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April/MAy 2011
               Inside Out                                                                                     April/May 2011

                                                                           The Washington State Patrol Newsletter

WSP Holds Annual Memorial Service
and Award Ceremony
     Governor Chris Gregoire joined Chief John R. Batiste for the 2011 Washington State Patrol Memorial Service and
Award Ceremony on May 3, 2011, at the Training Academy in Shelton. The ceremony was held to honor the Patrol’s
fallen troopers who gave their lives while serving the
citizens of the state of Washington, as well as to recognize
current employees who distinguished themselves by
extraordinary conduct during the previous year.

     The day’s event included the reading of the names
of the fallen, placing a wreath at WSP’s Fallen Officer
Memorial, a 21-gun salute from the WSP Honor Guard,
and a moment of silence to remember the fallen officers
who died in the line of duty.

    The event also included the Governor and Chief
presenting awards to WSP employees who distinguished
themselves in 2010. Awards were for personal who were
best in the agency and within their detachment.               The bell tolls as the names of the fallen are read during the
                                                              annual WSP Memorial Service.

District 5 Trooper Receives the 2010 Chief Will Bachofner Award
    Trooper Michael B. Johnson, District 5 Vancouver, received the 2010 Chief Will
Bachofner Award, this award is given to the trooper who scores the highest in the following
nine categories: seniority, complaint history, appearance, driving history, citizenship,
additional job responsibilities, awards and commendations, support of department programs,
and law enforcement activities. Johnson competed against the other seven 2010 Detachment
Troopers of the Year for the award.

    The award was originally called the Washington State Patrol Trooper of the Year Award;
in 2006, the award was renamed after Retired Chief Will Bachofner in honor and recognition
of his distinguished career and contributions to the Washington State Patrol. Chief Bachofner
served as Chief of the Washington State Patrol for 11 years, making him the longest-serving
Chief in the history of the Washington State Patrol.                                                            Trooper
                                                                                                           Michael B. Johnson

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InsideOut                                                                                             April/May 2011

2010 Annual Awards for Distinguished Service
Looking Beyond the Traffic Stop Award                           Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer of
Trooper Bart H. Olson                                           the Year
District 6                                                      CVEO 1 Ronald I. Alred
    This award recognizes troopers                              District 3
who conduct thorough and                                             This award is to recognize a
comprehensive traffic stops, keep                               Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
their eyes open for rolling criminal                            Officer who has exemplified
activity, and conduct quality follow-                           the highest level of expertise in
up investigations. Selection is                                 the field of Commercial Vehicle
based on job performance appraisal,                             Enforcement.
complaint history, driving history,
and significant follow-up activities.          Trooper
                                             Bart H. Olson                                                  CVEO 1
                                                                                                          Ronald I. Alred

Certified Technical Specialist of the Year                      Communications Officer of the Year
Trooper Matthew K. Andersen                                     CO 2 Andrew W. Reed
District 6                                                      District 5
     This award recognizes those                                    This award recognizes
troopers who have maintained the                                Communications Officers for
highest level of expertise in the field                         outstanding service to the agency.
of technical collision investigation.                           Selection is based on quality
                                                                excellence, commendations,
                                                                appearance, complaint history,
                                                                community involvement, and job
                                                Trooper                                              CO 2 Andrew W. Reed
                                          Matthew K. Andersen

Commercial Vehicle Division Trooper
                                                                                       Inside Out
                                                                                     Newsletter of active and
of the Year                                                                          retired WSP personnel.
Trooper Andrew M. Stoeckle
District 1                                                                             Editor: Daniel Coon
     This award recognizes CVD                                                    Assistant Editor: Tammy Usher
Troopers for outstanding service                                                  Photographer: Weldon Wilson
to the agency. Selection is based                                                      Layout: Daniel Coon
on job performance, appearance,
complaint history, driving history,                                        To submit items of interest to the Inside Out,
commendations, support of                                                  please contact us at (360) 596-4012, or e-mail
department programs, and law                                          , or write to:
enforcement activity.                                                                           Editor
                                               Trooper                                    Inside Out, WSP
                                          Andrew M. Stoeckle                                PO Box 42600
                                                                                     Olympia, WA 98504-2600
                                                                            Go to publication page on
                                                                                       for an electronic copy.

InsideOut                                                                                           April/May 2011

Vehicle Identification (VIN) Specialist of the             Excellence in Safety Award
Year                                                       Marion Brown
VIN Officer 2                                              Tacoma Crime Laboratory
                                                                The Excellence in Safety
Gloria G. Leliefeld
                                                           award is presented to an employee
Criminal Investigation Division                            recognized by their fellow peers
    This award recognizes VIN
                                                           and colleagues for a continued
Specialists for outstanding work
                                                           commitment to improve our safety
performance and service to the
                                                           culture by demonstrating concern
                                                           for fellow workers, promoting
                                                           safety adherence, offering ideas
                                                           to improve safety procedures, and          Marion Brown
                                                           contributing to the education and
                                                           training of the agency’s safety

                                                           Volunteer Service Award
Civil Service Employee of the Year                         Lucas Robinson
Tammy L. Chromey                                           Field Operations Bureau
Investigative Services Bureau                                  This award recognizes
Kent A. Hernandez                                          those employees who provided
Technical Services Bureau                                  outstanding service and the highest
    This award recognizes civil service employees for      number of hours given to the
outstanding service to the agency.                         agency.
                                                                                                     Lucus Robinson

                                                               Governor Appoints
                                                               Forensic Scientist
                                                               Pranger to State
                                                               Investment Board
                                                                     Forensic Scientist 4
     Tammy L. Chromey          Kent A. Hernandez                Natasha Pranger, CODIS
                                                                Laboratory, has been
                                                                appointed by Governor
Detective of the Year                                           Chris Gregoire to the              Forensic Scientist 4
Trooper Detective                                               State Investment Board.             Natasha Pranger
James M. Kelly                                                  The Board manages
Criminal Investigation Division                                 the investments for 17 retirement plans for
    This award recognizes the                                   public employees, teachers, police and fire, and
detective considered a subject                                  judges. The Board also manages investments
matter expert in the field of                                   for 22 other public funds that support industrial
criminal investigations, producing                              insurance, colleges and universities, developmental
and maintaining the highest                                     disabilities, and wildlife protection. At the present
quality in investigations.                                      time the Board manages total assets of $79.4 billion.
                                                                The Board has 15 members, 10 of which are voting
                                       Trooper Detective        members. Pranger is one of the voting members.
                                        James M. Kelly

InsideOut                                                                                             April/May 2011

2010 District and Bureau Awards

2010 District Troopers of the Year: (names are not in order    2010 District Certified Technical Specialists of the Year:
in photo) Trooper Edward R. Camden, District 1;                (names are not in order in photo) Trooper Jason W. Greer,
Trooper Kyle W. Smith, District 2; Trooper David J. Brandt,    District 2; Trooper Corey W. Kingman, District 3; Trooper
District 3; Trooper Jeffrey M. Sevigney, District 4; Trooper   Troy M. Corkins, District 4; Trooper Douglas J. Pardue,
Bart H. Olson, District 6; Trooper Timothy J. Crane,           District 5; Trooper Kevin D. Nelson, District 7; Trooper
District 7; Trooper Travis D. Beebe, District 8.               Grant R. Clark, District 8.

