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									                                     The Daily Democrat

                                     THE EVENTS OF 1892.

1 —Loronzo Miller, of Grafton, buried; Miss Emma Reddish, of Fieldon, buried; Mad dog owned
by Zed Reddish, Jr., shot; Charles Kamp died;
4th--Jan Taylor lost his house by fire; Athletic club organized in Jerseyville; W. Massey and C.
McF in dissolved partnership;
5th—West Side Savings Association organized;
8th—Louis Seffert, of East Newbern, died;
10th—Twelve pound boy born to Z. Reddish;
11th—John M. Finney, died near Kane;
12th—Edith, daughter of J. W. Simmons died; Sebastian F????, died at Elsah;
13th—Rowland H. H???, died near Kane; D???? Surrat, died at Fidelity;
14th—boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Newton Wade; Mrs. Adelia V. Mershon, died; Mrs. Joseph
Sch????????, died;
16th—Grand masquerade carnival;
17th—Myra Wedding, daughter of Barclay Wedding, died; Robt. Green broke his arm;
18th—Julia Nestler died; Margaret H. Alford, died; Mrs. Kallal died;
19th—Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Zed Reddish, Jr.;
20th—Second call ???????? Rev. J. J. Porter, accepted;
21st –Infant daughter of Mrs. Will Fitzgerald, died; Harry Smith married;
22nd—Mrs. Elizabeth Armstrong, died; Joseph B. Schroeder, died;
25th—Isaac H. Combs died;
27th—Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seagraves;
28th—George Stack and Miss Lena Bayer, married;
30th—Frank Carey and Miss Ella Flannigan, married.

1—Max Beatty, moved to New Mexico; Mr. Addison Greene, of Newbern, died; Mrs. Hilton
3rd—Reception given by Mrs. J. E. Cory and Mrs. Geo. Ely; George Simpson broke his arm in two
4th—David E. Beatty, celebrated his 50th anniversary;
5th—Miss T????? died;
5th—Twins born to Mr. and Mrs. Alex Chappel Mrs. Abigail Mason died;
7th—Mrs. Jane Shanks died; Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Case, died;
10th—Albert Hudspeth and Miss Rebecca E. Elliott married; Miss Eva M. Atchison died;
12th—Miss Catherine K. Wyckoff died;
13th—Mrs. T. Hubbard died;
14th—Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Johnson;
15th—Child of Wm. Journey died;
16th—Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Du Hadway; Henry Biermann and Miss Christina Bu?????,
17th—Royal Birkenmeyer and Miss Lizzie T. Rich married; Wm. Clark and Miss Mattie Updike
married; Wm. F. Ca????, died at Elsah;
18th—Babe born to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McGrath;
20th—Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Newton; Joseph Michael and Miss Lucy Reverdale,
21st—John Woolsey accidentally shot through the leg; Fred Calhoun and Miss Annie R. Howard
22nd—Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Viche Cope;
23rd—Wm. Gentry and Miss Della Adams were married;
24th—W. R. Dodge and Miss Ida McCollister married;
25th—Joseph J. Peters and Miss Ida M. Pollard married; Joshua Sweeney and Miss Mary Ball
29th—Mr. James Fleming died.

2 —Oscar L. Hill and Miss Lulu Kingore married;
3rd—Martin Black and Miss Sadona A. Bock married;
4th—Miss Julia Miller cut her hand severely; Miss Ollie Thoroman died;
5th—Mr. August Berger died; Thos Barnett and Miss Hannah Hall were married;
6th—Child of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Leux buried; Clinton Jones and Miss Anna Wallace married.
7th—Herbert Lamb and Miss Lella Post married;
9th—Dr. Estabrooke severely injured about the head;
10th—J. J. Day and Miss Sarah Gentry married;
11th—Mrs. Catherine C. English died; Mr. Wm. Boner died;
14th—Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nutt;
15th—R. N. Perrings and Miss Mary M. Compton married; Judson H. Adams and Miss Bettie B.
Glass married;
16th—Lewis Henger and Miss Agusta Deusdelhorst were married;
18th—17 new members taken into the Baptist church;
20th—Lucinda Russel died; Mrs. Jennie Hurd Holmes died;
23rd—Great mad dog scare;
27th—Mrs. Burton injured her shoulder; Mr. Edwin Chetworthy;
28th—Miss Myra Robinson died;
30th—Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Porter; Mrs. Dora A. Powell died.

