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									              Indigo Rescue                                                                                                 Summer 2004
              Help End Animal Abandonment!                                                                               Volume 4, Issue 1
                                                                                                                        Issued biannually

        Indigo Rescue is
                                               Shelter overpopulation is
    an all volunteer 501(c)3
    non-profit organization
                                               EVERYONE’s responsibility
      whose mission is to                      The latest campaign message for Indigo Rescue
   end animal abandonment                      By Heather Hines
                                               Been to one of our shelters lately? Did you find yourself walking the rows
      pet overpopulation.
                                               of kennels wondering how so many dogs and cats, who had obviously once
                                               been someone’s pets, ended up sitting forlorn in a cage, many of them with-
   Heather Hines - President
                                               out hope of leaving the shelter alive? I did.
Claudia Wood - Vice President
                                                  Until about a year ago, I guess I didn’t really have a grasp on why those animals were
  Fiona Hathaway - Recorder                    there. Of course, from years working in rescue, I knew rescue groups and shelters prepared
                                               every year for the endless parade of unwanted kittens born during “kitten season.” I was also
Beccy Kirk - Member at Large                   aware of the animals brought in by county officers or private citizens who had found them
                                               as neighborhood strays, but I hadn’t really given much thought to how they ended up stray,
      503.626.7222                             or who else ended up at our local shelters…until I started volunteering at our local county
                                                  The first thing I was struck by was the number of young purebreds, even puppies, who                        had come in stray and never been redeemed by their owners. Why? I couldn’t believe people
                                               had actually gone to the trouble of seeking out a breeder to buy a specific breed of dog, spent
                                               quite a bit of money so they could boast having a dog with a stellar bloodline, and when their
                                               dog ended up as a “stray,” they never came to the shelter to get them. Weren’t they worried sick
Inside this issue                              about their missing dog? Then I noticed the number of adult dogs who had been “surrendered”
                                               by their owners. Some were senior dogs, who had been with their families for nine, ten, even
Athena’s Story ......................... 2                                                                               Continues on page 4

Tom Cat Special ...................... 3
                                               Cat Summit
Francis’ Story .......................... 3                                                     keep making more cats. During our meet-
                                               Too many cats, not                               ings, we focused on the following areas:
Johnny-on-the-Spot ............... 4           enough homes                                     • Animal abandonment and enforcement of laws

                                               Why are there so many cats being eutha-          • Spay/neuter resources and future plans
Senior Pets............................... 5   nized in our shelters? That was just one of      • Cat safety
                                               the questions Phyllis Johanson posed dur-        • Media and education campaigns
Thomas’ Story......................... 6       ing a series of meetings held from Decem-        • Spay/neuter program
                                               ber 2003 through March 2004. Individuals
Hyperthyroidism in Cats ....... 7              from rescue groups, shelters, animal welfare        Our work has barely begun, but a small
                                               groups, county employees, and concerned          group of people from the summit are pur-
                                               citizens met five times to identify what the      suing the idea of establishing a state-wide
Hot Car Warning .................... 7
                                               problems are and discover if we could start      spay/neuter program designed for low-in-
                                               to work on solutions.                            come people. It’s based on successful pro-
Fireworks & Your Animal....... 8                                                                grams in New Hampshire, Maine, and Cali-
                                                  It doesn’t matter if you like cats or you     fornia. Contact Claudia at 503-626-7222 if
Flyer Insert (after page 4). Please cut the    don’t like cats, our community has a huge        you would like to participate in researching
page in half to post and share both flyers      overpopulation of cats. This includes do-        successful programs and planning how to
   with your friends and colleagues.           mestic cats and feral cats. And lots and lots    implement one in Oregon.
                                               of them are unaltered which means they
                                                                                  Happy Endings
Wayward on the Pacific Crest Trail
By Heather Hines

