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Maisin English dictionary


									a                                                                                                                ate

                                                    A - a
a     personalPro. I ; first person singular pro.               used of ashes from burnt kunai, paper etc.
a     topicQMarker. marks the topic in an irr mode.       amburo n. shellfish variety.
a-    person. first person singular subject marker.       amura quantifier. none.
aa    possessivePro.      third    person      singular      amuraise locative. outside.
      possessive.                                         amuya n. garden that is ready to harvest, four or
abiyaba vi. stop somewhere briefly before moving                five months after being made.
      on.                                                 an1   prohibitive. negative command.
abu n. reciprocal term of address between                 an2   possessivePro. our ; first person plural
      grandparent and grandchild.                               exclusive possessive.
abuda n. tree variety.                                    an3 personalPro. we ; first person plural exclusive
abuusi n. tree variety, grows along the coastline,              pro.
      has orange flowers.                                 -an1 person. I ; first person singular subject.
adina n. time long ago.                                   -an2 adv ialiser.
afaserasera1 n. tree variety.                             anamo n. male, used of animals.
afaserasera2 n. fish variety.                             anan tenseMarker. future tense.
afiriya n. shellfish variety.                             ananafi n. possum-like animal.
afisafisa n. being pulled in different directions by      ando n. skin ; bark (of tree).
      various involvements and distractions.              anenemba n. enlargement of hole, as in the top of
afofongi n. type of insect that has a very painful              a drinking coconut.
      sting.                                              angatafi n. curled up, of a person in foetal
afun 1) temporalNoun. now. 2)                                   position or a dog curled up for warmth.
      — temporalNoun. today.                              angawo n. stewardship, care.
   afunanten adv. right now.                              ango kaa n. kind of tree, the fibres of which are
   afunfe adv. later ; soon.                                    used to make the mouth of the ango fishing
aga! intj. expresses surprise.                                  net.
agaga ayaya nane v. put an end to bad behaviour           angoo n. fishing basket used by men, large and oval
      e.g. stop children crying, dogs fighting etc.             in shape, similar to butterfly net.
agira n. generation.                                      ano n. strength.
agirabu n. ancestors.                                        ano wenna n. strength, power.
ago modifier. intens ying clitic. kee munjuago!           arada n. crocodile.
      what huge calves!                                   arafa n. side of face.
ai    possessivePro. your ; second person singular        aree intj. expresses greeting, pleasure.
      possessive.                                         ari possessivePro. his, her, its ; third singular
ai    personalPro. he ; she ; it ; third person                 possessive.
      singular pro.                                       arinan1 temporalNoun. in three days' time.
ai    cnj. or.                                            arinan2 adv. as usual, according to one's custom.
aii intj. yes.                                            ariroi ariroi quantifier. all kinds of.
aimasi n. flower variety.                                 arore adv. together.
Airara pn. Airara.                                        arumo n. oriental bonito.
airon adjectivalNoun. old.                                arutoti n. living tree that is rotten on the inside.
aiti personalPro. we(incl) ; first person inclusive       asa1 n. bunch (of betelnut).
      personal pro.                                       asa2 inalienableNoun. name.
aiyo intj.                                                   asan yasi n. well-known or famous person.
ajasasafi n. work done by prospective son or              asaga n. adornment for hair made from small
      daughter-in-law for future in-laws.                       pieces of crinkled paper, tapa cloth etc tied
aka aspectual. indicates intention, desire or                   together.
      potential.                                             asan yasi n. well-known or famous person.
akafen aspectual. indicates counterfactuality.            asiya n. grass skirt.
amai adv. just, only. amai esisinasi He's only            atai intj. expresses surprise.
      joking                                              ataika cnj. but.
ambeyo n. kind of palm used to make floors, has           atava n. great frigatebird.
      inedible fruit.                                     ate cnj. but, then.
ambu n. ground burnt to plant new garden ; also           ate aspectual. and then... ; realis sequential

6/1/2007                                    Maisin— English Dictionary                                             1
aten                                                                                                  basowi

       marker.                                           avanavan n. whatever ; anything.
aten n. banana variety.                                  avanken interrogativePro. how ; with what.
ati possessivePro. our ; first person inclusive          avanso interrogativePro. why.
       possessive.                                    avasu interrogativePro. how.
atofo humanNoun. first wife.                          avisan quantifier. not many, a few.
au possessivePro. my ; first person singular          awa1 n. gourd-like container for lime.
       possessive.                                    awa2 quantifier. empty, vacant, as of a house, or a
auri n. fishing spear.                                      kerosene drum.
auve n. kind of poisonous snake.                      awaje n. hollowed out part of tree, e.g when
avan interrogativePro. what.                                making a canoe or processing sago.
    avanavan n. whatever ; anything.                  aworeta adv. perhaps ; probably.
    avanken interrogativePro. how ; with what.        ayako n. kind of fruit dove.
    avanso interrogativePro. why.                     ayevo n. management.
avana gofeya n. somersault.

                                                 B - b
ba siko n. wild bush pig.                             baifi n. variety of taro, very long.
baababa n. fish variety.                              baimara n. famine, drought.
baabana n. fish variety.                              baire v. replace.
baabu n. food assembled for feast?                    baiwoto n. black-spotted stingray.
baafi n. floor joists.                                ban n. any piece of cloth pulled together to form a
baasu n. fish variety, includes pennantfish,                pouch or bag.
      diamond trevally, bumpnosed trevally.           bana n. food assembled for feast?
baavi n. variety of wild taro, bitter tasting and     banabana n. whipfin silver-biddy.
      seldom eaten. Associated witha belligerent or   banana dibo n. bird variety, includes beautiful
      quick-tempered nature.                                fruit-dove and spangled drongo.
   baavi kan tamati humanNoun. belligerent or         bangi n. pontoon.
     quick-tempered person.                           bangu n. shellfish.
   baavi kan tamati humanNoun. belligerent or         bani n. threadfish bream, used as fishing bait.
     quick-tempered person.                           bara humanNoun. informal friendly term of address
babaga1 n. flower variety.                                  used between young men.
babaga2 n. landmark.                                  barabbara n. nodding, used of coconut trees
   babasan adv. with goodwill or pleasure.                 bouncing back in wind, the bouncing of a long
      babasan koo go in peace                              stick being carried etc.
babasi n. goodwill, pleasure.                         baradi n. type of cone-shaped shellfish.
      — adv. with goodwill or pleasure. babasan       baratura n. flower variety.
      koo go in peace                                 barebare n. hauswin type shelter, separate from
babayami v. loiter.                                        house.
babbasi n. verandah.                                  bareji n. tree variety.
babisiri v. push.                                     bari n. prayer. bari tane Let us pray
babiyo vi. teeter.                                    bariyawa n. European, or any expatriate.
babotari n. uncertainty, doubt.                       baro n. tree variety, used for flooring and for
babuso n. tree with round, marble-shaped nut ;             canoes.
      used also of nut itself.                        barooki n. circle.
bada n. lord ; God.                                     yun barooki n. lake.
bagega n. spotted, mottled, used of animal.           barubarugi n. type of flowering creeper.
bagi vt. steal.                                       barutarugi n. flower.
   bagi tamati n. thief.                              basa 1) n. first flowering of savaritti, a dull red
   bagi tamati n. thief.                                   colour not bright as when fully mature. 2)
bagibagi n. work.                                          — v. harvest food too soon, before savaritti is
bagisusu n. racing to get something before                 in full bloom.
      someone else claims it.                           basa sauki n. woman who harvests her garden
bagoti n. stem of taro from leaf to plant.                 too soon, before the food is fully mature.
bai n. old garden, where food is finishing.             basa sauki n. woman who harvests her garden
baidadigo n. insect variety, found inside sago.            too soon, before the food is fully mature.
baidafera n. banana variety.                          basowi n. inland pandanus tree.

2                                        Maisin— English Dictionary                                   6/1/2007
basubasu                                                                                            bongavi