2010 District Looking Beyond the Traffic Stop Awards:          2010 District Communications Officers of the Year:
(names not in order in photo) Trooper Matthew W. Jeffery,      (names not in order in photo) CO 1 Jennifer K. Heater,
District 2; Trooper Trevor W. Downey, District 3; Trooper      District 1; CO 2 Michele M. Jeffrey, District 2; CO 2
Brian Dorsey, District 5; Trooper Bart H. Olson, District 6    Jamie L. Hawkins, District 3; CO 1 Franklin C. Sweet,
Trooper Matt R. Prether, District 7; (missing) Trooper         District 4; CO 2 Andrew W. Reed, District 5; CO 1
Russell L. Sanders, District 8.                                Amy L. Barger, District 6; CO 1 Kristen Rasmussen,
                                                               District 7; CO 2 Alicia S. Chubb, District 8.

InsideOut                                                                                            April/May 2011

2010 District and Bureau Awards continued...

2010 Bureau Volunteers of the Year: (names are not in         2010 Bureau Civil Service Employees of the Year:
order in photo) Michael Pry, Investigative Services Bureau;   Jennifer S. Welsh, Office of the Chief; Levi Scartozzi,
Helen Klauk, Technical Services Bureau; Lucus Robinson,       Fire Protection Bureau; Nicole K. Footh, Field Operations
Field Operations Bureau; Vickie McDougall, Forensic           Bureau; Forensic Scientist 3 Glenn H. Davis, Forensic
Laboratory Services Bureau.                                   Laboratory Services Bureau; Tammy L. Chromey,
                                                              Investigative Services Bureau; Kent A. Hernandez,
                                                              Technical Services Bureau.

            Note to those                               Life-Saving Award, Civilian Medal of Heroism
            about to retire                                       Added to Agency Awards

                While completing your                       The department Awards Committee recently reviewed
     retirement preparations, you might notify         all agency level awards as well as those offered by other law
      Shari Holt, Human Resource Division,             enforcement organizations. As a result, a recommendation to
       at (360) 704-2300, or Sharon Phillips,          add two new award types to the list was approved by Chief
           Memorial Foundation manager,                Batiste. The life-saving award and the civilian medal of
       1-888-576-0670, of your home mailing            heroism will both provide for a more appropriate award option
      address and telephone number. Shari or           for specific recognizable acts.
     Sharon, in turn, will notify Gwen Gobel,
          secretary-treasurer of the Retired                As with all award nominations, they must be routed through
        Washington State Patrol Employees              your chain of command. The specific actions of the employee,
                     Association.                      other agency employee, or citizen are then reviewed in detail
           Gwen can be reached by phone at             by the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee includes
                 (509) 337-9177 or                     representatives from across all parts of the WSP as well as a
           e-mail at             community representative. A recommendation is then provided
                                                       to the Chief to make a final determination.

                                                          Please visit the agency intranet site concerning agency level
                                                       awards and the process at: http://iwspsp/sites/ISB/SOD/Pages/

InsideOut                                                                                                  April/May 2011

District 7 Wins 2010 Most Exemplary POPS Project Award
     District 7, Marysville, took top honors with their Skagit Community
Connection project at the 2010 Problem Oriented Public Safety (POPS)
Forum. There were five POPS projects from the Field Operations Bureau
that competed this year for the Most Exemplary POPS Project Award.

    This year’s forum continued the tradition of having the presentations
held during the April Strategic Advancement Forum (SAF), with the
executive staff serving as judges.

    The other POPS projects presented at the POPS Forum/SAF were:
    • District 2, Bellevue – Move Over Law
       (Joint project with District 6)
    • District 3, Yakima – I-182 Collisions
    • District 4, Spokane – Sullivan Interchange Transients
    • District 6, Wenatchee – North Chelan Collisions

    The District 7 project was presented by Lieutenant Jason Armstrong
and Trooper Scott Betts. The issue for          District 7 was Skagit County
continued to be one of the leading Autonomous Patrol Areas (APA) in
the district for total fatalities, 18 in 2008, and in serious injury collisions.
The district’s response was to develop a strategy where troopers in
Skagit County would “Adopt-a-Highway,” identify problems within their
assigned area, develop a strategic plan to address the problems, identify
stakeholders, and institute the plan.                                              Top photo Lieutenant Jason Armstrong
                                                                                   is presented the POPS award by
    The mission of the Skagit Community Connection was to have                     Deputy Chief David Karnitz and
troopers within Skagit County invest in the community through Problem              Assistant Chief Kurt Hattell (far left) and
Oriented Public Safety (POPS) by adopting a section of the county                  Lieutenant Mike Turcott (far right).
bordered by an interstate or state route.                                          Bottom photo, Trooper Scott Betts is
                                                                                   presented the POPS award by Deputy
    Their goal was to reduce or eliminate fatal and serious injury                 Chief David Karnitz.
collisions through trooper ownership and community
involvement within geographic regions by developing
relationships, partners, and stakeholders, and have a 100%
integration of the POPS philosophy within Skagit County.

     The results were a significant reduction in fatalities in
the last two years. The first year of the project, 2009, the
district saw fatalities in Skagit County decrease to 13. In
2010, the trend continued in the county with a reduction to
seven fatalities.

    The winning project will also be submitted for
possible presentation for the Herman Goldstein Award
for Excellence in Problem Oriented Policing at the 22nd
Annual Problem-Oriented Policing Conference in Miami,
Florida, on October 10-12, 2011.
                                                                    Troopers from Autonomous Patrol Area (APA) 31.

InsideOut                                                                                                April/May 2011

Honor Guard Success Comes From Its Volunteers
    They are there to honor the fallen, celebrate accomplishments, and represent the Washington State Patrol in the
highest of standards. And it’s all done with the discipline and professionalism of 22 troopers, three retired troopers, and a
civilian bagpiper who have volunteered to be part of the Washington State Patrol Honor Guard.

    The success of the Honor Guard is because of people like Trooper Chris
Bendiksen, who joined the Guard with no prior experience or skill on how to spin or
toss a rifle.

   “I came in to the Honor Guard with no knowledge at all of spinning a rifle,” said

     Bendiksen served in the U.S. Marine Corps, so he was familiar with marching and
drill and ceremony. But it was the opportunity to learn to spin and toss a rifle, along
with the discipline and professionalism of the troopers in the group, that attracted him
to the Honor Guard.

