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					                               Working to
                               improve the
                                health of
                                one child
                                at a time.

                                                                                       The Oklahoma Caring Foundation supports
                                                                                       programs that provide Oklahomans access to
                                                                                       preventive health services.

                                                                                                          A new website launched in 2010, located

Thanks to you, the Oklahoma Caring                                                                                                                  Emmitt Smith delivered the keynote
Foundation continued to meet                                                                                                                        address at the 2010 Champions
the needs of many underserved                                                                                                                       of Health awards ceremony in
Oklahomans again in 2010. From                                                                                                                      Oklahoma City. Smith, a former
a new van in Oklahoma City to a                                                                                                                     Dallas Cowboy and Pro Football Hall
new website online, the organization                                                                                                                of Fame inductee, also auctioned off
grew in accessibility and impact.                                                                                                                   an autographed jersey to Chip Lott
                                                                                                                                                    (pictured above). With nearly 450
The Oklahoma Caring Vans traveled a                                                                                                                 individuals in attendance,
combined total of nearly 38,000 miles                                                                                                               a record $65,205 was
in 2010, conveniently meeting families                                                                                                              raised through event
in their own communities at no cost.                                                                                                                sponsorships and auctions.
                                                    A new and improved Caring Van was revealed to
As a non-profit organization, our
                                                    the Oklahoma City community in April. More than
impact is all due to our donors. You
                                                    3,800 immunizations were administered aboard
hold the key to our future, to keep our                                                                   The Oklahoma Caring Foundation seeks
                                                    the new van by the end of 2010.                   o
vans moving across the state.                                                                             funding from philanthropic foundations
                                                                                                          statewide and secured $164,600 in 2010.
                                                                                                      o   Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma
Bert Marshall                                                                                             employees contributed more than
Chairman, Oklahoma Caring Foundation
President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma
                                                                                                          $38,000 in 2010.
                                                                                                      o   More than 5,300 children received
                                                                                                          flu shots aboard a Caring Van in 2010.

                                           The third annual Capitol Challenge raised nearly $7,000
                                           through 1-mile, 5K and 10K events. The race attracted
                                           220 runners, and participation in the Little Champions
                                           Children’s Dashes more than doubled.