Athena was a young Basset Fauve De                   When they arrived back at the trailhead,
Bretagne (a wire haired, bearded bas-             Athena was still nowhere to be found.
set hound) we rescued from the shelter            They realized they were ten miles from
in Washington County. She came in as              civilization...if Athena had traveled in the
a stray and languished there for over a           right direction. They searched for hours,
month, wasting away until her ribs were           but still no sign of her. They waited until
pronounced. Athena thrived at her first            dark, and finally left a pile of food at the
foster home and her health improved dra-          trailhead and drove home.
matically. Eventually, she came to my house
and stayed for about a month before we                As soon as I got the e-mail from Kyra, I
adopted her to a home with a wonderful            called the Skamania Sheriff ’s Department
couple who love dogs. Kyra and Peter go for       and spoke to John. He was sympathetic,                             Athena
weekly hikes and frequently take their three      but not very hopeful for a dog lost that far
dogs to the beach for long walks on the           in the wilderness. He told me there were a
                                                                                                     ing people to join WRSAR in their search.
shoreline. It was clear from the numerous         lot of cougars and coyote in the area and
                                                                                                     They were scheduled to meet Saturday
dog beds strategically placed around their        it was fairly common for dogs to fall from
                                                                                                     morning. On Friday evening I received a
living room and the happy and friendly way        cliffs in the rough terrain. If she had gone
                                                                                                     call from Kyra’s daughter. She was hurried
the dogs greeted us, that this was a dog’s        north on the PCT, the nearest civilization
                                                                                                     and breathless as she told me that she had
dream home.                                       was in Canada. My heart sank. He referred
                                                                                                     just received a collect call from Kyra at a pay
                                                  me to Don from Wind River Search and
                                                                                                     phone in Stevenson, Washington. Athena
   Kyra saw my attachment to Athena and           Rescue. Don explained that WRSAR
                                                                                                     had been found alive! I was shocked, and
was generous about e-mailing pictures and         couldn’t conduct an official ‘search and
                                                                                                     flooded with emotion. She didn’t have any
updates of how Athena was doing in her new        rescue’ mission for a dog, but they did need
                                                                                                     details, so I waited to hear from Kyra. When
home. On April 14, I received an e-mail from      to get some practice using some of their
                                                                                                     they called, Peter sounded exhausted. They
Kyra, alerting me that on the day before, while   new equipment, so he was willing to sched-
                                                                                                     had arrived at the trailhead that day, and
hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail near Three       ule a training mission for that Saturday. I
                                                                                                     for the first time, the food they had left was
Corner Rock north of Stevenson, Washing-          was sleepless and plagued with visions of
                                                                                                     gone. They started up the trail, and about
ton, Athena had vanished into thin air. She       short legged Athena stumbling over drifts
                                                                                                     200 yards up the trail, Athena rushed up
said Athena had been frolicking up ahead in       of snow while she frantically tried to find
                                                                                                     from behind them. She seemed unhurt
the snow with their other dogs, and suddenly,     her family. I knew how terrified she must
                                                                                                     and excited and in a big hurry to get back
she was no longer with the group. Initially,      have been.
                                                                                                     to their car! They were able to find a small
they assumed Athena must have gone the
                                                      Kyra and Peter went back every day. They       puncture on her chest and nothing more.
remaining mile up the trail, so they forged
                                                  searched a ten-mile radius and stopped every       Athena must have traveled North on the
ahead. When they reached the peak, Athena
                                                  100 yards to call for her. When they arrived       PCT many miles looking for her family (or
was nowhere to be found, so they started
                                                  at the trailhead each day, they found the food     anyone), and when she didn’t find them,
thinking she must have gone the wrong
                                                  they had left was uneaten. Kyra and I spoke        she must have eventually turned back and
direction back down to the trailhead where
                                                  tearfully on Thursday night, three days after      made her way back to the trailhead where
they had started their hike. They started back
                                                  Athena had disappeared. Athena had a micro-        she found her food and decided she had
down the trail, stopping and calling for her
                                                  chip implant, and Kyra and Peter had put a         better stick around.
every few minutes, but with a nagging con-
cern. Over the past months they had been          collar and ID tag on her, but neither would do
                                                                                                        Athena gave the expression “lucky dog”
working with Athena on a “come” command           any good if she never found any people.
                                                                                                     new meaning. Thanks to the commit-
and she had been getting very good about it.                                                         ment of Kyra and Peter, who never gave
                                                      By the forth day, I had started to accept
Also, Athena had a bit of separation anxiety                                                         up searching for her, she was able to safely
                                                  that Athena was gone. I had very little hope
and generally if she got separated from them                                                         leave the mountain trail that might have
                                                  that she would be found alive and I had
on a hike for more than a few minutes, she                                                           been the end of her life.
                                                  to fight the thoughts that crept into my
began barking furiously with worry. They
                                                  mind, imaging how she must have died.
hadn’t heard a peep from Athena on the trail,
                                                  Still, I sent an e-mail to the Indigo list, ask-
and they figured she should have been able to
hear them calling from at least a mile away.

