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					                                                                     My graduating class from Texas Christian University-Harris College of Nursing will

                    ● North Harris • Montgomery County ● June 2007
r                                                                    be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2008. That daunting thought initially brought
                                                                     me to my knees. It also stirred an interest in the history of nursing education in general
                                                                     and in TCU-HCN specifically. I came upon a book written in 1973 by the first TCU Dean
                                                                     of Nursing, Lucy Harris. Dean Harris chronicled nursing education from the establishment
                                                                     of the earliest schools of nursing in this country, (1873), to the then most recent status
                                                                     of nursing education in 1973. It was a fascinating journey. TCU-HCN was founded in 1946
                                                                     and was one of the first BSN programs in the Southwest. It was humbling to learn that
                                                                     when I entered my freshman year, that the college was less than 10 years old!
                                                                       I wish I could share the entire book with you, but unable to do that, Let me cite a few
                                                                     things that jumped off the pages. In the first chapter, Dean Lucy (as we upstart students
                                                                     called her) quotes the then ANA president making the statement that “nursing education is
                                                                     in transition”. Is it any different in 2007? She then outlines the development of nursing
                                                                     education from 1873 through 1971, discussing all of the milestones and barriers that our
                                                                     education process has gone through. It was after World War I that the movement to-
                                                                     ward a baccalaureate program began. There was a move to expand public health nursing
                                                                     services at that time and a study found that nurses then being trained were not prepared
                                                                     to assume that role which included teaching, research and disease prevention. Accredita-
                                                                     tion of nursing schools became prominent after World War II. This development came
                    ● Becky Churchman, editor

                                                                     from the practice of the United States Cadet Nurse Corps’ practice of visiting all nursing
                                                                     schools participating in its program during 1943-1946. Nursing shortages, another familiar
                                                                     theme, led to the development of a two year program affiliated with junior colleges. This
                                                                     resulted from the recommendation in 1951 from the President’s Commission for Higher
                                                                       One common thread throughout the book is the continued opposition by individuals and
                                                                     institutions alike to any type of higher education for nurses, at whatever level. Dean Lucy
                                                                     responded to one such detractor in 1961 with the following: “… (all nursing programs) have
                                                                     one common purpose-that of providing the best possible nursing care for patients”. She
                                                                     reports that in the 1930’ and 1940’s, “nursing was comparatively simple. …it was not dif-
                    AORN Chapter #4410

                                                                     ficult for an alert student to learn, by reading and observation, the properties and effects
                                                                     of every drug given in a large, active hospital. Today, it is not possible for any practicing
                                                                     professional nurse to keep fully informed about the drugs given in any one week in the
                                                                     same hospital”. A study in the 1950’s, reported “that a large number of procedures for-
                                                                     merly considered the responsibility of physicians had become the responsibility of nurses.
                                                                     Others continued to be added. We are all aware of the many complicated mechanical de-
                                                                     vices now commonly used in the modern hospital –devices which may become lethal weap-

