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					‘BIBLE ALIVE’ for January is available in the narthex - £1.95

‘CATHOLIC COMPANION’, reading for the whole family. The January                                              Franciscan
edition is on sale in the narthex for £1.                                                                    Church of St. Francis of Assisi
                                                                                                        277 Sandygate Road, Sheffield S10 5SD
The Official DVD OF THE PAPAL VISIT 2010 is now available for £9.99                                           Telephone 0114 263 0383
plus £2 postage. However, if we order 5 copies, we can get a discount                                      Email:
and free postage. If you would like a copy, please sign your name on the                                Website:
list which is pinned to the notice board in the narthex.                                                     Registered Charity No 512021
                                                                                                            Parish Priest: Fr Kevin Thornton
FATHER FRANCIS MPANGA from Uganda has finished his studies and
                                                                                                              YEAR A - PSALTER WEEK 3
his Bishop has appointed him as Diocesan Director of the Catechists,
Director of Pope John Paul II Pastoral Centre and also as The Diocesan                                       THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD
Religious Advisor. He sends you all his greetings.

Did you know that you can receive the FRANCISCAN by e-mail by              Sunday        9th      9:00 am    (Private Intention [MW])
joining our Yahoo Group. To join, send a blank e-mail to stfrancis-                              11:00 am    (People of the Parish)                                       Monday    10th        10:00 am    (Pauline Sermin)
                                                                           Tuesday   11th         7:30 pm    (John Robinson’s Intentions)
'A TENDER LOVE' is a book by Fr Michael Killeen. It is an account of
his life as a priest for 64 years. The book is available from the Hallam   Wednesday 12th        10.00 am    Highbury Convent St. Aelred of
Pastoral Centre for £6 including postage. Contact Matthew Bray                                               Rievaulx (KG) Any profit will go to CAFOD.                     Thursday     13th     10:00 am    (Mattie Doherty)
                                                                           Friday       14th     10:00 am    (Pat James)
CAFOD are looking for a NEW DIOCESAN OFFICER for our Diocese.                                       2-7pm    Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
This a part-time post (21 hours per week) based at St William of York,     Saturday     15th   11:15-11:45   Sacrament of Reconciliation
Ecclesall Road. More details and an application pack can be obtained
from The closing date is 4th February 2011.                                12 noon   (For peace)

REFLECTION         Baptism                                                 Today, the SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF UNBORN
                                                                           CHILDREN [SPUC] will be holding its annual appeal. In common with
Baptism was not over and done with                                         the Catholic Church, SPUC defends and upholds the sanctity of human
the day we were taken to the font.                                         life from conception until natural death. The Society’s work covers a
We are baptised by all that happens to us in life.                         wide spectrum of issues. It seeks to protect unborn children from
We are baptised by hardship; in its turbulent waters                       abortion and defends the disabled, elderly and incapacitated from
we are purified of all that is false and useless.                          euthanasia and assisted suicide. SPUC also provides trained speakers
We are baptised by suffering: in its murky waters                          for schools and offers pro-life support for teachers, parents and medical
we grow in humility and compassion.                                        professionals. Please give generously as you leave Mass today.
We are baptised by joy; in its gurgling waters
we experience the goodness of life.                                        Next Sunday (16th) is a DAY OF PRAYER FOR PEACE.
We are baptised by love; in its singing waters
we blossom like flowers in the sun.                                        The Week of PRAYER FOR CHRISTIAN UNITY is January 18th to 25th.
Baptism is the planting of a seed.                                         The Unity Service will be held on Sunday 23rd January at 6.30pm at the
It will take a lifetime for this seed to grow and ripen.                   ‘Beacon of Hallam’ (previously Hallam Methodist Church).
A big “THANK YOU” from St Wilfrid’s Centre for the mound of tea,            You are invited to a retreat-workshop day entitled ‘CHRIST AND THE
coffee and sugar delivered there this week.                                 EARTH’ on Saturday 15th January, 10am to 4pm at Whirlow Grange
                                                                            Conference Centre, Ecclesall Road South. The day will include prayer
THANK YOU to everyone who very generously donated Christmas                 and contemplation, stories of innovative projects and a unique
presents for the young people at ROUNDABOUT - they were much                presentation about land and dispossession entitled ‘The Meek shall
appreciated.                                                                inherit the Earth’. It will be led by Rev Dr Chris Sunderland, founder of
                                                                            EarthAbbey, with Contemplative Fire and Ecocongregation. Cost £20
PLEASE PRAY for Alan, Alice Green, Alison, Antonia Martel, Audrey           including lunch. Bookings in advance please to
O’Halloran, Benjamin Lewis, Bill Donlon, Bill Hunt, Carol Anne Johnson,     stating your name and ‘Sheffield event’ or by phone on 0117 9574652.
David Skinner, Deirdre Turner, Derek Grist, Doris Collier, Ellen Dalton,    Payment may be made on the day.
Irene Bell, JD & ED, Jeanne Bliss, Jenny Rockett, Josef & Peggy
Vaughan, Kath, Kathleen, KC, Joanne & Emmeline Short, Joe Kelly,            RACHEL’S VINEYARD RETREAT from 14th to 16th January, in the Ilkley
Leonora, Malcolm Marsh, Margaret Higgins, Margaret Paget, Marion            area. If you or someone you love is hurting from an abortion, please
Green, Martha, Mary Frankland, ME, Mel, MH, NF, Paula, Pauline              contact Marene, or visit the web site
Bryant, Peter Hindmarsh, R Wilkinson, Rachel Grace, Robin Byrne,
Roger Kemp, Ruth McElroy, Ruth & John, Sheila Watson, Sue Mann,             ‘LITTLE FISHES’ - Praise and play for the under fives will be on Monday
TD, Traci Ahern and Vanessa who are sick, for Pauline Sermin, lately        17th January at 1.45pm. Meet in the Upper Room and then in the
dead and for all whose anniversaries occur about this time.                 Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

