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									                       Metro Record                                                       October 2010 Vol 41, No. 2

                          PRESIDENT’S                                                    Inside this issue:

                          VIEWPOINT                                          Editor’s Musings                     2

                          Molly McCracken                                    V is for Volunteer                   4

                      We have started off the 2010-2011 program              Chapter Library                      5
                      year with a bang. The meeting at the Science
                      Museum of Minnesota had 65 attendees, one              Minnesota State Archives             7
of the highest attended meetings in many months. We started off
with the installation of the new Board of Directors, with our spe-           Places to Go-Things to Do            8
cial guest Steve Golden, CRM, president of the ICRM.
                                                                             MN-GRIN Workshop                     9

Edward Fleming, PhD, gave a very interesting presentation on the             Chapter Volunteer Opportunities 10
Dead Sea Scrolls, discussing their long-term preservation and how
the Scrolls travel around the world. After the presentation, we              Book Nook/Book Assessment            11
were able to tour the exhibit and spend as much time as we liked,
                                                                             Records Management-Fact or           12
as well as experience the other exhibits at the museum. If you
were unable to join us, I highly encourage you to attend the ex-
hibit before it closes on October 24th.                                      Regional Roundup                     13

                                                                             Ask the Vendors                      14
Our next meeting will be October 12th at the Embassy Suites, Air-
port with Patrick Cunningham, CRM, FAI, presenting to us on The
                                                                             Vendor News/AIEF                     15
Cloud and Web 2.0: Issues and Risks for Consideration and also
The Perfect Storm: Messaging and the Records Manager. A very
                                                                             CRM Exam Study Questions             16
timely discussion as many companies consider doing business ‘in the
cloud’. For attendees coming from Minneapolis interested in a                Privacy Corner                       18
green alternative to driving, the Light Rail stops right in front of
                                                                             Have You Met?                        19
the hotel and it leaves from multiple downtown locations.

There are many opportunities this year to volunteer on a variety of
committees; some of these will only take a few hours a month,
some more, but they will all provide you the opportunity to network    The ARMA International Conference in San
with fellow chapter members. Melissa Suek, Public Relations Direc-     Francisco, California, will be held from Novem-
tor, is looking for volunteers to help form a Vendor Program Devel-    ber 7 – 10 (excluding pre and post conference
opment Committee (vendors and non-vendors welcome) and a Public        events). If you are attending, please send me
Relations Committee. Please contact her at                             an email with your contact information in it and if you are interested in this volunteer      the dates you will be out there and I will com-
opportunity.                                                           pile a list of attendees and distribute to all the
                                                                       chapter members that are going prior to the
                                                                       conference. You can send it to me at
Sheila Isaacson, CRM, is also looking for volunteers to help with
the Spring Conference planning. Some of the volunteer duties in-
clude programming, room monitors, arrangements, etc. Please con-
tact Sheila at if you are interested      I hope to see you all in October.
or would like more information.
               Metro Record                                           October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

                                  EDITOR’S MUSINGS
                                           Susan McKinney, CRM

   “If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.”
           Charles Kettering

   Change is hard. I know this because I am a creature of habit, and whenever I have to change some-
   thing that “I’ve always done,” it makes me uncomfortable. I get that from my father, who will only go
   to certain places for certain things, and if you suggest otherwise, well - let’s just say it’s really not
   worth it.

   Yet, we live and work in a constantly changing environment. We’ve gone from typewriters to com-
   puters to laptops to hand-held machines all in a very few years. All the changes in technology have led
   to numerous changes in how business is done, and how information is created and stored.

    With so many changes around us, the question that has to be asked is “Has Records Management
   changed to meet the new realities of business?” Should retention of information be based on con-
   tent alone, or should other factors come into play? Do the records management theories that we’ve
   all been taught, and are still being taught, need to be updated to reflect the technological changes?
   And of course, the question that continues to be asked on listservs and in the records management
   community, “Are records managers obsolete?” The featured book, Managing The Crowd: rethinking
   records management for the web 2.0 world by Steve Bailey, which is new in the Twin Cities ARMA
   Chapter library, talks about these issues and discusses “10 defining principles of Records Management

   I believe that all of us need to look at how our organizations work and devise our records management
   programs around them. That might mean revising or even throwing out some of our records manage-
   ment tenets. I don’t mean that we toss everything aside like an old coat, but that we look carefully at
   how we’ve “always done things” and see if there are ways to update our processes. For instance, we
   talk a lot about metadata, which is obviously important. We cajole and plead with our users to index
   their information, and yet many of them still won’t or even just don’t. Yet those same users will “tag”
   content for use on the internet. Should we really be managing records based on their content and re-
   gardless of format or records media? Can we still “just say no” to using technologies and web applica-
   tions that don’t fit neatly into our classification schemes? How are we going to manage information
   that no longer resides inside our organization? These are not easy questions, but ones that must be
   discussed by the records management community if we want to stay relevant in our organizations.