    “One of the reasons I joined the Honor Guard was when I was at my first
Memorial Foundation Dinner. I saw the Guard there spinning and tossing the rifles,
and thought “Wow,” that was amazing, how disciplined and professional they are, I
gotta be part of that,” said Bendiksen.                                                         Trooper Chris Bendiksen

     The Honor Guard will take people with or without experience; almost all the
training troopers do is with fellow Guard members. When a trooper joins the Guard, they teach them to have at least the
basic skills on how to post the colors and perform proper movements as a flag bearer or as a rifleman. New members are
not thrown into a show tossing rifles without first demonstrating to the Honor Guard Commander and other advanced
members of the Guard that they are ready.

    “For me, I did a lot of the flag postings as part of the
color guard, but I also wanted to become that advanced
guy. I was lucky enough to get my advance crossed rifle
pin. I put in a lot of practice time and did what I needed
to do to earn it,” said Bendiksen.

     It is a challenge to be able to earn an advanced cross
rifle pin; it is a two-step process to qualify as an advanced
member of the Honor Guard and earn the cross rifle pin.
First, a trooper will have to pass a board comprised of
the Honor Guard Commander and three other advanced
members who will review and rate the trooper’s ability to
conduct facing movements and other basic honor guard
drills and are able to do all the required rifle throws.

    “We have a throw called the gauntlet,” said
Bendiksen. “You have to perform that throw twice in
a row with no mistakes. It is a series of forward and
                    See Honor Guard on page 11                  The Honor Guard performs their rifles drill routine
                                                                during the National Honor Guard Competition at 2008
                                                                National Police Week in Washington D.C.

InsideOut                                                                                           April/May 2011

Chief for a Day Orders New Vehicles
    Crown Vics? Impalas? Tahoes? None of those were acceptable to
Chief Kailey Rublaitus when she took over as State Patrol Chief for a Day
on April 28.

    Chief Kailey directed that everyone drive bumper cars for the day.

     Kailey was one of five little Chiefs sworn in as part of Wenatchee’s
yearly Chief for a Day program. They arrived in a motorcade, and strode
to the stage inside a cordon of honor with police officers from multiple
agencies lining the walk.

     The event also serves as kickoff for the annual Apple Blossom
Festival. WSP’s Honor Guard presented the colors and provided a short
rifle drill for the appreciative crowd.

    When Deputy Chief David Karnitz learned there were no bumper cars
in Wenatchee, he volunteered to have the entire community visit Seattle
for a trip down I-5 at rush hour.

    “It’s the same thing,” he said.

     Chief Kailey is seven years old and part of Mrs. Howard’s class at
Sunnyslope Elementary School. When she’s not re-equipping the WSP
fleet, she likes to play soccer and football. Indoors she likes reading and
                                                                              Trooper Dave Phelps helps Chief Kailey
    Kailey’s favorite color is pink, which led to another order. She          Rublaitus inspect WSP’s new Honda
directed Supply to provide pink bow ties to replace the current black         Motorcycle.

WSP Joins the Crowd at the Olympia PSRW Event
    On May 4, 2011, communications officers and troopers from
District 1 and the WSP Honor Guard participated in a Public Service
Recognition Week (PSRW) event on the Capitol Campus in Olympia.
Communications officers handed out information and talked with
people on what to know and expect when calling 9-1-1; troopers were
also on hand to talk with people about the Emergency Zone Law,
“Move Over or Slow Down,” and to show off WSP’s new Honda

    The PSRW is a nationally recognized week to pay tribute to
public service professionals. The events are meant to encourage
excellence and esprit de corps in government. PSRW events were
also held in Seattle and Tri-Cities that week.                            Trooper Dino Garcia and Trooper Guy Gill talk
                                                                          with folks as they stopped by WSP’s booth.

InsideOut                                                                                            April/May 2011

Annual Memorial Foundation Dinner Honors Fallen Officers and
Raises Over 10K for College Fund
     The Washington State Patrol Memorial Foundation Dinner was held on April 16, 2011, at the Hilton Hotel in SeaTac.
Our 26 Washington State Patrol officers who lost their lives in the line of duty were honored. Several family members of
fallen officers were honored guests:

    Family of Trooper James Saunders, who died in the line of duty
    on October 7, 1999: Billie Saunders (wife), Megan (daughter),
    Jim (son).

    Family of Trooper Steven Frink, who died in the line of duty on
    March 22, 1993: Gayle Frink-Schulz (wife), Christian (son),
    Kari (daughter), Lorene (mother), Stuart (brother).

    Family of Trooper Ray Hawn, who died in the line of duty on
    January 17, 1990: Kelsey (daughter), Adam (son), Marilyn
    Trimm (grandmother to Hawn children).

    Family of Trooper Cliff Hansell, who died in the line of duty on    Billie Saunders lights the candle at the fallen
    July 22, 1987: Lisa Harkcom (wife).                                 officer’s table of honor with Chief John
                                                                        Batiste, Lieutenant Travis Matheson, and
    Family of Trooper James Gain, who died in the line of duty on       the WSP Honor Guard in the background.
    March 2, 1987: Rosemary (wife), Danielle (daughter).

    Family of Trooper Glenda Thomas, who died in the line of duty on May 24, 1985: Jessica Garza (daughter).

    Family of Officer Joseph Modlin, who died in the line of duty on August 15, 1974: Luanne Mason (daughter).

    Family of Trooper Frank Noble, who died in the line of duty on February 5, 1972: Marie (wife), Keith (son),
    Mark (son), Laurie Noble-Turner (daughter).

    Trooper George Steele and Trooper Kurt Borggard (Core Values Award recipients) read the names of our fallen

    There was 306 people in attendance at the Memorial Foundation Dinner. The $10,826 net proceeds from the dinner/
auction/raffle were placed into the WSP Memorial Foundation Fallen Officers Children’s College Education Account.

    The top two raffle winners were:
    Ken Harkcom, won a trip for two to San Diego
    Matt Wood, won a set of tires from Les Schwab (donated by Washington Trucking Associations)

    The two winners of the Heads & Tails game were Bob Calkins and Megan Saunders and each received $100. The
date and location for the 2012 WSP Memorial Foundation Dinner has not yet been determined.

    On behalf of the WSP Memorial Foundation Board members, I want to thank the men and women of the Washington
State Patrol for their generosity, kindness, and support in making this dinner a success.

Travis Matheson
Memorial Foundation

InsideOut                                                                                           April/May 2011

Communications Division Public Event for National
Telecommunications Week
    The week of April 10 - 16, 2011, was National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. The Association of
Public-Safety Communications Officials, International (APCO) recognized the dedicated men and women of the
telecommunications profession as America’s First Responders! They are the ones answering the initial calls from the
public during an emergency.