2 —Leo Lehmkuhl shot a toe off;
3rd—Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M????ch;
4th—Samuel B. Clapp died;
5th—Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Nichols; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Lahey;
6th—Leslie Baxter and Miss Ida Heiderscheid married;
9th—Terrible storm in Greenfield township;
10th—William Wallace broke both bones of the left arm;
11th—Child of Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman died;
12th—Mrs. Jennie R. Carlin died;
13th—Wm. Miller died; John Schroder injured his hand;
14th—Charlie Williamson died; Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carroll;
15th—Goldmedal awarded to Miss Mamie Ashford; M?????? J. Richie, Jr., and Miss Elnora
Prough were married;
16th—Pete Butler’s child died; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Baker;
17th—Lighting struck the home of Mr. Vanarsdale, no ????? damage; Wm. Menard died;
19th—First time the new system of balloting took place in this city; Boy born to Sylvester
Hamilton, Otterville;
20th—Freddie Holden died; Mr. Isaac Herbert died; Court House dedicated at Carrollton;
21st—Mr. Robt. Breitweiser and Miss Lizzie Miller married; David Logan and Miss ??? Radcliff
22nd—Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. James Wh??en; Tony Brown and Miss Nora Gunterman were
married; Thos Sweeney died; Wm. Barringer and Ernestine Seyfort married at Springfield, Mo.;
23rd—Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ripley; J. H. Brandt and Miss Amelie C. S????, of Alton,
married; F??? Ely, of Fidelity, injured his foot with a pitchfork.
24th—Lightning struck Fidelity mill; Charles F. Clen???? and Miss Fannie F????meyer married.
28th—Charlie C. only son of Fred Jacobs died; Lawrence Nichol and Miss Florence Burley
married; Charles Schmidt and Miss Emma W?lke? married at Beardstown.
29th—Thomas Lyons, brakeman on C. & A., struck and seriously injured; Cl?????? makes ½ mile
in 1:11 ¾ .