                                      Years Ended December 31, 2009 and 2010
                                      Assets                                             2010         2009
                                      Cash and cash equivalents                          $370,633     $105,179
                                      Accounts receivable                                $9,124       $0
                                      Beneficial interest in assets held by others        $71,045      $62,727
                                      Inventory                                          $1,680       $0
                                      Total current assets                               $452,482     $167,906
                                      Fixed assets, net of accumulated deprecitation
                                         of $24,846 - 2010; $6,081 - 2009                $82,881      $46,044
                                      Total assets                                       $535,363     $213,950
o   Caring Van staff conducted 622     Liabilities and net assets (deficiency)
    immunization clinics throughout   Accounts payable                                   $34,433      $285,407
    Oklahoma in 2010.                 Net assets (deficiency):
                                      Unrestricted                                       $429,885     ($134,184)
o   In 2010, more than 19,000         Board-designated endowment                         $71,045      $62,727
    immunizations were distributed    Total net assets (deficiency)                       $500,930     ($71,457)
    to more than 11,200 children      Total liabilities and net assets                   $535,363      $213,950
    through Caring Van outreach.      The Statement of Financial Position was taken from the Oklahoma Caring Foundation, Inc.
                                      complete audited financial report, which is available upon request.
                         2010 Tribute Gifts and Donors
In Memoriam                         In-Kind Donors                           Rachel Johnson                           Deborah Summers
                                                                             Sue Johnson                              Mary Swentowsky
JAY ARMITAGE                        Blue Cross and Blue Shield               Tracy Johnson                            Renita Taber
by Charles and Gracie Mitchell         of Oklahoma                           Travis Johnson                           Joyce Taylor
                                    Camille’s Sidewalk Café                  Donna Johnson-Perry                      Patricia Gail Tedder
                                    Crest Foods                              Edie Jones                               Joseph Theban
by Mary Jane Lindaman
                                    Cupcakes To Go Go                        Lora Jones                               LaTreshia Thomas
FRANK EDMUNDSON                     The Cheesecake Factory                   Sandy Jones                              Jeffrey Tikkanen
by Beverly Binkowski                Earl’s Rib Palace                        Craig Jones                              Vicki Town
                                    Irma’s Burger Shack                      Landis Kautz                             Brooke Townsend
                                    Johnnie’s Charcoal Grill                 Vanessa Keith                            Dale Tranberg
by Brett and Lisa Barrowman
                                    Los Amigos Restaurant                    Ashley Nicole Kellogg                    Debra Treutlein
JAMES STOVALL                       McAlister’s Deli                         Bonni Kennedy                            Kendra Trice
by Roger and Ruby Huston            McNellie’s Public House                  Rosalyn Michelle Kimble                  Patsy Trickel
                                    OK Runner                                Rena King                                Glenda Van Duyne
In Honor Of                         Oklahoma Union Public Schools            Kody Kline                               Tomi Vandiver
                                    Old School Bagel Café                    Patricia and Robert Knaub                Karen Vaultz
                                    On the Border                            Jenny Koetter                            Cynthia Vu
by Regina Brown
                                    Pei Wei                                  Sue Koonce                               Christine Carroll Wager
JEANNE BOOTH                        Qdoba                                    Kristin Koontz                           Alicia Walker
by Regina Brown                     Reasor’s                                 Charles Knife Chief, MD                  Wayne Wallace
                                    Wal-Mart                                 Juliana Kraft                            Linda Warford
                                    Walgreens                                Janis Lacy                               Lisa Wassom
by Regina Brown
                                                                             Cherie Lake                              Mary Wedman
ANDREA CANTREL                      Individual Donors                        Jaime Lane                               Bobette Wells
by Regina Brown                                                              Shalonda Langston                        Selena Wells
                                    Diana Abbott
JOANNE CRINER                       Suzette Abrahams                         Ivy Lark                                 Elaine Whitman
by Regina Brown                     Margaret Allen                           Donna Lester                             Don L. Wilber, MD
                                    William Anderson                         Eric Lindaman                            John Wilkinson
                                    Barbara Azar                             Linden Todd Lindsey                      Dianne Williams
by Brett and Lisa Barrowman
                                    Andra Baker                              Denise Loeza                             Ellen Williams
DENNIS and JUDY                     Jennifer Bailey                          Lizabeth Londono                         Joann Williams
DesLAURIERS                         Sherry Baker                             Suzanne Loomis                           Janet Winfield
by Brett and Lisa Barrowman         Paul Bales                               Edward Lott                              Tonya Wilson
                                    Cimone Ballenger                         Elizabeth Lott                           Doris J. Wood
                                    Linda Barker                             Cynthia Luckens                          Sherri Wright
by Bert and Martha Marshall
                                    Kerin Barngrover                         Teresa Lumpkin                           Janice Yancey
TRACY DRYWATER                      Jennifer Barrington                      Pia Lupeika                              Kimberly Ziegler
by Bert and Martha Marshall         Diane Barton                             Jan Lyon
by Regina Brown
by Bert and Martha Marshall
by Brett and Lisa Barrowman
by Brett and Lisa Barrowman
by Brett and Lisa Barrowman
by Regina Brown
by Bert and Martha Marshall         The Caring Foundation staff includes (pictured left to right) Jenny Koetter, Caring Van Specialist; Kendra Trice,
JOHN and CINDY PETREE               Caring Van Specialist; Brooke Townsend, Manager; Heidi Ewing, Caring Van Specialist; Tina Pyeatt, Caring Van
by Brett and Lisa Barrowman         Specialist; and Ivy Lark, Caring Van Development Coordinator.