    To celebrate this week, the Communications Division, in partnership
with Thurston County Communications – 911 (TCOMM911) hosted an
event in the lobby of the General Administration Building in Olympia
on April 11, 2011. The Communications Division was represented by
Communications Officer 4 Carri Gordon and Communications Officer 2
Dolores Blas. Personnel from Thurston, Mason, Lewis, and Chelan County
9-1-1 centers assisted.

    The Communications Division had a display of pictures and
information about what we do as part of the 9-1-1 system. Live CAD
(Computer Aided Dispatch) was set up and a presentation with pictures        Chief John Batiste with CO 4 Carri
of all eight Communications Centers, along with pictures from Thurston       Gordon and CO 2 Dolores Blas.
County 911 (TCOMM911), of their dispatchers and incidents handled by
public safety personnel in Thurston County. TCOMM911 also had live
CAD and a display from their agency.

    Educational material on what the public should know about calling 9-1-1,
what they need to be prepared to provide the call takers, and when it is or is
not appropriate to call 9-1-1 was available to hand out. The major message we
would like everyone to know is when calling from a wireless phone (cellular),
today’s technology is not foolproof and we may not know your location.
Callers need to be constantly aware of where they are and be prepared to
provide their location when an emergency happens or you want to report an

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InsideOut                                                                                                  April/May 2011

Honor Guard
continued from page 7                                                 Where Are They Now?
reverse spins, behind the back, throw to self, twirl up over
                                                                      Ralph De Witt (Retired Lieutenant), Senior Revenue
your head. You need to perform that throw without any
                                                                      Agent, Washington Department of Revenue
                                                                      Barry Kirk (Retired Trooper), Investigator,
    Once a trooper passes the board, the second step for
                                                                      Washington State Department of Health
them is to perform at three big shows. It doesn’t have to be
demonstrating advanced skills, but they have to perform in
                                                                      Grant Hulteen (Retired Captain), Investigator,
front of a large crowd.
                                                                      Washington State Department of Health
    The Honor Guard receives requests year round from all
                                                                      Charles Akau (Retired Detective Sergeant), Criminal
over the state, from Cub Scouts to the Governor, wanting
                                                                      Investigator, Washington State Office of Insurance
the Guard to perform at events. The Guard receives many
requests for their services, but being a volunteer group,
they end up having to turn down requests.
                                                                      Bennie Hamilton (Retired Trooper), Criminal
                                                                      Investigator, Washington State Office of Insurance
    When the Honor Guard does an event, the families
or groups have choices on what they want the Guard to
perform. Whether it’s a memorial or the Cub Scouts, if the
                                                                      Bob Thurston (Retired Detective Sergeant), Criminal
group wants a show, the Honor Guard will perform one for
                                                                      Investigator, Washington State Office of Insurance
    “I think we are the best in the state; it is part of what
                                                                      Brian Ursino (Retired Assistant Chief), Director of
we do and we are honored to do. So if we are requested to
                                                                      Law Enforcement with the American Association of
perform a rifle show, we will do it,” said Bendiksen.
                                                                      Motor Vehicle Administrators
     The Honor Guard continues to look for troopers willing
                                                                      Fred Fakkema (Retired Lieutenant), Product Manager
to join. It’s not a requirement to have the rifle spinning or
                                                                      with Zonar
tossing skills; what is required is the willingness to perform
in front of a crowd and the desire to be part of a team that’s
                                                                      Roger Gerow (Retired Trooper), Court Security, Walla
built on pride, honor, and duty.
                                                                      Walla Superior Court
    The Honor Guard is there to show the dedication and
                                                                      Walt Gobel (Retired Sergeant), Mayor, City of
professionalism of those who are part of the Washington
                                                                      Waitsburg, WA
State Patrol and represents the motto of the all-volunteer
group, “Duty and Honor.”

                                                                           The Inside Out is looking for former WSP
                                                                      commissioned and civilian employees who have
                                                                      retired and gone on to work for other police agencies,
                  WSP Retirees                                        federal, state, or local government agencies, charity
                                                                      organizations, or private business. The Inside Out
        The Inside Out is always looking for stories                  requests our readers’ help with names of former WSP
                 about life after the Patrol.                         employees and where they are working so they can
                 Contact the Inside Out at                            be added to the “Where are they now” section. Please
                     (360) 596-4012 or                                send the information to

InsideOut                                                                                              April/May 2011

                                 People People People
                                                                                                     of the Year by
                                                                                                     Littlerock Fire
                                                                                                          In 1999 she
                                                                                                     received a Professional
                                                                                                     Excellence Award
                                                                                                     from the WSP.
                                                                                                          In 2002 Tumwater
                                                                                                     High School Presented
                                                                                                     her with a Community
                                                                                                     Service Award.
                                                                                                          In 2006 Karen was
     Rebecca M. Cortez            Chief Deputy Fire Marshal               Lieutenant                 the Fire Protection
                                        Karen S. Jones                Terry E. Liebrecht             Bureau’s Employee of
                                                                                                     the Quarter.
    Rebecca M. Cortez was                Sound Community College where she                                In 2009 the
promoted to Confidential Secretary       received her Associates Degree in Fire Prevention Division selected her as
with the Forensic Laboratory Services Science; and her Bachelor’s Degree            Employee of the Year.
Bureau.                                  in Business Administration at The              And in 2010 she was awarded
    Cortez graduated from West           Evergreen State College.                   Public Information Officer of the
Valley High School in Spokane.               Jones first began her career with      Month by the WSP.
    She later earned a Bachelor of       the state of Washington on January 17,         She has held certifications as a
Arts degree from Western Washington 1976, as Clerk Stenographer 2 with              Firefighter 1, Emergency Medical
University in Bellingham, with a         the Department of Transportation. She Technician, Fire Instructor 1, IFSTA
Spanish major and double-minor in        also worked with the Department of         Fire Inspector 1, International Code
Geology and Latin American Studies.      Health and Social Services as a Clerk      Congress Fire Inspector 2 and
    Cortez began her career with         Typist 2, Clerk Typist 3, Secretary 1 –    National Institute for the Certification
the Washington State Patrol on           Shorthand, and a Secretary 2.              of Engineering Technologies (NICET)
February 1, 2007, as an Administrative       She started working in Fire            Fire Protection – Testing and
Assistant 3 with the Crime Laboratory Service in 1986 as the Fire District          Inspection of Water Based Systems,
Division in Seattle.                     Secretary with Littlerock Fire             Level 2.
    On July 1, 2007, her position        Department. She promoted to a                  Jones’ promotion to Washington
was reallocated to the class of          Firefighter/Administrative Assistant       Management Service Band 2, Chief
Administrative Assistant 3.              with Black Lake Fire Department in         Deputy State Fire Marshal, was
    Cortez’s promotion to Forensic       1991.                                      effective April 1, 2011.
Laboratory Services Bureau Secretary          Jones joined the Washington State
was effective April 16, 2011.             Patrol on August 5, 1996, as a Deputy         Terry E. Liebrecht was promoted
                                          State Fire Marshal. She has served        to RCW Lieutenant, effective March
    Karen S. Jones was promoted           in Public Education, the Sprinkler        1, 2011, assigned to District 3,
to Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal        Assessment Program, the Licensing         Yakima. Liebrecht was born in Yakima
with the Fire Protection Bureau –         Section, the Inspection Section, and      and graduated from Wapato Senior
Prevention Division.                      as an Acting Chief Deputy State Fire      High School in Wapato, Washington.
    Jones graduated from Olympia          Marshal several times throughout her      He attended Pacific Lutheran
High School and earned a Legal            career.                                   University, Central Washington
Secretary Degree from Capitol                 Jones has been the recipient of       University, and the Yakima Valley
Business College in Olympia.              several special awards:                   Community College, where he
    She later attended South Puget            In 1991 she was named Firefighter
                                                                                       continued on next page
InsideOut                                                                                             April/May 2011

