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					                                                                                           Summer/Fall 2008 Volume1 | Number 2

                 Christian Prisoner Fellowship Newsletter

Midwest Events Send Shock Waves
Across North America
                                 the quake, prison ministry         Jeff Newland, Jerome Baker,        CPF licensed its first
                                 volunteers from all across         Tommy Hoover, Chris Aton,          Chaplains. Since 1983, an
                                 North America gathered in what     and others. One day before         elite army of God’s anointed
                                 proved to be the largest CPF       the conference actually            has faithfully stepped into
                                 Conference in recent years.        began, prison ministry leaders     places of incarceration to
                                     With nearly double the         from across North America          witness sin’s shackles falling
                                 number of registrants as in        also gathered early for an         from society’s captive.
                                 recent years, this event was       exciting time of leadership            In the early Church, God’s
                                 not “business as usual.” The       training and vision-casting.       power shook the foundations
                                 event featured an exciting             While Friday’s earthquake      of a prison in behalf of those
                                 two days of interaction, and       caused structural damage at        bound with Paul and Silas,
                                 new tracks of training by 17       only one jail in Carmi,            and their bonds were broken.
by Michael Rickenbaker           different presenters. Elective     Illinois, the spiritual shaking    In today’s Church, a shaking is
National Chaplain                sessions, both basic and           at St. Peters, Missouri has        taking place, and as a result of
                                 advanced, provided                 already begun impacting jails      those faithfully proclaiming
St. Peters, MO – The early       opportunities for specialized      all across North America. Just     the gospel within North
morning quake registered a       training for both men and          as a spiritual shaking was         America’s prisons, the bonds
5.2 magnitude that rattled       women.                             accompanied by a physical          of the captive are being
skyscrapers in Chicago, and          The powerfully anointed        shaking with an earthquake         broken in record numbers.
was felt in distant cities as    teaching and preaching was         in Acts chapter 16, perhaps it         Attending this year’s
Milwaukee and Atlanta.           accented by the music and          was no coincidence, that a         conference after being
                                 ministry of Tom Trimble and        physical shaking                   released from prison four

     he rumbling just before
     4:37 a.m. on April 18,      the “Winds of Pentecost”           accompanied the spiritual          years ago, Jeff Newland
     2008 was centered six       Chorale. Sprinkled                 shaking that occurred during       stated, “There is a powerful
     miles from West Salem,      throughout conference came         this years CPF conference. It      shaking going on right now in
Illinois. Two aftershocks        the powerful testimonies of        seemed as if all of heaven         the spiritual world resulting
during the next three hours      deliverance by former              took notice – that this year       in opened eyes and changed
measured 2.6 and a 2.5.          inmates such as Kelly              marks an exciting milestone        lives.” Jeff continued, “We’re
    However, St. Peters,         Caywood, Charlotte Sanders,        of 25 years of ministry since      now experiencing the ‘new’
Missouri, 170 miles to the                                                                             miraculous. God’s power is
west of the epicenter,
experienced perhaps the
greatest shaking – not due to
                                          2008 General Conference                                      bringing unprecedented
                                                                                                       deliverance and healing from
                                                                                                       alcoholism and addictions,
the quake involving the             Christian Prisoner Fellowship Revival Service                      and producing total life-change.”
Wabash fault, a northern                                                                                    The early morning
extension of the New Madrid
fault – but due to the
                                           Thursday, October 16, 2:30 p.m.                             Midwest quake lasted only a
                                                                                                       few seconds, but the eminent
tremendous power of God
that swept through Christian
                                         Sheraton Hotel • Grandover Room                               shaking across North
                                                                                                       America as a result of the
Prisoner Fellowship’s National
Conference. Within hours of
                                             Greensboro, North Carolina                                2008 CPF conference has
                                                                                                       only begun.