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               Metro Record   October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

October 2010                                              Page 3
               Metro Record                                                   October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

                             V IS FOR VOLUNTEER

This past May I received the Chapter Leader of the Year Award for my volunteer contributions to the chap-
ter and the Board of Directors. There was more irony in that award than many people know. I was a reluctant
volunteer when I started on the Board back in 2005. As my sixteen year old brother likes to point out, I’m
not much of a joiner. I was caught in a weak moment and then could not get out of the commitment; my man-
ager at the time thought it would be good for me. So, I assumed the role of Director of Arrangements and
fretted for a whole year over menu choices and venues, thinking only two years and I’m done.

Well, as it turned out, it’s five years later, and I’ve expanded my venue selections, as well as my participation
on the Board. A lot of that is due to the incredible people I have met on the Board as well as members at
large. The great benefit of Arrangements, aside from picking the food, is meeting everyone at registration.
My partner in crime, Colleen Byrne, and I take great pride in knowing almost everyone who registers. I’ve
also been able to participate on some great committees: the Program Committee, Web Committee and By-
laws, to name a few. It’s a great time, and I have learned a lot about my profession, but also about web de-
sign and board governance. I’m not really a rah-rah person, but if you have ever had the slightest inkling of
joining one of our committees or maybe even the Board, I would encourage you to talk to one of the Direc-
tors at the next meeting, or send us an e-mail from our great new website. Any one of us would love to dis-
                                                  cuss the different roles and opportunities. Who knows, you
                                                  just might surprise yourself.

                                                                          Tracy Backer, CRM

                                                      ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SOME FUN AND
                                                      EXCITEMENT? ARE YOU FINDING THE
                                                      DAY-TO-DAY TASKS BORING?

                                                      If so, consider spending some time doing vol-
                                                      unteer work for the ARMA Twin Cities Chap-
                                                      ter. Volunteers are needed to help with the
                                                      spring conference, publicity and the newslet-
                                                      ter. Other opportunities are also available.
                                                      It’s a great way to meet colleagues, learn a
                                                      new skill set, and have fun while supporting
                                                      the chapter. For more information, contact
                                                      Susan McKinney at

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                 Metro Record            October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

As a service to our Chapter mem-
bers, the holdings in our Chapter li-
brary have recently been updated.
To see the entire inventory, visit the
chapter website.       Click on the
“Resources” then on “Library”. In-
structions for checking out material
are also listed on this page. If you
have suggestions for other titles you
would like to see added to the li-
brary, contact Beth Zaspel, CRM,
Director of Education at or 651.647.1300.

New additions to the Library in-

Managing the Crowd: Rethinking Re-
cords Management for the Web 2.0
World, by Steve Bailey

Managing Municipal Records, by the
CO Municipal Clerks Association

The Value of Records Management:
A Managers Briefing, by William

Managing Business Forms, by Robert

  October 2010                                                       Page 5

   September, 2010                                                   Page 5
                Metro Record                                       October 2010 Vol 41, No 2


Tammy Price, CRM, who has already
chaired several task forces this year and
spent numerous hours on processes that
will make it easier to run the Twin Cities
ARMA Chapter.

Tracy Backer, CRM, who has contributed
several articles to the newsletter this

Lori Upgren, who has worked diligently
creating all the program brochures for the
upcoming year.

If there is someone you would like to see noticed in this
column, please submit the information to: tcar-

                                                              We must remember that one de-
                                                            termined person can make a signifi-
                                                            cant difference, and that a small
                                                            group of determined people can
                                                            change the course of history.
                                                                  Sonia Johnson

October 2010                                                                                   Page 6
                 Metro Record                                                       October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

                                         NEWS FROM THE
                               MINNESOTA STATE ARCHIVES
                                  Minnesota State Archives Collection Featured in Podcasts and Blogs