GALE POINDEXTER                 Marie Barton                    Andrew Maddox
                                                                                              Sunshine Leadership Club
by Bert and Martha Marshall
                                Marsha Barton
                                DeAnn Beach             Mission Tracy Manning-Gibbs
                                                                Bert and Martha Marshall
                                                                Clifford Martin
                                                                                              The Sunshine Leadership Club
                                                                                              recognizes individual donors
by Regina Brown                 Heather Marie Bean
                                Barbara Beck      The Oklahoma Caring
                                                                Harvie Martin                 who gave a minimum of $250 to
BOB and BETSY THORPE                                            Shanon Lea Martin             support the Oklahoma Caring
                                Margarett Beeker Foundation provides
by Brett and Lisa Barrowman                                     John Mavros                   Programs in 2010.
                                Stacey Bell
                                Steven Berry      Oklahomans accessMcCarstle
ELIZABETH LAINE AIKO                                                                          Linda Barker
TOWNSEND                        James Beth                      Brandye
                                                  to health services. McCart                  Brett and Lisa Barrowman
                                Wendy Binkley                   Jo Ann McDaniel
by Brett and Lisa Barrowman                                     Sandy McKee                   Margarett Beeker
                                Beverly Binkowski
DARLENE THURSTON                                                Rhonda Lee McMurphy           Steven Berry
                                Carol Bird
by Regina Brown                                                 Tammy McMurrian               James Beth
                                Leah Blan
                                                                Kathy Medford                 Beverly Binkowski
HERB and SACHI TOWNSEND         Charles Brashers
                                                                Damian Merrill                Charles Brashers
by Brett and Lisa Barrowman     Dennet Brecheen
                                                                Deborah Miles                 Jason and Regina Brown
                                Heather Brooks
CAMI TYLER                                                      Jean Miller                   Susan Byrd
                                Bobby Brown
by Bert and Martha Marshall                                     Kimberly Miller               Kelly Crowder
                                Jason Brown
                                Katherine Brown                               A               Catherine in 2010,
                                                                Lisa Lynn Millernew website launchedDavenport located
KRISTEN WALTERS                                                                               Gina Delcour
by Regina Marshall              Kristina Brown                                at
                                                                Kendra Milligan
                                                                                              Chip Edmunds
                                Michelle Brown                  Mary and Marc Milsten
                                                                Kimberly Mitchell             Jeanette Gamba
Businesses                      Regina Brown
                                                                Deborah Moncooyea             Dianne Gasbarra, MD
                                Sharon Brown
American Fidelity Foundation                                    Marisha Moore                 Brad Griffey
                                Valerie Brown
Availity                                                        Kymberly Morella              Stephania Grober
                                Angela Brumley
Bank of Oklahoma                                                Jennifer Morgan               Nova Hammersley
                                Rhonda Bruner
Beale Professional Services                                     Linea Morrell                 Laura Hottel
                                Glenda Burkett
Beginnings and Beyond                                           Amber Morrical                Paula and Rick Huck
                                Patti Burnette
   Learning Center                                              Debra Murray                  Linda Huey
                                Bruce Burns
Bella Flowers                                                   Toni Napier                   Stephanie Hutchison
                                Suzanne Burrow
Benefit Plan Strategies                                         Joseph and Susan Neely        Lee Ann Iaeger
                                Susan Byrd
Blue Cross and Blue Shield                                      Patricia Teresa Nelson        Michael P. Johnson
                                Debbie Campbell
   of Oklahoma                                                  Tona Nepote                   Travis Johnson
                                Shannon Capetillo
Cancer Treatment Centers                                        Joseph Nicholson, DO          Charles Knife Chief, MD
                                Elizabeth Carter
   of America                                                   Mark Niles                    Ivy Lark
                                Calvin Chambers
Capitol Benefits Group                                          Debra Norfleet                Edward Lott
                                Debbie Chastain
Charley Brown’s Day Care                                        Jennifer O’Leary              Cynthia Luckens
                                Jamie Choate
   Center, Inc.                                                 Elaine Olzawski               Bert and Martha Marshall
  A new Energyimproved Caring Van was revealed to Suzie Omstead
                                Rildia Cleary
                                                                                              Harvie Martin
                                Jeanine Clifford
                                Kathleen in April. More than Leslie Paris
  the Oklahoma City community Cline
Dearborn National                                                                             Melanie McCarstle
                                                                Jerry Parker                  Brandye McCart