                                  People People People
                                                                                    Field Operations Bureau Headquarters,
                                                                                    effective January 16, 2011.
                                                                                        Trebaczewski began her
                                                                                    employment with the Washington
                                                                                    State Patrol on February 1, 2010, as
                                                                                    a Research Analyst 3 with the Field
                                                                                    Operations Bureau Headquarters. She
                                                                                    earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in
                                                                                    Social Sciences from the University of
                                                                                    Washington on August 17, 2001.

         David C. Putnam
                                           Joanna Trebaczewski                               Promotions
                                                                                         Baker, Anneka C., Research
earned an Associate’s Degree in Civil           David C. Putnam was promoted        Assistant 4-Northwest High Intensity
Engineering.                                to RCW Sergeant, effective              Drug Trafficking Areas, eff: 04/01/11;
    Liebrecht began his career with         March 4, 2011, assigned to the               Barger, Amy L., Commercial
the Washington State Patrol on              Executive Protection Unit.              Vehicle Enforcement Officer 1-
March 4, 1986, as a trooper cadet               Putnam was born in Arlington,       District 6 Cle Elum Port Of Entry,
assigned to Wenatchee                       Washington, and graduated from          eff: 04/01/11;
Communications.                             Grace Academy in Marysville.                 Biscay, Brenda A., Administrative
    He graduated with the 64th              He attended New Mexico State            Assistant 3-Aviation, eff: 04/01/11;
Trooper Basic Training Class and was        University, the University of                Carruth, Ben, Information
commissioned on January 9, 1987.            Maryland, and Everett Community         Technology Specialist 3-ACCESS
    On February 12, 1987, he                College, where he earned an Associate   Network Tech-Electronic Services
transferred to District 3, Kennewick.       in Arts and Sciences Degree. Putnam     Division, eff: 04/01/11;
Liebrecht then transferred to               also served in the United States Air         Fisher, Julia A., Research
District 3, Yakima on May 24, 1988.         Force for over three years.             Assistant 4-Northwest High Intensity
He transferred back to Kennewick                Putnam began his career with        Drug Trafficking Areas, eff: 04/01/11;
on September 2, 1988, and then              the Washington State Patrol on               Hoffman, Ronald D.,
transferred back to Yakima on               December 11, 1995, as a trooper cadet   Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
March 27, 1989.                             assigned to the Training Division.      Officer 2-Region 1 Compliance
    On July 26, 1993, Liebrecht                 He graduated with the 79th          Review, eff: 04/01/11;
transferred to the Traffic Investigation    Trooper Basic Training class and             Jeffery, Michelle M.
Division (TID), License Fraud Unit, in      was commissioned on July 31, 1996,      Communications Officer 3 – Bellevue
Kennewick.                                  assigned to District 8, Raymond.        Communications, eff: 02/01/11
    Liebrecht was promoted to RCW               On March 17, 2000, he transferred        Lepkova, Yuliya N., Research
Sergeant on May 4, 2004, assigned to        to District 7, Monroe.                  Assistant 4-Northwest High Intensity
District 4, Colfax, and transferred to          Putnam was appointed to             Drug Trafficking Areas, eff: 04/01/11;
District 6, Ellensburg on August 29,        the Executive Protection Unit on             Luu, Valentine B., Research
2005.                                       January 22, 2003.                       Assistant 4-Northwest High Intensity
    On August 16, 2006, he was                                                      Drug Trafficking Areas, eff: 04/01/11;
appointed Detective Sergeant,                   Joanna Trebaczewski was                  Min, Connie Y., Research
assigned to the Criminal Investigation      promoted to Research and Data           Assistant 4-Northwest High Intensity
Division in Yakima.                         Analyst, Washington Management          Drug Trafficking Areas, eff: 04/01/11;
                                            Service Band 2, with the

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InsideOut                                                                                          April/May 2011

