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					From AISB in Bucharest, Romania, 5th Graders

                             THE SEABIRD
                                   By Niki Powers

                              I was just sitting,
                                   Gazing …
                                  Out to sea,
                            When I saw something.
                                 It was a bird,
                               A beautiful bird,
                            A bird with a message.
                              The message was
                             That peace is much
                               Better than war.

                           That was the message
                             The bird gave me.
                              War is horrible,
                              Peace is grand,
                         And when we work together,
                             And we all chip in,
                           War would be fading,
                                And peace?
                             Peace would be …

                                   By Niki Powers

                                   I was there
                                   I was there
                               I was there when
                           The people started to die
                                 In front of me
                              It was a nightmare
                             I started to think …
                                   Why war?
                                Why not peace?
          By Julia Dane

    I’m in your shoes now,
   So I can see myself there.
        I can see myself
        Lying over him,
        Over my father.

    He’s been shot by him,
      Shot by the killer,
   The killer that scares me,
         The killer …
        That I despise!

     I loved him so much,
       My father I mean,
     And now he is gone,
         I am all alone.

      My heart is broken,
       I am on my own,
    I will go into the world,
      That can’t be found.

You are back in your shoes now,
        Looking at me,
        So you can see,
   What has been going on.

      You can also see,
    How much I hate him,
      How much I hate
         The killer,
     The killer named …
                      By Morgan Barr

         Something terrible has happened,
          Something only an inner cruel
          And evil man could dream up.
                   What is it?
                     A war!
               A war takes away
                So many things;
                 A peaceful life,
            Love, happiness and US!

        I am lucky to be standing here today,
                The people that were
                Most precious to me
                 Were not so lucky.

             I feel what I can’t explain.

                 I hope that one day
                  This war will end,
                  And we will have
                  A peaceful world.
             But nothing can bring back
                The people I loved,
              Nothing can bring back
              The most precious thing
                   In the world …
                     My family.

           (Dedicated to my cousin and my family)
            By Zoli Roka

    I hear rumbling outside,
     So I open the window
           And there!
Tanks are coming down the street.

       My uncle suits up,
  And takes his rifle and pistol.
   He opens the balcony door
        And then drops!

            I look up,
       And see the enemy.
    I take my Uncle’s pistol,
        And aim it at him.

     He puts his hands up.
  I’m about to pull the trigger,
      Then I drop the gun,
        And run away.
    Away from the rumbling.
      WHY ME?
     By Stefan Kouumdjiev

  I stand in the airplane,
And hold a nuclear bomb.
      It is time for me
 To choose who shall die.
The pilot is shouting at me,
 But I push him down …
  Down with the bomb.
        I hear a sigh,
  It was me … I sighed.
    I hear an explosion,
 And the sounds of death,
  And that was also me.
          Why me?
     By Andreea Pinta

   I was in a plane,
  An American plane,
    My mission …
  To kill the enemy!

As I pushed the button,
And dropped the bombs,
    I thought of all
 The innocent people
   I had just killed.


  Why did humanity
     Have to hate,
   Instead of love?
    So many dead,
Just because of war …
   War! War! War!

   By Ghassan Awdi

        I am God,
 I look down on earth,
   I see my creations
  Are dying everyday.
       I ask, “why
    Is there fighting,
  And wars with guns
      And bombs?
      Why do they
        Start wars
   And have no peace
 With all the others?”

   By Ghassan Awdi

    I see my Dad,
 Watching the news,
  He has a sad face.
    I look at what
 The news is about,
   I see American,
 And Iraqi people …

   By Ghassan Awdi

    My family and I
Are leaving the country
  Because of the war.
        I look out
    Of the window
   And see buildings
And houses destroyed,
 Fire, and dead people
       All around.
           I cry.
 And my family cries.
   Who started this?
      WHO ?
   By Sever Savanciuc

  Who started this?
   I do not know.
    Was it them?
    Or was it us?