2                                                                                                                                  Indigo Rescue
               Tom Cat and Miss Kitty Special 2004
                           For the third year in a row, we held the Tom Cat Special in honor of Spay Day USA.
                                  Local rescue volunteers and rescue groups contacted veterinary clinics
                       to participate in offering $10 neuters for male cats and a Miss Kitty special for the females.

                   Over 300 cats were spayed or neutered during the last week of February and first week of March.

              THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped and for the veterinarians and staff who participated.
             Sponsored by: Friends of Shelter Animals • POPPA, Inc. • Cherish the Animals • Indigo Rescue

  Aloha Dog and Cat Hospital                      Companion Pet Clinic – Woodburn                 North Portland Veterinary Hospital
  Arbor Pet Clinic                                Cornell Center Animal Hospital                  Pacific Avenue Veterinary Clinic
  Ash Creek Animal Clinic                         Crossroads Veterinary Clinic                    Pacific Veterinary Hospital
  Barclay Hills Animal Clinic                     Dogwood Pet Hospital                            Pet Medical Center
  Best Friends Veterinary Hospital PC             Eagle Fern Veterinary Hospital PC               Sherwood Family Pet Clinic
  Bethany Family Pet Clinic                       Family Animal Hospital                          St. Johns Veterinary Clinic
  Capitol Veterinary Clinic                       Forest Heights Veterinary Clinic                Tigard Animal Hospital
  Cat Adoption Team                               Groves Animal Clinic                            Vista Pet Hospital
  Chehelam Animal Clinic                          Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic                     Walnut Street Veterinary Clinic
  Companion Pet Clinic                            Hillsdale Veterinary Group                      Westside Animal Clinic
  Companion Pet Clinic – Clackamas                Mountain View Veterinary Clinic                 Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital
  Companion Pet Clinic – Tigard                   Newberg Veterinary Hospital                     Woodburn Pet Hospital
  Companion Pet Clinic – West Linn                                                                Wynne Veterinary Clinic

 Persistence pays off
 By Claudia Wood

 Last fall the nuns at Our Lady of Peace       encouraged her to contact the nuns. She            Cats in par-
 Retreat asked us to post two rescued cats     said she had lost her cat almost one year      ticular can stay lost
 on Indigo’s link to the Petfinder Web site     ago, and swore that Francis was her cat.       for a long time.
 ( Luckily for the           We marveled at the idea that she might         Microchips and
 cats—who were found on their property         find him after all that time. I crossed my      identification tags
 in Beaverton—one of the nuns is a vet-        fingers and wished her luck.                    make it much easier for rescuers and shel-
 erinarian, so they got great medical care                                                    ters to find YOU when your pet is lost. Su-
                                                  Christina called me the next week.
 and a safe place to live while we searched                                                   pervising your cat outdoors or using a cat
                                               On May 27, one year to the day from
 for a new home.                                                                              fencing product keeps your cat safe if he
                                               when he disappeared, Francis (real name
                                                                                              insists on some outdoor time. But should
     They named the big orange tabby           Tang) returned to his home. Kristina
                                                                                              your pet get lost, don’t give up trying to
 male Francis (for St. Francis, of course)     and the nuns aren’t sure how he man-
                                                                                              find them. Be as persistent as Christina.
 and they became quite attached to him.        aged to find the nuns, nearly ten miles
                                                                                              Keep up the search! Pay special attention
 Months and months passed. Occasional-         from his home, but everyone is grateful
                                                                                              to searching hardest in the first days after
 ly, someone would inquire about adopt-        for the happy ending to this story. Tang
                                                                                              they disappear, and be sure to search close
 ing him, but no permanent home result-        was a little bewildered, but kept jumping
                                                                                              to home for missing cats.
 ed. Finally, on May 20, a woman named         into Christina’s arms. He is getting used
 Christina left a message on our voice         to his home again and is in the process            There are excellent guidelines for
 mail about Francis. When I returned her       of becoming an exclusively indoor cat.         finding pets on the Cats In the Bag Web
 call, she asked if he had “freckles” on his   Welcome home, Tang, and please, don’t          site at and Inter-
 nose. I told her I’d never met him but        try that again.                                national K-9 Search and Rescue Services

