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					                             HOMEROOM BASKETS
Dear Parents,

Back again by popular demand are our Classroom Baskets for the Silent Auction. Pairs of classrooms will
create “themed” baskets to auction off during the event. On the following pages, please find your
child’s homeroom teacher and then the corresponding basket. Also listed are suggested donations –
you don’t have to follow the suggestions --- you can be creative, just remember no alcoholic beverages
can be brought in by students! If you would rather help by sending in a monetary donation to help
purchase any items for our basket, you can do so by placing it in an envelope marked “TCMS Classroom
Basket”. Remember to include your child’s name and homeroom and turn it in to your child’s HR
teacher. Please turn in all cash donations no later than Friday, March 4th, 2011. This way, your PRA
House Leader can go shopping for items without the hassle of cashing a check. With your help, our
baskets are going to be incredible. These are often the highlight of the silent auction items, which raise
the much needed funds! The homeroom with the greatest participation overall (raffle ticket, entry
tickets, classroom basket donations, sponsorships or advertising all count for participation) will receive
a homeroom pizza party!

Your House Leaders will be coordinating the efforts of your classroom baskets, please contact them if
you have any questions.

We are also in need of medium to large sized baskets, ribbon and tissue paper. You can donate these
items with your basket donation…just make sure your child’s name is on them so that they can get

Mark your calendar for March 26, 2011 and purchase your tickets today as this will be an event you
won’t want to miss!

Thanks in advance for your generous support.

Sandi Anderson
Homeroom Basket Coordinator
TCMS Auction Committee Member

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                           HOMEROOM BASKETS
Homerooms (HR) and                 Basket                    Suggestions and Ideas
House Leaders(HL)                                            *GC=Gift Certificate/Card
                                   Mama Mia!                 Italian food, cookbooks,
HR: Ott/Whittemore/Wood            “Italian Basket”          wine, GC to Italian
                                                             Restaurants, How to
HL: Michele Shaw                                             speak Italian Book
                                   The Kitchen               Cookbooks, gourmet foods –
HR: Melendez/Shipman               Gourmet                   spices, GC to Fresh Market,
                                                             kitchen appliances, dish
HL: Donna Satchell                                           towels, GC to Let’s Eat,                                          Kitchen Tools

                                   Tampa Bay Sports          All things USF/Tampa
HR: Steinmetz/Overdorff/Negron                               Bay Lightning: Tickets,
                                                             memorabilia, logo items,
HL: Michelle Reiff                                           footballs, street hockey items,                                   Buccaneers, Rays, etc.

                                   All About Wine            A variety of wines, wine rack,
HR: Conover/Wilkinson                                        bottle openers, hand painted
                                                             glasses, barware, books on
HL: Emmy Fleeting                                            wine, ice bucket, wine charms,                                 etc. Could be placed on a
                                                             traveling bar server or wine

                                   Let’s Relax               GC to spa, books on massage
HR: Hough/Hite                     Basket                    with oils, aromatherapy,
                                                             candles, romantic restaurant
HL: William Boyle                                            GC, manicure /pedicure GC’s,                                     bubble bath, wine, champagne,
                                                             relaxing music CD’s, loofah
                                                             sponge, bath robes, chocolate,
                                                             bubble bath

         Earn up to 35% Cash back, while supporting TCMS Auction Homeroom Baskets!
Homerooms (HR) and                 Basket                    Suggestions and Ideas
House Leaders(HL)                                            *GC=Gift Certificate
                                   Let’s Barbecue            BBQ Grill, BBQ accessories,
HR: Jarosh/Fernandez                                         GC to Publix, Sweetbay,
                                                             etc., Blankets, Cookbooks,
HL: RaLene Compton                                           smoker, aprons, grill basket

                                   Margarita &               Margarita Mixes,
HR: Wahnon/Canaday                 Martini                   Glasses, Salt, Tequila,
                                   Madness                   hand painted Martini
HL: Erin Tate                                                glasses, martini mixes,                                       Vodka, different flavors,
                                                             olives, Mixer cookbooks

                                   Sunrise Basket            Breakfast tray, champagne,
HR: Miller/Wengertsman/Tooley                                champagne bucket,
                                                             champagne glasses,
HL: Cayce Hlavay                                             cappuccino/espresso                                     machine, coffee mugs,
                                                             flavored coffee, muffins,
                                                             candle, brunch GC, hand
                                                             painted plates, juice glasses,
                                                             juicer, vase, teas, coffee shop
                                                             GC, hot chocolate, tea kettle

                                   That’s                    iPod, iPod books, iPod
HR: Foster/Cononaco                Entertainment             accessories, iTunes cards,
                                   (Music, Movies,           DVD’s, DVD player, Music
HL: Lisa Essek                     iPods)                    items, GC to Music Stores,                                      coupons to movie theaters,
                                                             popcorn popper, popcorn,
                                                             blanket, Movie rental coupons.

                                   Let’s go on a             Picnic Basket, Picnic Foods,
HR: Turner/Fletcher                Picnic!                   Wines, GC to Fresh Market
                                                             etc. , platters, napkins,
HL: Deborah Aiello                                           blankets, plastic tableware,                                    cooler.
         Earn up to 35% Cash back, while supporting TCMS Auction Homeroom Baskets!
Homerooms (HR) and                 Basket                    Suggestions and Ideas
House Leaders(HL)                                            *GC=Gift Certificate
                                   International Chocolate   All things chocolate, fine,
HR: Burroughs/Salazar              Lovers                    cheap, etc. GC to Godiva
                                                             Chocolate Fountains, Hot
HL: Elizabeth Reyes                                          Chocolate maker etc.                                    Chocolates from around the
HR: Schwarzmann/Burton             Family Fun!               Things to do with the family:
                                                             board games, GC to
HL: Christy Fosse                                            restaurants, card table, cards,                                   Poker Items, GC to mini golf,
                                                             bowling, or roller skating, etc.

         Earn up to 35% Cash back, while supporting TCMS Auction Homeroom Baskets!

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