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					                                                  Schaefer Center
                                                  for Public Policy
                                                                                                                                      Vol 1, Issue 4, Winter 2008

Lilly Endowment Inc., Awards Center 500K Grant
Schaefer Center to conduct two-year Faith and Organizations study

              he Schaefer Center for Public       The need for materials reflecting their              with different kinds of relationships to
              Policy has been awarded a           specific theology, culture and practice              the founding religion for each faith.
              two-year, $500,000 research         was raised by faith community leaders                Phase two will involve an expansion
              grant from the Indianapolis-        during the pilot project. They also                  of the project to between six and nine
based Lilly Endowment Inc., to provide            voiced concern that federal government               additional organizations per faith for
a comprehensive study of stewardship              policy reflected strategies appropriate              less intensive research and testing of a
of faith-based organizations. The study           for some denominations, but not all.                 self-assessment instrument.
entitled, Maintaining Vital Connections           The current study intends to generate a
Between Faith Communities and their               wider understanding of ways that faith is            Schaefer Center director, Ann Cotten,
Organizations, will explore the guidance          made manifest as nonprofit activity and              commented about the possibilities offered
and oversight of faith based organizations        the most appropriate strategies each faith           by this new avenue of research for the
by their founding religious bodies and            community could use to maintain the faith            center. “This is a wonderful opportunity
provide concrete products specific both           base for their organizations.                        for the center to continue to build on
to that religion, as well as more general                                                              our work in the nonprofit sector and
theologically grounded materials to               The project will compare stewardship                 contribute to the understanding and
enhance those connections. The project            among Catholics, Jews, several mainline              management of this important segment
will provide concrete guidance in the form        Protestant and Evangelical denominations,            of the community.”
of a series of practical tools that can be used   Quakers, and the African American
                                                  church. Research questions will explore:             The Faith and Organizations study is
by religious leaders, people responsible for
                                                                                                       scheduled to begin January 2007,
stewardship of faith based organizations
                                                  • How do faith communities understand                and will be conducted in the Mid-
and faith based organization executives.
                                                  their practical theology, regarding                  Atlantic region, with sites ranging from
                                                  work in the world, and how does that                 Philadelphia through Northern Virginia.
Leading the project will be Schaefer Center
                                                  practical theology play out in stewardship           Significant portions of the research will
Research Associate Jo Anne Schneider.
                                                  organizations?                                       take place in or around Philadelphia,
Schneider completed a pilot study in
                                                                                                       Wilmington, Baltimore and the
2004-2006 and, as principal investigator          • How does stewardship differ among the
for the project, is looking forward to the                                                             Washington DC metropolitan area.
                                                  various branches of Christianity (mainline
opportunity to further extend her research.                                                            The expansion phase of the project will
                                                  Protestants, Evangelicals, Peace Churches,
“The project came out of the concerns                                                                  also include Texas and the Midwest.
                                                  Catholics, African American churches) and
of religious and faith-based organization         Jews?
leaders and we look forward to working
                                                  • What strategies can a faith community                   In this issue
with faith communities in this project.”
                                                  use to address concerns regarding the faith
                                                                                                            Lilly Endowment Grant                1
                                                  base in organizations under its care or
                                                  affiliated with that religion?                            2007 AIM Conference                  2
                                                                                                            Policy Choices Survey                3
                                                  The project will consist of two phases.
                                                  Phase one will develop a comprehensive                    Staff & Faculty News                 3
                                                  understanding of how each selected faith                  Weinberg Fellows Graduation 4
                                                  community envisions and operationalizes
                                                                                                            About the Center                     4
                                                  stewardship, including a comparison of
                                                  stewardship practices for six organizations