                                 Summer 2008 | Page One | BREAKOUT |
Highlighting counselors, chaplains, and
correctional officers experiencing revival
in prisons across North America

Professionals in Prison                                                                                  Would I practice
by Michael Petersen
                                                                                                         what I preached
                                                                                                          to these men in
     ight years ago, I was offered the job as Chaplain at the       His presence in this
     Hardeman County Correctional Facility in Whiteville,
     Tennessee. Until then I had been a correctional officer at
                                                                    institution. This was over four
                                                                    years ago. Since then I have seen
     the same facility. God had been preparing me by allowing       countless miracles happen in men’s lives.
me to walk among the men as an officer. I spent many days            Some happened instantly and some over time. One particular
talking with men of all races, and of faiths. I have spoken with    inmate was extremely overweight, bound to a wheelchair, and
Muslims, Wicca’s, Nation of Islam believers, Catholics, and         was sick all the time. He previously had two major heart
non-believers. As the Spirit of God led me, God began to            surgeries and was told by the doctors that he only had about a
increase my wisdom and prepare me for this job that I am            year and a half to live due to heart deterioration. But he was a
blessed to have now.                                                man who wanted to believe in Jesus Christ. Through faith and
    Prisoners easily adapt to the restrictions of incarceration.    the sincerity of prayer Jesus healed this man. Today he is
Within these walls is a world within a world, a society within a    walking, preaching, and praising God .He has now outlived
society. The difference is that in prison, everybody is             the doctor’s prediction by over four years.
compacted into a small area. And because of this truth, we             Jesus also led me to create an Inmate Ministerial Team which
must understand that it is incomprehensible the ability Jesus       consists of men that love the Lord and truly have an anointing
Christ has by planting His seed of the Gospel in such a setting     on their lives to minister the gospel. Watching Jesus Christ
as this. Those seeds bloom in the lives of these men and they       take a man in prison, train him, prepare him for His calling, fill
                                                                             him with the Holy Ghost, and send him off with the
                                                                             promise that He will open doors for him to minister is
                                                                             both amazing and humbling.
                                                                                 I am also grateful for the miracle that the Lord has
                                                                             done in my own life. Two years ago I was diagnosed
                                                                             with diabetes and kidney disease. The doctors told me
                                                                             to make preparations for my passing which they said
                                                                             was soon to come. I was faced with a major decision.
                                                                             Would I practice what I had preached to these men in
                                                                             prison about faith in healing? Or was I going to accept
                                                                             that I was going to die and gather my family around? I
                                                                             thought about where God had brought me and what
                                                                             all I had been through in my life over those last few
                                                                             years. My mother had gone to be with the Lord and my
                                                                             wife of 18 years had left me with our two children, all
                                                                             happening within a matter of two months. So I
                                                                             decided to put my faith to practice and I cried out to
                                                                             Jesus for my healing. Now, two years later, I’m still
                                                                             preaching the gospel. My body has not manifested it’s
                                                                             full healing yet, but I know that I am already healed.
carry the Light to all the different places that they return to     God always amazes me as He truly keeps His promise to take
upon their release. I am convinced that God has placed me           care of me and my two kids as I continue to put Him and His
here as a light for the revelation of Jesus Christ through the      Kingdom first.
power of His Holy Spirit.                                              I have witnessed over 100 men receive the baptism of the

     ince I have been Chaplain I have seen Jesus move in so         Holy Ghost. There have been over 600 men water baptized in
     many ways. Initially, I was not allowed to hold my own         the name of Jesus Christ. It never ceases to amaze me how men
     services, but I knew that I was on the road that God had       who hit rock bottom can run to the Savior who has His arms
     placed me on. The first door that the Lord opened was to        open wide to receive them, and how He fills them with a born-
begin conducting Bible studies. These classes were conducted        again nature that changes them from criminals to saints!
in the Chapel setting, three days a week with a steady class of        I am truly blessed to have been chosen by the Lord to bring
30 men. Not long after, the Lord opened up another door             the gospel to incarcerated men. I am ready to hear Jesus say “I
when I was allowed to begin to conduct my own church                was in prison and you visited me”. Please be in prayer for
services and we began to see the Lord open up the floodgate of       inmates to receive the saving message of Jesus Christ.