Summer 2004                                                                                                                                 3
                                                                           Before and After
                           Remember Johnny-on-the-Spot?
                           Johnny was rescued after we were contacted by an officer at a local bank branch. Our rescuer
                           found him lying in the dirt near the parking lot. He was covered with dried blood. When we
                           approached him, he didn’t try to run, or even get to
                           his feet. He gazed up pitifully, but nothing more. We
                           named him Johnny because he needed a name “John-
2 weeks after rescue       ny-on-the-Spot.”
                           Johnny was extremely thin and dehydrated, and se-
  verely anemic. He couldn’t move his back legs very well, and the flesh was torn
  away and the bone was exposed in the center section of his tail. X-rays later
  showed that Johnny’s pelvis was badly crushed. Our vet felt he had probably
  been hit by a car at least a week prior, and somehow survived without food or
                                                  water in the parking lot. A few
     Update: Johnny is still looking days after his rescue, while still                            3 months later
         for a new adoptive home                  at our vet’s office, Johnny lapsed into a full arrest, but was quickly revived.
                                                  Luckily, his heart was strong and after a blood transfusion he made an
  amazing recovery. When he was rescued, he weighed a slight 5 lbs, but after three months of eating and lounging, loung-
  ing and eating (as every cat should), Johnny weighs a solid 14 lbs… and is still gaining. Another very lucky boy.

  CAMPAIGN, continued from page 1                                              It’s frustrating to listen to the countless excuses people provide for
  twelve years, and were now being left at the shelter with the hope they      giving up their pets. And it’s unfair to expect rescue groups or no-kill
  would find a new home. A new home? At twelve years old? What in               shelters to continue enabling the endless number of people who want
  the world were these people thinking? The odds of someone coming             to relieve their burden of guilt and responsibility by leaving their pets
  to the shelter looking to adopt a dog that was facing long term geriatric    somewhere they won’t be euthanized. Of course, there are people with
  care were painfully obvious. The sadness in the eyes of those dogs was       truly legitimate circumstances where they can no longer care for their
  more than I could bear. It was also blatantly apparent that the majority     pet, but the larger percentage are people who choose not to put forth
  of the young mixed breed dogs given up by their families was because         the effort. If we consider the number of unwanted pets in our commu-
  they were untrained and, shall we say, exuberant. Since the reason I         nity, we can’t ignore the fact that leaving them at our shelters is shame-
  was there visiting the shelter dogs was to provide them with some            fully common. And we certainly can’t blame the overcrowded shelters
  exercise and training, I was able to see that these dogs were actually       for killing them either. Our society is at fault for most of the death. But
  good dogs, who wanted to please their person, but they hadn’t ever           how do we change it? We all know someone guilty of giving up their
  been provided with any training. I started to get angry as the obvious       pet, but have we taken the time to encourage them to keep their pet for
  scenario unfolded before my eyes. These dogs were probably adopted           its entire life? Do we offer to help them find a solution to whatever is-
  as adorable little puppies, and when they didn’t get the training or         sue is causing them to want to give up their pet? Have we put forth the
  attention they needed, they became difficult to manage. When the              effort to discourage them from continuing this tragic cycle? Because if
  family banished them to the backyard or garage, they developed worse         we want to make a difference, we all need to start.
  behaviors driven by loneliness and boredom: incessant barking, dig-           We feel our community needs to be held accountable for the
  ging, or chewing. These habits were not going to correct themselves,                  tragedy occurring every day in our shelters.
  so eventually the family brought the dog to the shelter because they
  couldn’t deal with the inconvenience any longer.                                    This was what drove our new campaign message,
                                                                                             seen on the next page’s flyer insert.
      This was my epiphany. I suddenly realized the core reason most
  of these frightened and bewildered family dogs and cats were surren-
  dered to the shelters. I realized that we are a self-absorbed society, who                  Please cut the next page in half and
  “gets rid” of anything in our lives that we consider an inconvenience.                            post the flyers to help spread
  We dispose of our pets when they haven’t trained themselves, when
  we’re moving, when our new partners don’t want to deal with them,                                   word about Indigo’s efforts!
  and when the doctor says they “might” be the source of our allergies.