PLEASE PRAY for Bishop Michael Evans of the Diocese of East Anglia          FIRST COMMUNION AND RECONCILIATION. The first preparation
who has only a few weeks to live; for Fr. Jim Kennedy from our Diocese      session is on Wednesday 19th January at 6pm in the Upper Room.
who had a heart attack on Boxing Day - he is recovering well and will go    Parents are also requested to attend this meeting. If you haven’t yet
for convalescence shortly; for Fr. Michael Killeen who has cancer, but is   filled in an application form for this course, please contact Father Kevin
doing well; for Fr. Roy Pannell who is still not well; and for Fr. Antony   quickly and return the completed form as quickly as possible. Thank you.
Hayne who is in need of a serious break and will be away for 3 months.
                                                                            VISIT OF CHILEAN MINER. Jose Henriguez is to visit Victoria Hall
HOT TOPICS will begin again today after the 6pm Mass at St Vincent’s        (opposite the Crucible) at 8pm on Friday 28th January. Tickets can be
Church, Crookes.                                                            obtained from, or from reception at
 9th January: Ecumenism - “a road with no exit”? Dominic Baster            Victoria Hall. £5 suggested donations for Christians to go to the work of
 23rd January: Christ in the Blessed Sacrament - do we reverence           Mission in Chile (after expenses).
   Him enough? Fr. Thomas Crean OP
 6th February: The Virgin Mary - why all the fuss? Matthew Hazell          Regretfully, the GOODWILL CARD-MAKING GROUP has ceased
                                                                            making recycled religious Christmas Cards, due to the increased cost of
The series of talks on ‘OTHER FAITHS FROM A CHRISTIAN                       paper, envelopes and time (we have usually started in May). But we
PERSPECTIVE’ continues in the Cathedral Church of St. Marie. All the        would appreciate your (used) Easter, Birthday, Get Well and Sympathy
talks will be held in the Houlden Hall starting at 7:30pm. See the notice   Cards as before, for re-making. Thank you.
board for more details. The remaining talks are:
 12th January – Hinduism (postponed from 8th December)                     The HALLAM DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO LOURDES is from
 26th January - Agnosticism & Atheism                                      Saturday 25th June to Friday 1st July 2011. The cost is £605. Booking
 9th February - Judaism                                                    forms are available in the narthex.
 23rd February - Buddhism
                                                                            The APOSTLESHIP OF PRAYER Leaflets for January are on the trolley
 Date to be arranged - Sikhism                                             with the hymn and Mass books.

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