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on line              We are harmonizing members of the Barbershop Harmony Society

                           Bulletin is published by the Manhattan Kansas Chapter and Chorus

   Volume 33, Number 8                    Karen Nanninga, Editor and Publisher                        September 2010
  Inside this issue:
    Message       Page 2

    Show news
                  Page 3
   Make a joyful
     Making a
   song come to
        life     Page 4

    Clay Center                 President of the                                              Bill Hanson and John
       show                    Dutch Mill Sweet                                             Thomason receive many
   Thinking of
                                Adelines, Linda                                             hugs and thanks. There
                              Rouser is very sur-                                           is no doubt that they are
                  Page 5
   Man of note                prised with the gift                                          happy and pleased. Re-
   announce-                                                                                   ports are that their
                             from the Little Apple
                                   Chorus.                                                    songs and choreogra-
    Travis at                 Photos by Bridget Troyer from                                    phy are very good.
    Harmony       Page 6            John Thomason

                                           Surprise                      ter. When they finished singing the song they
                                                                         were working on, John stepped up and said that
    Komments                        By Bill   Hanson President           Bill needs to speak to your Chapter Presi-
                                                                         dent. Linda Rouser came down out of the chorus
       Harry’s                                                           and I shook her hand and then said something
                  Page 7
                              At the August board meeting it was de-
                            cided to help the Sweet Adelines of Wa-      like, "Please accept this check from the Manhattan
                            mego with some of their expenses as they     Barbershop Chapter as a token of our apprecia-
                            compete in the International Sweet Adeli-    tion for your work with us through the years." I
                            nes contest in Seattle, Washington.          think they were thinking $50.00 or maybe less, but
     report                                                              when they realized the amount of the check the
                              At the Chapter meeting the next Thurs-
                                                                         room exploded with cheers of Thank You and
                            day, it was decided that someone should
                                                                         John was swarmed with many hugs. Needless to
                            visit the Wamego Chapter to present the
                                                                         say, it was an enjoyable experience for John and
                            check representing our contribution.
     Calendars    Page 8                                                 me and we are very proud of the ladies from Wa-
                              So on Monday night John Thomason           mego and a wide surrounding area.
                            and I walked in the door at the weekly
                                                                           The Dutch Mill Chorus will be joining the Little
                            meeting of the Wamego Dutch Mill Chap-
                                                                         Apple Chorus on our annual show in April.♪