                                                               The original land survey notes (dated 1848-1907) are the
                               Along with other collec-        actual measurements the surveyors compiled when the
                               tions of the Minnesota          State of Minnesota was first surveyed. The survey, con-
                                 Historical Society, the       tained in about 1,400 small bound volumes, is the only
State Archives collection is featured online with many         comprehensive representation of Minnesota’s landscape
podcasts and blogs. Putting digital content online is a        prior to development, and serves as the legal foundation
continuing effort of the Minnesota Historical Society to       for all land ownership in the state. An early record book
use social media, along with other tools, to better expose     (dated 1858-1879) of the Secretary of State’s office
new audiences to the Society’s collections of government       contains copies of documents sent and received by the
records, manuscripts, three dimensional objects, books,        office. Topics in the documents include the donation of
artwork, and photographs.                                      lands and money to aid in railroad construction, removal
State and local government records are featured in pod-        of the Winnebago Indians, adoption of the state seal,
casts and blogs to highlight new acquisitions and tell         and appointments and resignations of officials.
brief stories about some of our favorite records or
documents. Here are just a few examples of what you            To learn more check out the Minnesota Historical Soci-
will find:
                                                               ety’s Collections Up-Close webpage available at: http://
                                                      Content is always be-
What happened to the Younger Brothers (Cole, Bob, Jim)         ing added, so look for upcoming contributions from the
after the Jesse James-Younger Brothers gang robbed a           State Archives collection.
Northfield bank in 1876? A variety of documents are
used to document the Younger Brothers’ criminal trial in
Rice County, their imprisonment for over twenty years in
the Stillwater State Prison, and Cole and Jim’s period of
probation supervised by the state Parole Board. Bob
died in prison in 1889.

Amelia Earhart was found in St. Paul! Actually, what
happened to Amelia is still a mystery, but the St. Paul
school district recently transferred documents with in-
formation about Amelia. Amelia was a junior at Central
High School during the period 1913-1914, so it’s fun to
discover a Minnesota connection to the famous aviator.

Life in prison is definitely not a fun topic, but inmates at
the Stillwater State Prison were productively employed
for nearly eighty years manufacturing farm machinery,
rope and twine for sale in the state and region. Docu-
ments and photographs of the Stillwater Prison Indus-
tries richly illustrate the activity which started in about
1890 and continued well into the 1970s.

  October 2010                                                                                                       Page 7
               Metro Record                                  October 2010 Vol 41, No.2



Some of you may have found this little-
known gem before, but for those of you
who have not visited the Museum of
Broadcasting in St. Louis Park, you are in
                                             and admission is $6.00.        For more information,
for a treat!     This is a small museum,
sometimes called the Pavek Museum of
Broadcasting, and is filled with treas-      Have you been somewhere fun, interesting, or even a little
ures from radio and television in the        bit weird that you would like to share? Send it to me at
Twin Cities. The museum tells the story
of electronic communications and how
the radio and television industry had an
enormous impact on society. A tour of
this museum gives you an idea of how
quickly the industry changed, and you
will see working examples of the first
radios, talking pictures, televisions and
what we used to call record players.
There are clips of Twin Cities television
shows such as Axel and His Dog, The
Bedtime Newz, Twin Cities Today and
Carmen’s Cottage. The tour guides are
knowledgeable and fun, and I found it a
great way to spend an afternoon. It will
certainly bring back lots of memories!
The museum is open Wednesday –
Saturday from 10:00am until 5:00pm

October 2010                                                                                Page 8
               Metro Record                                    October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

                                                      EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES
MN-GRIN Workshop                                      EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES

The Minnesota Government Records and Informa-         For the most up-to-date job postings
tion Network (MN-GRIN) will host a half-day           and detailed descriptions and require-
workshop on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 focus-        ments for these positions, please go to
ing on the intersection between records manage-       the Twin Cities Chapter of ARMA’s
ment and data practices.                              website at
                                                      Please contact the Chapter’s Employ-
                                                      ment Director, Ben Greene, if you have
Date: Wednesday, October 13                           additional questions or would like to
Location: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 520     post an open records management posi-
Lafayette Road N (See the link for a map and visi-    tion that you have in your company.
tor parking locations. You will need to register
your car and obtain a visitor badge on entry.)
Room: MPCA Board Room on the lower level
Schedule:                                             AMI Imaging Systems, Inc.
                                                      7815 Telegraph Road
8:00-8:30 Arrival, coffee, networking                 Bloomington, MN 55438
8:30-9:30 Stacie Christensen from IPAD
(Information Policy Analysis Division of the De-
                                                       AMI has been an industry leader for nearly 30
partment of Administration) will present an IPAD       years, specializing in document management
                                                       technologies, workflow and process automa-
perspective on data practices and records man-         tion. We focus on solution consulting involving
agement                                                hardware, software, implementation and inte-
                                                       gration services for content and information
9:30-10:00 Break                                       management.