basubasu n. wet, soft sand that gives a bit when             the outside of small pieces of sago when
      you walk on it.                                        boiled.
batee n. piece of wood used to measure and            beyaadi2 n. sperm.
      standardise the size of the holes when making   beyan n. shield.
      a fishing net.                                  beyun n. large heron-like bird.
baure n. flower variety.                              bibibi n. large (of forehead).
bautavan n. tobacco.                                  bibiti 1) n. fast current. 2)
baya 1) n. sago. 2)                                          — n. energy, vigour. 3)
      — n. flour, or flour-based product eg bread.           — n. speed.
   baya fu n. set of four hunks of sago.              bibiyo n. cock's comb.
   baya vekan Lit: 'sago measure'. n. middle          biiki n. taro leaves.
      finger.                                         bimbaba n. butterfly.
   baya fu n. set of four hunks of sago.              bin n. wooden post, as for house.
   baya vekan Lit: 'sago measure'. n. middle          binange n. variety of small, saltwater shellfish.
      finger.                                         bindabanda n. deep darkness.
bebe v. fold pandanus leaf in preparation for         bingoo n. stick around which sago leaves are
      making mat.                                            folded to form roofing thatch.
bebedadara n. pilot fish.                             binjafi n. tree variety, used for making canoes.
bebeti n. defilement, breaking of taboo.              binkeisi n. banana variety.
bebeu n. tree variety.                                binon n. calm sea.
bedudu n. maori seaperch.                             birabira n. smashing up.
beedo1 n. sore.                                       biri n. lightning.
   beedo govisi n. covered in small sores.            biri fafaa n. wall.
beedo2 n. type of scorpion crab.                      biribiri adjectivalNoun. shiny, clean, sparkling (as
   beedo govisi n. covered in small sores.                   of dew on leaves, someone with coconut oil
beeko n. sea cave.                                           freshly rubbed on skin and hair).
beeta n. poison.                                      biriki n. empty tin can, used to stand pot on over
begasi n. tree variety.                                      fire.
begati n. garden.                                     birin adv. quickly.
begaya n. point where two things join or overlap.     birubbiru n. spinning of eyes or head.
bego n. tadpole.                                      birubi1 adjectivalNoun. tangled (of hair).
beguwa n. fungus.                                     birubi2 v. go round, circle, spin.
beina adv. rather, instead.                           bitoi v. tie together, tangle.
beisiga n. argument or disagreement.                  biyoki1 n. hibiscus flower.
bejigi n. kind of creeping plant, sticky.             biyoki2 n. chicken.
bejji adjectivalNoun. large.                          bobo jinjin n. kind of ant that lives in bobo tree.
beku n. sound of waves breaking.                      bobogu humanNoun. twins.
bendo n. kwila.                                       boboma n. stagnant or putrid water.
bendogi n. large grasshopper-like insect with long    boboo n. tree used to hang food on at feasts, also
      antenna.                                               used for canoe-making.
benembi adv. really.                                  boboran n. near.
benja n. festering.                                   boboromi v. approach, come close to.
benjega n. sore at a stage when it breaks open and    bobotura n. long-jawed mackerel.
      pus is released.                                bodudu adjectivalNoun. very short.
benomba n. kind of tree, used for making canoes.      bogari n. variety of wild fowl.
benon humanNoun. orphan.                              bogu n. lightweight tree fibre.
berana n. flower.                                     bokakambi n. wrinkled, (eg of skin that has been
berebe n. tree used for canoe-making.                        in water too long).
beremu n. Blyth's hornbill.                           boki n. bucket for holding water during sago
beriberi n. tree variety.                                    production, made from leaves of white palm.
bero n. beard.                                        bomaagi n. bone forming spine of flying fox wing,
beruru n. fish variety, includes various ponyfish.           used as needle.
besi n. walking stick.                                bombodi n. tree variety.
beso n. competition.                                  bombodua n. tree variety.
betata n. fish variety.                               bomboru n. a mixture of salty and fresh water, also
beto v. writhe.                                              used idiomatically for undersweetened tea.
bewusi v. be cross.                                   bongavi 1) n. stick used for taking fibre from
beyaadi1 adjectivalNoun. jelly-like consistency of           pandanus. 2)

6/1/2007                                 Maisin— English Dictionary                                          3
bongo                                                                                                    daarega

       — n. thin, bony (of a person).                            thin pointed ends of the shafts used for
bongo n. small brown reef fish.                                  connecting canoe outrigger.
bongoro1 n. fish variety.                                  bume v. sting.
bongoro2 n. fish variety.                                  bumi1 n. hornet-like stinging insect.
boni n. holes through which the black palm sticks          bumi2 n. bird variety, includes certain owls,
       are inserted in a canoe.                                  frogmouths and nightjars.
bonon n. fish variety.                                     bumi3 quantifier. bundle of five shell money
boobi1 n. medicinal herbs.                                       necklaces.
boobi2 n. type of fruit tree.                              bun1 v. gather together. seseise tibun titauke
boobo n. shellfish variety.                                      they're sitting in a meeting
boogu1 n. village with lots of houses close to each        bun2 n. boom in sailing canoe.
       other.                                              bunangi n. flower variety.
boogu2 n. deep water.                                      bunatana n. scraping coconut to cook one's food ;
booro n. poison, sorcery, magic.                                 splitting taro straight down the middle rather
boragi n. bolt or lock.                                          than just slicing it.
boreba n. grilli.                                          bunenji n. weeds, long grass.
boredindin n. bead.                                        buni1 v. pick up rubbish.
boresi adjectivalNoun. good.                               buni2 n. bunch of mango, or other fruit.
bori n. tree variety.                                      bunja n. block of sago.
boriman n. wave.                                           bunji humanNoun. adult of small stature.
borita n. fish variety, includes several kinds of          buraburan ratti n. shrubs,undergrowth.
       longtom.                                            burama n. wealth.
borove n. kind of seabird.                                 buran n. bush, jungle.
       — n. bird variety.                                  bureji n. eel.
boruma kuwokuwo n. mussau pied monarch.                    buriburi n. kind of bush rope used as mooring
borumakuwokuwo n. bird variety.                                  rope for canoe.
borun n. rain. borunka iyasin it's stopped raining         buro n. work.
bosa 1) v. to be rotten (of fish, animals etc). 2)         burubaro n. fire spreading all over, setting
       — n. food left over from day before.                      everything alight.
bougariyo n. red-legged brush-turkey.                      buruburu n. flapping (in wind), blazing( of fire).
bougi n. prow of canoe.                                    buruma n. fish variety.
bowa n. tree variety.                                      burutu n. tree variety.
bowan n. taro variety, long with yellow flesh.             buruwanda n. moray eels.
bowe n. kind of shellfish, cylindrical in shape.           buruwen v. flare up.
    boyei gotun n. pumpkin tops.                           busii n. gallbladder.
boyoi n. pumpkin.                                            sii busii adjectivalNoun. used of something
    boyei gotun n. pumpkin tops.                                 really unpleasant or obnoxious.
bubi v. break wind.                                        butan n. 'lazy' snake.
bubu n. long tailfeathers of bird.                         buu n. variety of breadfruit, flesh and seeds both
bububen1 v. used of the sun coming up to a                       edible.
     certain point, around 8:30-9:00. yaaka ivasi          buusi n. condition where limbs swell up large.
     bububen the sun is fully up (i.e. it's time you       buuti 1) n. island. 2)
     went to school!)                                            — n. group of people, stand of trees.
bububi2 n. noise of bird flapping and thrashing            buwa n. tattoo.
     about.                                                  ro buwa n. facial tatto.
bubumenji n. scar.                                         buwandi v. distribute, allocate.
bubun n. knob ; knob-like bone.                            buwe v. nag, criticise.
buburan v. slander.                                        buwen vi. jump, start up.
bujara n. splitting, bursting eg of clothes, fishing       buworo n. large earring.
     net.                                                  bwara n. shellfish variety.
bumbuki n. used of the thin end of a tail of a pig,        bwera n. cooking pot.
     lizard, fish or any animal. Also refers to the

                                                    D - d
daa n. fault, guilt.                                       daarega n. removal of something from harmful
daaki n. pelican.                                                environment, eg separation of good piece of

4                                             Maisin— English Dictionary                                  6/1/2007
daati                                                                                               duruwen

      fruit from bunch of rotting fruit.               difi n. looking back over one's shoulder.
daati 1) n.    engagement, binding arrangement         difisi n. sore on eyelid (stye?).
      between two people preparing to marry.                  — n. blindness.
dabera n. glands.                                      diguna n. tree variety.
dabogo n. triggerfish.                                 digurun n. kind of small shellfish. Shell is black
   dadadan adv. hurriedly, in a rushed manner.                and yellow and round with sharp points.
dadadi n. haste.                                       diitu1 n. wisdom tooth.
   dadadan adv. hurriedly, in a rushed manner.         diitu2 1) n. tip or edge of blade.
dadda n. drip.                                         dikororo n. tree variety.
dagaya 1) n. good erect posture. 2)                    dimbubiya n. mourning.
      — n. laziness.                                   dina n. fish variety, includes spotted chisel-toothed
daibi n. fishing line.                                        wrasse and blue and yellow wrasse.
daida n. nail.                                         dindiya n. focus, concentration?
daiko adjectivalNoun. twisted, very small (of legs).   dinu n. fish variety.
daira n. young pig, with tusks.                        dinundi n. rubbish.
damana n. star.                                        dirikoko n. runt, used of any animal or plant that
damun n. dried coconut leaves used as torch.                  doesn't grow properly.
dandaa n. tree variety.                                dirimu n. tree variety.
dandiri n. shellfish variety.                          diro n. mirror.
dangoro n. green sawfish.                              diroma n. shellfish variety.
darada n. tree variety.                                diru n. biak red lory.
dararuki n. flower variety.                            disasa n. food not cooked on top.
darei n. road.                                         divevega n. recovery.
daruso n. crayfish.                                    diyen2 v. be completely full with no space left.
dauvan n. chattels of deceased person for              dobu n. tent, hut, makeshift shelter.
      distribution among family.                       doddo n. row.
daveve n. wolf herring.                                dodona n. 3-legged bench or rack for smoking fish.
dayen v. drip, as of a single drop.                    dodova n. feather used for adornment, that waves
debadeba n. area of flat ground.                              in breeze.
debibi n. kind of betelnut, hard-centred.              doiyen v. put next to each other ; touch lightly.
      — n. taro variety.                               domba1 n. shellfish variety.
dede adjectivalNoun. slow.                             domba2 n. type of fruit tree.
   dedeyan adv. slowly.                                dombun n. partner.
dedekiyo n. bird variety.                              dongi n. fish variety, includes yellowtail scad and
dederi n. long narrow strip of wood along top of              ponyfish.
      canoe.                                           dora n. flaking skin ; fish scales.
   dedeyan adv. slowly.                                dovi n. tree variety.
deeki n. stern of canoe.                               dowa n. kind of fig tree, bears inedible fruit.
denadena n. bobbing up and down on water.              dudu1 n. kind of flowering plant.
denana n. foxface.                                     dudu2 n. weakness.
desun n. meeting.                                      dududi n. noise of engine of rushing water, plane,
dewo n. old clothes?                                          boat etc.
di1 n. consciousness ; life.                           duduya n. type of goatfish.
dibere n. flying fox.                                  duku n. loud noise, as of coconut falling to
dibere sissi n. flower variety.                               ground.
dibogi n. banana variety.                              dukudaka n. heavy tread, heavy-footed walking.
diboro n. prison.                                      dukuduku n. throbbing pain felt inside a wound.
didi n. staying awake for the purpose of waiting for   dun 1) n. red dye used in tapa design, and the tree
      something, keeping a vigil.                           from the leaves of which the dye is produced.
dididi 1) n. tightness. dididi itessi she put it on         2) plant from which red tapa dye is extracted.
      tightly 2)                                       duribi n. bird variety including many gerygones,
      — v. become taut.                                     warblers, grassbirds, robins and whistlers.
didige n. cucumber.                                    durowa n. beauty ; goodness.
didiriga n. scattering or spreading all over a         durumunga adv. carefully ; in leisurely fashion.
      surface.                                         duruwen v. come to a sudden stop.