         The chapter and chorus meet every Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the First Methodist Church Activity Center
                                 on the corner of Poyntz and 6th Street, Manhattan, Kansas.
Page 2                                                InCider Press                                    September 2010
    InCider Press, a monthly publication, is the
 official publication of the Manhattan, Kansas
 chapter of the Central States District (CSD) of
                                                    From the keyboard of
 the Barbershop Harmony Society.
    The Manhattan Chapter is the home of the
                                                    President Bill Hanson
 Little Apple Chorus. The chapter and chorus
 meet every Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the
 First Methodist Church Activity Center on the        Since I last communicated with you through the newsletter a number
 corner of Poyntz and 6th Street, Manhattan,        of positive things have occurred for our Chapter. I apologize in ad-
 Kansas.                                            vance for omissions because I am writing from a flawed memory.
    For more information about meetings or
 joining call or write to the Editor. (see below)     It was a joy for the Little Apple Chorus to spend a Sunday morning
                                                    in late July singing for our friends in the churches north and south of
 ChapterOfficers                                    Highway 36 and then spending the lunch hour enjoying the hospitality
 Immediate Past President - - Harvey Kiser          of Karen and Terry Nanninga for our annual Chapter picnic. Many
 President -                    Bill Hanson         thanks go to Karen, Terry and Terry Smith for the great food and
 VP Marketing                                       homemade ice cream. And, as always, thank you to our support group
 and Public Relations - - John Thomason             for contributing several delicious side dishes and desserts.
 VP Music
 &Performance -            -Loren Alexander            Following the picnic, several of our members headed for St. Joe for
 VP Chapter Development                             the beginning of Harmony University. Those members came back to
 & Membership - -                 Dave Fink         Manhattan a week later with stories of fantastic experiences in musical
 Treasurer                    Bob Swenson           harmony. If you have any inclination to go on an indescribable adven-
 Secretary                     - Pat Caffey         ture immersed in musical greatness, talk with any of the past attendees
 Board Member -                   -Ken Lyle         and I guarantee you will be inclined to set aside one week next summer
 Board Member -              -Jim Lindquist         to enjoy an unbelievable musical experience. (Remember, your Chap-
 Board Member -                 -Cam Beatty         ter pays a part of your cost to attend.)
 Board Member -              -Don Thomson             After a busy summer of church and other performances, the Little
 Board Member -           -Fred Wachsmuth           Apple Chorus has begun preparation for an “on the road” show at the
 Board Member -                -Steve Cross         Clay Center High School on Sunday, October 25. We will be perform-
                 Appointments                       ing some “old songs” from our repertoire and sharing the talents of our
 Musical Director.………………………KenLang                  Chapter Quartets. More details of this show will be found elsewhere in
 Associate Musical Director ….…..Don Thomson        this newsletter.
 Assistant Musical Director……...Myron Calhoun
 Music Chairman……….….................Bob Ridley       And as the Chapter year slowly comes to a close, we look forward to
 Show Chairmen...……….........Jim Lindquist and      beginning serious work on the 2011 Show, celebrating the successes of
 ………………………….….….... Don Thomson                     the 2010 Chapter year and are evaluating invitations to perform far into
 Singing Valentine Chairman ………….Ken Lyle           the 2011 year.
 Youth in Harmony Chairman …….Travis Troyer
 Equipment Manager …………..Fred Wachsmuth               And, as a part of the year’s celebration of success we give LARGE
 Uniform Manager……………….….Cam Beatty
 Bulletin Editor…….....…..……..Karen Nanninga
                                                    KUDOS to our editor, Karen Nanninga for winning the online newslet-
 Web Master…………………..Bart Bartholomew                ter contest at the International Society level. Congratulations, Karen. ♪

                Bulletin Editor                                                                       Terry Smith was
 Karen Nanninga                                                                                        presented with
 1379 26th Road                                                                                       the Barbershop-