10:00-11:30 Panel of data practices professionals
                                                       We can provide outsourced services for docu-
from state agencies, cities, and counties will dis-    ment and other media conversions as well as
                                                       hosted solutions for document and data storage
cuss their experiences and answer questions from       and delivery via the web for unlimited numbers
attendees.                                             of users and for companies of nearly any size.

                                                       Our world-class vendor partnerships afford us
                                                       the ability to offer the widest variety of hard-
The Minnesota Government Records and Informa-          ware and software to our clients along with full
tion Network is a forum for the exchange of in-        implementation and maintenance services for
                                                       all systems utilizing factory-certified technicians
formation among individuals and agencies inter-        for both software and hardware support.
ested in government records and information man-
agement. For more information, see: http://

October 2010                                                                                  Page 9
                      Metro Record                                                    October 2010 Vol 41, No.2


                 Your ARMA Chapter *Your Opportunity* Become a Volunteer!
 The Twin Cities ARMA Chapter is seeking volunteers for two newly formed committees. No experience necessary! Just
 enthusiasm for promoting our profession and the chapter. Please contact Melissa Suek, Director of Public Relations and
 Community Service to express interest ( Thank you in advance for your participation!

 Public Relations Committee                                          Vendor Program Development Committee
 Assist Director of Public Relations and Community Ser-              Create a program to build stronger relationships between
 vice with marketing chapter events and other public rela-           the Twin Cities ARMA Chapter and local/national vendor
 tions activities. Duties may include:                               communities. Duties may include:

 •       Research publications for advertising events                •   Review existing vendor opportunities for advertising
 •       Staff ‘about us’ table at chapter meetings                      with Twin Cities ARMA Chapter
             •   Membership applications                             •   Examine what other ARMA chapters do for/with
             •   ARMA publications (local and national)                  vendor community

             •   Conference materials (local and national)           •   Create value proposition for vendor involvement with
                                                                         Twin Cities ARMA Chapter
 •       Create LinkedIn content
                                                                     •   Develop and present vendor program/strategy to
 •       Back-up PR Director at monthly meetings, as neces-
                                                                         ARMA Board of Directors
         sary (introducing Vendor Spotlight, running raffle,
                                                                     Time commitment: One hour/month for Committee tele-
                                                                     conferences plus 5-10 hours for vendor program re-
 Time commitment: One hour/month for Committee
                                                                     search and development. First committee meeting will be
 teleconferences plus 2-5 hours/month for public rela-
                                                                     December 2010; program recommendations to be devel-
 tions and marketing activities. Prefer minimum of one
                                                                     oped and presented to the Board of Directors by April
 programming year commitment (June through May).
 Committee’s first meeting will be in October 2010 and
 monthly thereafter.                                                 Note: This committee will include both members and ven-

Twin Cities Chapter of ARMA Members,                                ·      Brochures/Publicity
                                                                    ·      Room Monitors
We have started our planning for the 2011 TC Chapter’s          Please send me a quick note with your intent to participate
Spring Conference. I am currently in the process of se-         and committee preference. I look forward to hearing
curing a location for our annual event and would like to        from and working with you!
start forming committees to work on the planning phase.
Volunteers are needed for the following committees:             Regards,
     ·        Programs/Speakers
     ·       Vendor & Professional Associations Liai-           Sheila A. Isaacson, CRM
     ·        Arrangements/Registration

  October 2010                                                                                                      Page 10
               Metro Record                                              October 2010 Vol 41, No.2


Every month in the Book Nook we will let you know what ARMA members are reading. To be included, please
send your favorite books of any genre to
This month’s books:

Organizing Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organizational Effectiveness by Patrick Lambe. Submit-
ted by Cheryl Pederson, CRM, FAI. Cheryl says: It is certainly not light reading, but
interesting and helpful to understand this subject.

The River of Doubt by Candice Millard. Submitted by John Frost, CRM. John says:
This is about Theodore Roosevelt’s journey to map a previously uncharted tributary of
the Amazon River in South America. He made this journey after his election defeat in
1912. To read what he and his team went through is the stuff of adventure and almost

        Susan McKinney, CRM

 Managing the Crowd: Rethinking Records Management for the Web 2.0 World by Steve

 This book was recently added to the Chapter Library holdings, and when word gets out,
 there will certainly be a line waiting to read it! I read this book when it first came out in
 2008, and I loved it. I still use it as a reference when I’m talking about the future of
 RIM. This book talks about the need for RIM to change as we go forward into the tech-
 nological future. As a records manager, he looks at how RIM is currently practiced and
 wonders how that has to change in the new Web 2.0 world. Steve believes that
 “technology strips away many of the fundamental building blocks on which records man-
 agement has been based.” He suggests that there is already a gap in the theory and
 practice of RIM, and asks those questions that many of us have wondered but were
 afraid to voice, such as “Was there ever any merit in attempting to manage records
 ‘regardless of format’?” He ends with 10 defining principles of records management 2.0.