6/1/2007                                  Maisin— English Dictionary                                           5
e                                                                                                    faraffara

                                                  E - e
e    personalPro. you(s) ; second person singular       embotiti n. shellfish variety.
     personal pro.                                      en control. agent or instrument.
e1   locative. to ; in ; at ; on.                          wen
e2   num. PL.                                              yen
-e1 num. plural marker.                                 en     person. third singular subject marker.
-e2 predicate.                                          en1    possessivePro. your ; second plural possessive
eba gunu n. kind of spear.                                     pro.
eero adjectivalNoun. childless.                         en2    personalPro. you (pl).
efe ablative. from.                                     -en1
ei1 possessivePro. their ; third person plural          -en2 object. 3SG.O.
     possessive pro.                                    enjigi n. tiredness, boredom, aversion.
ei2 personalPro. they ; third plural personal pro.      eregagan adv. lazily, with slackness, carelessly.
embawa humanNoun.               form  of     address    -eren object. me, us, you ; first and second person
     traditionally used between clan elders to avoid           object markers.
     using their actual names.                          erevo n. thick pepper vine and its fruit.
embigi n. softening, as of banana when it ripens,       eri intj. expresses sympathy.
     or skin when it gets cold.                         eseka cnj. but, frustratingly enough.
embobi 1) n. large tapa cloth, for woman's              esuru n. fjord.
     garment. 2) dress, skirt.                          etona n. fish variety.
embon n. bundle of 5 tapa cloths.                       etota n. small string bag.
embone1 n. taro variety.                                evovi n. emblems, customs etc, restricted to certain
embone2 n. type of fish.                                       clans.
embongugu n. type of stingray.                          eyee intj. expresses triumph, pleasure.
embotamo n. type of stingray.

                                                  F - f
faafi humanNoun. husband.                                  fake gangi n. light-fingered person, thief.
faafo n. harbour, mooring place.                           fake gi n. handrail.
    faafo kaa n. large canoe.                              fake ji n. fingernail.
    faafo kaa n. large canoe.                              fake ketu n. wrist.
faake v. open, e.g. a box.                                 fake rereki n. finger.
fafa1 v. ask for, request.                                 fake roti tamata Lit: 'people with tied hands'.
fafa2 v. bandage, dress.                                       n. close allies.
fafara2 n. sago cakes, made with coconut.                  fake wati n. upper arm.
fafe v. carry on one's back.                               faketi tarosi numeral. five.
fafu n. bulkiness from excessive wrapping , also           fake fos n. forearm.
       used of someone wearing several layers of           fake gangi n. light-fingered person, thief.
       clothes.                                            fake gi n. handrail.
fafusi adv. characterised by, typified by. besiga          fake ji n. fingernail.
       fafusi argumentative                                fake ketu n. wrist.
fagaga intj. exclamation used by Maisin warriors           fake rereki n. finger.
       after spearing enemy.                               fake roti tamata Lit: 'people with tied hands'.
fai n. Brahminy kite.                                          n. close allies.
faifai n. catapult.                                        fake wati n. upper arm.
faifasi n. hitting the target perfectly.                   faketi tarosi numeral. five.
faire v. sizzle, leap (as when drop of water hits hot      faketi tautau numeral. ten.
       oil).                                            fakifaki n. kind of painful sore on skin.
faisi1 n. banana variety.                               fakisi v. stir.
faisi2 n. pepper stick.                                 fana n. table ; platform ; bed.
faiyen v. become light through loss of moisture.        fara n. leaf, blade of grass.
fake inalienableNoun. hand or arm.                      farafa n. platform of canoe.
   fake fos n. forearm.                                 faraffara n. light rainshower.

6                                          Maisin— English Dictionary                                   6/1/2007
faraga                                                                                                       fotuna

faraga1 1) n. new garden, in first couple of months     fifisi1 n. navel ; umbilical cord.
       of establishment. 2) newly planted garden.       fifisi2 n. backpad used while carrying string bag.
       3) workload?, responsiblility?                   fifitan n. obsidian.
faraga2 1) n. workload, responsibility. 2) newly        fii     1) n. bird. 2) feather.
       planted garden. 3) workload?, responsiblility?   fiime n. flames leaping up from a big fire.
faragege n. type of stingray.                           fime n. banana variety.
farateti n. cockroach.                                  fin n. younger brother or sister.
farifari n. blinking of eye.                               yefinse n. brothers and sisters.
fariti n. greediness.                                   firifara n. sparks.
fasiyen v. cause something to pop up, as of stick       firin vi. melt.
       when you step on one end of it and the other     firu n. tree variety.
       pops up.                                         fisiga n. mallet-shaped instrument for beating tapa
fassi n. sweat.                                                cloth.
fatafata n. waggling or jiggling, eg of a dog's         fisisi n. bird of paradise.
       tongue when panting, or a feather waving in      fisu n. rebounding.
       the breeze.                                      fitofito n. button.
fatara1 n. fishing basket.                              fiyave quantifier. crowd, large num (of people).
fatara2 n. security fencing on canoe platform.          fofo1 n. boil.
fauwen v. bounce back, as of blunt knife or spear       fofo2 n. decorated limestick.
       that doesn't penetrate surface.                  fofokera1 n. flower variety.
fawa n. old garden.                                     fofokera2 n. banana variety.
fawuri vt. wrap.                                        fofon n. sugarcane that has holes in it where
faya1 n. fruit ; produce. faya ine it bore fruit               insects have been chewing.
faya2 n. reason, meaning.                               foforo n. frothing at the mouth, also seawater froth
faya3 n. righthand.                                            on beach.
fayami vt. lick.                                        foga n. small enclosed basket made of coconut
fayaya n. food assembled for feast?                            leaves.
fe     aspectual. irr sequential.                       foin n. night.
    fe wararasi v. to make strenuous or costly          foke n. large net used as trap for pigs, birds etc.
       efforts.                                         fokofoko n. tree variety.
fe1 vi. fall.                                           foku1 n. single loud noise, eg of gun discharging.
    fe wararasi v. to make strenuous or costly          foku2 n. blister.
       efforts.                                         fokufaka n. any repetitive noise as for example
feefeti n. cliff, hill.                                       made by grass burning, or beating of tapa or
feegi n. sharpened stick used for husking coconuts.           boys playing with sticks.
fefe 1) n. wing. 2)                                     fome n. fish variety.
       — n. flipper.                                    fon n. foreigner, alien, one from a different place.
fefengin n. insect variety.                             fona inalienableNoun. speech ; language.
    fefesan adv. quickly.                               fonafon n. kind of bambo.
fefeto n. side edges of canoe.                          fonen n. type of tree used as spear.
feffe adjectivalNoun. light (in weight).                fonji n. dust.
    fefesan adv. quickly.                               fonsiyan n. tree with brilliant red flowers that
fekuru n. kind of tree with white blossoms.                   bloom around Christmas time.
fere n. ringbarking.                                    fora n. blistered red sore.
    fere kakko v. ringbark.                             forafo n. mangrove.
    fere kakko v. ringbark.                             foraga n. feast.
ferere n. kind of spear.                                fore n. tree variety.
feri2 vt. throw.                                        fori n. large roots above ground at base of tree.
fesiyen v. rain lightly.                                foriforimana n. northeast wind.
feta n. gash, wound.                                    forimana n. undecorated white tapa ?
feto n. grass knife.                                    forogi n. cloud.
feva n. bow for shooting arrows.                        fororo n. lower end of river ; dirty water.
feyen v. become lighter in weight.                      forova n. shelter.
feyo n. shell ; bark.                                   fossi vi. float.
feyuki n. veil worn by young women during facial        fotafoti n. straggling bits of roofing etc hanging
       tattooing.                                             through slats.
fifi v. chop.                                           fotega v. be greedy, gluttonous.
fifiko n. kind of sugarcane.                            fotuna adjectivalNoun. thickness.

6/1/2007                                   Maisin— English Dictionary                                             7
fou                                                                                                        gamba

fou   n. tool for beating tapa, larger and thicker than   fuifui n. variety of ripe banana.
      fou ; also refers to block of wood on which         fukan n. bean.
      beating is done.                                    fuke n. banana variety.
foufo n. notched wood used to decorate clan               fun vi. become burnt or charred from being left on
      house.                                                    a fire too long. Also used of plants withering
founa n. patch of dry ground apparent in swampy                 and shrivelling from the heat of the sun.
      or waterlogged area.                                   funa fufufi n. fever.
fowefowe n. bird variety.                                 funa fwe humanNoun. whiteskin, European,
fowen n. thumb.                                                 foreigner.
foyan n. tail.                                               funa gugubi n. gossip, slander.
fu1 humanNoun. grandparent, ancestor.                        funa ruwan n. exchange of food between
   fu sauki n. grandmother.                                     families to mark the birth of firstborn child.
   fu tamati n. grandfather.                                 funa yavan n. naked.
fu2 n. stick for carrying pig, betelnut etc.              funaa 1) inalienableNoun. skin ; body. 2)
fu3 vi. defecate.                                               — n. skin.
   fu sauki n. grandmother.                                  funa fufufi n. fever.
   fu tamati n. grandfather.                                 funa ruwan n. exchange of food between
fufu 1) n. lips. 2)                                             families to mark the birth of firstborn child.
      — n. edge.                                             funa yavan n. naked.
   fufu meme v. sneer at, look down on.                   fune vt. butcher.
   fufu vememe n. despising, looking down on.             fura n. week.
   fufu meme v. sneer at, look down on.                   furaravin v. graze, as of sheep etc.
   fufu vememe n. despising, looking down on.             furen n. wallaby.
   fufu vememe n. despising, looking down on.             fusese numeral. four.
   fufufe tauke v. depend on someone else's               fusi n. cat.
      resources.                                          fusiyo n. dolphin.
fufufi adjectivalNoun. hot.                               fuuki n. chewed mixture of betelnut, lime etc.
   fufufe tauke v. depend on someone else's               fuwafuwa n. tree variety.
      resources.                                          fuwesi n. grandchild.
fufukari n. edge.                                         fuwina n. dusky moorhen.
fufunowen vi. shatter, smash into tiny pieces.            fuyama n. embargo on using coconuts in
fufuriti n. insect variety.                                     immediate environment of recently deceased.
fufuttan adv. often.                                      fuyo n. offering, gift.
fui n. kind of shellfish.                                 fwee adjectivalNoun. white.