  Axtell, Kansas 66403
                                                                                                      per of the month
  Phone: 785-736-2870
 email:                                                                           award in appre-
   Unless carrying a byline or some form of                                                             ciation for his
 credit to borrowed sources, all items in this                                                        ice cream at the
 bulletin are by the editor and do not
 necessarily reflect the opinions of the                                                              picnic and all the
 chapter or board. All photos in the bulletin                                                          muscle work he
 are by the editor, unless otherwise identified.
   All chapter officers are expected and                                                               does at chapter
 chapter members are encouraged to                                                                        meetings.
 contribute their ideas on a regular basis
                                                                                                      Photo by Bart Bartholomew
September 2010                                       InCider Press                                                   Page 3

 Show news, is good news                                       Make a joyful noise unto
       By Don    Thomson, Associate director                            the….
                                                                                   By Dave     Fink
   Here is a little news about our annual show to be held in
April of 2011. You have already been singing all but two           We've all heard the start of this phrase. Most usu-
of the songs we will perform on the first half of the show…    ally, it would end with “...Lord, All Ye Lands”. If we
and those two we have sung on a show(s) a few years            were rehearsing, Ken would want us to make any kind
ago. So, we are already well on our way to learning the        of joyful noise – to him, to the Lord, to the kitchen sink,
show songs. This should give us much more time to re-          WHAT EVER! As long as it was in tune, it would be
fine our presentation. On the second half we will sing six     “Joyful”.
(6) songs with the Wamego Sweet Adelines, and three of            So, why does the piano always go sharp after we
those we sang with them a couple of years ago; so it will      sing, even a few phrases? (OK, I had to give it a
just be a matter of reviving three songs and we will be up     shot!) I'm sure a number of people can come up with
to speed on those.                                             a multitude of're not sitting up straight,
  More Good News! We will not have to “round-up” cos-          you're not using proper breath control, you're not,
tumes for our next show. We will be wearing our tux            you're fill in the blanks.
pants for both halves of the show, and the vest for the            At the 'meeting after the meeting' some of us have
second half. For the first half presentation, we will be       after every rehearsal, we've all noticed that we rarely
wearing black shirts, white suspenders, and white ties (all    go flat when we sing. We always joke that one of two
which will be ordered for you). Cam Beaty will be asking       things needs to happen: (1) either we start rehearsing
you for your shirt size very shortly.                          at the local watering hole, or (2) we start drinking at
   Even greater news! Bob Swenson has contracted the           the Harris Activity Center! What do you think of those
ultimate entertainment quartet for our show. We will           ideas?
really want to get the word out about the Hum Ding-                I think that there is a third possibility. I think maybe
ers” (members of the Dapper Dans from Disney World).           it’s because we're performing. Yes, it's possible! I
If there are those of us who were not able to get to Or-       know that even when we go out to sing at churches on
lando this year, we can come to McCain Auditorium to           Sundays, that there is energy, vitality, an edge that we
see and hear this outstanding quartet!                         don't/can't capture when we practice. So, if we are
  This is going to be a very entertaining show, and my         performing for the Catholic Youth group at Paddy O'
hope is that we can get all of our 60 members on the           Quigley's in our shirt sleeve's, or for a happy, tearful
stage!♪                                                        sweetheart on Valentine's Day, or a full house at
                                                               McCain Auditorium, IT'S MAGIC! I like it! I'm hooked
                                                               on it! I want more!