                                                                           Schaefer Center for Public Policy Winter 2008 Newsletter                      |1
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Fellows Program
Announces 2007 AIM for Excellence Award
Fuel Fund takes top honors

            he Harry and Jeanette                        successfully utilized the knowledge and
            Weinberg Fellows Program                     expertise they gained from the program
            named the Fuel Fund of                       to implement positive change within
            Central Maryland the winner                  their organizations. The Students
of its annual AIM for Excellence Award,                  Sharing Coalition expanded the role
during its annual AIM for Excellence                     of network partners and its number
conference, held at the Tremont Grand                    of volunteers to increase the outreach
Conference Center.                                       of its Halloween for Hunger program.
                                                         The Maryland Mentoring Partnership
The AIM for Excellence conference                        applied key concepts and knowledge         Keynote Speaker, Randal Pinkett.
culminates with the announcement of                      from the program in its executive
the AIM for Excellence Award. The                                               director transition Executive Director, Generations
2007 winner, the                                                                process.            United. The sessions focused primarily
Fuel Fund of Central              “
                                I am grateful for the                                               on intergenerational differences
                                                                                                    between board members, staff and
Maryland, received                                                The conference’s
an unrestricted              vision of the trustees at            keynote speaker,                  volunteers. The conference closed
grant for $20,000 in         the foundation for de-               Dr. Randal                        with a well-attended resource fair and
honor of its executive                                            Pinkett, winner                   networking event. “This has been a
director, Mary Ellen
                              veloping this effective             of NBC’s hit                      terrific opportunity to celebrate the
Vanni, for results          program and the award,                reality show The                  accomplishments of our AIM Awardees
achieved through            which will be a tremen-               Apprentice, gave                  and expand Fellows’ knowledge
the organization’s                                                an entertaining                   about intergenerational engagement,”
collaboration with            dous help in fulfilling             and informative                   commented, Schaefer Center Director
BG&E and city-based                 our mission                 .”presentation, A                   and Weinberg Fellows Program
                                                                                                    Director, Ann Cotten. “The addition
community outreach                                                Tale of Two Sectors:
agencies. The project                                             Perspectives on                   of Weinberg Fellows’ board members
allows people in need of Fuel Fund          Nonprofit Capacity Building from a For-                 and staff members has allowed the
assistance to apply for aid through a       Profit Social Entrepreneur. Following                   program to further enhance the
variety of social service providers. A      his keynote address, Pinkett led an                     Fellows’ organizations.”
Web-based application, developed and        interactive breakout session, Using
maintained by Constellation Energy,         Technology to Build Communities.                        Managed by UB’s Schaefer Center
lets applicants know immediately if they    Fellows broke into teams and were then                  for Public Policy, The Harry and
are eligible for fuel payment assistance;   given a case study to work through,                     Jeanette Weinberg Fellows Program
those who are eligible receive immediate    “hearing the different case studies                     is a leadership development program
assistance with BG&E payments.              allowed me to understand some of                        for executive directors of agencies
                                            the technology challenges in our                        serving disadvantaged residents of the
“The Weinberg Fellowship Program            community,” commented                                   Baltimore metropolitan area.
challenges executive directors to be        several of the
more collaborative, efficient and           participants.
productive,” Vanni said in accepting
the award. “I am grateful for the vision    Breakout sessions
of the trustees at the foundation for       continued
developing this effective program and       throughout the
the award which will be a tremendous        day and were led
help in fulfilling our mission.”            by experienced
Other AIM winners for 2007 were,            speakers: Dr.
the Students Sharing Coalition and          Berit Lakey, of
the Maryland Mentoring Partnership;         Board Source,
each received an unrestricted grant for     Michele Wolff,
$10,000 in honor of their executive         Director, Shriver
directors, Linda Federico Kohler            Center, UMBC,
and Linda Stewart. Both agencies            and Donna Butts, Above l-r: Larry Walton, James Calvin, Linda Kohler, Mary Ellen Vanni, Linda Stewart, Ted Gross.