1 —Jake Snow fires a target rifle and narrowly escapes striking Miss Atchison; Charles
Waggoner’s child died at Grafton; David Amos, 100 years old, four generations ???? table
during a dinner given to celebrated the event; Henry Schaaf died at his home in Fieldon; Girl
born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Adams.
2nd—Mrs. Trotter, of Medora, taken suddenly ill at prohibition meeting; Mrs. Eph. Chappell, Jr.
struck by lightning and died Friday.
3rd--???. little son of James Perrings, broke his arm; Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Handler;
4th—J. H. VanArsdale, an old resident of Greene county, died at Carrollton; Rev. I. C. Tyson
arrives from the Pacific coast; Louis Jacoby and Miss Lottie Kings?ton married in St. Louis.
7th—Joseph Carr, of Fieldon, 55 years old; Geo. W. Berth?elt and Miss Annie Smith married;
8th—John T. Anderson and Miss J????? married;
9th—Mrs. E. E. Howard’s house and entire contents at Otterville consumed by fire; Dick Powers’
horse ran away, throwing himself and sister out; Twins born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lowe;
10th—Geo. W. Show and Miss Fannie Smith married; Samuel Darlington died at McClusky;
11th—John N. Smith and Miss Anna L. Hedges married;
12th—Smoke stack electric light house blown down by severe wind storm; Mrs. Levi Piggott
died; Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. John B. Fry, at Mt. Sterling; Chas. A. Whyte and Miss
Marion L. Atlee married; High School graduating exercises; Thuddens Patton and Miss Mary A.
Marshaw married; Eugene Rupert and Miss Blanche Allemang married;
13th—John Dunphy, Jr., died; H. S. Alumni banquet; Little son of Alf Scroggins fell and broke
both bones of forearm;
15th—Greatest flood since 1844, millions of dollars worth of property destroyed and families
rendered homeless; Walter Osborn, of Fidelity, attempts suicide;
16th—Mrs. Mary Timmons, mother of N. B. Timmons, died at Alton; Mrs. Barbara Mann died;
17th—Albert Boelker and Miss Elizabeth Lentz married;
18th—John Durney and Miss Maria Cuddahee married; Six victims of the flood found in the
bottoms opposite Alton; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Freeman celebrate their wooden wedding; Thos
Aydelott and Miss Bessie Cross married; Miss Minnie Bly married;
19th—John Orny died;
21st—Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Brown celebrate their golden wedding; Lew Andrews caught the
largest cat fish ever taken from the Illinois river – 150lbs;
22nd—David McReynolds and Miss Emma G. Ford married; Girl born to Dr. and Mrs. Barry at
22nd—Boy born Mr. and Mrs. John Bray; Girl born Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hamilton, Chicago;
24th—Mrs. Christine Drexlions declared insane;
25th—One hundredth anniversary of the missionary sermon celebrated at the Baptist church;
Reunion of the Ke????? Family at Alton.
26th—Lowe Post, A. R.; Otto Hand and Miss Clara Kennedy were married at St. Louis;
27th—Wellington, Ms. visited by a terrific cyclone; Son of B. S. Hood wrecked;
28th—Cyclone visited Jersey county doing considerable damage;
29th—Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Austin Leigh; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Miller;
30th—Lowe Post raised $30 for flood sufferers; Henry Whyte receives more shock from
lightning; Memorial Day elaborate exercises at Presbyterian Church;
31st—Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Baker died; Mrs. Noyes died at Carlinville.

1st—Mrs. Addie E. M?rrill died; Bluff Line reorganized; Quite a number of Jersey County farmers
lose all by the floods in the Illinois bottoms;
2nd—Loss of property between St. Louis and New Orleans, $50,000,000; $400 subscrib?? for the
flood sufferers; Laurence E??? married at Alton;
3rd—Joseph E. Hugh and Miss Henrietta Harmon married;
4th—Samuel Aultman of Elsah declared insane;
6th—Mrs. Mary Davenport dies;
7th—Oscar We??am and Liza ?????? married; Board of supervisors buy 5 acres additional for
poor house;
8th—H. S. Daniels elected by Kane society delegate in National Baptist Young People’s Union
held at Detroit;
9th—Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Head of Newbern;
10th—Mrs. Ann Duggan dies;
12th—J. E. Harrington died; ????? Stella had thumb sawed off; little son of Henry B???eister
died at Newbern; Mr. Giers, barber for Harris, shot three times by Ambrose ??lop at Carrollton;
13th—Dr. VanHorne leaves for Detroit, delegate for the Medical Association of the United
States; Lucy McGr???? graduates with high honors at the Chicago conservatory of music;
14th—Mrs. Catherine Kiely died;
15th—Jacob ????? died; Herman Brockman’s bakery ???? fire; Dan McFane overcome by
(missing); Gregg Smith sold out and goes in (missing); Baccalaureate sermon preached by Rev. J.
J. Porter at the Baptist church;
16th—John Hay’s infant child died at Grafton;
17th—Severe rain and wind storm, Mowing down trees ??? the derrick at the water works; Boy
born to Mr. and Mrs. T??cherst;
21st—Miss Eva Josephine Davis and W. ?. Flanders married at Lincoln, Neb.;
22nd—Cleveland nominated at Chicago on first ballot; Warehouse at Elsah caught fire;
25th—Leroy Medford and Miss Mary Schaaf married; Ruth, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. ?.
H??skins died;
26th—Mad dog scare at Grafton;
28th—Andrew Schattgen (missing) the butcher business at R????????; Wm. Connors and Miss
Josephine Cr????? married; W. H. Bertman and Miss Bertha C. Lambert married at Alton;
29th—Little son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henderson died; Horse owned by Frank Lowe killed by
lightning; Lightning struck stable of W. R. Allen at Grafton;
30th—Dr. H. D. Bull and Miss L???? Beardslee married; Hint Palmer killed by a rattlesnake.