                                                                  We know that practice is necessary, but I also feel
  A Grace to the tune of Edelweiss                             that the rush I get from performing is also what keeps
                                                               me going. It's what keeps me involved in singing, it’s
               Come dear Lord. Be with us.                     what makes me feel alive, it's what makes us all Bar-
               Guide and keep us Forever.                      bershoppers!
            Bless this food. Make us strong for                   I think that if we had one rehearsal a month at the
                   our service to others.                      mall, we would be amazed at how we sound. Let me
            Thank you for giving us daily bread.               know if you agree – if you're ready to perform more.
                Life & health & dear ones.                     Keep in mind – it will not be convenient, it will take
                                                               commitment and hard work from every one. We need
               Come dear Lord. Be with us.                     the fix! Make a Joyful Noise...! ♪
               Guide and keep us forever.
                    Guide and keep us
                                                               September Birthdays
                                                                 Gary Mott                  12
                                                                 Ned Valentine              24
                                                                 Stewart Gardner            28
                                                                 Leonard Purvis             30
Page 4                                            InCider Press                                    September 2010

    Make a song come to life                                    Clay Center here we come
                                                                               By Loren    Alexander
                   By Harvey     Kiser
                                                              The Little Apple Chorus of the Manhattan Kansas Chap-
     ♫ Feel the emotions of the song – you are not            ter of the Central States District of the International Bar-
  memorizing notes and emotions, you feel them. This          bershop Harmony Society will present a full program of
  is a nugget shared by a member of an international          men's chorus and quartets with lots of barbershop har-
  competing quartet in the Harmony University class           mony in Clay Center, Kansas on October 24th at 2:00
  titled ’Making a Song Come to Life.’                        p.m.
     ♫ Bring your audience into your song, said Cindy             Our chorus members continue to work diligently on a
  Hansen-Ellis, faculty teacher of the class and interna-     set of songs that Director Ken Lang laid out for us (with
  tionally acclaimed choreographer of choruses and            the proviso that he may make additions or deletions along
  quartets. When you have a rhythm song – feel the            the way).
  rhythm. Or bring ballads to life. Learn the music emo-         Now would present a good time to double-check words,
  tionally and learn how to do it in warm-ups and how to      notes, breathing, etc. for the four sets, and to generate/
  do it in performances.                                      maintain vocal skill. The songs we are singing are:
    ♫ “We must have the courage to bet on our dreams,                           I Feel a Song Coming on
  to take a calculated risk and leave behind forever the                            My Wild Irish Rose
  internal forces that hold us down.” – a quote from                               Home on the Range
  Bryd Baggett, a nationally known leadership speaker                             Darkness on the Delta
  and consultant. Cindy said, Decide to be silly, vulner-                             If I Had my Way
  able, and awkward, make mistakes to grow and act
  outside the box – all to get into a new comfortable                         When There’s Love at Home
  place.”                                                                                Swing Down
                                                                                     I’ll Walk with God
    ♫ Cindy said that we can pretend or do what we are
  asked to do in performing the song’s message. She                                         Alleluia
  added, this is a start and can only get us so far.                                     River Jordan
                                                                             I’m Sitting on Top of the World
     ♫She recommended viewing a video to observe the
                                                                             Can You Feel the Love Tonight
  faces of a chorus like the Ambassadors of Harmony.
                                                                                         Barbara Ann
  She asked when you see them do you believe them?
                                                                                  Sweet Roses of Morn
  Their whole body movement comes from the soul, their
                                                                                           Mary Lou
  energy pulls you up there with them; No two of the
  chorus members faces are alike; The mood is set and                                You Raise me up
  They are not told to do the same thing. She asked                                         Friends
  ‘How do you approach a chorus to get the feeling of a                      America the Beautiful (overlay)
  song that is presented? Now here is something scary                          Battle Hymn of the Republic
  that she suggested – do a video taping of your chorus           Also the Charades, Manhattan Music Machine, and
  (focusing on 10-12 faces at a time) and put it on the       Late Night Edition will sing during several breaks for the
  chapter web site. This way a guy can fix himself, she
                                                              We have worked for weeks on special situations in each
                                                              of these songs; our maintenance of pitch and quality of
    ♫ Exercise facial muscles she said -- with your           singing has improved.
  mouth wide open like when singing vowels. Perform              Many thanks to the active quartets, who provide much
  the vowels inside the mouth and don’t let facial mus-       of the backbone and brains of our chorus.
  cles destroy the vowel sound. Can you think of a quar-         If you have traveled out of town or had other commit-
  tet or chorus that does this?                               ments, check with the guys in your section on specific
    ♫ She said to watch the eyes of performers. If it is in   items in the songs (breathing, difficult segment, empha-
  their soul, it’ll come out in your eyes she said. Go to     size a note in a chord, deemphasize a note in a chord,
  somewhere else when you are singing – make it your          choreographed movements, etc.).
  story – feed the audience.                                      Let's maintain good attendance --- when a guy misses
                                                              a session, let him know how much we need him.
    Her class was rewarding one. She affirmed with the
                                                                We look forward to a rewarding experience in Clay Cen-
  class of 37 that there are ways that will work for any
                                                              ter What joy (and demand on skills, especially for this old
  chapter chorus in ‘Making a Song Come to Life.’♪
                                                              guy) as we now sing on the risers in rehearsals!♪
September 2010                                        InCider Press                                             Page 5

            Thinking of others
              By Bob    Swenson, treasurer

  The older we get, the faster the time goes by, and so it's
not too early to think about year-end contributions. In our
case Harmony Foundation International, the charity di-
rectly benefitting all things barbershop, is an excellent
place to donate your tax-deductible contributions this
year. Harmony Foundation International is dedicated to
transforming young lives through singing.

  When you support Harmony Foundation International,
you are reaching out to future generations of sing-
ers. Your gift this year can:

 * INTRODUCE PEOPLE TO THE BARBERSHOP ART                       The Creative Committee "brainstorms" the
FORM: Your dollars will send more than 5,000 kids and             contents and presentation of the Spring
300 music educators to Harmony Explosion camps and
workshops.                                                     Show. They come up with all kinds of ideas,
                                                               many of them useful and many are almost off
 * SEND YOUTH TO MUSIC FESTIVALS: The founda-                   the wall. But, when they all put their heads
tions will provide $250 scholarships to each member par-
ticipating in the wildly successful Youth Chorus Festival        and ideas together, they seem to come up
this coming January at the Midwinter Convention in Las         with a pretty good product.. From left to right
Vegas.                                                           they are: Dave Fink, Pat and Paula Caffey,
 * SUPPORT LOCAL EFFORTS: The Foundation allow
                                                                Harvey Kiser, Gene Klinger, Don Thomson,
you to designate up to 30% of your gift to go directly back       Gary Drake, Cam Beatty, Chuck Marr and
to either Central States District and/or the Manhattan                       Bart Bartholomew.
chapter, and still the entire gift is tax deductible.                         Photo from Bart Bartholomew