  3,800 immunizations were administered aboard
Dental Network of America       Kelly Coblentz
                                                                                              Sandra McKee
Freddy’s Frozen Custard                                         Patricia Patty
                                Roxie Coburn                              o The Oklahoma Caring Foundation seeks
  the new
Global Health van by the end of 2010.
                                Stephen Comtois                 Chandra Payne                 Damian Merrill
Group Service Employees         Greg Corn
                                                                Donna Delores Payne from philanthropic foundations
                                                                                              Kimberly Mitchell
                                                                                              Marisha Moore
   Federal Credit Union         Joanne Criner                                                         $164,600 in 2010.
                                                                             statewide and securedMurray
                                                                Khristi Peabody
Hallmark Services Corporation   Jeanne Criss                    Melissa Perry
Happy Hearts Academy of         Kelly Crowder                             o Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma
                                                                Kimberly Platt                Elaine Olzawski
                                                                Jan Poe                       Leslie Paris
   Early Learning               Gay Cuenca                                   employees contributed more than
                                                                                              Tonya Powell
Health Care Service Corporation Sherri Cypert                   Stephen Poe
Hillcrest Healthcare System
                                                                             $38,000 in 2010. Nancy Pruitt
                                                                Jennifer Pointer
                                Catherine Davenport
                                                                Brenda Porter                 Paula Root, MD
Imagine Nation Books            Bridget Davidson                          o More than 5,300 children received
INTEGRIS Health                                                 Robin Potter                  Hipolito Ruiz
                                Jane Davis
Mercy Health System             Gina Delcour
                                                                             flu                Caring Van
                                                                Angela Powell shots aboard a Charles Rygiel in 2010.
Midwest Regional Medical Center                                 Tonya Powell                  Mandy Lynn Smith
                                Sherri Doolittle
Prime Therapeutics                                              Karla Presley                 Jeffrey Tikkanen
                                Cynthia Driver
Southwest Regional                                              Donna Price                   Brooke Townsend
                                Tracy Drywater
   Medical Center                                               Lydia Primo                   Lisa Wassom
                                Barbara Duckett
Willis of Oklahoma                                              Nancy Pruitt                  John Wilkinson
                                Tanja Dufrene
                                Judy Dunford                    Angela Qualls
Civic and Professional              Dana Durasso
Organizations BlueCorps             Chip Edmunds
                                    Angie Edwards
Greater Oklahoma City               Kandise Eggers
  Chamber of Commerce               Frances Emerson
Oklahoma Home and                   Denise Fennell
  Community Education               Sandra Fidler
Oklahoma Hospital Association       Beverly Fish
Oklahoma Foundation                 Terry Flattem
  for Medical Quality               Melissa Foster
Oklahoma Osteopathic Association    Fay Foyil
Oklahoma State                      Sandra Friday
  Medical Association               Shayne Frye
The State Chamber                   Mitzi Fullingim
                                    Jeanette Gamba
Combined Federal                    Dianne Gasbarra, MD
                                                                           In 2010, the Oklahoma Caring Vans provided services at major community
Campaigns                           Eve Gatwood
                                                                           events such as the Strong & Healthy Oklahoma Total Health Event in
                                    Mary Glenn
Central Oklahoma CFC                Linda Glore                            Oklahoma City and the Route 66 Marathon Expo in Tulsa.
Fort Sill/Lawton CFC                Micheal Goodell
Greater Tulsa CFC                                                            Kathryn Queen                            We apologize for any errors
                                    Kari Govier-Brown
Jackson County CFC                                                           Jodi Rains                               or omissions.
                                    Donna Grady
Muskogee Area CFC                   Marie Antoinette Gregory                 Debbie Reinauer
                                    Brad Griffey                             Jeanne Reinsch                           2010 Board of Directors
Educational Institutions            Stephania Grober                         Michelle Riddell                         and Officers
                                    Penny Guglielmo                          Roni Rierson
Oklahoma State University                                                    Maruta Ries                              Bert Marshall, Chairman
  College of Human                  Michael Haddican
                                                                             Glenda Riley                             Beverly Binkowski
  Environmental Sciences            Lucas Haines
                                                                             Debra Roberts                            Joseph Cunningham, M.D.
Oklahoma State University           Nova Hammersley
                                                                             Susan Roberts                            Jeanette Gamba
  Nutritional Sciences Department   Leigh Ann Hancock
                                                                             Miriam Robinette                         Paula Huck
Oklahoma State University           Crystal Hanshaw
                                                                             Donna Robinson                           Patricia Knaub