                                                    G - g
gaabo n. kind of flowering ginger plant, grown in               put up around place where meat is being
      gardens and found in swamps, used in sorcery.             smoked to seal the heat in and keep the smoke
gaagara n. low tide in afternoon.                               going up to the meat, rather than spreading
gaago n. sham work, busyness that has no purpose.               out.
gaaji adjectivalNoun. jealousy.                                 — n. boiling.
gaana n. bird variety, includes certain lories, and       gagamu n. kind of tree, and its fruit , the dried
      red-cheeked parrot.                                       seeds are used in rattles.
gaatu n. lengths of wood joining outrigger to             gagga n. phlegm.
      canoe.                                              gagosi n. type of lightweight, porous rock.
gaavi 1) n. long spatula. 2)                              gaguteti n. long pole supporting roof lengthwise.
      — n. tree variety.                                  gaiga n. act of shoving something aside with foot.
gabaruru n. taro variety.                                 gaisi n. coconut scraper.
gabi n. taro stem.                                        gaiti adjectivalNoun. dirt.
gabo adjectivalNoun. yellow.                              gaitiborun n. flood.
gaevo n. seaweed.                                         gajevi n. small shellfish which attaches to
gafeto n. kind of wooden bowl or plate with                     mangroves.
      handles, also clay pots, bowls.                     gaman n. tree variety used for making canoes.
gaga1 v. fight (used only of dogs).                       gamba n. mask made of shells which has gap for
gaga2 n. secluded state eg for facial tattooing.                wearer's eyes, and is decorated with pig's teeth
gagaa n. protective screen or fence of leaves etc               and small shells.

8                                           Maisin— English Dictionary                                     6/1/2007
gambagamba                                                                                                 girisefi

gambagamba n. calm sea with small ripples at           gau 1) n. hole. 2) kina coin.
      mouth of river.                                  gaugo n. bird variety.
gambi 1) n. cramp. 2)                                  gavi 1) n. black ebony. 2)
      — n. spleen.                                            — n. large spatula.
gambon n. fronds.                                      gegegen1 v. crack, as of glass, pottery etc.
   gambubari humanNoun. policemen.                     gegegen2 v. crack, as of an egg.
gambubi adjectivalNoun. black ; blue.                  gemumu vi. mutter, grumble.
   gambubari humanNoun. policemen.                     gena n. frog.
gambubui n. fish variety.                              genate 1) n. rust. 2)
gameti n. red dye used for ceremonial face                    — n. orange coloured stagnant water.
      painting, and the plant from which it is         gengen n. large limepot.
      extracted.                                       gere n. crab.
   gameti feri Lit: 'paint-putter'. n. index finger.   gere wuwuji n. scorpion.
   gameti feri Lit: 'paint-putter'. n. index finger.   gerege 1) n. shellfish variety. 2)
gamin n. kind of fat pig with short legs.                     — n. shell necklace.
   gamin gungun n. large group of pigs.                gerota n. sweet potato.
   gamin gungun n. large group of pigs.                gevesi n. damselfish.
gamun1 humanNoun. woman who has been                   gewan vi. be happy, show off.
      married, and/or had a child, but now living as   gewooti n. desert.
      single person.                                   geyo vi. to dry out , as of bush.
gamun2 n. tree variety.                                gi    v. hold.
ganaiso n. black palm.                                 gibigibi n. young pig with no tusks.
ganan n. spear.                                        gibogabo n. discordant noises of any kind.
   ganan vekotofi Lit: 'breaking of spears'. n.        gibu 1) n. fist. 2)
      peace treaty.                                           — v. fight (used only of women).
   ganan vekotofi Lit: 'breaking of spears'. n.        gidamara n. fish variety.
      peace treaty.                                    gidigidi n. tickling.
gananganan n. thorn, prickle.                             gifaru gorobu adjectivalNoun. tiny, miniscule.
ganenga n. wanting to stay put, reluctance to go       giferere n.      hard spine inside sago stem,
      elsewhere.                                              traditionally used as spear.
   gangan adv. in a twisted or tortuos manner.         gifo1 adjectivalNoun. baldness.
gangasi n. tree variety.                               gifo2 n. top part of coconut, that is cut off so that the
gangi n. twisted.                                             juice can be drunk.
   gangan adv. in a twisted or tortuos manner.         gigibu n. tree variety.
ganiniwa n. following.                                 gigin n. tree variety.
ganjiba n. mugginess, hot temperature associated       gigiti n. kind of palm tree.
      with rainy weather.                                 gigiti yasin n. spear made from sharpened piece
ganjifafi n. tangle.                                          of black palm.
ganogano n. lizard-like reptile with legs and with     gigo n. window.
      deadly bite.                                     giigii n. expectation.
garagarati n. kind of tree, also the rattle that is    giisi1 n. tidal wave, tsunami.
      made from its fruit.                             giisi2 n. kind of garfish.
garandi n. coastal pandanus.                           gimbo n. tree variety.
garara n. crab found in mud and mangroves, not         gimonji1 n. hair on back of neck of pig, dog etc.
      in sea.                                          gimonji2 n. insect antennae.
garavati n. fish variety, includes several kinds of    gindo gando n. small bits and pieces.
      spinefoot.                                       ginji 1) n. rubbing against each other of joints. 2)
gari n. coconut left in shell after scraping.                 — n. draw or tie, as in a sports match or a
garin n. back end of garden.                                  fight.
garirita n. greasy water.                              ginjiganja n. gnashing of teeth.
garoro n. burp.                                        ginjiriva n. physical strength.
garuga n. green (of bananas), garden food in           ginongi1 n. goatfish.
      general.                                         ginongi2 n. wild betelnut.
gasayen v. pour out.                                   girifafa n. top branch of pandanus tree.
gasegi n. practice. gasegi anan I'm practising         giriri 1) v. slip ; slide. 2)
gasisi n. light rain, drizzle. gasisi tekakki It was          — adjectivalNoun. shiny, clean.
      raining lightly.                                 giririva adjectivalNoun. slipperiness.
gatova n. type of stingray.                            girisefi n. half-knot.

6/1/2007                                  Maisin— English Dictionary                                               9
giro                                                                                                             ififi

giro n. white hair.                                      gorobu n. rat.
girugi 1) n. cold or flu-like symptoms. tasso girugi        gifaru gorobu adjectivalNoun. tiny, miniscule.
       inan she has the flu 2)                              gorobu yagi n. long beam running length of
       — n. cartilage.                                           roof in middle of house.
giruwa n. grease?                                           gorobu yagi n. long beam running length of
giruwan n. fish variety, includes several kinds of               roof in middle of house.
       groper, trout and cod.                            gorona n. fish variety.
gisi n. quoy's garfish.                                  goru n. pollen and stamen.
gisigisi1 n. type of betelnut, bottom is slightly red.   gosesen v. come loose, or slide to occupy adjoining
gisigisi2 n. rubbing hard, scrubbing.                            space.
gisisi v. move.                                          gossa 1) v. go down, of swelling or of tide
gisiyen v. move.                                              receding. 2)
gisore n. fishing spear.                                      — n. swelling going down.
gisore kaa n. kind of tree used to make shaft of         gou n. grease, fat.
       fishing spear.                                    gova n. tree variety.
gisu n. tree variety used for canoe-making.              goviso n. kind of tree, and its inedible fruit, which
gitafe v. bundle up, tie in a bundle.                         when dried is small brown and very hard and
gitafi n. bundle.                                             is used for making necklaces.
gitemobowan n. taro variety.                             gubigubi n. spring.
giteyo n. pad or cushion put under handle of string      gudugudi n. choker-style necklace, tight round
       bag for carrying a heavy load.                         neck and with decorative pendant.
giu1 n. small, freshwater shellfish.                     gugubeeri n. bubbles.
giu2 n. sermon, instructive talk.                        gugubi v. speak.
gofa n. pandanus-like tree with spiny bark, long           funa gugubi n. gossip, slander.
       leaves and long red fruit which can be baked      gugugi vi. sink.
       and eaten.                                        gugumo n. kind of fruit-bearing tree.
gofiara n. mullet at full maturity.                      guma1 n. crocodile.
gogo v. be deaf.                                         guma2 n. taro variety.
gogobi v. be rumpled or creased, as of fabric, or        gumema n. 3-day mourning period after death.
       the skin of an elderly person.                    gumungi n. okari nut.
gogogen v. roll down slowly, as of tears.                gumungi jinjin n. type of ant.
gogoi n. kind of millipede which can cause sores         gun n. kind of shellfish used for food, and as
       on the skin.                                           fishing bait.
gogon n. willie-wagtail.                                 gunenga n. banana variety.
goji 1) n. tree variety. 2) long thick stick used in     gungu n. fish variety.
       warfare.                                          gungun v. grunt, as of pigs.
gomba n. fruit of a kind of creeping plant, round        gunju n. stooped, as of back, also bent tree or stick.
       with inside similar to soursop.                   gunjugunja n. wriggling or writhing movement.
gombun n. end.                                           guru 1) n. thundering sound. 2)
gomo n. tree variety used for canoe-making.                   — n. act of paddling canoe.
goneta n. scab, also used of earwax and dried            gurugara n. low sound, as of stomach juices
       mucus.                                                 gurgling, animal fossicking for food, or a
gongogen v. go down, as of reduction in swelling,             canoe coming in to beach.
       deflation of a ball, hollowing of cheeks.         guuga1 n. mute person, also used of someone who
gora ikasi n. coloured sky, as at sunrise or sunset.          doesn't talk much.
gorago1 n. variety of shellfish, used as sinker for      guuga2 n. mute.
       fishing net.                                      guvigu n. new growth.
gorago2 n. taro variety.                                 guwo n. type of poisonous fish, includes
goreyavuri n. soup with small pieces of boiled                frogfishes, anglerfishes, clingfishes, cuskeels
       sago.                                                  and scorpionfishes.