|2        Schaefer Center for Public Policy Winter 2008 Newsletter
Faculty and Staff News                                                              2008 Maryland Policy
                                                                                        Choices Released
Mary Lovegrove, assistant director, joined the                                     The Schaefer Center for Public
center in 2003 after working as a center con-                                      Policy released the annual Policy
sultant and accountant for several years. She is                                   Choices Survey for 2008. The
an attorney and the principal legal researcher                                     survey is a representative tele-
for the National Obesity Report Card. In this                                      phone survey of eight hundred
role Lovegrove is responsible for the analysis of                                  Maryland adults, conducted
enacted, as well as proposed, legislation in de-
                                                                                   November 27, 2007 through
termining the overall grade given to each state.
                                                                                   January 3, 2008, which assesses
                                                                                   Marylander’s opinions on a wide
Lovegrove oversees the day-to-day legal and
contractual obligations of the center. She is
                                                                                   range of policy-related issues.
the coordinator for The Harry and Jeanette
Weinberg Fellows Program, and is responsible                                       This year, in a reversal of last year’s
for the organization and logistics involved in                                     opinion survey, public education
the successful operation of activities and live-in                                 slipped from the top priority facing
retreats attended by the Weinberg Fellows.                                         the state legislature. Instead, taxes
                                                                                   and the state budget were seen as
                                                                                   the most important issues facing
                                                                                   the state legislature this year.
Ed Gibson, an assistant professor specializing
in public finance, joined the School of Public                                     Respondents were asked to rate the
Affairs in Fall 2007. In addition to teaching                                      importance of a randomized list
courses in budgeting, finance, and organiza-                                       of priorities by program area for
tion theory, Gibson contributed a series of                                        the State of Maryland. Controlling
questions on energy and the environment to                                         crime (82%), improving public
the Schaefer Center’s statewide survey, Policy                                     education (72%), and develop-
Choices 2008. He plans to incorporate the                                          ing and keeping jobs (71%) were
survey results into research on how con-                                           deemed “very important” priorities
cerns over global warming are impacting the                                        by a vast majority of respondents.
environmental community’s views on nuclear
power. Gibson is also researching the recent                                       According to Ann Cotten., Direc-
effects of federal privatization initiatives on                                    tor of the Schaefer Center, the
the civil service’s management capacity. Other                                     results of this year’s survey reflect
projects involve performance management                                            a sense of increased pessimism
and social insurance policymaking.                                                 among the respondents about
                                                                                   Maryland’s economy and their
                                                                                   personal economic situation. Forty-
                                                                                   five percent of the respondents
Jo Anne Schneider, research associate, joined the
                                                                                   think Maryland’s economy will get
center in 2007. Schneider has extensive experi-
                                                                                   worse during the next year. This is
ence as an urban anthropologist. Her primary
                                                                                   more than double the percentage of
area of expertise involves the relationship among
government, nonprofits, faith communities and                                      respondents who were pessimistic
local communities in supporting communities,                                       about the economy in 2006 (20%)
developing and implementing policies.                                              and 2005 (18%). Only one quarter
                                                                                   of the respondents think their
Schneider will be directing the national, inter-                                   personal economic situation will
disciplinary project on faith based organiza-                                      improve over the next year, down
tions, Maintaining Vital Connections Between                                       from 34% as reported in last year’s
Faith and Communities and their Organizations,                                     survey.
which explores the dynamic between founding
communities and the nonprofits they create to                                      A full copy of Maryland Policy
provide education, social services, healthcare,                                    Choices: 2008 is available on the
senior services and community development.                                         Schaefer Center’s website at

                                                     Schaefer Center for Public Policy Winter 2008 Newsletter                |3
2007 Weinberg                                                                                                         Schaefer Center
Fellows Graduation

T        he 2007 Weinberg Fellows
         graduated from the program
         on October 19, 2007. The
graduation ceremony took place on
the last day of the Fellows’ fourth re-
                                                                                                                    P. Ann Cotten, D.P.A., C.P.A.

                                                                                                                    Mary E.W. Lovegrove, J.D., M.B.A.
                                                                                                                    Assistant Director
treat of the year, at Turf Valley Resort              2007 Weinberg Graduates: l-r: Khalilah Harris, Salliann
                                                      Alborn, Joyce Smith, Virginia Knowlton, Steve Vassor, Kate
and Conference Center in Ellicott City.               Farinholt, Carolyn Ames, Debra Langseth, Dale Meyer,          Diane M. Aull
                                                      Lena Frankiln, Sheila Helgerson, Shelly Terranova, Margaret
The Weinberg Fellows Program, which                   Footner, Alfreda Robinson-Dawkins, Bonnie Bessor, Kathleen    Grants and Budget Administrator
is coordinated by the University of                   Weiss, Lesley Smith.