 This book is one that will make you think. You may not like or agree with everything you
 read, but it certainly will make you think about how RIM will be practiced in the future.

October 2010                                                                                         Page 11
               Metro Record                                         October 2010 Vol 41, No.2


         If you’re like me, your ears prick up whenever a fictional detective or attorney has to go to
 ‘files,’ that mysterious place in TV Land where information is at your fingertips, even if the ware-
 house is full to the brim with boxes and there’s nary a barcode in sight. It’s occurred to me a lot
 lately. I recently finished a mystery by local Twin Cities author/attorney, Roger Stelljes. Deadly
 Stillwater is the sophomore effort from Stelljes and incorporates some wonderful landmarks, in-
 cluding a local window company that remains nameless in the book and shall do so here as well. The
 story covers the kidnapping of the daughters of two prominent (although fictional) St. Paul men,
 and the search to find the captors as well as their motive. This leads me to the records manage-
 ment connection: the detectives must go to an offsite storage facility and dig through paper re-
 cords to find the killer. The frustration of digging through relatively uncatalogued boxes was real
 enough; the name of the facility was fairly humorous. I don’t want to spoil that a-ha moment for
 you, so I will not reveal it. That moment aside, and I’m not sure anyone who does not work with re-
 cords would catch it, the book is a fun weekend read. I would recommend starting with his first
 book, The St. Paul Conspiracy, because it provides a lot of background. There are many more mo-
 ments in fiction that obliquely or otherwise refer to information management, and with the Publi-
 cation Director’s indulgence, they will appear from time to time. If you have a favorite that comes
 to mind, please feel free to send me an e-mail,

October 2010                                                                                    Page 12
          Metro Record                                        October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

                          REGIONAL ROUNDUP
This year in The Metro we are going to spotlight some of the other chapters in the region
and their activities. Chapters around the country are kicking off their program years, and
in Denver they started out with Nick De Laurentis, CRM, ARMA International President,
presenting on GARP. The Mile High Chapter has picked the Children’s Hospital of Denver as
their charity for the year and will be volunteering and donating money. They have issued a
challenge to the other chapters in the region to collect used DVDs for donation to a local
children’s hospital. The Central Missouri Chapter started their year off with a session on
Large Firm Records in a Small Office and then had a tour of the office. The Board for Cen-
tral Missouri will be reviewing the chapter retention schedule and their Operations Manual.
Big Sky Chapter, from where else but Montana, launched a new e-mail management program
for their chapter (we will be keeping an eye on that here in the Twin Cities), as well as had
their first brown bag lunch of the season. They are also going to host their first webinar in
October. We hope to have more updates from around the region next month.

 October 2010                                                                             Page 13
               Metro Record                                                  October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

                                           ASK THE VENDORS
               What is the biggest change you have seen in your industry in the past 5 years?

 The biggest change we are seeing in the last 5 years in the records management industry is that our clients are
 more educated. More people know and understand what records management is and that there are laws that
 pertain to the storage and destruction of their records. In general, most people responsible for company re-
 cords recognize the importance of protecting personal and business information. Confidentiality of information
 has been featured in the news the world over. Records management is now a known industry, whereas 5 years
 ago it was only known by large companies with thousands of records. Now every company understands that
 every record, be it paper, tape or electronic, has laws as to the length of time it needs to be maintained and
 that they need to be securely shredded at the end of its life span. We love our educated customers!
         Martha Mayer, Business Data Record Services

More and more companies and government agencies are taking advantage of the skills that previously untapped,
pre-trained people with disabilities offer for support of their EDMS goals. Three specific areas are: (1) use of
on-site teams to provide document preparation to support internal scanning operations (also by for-profit ser-
vice bureaus); (2) having paper documents (such as invoices) mailed directly to a secure, not-for-profit facility
for sorting, prep, imaging and SFTP transfer (using custom metadata keys) to the specific desks of the appro-
priate employees that need to handle each document type; and (3) for-profit vendors are partnering with non-
profit service bureaus to add value and differentiate themselves. In the past, there were many more stereo-
types surrounding non-profit service bureaus set up to provide immediate training and work for people with dis-
abilities and also about the skills of people with disabilities in general. Realization of the cost effectiveness, the
wide variety of skills available, and dedication to quality output is changing those perceptions. It’s a win-win-win-
win for the community, businesses/government agencies, for-profit vendors and the economy.
                 Lisa Lundmark, AAI SecureDocs