  4                                                                                                                                     Indigo Rescue
Consider adopting a senior pet!
By Claudia Wood
Having senior pets myself, I know first-            2. Older dogs are not teething puppies,           have character and playfulness, although
hand what great companions they are.                  and won’t chew your shoes and furni-           they usually are calm. A cozy napping spot
Keno, my 12-year-old dog has really slowed            ture while growing up.                         is their biggest pleasure. They have little
down the past couple of years, but she still       3. Older dogs can focus well because              desire to get into mischief such as climbing
loves going for walks and rides in the car,           they’ve mellowed. Therefore, they learn        the curtains or your pants, attacking your
enjoys meeting and greeting people wher-              quickly.                                       hands, or hiding around the corner to slap
ever we go, and maintains her happy-go-            4. Older dogs have learned what “no”              your ankle when you walk by like silly kit-
lucky temperament. Ms. Pye, my 19-year-               means. If they hadn’t learned it, they         tens love to do.
old rescued cat is amazing. Although I can            wouldn’t have gotten to be “older” dogs.
tell she’s aging, she can still race across the    5. Older dogs settle in easily, because they’ve   Aging animals need your care
floor, rebound off the chair, and land in her          learned what it takes to get along with        Of course, make sure to allow for special
favorite sunning spot.                                others and become part of a pack.
                                                                                                     needs that an older pet might have. Con-
                                                   6. Older dogs are good at giving love,            sider their dietary and medical needs. Make
   During the past year, we met several               once they get into their new, loving           sure to visit the vet annually and be aware
senior dogs in the shelter and heard about            home. They are grateful for the second
                                                                                                     of any changes in their feeding and elimi-
others through our voice mail. In each case,          chance they’ve been given.
                                                                                                     nating patterns. Be prepared for addition-
their human passed away or moved into              7. What You See Is What You Get: Unlike           ally expenses that geriatric pets can incur.
assisted living where their pets couldn’t             puppies, older dogs have grown into
                                                                                                     But most of all, make sure you have a plan
accompany them. Imagine losing your hu-               their shape and personality. Puppies can
                                                                                                     should something happen to you. See the
man and home all in the same day. Your                grow up to be quite different from what
                                                      they seemed at first.                           article below, “What’s in the future for your
routine and everything you’ve ever known
                                                                                                     pet,” for more information.
                             is taken away,        8. Older dogs are instant companions
                             and no one               —ready for hiking, car trips, and other
                             seems to have            things you like to do.                         Losing a pet is never easy
                             an      alternate     9. Older dogs leave you time for yourself,        Many people ask us about adopting a senior
                             place for you to         because they don’t make the kinds of           pet, but not looking forward to many years
                             live. In fact, we        demands on your time and attention             of their companionship. If you are the type
                             are currently            that puppies and young dogs do.                of person who forms strong bonds with
                             looking for a        10. Older dogs let you get a good night’s          your pet, losing them at any age, after any
                             home for Hay-            sleep because they’re accustomed to            amount of time can be extremely hard. At
                             ley, an 11-year-         human schedules and don’t generally            least when you adopt a senior, you are pro-
                                                      need nighttime feedings, comforting, or        viding a home for a pet that may otherwise
   Hayley is still available old Labrador             bathroom breaks.                               be unnecessarily euthanized, and you will
        for adoption         mix. Her owner
                                                                                                     already accept and prepare for the fact that
                             died and a
neighbor brought her to the shelter. But          Senior cats make great pets                        you are adopting an animal that may not
                                                  For the cat lover, a senior cat can be a per-      live that long. You just know you are doing
she’s fabulous. She’s housetrained, knows
                                                  fect companion. They still want to bond            a good thing.
basic obedience commands, loves her foster
human’s attention, tolerates the other dog,       with people and like to snuggle. They still
and does well with the cats.

   The Senior Dogs Project Web site at offers great advice for            What’s in the future for your pet?
adopting or placing a senior dog. With            Too many beloved companion animals end up homeless, abandoned, or brought
their permission, we are reprinting the fol-      to shelters when their humans pass away or become too incapacitated to care for
lowing article.
                                                  them. This is a reminder of the importance of providing a clear plan for your pet
                                                  should something happen to you. Talk to your family and friends and make sure
Top 10 Reasons to Adopt                           someone will be responsible for providing a home, medical care, and appropriate
a Senior Dog                                      exercise or special care for your pet. Make sure this person is as committed to your
 1. Older dogs are housetrained. You won’t        pet as you are and impress on them how important it is that your pet is well cared
    have to go through the difficult stages
    of teaching a puppy house manners and
                                                  for. Put this agreement in your will and keep a note about it with your “important
    mopping/cleaning up after accidents.          papers.” We are lucky in Oregon and Washington; it is possible to legally set up
                                                  a pet trust to ensure that your special companion ends up in a safe home. See
                                         for more details.

