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4-H Flair


									                                                                                                                         Our Focus: S.A.F.E = Sensible Advice For Everyone!
                    Summer 2010 WINNERS

                                                                                                                                            4-H Flair
Regional Shooting Sports    State Shooting Sports    Northwest District & State Horse
Peyton Austin              Coty Bolyer                           Shows
Coty Bolyer                Kelby Cheatwood           Tanya Griffith
Cole Britt                 Cade Kelly                Miranda Robinette
Kelby Cheatwood            Luke Jinks
Madison Cheatwood          Jake Johnson              LA State, LSU and Southern Live-                                    Bienville Parish 4-H Newsletter ~ September 2011
Austin Coats               Tanner Madden
Brayden Dauer              Braz Mauthe                          stock Shows                September Dates:                               Name the Newsletter Contest
Morgan Dison               Ray Moss                  Brandon Barnett                          22th: 4-H Newsletter Title      The “4-H Flair” is GONE!!! You could name the next 4-H Newsletter! Sub-
Bruce Harp                 Ryan Moss                 Jameison Jeter                            Contest Due
                                                     Joeli Jeter                                                                mit your title by September 22 by e-mail, fax or mail. Winner will be an-
Luke Jinks                 Garrett Thrasher
                                                     Sarah McCoy                           October Dates:                            nounced at October Club Meeting and will receive a 4-H Prize!
Jake Johnson               Jacob Williams
                                                     Miranda Robinette                                                               Due: Sept 22      Criteria: 5 words or less Win a 4-H PRIZE!
Cade Kelly                                                                                    3-7: National 4-H Week
Tanner Madden                                        Carson Robinson
                              National Shooting
Turner Madden                      Sports
                                                     Sarah Warren                             7: Register Quiz Bowl Teams                        Louisiana State Fair
Emilee MaGee                                                                                   & Talent Show                              
                           Garrett Thrasher
Gabi MaGee                                                                                    17: Camp Catch Phrase Due                   The State Fair offers something for EVERYONE!
Braz Mauthe
Hunter Morris                                       S.A.F.E.                                  18: BB Gun Registration due            Every 4-H’er in our parish should participate in some way!
Ray Moss                   Nobody likes to think of himself or herself as a “wuss” or a        to Webster Parish 4-H                                         Due October 7:
Ryan Moss
Caleb Nolte                “sissy” but on the Internet, everyone is a potential victim -      20: Exhibits Due               Quiz Bowls : Form a team within your club and STUDY! This event is held
                                                                                                                              on October 29. You will get free tickets into the fair but you are responsi-
Bryan Robinette            no matter how tough you are in real life. Sometimes when           27–Nov 13: State Fair
Stephen Robinette                                                                                                             ble for transportation. (Livestock, Nutrition, Poultry)
Page Scallion              people are taken advantage of or embarrassed over the              29: State Fair Talent Show     Talent Show: Show off your Talents! This event is also held on the Octo-
Bailey Smith               Internet, they don't even know it!                                  and Quiz Bowls
                                                                                                                              ber 29. You will get free tickets into the fair but you are responsible for
Trey Thomas
                                                                                              30th: State Fair BB Gun        transportation. Pre-registration is required.
Garrett Thrasher
                                                                                               Shoot                          BB Gun: Can you shoot a BB Gun? Sign up for the State Fair Contest on
Madysen Watts
Walton Weaver
                               56% of students have personally witnessed                                                      November 5, cost is $5. Transportation is not provided.
                                                                                           November Dates:
Wyatt Weaver                        some type of bullying at school.                          5: BB Gun Contest
                                                                                                                                                            Due October 20:
Jacob Williams                                                                                                                Exhibits: You can enter exhibits in Arts & Crafts, Photography, Forestry,
                                                                                              9-11: AgMagic @ State Fair     Home Accessories, Clothing and Insects. Get a list of categories from
                                                                                                                              your 4-H Leader or visit the website above. Get them to the 4-H office by
                                                              Elizabeth Lynn                                                  the 20 and I will take them to Shreveport for you!
                                                             2710 Maple Street
                                                             Arcadia, LA 71001               For Livestock Exhibitor information, contact the 4-H Office.
        NATIONAL 4-H WEEK                                      318-263-7400                our_offices/parishes/Bienville/
          October 3-7, 2011                                 318-263-7427 (fax)                                                              Furr-H: Helping Our Furry Friends
                                                            318-957-2818 (cell)                                                                      Pet Food Drive
                                                                                               Every 4-H’er is challenged to donate fifty cents by their October
                                                                                                                                Club Meeting. I will bring a prize for all who have participated!
                         4-H Camp 2011 & 2012                                                                                      Summer 2011 Activities
Camp Catch Phrase Contest                                                                                 Awards Trip: PAINTBALL
                                                                                                          Our Awards Trip was beyond Awesome! We had a blast
What is a good theme for 4-H Summer Camp? Send me
                                                                                                          with paintball. Although I think next time we need just
your most creative ideas for a slogan (7 words or less)
                                                                                                          a tad more target practice. Thanks to the staff of Off-
with a design for the camp t-shirt. The winning slogan will                                               Limits Paintball for being a courteous host to our event!
be brief and catchy capturing the spirit of 4-H Camp Grant                                                Awards Trip Participants:
Walker. It will be used on all camp promotional materials and the t-shirt. State winners                  Tyrec Cockerham, Kennedy Davis, Holden Desadier,
                                                                                                          Jarrion Hampton, Mechiala Hampton, Kaitlyn Lee, Azita
will receive a cash prize from LAE4-HA and the parish winner will receive a 4-H prize
                                                                                                          Rivers, Katie Ross, Fidel Santos, Ieshia Thomas, Cary
from the Bienville Parish 4-H Foundation.
                                                                                                          Torres, Joey Voss, Elizabeth & Donnie Lynn