dation will provide more than $450,000 to underwrite the                        An announcement
Barbershop Harmony Society's youth education and out-
reach programs.
                                                                                 from Mike Scott
                                                                                           From Dave Fink
    Giving to Harmony Foundation International is quite
easy. You contribution can be mailed to them at 110 Sev-         CSD President Don Blank has just announced that
enth Ave. N., Suite 200, Nashville, TN 37203. If that ad-      we’re going to continue our special recognition program
dress seems familiar, it is because they occupy part of        for all new CSD members and their Man Of Notes at
our Society's headquarters building. Of course, our chap-      both the upcoming fall convention in Mason City the
ter will be making its own donation and collecting individ-    spring convention in Columbia, Missouri. in 2011.
ual's checks in the next few months to send. And for the         This will be that all New CDS members will receive
serious giver who likes to make automated monthly, quar-       free registration at one of the upcoming conventions
terly or annual contributions, you may contact them to         (Mason City Iowa, fall 2010 or in the spring at Columbia
start that process. Ryan Kileen is the Midwestern Re-          Missouri, 2011).
gion's representative and he may be reached by phone at           This includes any new members who singed up in
866-706-8021.                                                  2009 after the fall convention in Lincoln and were not
                                                               able to attend.
   When you contribute to Harmony Foundation Interna-            1. All new members and their guest (spouse, etc.) will
tional you know your gift will further the goals and aspira-   be seated UP FRONT in the auditorium.
tions of our Society. Being a giver over and above your          2.Their Man of Note recruiters and their guest
dues amount indicates support for the future of our soci-      (spouse, etc.) will be seated UP FRONT to show our
ety. It will make you feel good, I guarantee it!♪              appreciation for their hard work recruiting new mem-
                                                                 3. The new members and the Man of Note’s will be
                                                               asked to stand and be recognized to show our appre-
                                                               ciation. (Make sure you wear matching socks!) ♪
Page 6                                              InCider Press                         September 2010

         Harmony University
     experiences continued
                   By Travis   Troyer

   I took several additional classes. Directing Tech-
 niques was a wonderful class where our directing tech-
 niques were broken down to the basic techniques. We
 were able to direct in front of the class and get feed-
 back on how different techniques affect the singers in
                                                              At a recent chapter meeting, Travis Troyer
 the chorus. A stressed point was that “less is more”, in     tries his hand at directing the Little Apple
 other words, the chorus should watch intently and be                           Chorus.
 able to react and flow with the director and see what
 the director is trying to pull out of the music. It was a
 wonderful experience being able to watch and interpret
 other directors with many more years of experience.

    I had the opportunity to direct part of a song that we
 worked on in the general session and as I practiced
 directing I could feel how I wanted the music to flow. I
 practiced with my roommate and he said I was doing
 really well. However, when I was in front of the group
 it didn’t flow as well as I thought it should. As I looked
 up at my classmates, I noticed that quite a few of them
 had their heads looking down at the music. This made
 me realize how important it is as a singer to get off the
 music and to allow the director to have complete con-
 trol of the music.

   I also took classes in “Sound Management” and
 “Leadership”. These classes gave many ideas and al-
 lowed us to experiment and try ideas and see how well
 they work in an actual chorus environment. I learned
 how different forms of tension affect the sound. For         Brian Swenson gives directing a try at a
 example, lifting the "soft palate" will really help give a          recent chapter meeting.
 resonate sound. Also, we talked about posture and
 breathing and how that affects the singer's ability.

    We covered a lot of material in a short amount of
 time and hopefully I can organize and share a lot of
 that information with others. The most difficult class
 that I took was Theory. It was quite a challenge, but
 the class went slow enough that I was able to compre-                               Cha
 hend all of the material as we went along. I learned a                         Date       ober
                                                                                              Oct HTS
 lot and gained valuable knowledge to help me under-                                    eting     G
 stand how a simple change in balance changes the                                   r me      Y NI
                                                                             Ch apte MONDA
 sound of the chord. I also gained knowledge to help                              18.
 me understand how to arrange in the barbershop style.                        and

   All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I would            Don’t
 love to share more of this information. So, if you have                                          Be there
 any questions feel free to pull my aside after rehearsal
 and I will be happy to share.♪
September 2010                                      InCider Press                                              Page 7