Baltimore’s Schaefer Center for Public                                                                              Pamela A. Bishop
Policy, consists of a year-long profes-               About the Center                                              Business Services Specialist

sional development program designed
to enhance leadership skills and pro-                          he mission of the Schaefer                           James Bradley, M.S., B.S.E.E.
mote collaboration among the region’s                          Center is to serve the public                        Senior Systems Analyst
non-profit organizations.                                      and nonprofit sectors of the
                                                      Baltimore metropolitan area and the                           John Callahan, Ph.D.
The group of 17 executive directors                   state of Maryland by conducting                               Senior Research Associate
from agencies that serve disadvantaged                program evaluations, performing policy
                                                      analysis, facilitating strategic planning,                    Thomas A. Darling, Ph.D.
residents in the Baltimore metropoli-
tan area was selected for the program                 providing management training                                 Research Associate
through a competitive process. The                    programs, and engaging in public
                                                                                                                    Kimberly Hall
members of the 2007 Weinberg                          opinion research. In all of its endeavors,
                                                                                                                    Program Administrative Specialist
Fellows include Salliann Alborn                       the emphasis of the Schaefer Center is
of Community Health Integrated                        on applying the knowledge and skills                          Don Haynes, Ph.D.
Partnership, Inc.; Carolyn C. Ames of                 of the University community to real-                          Director of Survey Reaearch
Community Housing Associates, Inc.;                   world issues and producing high-quality,
Bonnie Bessor, Rebuilding Together                    objective, tangible and useable results.                      Lenneal Henderson, Ph.D.
Baltimore; Kathryn Spencer Farinholt,                                                                               Senior Research Associate
                                                      The center’s services include:
NAMI-Metropolitan Baltimore; Mar-
                                                      • Strategic planning                                          Alan Lyles, Ph.D.
garet Footner, Creative Alliance; Lena
                                                      • Performance measurement                                     Senior Research Associate
M. Franklin, Recovery in Community,
                                                      • Program evaluation
Inc.; Khalilah Harris, The Baltimore                                                                                Daniel Martin, Ph.D.
                                                      • Staffing analysis
Freedom Academy Foundation, Inc.;
                                                      • Phone, mail and web surveys                                 Research Associate
Sheila Helgerson, United Ministries,
                                                      • Focus group moderation
Inc.; Virginia Knowlton, Maryland                                                                                   Dennis McGrath, Ph.D.
                                                      • Policy analysis
Disability Law Center; Debra Langs-                                                                                 Research Associate
eth, Spectrum Support, Inc.; Dale Ei-
leen Meyer, People Encouraging Peo-                   Contracting the                                               William Wells
ple, Inc.; Alfreda Robinson-Dawkins,
National Women’s Prison Project, Inc.;                Center                                                        Survey Lab Manager

Lesley Anne Smith, Washington Vil-                    There are two ways to contract with the                       John Willis, J.D.
lage/Pigtown Neighborhood Planning                    center:                                                       Research Associate
Council; Joyce C. Smith, Operation
                                                      • For program evaluation, survey                              Laura Wilson-Gentry, D.P.A.
ReachOut SouthWest; Shelly Terrano-
                                                      research and general policy analysis,                         Director of Program Evaluation
va, Junior League of Baltimore; Steve
Vassor, Hampden Family Center; and                    state agencies can secure the center’s
                                                      services via an Interagency Agreement.                         Schaefer Center for Public Policy
Kathleen O’Donnell Weiss, BioTechni-
                                                                                                                         University of Baltimore
cal Institute of Maryland, Inc.                       • The center also responds to                                         1304 St. Paul St.
                                                      competitive solicitations.                                          Baltimore, MD 21202

|4       Schaefer Center for Public Policy Winter 2008 Newsletter

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