   I try to run away,
As bullets whiz past me
    Hitting the trees
     In front of me.

    I see movement,
    It is the enemy!
  I sneak up on him,
   He too is scared.
Running away, like me.

  I take him down,
  And I think again,
  Who started this?

 Who Thought?
   By Sever Savanciuc

Who thought it would
  Come down to this?
 People die like bugs!
    I am just a kid,
    At ten years old
 I am heavily armed.
 I shot many enemies,
   And I realise that
     I have become
A killer …a murderer!
Who thought it would
  Come down to this?
    Kill or be killed?
     By Drake Bonifate

  Why should I cry?
  Should I stare fear
     In the eye?
     People cry,
     People lie,
   And people die,

     By Drake Bonifate

   How much time
     Will I spend?
     In this war,
    With no end?
 Though I must defend,
   How much time
     Will I spend?
       By Nikolas Kougianas

   War is a friend of death.
     Death is a cold thing
      That touches you,
   And takes your life away.

        I am watching
     Through my window,
       When suddenly,
          I am dead.
     The feeling of death,
         Is very cold.

        By Charlotte Adams

        Peace is golden,
    And war is threatening.
     The people are dying,
       Laying there dead.
        Can we stop it?
       Or is it too strong
         To push away?
     Can we talk about it,
          Or is fighting
         The only way?
Why can’t we just compromise?
 War will never go anywhere,
 It will stay in the same spot,
    It doesn’t do anything,
       It only kills them,
           Kills them!
           Kills them!
        By Chloe Taub

        I see a door,
       An open door.
     Behind the door,
      Another world,
    All white and bright,
       And I wonder,
      Could our world
        Be like that?

         Then a bird,
        The first bird
          I’ve seen
        In two years,
          Flies out
       Into our world,
Our dark and gloomy world.
          Peace …
  It is the bird of peace!

        By Chloe Taub

           Walls …
    We are making walls.
   There used to be none,
      But now there are,
      And they just keep
         Building up,
        And up, and up.
   It’s easy to build them,
But harder to take them down.
        We could do it,
       If we wanted to.
              I do
      I hope you do too!
       THE DOOR
         By Alex Martin

            Every day
   I feel I’m getting closer,
      Closer to the door.
  I get slammed right back,
   Back to where I started.
              I wish,
          I really wish,
        I could go back,
       Back to the world,
  The world I used to know.

         By Katy Raziak

 There is no way out from war,
    That’s what people say.
  But that’s not what I think,
Cause it only takes one word …
  If only we could have that,
   That single but true word,
  If only we could stop war.
    You make your choice.
   But hey, what do I know?
        I’m just a child.
       By Alexandra Androne

             Peace …
       Peace is relaxing
      It is like an animal
       That is free to go
    Wherever it wants to go
           But war …
     War is like a person
           Without air
    Without shelter to live in
          It is sadness.

         By Andreea Pohus

          I stay close,
      And hug mom tight,
           As I watch
        The people die.
  We are running away tonight,
          Running …
   Leaving the war behind.

         By Andreea Pohus

       I don’t like it,
    When my mother cries.
         So I tell her
      Something nice.
    What I say mostly is …
        By Bana Karim

        “No … stop!”
 I shouted to the Americans,
      But they acted like
       They were deaf.
     Doesn’t anybody feel
      Something inside,
    Somewhere very deep?
     What would happen,
          If you were
        In their shoes?

        By Bana Karim

  War is bad for everyone,
    War is a monster!
Nobody will survive in a war,
     Not even a bird.
      People in wars
   Might be risk takers,
   But when people die
          It is bad!
   Think before you act,
     War is a disaster!
     Peace is heaven.
        By Roman Raziak

A monster devours our country,
         Every country,
       The whole world.
       We try to fight it,
   But when it seems to die,
  It comes back twice as big
 And others are killed instead.
     Yet if we do nothing,
        It will kill us all.
  It feeds on war among us,
      If we do not stop it,
        It will kill us all!

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