Five years ago there was a greater need to educate consumers as to why information destruction was neces-
sary. Now most organizations are very aware of the need to protect their information through the disposition
phase of its life cycle. The focus has shifted to helping keep consumers informed of the latest legislation and
requirements guiding their information destruction processes.
                 Beth Zaspel, CRM, Shred Right

In terms of the biggest change NightOwl has seen in the litigation support industry over the last five years, it
would have to be the shift from paper-based discovery to discovery of electronically stored information
(ESI). As a result, NightOwl's eDiscovery department has grown tremendously in size and capacity over the
last five years. A majority of the projects we handle today include providing technology-driven services such as
data collection, early case assessment, data culling, processing for native review and online hosting. Clients look
to NightOwl for help in efficiently and cost effectively handling large volumes of ESI in a defensible manner.
                 Scott Sterkel, NightOwl Document Management Services

October 2010                                                                                                Page 14
              Metro Record                                                  October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

                                          VENDOR NEWS

        Did you know Shred Right has a GreenSmart® policy? GreenSmart® means all shredded material is kept out
of the landfill! Shredded paper is recycled and made into tissue or paper. Destroyed hard drives are sent to a local
e-waste facility for recycling. Shredded media and products are sent to a waste-to-energy facility for incinera-
tion. Make sure you know the final disposition of your destroyed information.
               Beth Zaspel, Shred Right

        NightOwl Document Management Services, a leading provider of eDiscovery services, is pleased to announce
that it has become the first Relativity Premium Hosting Partner headquartered in the Twin Cities. NightOwl will
combine its nineteen years of discovery experience with kCura’s world-class review platform, Relativity, to
strengthen its position as a market leader in hosted eDiscovery services.
         Relativity is a feature-rich online review solution with the power to handle the largest and most complex
eDiscovery projects. For analysis, review and production, this easy-to-use tool lets users focus on documents rather
than on technology. Relativity provides image and native file review, powerful searching, diverse coding options,
flexible workflow capabilities, integrated productions, Unicode and foreign language support, and concept searching
– all delivered in a highly scalable, enterprise-grade eDiscovery solution.
               Scott Sterkel, NightOwl Document Management Services

The ARMA International Educational Foundation ( AIEF) is a funding resource for research and scholarship in the
field of records and information management. The source of funds is the income earned by an Endowment being
raised by concerned individuals and organizations in the profession. Established by ARMA International, the leading
professional association of records and information managers, it is a 501(c)3 non-profit entity.

The AIEF is having a major one-day fundraising event on October 13, 2010. The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Day of Giv-
ing event on October 13, 2010 will allow the AIEF to receive a proportionate share of the $500,000 matching pool.
This means that if you are planning to make a donation to the AIEF this year, doing it on October 13 will enable the
AIEF to receive additional monies from the Pittsburgh Foundation. For more information, see

Each year, the AIEF conducts a raffle for prizes and ARMA International conference registrations. The cost of
the raffle tickets are $5.00 and are available from Beth Zaspel. Tickets will also be available at the October Chap-
ter meeting.

Are you attending the ARMA International conference in San Francisco? The AIEF will once again be having a Si-
lent Auction in the exhibit hall. Be sure to stop by and place your bids on a host of items donated by chapters and

   October 2010                                                                                             Page 15
                    Metro Record                                                                         October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

                                                                                                           Answers on page
 CRM Exam Study Questions

1.   An advantage of using commercial records        6.    Sequential numeric filing is also referred to
     centers is:                                           as __________ numeric filing.

