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					Where can I go to purchase                          How much will my visit cost?
herbal recommendations?                             The fee for the initial appointment is $55, and
You are welcome to purchase your herbs              subsequent visits are $40. Payment is expected
and supplements at the Tai Sophia Institute’s       at the time of your visit, and is made directly to
Herbal Dispensary located on campus and             your student practitioner by check or cash. The
open Monday through Friday. Please allow            cost of an herbal consultation does not include
15 to 20 minutes for Dispensary staff to            herbs.You may choose to buy herbs separately
prepare your formula(s).You may reach the           at the end of the consultation.
Herbal Dispensary at 410-888-9048 ext 6676.
You may purchase recommended herbs and              What is your cancellation
supplements in a variety of locations.              policy?
                                                    We understand that you may need to
Scheduling an appointment                           reschedule or cancel your appointment due to
You are welcome to schedule an appointment          changes in your schedule. In order to avoid a
with a student practitioner in a Faculty-           fee, please contact your student practitioner
Supervised Student Clinic.You will receive          directly no later than 24 hours prior to your
compassionate, relationship-centered care           scheduled appointment.                                Faculty-Supervised
that is professional and holistic in nature.
Most clients report good outcomes and enjoy         Other services in the Faculty-                          Student Clinic
being tended by our student practitioners. The
Faculty-Supervised Student Clinic offers herbal
consultations weekly when school is in session
                                                    Supervised Student Clinic
                                                    Acupuncture treatment is also offered in the                 Herbal
                                                    Faculty-Supervised Student Clinics. For more
at our Laurel clinic. Occasionally clinics are
held in the Baltimore and Silver Spring clinics.
                                                    information, visit our web site at             Medicine
To schedule an appointment, you may contact
one of our student practitioners directly. If you
do not yet have a specific practitioner, you
may call the Tai Sophia Student Herb Clinic                                                              Laurel Clinic at Tai Sophia Campus
at 410-888-9048 ext. 6667. Leave your name,                                                                        7750 Montpelier Road
phone number, and a good time to reach you.                                                                          Laurel, MD 20723
A student practitioner will return your call                                                                      410-888-9048 ext. 6667
promptly to schedule your appointment.                                                                           (services also available in
                                                                                                               Silver Spring and Baltimore)
Faculty-Supervised Student Clinic
Herbal Medicine
Laurel Clinic at Tai Sophia Campus
7750 Montpelier Road
Laurel, MD 20723
410-888-9048 ext. 6667

Clinics are offered less frequently in our Silver
                                                                7750 Montpelier Road
Spring and Baltimore locations. Please ask your
                                                                  Laurel, MD 20723
practitioner for directions and availability of
these clinics.
Tai Sophia Institute                               Online or retail store purchases by the general      treating symptoms by replacing a pharmaceutical
As a leader in the wellness community, Tai         public accounts for the majority of herbal           medication with an herbal one, you will
Sophia Institute is dedicated to the service       use in the U.S. today. Consumers are often           work with our student herbalists to address
of individuals learning how to better care for     unclear as to which herbal products will best        underlying issues that are impacting your health.
themselves and each other in the course of         suit their individual needs and are looking for      In addition to recommending individualized
life’s journey. We are committed to enriching      further guidance. Trained herbal practitioners,      herbal formulas and supplements that are safe,
the art of living and dying through learning       knowledgeable from both the traditional              appropriate and correctly dosed, herbalists
from nature and the traditions of ancient          and modern perspective, can provide this             can also check for possible interactions
wisdom. Our services and diverse programs          service. The contemporary herbalist offers           with medications and/or other supplements.
are evidence of our vision to build a wellness     individually formulated combinations of herbs        Our student practitioners will also help you
community.                                         while teaching basic principles of self-care and     understand the limitations of herbal medicine
                                                   fostering a deeper connection with the natural       and provide referrals to appropriate licensed
Tai Sophia Institute has master’s degree
                                                   world.                                               practitioners when necessary.
programs in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and
applied healing arts. The Tai Sophia campus,
                                                   The role of an herbalist
located in Laurel, Maryland, just south of                                                              What happens during a
                                                   Herbalists focus on supporting and maintaining
Columbia, houses the area’s largest healing arts                                                        consultation in the Faculty-
                                                   health as opposed to fighting disease. Many
bookstore, a library, herbal dispensary,
                                                   herbalists believe that the strength of              Supervised Student Clinic?
meditation and herbal gardens, and a labyrinth.
                                                   botanicals lies in their capacity to support the     During your visit, two student practitioners will
We offer a variety of workshops and classes
                                                   body as it finds its healing path. In other words,   be in the room with you: your herbalist and an
with a focus on mind, body and spirit.
                                                   the focus of practice is not placed on herbs         observer.Your first visit will take approximately
                                                   “fixing” you, but rather on nurturing your           90-120 minutes, while follow-up visits are
Herbal medicine
                                                   intrinsic capacity for healing.                      generally 45-60 minutes.
Herbs have been the foundation of healing
systems around the world for thousands of          Our student herbalists are trained to provide        Your herbalist will gather information about
years. Traditional peoples from all cultures and   personalized herbal formulas as well as              your present state of health and your health
continents, relying on the resources available     lifestyle and dietary recommendations during         history and will also review lifestyle factors
locally, have used plants to help promote          your consultation. A large part of your work         such as diet and exercise. During this time
spiritual, emotional and physical health.          together will focus on learning to listen and        you will have the opportunity to set goals
Although the scientific study of these plants is   respond to your body’s signals. This emphasis        for wellness. Our clinical supervisors, who
relatively new, centuries of empirical evidence    on self-care encourages you to develop a deep        are faculty members with years of clinical
provides a deep bed of knowledge that shapes       connection with your body. As you become             experience, will meet with you briefly and
the study and use of plant medicines today.        more attuned to your body’s signals, and better      work closely with your student practitioner
                                                   practiced in responding to them, office visits       to determine a multi-faceted plan to help you
There are many ancient and highly developed
                                                   will become less frequent.                           reach optimal health.
systems of herbal medicine that serve as the
foundation for modern herbal practice. Some        Since herbs are readily available in a variety of
                                                                                                        What will I need to bring with
of the most common traditional systems             places, many clients wonder why they should see
include Ayurveda from India, the Unani-Tibb        an herbalist. Working with a practitioner who        me for my first visit?
                                                   will take the time not only to discuss               Please bring your New Client Questionnaire
system of the Middle East, the Greco–Roman
                                                   your current issue, but also to look at the          if you haven’t already provided it to your
tradition and the Chinese herbal medicine
                                                   ‘big picture’ allows you to experience a truly       practitioner. Please also bring a list of all
tradition. North American herbal traditions
                                                   holistic approach to health promotion, one that      medications and supplements you are taking as
include both American Indian practices as well
                                                   recognizes the importance of physical, emotional,    well as well as copies of any recent lab reports.
as homegrown medical movements of the
1800s and early 1900s.                             social and spiritual health. Rather than simply

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