                                                    I - i
i-     person. third singular subject.                   ifa     n. knife.
-i1    inalienablePossessive. third plural possessive    ifi     n. waste parts of butchered animal, offal.
       suffix with inalienable nouns.                    ifi     v. say, tell.
-i2    object. third plural object marker.               ififi   humanNoun. teenage boy.

10                                         Maisin— English Dictionary                                         6/1/2007
ifosa                                                                                                    janjaki

ifosa n. term used when thespirit of a dead person     inke locative. here.
       causes something to happen (or not happen)      inungamun n. any female person of any age,
       according to their own desire.                         marital status etc.
ifu n. top of mouth of string bag.                     ira n. kundu drum.
ifusa n. sling for carrying child or goods.            iriri n. fire.
iima n. tree variety.                                  iriro n. action ; gesture ; illustration or example.
ijiga n. palm tree variety.                            isa viyaka quantifier. many, a lot.
ijii intj. expresses surprise and fear.                isaa interrogativePro. when.
ikaddi vt. to hurry (some one) up.                        isaafe interrogativePro. when (future).
ikan v. to be able, adequate, sufficient.                 isaafe interrogativePro. when (future).
iko inalienableNoun. neck, throat. ikon terere         isafi n. burning, alight. ane woo isafi I lit the fire
       kwefi you're mumbling ikoise tisen titauke      isaga n. clarity.
       their hearts were in their throats              isa--ka neg. not.
    iko bubun n. Adam's apple.                         isan n. ash.
    iko dududi n. hoarse voice.                        isi n. large spoon for serving food.
    iko gangan n. throat.                              isibabi vi. lodge or get stuck in a tight space e.g.
    iko terere ifi v. mumble, speak under one' s             of something stuck between one's teeth, or in
       breath.                                               one's fingernail, or between two flooring slats.
    ikokindi n. necklace.                              isiga n. kind of tree.
    iko bubun n. Adam's apple.                         iso n. fog ; mist.
    iko dududi n. hoarse voice.                        isoro n. fight.
    iko gangan n. throat.                              isu 1) inalienableNoun. nose. 2)
    iko terere ifi v. mumble, speak under one' s             — n. cape, headland.
       breath.                                            isu boki n. large flat nose.
    ikokindi n. necklace.                                 isu ga n. snoring. isu ga ifeffen he is snoring
ikoo n. sago swamp.                                       isu kaasi n. bridge of nose.
ikosi n. coconut.                                         isu mati Lit: 'dead nose'. n. sulky expression.
ikoti n. taro top (for planting).                         isu ratu n. low noise.
    ikoti foyana n. lower, edible part of taro root.      isu teri v. blame.
    ikoti foyana n. lower, edible part of taro root.      isu boki n. large flat nose.
imandi n. baby.                                           isu ga n. snoring. isu ga ifeffen he is snoring
imangi n. derris root.                                    isu kaasi n. bridge of nose.
imare n. fish or pig meat that has started to spoil.      isu mati Lit: 'dead nose'. n. sulky expression.
imbara n. fence for keeping pigs out.                     isu ratu n. low noise.
imongiti n. pandanus fruit used as brush for              isu teri v. blame.
       painting tapa cloth.                            isumba n. fish variety.
imoya adjectivalNoun. cooked.                          itati n. comb.
in1 demonstrativePro. this.                            ite adjectivalNoun. other, different.
in2 polarQMarker.                                      iva n. fishing net.
ineate cnj. then, next.                                ivo n. tortoise.
inefe cnj. and then (irr ).                            iyan n. limestick, spatula.
ingigivo quantifier. a large amount of.                iyon n. clan, nation.
ininimbi n. artistry, creative skill.

                                                  J - j
jabi n. long strides. jabi iwawen ee he took long             making any splash.
      strides                                          jamani n. variety of ripe banana, has red skin.
jafara n. twigs.                                       jambaba n. flower variety.
jafe n. betelnut skin.                                 jambura n. dugong, marine mammal.
jafeti n. coconut grease as it comes foaming up        jamen momorobi humanNoun. children.
      during cooking and spreads over the food.        janfifafi n. tangled (as of string).
jain n. shellfish variety.                             janga humanNoun. males ; men or boys of any
jajajan adv. stutteringly, reverently?                        age.
jajaji n. diagonal supporting brace, used in           jangabi n. ankle joint, used of both humans and
      construction.                                           animals.
jakiyen v. dive or fall straight into water without    janjaki n. ribs.

6/1/2007                                  Maisin— English Dictionary                                            11
jaraa                                                                                                        kaa

jaraa n. tree variety.                                    jingo n. trocheas shell.
jarajarayan adv. quickly.                                 jinji n. kind of tree.
jarayen vi. shine, give out light.                        jinjin n. ant.
jariga n. person of great physical strength.              jinonji n. fly.
jarugavuji n. baked or boiled sago rubbed with            jira inalienableNoun. head.
        coconut.                                             jii baraa n. nodding of head.
jaun n. kind of small fishing net.                           jii bibiti n. very smart person.
jaurafi n. fish variety, includes several kinds of           jira gagaabi n. skull, headbone.
        threadfin.                                           jira gagaabi n. skull, headbone.
jebu1 n. fish variety, includes boxfish, pufferfish,      jirere n. sun's first appearance over the horizon,
        toadfish and porcupinefish.                             when it is just becoming light.
jebu2 n. fat stomach.                                     jiroru n. shellfish variety.
jebu sissi n. flower variety.                             jivejave n. all the motions of the decorations worn
jebuga n. life, health ; salvation.                             as adornment for dancing.
jegaburu n. long grass.                                   jiwo humanNoun. young unmarried man.
jemando v. cut something short or not finish it           jo    quantifier. many, a lot.
        because of an interruption.                       jobi n. price.
jembu n. kind of bush rope.                               jofeti n. bird variety including certain kinds of
jemeya adjectivalNoun.          rotten    (of    fruit,         nightjar and bowerbird.
        vegetation).                                      jofuwen v. fall or bounce off, as of a spear not
jeni n. bird variety, including certain plovers and             sticking to its target.
        sandpipers.                                       jogun me n. kind of inedible wild banana.
jenini v. slither on stomach.                             jojo n. sleep in the eye.
jenje n. sandfly.                                         jojo kafaffari n. waterfall.
    jenje tita n. goosepimples.                           jojo tafafa n. waterfall.
    jenje tita n. goosepimples.                           jojoji n. process of cutting through water, as of
jenjeri n. small ripples, wood shavings.                        boat.
jereren v. of sun's first appearance over horizon.        jojoru n. uneven or bumpy.
jeretayen v. to be filled in, as a ditch or a hollow.     joke1 n. banana variety.
jerije n. swamp, lake, body of water.                     joke2 n. bird variety.
jeriyen vi. get stuck.                                    jonee n. banana variety.
jeruru n. runny excrement.                                joo n. pile, as of branches to be burned, or
jesa n. kind of small reef fish.                                rubbish.
jeti n. discarded coconut scrapings.                      jorojo1 n. bird variety, includes dusky lory,
jevi n. muddied water.                                          goldie's lorikeet and rainbow lorikeet.
jeyo n. not yet ripe enough to eat, as of mangoes,        jorojo2 n. broom sticks.
        Malay apples and certain other fruit.             joruwen vi. sprout, come up.
    jii baraa n. nodding of head.                         jouwen vi. jump (into water).
    jii bibiti n. very smart person.                      jufi n. fish variety.
jiiji humanNoun. leader.                                  juji n. mound for planting sweet potato.
jijibo v. sing while working, walking etc.                jumbe n. edible shellfish, found in mangroves, long
jijja n. insect variety.                                        and conical in shape.
jimati n. school of fish leaping close to the surface     junberegi n. banana variety.
        of the water.                                     junga n. kind of tree.
jimoti n. earwig.                                         junju n. small variety of flying fox.
jin n. tree variety.                                      juufi n. large black seed from variety of wild
jinemba n. mixture.                                             inedible banana.

                                                   K - k
ka      humanNoun. brother-in-law, used by a woman              — n. canoe.
        of her husband's brother or sister's husband ;       kaa fafa n. woodchips.
        used by a man of his wife's sister or brother's      kaa fuddi n. log.
        wife.                                                kaa tutu n. tree stump.
ka      topicMarker. topic marker.                           kaa fafa n. woodchips.
ka-     person. first person exclusive subject marker.       kaa fuddi n. log.
kaa1    1) n. tree. 2)                                       kaa tutu n. tree stump.