1 —Misses Gertie Bohanan, Bertie Slaten, Gussie, Tessie and Nellie Wyckoff attend the C. E. at
New York; Charles Ross died at Delhi; Noble and Chappell buy out L. P. Squier; ????????? and
Brown form partnership;
2nd—Body of dead man found floating in the river at Elsah; Caroline Fitzgerald died.
3rd—James Gl??spin died; Mrs. B. Hood, Misses Elise Jackson and ????? Davis leave for Europe;
Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bezner;
4th—Thomas Searle’s while crossing C. & A. track had a serious accident; Grand celebration
parade and fireworks;
5th—Mrs. Molly Morgan is 92 years old; Michael Leach And Miss Mary W. Highfill married;
Oscar Bethel and Miss Laura E. Cart???? married;
6th—Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Amburg; Mr. and Mrs. LaMarsch celebrate their golden
wedding at Grafton;
7th—Mr. and Mrs. Chris Coop?? celebrate their golden wedding at Grafton; Seven car loads of
machinery put in car shops; Dr. DuHadway elected acting mayor; First car of new wheat
shipped by W. R. Carli?? Raised by Elmer Day; Board of health meets;
8th—Geo. McReynolds gets ?? bushels of wheat to the acre; Mr. Pete? Falls from hand car at
Lock Haven and loses his front teeth; E. A. Dodge badly stung by bees;
10th—Albert V. Hugh and Miss Josephine Kraushaar marries;
12th—J. S. Daniels died; Mrs. John Campion adjudged insane;
13th—???? Birkenmeyer struck by lightning while mowing; badly hurt;
14th—Sunday train put on the Bluff Line; Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. John Dunphy, Jr.;
15th—Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Spence Wyckoff died; Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. George
Orm ????; Yong boy working for Mr. Fiske crushed his hand in hay elevator;
16th--?? Haupt of Elsah slightly injured by discharge of a pistol;
17th—Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Powers; Wilson ???????? brother died at Central City,
19th—Elijah R. Legate and Miss De??? ?. Thomas married;
20th—John Gunterman died from sun stroke; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Trau???;
21st—Piasa Assembly opened; Pa??, Alto, the ?????? ??????? died; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. J.
R. Ha??kins; Dr. Sh???? performed operation on Jim Dolan’s toe; Mrs. Elizabeth Morris died at
St. Louis;
22nd—Mr. Turner builds a fine cottage at Notch Cliff; Wheat opens 25¢ lower than last year; W.
W. Post, 71 years, married at Carlinville;
23rd—Clarence West thrown from buggy and left arm broken;
25th—Miss Jeanette La?en died in Ark.; Large baptizing at Otterville;
26th—Louis Cole and Miss Hattie L. Ballard married; Tony Quinn’s little boy died; 27 th—Artesian
well repairs completed; Miss Maggie Post died; Mrs. Elizabeth Woodruff died; Irish potato vine
13 ft.--????? ???? long brought here by Mr. McC??ky; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Tony Quinn;
28th—New trace track under way;
29th—Colored camp meeting at ?????? grove; Mrs. Dan Collins died;
30th—Doug Erwin gets 29 bushels of wheat to the acre from 100 acres; J. J. Gerard buys Mrs.
Landon and Jesse Robard’s farms for $26,000;
31st—Miss J???? B????? builds a pretty cottage.