                              People People People
     Mullen, Michael J., Commercial      Sergeant Johnny Alexander, April 8;     Monte Ward, Maintenance
Vehicle Enforcement Officer 2,           Trooper Brian Sackman, April 8;         Mechanic 1; May 30.
Region 1 Compliance Review,              Trooper Steven Schatzel, April 8;
eff: 04/01/11;                           Sergeant William Ashcraft, April 15;
     Neal, George W.,                    Trooper Jonathan Lever, April 15;                     Births
Communications Officer 2-Spokane         Sergeant Kris Schwigert, April 15;
Communications, eff: 04/01/11;           Trooper Michael Dufour, April 18;
                                                                                     Michelle Pham, Criminal
     Pham, Michelle L., Research         CVEO 1 Ronald Alred, May 6;
                                                                                 Intelligence Specialist/Northwest High
Assistant 4-Northwest High Intensity     Sergeant Kevin Bell, May 6;
                                                                                 Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas, and
Drug Trafficking Areas, eff: 04/01/11;   Trooper Jason Valentine,
                                                                                 her husband Trung welcomed a 7 lb.,
     Randell-Vdadenburg, Amy,            May 6;
                                                                                 9 oz. baby boy, Logan Pham, on
Research Assistant 4-Northwest High      Trooper Darren Wright, May 6;
                                                                                 March 28.
Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas,        Sergeant Mark Crandall, May 20;
eff: 04/01/11                            Trooper Richard Jaeger, May 28.
                                                                                     Kristina Knott, wife of Trooper
     Sattarov, Kathryn M., Research
                                                                                 Jason Knott, gave birth to a 7 lb.,
Assistant 4-Northwest High Intensity     15 years
                                                                                 3 oz., 19 in. long baby girl named
Drug Trafficking Areas, eff: 04/01/11.   Cindy Haider, Contracts Specialist 2,
                                                                                 Isabella Mae, on March 31.
                                         April 1;
                                         Sergeant Randolph Vranish, May 6;
         Service Pins                    Anthony Amorati, Communications
                                                                                     Theresa Farmer, wife of Trooper
                                                                                 Jay Farmer, gave birth to a baby girl,
                                         Officer 3, May 7;
                                                                                 Evelyn Sophia, on April 1. Evelyn
40 years                                 Karen Radunz, Office Assistant 3,
                                                                                 weighed 1 lb., and 13 oz., and was
Marilyn Cox, Correctional Records        May 11;
                                                                                 13 in. long. Evelyn will remain in
Technician 1, April 4.                   Trooper Jodie Blain, May 13;
                                                                                 the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at
                                         Trooper Clarence Williams, May 13;
                                                                                 Yakima Memorial Hospital.
35 years                                 Lori Smith, Communications
Linda Garrison Gray,                     Officer 2, May 17;
                                                                                    Christina Henish, Office
Communications Officer 1,                Trooper Keith Leary, May 20;
                                                                                 Assistant 3, and her husband Matt
April 21.                                Nancy Salsman, Administrative
                                                                                 welcomed a 6 lb., 4 oz. baby boy,
                                         Assistant 3, May 20;
                                                                                 Matthew John Henish Jr., on April 3.
30 years                                 Trooper Loyd Kendrick, May 22;
Chris Sewell, Forensic Scientist 5,                                                   Maria Fontana, fiancée of Trooper
May 4.                                   10 years
                                                                                 Steven Townsend, gave birth to a
                                         CVEO 2 Ryan Wiese, April 2.
                                                                                 baby boy, Chase Daniel, on April 6.
25 years                                                                         Chase weighed 7 lb., 8 oz., and was 22
Trooper Paul Gonzales, April 11;         5 years
                                                                                 in. long.
Trooper Michael Gradwohl,                CVEO 1 Emily Lawrence, April 1,
April 20;                                Robert Dorion, Forensic Scientist 3,
                                                                                     Angela Benson, Office
Sergeant David Bolton, May 12;           April 16;
                                                                                 Assistant 3, and husband Scott
Lieutenant Wesley Rethwell,              Christopher Siler, Vehicle
                                                                                 welcomed their son Kayden James
May 19;                                  Identification Number Officer,
                                                                                 Benson, who was born on April 11.
Trooper Ricardo Brito, May 22;           April 17;
                                                                                 Kayden weighed 6 lb., 13 oz., and was
Sergeant Blair Schmidt, May 27.          Trooper Sean Carr, May 15;
                                                                                 19.5 in. long.
                                         DeAnna Collins, Fiscal Technician 2,
20 years                                 May 16;
Carri Gordon, Communications             Carli Luppold, Communications
Officer 4, April 7;                      Officer 2, May 16;                                 continued on next page

InsideOut                                                                                               April/May 2011

                                People People People
     Emily Eberle, wife of Trooper         passed away on April 9, following a        scientist, and grandfather to Jennifer
Daniel Eberle, gave birth to a 7 lb, 20    short battle with melanoma.                Venditto, DNA forensic scientist,
in. healthy baby girl named Everest                                                   passed away on April 16 after a battle
Anne Eberle, on April 17.                     Ted Medina, 88, father of               with cancer. Lee was also a Seattle
                                           Communications Officer 4 LaDonna           Police officer for many years prior to
   Trooper Jon Leifson and his             Browell, passed away on April 9 in         joining the Crime Laboratory.
family have welcomed a son, Jax            Spokane.
Caden, into the world on April 30. Jax                                                    Nikolay Shepel, father-in-law
weighed 8 lb., 6 oz.                           Retired Trooper Herbert R.             of Galina Shepel, Information
                                           Timmreck passed away on April 11,          Technology Specialist 3/Crime
     Forensic Scientists 3 Cathy           from heart issues and complications        Laboratory Division, passed away
Dunn and her husband, Jason Dunn,          from a broken hip. Retired Trooper         April 17 of complications from a heart
welcomed their new daughter, Keira         Timmreck began his career with the         attack. He was 72 years old and the
Violet Dunn, on May 3. Keira               Washington State Patrol in 1947            father of eight children.
weighed 6 lbs., 11 oz. and was 20 1/2      and was commissioned in 1950.
in. long                                   Retired Trooper Timmreck served the            Retired Trooper Donald
                                           Washington State Patrol for 28 years       Morhous, 86, grandfather of
     Communications Officer 1              before retiring in 1977 due to an injury   Detective Ian Morhous, passed
Flower B. Keffeler, wife of Trooper        he sustained in the line of duty.          away on April 17 from a heart attack.
Scott D. Keffeler, gave birth to a baby                                               Retired Trooper Morhous was hired
girl, Kendall Eva Lee Keffeler, on             Larry York, 72, father of              on June 4, 1946, commissioned on
May 10. Kendall measured 19 in. and        Information Technology Division-           September 1, 1947, and retired on
weighed 5 lbs., 5 oz.                      Planning Office Manager Michael            February 28, 1982.
                                           York, passed away unexpectedly on
                                           April 11 from complications of a heart         Robert C. Carter, 83, father-in-
              Deaths                       condition. York was a retired Captain      law of Trooper Randall Gardner,
                                           from the Citrus County (Florida)           Commercial Vehicle Division, passed
    Ed Burns, Portland, Oregon, 57,        Sheriff’s Office.                          away on April 24 in Etna, California.
brother of Correctional Records
Specialist Theresa Maguire, passed             Alma L. Grant, mother of Trooper            Art Murdock, 86, father of
away peacefully on January 26 at his       Sid Grant, passed away on April 12,        Communications Officer 4 Jo
home.                                      after a two-year battle with cancer.       Baumgartner, passed away on
                                           Grant was 92 years-old and was a           April 27 in Monroe after a long battle
    William J. Smith, 88, father           long-time resident of Pasco.               with cancer. Murdock was a veteran
of Commercial Vehicle Officer 1                                                       of the U.S. Marine Corps, having
John J. Smith, passed away at his              Marlys A. Klontz (Reichert), 79,       joined at age 17 and serving in the
residence April 3 after a short illness.   mother of Lieutenant Rob Reichert          South Pacific during World War II as
                                           (Impaired Driving Section) and             an Artillery Forward Observer. He
    Alan Ragan, 83, father of Fiscal       Trooper Steve Reichert (Human              fought during the Marianas Campaign
Analyst 2 Terry Gadd, Budget               Resource Division), passed away at         including the battles on Roi-Namur,
and Fiscal Services, passed away           her residence on April 14 after a short    Tinian, Saipan, and Iwo Jima, and
peacefully on April 6. Ragan had been      battle with cancer.                        was wounded. Like many of his
battling lung disease for many years.                                                 generation, he did not view this as
                                              Frank Lee, retired Firearms             anything of special note, but he was a
     Lawrence L. Gusa, 51, brother-        Examiner from the Crime Laboratory         hero to family.
in-law to Detective Curt Ladines,          Division, and husband of Robin Lee
Criminal Investigation Division,           (Bussoletti), retired DNA forensic
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InsideOut                                                                                             April/May 2011

   The Washington State Patrol recognizes and
   honors the officers who served with distinction
   and died in the line of duty during the month of

                        Trooper William Pautzke died on May 8, 1930, at the age of 28. He died from injuries when
                    he ran his motorcycle into the side of a gravel truck in the Burien area of Seattle en route to an
                    investigation. At the time of his death, Trooper Pautzke served four years with the Washington
                    State Patrol.