          a.   Large companies can store re-                    a.   Terminal-digit
               cords cheaper than in-house.                     b.   Alpha
          b.   Records are stored onsite near                   c.   Consecutive
               the users.                                       d.   Middle-digit
          c.   Employees speak several lan-                     e.   Chronologic
          d.   Records are never lost.
          e.   Records are usually available for     7.    A major hurricane wipes out several busi-
               access 24 hours per day.                    nesses and government buildings. This
                                                           would be an example of a __________
2.   A group of intangible rights that protect
     creative works, including copyright, trade-                a.   Class 1
     marks, and patents is __________ prop-
                                                                     Class 2
                                                                     Class 3
                                                                                                                 LOOKING AHEAD:
                                                                d.   Class 4
               a.    Cultural                                   e.   Class 7
               b.    Mandated
               c.    International                                                                               The November meeting of
               d.    Lucrative                       8.    When paper records become inactive and
               e.    Intellectual                          are transferred to an off-site records cen-           the Twin Cities ARMA
                                                           ter, it is analogous to electronic records
                                                           being maintained:                                     Chapter will be on Tues-
3.   All of the following are contained on the
     facilitative area of a form, except:                       a.   Online
                                                                                                                 day, November 2, 2010.
                                                                b.   Offline                                     For more information,
               a.    Organization name                          c.   In containers
               b.    Form number                                d.   In vaults                                   see:
               c.    Instructions                               e.   In a data warehouse
               d.    Form title                                                                        
               e.    Signature line                  9.    __________ technology is a method of
                                                           delivering information or software up–
                                                           dates through a network broadcast,
4.   The use of __________ forms reduces                   based on pre-specified interests or privi-
     capital outlay for printing, storage costs,           leges.
     and distribution costs.

               a.    Legal-sized                                a.   Internet
               b.    Carbon                                     b.   Push
               c.    Tri-colored                                c.   Spooling
               d.    Electronic                                 d.   Portal
               e.    Magnetic                                   e.   Utilities

                                                     10.    Unsolicited e-mail is:

5.   When recorded information must be avail-                   a.   Web-based
     able to more than one worker, a (an)                       b.   Spools
     __________ filing location is usually prefer-              c.   Spam
     able.                                                      d.   Cookies
                                                                e.   Lamination
          a.   Centralized
          b.   Decentralized
          c.   Offsite
          d.   Unique
          e.   Unmarked

 October 2010                                                                                                                        Page 16
               Metro Record                                               September 2010 Vol 41, No.1

The Twin Cities Chapter of ARMA Board of Directors meets monthly to administer the Chapter’s business. As a
member service, a summary of the reports and items discussed will be published regularly on the website under
Board                     Governance at Comments and suggestions are encouraged.
Please                    feel free to contact any of the Board members listed on the last page of this news-
letter.                   Chapter members are also welcome to attend Board meetings to hear about what is
hap-                      pening.

The                        next Board meeting is scheduled prior to the monthly meeting on Tuesday, October
12, 2010 at 10:00a.m at the Embassy Suites— Airport Hotel . For more information, contact Molly McCracken. All
members are welcome to attend.

                                                         ANSWERS TO THE CRM EXAM QUESTIONS

                                                                   1. E                 6. C
                                                                   2. E                 7. B
                                                                   3. E                 8. B
                                                                   4. D                 9. B
                                                                   5. A                 10. C

October 2010                                                                                            Page 17
            Metro Record                                   October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

Privacy Corner                is one of the most com-
                              mon hints? Mother’s
                              maiden name, of course.
This month’s topic is so- Remember to tell your
cial media. How many of children to not use that as
you use Facebook, or          one of their password
have others in your           hints when prompted.
household using Face-
book or other social me-
                              Concerned about the risk
dia sites? A burglary ring
                              of information stored on     ASK THE EXPERT
in Nashua, New Hamp-
                              photocopiers? The FDIC
shire targeted homes that
                              (Federal Deposit Insur-
were known to be empty                                     Sadly, there were no
                              ance Corporation) has
because of Facebook                                        questions submitted
                              released a “Guidance on
postings. Remember                                         for Ask the Expert. If
                              Mitigating Risk Posed by
when you leave for vaca-                                   you would like to
                              Information Stored on
tion or on business that                                   submit a question for
                              Photocopiers, Fax Ma-
not only are you keeping                                   the November issue,
                              chines and Printers.”
your friends apprised of                                   please send to: tcar-
                              This information can be
what you are doing, but                          
                              found at A
also others who may
                              blog post from Linda
have more nefarious rea-
                              McGlasson at Bank Info
sons to know your status.
                              Security also talks about
In addition to criminals
                              this issue and gives addi-
using Facebook postings,
                              tional guidelines. You
a judge in Suffolk County,
                              can find that information
NY ruled that information
posted to social networks
can be used as evidence
in court, even when the
information is posted be-
hind privacy settings.
The judge ruled that by
using the social network-
ing sites, users consent
to sharing their personal
information. Last but not
least, if you or a partner is
using a maiden name on
Facebook, think about
this: When you are
asked for a “hint” when
setting a password, what

 October 2010                                                                          Page 18
                   Metro Record                                    October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

                                  HEATHER JOHNSON

Q: Where do you work and what are your responsibilities in relation to records manage-
A: I am a Sr. Business Analyst in the Cardiology, Rhythm and Vascular division of Boston Scien-
   tific. I am blessed to be a member of a great team of people that supports records man-
   agement systems and processes across the organization.