1st—John H. T???inson and Miss Lottie Dowdall married; Quarry Company at Grafton advances
wages; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Chappell;
2nd—Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry ?????????bend;
4th—Wm. M. Springman and Miss Emma E. Dabbs married;
5th—J. ?. ?????? met with accident at the elevator;
6th—Wm. M. Cuddahee died; Mrs. Harriett Darlington died;
7th—Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Barnett; St. Louis;
8th—Geo. F. Frank committed suicide; Wm. M. Jackson died at Boulder, Colo.;
10th—Newbern Pressed Brick Co. resumes operation;
12th—Farmer’s picnic;
14th--Rattlesnake 4 ½ feet long killed at the Assembly grounds;
15th—Capt. ??????, at Chicago, commences the new ????? ?????; Mrs. S. F. Kelly, died at
?ennett, Mo.; Joseph E. Marshaw and Miss ?????? Simpson married;
16th—Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Brockman died; Matt Murphy buys the ??????? place
for $?,???; Mrs. Sarah Elliott and Mrs. ????ing thrown out of a buggy and seriously hurt;
17th—Old Settler’s meeting; Settler’s ??????? at Kane;
18th—Water very low in Mississippi; Geo. ????back bought out his father;
20th—Gilbert ????back and Miss Jane E. V???? married;
22nd—Prof. Lawson and Miss America Stipe married; ????? of E. M. Pl??ry foot badly ?????? by
mower; H. S. T???? died;
23rd—Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. L. ????????; Rev. S. Cutt and daughter, Nellie, left for England;
Geo. ???? and Miss Ella ?????? married;
24th—Elias Cockrell gave his annual picnic on the ?????; ????? Charles K???y and Miss Ella
?????? married;
25th—Gottlieb Witman and Miss Emile Terenbuck married;
27th—Van Hore?????? goes to Belgium for horses;
28th—S??? Stroud died at Kane;
29th—Mrs. Clara Stroop died;
30th—Samuel Davis and Miss Sarah Friend married.

1st—Mrs. Vahle bought the Skelly property for $1,300; Alfred Gowling and Miss Mary Hill
married in St. Louis; Mr. Clendening who put up the first brick house in Jerseyville, here;
2nd—Edward House fell dead while working at John Lurton’s;
3rd—Mrs. B. S. Hood, Elise Jackson and Della Davis arrive from Europe; Slight frost;
4th—Edward Rintoul and Miss Hattie Nelson married; Edward L. Cory and Miss Mary A. Brown
7th—Samuel Virden and Mrs. Mary E. Farley married; Dr. a. P. Meriwether and Miss Lulu Clark
married at Evansville; John McKenna and Miss Maggie Shannon married at Carrollton;
8th—Edward Land and Miss Ellie Reed married; Wm. Bracy and Miss Beulah Barton married;
9th—Ed Johnson, colored, died in Chicago, buried here; Shug Powers broke both bones of his
10th—Catherine Funke declared ?????????;
11th—Church at Meadow Branch dedicated;
12th—New stone culvert on road leading to the fair grounds;
13th—Ford Lewis’ house burned; Ruth, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Newton died;
14th—T. B. Ruyle threshed 12 acres of wheat which yielded 480 bushels; Albert Corzine and
Miss Lorena Parish married; Richard Larson and Miss Jessie Hawerth married; John Jennings
and Miss Brigit ????? married;
15th—Six cases of scarlet fever in the city;
16th—Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Leach died; Bold attempt to rob Herman Groppel near
17th—Joseph Long died;
19th—Jacksonville train on C. & A. run into at Nameoka; Joshua Craig and Miss Hattie Reed
married; Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Krotzsch died; Sophia, 6 year old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. August Waggoner died;
20th—Grand Woodmen picnic at fair grounds; Louis Leresche and Wm. Harding buy out ?????
and Robards grocery; Mrs. Mary ???? died; J. J. Wiseman and Miss Daisy ??????? married; ?. W.
Douglas and ??????? Smith married;
21st—Little ????? ???? Sandidge fell from (next section unreadable); Major O’Hara offers to
build a $?0,000 car shop if our citizens subscribed $10,000;
22nd—Miss Ora Lewis married to Mr. Meigs in St. Louis; G?? Ford has a stroke of paralysis;
23rd—Ed D???? has a smashup;
24th—Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. T. Craig died;
25th—Meadow branch church dedicated; Little son of H. G. Morely lost in Colorado and has
never been found;
26th—Church dedication at Grafton; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles ???????; R. P. Sha???
???? foreman of the Grand Jury; Remains of Mrs. J. W. Voorhees arrive from La?????, Mo.;
27th—Large and brilliant meteor seen at night; Mrs. Thompson thrown from a wagon and
seriously hurt;
28th—Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brooks; Drinking fountain ordered by Senator Chapman
and J. S. Daniels arrived;
29th—Two quarrymen fight at Grafton and one fatally hurt; Col. Fulkerson elected vice
president state fair; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wylder;
30th—Male floater found in river near Grafton; Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goshorn died;
Mrs. Maude Newbern and Sallie Fulkerson received 1st ???????? at state fair.