Entries should include: Full Name, 4-H Club, Mailing Address, Telephone #
                                                                                                                                                           4-H University
              Due to Bienville Parish 4-H Office: Monday, October 17, 2011.                                                                                4-H’ers invaded LSU Campus for a week
4-H Summer Camp: Step into fun at 4-H Camp                                                                                                                 of contests, learning and dancing!
Camp was a BLAST! It was just a tad hot, but we survived! This camp was very rewarding to all the adult                                                    2010 4-H University Participants:
volunteers, we truly have some amazing youth in Bienville Parish. Thanks to Mrs. Angela Merritt and                                                        Justin Griffith, Christian Graham, Danaleray Pepper,
Billie Lea who did more than the average volunteer since I was camp manager. I will never forget the                                                       Tanya Griffith, Sarah McCoy, Morgan Dison, Tameryal
phrase “Choot’em Liz!”                                                                                                                                     Pearson, Christianna Cottonham, Ryan Dillard, Gabi
2010 Campers: Josh Amato, JaMirakle Calep, Carly Chandler, Vashene Combs, Ramsey Cook, Shuntoria                                                           MaGee, Mechiala Hampton, Jimmitriv Roberson
Cox, Amber Davis, Holden Desadier,                                                                                                                         Adults Attending: Valeria Maxey, Darrell Johnson,
Makayla Garza, LaMya Harris, Zatoria                                                                                                                       Elizabeth Lynn
Harris, Donovon Haulcy, Kameron                                                                                     Jurors Empowering Teens
Heggar, Orlando Hill, Taleba Hull, Ra-                                                                                    Class of 2011
leigh Johnson, Brittney Lea, Kaitlyn
                                                                                                          You’re Hired! JET employed 13 teens for the month of July.
Lee, Jekyron Roberson, Katie Ross,
                                                                                                          They learned about money, working, and exploring future
Fidel Santos, Shelbi Simpson, Breanna
                                                                                                          careers. JET employees not only learned & got paid, but had
Temple, Deanna Thompson, Aileecia
                                                                                                          fun and made life-long friendships.
Tipton, Dawsson Tipton, Trinity Walk-
                                                                                                           2010 JET Employees: Victoria Coleman, Zachary Moss, Jer-
er, Noelle Warren, MaKeibra Watkins
                                                                                                          emy Mason, Timekia Willis, La’Davoree Love, Andrew
Camp Counselors: Morgan Dison,
                                                                                                          McIntyre, LaDerrien Jackson, Melvin Nevels, Gabi MaGee,
Shane Durbin, Gabi MaGee, Sarah
                                                                                                          Alexia Hamilton, Telvon Anderson, Leuntez Drew and Sep-
McCoy, Danaleray Pepper
                                                                                                          tembria Martin.
Adults Attending: Angela Merritt, Bil-
lie Lea, Elizabeth Lynn

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