                                     Summer 2008 | Page Two | BREAKOUT |
Across the miles with CPF…

Maryland – District of                         inmates at CCDC waiting to be                  inmates that are now out of prison,
 Columbia… Congratulations to                  baptized. Knowing there could be               and have made our church their
 Rev. Mike Arthur, the new Christian           severe consequences for discarding his         home church and attend on a regular
 Prisoner Fellowship District Chaplain         uniform/gear and position to be                basis. God has shown me that if I
 for the Maryland, DC District.                baptized, we joined in prayer and              reach out to those in need and tell
                                               fasting that God's hand of protection          them about the saving blood of Jesus
Southern California…                           would cover the Correctional Officer.           He will do the rest. When I see Him
  Congratulations to Rev. Jerry                No action has been taken against               face to face, I do not want Him to say,
  Menchaca, of Los Angeles, the new            him and we continue to pray for him            “Why did you not visit me while I
  CPF District Chaplain for the                and his family.                                was in prison or feed me when I was
  Southern California District.                —Joe Paslay, Cincinatti, OH                    hungry.” I want Him to look around at
                                                                                              those that were touched by this
Kentucky… Congratulations to               Black Evangelism… Christian                        ministry and say, “Well done.”
  Rev. Michael Seidenfaden, the new          Prisoner Fellowship is pleased to                       —Bud Crouch, Atlanta, GA
  CPF District Chaplain for the              partner with the Black Evangelism
  Kentucky District.                         Ministries (BEM) in helping to                Spanish Evangelism… Christian
                                             promote and facilitate prison ministry          Prisoner Fellowship is pleased to
Ohio… On Monday, April 28, eleven            throughout North America. At its                partner with Spanish Evangelism
  men were baptized, and twelve              August National Conference in                   Ministries (SEM) in helping to
  received the baptism of the Holy           Indianapolis, the BEM Board of                  promote and facilitate prison ministry
  Ghost at the Restricted Custody            Directors welcomed Rev. James                   throughout North America. At its
  Center (RCC). While baptizing the          Barnes, Texico District CPF                     June National Conference in
  inmates, the Correctional Officer on        Chaplain, and Michael Rickenbaker,              Atlanta, GA, the SEM Board of
  duty disappeared for a short time,         National CPF Chaplain whose                     Directors welcomed Rev. Michael
  then reappeared stripped of his            anointed presentations powerfully               Rickenbaker, National CPF Chaplain
  uniform and gear, and proclaimed he        inspired all in attendance to partner           and agreed to partner together in
             had to be baptized              together in reaping this great “end-            reaping this great “end-time” harvest.
                      immediately! The       time” harvest.                                  Since the June meeting at the SEM
                         officer had                                                          Conference, CPF is pleased to
                           recently        Georgia… During the last five years,               welcome our first Hispanic District
 We also have                received
                                             over 4800 inmates have attended at
                                             least one of our services or classes. We
                                                                                             Director, Rev. Jerry Menchaca, as the
                                                                                             new CPF District Chaplain for

40+ inmates at                baptism of
                              the Holy
                                             have baptized 356 in the name of
                                             Jesus, and have seen 64 receive the
                                                                                             Southern California.

CCDC waiting to               Ghost in
                             one of our
                                             baptism of the Holy Ghost. God has
                                             opened doors that I never thought
                                                                                           Virginia… We are excited to welcome
                                                                                              Rev. Mark Rosier, Sr., the new

  be baptized.              services,
                          and upon
                                             would be opened in my life. We
                                             currently teach Anger Management,
                                                                                              Virginia District CPF Chaplain.

                       being baptized,       the ACTS class which averages 40
                  he came up out of
  water speaking in tongues and
                                             inmates weekly. We also hold three
                                             services on the first Sunday of each
                                                                                               2009 Annual
  rejoicing! The inmates shouted the
  walls down! We also have 40+
                                             month averaging 108 inmates. God               Christian Prisoner
                                             has blessed us with three former
                   Make plans now to attend the                                                 Conference
        Eastern Regional CPF Conference                                                        and Training
          Raleigh, N.C. • November 14–15, 2008                                                    April 16–18, 2009
                 Host Pastor Wayne Huntley                                                          St. Louis, MO

                            Summer 2008 | Page Three| BREAKOUT |
                                                                       Record High
                                                                       In U.S. Prison
                                                                           by N.C. Aizenman
                                                                           Washington Post Staff Writer

                                                                               ore than one in 100 adults in the United States is in
                                                                               jail or prison, an all-time high. With more than
                                                                               seven million
                                                                               people on
                                                                       probation or behind             2009 Northwest
                                                                       bars, the United
                                                                       States leads the                   Regional
                                                                       world in both the
                                                                       number and                Christian Prisoner Fellowship
                                                                       percentage of
                                                                       residents it
                                                                       incarcerates, leaving        (Life In Focus Education)
                                                                       China a distant
                                                                                                   Conference and Training
                                                                       second, according to                  Seminar
                                                                       a study by the
                                                                       nonpartisan Pew               February 6–7, 2009
                                                                       Center on the States.              Portland, Oregon
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