1st—Geo. W. Hancock and Miss ?????? McManus married;
2nd—Warren K???? died; Fa?er trial commences;
4th—Martin L. Peters and Miss Cora ?. Ely married; Barry Shafer and Miss Mary Flannagan
6th—Joseph T. Woolsey and Miss A???? W. ?????? married; Joseph Ma?kel and Miss Mary
Carter married;
7th—Wm. S. Thornton and Miss Clara B. Cole married;
8th—Frank Napp broke shoulder blade; Lewis Randolph died; John P. Wald????? and Miss Mary
Sch????? married;
9th—Mrs. James O’Halloran died;
10th—Samuel H. Porter and Miss Mary J. Carel married; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Lyon S???y;
Mrs. Wm. Strapler died; Girl born to Mrs. Yancy ?????bury;
11th—Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Smith; Patrick Dougherty and Miss Nellie Gaffney
married; Son born to Mr. and Mrs. Lou T????; Jersey County Fair opened;
12th—Robert J. Cooke and Miss Lottie ?. Still married in Chicago;
13th—Marshall G. Knight and Miss Ellen C. Frank married;
14th—S. Y. White, yearling world ?????, 1:16 ½ t;
15th—Major Carlin and daughters return from a tour of the ????? ????;
17th—Mrs. H. ?. S???? paid $4,?00 of ??????? his and ??????; John Flaherty died; R. ?.
Shackelford ????? his father at ???????;
18th—John Painter and Miss Jane Wickham married;
19th—Della Hand Davis was married (section unreadable) Arkansas, ????;
20th—Clarence West and Miss Katie A??????? married;
24th—James Seymour and Miss Charlotte R?????? married;
24th—P???? S???????? and Miss T?????? S?????? married; Edw. Wright and Miss C????
Armstrong married;
26th—Robert J. Piggott and Miss Hattie Bernal married;
27th—Miss Lucy L. Andrews died;
28th—Geo. Corzine fell through the trestle at East St. Louis, badly hurt; M??? Collenberger bests
Col. A. E. Florida in a shooting contest;
29th—H. H. Biggs died; Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Greene died; Boy born to Mr. and Mrs.
Bud E???y; Big democratic rally;
30th—Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Lamb.