12                                          Maisin— English Dictionary                                    6/1/2007
kaafi                                                                                                      kamatawi

kaafi1 n. sago or coconut fronds.                           kain n. medicine.
kaafi2 n. small mat used for storing decorative                kain bobi tamati n. witchdoctor.
      feathers in.                                             kain tamati n. doctor.
kaafu n. shellfish variety.                                    kain vaa n. clinic, hospital, Aid Post etc.
kaakora n. fruit.                                              kain bobi tamati n. witchdoctor.
kaama n. kind of shellfish.                                    kain tamati n. doctor.
kaasa n. kind of branched coral, brown in colour               kain vaa n. clinic, hospital, Aid Post etc.
      when alive. Also used of broken pieces of             kainunki n. shade.
      coral washed up on beach.                             kaira n. handle of string bag.
kada n. sail ; sailing boat.                                   kaira sesei gi v.     agree      together     about
kadda n. thigh.                                                    something.
kadovari vt. impale against something.                         kaira sesei gi v.      agree     together     about
kaduwuri vt. extinguish, turn off.                                something.
kafa n. sago fronds.                                        kairega n. small outrigger canoe.
kafa1 n. chin.                                              kairun 1) v. be full, as of a village being full of
kafa2 v. tie prongs to spear, or tie verandah together.           people. 2)
kafakeva n. fish variety.                                         — v. tighten.
kafatora n. crawling plant with purple flowers.             kaisa 1) n. joint at base of fingers. 2)
kafatteri 1) v. uncover by lifting something from                 — n. fork in road, or where two parts of river
      as in taking the lid off a pot, or lifting rocks to         diverge etc.
      find shellfish underneath. 2)                         kaisan n. rubbing sticks together to produce fire.
      — v. throw spear over a distance.                           kaisan akakki I'm lighting it by rubbing
kafayari v. (in cnj with another v ) do something                 sticks together
      on a regular basis?                                   kaisi v. scatter.
kafeferevi v. stumble or trip over something.               kaititati v. beat sago?
kafefi 1) n. ball. 2)                                       kaito vt. cut.
      — n. bladder.                                         kaitofi n. sharpened stick for husking coconuts.
kaferevi vt. bump against, e.g. of people in a              kaitomi vt. join.
      crowd.                                                kaivi n. hunting and fishing in preparation for a
kafero n. dry, shrivelled flesh.                                  feast.
kaffari vi. jump.                                           kaiya n. fish variety, includes several shovelnosed
kafi n. part.                                                     rays.
  kafi tafa n. on top of one another ; crammed in.          kakambi n. fibre from pandanus roots used to peel
kafi sukan n. hips.                                               other pandanus fibre.
  kafi tafa n. on top of one another ; crammed in.          kakave vi. weaken, lessen, as of the sun's heat, or a
kafiti v. paste or stick something.                               sick person becoming weaker, or sweet potato
kafiyari v. chip off cup, pottery etc.                            softening as it cooks, or a clothes line sagging
kafiyoti vi. stick.                                               under the weight of wet clothes.
kafofo vt. command or prohibit.                             kakayu n. snail.
  kafofo kooti n. law.                                      kakeri n. small chilli peppers.
  kafofo kooti n. law.                                      kakki 1) v. dig. 2)
kafon n. tree variety.                                            — v. comb (one's hair). 3)
kafuddari vt. chase away violently.                               — v. bolt (a door).
kafun n. coconut meat.                                      kakko2 n. underside.
kafusan n. tree variety.                                    kakkowi1 vt. remove or take off from oneself e.g. a
kaga giro n. kind of taro.                                        shirt or anything slung over one's head or
kagere vi. clear one's throat.                                    shoulders.
kaibere n. narrow piece of tapa worn looped over a          kakku 1) vi. bow down, stoop. 2)
      string around a man's waist.                                — vi. worship, revere.
kaibo n. banana variety.                                    kako n. small crab that crawls in sand.
kaifeti n. large, open coconut leaf basket.                 kakorovari vt. cover, as by upturning pot over
kaifi n. waiting for ; watching over.                             something.
kaika n. long distance, far away.                           kakoya n. fish variety, includes southern drummer
kaikosi v. gather together.                                       and low-finned drummer.
kaikumi 1) n. cover, lid. 2)                                kamake n. decoration tied on person's forehead,
      — v. cover.                                                 used in dancing.
kaima n. variety of sweet potato.                           kamani n. kind of spear.
kaiminon n. fish variety.                                   kamatawi vt. take off, remove, as in clothes and

6/1/2007                                      Maisin— English Dictionary                                             13
kamato                                                                                                        kasiveri

        adornments.                                                in beak, grab with teeth and drag.
kamato v. swallow.                                          karafe1 vt. bite.
kamauya n. fish variety, includes several kinds of          karafe2 n. male genitalia.
        trevally.                                           karafi n. white palm, used for floor material.
     kamauya yave n. black-crested trevally.                karagovan n. kind of tree.
     kamauya yave n. black-crested trevally.                karai n. kind of headdress made of feathers that
kamba n. small fence or cage.                                      stick up.
kambaati n. foaming of surf.                                karakun1 n. kind of floating seaweed, found only
kambi n. nipa palm, used for roofing.                              on reef.
kambu1 n. bald or shaven head.                              karakun2 n. kind of seaweed that floats on the
kambu2 n. tree variety.                                            surface above the reef.
kamburi n. fish variety.                                    karamattan v. consume completely.
kamenju1 n. kind of coconut.                                karata n. kind of small lizard.
kamenju2 n. kind of fruit-bearing vine.                     karato vt. gnaw, chew at, as of rodents.
kamino n. fish variety, includes naked-headed               karatti v. set alight.
        catfish , longtailed catfish and striped catfish.   karauka v. bite in half.
kamme1 n. game or puzzle played by winding                  kare n. fish variety.
        length of string around fingers.                    kari vt. scratch.
kamme2 v. twist and roll to make into string.                      — v. scratch.
kamo n. flower variety, good-smelling, used by                 kari gogo n. disobedient or stubborn person.
        dancers for adornment.                              karifuri n. low tide during night.
kamora 1) n. stone, rock. 2)                                kariga n. advance notice of an event.
        — n. money.                                         karikari n. fish variety, includes cod and groper.
kamosi vt. peel.                                            karivako n. axe.
kamukuku n. large grapefruit-like citrus with red           kariya v. scratch.
        flesh.                                                     — n. ear.
kamun n. fermented substance, as drinking                      kari gogo n. disobedient or stubborn person.
        coconut or sugar that has sat for too long.            kariya teri 1) n. agreement. 2)
kan possessivePredicate. indicates possession.                     — v. advice.
kan v. eat.                                                    kariya teri n. agreement. 2)
-kan person. first person plural exclusive subject.                — v. advice.
kana n. bird variety, including certain kinds of tern.      kariyata n. fish variety.
kananavi vi. dry up, wither.                                karo2 n. torso.
kanangara n. fast ; abstention from food, or from           karu1 n. shellfish variety, shell is used for dancing
        a particular food.                                         and held in the mouth in certain dances.
kandadi n. stick used in pig trap (when tripped, it         karu gamba n. kind of shellfish. The shell is
        closes trap on pig.).                                     used for dancing and is held in the mouth in
kandi n. large woven basket.                                      certain dances.
kandu n. locust-like insect.                                karure2 vi. grow up.
kani n. flower variety.                                     karusi n. flower variety.
kanindi n. drying out of wood, smoked meat etc              kasa n. large roots coming up at base of mangroves.
        until it is really hard.                            kasa n. lap.
kaniniwa 1) n. spirit. 2)                                   kasam n. knowledge.
        — n. shadow. 3)                                     kasameri n. curse, strong condemnatory talk.
        — n. photograph.                                    kasami vt. scorch, roast.
     kaniniwa muwan fafusi n. Holy Spirit.                  kasi 1) n. canoe paddle. 2)
     kaniniwa muwan fafusi n. Holy Spirit.                        — v. to paddle a canoe.
kanjikanji n. hot, airless stuffy condition.                kasidderi v. splash water on.
kanjuja n. wrinkle, bunching, crowding.                     kasifuri v. twist string together by rubbing against
kanruwan n. food.                                                 leg. (only by men.).
kanyan n. feast.                                            kasimon n. door.
kaoo n. rafter.                                             kasinawari 1) vt. go over, surmount. 2)
kara1 n. betelnut.                                                — vt. defile.
     kara kwafu n. stand of betelnut palms.                 kasiro 1) n. decoration made of shredded coconut
     kara kwafu n. stand of betelnut palms.                       leaf. 2)
karabusi 1) v. burrow, hollow out. 2)                             — n. mark to indicate forbidden property or
        — v. bite, used of dog, insects, humans.                  territory.
karafatte v. grip something between one's teeth, or         kasiveri vt. splash water on something or someone.

14                                             Maisin— English Dictionary                                     6/1/2007
kasiya                                                                                                         ke

