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Resume for Paul Vencel


									                                                Paul D. Vencel
 945 Glenloch Dr.
 Fort Collins, CO 80524
 Evening: (970) 224-4076
 Cell: (719)-522-3657

        Seeking a leadership position in a programming or program design environment, which will utilize my creativity,
        challenge my skills, and satisfy my desire to learn new methods and technologies.

        Highly qualified and dedicated software design engineer offering versatile strengths and a record of successful
         Consistent in meeting agreed upon schedules.
         Able to design, direct, implement and provide technical support both within the team and without.
         Excellent attitude, a team player with proven leadership abilities.
         Self motivated with enthusiasm and drive to both set and achieve objectives.
         Not afraid to learn new skills (I built and fly a small single place aircraft).

 Bind                           C++                            C                             CSS
 Emax                           Excel                          HTML                          Java
 JavaScript                     jQuery                         Linux                         MySQL
 OpenOffice                     Oracle                         Perl                          Perl/CGI/FastCGI
 Perl/Template Toolkit          Perl/Tk                        PHP                           Shell
 SVN                            SQL                            TCP/IP Sockets                Unix

 Hewlett-Packard Company                                                                            Fort Collins, CO
 April 2001 – Present                                                                       Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer – Designed, implemented, tested, and documented custom web based software to facilitate
customer support, including secure remote access to customer network capable devices using Perl, Perl/CGI, Perl Template
Toolkit, PHP, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS with an Apache web server and MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle as databases.
Source control using SVN.

 Computer Horizons Corp.                                                                        Colorado Springs, CO
 June 1999 – March 2001                                                                         Contract Programmer
 Compaq Computer Corp
Software Consultant – Designed and implemented communications protocol and customer support software using C++, C,
and Perl. Source control using RCS. Client was Compaq Computer Corp.

 The Maxim Group (part of TEK Systems)                                                          Colorado Springs, CO
 October 1998 – March 1999                                                                    Contract Programmer
 DMW Group Worldwide
Software Consultant - Designed and implemented commissions calculation application and components using C++,
RogueWave and Oracle. Documentation in MS Word. Source control using StarTeam. Client was DMW Group.

 Renaissance International                                                                             Denver, CO
 March 1997 – October 1998                                                                    Contract Programmer
 MCI Corporation

Software Consultant - Designed and implemented network management applications and components using C++, Motif,
XToolkit, X11, RogueWave, and various UNIX utilities via shell scripts. Used Insure++, Ladebug and DBX as debugging
tools. Documentation in FrameMaker and Software Through Pictures (StP). Source control using ClearCase. Client was MCI.
      Designed and implemented significant changes to existing server using C++, Informix SQL, Perl, and ksh.
      Designed and implemented two client side applications using C++, Motif, XToolkit, X11, Xbae, XRT/Gear, and
         RogueWave. The user interface portions of the clients were implemented with UIM/X.
      Designed and implemented underlying infrastructure classes used by multiple client side applications using C++,
         Motif, XToolkit, X11, RogueWave, Xbae, and XRT/Gear widgets.

 Analyst International Corp                                                                            Denver, CO
 August 1995 – March 1997                                                                     Contract Programmer
 US West (now Quest (now CenturyLink))

Software Consultant - Designed and implemented application components using C++, RogueWave, TCP/IP, PThreads, C,
Sybase, SQL, CMIP, DCE and various UNIX utilities via shell scripts. Used Purify and DBX as debugging tools.
Documentation was primarily in HTML. Source control was with RCS. Client was US West.
     Redesigned and implemented the database access modules using C++, RogueWave, Sybase C API, SQL, and
     Redesigned and implemented alarm distribution internals using C++, RogueWave, TCP/IP sockets, Sybase C API,
         Pthreads, and SQL.
     Fully automated Sanity, Regression and Stress testing for the entire project using shell scripts, C++, RogueWave,
         and third party software.

 Applied Computing Devices, Inc.                                                                Terre Haute, IN
 October 1988 – August 1995                                                     Senior Software Design Engineer

Senior Design Engineer - Designed and implemented telecommunications applications using C, Motif, XToolkit, and X11 on
AIX and OSF platforms. Used CodeCenter and DBX as debugging tools. Documentation in LaTex. Source control was with
SCCS. Attended several Oracle classes.
     Completed a three-day "Management Seminar for Those Who Supervise".
     Involved in design and implementation of CASE tools utilizing internal and third party products.
     Increased performance of operations by 50% in ACD's graphic interface server using C, Motif, Xtoolkit, and X11.
     Redesigned the internals of a real time dynamic neural processor to increase performance and dramatically reduce
        memory consumption using C.
     Took on non-official title of "Project Leader" over all user interface modules throughout the entire ACD product
     Designed and implemented a multiple point automatic layout algorithm for drawing graphic entities in a complex
        directed graph structure using C, Motif, Xtoolkit, and X11.
 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology                                                                 Terre Haute, IN
 September 1981 – November 1985                                                                Undergraduate Student
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 1985
In addition to my undergraduate education, I completed a course in Vocational Drafting as part of my college preparatory
curriculum, and attended three on-site Oracle educational classes covering the following topics:
      Introduction to Oracle: SQL, SQL*PLUS, and PL/SQL
      Developing Application Standards
      Designing Relational Systems


Steve Roscio
Co-Worker/Technical Lead – Hewlett-Packard Company
719-481-9101 (day)

Mike Spratte
Co-Worker – Hewlett-Packard Company
719-531-6867 (day)

Rob Wyrick
Former Co-Worker – Currently at Google

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