                                                                     ons when improperly used. Also, we are aware that these devices rapidly become obsolete
                                                                     as others are developed.” Remember, she wrote those words in 1961. They continue to be
                                                                     pertinent and relevant. Those of us in the perioperative arena can definitely relate to the
The AORN Mission                                                     comments about “mechanical devices”.
AORN is the professional                                               In our last Senior meeting with Dean Lucy, she was adamant in her directive to us to
organization of
perioperative registered
                                                                     continue our nursing education, either formally or self-directed.
nurses whose mission is to                                             “Education is enhanced by experience, and experience requires education. Both are re-
promote quality patient                                              quired to provide excellent care to those who entrust their well-being, their very lives, to
care by providing its                                                our care”. I think Dean Lucy was “right on”.
members with education,
standards, services and
                                                                      Have a great summer!    	       	       	        Shirley	Dukes
    Association of
   Operating Room                                        Legislative News
            Nurses                              As the 80th Texas legislative session           2007-2008 are as listed below:
      Officers 2006-2007                was gaveled to an end on 05/30/07, it                         • RN as Circulator
                            President   ended much like it began…with turmoil                         • Preserving and Protecting the
                       Shirley Dukes    over the Speaker of the House. Needless,
                       936-441-5447                                                             Perioperative Nurses’ Scope of Practice
                                        to say, nursing came out on top with bills                                                                      • RNFA Financial Reimbursement
                                        being passed in the last few days of the
                                        session. A brief summary of bills that                        • Supporting Workplace Safety
                            Pat Hoge                                                            and Patient Safety Initiatives.
                        281-379-2517    passed are: Nursing shortage funding
          (apprx. $20 million was secured) to                           The members of the 2007-2008
                       Past President   increase capacities to nursing schools &                National Legislative Committee (NLC )
          Mary Lynne Weemering          attract & retain nurses; Cultures of Safety             are: Chair: Sharon Robinson, NY; Region I
                       281-358-9497     thus shifting the focus to an identification            Diane McCorkle, Region II Susan Candler,
                                                                   VA; Region III Diana Sullivan, IN; Region IV
                                        & corrections of system deficiencies vs. the
                       Vice President                                                           Sarah Breckenridge, WA; Region V Sylvia
                Becky Churchman
                                        individual–blame model; Sunset review
                                        to the Board of Nursing, no unfavorable                 Durrance, CA; Members at Large, Ed
               phone: 281-537-1618
                  fax: 281-580-6693      legislation was attached to the Sunset                 Nelson, SC; Claire Karas, TN, and Joanne           bill; Increased funding for CHIPS; Cancer              Oliver, TX
                            Secretary    Research, provided that voters approve a                     For additional info please see:
                   Cheryl Stevenson      constitutional amendment in November,         &
                                         the state will borrow $3 million over the                    Look forward to seeing y’ll in
  work:          next 10 years.                                         September…have a great summer!–
                            Treasurer            Gov. Perry has until 06/17/07 to sign,         Becky Churchman, rn, crnfa.
                         Jean Franks     veto bills, or let them become law without
                       281-360-1068      his signature. Bills that do not go into
         effect immediately do so on the 90th day
                    Newsletter Editor    post session and the new state budget                        “The first rule is to keep an untroubled
                Becky Churchman
               phone: 281-537-1618
                  fax: 281-580-6693
                                         will go into effect 09/01/07.
                                                 On the national front, the Safe
                                                                                                     spirit. The second is to look things in the           Nursing & Patient Care Act (HR2122)                         face and know them for what they are.”
               Newsletter Publisher      has been reintroduced in the House
                       Lynn Boeding      by Reps. Pete Stark (D-CA0 & Steve                                                 –Marcus Aurelius
         phone/fax 281/362-8408
                LaTourette (R-OH); the U.S. Government
                                          Accountability (GAO) released a report
         Board of Directors               on the nursing force, stating the no.
                    Robby Brockhoff
                                          of RNs have increased by 10%, with a
                       281-463-6466       total of 2.4 million since 2004; the HHS         (Health & Human Services) has launched
                  Lillie Mae Kearns       a Pandemic Flu Leadership blog,
              containing a 5 week long blog about
                    Karen Evans           pandemic preparedness; legislating the
                  281-362-0477            HPV vaccine remains a controversial           issue, 39 states plus the District of
               Helen Tomb-Taylor          Columbia have legislative activities
             mandates on the table.
                Donna Hameier                      The AORN Legislative Priorities for
            home 832-717-0643
             work 936-539-7009                    Weeks before her passing, the Honorable Texas
                                               Representative Nancy MacDonald, rn (retired), was
                                           recognized at the Nurse Day at the Capitol Celebration.
                      Chapter News…In Brief
                  Chapter Stats As of                   CRNA & Chief, Army Nurse Corps, as the
               05/28/07 AORN nationally has             Army’s acting surgeon general. Major