kasiya 1) n. indirect talk. 2)                                katuwatte sauki n. female teacher.
      — n. parable.                                           katuwatte tamati n. male teacher.
kasiyafara n. taro variety.                                kaubi 1) n. valley, chasm, depression in ground.
kasosowe 1) n. woven fan. 2)                                     2) pond or well dug by pigs.
      — v. fan eg a child, or food to keep flies off it.   kaufororo n. kingfisher.
kassi vt. bake, roast.                                     kaun n. errand, message.
kasu n. smoke.                                             kauna n. earring.
  kasu teri Lit: 'smoke-putting'. n. ceremony to           kausi n. left hand side.
      conclude three day mourning period.                  kava n. mouth.
  kasu teri Lit: 'smoke-putting'. n. ceremony to              kava giruwan n. saliva.
      conclude three day mourning period.                     kava kari n. edge.
kasufe vi. spit (chewed betelnut).                            kava yati n. stranger ; one who speaks a
katake n. fish variety, includes several kinds of                different language.
      batfish, butterflyfish and angelfish.                   kava yavi n. open-mouthed, amazed.
katamata n. bank (of river).                                  kava giruwan n. saliva.
katame v. ask about whereabouts of something.                 kava kari n. edge.
katamowi v. remove ceremonially, as the taking                kava yati n. stranger ; one who speaks a
      off of the widow's old clothes at the mortuary             different language.
      feast, or the taking of food from the poles it is       kava yavi n. open-mouthed, amazed.
      hanging on at a feast.                               kavakava n. idiot, numbskull.
katatari v. shake out, as of dog shaking water off,        kavarara n. fish variety.
      or shaking out crumbs from tablecloth, or            kavari v. take something out of something.
      shaking sand over pandanus mat.                      kavatti v. smoke eg fish over a fire.
katatawi vt. bury.                                         kavava v. speak very badly of, curse.
katawen v. become clean, of an illness finishing, a        kavesi n. tongs.
      river becoming clean again, sinuses clearing.        kaveve 1) n. softness. 2) kindness ; compassion.
  katee kaveve n. lung.                                    kavi vi. sweep.
katera n. liver.                                           kawa v. cross, go over.
  katee kaveve n. lung.                                    kawabu n. bottle.
  katera gangi Lit: 'twisted liver'. n. anger.             kawara humanNoun. brother or sister-in-law (term
  katera kitoi Lit: 'livers torn apart'. v. feel very            used only between different sexes).
      frightened.                                          kawo1 n. emblems and insignia belonging to
  katera ta ramara Lit: 'hit one's liver up'. v.                 particular clans ; class of clan.
      encourage, stir up.                                  kawo2 n. authority.
  katera gangi Lit: 'twisted liver'. n. anger.             kaya n. fear.
  katera kitoi Lit: 'livers torn apart'. v. feel very      kayami v. wipe. 1)
      frightened.                                               — n. design. 2)
  katera ta ramara Lit: 'hit one's liver up'. v.                — n. school.
      encourage, stir up.                                  kayami1 vt. write ; design.
katete v. choose.                                          kayawa vi. fear.
katifo vi. fight.                                          kayeta adjectivalNoun. sweet taste.
katiri v. dust, brush off.                                 kayovi vt. peel off, as banana skins etc.
katitafo n. parents of recently deceased child.            ke inalienableNoun. leg ; foot.
kativisi vt. command.                                        ke bubun n. ankle bone.
katiyawari vt. scold.                                        ke ketu n. ankle.
kato n. roof, and sago thatching from which it is            ke munju n. calf of leg.
      made.                                                  ke rereki n. toe(s).
  kato seredi n. long beam running length of                 ke rori n. shoes, or any footwear.
      house just below roof.                                 ke tifi n. heel.
  kato seredi n. long beam running length of                 ke torafi n. sole of foot.
      house just below roof.                                 ke yava n. large steps. ke yava itettesin ee he
katu humanNoun. widower.                                        took huge steps
katube humanNoun. husband.                                   kee bindi n. ankle.
katuna n. mackerel tuna.                                     kee mayati v. trick , pull one's leg.
katuwatte 1) n. teaching. 2)                                 kee tarega n. bow-legged.
      — vt. teach.                                           ke bubun n. ankle bone.
  katuwatte sauki n. female teacher.                         ke ketu n. ankle.
  katuwatte tamati n. male teacher.                          ke munju n. calf of leg.

6/1/2007                                     Maisin— English Dictionary                                        15
keefi                                                                                                         kison

     ke rereki n. toe(s).                                 keyarara n. tree variety.
     ke rori n. shoes, or any footwear.                   kibbari v. fasten belt etc round waist.
     ke tifi n. heel.                                     kibubi n. coconut shell used as water container.
     ke torafi n. sole of foot.                           kibuburan v. speak ill of, slander.
     ke yava n. large steps. ke yava itettesin ee he      kibuwen v. drop into the water.
        took huge steps                                   kidderi v. pod beans, husk rice.
     kee bindi n. ankle.                                     tukakkina tikidderi I'm knackered.
     kee mayati v. trick , pull one's leg.                kifa2 n. kind of fruit-bearing vine.
     kee tarega n. bow-legged.                            kifari1 vt. pinch.
keefi n. cloth knotted on head for carrying pots etc.     kifi n. tree variety.
kefata n. short club with sharp blade.                    kifuri n. sticks supporting the three long sticks
kefe n. place.                                                  joining the outrigger.
kefeddi v. avoid, or keep one's distance from.            kiifi n. variety of fruit, usually eaten cooked.
keffan v. wedge something shut.                           kiikimba n. enlarging of hole.
kefoti vt. shut, cover, block.                            kikifura n. shellfish variety.
kefun adjectivalNoun. uncooked state.                     kikiiki n. bridled tern.
keisi negator. no.                                        kikiki n. story.
keke n. fish variety.                                     kikim v. showing whiteness, eg of waves breaking,
keketa n. anticipation, looking forward to                      fish leaping and splashing or teeth gritted to
      imminent event.                                           show their whiteness.
kekeyo n. sulfur-crested cockatoo and blue-eyed           kikindo1 n. tree variety.
      cockatoo.                                           kikindo2 n. kind of vine.
kemasawari vt. push out of one's way.                     kikitura n. shellfish variety.
kemeri n. small insect and the honey it produces.         kikivei n. medium-sized fishing net.
kemetari 1) v. dawn. 2)                                   kikivi n. kind of small fishing net.
      — n. used of bright, clear, sunny morning.          kikiyore n. type of clam found embedded in reef.
kemotte vt. straighten out eg bent stick, or wrong        kiko v. to pick eg a banana from a bunch or any
      speech.                                                   piece of fruit, or a coconut etc.
kena humanNoun. widow.                                    kimama1 1) n. small, berry-like fruit, with prickly
kenabe humanNoun. wife.                                         skin and purple flesh when ripe.
kere v. to thunder, rumble. toddi kereren there was       kimama2 n. taro variety.
      a rumble of thunder                                 kimati 1) n. stone. 2)
kerefun n. kind of shellfish, once used as currency.            — n. money.
kerekau n. bird variety.                                  kimmi1 n. abundance of food, as opposed to
kereke n. fish variety.                                         famine.
keri n. fence around garden area.                         kimmi2 n. stars.
kerutti vi. mix coconut into sago for cooking, also       kindi 1) n. time. 2)
      used of children getting covered in dirt at play,         — n. joint.
      or smearing charcoal over oneself for               kiniji1 n. tree which bears small, yellow, cherry-
      mourning.                                                 sized fruit.
kesa n. hair (of head).                                   kiniji2 n. kind of sugarcane.
   kesa teri n. hat, or any headwear.                     kinkin n. banana variety.
   kesa teri n. hat, or any headwear.                     kira1 n. taro variety.
kessi v. spit, whistle.                                   kiraitofi n. whistling hawk.
ketti v. peel skin from betelnut.                         kirekire n. bird variety, including several kinds of
ketu n. back of neck.                                           parrot.
ketu barabara n. insect variety.                          kiribatu n. sandfish?
   ketu nonti n. smaller string bag, carried on top       kirisi n. grass.
      of other larger ones.                               kiriyen2 vi. come to surface, e.g. of coconut grease
keturu n. fish variety, includes sicklefish, spotted            coming to the surface during cooking.
      scat and striped butterfish.                        kiro vi. smile or laugh.
keuwo n. insect variety.                                  kirosi v. mock, ridicule.
keva1 n. supreme being, creator.                          kiroviya n. sexual immorality.
kevari2 v. pick up, as with tongs ; lie on top of.        kiru vt. squeeze, as of clothes being washed.
kevi n. sand mullet.                                      kisese v. scrape or graze one's skin.
kewara sasafi n. large beams across posts                 kisevi n. initiation.
      underneath house.                                   kiso n. tree variety, gives a rash on contact.
keya n. tree variety.                                     kison adv. cooked without coconut, used only in

16                                           Maisin— English Dictionary                                      6/1/2007
kissi                                                                                                    kumutu

      relation to sago. Baya na kison kuvassi You        korifi n. kind of mulberry tree.
      cooked the sago without coconut                    korii n. bag e.g. backpack.
kissi v. shave (the head ) in preparation for            koro n. kind of short, white worm.
      tattooing woman's face.                            koromu n. reef.
kita n. fish variety.                                    kororo n. cold.
kite 1) v. appearance, sight. 2)                         korosi n. tree variety.
      — vt. see.                                         koroti v. take taro from garden and clean it.
kitoi vt. rip, tear apart.                               korowuri vt. cut off taro top for discarding when
   kivan adv. slowly, gently.                                   not intending to plant it.
kiveve n. swinging back and forth, see-sawing            korumo n. reef.
      motion.                                            kosaro n. sorcerer.
kivi1 n. secret.                                         kosasa n. kind of freshwater shellfish.
   kivan adv. slowly, gently.                            kosasi n. crayfish-like fish.
kiwaa n. kind of cane with small inedible fruit.         kosesande n. kind of shellfish.
kiwangi n. leaf similar to banana leaf and also used     kosifi n. scabies.
      for serving food on.                               kosin n. taro skin.
kiwuri vt. wring out clothes etc.                        kosu adjectivalNoun. loose.
kiya vt. dig.                                            kosuga n. stripping off, as of a piece of clothing. ai
kiyaton n. a kind of dark-coloured bush rope, used              somi kosuga kune! take off your shirt!
      for making string bags.                            kosukosu n. looseness, as of baggy clothing, or a
kiyesi v. scrape from eg grease from bushrope in                knot which is not tightly tied.
      preparation for making mat.                        kosuru n. pimple.
ko v. be caught in a trap.                               koti1 v. tie thatching to roof frame.
kobuseri vt. make a hole in, pierce.                     koti2 n. penis.
kodurere n. papaya.                                      koto1 n. floater for fishing net, made from sago
koduwa n. fish variety.                                         branches.
koi humanNoun. female friend.                            koto2 n. tree variety used in canoe-making.
koibe humanNoun. used reciprocally between               kotutu n. insect variety.
      greatgranddaughter and greatgrandmother.           kouso1 1) n. fish variety, includes wrass and
koifi n. narrow piece of tapa cloth used as loincloth.          parrotfish.
koitoma humanNoun. used reciprocally between             kouso2 n. taro variety.
      greatgrandfather and greatgrandson.                kouvi v. deny.
kokafe n. shellfish variety, found on mangroves,         kouwen vi. come up for air, eg when swimming.
      larger than gajevi, edible.                        kovisi n. splash.
kokiti n. bird variety, including certain scrubfowls     koviviyo n. spotted eagle ray.
      and brush-turkeys.                                 koviye v. despise, ridicule.
kokiyo n. tree variety, used in canoe-making.            kovu n. banana variety.
kokkayen v. be in view, as reef, because of              koyakoi n. banana variety.
      receding tide.                                     ku- person. second person subject marker.
kokombi n. mango.                                               — n. higher end of river.
komae n. tree variety.                                   kukkeri v. to rest, as on a pillow.
koman n. companion.                                      kukki n. pillow.
kometi n. mason fly.                                     kukufi n. tree variety.
komoto n. large crossbeam supporting roof.               kukumba adv. squashed up.
kon n. rosewood.                                         kukun n. taro.
-kon person. second person subject enclitic.             kukun tifi n. shooting star.
konedau n. variety of ripe banana, short.                kuma 1) vt. buy. 2)
koni v. rub.                                                    — vt. sell.
konjaji n. insect variety.                                  kuma vaa n. store, shop.
koofare n. fish variety.                                    kuma vaa n. store, shop.
kooti n. message, notice, piece of information.          kumata n. taro variety.
   kooti gugubi n. speech, announcement.                 kumataraga n. fish variety.
   kooti yawu n. rumour, hearsay.                        kumi 1) n. size. 2)
   kooti gugubi n. speech, announcement.                        — n. age group.
   kooti yawu n. rumour, hearsay.                        kumona n. taro.
kora adv. only ; just.                                   kumuti n. charcoal.
koraifu n. beach, coast.                                 kumutu1 n. fish variety.
korefe n. lowest branch of pandanus tree.                kumutu2 n. taro variety.