   Komments                                                   An adventure
     From                                                         With
     Karen                                                   Harry Harmony
  Wow, just what happened to Summer? It sure went              His request approved, Harry, the Fox News photog-
fast.                                                        rapher quickly used a cell phone to call the local airport
                                                             to charter a flight.
  The Church performances for 2010 are a thing of the             He was told a twin-engine plane would be waiting
past. As you know, they are enjoyed by a lot of folks,       for him at the airport.
those who listen and also those who are singing. Singing       Arriving at the airfield, he spotted a plane warming up
with the band was just awesome, at least from where I        outside a hanger.
was, and from the sounds of things Harmony University          He jumped in with his bag, slammed the door shut,
was a great success.                                         and shouted, 'Let's go'.
                                                               The pilot taxied out, swung the plane into the wind
  So now you are working hard on fall activities. I am ex-   and took off.
cited about the Clay Center show, sounds like there are a
                                                               Once in the air, the photographer instructed the pilot,
lot of good songs to sing.                                   'Fly over the valley and make low passes so I can take
                                                             pictures of the fires on the hillsides.'
  We are going to the Convention at Mason City. We are
                                                             'Why?' asked the pilot.
bringing our exchange student with us. She will enjoy it.
Will we see you there?                                         'Because I'm a photographer for Fox Cable News,' he
                                                             responded. 'And I need to get some close up shots.'
 Who knows just what else may happen.♪                       The pilot was strangely silent for a moment, finally he
                                                             stammered, 'So, what you're telling me, is . . . you're
                                                             NOT my flight instructor?' ♪
        Actions by the board
               By Pat   Caffey, Secretary                      There was further discussion about the idea of ex-
                                                             tending chapter meetings, not just for show schedule,
   At the board meeting on Monday, September 13th, the       but for the whole year to enable us to spend more
board decided to buy black shirts, long white ties and       time on quartet singing, section rehearsals, and other
white suspenders to wear with our tuxedo pants on the        activities in addition to regular chorus rehearsal. Ken
first half of the show. Chapter members may voluntarily      Lyle will be polling the members about this
donate money to defray the cost, which is estimated to be    plan before the board decides whether to do it.
about $30, per set. The plan is for there to be one num-
ber that we use black light. The white on black should        Next month's board meeting will be on October 4th,
really pop under black light. We will also wear white        which is a change from the usual second Monday of
gloves for that number.                                      the month meeting date.♪

   Don Thomson discussed the show plan. We will open
with a set of classic barbershop songs. That will be about
30 minutes duration. After the Award of Harmony and
other announcements by the emcee, the Wamego Sweet
Adelines will do a three-song show package before the
intermission. The second half will feature the Hum Ding-
ers, our guest quartet that performs at Disneyworld as the
Dapper Dans (They can't use that name, because it is a
Disney trademark.) Then we will close the show joining
with the Wamego Sweet Adelines for about four
songs. The tentative show title will be "Bring Back Those
Good Old Songs." As a side note, Jim Lindquist has
turned over the show chairmanship to Steve Cross.
                                                                Terry Smith inspired the scarecrows.
                                                      Axtell, Kansas 66403

                                                           1379 26th Road

                                                           Karen Nanninga

   Chapter meetings begin at 7:30 p.m.
Quartet/polecat practice begins at 7:00 p.m.

             Calendar of Events:                Central States Convention Mason City Iowa
 September 16          Chapter meeting          October 7-9
                       Ladies night
 September 23          Chapter meeting

 September 30          Chapter meeting

 October 4             Board meeting            Concert --- Sunday, October 24 – Clay Center Com-
                                                munity High School, Martyn-Snodgrass Auditorium
 October 11 Monday     Chapter meeting          – 2:00 p.m.

 October 18 Monday     Chapter meeting

 October 21            Chapter meeting’
                                                 Thanks for the following for contributing articles
 October 24            Clay Center show          Harvey Kiser, Bill Hanson, Don Thomson, , Bob
                                                    Swenson, Travis Troyer, Loren Alexander

                                                And to Bart Bartholomew, and John Thomason for
Deadline for submitting articles for the next
           InCider is October 1

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