                         Trooper Thomas Hanlin died on May 26, 1945, at the age of 38. He died from injuries
                     sustained 18 months after flipping his paddy wagon on the Mount Baker Highway near
                     Deming. His injuries at first were considered minor bruises. Later diagnosis revealed head

                         Trooper Glenda Thomas died on May 24, 1985, at the age of 29. She was killed while
                     investigating a multi-vehicle collision on the north Seattle freeway. Trooper Thomas was
                     standing between two vehicles at the collision scene when another car rear-ended one of the
                     vehicles involved in the earlier collision, pinning her between two automobiles. At the time
                     of her death, Trooper Thomas had served only 6 months with the Washington State Patrol as a

continued                                 RWSPEA Members Need to Sign Up for
    Ruth M. Nichols, 90, grandmother      Website Account
of Sergeant Ronald Mead, passed
away on May 3 in Federal Way.                Retired Washington State Patrol Employees
                                          Association (RWSPEA) has a new website design!
    Delores Roy, 71, mother of            Due to the updated technology, members of the
Trooper Troy Briggs, passed away in       RWSPEA will need to create a new website account.
Ontario, Oregon on May 7 after a long
battle with cancer.                           Creating a new account will give members the
                                          ability to access a lot of new information, including
   Robert Wollnick, 67, father of         having access to a new ‘User Forum.’
Trooper Bob Wollnick, passed away
unexpectedly at his home near Denver,         The RWSPEA website can be found at
Colorado, on May 9.

InsideOut                                                                                             April/May 2011

         Retirements Retirements                                                       Retirees Calendar
                                                                                   District 1 - First Wednesday, monthly
                                                                                   luncheon, 11:00 a.m., Nickelby’s, 600
                                                                                   Trosper Rd. S.W., Tumwater.
                                                                                   District 2 - First Tuesday, monthly
                                                                                   luncheon, 11:30 a.m., Galliano’s
                                                                                   Cucina, 16435 Military Road S.,

                                                                                   District 3 - Third Monday, monthly
                                                                                   luncheon, noon, Old Country Buffet,
                                                                                   2515 Main St., Union Gap.

                                                                                   Tri-Cities, Second Wednesday of the
           Sergeant                           Trooper
                                                                                   month, at 1130 Old Country Buffet at
       Roger R. Cook, Jr.                 Paul G. Gonzales
                                                                                   the south end of the Columbia Center
                                                                                   Mall, 1321 N. Columbia Ctr. Blvd.,
     Roger R. Cook, Jr. retired after     He transferred to District 6 on          Kennewick.
25 years of dedicated service to the      December 1, 2007, assigned to the
Washington State Patrol and to the        Columbia Basin.                          District 4 - Last Wednesday, monthly
citizens of the state of Washington.          On September 1, 2009, Cook           breakfast, 7:30 a.m., Longhorn
     Cook was born in Burien,             transferred back to District 7,          Barbecue Restaurant, W. 7611 Sunset
graduated from West Valley High           Marysville, as a Motorcycle              Highway, Spokane.
School in Yakima, and attended            Sergeant, where he remained the rest
Yakima Valley Community College.          of his career.                           District 5 - Second Friday, monthly
     Cook began his career with the                                                breakfast, 7:30 a.m., Oak Tree
Washington State Patrol on                     Paul G. Gonzales retired after      Restaurant, 1020 Atlantic, Woodland.
August 16, 1985, as a trooper cadet       25 years of dedicated service to the     District 6 - Tuesday, Weekly coffee
assigned to Bellevue                      Washington State Patrol and to the       gathering of law enforcement retirees,
Communications. He graduated with         citizens of the state of Washington.     9 a.m., Wenatchee Senior Center,
the 63rd Trooper Basic Training Class          Gonzales was born in Toppenish,     1300 Maple Street, Wenatchee.
and was commissioned on July 10,          Washington, and graduated from
1986, assigned to South Seattle.          Toppenish Senior High School. He         District 7 - (New Location)
     On May 1, 1987, he transferred       also attended Eastern Washington         the second Tuesday of every
to District 7, Everett, with the Motors   University in Cheney.                    odd month beginning at 11:30:
Unit.                                          Gonzales began his career with      Homestead Restaurant, 1700
     Cook transferred to District 6,      the Washington State Patrol on           Continental Pl, Mt. Vernon,
Wenatchee, on February 12, 1990,          April 11, 1986, as a trooper cadet in    (360) 424-9222.
where he worked the Stevens Pass          District 3, assigned to Walla Walla.
Highway for many years and served as           Gonzales graduated with the         District 8 - Second Wednesday,
a trainer in a variety of capacities.     64th Trooper Basic Training Class        monthly luncheon, noon, Alderbrook
     On March 1, 2001, he was             and was commissioned on January 9,       Inn, 7101 E., SR 106, Union.
appointed as one of six original          1987, assigned to District 7, Everett.   Third Tuesday - Peninsula Law
Regional Training Officers assigned to    Gonzales remained in District 7 his      Enforcement and Firefighters
the Eastern Washington Region.            entire career. Other assignments         Association - monthly luncheon,
     Cook was promoted to RCW             include Motors and an appointment        Red Ranch Restaurant, 820 W.
Sergeant on October 1, 2007, assigned     as a Problem Oriented Public Safety      Washington, Sequim.
to District 7, Marysville.                (POPS) Trooper in Marysville in
                                          July 1998.

InsideOut                                                                                                April/May 2011