Summer 2004                                                                                                                                     5
Thomas’ Story
By D. Fiona Hathaway

Saturday May 1 started out like any other               Fortunately for this kitty, Dr. Norman
weekend day for me. On my usual drive               answered the clinic phone. ”Oh, thank God
down East Burnside, there was a sudden              you’re there, I just picked up a kitty who’s
slowing of traffic and a woman was waving            been hit by a car.” I said. “Can you bring
people into the left hand lane.                     him in right away?” Dr. Norman asked.
                                                    “I’m on my way. I’ll see you in ten minutes,”
    As the traffic cleared and I approached,         I replied.
the emergency became apparent. A black
and white cat had been hit and was at-                 Every time I got to a stop light, I used the    Thomas recovers in the Post-Operative
tempting to drag himself across the road            opportunity to put a few drops of Rescue             Surgical Recovery Suite (otherwise
out of harm’s way, while the woman was              Remedy into the kitty’s mouth in the hopes            known as Heather’s bathroom).
directing traffic, trying to help him. She           that he would relax a little. He seemed re-
had been out walking her little dog and was         signed to his fate, and no longer hissed at
trying to keep him in-check under one arm,          me when I tried to touch him. Grateful for        To prevent infection at fracture site, needs a
while assisting the poor cat across the street      the light Saturday morning traffic, we got to      drain implant. Ankle is dislocated and the
before he was hit again.                            the clinic in record time. I carried him to the   ligament is torn so badly, another pin to hold
                                                    examination table, where Dr. Norman and           that together. Needs a pain patch daily to be
   Luckily there was a spot where I could           a host of assistants immediately appeared         kept comfortable.
pull over quickly to help. My first instinct         out of nowhere, taking his temperature and
was to race back to the scene of the accident                                                             As the days wear on, the staff discovers
                                                    other vitals to assess his situation.
to grab the cat…sounded good, but not                                                                 that Thomas, as we decided to name him,
very practical. I got to the cat and realized           Breathing a deep sigh of relief and already   is a very sweet and affectionate cat. Dr. Nor-
my gloves and quilted blanket were in my            45 minutes late to work, I shakily left, know-    man neutered him during his surgery and
car. By the time I got back, the woman had          ing they would call me once they had deter-       he is recovering nicely. On May 11, Heather
ushered the cat across the street, right un-        mined where he stood. Drama over, crisis          took Thomas home to rehabilitate. In about
der a parked car. Safe from the cat’s point         intervened, and hopefully, a life saved.          a month, Dr. Norman will remove the pins
of view, but it was going to be much more                                                             and luckily, Thomas should make a complete
difficult helping him, and my concern was                Like a Polaroid developing in super slow      recovery. As always, our hope is that our read-
that I would add to his injuries in the pro-        motion, over the next several days the picture    ers will think twice about allowing their cats
cess of getting him out from under the car.         became clear. The patient is an intact adult      outside unsupervised and without any iden-
                                                    male, about a year and a half old. Someone        tification. Since Thomas was not wearing any
     Then the woman uttered the magic words         has been feeding him. FeLV and FIV negative.      identification or microchip, it will be nearly
we all hope to hear in this situation, “What        Anemic. May have some internal bleeding.          impossible to find his family, and they will
can I do to help? I live in that house right over   Compound (bone ends through the skin)             never know that he was unfortunate enough
there.” Grateful that someone cared enough          fracture of tibia and fibula of the right rear     to be hit by a car, yet fortunate enough that
to spend the time to assist me, I instructed        leg. Tibia has been dragged on the pavement       someone stopped and saved his life on that
her to bring her dog home, while I ran to my        and will need surgery and four pins to repair.    fateful day.
car for reinforcements. I am not sure how
it happened, but before she made it back, I
managed to get the quilt over him, lifted him                                       U P D AT E
very carefully, and was carrying him to safety.      While Thomas was at our vet’s office having his hardware and pins in his leg
We met halfway across the street, and she fol-
                                                     checked, they discovered a pellet in his head at the base of his right ear. Not
lowed me to my car. We quickly introduced
ourselves, and she suggested I take him to
                                                     only had Thomas been run over on East Burnside, he had also been shot at.
her vet right down the street. Knowing that          All of us cringed when we learned this sweet boy, who has proven shy but
our vet was open on Saturday, I declined. I          very affectionate, had been subjected to all that pain. Someone definitely
explained that I was from Indigo Rescue and          didn’t want him around. Too many people abandon their cats, leaving them
emergency animal rescue is part of what we           to survive on their own, but if someone else doesn’t want them hanging
do. Then I jumped in the car and began what          around, terrible things could happen to them.
little trauma triage I could do until we could
get to the vet.
                                                       Remember: Animal abandonment isn’t just cruel, it’s against the law.