Q: Are you currently working on any special projects related to records management?
A: We are in the process of finalizing the implementation of systems enhancements for re-
   cords management and our electronic lab notebook.

Q: Where did you go to school and what was your major?
A: I went to St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. I majored in Biology and minored in

Q: What types of jobs/positions have you had prior to where you are now?
A: I have worked in a variety of positions and companies including Data Analyst, Bank Teller,
   Order Entry/Product Information/Customer Service Representative at QVC and a Sand-
   wich Artist at Subway.

Q: How did you hear about ARMA?
A: My former supervisor at Boston Scientific (Kathy Nieren-
   hausen) is a Certified Records Manager who introduced me
   to ARMA.

Q: What do you hope to gain by being a member of
A: Over the years, I have learned so much about records man-
   agement and best practices from ARMA and other ARMA
   members. I hope to continue to increase and maintain my re-
   cords management skills and knowledge.

    October 2010                                                                               Page 19

                Metro Record                                       October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

                                 HEATHER JOHNSON

Fun Facts

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
A: I love spending time with my family and my church. I enjoy cycling around the Twin Cities,
   scrapbooking/card making, camping at State Parks and helping with church activities. I also
   like playing Bridge but rarely get an opportunity to play, so I practice on my Palm Pilot or the
   family DSi.

Q: What type of music do you like?
A: I love listening to Christian rock music, especially Third Day and Kutless.

Q: Do you have any kids? Would you like to share their names?
A: My husband and I have two amazing children ages 6 and 9 that keep us young and on our toes.

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: Our family has a young dog that is a Yorkie/Shih tzu cross. We named him Chewbacca
   (Chewy for short) since he looks just like the Star Wars character when his hair gets too

Q: Do you have any other fun facts about you that you would like to share?
A: I love playing and exercising with my family on the Wii, especially using Dance Dance Revolu-
   tion! I enjoy traveling and have been truly blessed to be able to go to Israel this past March
   and in October of 2007. Over the last few years, I have completed a few Iron Girl duathlons
   and a few MinneMan short course triathlons. My husband and I celebrated milestone birth-
   days last year by buying new road bikes!

 October 2010                                                                                  Page 20
                Metro Record                                                              October 2010 Vol 41, No.2

2010-2011 Twin Cities Chapter                       The Metro Record is published in PDF format ten times per
     Board of Directors                             year for members of the Twin Cities Chapter of ARMA Inter-
                                                    national, the Association of Records Managers and Adminis-
   PO Box 202035                                    trators, Inc.
   Bloomington, MN 55420
                                                    Authors’ statements are their own and do not necessarily re-
                                                    flect the official policy of ARMA or the Twin Cities Chapter.
                                                    Material within this publication may be reprinted provided

          Editor:                                   credit is given.

    Susan McKinney, CRM                             Contributions or gifts to the Association of Records Managers
                                                    and Administrators, Inc. are not deductible as charitable con-
      Web Address:                                  tributions for Federal income tax purposes.

 2010-2011 Twin Cities Chapter Board of Directors
  Molly McCracken                    Sheila Isaacson, CRM           Beth Zaspel, CRM            Lori Braegelman
  President                          President-Elect                Education                   Budget Director
  Patterson Thuente Christensen      Syngenta Seeds, Inc.           Shred Right                 Medica
  Pedersen, P.A.                     612-656-8094                   651.647.1300                952.992.3422
                                     Rosanne Stoltz, CRM            Ben Greene, CRM, ermp       Dennis Angrimson
  Kaitlyn Williams, ERMm             Programming                    Employment                  Website
  Treasurer                          Cargill, Inc.                  Best Buy Corporation        The Mosaic Company
  Xcel Energy
                                     952.742.4396                   612.291.7402                763.577.8239

                                     Colleen Byrne                  Jonna Shaima
  Tammy Price, CRM
                                     Arrangements                   Membership                  Penny Zuber
                                     The Minneapolis Foundation     Piper Jaffray               Web Assistant
  Andersen Corporation
                                     612.672.3848                   612.303.7163                Express Scripts, Inc.
                                     Tracy Backer, CRM, MLIS        Melissa Suek
  Susan McKinney, CRM
                                     Arrangements Assistant         PR/Community Service        Steve Golden, CRM
                                     Deloitte Services LP           PricewaterhouseCoopers      Chapter CRM Contact
  University of Minnesota
                                     612.659.2678                   651-500-7220                RBC Wealth Management

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