           41,419 members, while Chapter                General Pollock will hold this post until
        #4410 has 123 members: 106 stan-                the advisory board assigns a new one.
        dard, 7 retired, 3 students, 3 facility, 2   • American College of Surgeons (ACS),
    associate, 1 3-year, 1 platinum.                    Executive Director, Thomas Russell, M.D.
   A big welcome to Kathryn Bauman of                   back nurse anesthetist (CRNA) on issue
   Conroe Regional Hospital, Lisa Green                 of objecting to playing music so loudly it   AORN Chapter
   of Memorial Herman The Woodlands
   Hospital and Michelle McLaren, nurs-
                                                        drowns out the OR alarms                     Committee Chairs
                                                                                                     Budget & Finance
   ing student.
                                                     AORN’s Specialty Assemblies                     Jean Franks
Dates to Remember
                                                     There are currently 23 SAs available for        CEU/Programs
06/14/07 TNA District #9 Installation of Of-                                                         TBA
                                                        members to join. The following is a list
   ficers; Lynn Wieck, PhD, RN, speaker
                                                        of available SAs: Advanced Practice          Legislative
06/14/07 Flag Day                                                                                    Becky Churchman
                                                        Nursing; Ambulatory Surgery; Cardio-
06/20/07 National Time Out Day                          thoracic; Sterile Processing & Materials     Membership
06/20/07 Installation of Officers, Outback              Management; Endovascular Gen-                TBA
   Steak at 1960 & I-45. Please RSVP to Pat             eral Surgery & Gynecology; Integrated        Newsletter
   Hoge at                         Health Practices                             Becky Churchman
06/21/07 First Day of Summer                                                                         Pat Hoge
                                                      Leadership; Military & Government Nurs-
07/04/07 Independence Day                               es; Minimally Invasive Surgery & Laser;      Community Service
07/20-22/07 AORN Leadership Meeting,                    Multicultural Nursing; Neurosurgery;         Ann McKennis
   Denver, CO                                           Nurse Educator/Clinical Nurse Specialist;    Research/Scholarship
09/19/07 Chapter #4410 resumes fall                     Nurse in Business, Industry & Consult-       Pat Hoge
   meetings, location TBA                               ing; Perioperative Nursing Informatics;      Special Awards
09/27/07 TX RNFA Network Meeting,                       Ophthalmology, Orthopedic, Pediatrics;       TBA
   Seton Hospital, Austin, TX                           Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery; Retired    Policy/Bylaws
Applause! Applause!                                     Nurses; RN First Assistant; Rural/Small      Becky Churchman
   …to Maricela Rodriguez and Loriel                    Hospital; and Trauma. For additional         TCORN
   Chambers on their recent graduation                  info see:             Pat Hoge
   from nursing school and starting an                  erallnfo.asp or to access an online SA       Communication
   internship at Conroe Regional Hospital.              community go to: http://communities.         TBA
   …to Methodist Willowbrook for hosting                                       Historian
   the May Chapter meeting and providing                                                             TBA
   the program
   …to David Tepera, Clinical Account                  Most Honest Professions                       Ways/Means
                                                                                                     Robby Brockhoff
   Executive from Genzyme BioSurgery, for              According to the 2006 Gallup poll the         Mary Lynne Weemering
   presenting an informative program.                  top ten most honest professionals are:        Nominating Committee
NATIONAL NEWS                                                1. Nurse                                Robby Brockhoff
                                                                                                     Marie Elliott
• During the 2007 AORN Congress in                           2. Pharmacists                          Jane Jennings
   Orlando, members donated more than
                                                             3. Veterinarians                        Girsel Brown
   $50,000 to the Foundation. A percent-
                                                             4. Medical Doctor                       Lois Gronau-Fietz
   age of these contributions will be donat-
   ed to the St. Jude Childrens’ Research                    5. Dentist
   Hospital. For information about donating                  6. Engineers
                                                             7. College Teachers
• AORN has new Executive Director…
                                                             8. Members of the clergy
Linda Groah has been appointed, the
   new executive director. Groah replaces                    9. Policemen
   interim director Ellen Murphy.                            10. Psychiatrists
• New U.S. Army Interim Surgeon General                We already knew #1, didn’t we?
   appoints…Major General Gale Pollock,
                Flag Etiquette
                     Some guidelines from the Flag Code
                     •Banned Uses: The flag should not be used as drapery, decoration
                in general, or for any advertising purposes. It should not be embroi-
                dered, printed or impressed on cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins,
                boxes or anything to be discarded after temporary use.
                     * Handling: When the flag is lowered, no part of it should touch
                the ground or any other object; it should be received by waiting
                hands and arms.
                     * Storage: When stored, the flag should be folded neatly and cer-
                     * Upkeep: The flag should be cleaned and mended when neces-
                sary. When the flag is so worn it is no longer fit to serve as a symbol
                of our country, it should be destroyed by burning in a dignified man-
                    * Retiring a Flag: Most American Legion Posts regularly conduct
                dignified flag burning ceremonies, often of Flag Day (06/14) and
                many Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Girl Scout groups retire flags regu-

1823 Ash Meadow
Houston, Texas 77090
                                                                                       2007-2008 Le
                        AORN Chapter #4410
                           North Harris/Montgomery County

                                  cordially invites you and guests to

                 The 2007-08
           Installation Ceremony
                  & Dinner
                             Wednesday, June 20, 2007
                                  Outback Steak House
                             FM 1960 West at I-45 • 281-587-0044
                                  social/cocktails 6:00 pm
                        installation of officers ceremony 6:45 pm
                                        dinner to follow
               • order from the menu • separate checks • cash or credit card •
             RSVP by June 15 to Pat Hoge 281-370-2517 or