1st—Cartridge exploded in boy’s hand at Elsah, tearing off two fingers of one hand and three
from the other;
2nd—Arthur F. Foster and Miss Mary A. Crawford married;
3rd—Gideon Ford died; Boy born to Dr. and Mrs. Holland; Wm. Kadel and Miss Mary Casey
5th—Collenberger best Haggerty in shooting contest;
7th—Edward Walton and Mollie Simpson married; Henry Frazer and Louisa Wollenweber
8th—Entire State and National democratic ticket elected; Court house proposition carried;
 9th—Frank Cowen has runaway, not hurt; Fred Kanallakan and Irene Munsterman married;
10th—Jos. R. Jewsberry and Hattie J. Calhoun married;
12th—Twin girls born to Mrs. Silas Bates; James Davidson thrown out of buggy and badly hurt;
Infant daughter of Dr. Flautt died; John Clara died;
13th—County Clerk Murphy has timber from first schoolhouse built in Jersey county;
14th—Boy born to Mrs. Thos. Segraves; Trotting Association formed, $5,000 capital; Rev. S. Catt
celebrates the 26th anniversary of marriage; Boy born to Mrs. Wm. Helwig;
15th—Henry Doyle and Johanna Lillis married;
16th—Team ran into the river with Milford Allemang at Grafton and was drowned; Geo. E.
Chappell and Abby Sanger married; John Baker and Annie Wilson married; Jesse H. Magas and
Mrs. Mary A. Collins married;
17th—Mrs. Purington broke right limb near ankle in two places; Lucy Brownlee died;
18th—Ninian Beatty thrown from horse in St. Louis, and cut about the face and head;
19th—Infant child of Robt. Roundtree died;
21st—Charles DeF?cia and Causette Mathews married;
22nd—Gabriel Th?eolf and Annie Barting married;
25th—James J. Noonan and Kate Maguire married; Mrs. Mattie Updike married;
26th—Thanksgiving day; Ellis Briggs died at Roodhouse; Geo. W. Burke returned from Chicago
totally blind;
28th—Wm. Gray and Caddie E. Faulner married;
30th-Adolph Seago and Cora Finch married; John Seago and Cora Halbert married; Henry M.
Hearne and Anna M. Hawkins married; Geo. J. Sick and Irene Slaten married; Infant daughter
(rest missing).

3 —Mrs. ?elber died in St. Louis;
4th—Mary A. Woods died suddenly;
5th—Newly elected county officers take possession; Electric light plant 5 years old;
6th—Little Eddie Florida died of typhoid fever, St. Louis;
7th—Mary A. McClusky died; Girl born to John Ryan and wife; James M. Young died;
8th—Board of supervisors advertise for bids for courthouse; Boy born to Thomas Lisby and wife;
10th—City makes contract with electric lights;
11th—Meade Cooper shot through finger by accidental discharge of pistol; William Wildt died at
13th—Boy born to Frank Johnson;
15th--Mrs. Lloyd Sunderland, Sr., died; River navigation closes at Grafton; Grafton creamery
17th—Girl born to Wm. Reynolds and wife; Scarlet fever reported near Rockbridge;
18th—Lester Kemper died; Girl born to Charles Fales and wife;
19th—Mrs. Margaret Gillham died;
20th—Thermometer went down to 7 deg. Below zero; James Burke died at Imperial, Neb.;
Mathias Becktold found in the road near Judge Foree’s place badly hurt;
21st—Cottage owned by widow Smith burned; Emmett E. Hardy and Katie E. Bowe married; Boy
born to Fred Giers and wife; Edward Edsall and Callie Whitfield married;
22nd—James Henry Boulter died; Hogs $5.80 cwt;
23rd—Geo. L. Brown and Mattie Settles married; Geo. Caylor and Mary Greene married; Harris
bests Coe in a shooting contest;
24—Christmas exercises at all churches;
25th-Christmas Day; John E. Higgins and Eva L. Barnes married; 26 th-Solders’ monument
completed; Man fell through the ice while crossing the river at Grafton and was drowned; 29th-
Jesse Noble and Addie Bright married; F.M. English died; A.H. Stephany and Grace Hendricks
married in St. Louis; 31st-Five-year-old son of Mr. Johnson died; Last day in ’92.

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