6                                                                                                                                   Indigo Rescue
     As everyone knows, the cost of spays and neuters as well as surgeries on injured animals can take a heavy
     toll on animal rescue groups. Indigo Rescue is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from the
   community. Luckily, the veterinarians we work with are very kind about discounting us much as they can, but
    we often spend well over a thousand dollars just for one injured animal. Please remember that every dollar
   you donate helps us continue our work on behalf of rescued animals. It’s 100% tax deductible and makes you
    feel good too! We have enclosed a return envelope for your convenience. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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                                         Recent Studies Link Hyperthyroidism
     Hot cars                            in Cats with Canned Food
  can prove fatal
                                         A study submitted by the American Veterinary Medical Association in
We just wanted to take a minute to       March 2004, has shown increased risk of hyperthyroidism in cats that con-
remind everyone how easy it is to        sume canned food. Medical records of 169,576 cats, including 3,570 cats
make the mistake of keeping your         with hyperthyroidism, evaluated at 9 veterinary school hospitals during
dog in the car on a hot summer           a 20-year period, suggest that the increasing prevalence of feline hyper-
day. On a summer’s day of only           thyroidism is not solely the result of aging of the cat population and that
85˚ Fahrenheit, the inside tem-          canned foods may play a role.
perature of your car will climb to         Risk of hyperthyroidism is increased by 3–3.5 times depending on the
102˚ in 10 minutes, and to 120˚          type of cans, tin or pop-top. It seems that a chemical in the lining of the
in 20 minutes. At 107˚–108˚ a            cans called bisphenol-A-diglycidyl ether is the contributing factor. We’ll
dog can suffer irreparable brain         keep you posted as more studies emerge.
damage—or death.
   Do your part: Alert your                                            in memory of
friends and family of the dan-
gers of leaving animals in the
                                                                lynda pilger
car. Whenever you see a parked                              september 6, 1964 - may 27, 2004
car with animals (or children)
                                                      lynda was an administrative assistant in
inside, notify the management
                                                the anti-cruelty division at animal legal defense fund
inside the store. You could save                           and a dedicated animal activist.
a life.

Summer 2004                                                                                                            7
                                                                                                      NON-PROFIT ORG.
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Indigo Rescue                                                                                          PERMIT NO. 470
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    Help End Animal

Fireworks can cause pets to panic
Keep pets inside and safe on the 4th of July
By Heather Hines

Everyone loves a good 4th of July party, but every year      available specifically for pets. I feed my dogs an herbal tab-
we learn that too many people haven’t thought through        let in a small wedge of cheese and they rest blissfully during
what this summer fun does to our dogs and cats and           fireworks, waking just long enough to adjust to a different
their nerves. Did you know the day after the 4th of          position and drift away again. Another option is a Bach
July is the highest stray dog intake day at our shelters?    Flower Remedy—called Rescue Remedy or Rock Rose—
Countless frantic family dogs, left alone while everyone     for terrified animals. A few drops in your pet’s mouth can
is enjoying fireworks, escape their yards, run panicked       ease panic and fear without sedating them.
into the streets. Each firecracker BANG! sends them into
an even more frantic and confused state, often causing          You can also help by telling others who may not have
them to run miles from their homes. Of course, not all       thought about protecting their pets on the 4th of July and
pets react to fireworks this way, but it’s important to put   by hanging a notice at work or in other public places. If
your pets in a safe indoor environment on the Fourth,        you’re going to be shooting off fireworks yourself, remem-
and keep an eye on their behavior in the weeks prior as      ber to be conscientious about where you are causing all
the festivities are getting under way.                       that ruckus. The sound and smoke is very disconcerting
                                                             to all animals, even our wild friends—and they were here
  If you feel your animal is feeling panicked, consider      first. Remember, sharing your knowledge can prevent an-
mild sedation. There are many calming herbal formulas        other tragedy.

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