         g uests & spouse
                          s welc                   ome!
 2007-2008 leadership for aOrN Chapter #4410 announced
President Pat Hoge                                  Nominating Committee
President-Elect Robby Brockhoff                     Girsel Brown      Marie Elliott
                                                    Lois Gronau-Fietz Elaine Stewart
Vice-President Becky Churchman
                                                    Nancy Stewart-Newsom
Secretary Cheryl Stevenson
Treasurer Jean Franks
Board of Directors
Karen Evans
Jane Jennings
Lillie Mea Kearns
Helen Tomb-Taylor
Mary Lynne Weemering
                                                           Minutes            &Notes
                                          MAY 16, 2007 President Shirley             out soon
                                    Dukes called meeting to order at 1815                  National News-June 20, 2007 is
                                          Welcome to our guests Maricela Ro-         national time out
                                    driguez and Loriel Chambers, new gradu-                Membership-current membership is
                                    ates who will be starting the OR internship      123.
                                    at Conroe Regional Hospital in June.                   Children’s Museum-Pat announced
                                          Thank you to Methodist Willowbrook         that volunteers are needed for the sum-
                                    Hospital for meeting room.                       mer. Thank you to all volunteers.
           Won’t you                      Minutes were reviewed and ap-                    Chapter awards- Pat displayed
  volunteer a couple                proved.                                          plaque for chapter awards 2002, 2003
                                          Financial report- Jean Franks absent       and will bring to September meeting also.
      of hours at the               tonight but announced last month that                  Nominating Committee-Shirley
 Childrens’ Museum?                 there is $3195.55 in the bank with some          presented the ballot as follows: Robby
           Here is the summer       checks to be deposited for scarf sales of        Brockoff for president elect; Jean Franks for
    schedule at the Children’s      $340.00 and jewelry sales of $1695.00            treasurer; Mary Lynne Weemering, Jane
 Museum. The Museum staff           minus material costs for Robby Brockoff.         Jennings, Lillie Mae for Board of Directors;
 expects a very busy summer         Shirley announced appreciation to Robby          Nancy Stewart Newson, Marie Elliott, Elaine
          so any and all help is    for jewelry sales at Congress.                   Stewart for nominating committee. Pat
definitely appreciated.Contact            Ways and Means-Shirley proposed            Hoge and Carra Thomas accepted ballot
 me at if          possibility of selling “Lucinda” pins, with      and ballot was passed. Installation dinner
 you’d like to join us, or if you   graphic designed pins selling for $15.00         will be June 20, 2007 at Outback Steak
           have any questions.      and cost of $7.50 to purchase pins. Shirley      House on I-45 and FM1960, social 6-7pm,
         All times below are        will check with Conroe Regional’s gift shop      dinner 7pm.
                                    to see if acceptable. Chapter voted for Shir-          Board Meeting - July 2007 at 1830,
  Thursday and 10 a.m.-noon
                                    ley to pursue project.                           HNWMCH, Cali Building conference room
                      June 7              TCORN-Joanne announced that Trish                Future Meetings- June 20, 2007
                     June 21        is new chair elect and that next education       Installation of Officers at Outback Steak-
                     July 12        session would be in Dallas, January 2008.        house on I-45 & FM 1960 in private room
                     July 26        Terri Goodman is treasurer and will be                 Meeting adjourned by president Shir-
                    August 9        computerizing treasury account.                  ley Dukes at 1845.
                   August 23              Newsletter-Mary Lynne announced                  Program- Cheryl Stevenson intro-
    Thanks for all you do to        goal for newsletter submission due date to       duced David Tepera our speaker tonight
make this community service         be the last week in May.                         on “New Techniques on Cartilage Repair”–
          project successful.             Research-Pat discussed Fatal Hos-          submitted by Cheryl Stevenson, rn, cnor
           –Ann McKennis, rn,
                                    pital mistakes from reader’s digest-more
                 cnor(f), corln
                                    medication errors made during night shift
                                    due to less experience of staff and doctors.      Honoring the Texas Flag

                                          Legislative-Joanne Oliver announced         “I pledge allegiance to thee
                                    that legislative committee almost closed
                                    for summer; requirement of staff to wear          Texas, one and indivisible.”
                                    name badges; licensure bill for surgical          On 08/21/59, President Dwight
                                    technologists held in committee; anesthe-
                                    sia assistants bill hearing had 2 anesthe-        Eisenhower gave the executive
                                    sia assistants speak and Jim Wilman is            order for the arrangements of nine
        Chapter #4410               advocate for TNA; Jim said thank you to           rows of stars staggered horizontally
                                    everyone for responses; continued weekly
             website:               conference calls regarding bills; bill 1707
                                                                                      and eleven rows of stars staggered
             is dead for this session; bill for all health-    vertically. The 27th flag of the U.S.
 me.asp?site=chapter4410            care personnel to register did not get out        became official on 07/04/70. Nine U.S.
                                    of committee; school health bill passes

                                                                                      Presidents have served under this flag.
                                    through committee; summary to be sent

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