  Seretean Wellness Center          Darci Hardrick
                                                                             Paula Root, MD                           Charles Knife Chief, M.D.
Oklahoma Union Public Schools       Lisa Harris
                                                                             Cynthia Rose                             Mark Larson
University of Oklahoma College      Naomi Hays
                                                                             Barbara Rucker                           Joseph Nicholson, D.O
  of Public Health Care             Karin Haywood
                                                                             Hipolito Ruiz                            Leslie Paris
  Service Corporation               Dan Henley
                                                                             Regina Runge                             Nancy Pruitt
University of Oklahoma Health       Cheryl Hicks
                                                                             Teresa Rutledge                          Kenneth Setter, M.D.
  Sciences Center                   Steve Hill
                                                                             Charles Rygiel                           Julie Sloan
University of Oklahoma School of    Cynthia Holloway
                                                                             Melissa Sanden                           Jeffrey Tikkanen
  Community Medicine                Kevin Holmes
                                                                             Denice Schneider                         Wayne Wallace
                                    Brian Hopkins
                                                                             Jacque Schulze                           Don Wilber, M.D.
                                    Kayla Hopkins
Foundations                                                                  Kenneth and Nancy Setter
                                    Jean Horner
H.A. and Mary K. Chapman            Laura Hottel                             Kathryn Seward                           Staff
   Charitable Trust                 Hilarie Houghton                         Mae Sharp
                                                                                                                      Paula Huck, Executive Director
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord             Tiffany Nicole Howell                    Karla Shrier
                                                                                                                      Brooke Townsend, Manager
   Foundation                       Paula and Rick Huck                      Daphne Sills
                                                                                                                      Heidi Ewing
Hille Family Foundation             Ashley Hudgeons                          Jim Sires
                                                                                                                      Jenny Koetter
George Kaiser Family Foundation     Sheila Huff                              Georgetta Skaggs
                                                                                                                      Ivy Lark
The Herman Kaiser Foundation        Linda Huey                               Kathy Skorvaga
                                                                                                                      Tina Pyeatt
Kirkpatrick Family Fund             Angela Hughes                            Dustin Slisz
                                                                                                                      Kendra Trice
Magerus Memorial Foundation         Suzanne Hunsberger                       Julie Sloan
McGee Foundation                    Cynthia Hurst                            Amy Smith
The Meinders Foundation             Ruby Huston                              Angela Smith
James H. and Madalynne              Stephanie Hutchison                      Lance Smith
   Norick Foundation                Lee Ann Iaeger                           Lloyd Smith, Jr.
Oklahoma City Community             Raine Igarta                             Mandy Lynn Smith
                                                                                                                      The design work for this annual
   Foundation                       Betty Jamison                            Valerie Smith
                                                                                                                      report was donated by Health
Walton Family Foundation            Marie Jeffers                            Roberta Stapleton
                                                                                                                      Care Service Corporation, an
The Wegener Foundation              Christine Jenen                          Linda Starr-Bales
                                                                                                                      independent licensee of the
Anne and Henry                      Deborah Jensen                           Terry Steele
                                                                                                                      Blue Cross and Blue Shield
   Zarrow Foundation                Angela Johnson                           Janeen Stephens
                                                                                                                      Association, which operates
Maxine and Jack Zarrow              Cathy Johnson                            Melanie Stevens
                                                                                                                      Blue Cross and Blue Shield
   Family Foundation                Donna Lynn Johnson                       Misty Strider
                                                                                                                      of Oklahoma.
                                    Michael P. Johnson                       Carol Strout
                                                                                      PRSRT STD
                                                                                     US POSTAGE

                                                                                       TULSA OK
                                                                                     PERMIT #2146
1400 S. Boston, Tulsa, OK 74119

 A Non-Profit Organization Administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma,
 a Division of Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve Company,
 an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.


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