                                 Letters              Letters Letters
    E-mail received via our Web site       for us to transport the uninjured dog      and for taking care of this troubled
thanking Bellevue Communications.          to instead. I understand that in the       person, too.
                                           emergency response system animals
     My name is Alexa Dillhoff and I       do not often take high priority, and I     Sincerely,
am writing to commend one of your          really appreciate this dispatcher going    Pierrette, Steve and Julia Wing
dispatchers. I am a firefighter for        above and beyond to help us mitigate
the City of Bellevue and understand        the situation. She also gave my
the stresses and priorities that the       number to Renton Police who called              E-mail received via our Web
dispatching systems works under, and       at 12:53 to confirm we had been able       site thanking Troopers Mark Svinth
that is why I was so impressed by          to manage the dog and had a clinic to      and Steve Easthen at the Naselle
the help I received from one of your       temporarily care for the dog.              Detachment, District 8.
dispatchers today.                              I have had multiple occasions to
      While off-duty traveling south on    use emergency dispatch off-duty, and       To local Commander Naselle
I-405 (just north of Exit 6 in Renton)     this was by far my best experience.        Detachment, Washington State Patrol;
at 12:15 (April 9, 2011) my sister and
I came across two large dogs running       Thank you,                                      My wife and I would like to
loose on the freeway. We stopped           Alexa Dillhoff                             commend Officers Mark Svinth
and attempted to recall the dogs, but                                                 and Steve Eastham for their help
they were obviously terrified and ran                                                 with our RV tire blowout. We were
across all lanes of traffic. I put in          E-mail received via our Web site       returning to Port Townsend, WA from
our first call to 911 at 12:20 and was     thanking our Spokane Troopers and          a spring break vacation with our twin
patched through to WSP dispatch for        Communications Officers.                   grandsons in Seaside, OR, when a few
assistance. I initially called to report                                              miles south of Raymond on Hwy. 101,
the situation to assure that WSP and       To all those involved,                     we experienced a front tire blowout
Animal Control were notified. I ended                                                 on our RV. It happened in a very bad
up calling back at 12:28 and 12:43 as           We want to thank the 911 and          spot as it was on top of a hill with a
the incident unfolded. One dog leapt       State Patrol dispatchers and the           curve from both directions. There
the Jersey Barrier into North I-405 and    officers who responded in yesterday’s      was little room on the side of the road
was instantly struck by a car, my sister   (April 10, 2011) emergency. We have        and I was only able to partially clear
and the second dog became stranded         no idea of the names of the individuals    the highway. Because of poor cell
on the left shoulder of I-405 South as     involved, so maybe this is a thank you     phone service, I was having trouble
traffic regained its regular flow. After   to the whole department.                   contacting AAA. About five minutes
a few minutes we saw the dog that               We were returning to Spokane          after we stopped, the patrolmen came
had been hit making his way up the         on Sunday, 4-10-11, on Highway 395         to our aid by directing traffic from
northbound onramp (we can only hope        and I 90, it was mid-afternoon when        both directions and calling tire service
he has since been found and received       a man driving a small white pickup         help from Raymond, WA. They were
care). We were able to eventually get      truck began terrifying everyone on the     very courteous and helpful (getting
a hold of the second dog and as traffic    road with his erratic driving: speeding,   tire size data, etc.) and calling for
came to a stop we were able to get         slowing down, cutting between cars,        local help. Please send them our
everyone back to the right shoulder.       driving on the shoulder, taking a break    thanks for making our RV problem
     The WSP dispatcher I spoke with       to lie face down on the shoulder, and      as safe and less stressful as possible.
each time I called was wonderful.          joining the traffic again. We felt very    We very much appreciated their kind
She was extremely compassionate            fortunate to have your expert help. We     assistance.
and helpful in an obviously stressful      drove by as the man was being calmly
situation. When she was unable to get      handcuffed by an officer.                  Thank You,
animal control to respond she located           We very much appreciate your          Capt. and Mrs. Jack E. Adney (Retired
the nearest veterinary clinic in Renton    making our return home a safe one,         Delta Airlines)

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InsideOut                                                                                                April/May 2011

                                Letters               Letters Letters
     E-mail received via our Web          Valley by Baker Road, a few blocks          your grandpa what would you tell me
site thanking Trooper Guy Rosser,         from where he lives in a modular            to do.” With that we believe you knew
District 1 Olympia, for his service.      home community with our mother              he was a good man. He sensed that
                                          before she passed a couple of days          and it helped get him through being
     I want to commend a WSP              before you pulled him over.                 pulled over.
employee. I’m not sure if it is a              Father is old. He has been through
trooper or a sergeant, but the SUV        so very much in the last three months            So again, “thank you” for your
plate number is #734. Over the last       with mother in ICU at the hospital          compassion. Dad said you reminded
month or so, I have noticed a WSP         fighting for her life. They were in         him of his grandson Dana in Boise.
vehicle making a difference in the        Indio, California, for the winter when      That, Officer Marcus, is a huge
morning commute.                          things got the best of her. Dad drove       compliment to you. So again, “Thank
     I am one of the many commuters       through to come home to us. He was          you,” from this entire family for
that drive southbound on Hwy. 101 to      very tired and very sad. That evening       handling the situation with such care
northbound I-5 during the 8:00 a.m.       when he arrived we were so happy            for another human being who was in
rush. Rounding the bend and having        he was back home with us. What is           so much pain after losing the love of
three lanes merging into one can          disappointing is our behavior to have       his life. His wife meant everything
create road-rage, panic and accidents.    let him sneak off to go home, and be        to him. I know it is your job, but we
On multiple mornings, I have seen         alone by himself.                           believe you went above and beyond.
#734 sitting in the gore point before          Father is a very proud man             You are a good man and folks should
the bend and have noticed that the        and a true gentleman and has been           know that about you.
vehicles leave more room for people       embarrassed to his soul and ashamed
to merge, they don’t drive aggressively   beyond what most people could ever          Sincerely,
and the drive is miraculously smooth.     imagine for being pulled over. The          Larry and Shari Herberholz
I even saw this vehicle in the evening    following day, he came to us in the
commute when all of us state workers      most heart wrenching condition. We
were merging onto NB I-5 from exit        have talked and comforted him. Not              E-mail received via our Web site
#105.                                     only over the loss of his wife, but over    in regards to the professionalism of
     Simply having WSP presence           the embarrassment he feels he has           Trooper Jimmy Craig, District 2.
makes the last couple minutes of my       caused to the family. He has never
commute enjoyable and it’s nice to        had a ticket for anything in his life and        I would like to extend my thanks
know that this individual sees there      is so patriotic and proud to pay his        and appreciation of Officer Craig for
is a problem and is trying to do          taxes and provide for his family and        the manner in which he handled an
something about it. (Even if it is just   community. There are just not enough        accident in which we were involved
sitting there) Thank you for bringing a   people out there with the ethics and        on May 2 on I-5.
smile to my face and proving that one     morals that our father has. We are               Officer Craig was very helpful and
person can make a difference.             so humbled to be his children. We           courteous and handled the situation
                                          respect him so much. We are grateful        in a professional manner, but was
Kacey Rowe                                to have been raised by such a grand         gentle and kind at the same time. He
                                          man.                                        took the time to assist the other driver
                                               He told us in great detail every       to straighten out her hood so that
   A letter sent to Captain Jeff Otis     minute of the evening. We are writing       she could see well enough to drive it
complimenting the professionalism of      this note to say “thank you” for being      home, and checked to be sure it was
Trooper Barry Marcus.                     so kind to him that night. He told us       drivable. He’s the kind of trooper
                                          that he did not know what to do, he         I am glad to see are on Washington
Dear Officer Marcus,                      was so confused and he asked you, but       highways. It makes us all feel safer.
                                          that you could not give advice. He
    A few weeks ago our father was        told us that he said to you, “If I was      Sincerely,
pulled over by you in the Spokane                                                     Alvin L. Jensen


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