a long shot in terms of clicks is “mortgage calculator”.
“Buy to let mortgages” are pretty flat with spikes in         Of course this Hitwise data is heavily influenced by
January and May. “Tracker” and “offset” are traditionally     Google, but from this, looking at the top 20 keywords
steady all year around.                                       on Yahoo! on the previous page, we can see there is a
                                                              big opportunity here to bid on “mortgage calculator”
                                                              aggressively on Yahoo! Search. In fact, in the top 15 most-
                                                              clicked terms across all engines, there are four terms that
                                                              contain “calculator” in them.

                                                                        SEARCH TERMS                    SHARE OF ALL
                                                                                                        PORTFOLIO CLICKS
                                                                                                        7/9/11    4/2/11
                                                                1       mortgage calculator             20.29%    19.14%
                                                                2       mortgage rates                  3.62%     4.47%
                                                                3       mortgages                       3.62%     3.80%
                                                                4       mortgage                        3.08%     2.72%
TOP KEYWORDS BY CLICKS VS. CPC                                  5       mortgage                        2.21%     1.99%
These figures are based on June’s data and it’s very                    calculator
interesting to note that not only does “mortgage rate”          6       nationwide                      2.01%           2.20%
have the highest amount of impressions, but also one                    mortgages
of the lowest average CPCs at only 85p. Impressions             7       halifax mortgages               1.85%           1.81%
on “mortgage rate” have tripled Y-O-Y, proving that at          8       buy to let mortgages            1.66%           1.93%
the moment, there are so many products in the market
                                                                9       bbc mortgage                    1.36%           1.34%
and buyers are desperately comparing rates. Financial
comparison sites should really take advantage of being
able to compare rates and bid aggressively on this              10      buy to let mortgage             1.27%           0.83%
keyword.                                                        11      best mortgage deals             1.00%           1.39%
                                                                12      mortgage deals                  0.95%           0.84%
                                                                13      hsbc mortgages                  0.86%           0.68%
                                                                14      natwest mortgages               0.82%           0.73%
                                                                15      buy to let mortgage             0.81%           0.59%

    ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS                                        uk.searcham@yahoo-inc.com               www.advertising.yahoo.co.uk

                                                              Drive your business through a combination only Yahoo! offers: the
                                                              science to target an audience, the art to create engagement, and the
                                                              scale to reach the right audience in meaningful numbers.

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