6/1/2007                                   Maisin— English Dictionary                                             17
kun                                                                                                        masaun

kun v. drink.                                              kuta n. sweet potato.
kun1 n. ridge pole.                                        kuufe n. decoration tied on a person's forehead and
     kun faafi n. small pole on top of ridge pole.               used for dancing.
kun2 n. canoe pole.                                        kuven vi. blow a Triton shell.
     kun faafi n. small pole on top of ridge pole.         kuvi v. spit out chewed betelnut skin.
kungubi n. middle part of a fishing net.                   kuwa1 n. fish variety.
kunon n. beaten sago.                                      kuwa2 n. war cry.
kunyo n. fish variety.                                     kuyuyu n. tree variety.
kura n. tree variety.                                      kwadawa n. fish variety, includes barracuda and
kuro n. tree variety.                                            certain seapikes.
kuruma n. fish variety.                                    kwaitoto n. shellfish variety.
kurura n. springwater.                                     kwame n. shellfish variety, similar to clamshell but
kusi vt. leave.                                                  smaller.
kussi v. chew sugarcane, betelnut skin etc.

                                                     M - m
ma   humanNoun. brother-in-law (term used only                   small pebbles etc.
     between men).                                            mangu matarari n. coarser sand, containing
maa 1) n. banana leaf used for presenting food. 2)               small pebbles etc.
     — n. plate.                                           mangu rowamu n. shellfish variety.
madau n. large fishing net.                                manjeje n. giant herring.
mafigewan n. sexual immorality.                            mankankan n. cheek.
mafii n. sexual activity ; sexual partner (other than      manke interrogativePro. where.
     spouse).                                              mankefe interrogativePro. where from?
mafiyen v. covet, look at with envy.                       mano n. extra pandanus leaf put cross-wise into
main n. casuarina tree.                                          stitched pandanus mat to strengthen it.
mainavera n. banana variety.                               manrouro n. tree variety.
Maisin pn. Maisin.                                         manubeda n. eagle.
maita garuga n. angry face.                                manumanu n. fish variety.
maivako n. tapioc.                                         manundi n. small pieces of rubbish brought in by
maketi n. market.                                                tide.
maki n. banana variety.                                    manuwa n. bush wallaby.
mako v. die.                                                  mara vekko v. comfort.
mamangisi vi. move slowly. kaa nen                            mara vekko v. comfort.
     imamangisin irauku that boat came in very             maraa intj.
     slowly                                                maraffa1 n. stingray.
mamanja n. tiredness, physical exhaustion.                 maraffa2 adjectivalNoun. width.
     amamanja imamatu he's sleeping from sheer             marakori n. area underneath house or building.
     exhaustion                                            maramara n. term used for when a part of the
mamasa adjectivalNoun. dry.                                     village is closed off for visiting or receiving
mamasi vi. dry oneself, change clothes.                         visitors, perhaps because of a death.
mamaso n. tree variety.                                    maran vi. rot, stink, as of meat, overripe fruit,
mamato n. tingling sensation sometimes caused in                dead body.
     mouth by food not properly cooked.                    marawa n. feeling, desire.
mambiya n. eclectus parrot (female).                         marawa vitta n. sorrow, sadness.
man interrogativePro. which.                                 marawa vitta n. sorrow, sadness.
manaa n. fish.                                             mare n. smaller turtle, found in sea.
manaaki n. planning.                                       maridabu n. clamshell.
manamana n. confusion.                                     maru1 n. milkfish.
manda n. glowing embers from fire.                         maru2 vi. start out on a journey.
mandara n. rosewood.                                       masa n. smell.
manduuki n. hiccups.                                       masa ta n. kind of traditional dancing adornment
mangagi n. spider.                                              tied on dancer's forehead, made with feathers
mangu 1) n. sand. 2)                                            that bounced when dancer was in motion. No
     — n. rice.                                                 longer in use.
  mangu matarari n. coarser sand, containing               masaun1 n. bandicoot.

18                                            Maisin— English Dictionary                                   6/1/2007
masaun                                                                                              momotun

masaun2 n. type of sweet potato.                           mee diidi n. speech impediment.
maso n. tree variety.                                      mee gisufi n. tonsil.
massi vi. be ashamed, feel embarrassment.                  mee yun n. talkative.
mata 1) n. eye. 2) first.                               me tenseMarker. past tense.
   mata bengin n. part of face between eye and          mee n. banana.
      bridge of nose.                                   mee bimbi n. red bulbous part of banana tree from
   mata digo n. blind.                                        which bananas grow.
   mata fari v. blink.                                     mee diidi n. speech impediment.
   mata fefe n. eyelash.                                   mee gisufi n. tonsil.
   mata kabusi tamati n. witchdoctor.                   mee rare n. banana sucker.
   mata kofun n. eyebrow.                                  mee yun n. talkative.
   mata sira n. advance notice, warning.                meekako n. armpit.
   mata tetofi n. wide-eyed.                            mei vt. give.
   mata torara n. eyeball.                              meisi n. large ants' nest,.
   mata veturi vt. keep a close watch on.               meisifi n. rope tied to boom on sailing canoe.
   matati ari yewa Lit: 'the boundary of our eyes'.     meivekarori n. giving in adoption.
      n. horizon.                                       mekakko n. short pieces of string left after initial
   mata bengin n. part of face between eye and                cutting (for fishing nets).
     bridge of nose.                                    memba n. tree bearing small red cherry-like fruit.
   mata digo n. blind.                                  membu n. firstborn.
   mata fari v. blink.                                  meme 1) n. skirt. 2)
   mata fefe n. eyelash.                                      — v. put on clothing.
   mata kabusi tamati n. witchdoctor.                   memeti n. variety of flowering vine, 'flame of the
mata1 adjectivalNoun. sharpness.                              forest'.
mata2 adv. first.                                       men n. shallow area, dry ground.
mata ke adjectivalNoun. alive.                             menari kaa n. car, truck, any kind of road
   mata kofun n. eyebrow.                                     vehicle.
   mata sira n. advance notice, warning.                   menari kaa n. car, truck, any kind of road
mata suwi 1) n. leader. 2)                                    vehicle.
     — v. lead, direct.                                 mende n. womb, placenta.
  mata tetofi n. wide-eyed.                             mera inalienableNoun. bottom.
  mata torara n. eyeball.                                  mera bongin n. tailbone.
  mata veturi vt. keep a close watch on.                   mera kite n. first star before morning star.
matamata n. guarding, close watch (over                    mera tauki n. chair, seat, anything for sitting
     someone or something).                                   on.
matare adv. first, in the beginning.                       mera vevisiri n. diarrhoea.
  matati ari yewa Lit: 'the boundary of our eyes'.         mera bongin n. tailbone.
     n. horizon.                                           mera kite n. first star before morning star.
mataun n. string bag in its beginning stages of            mera tauki n. chair, seat, anything for sitting
     being made.                                              on.
matawan n. clean clear water, either saltwater or          mera vevisiri n. diarrhoea.
     freshwater.                                        mesamesi n. kind of tree with thorns.
maten intj. 'filler' expression, often used when        mesekau n. fish variety.
     speaker is collecting thoughts or looking for      meta n. the day after tomorrow.
     appropriate word.                                  meya n. mango.
mati 1) n. death. 2)                                    mi n. black dye used for tapa design.
     — vi. die.                                         -mi object. them ; third person plural object.
mato1 n. black trevally.                                mimisi n. small, biting insect.
mato2 n. excess of anything.                            minji adjectivalNoun. old, decrepit.
matu vi. sleep.                                         minjiji n. insect variety.
matuku 1) n. dream. 2)                                  miriya n. state of having enough.
     — vi. dream.                                       misiko n. sneering at, speaking dismissively of.
mava n. fish variety.                                   misimisi n. pancreas.
mave vi. yawn.                                          misin n. turn.
maya vi. pray.                                          mokura n. variety of ripe banana, long and sweet.
mayati v. pull.                                         mombu n. shellfish variety.
mayedi n. luck, good fortune.                           momotti v. rain heavily.
me n. tongue.                                           momotun n. used of both men and women when

6/1/2007                                   Maisin— English Dictionary                                          19
momowa                                                                                                          nuka

     they are old but still capable of getting around,   moturan n. truth.
     probably in their late 60's or 70's.                moya adjectivalNoun. dryness.
momowa n. skin irritation or rash caused by certain      moyovu n. kind of tree, similar to palm, tall with
     plants.                                                    bright red fruit.
momoyafi n. fish variety, includes barred gafrish        muiyen vi. be quiet, still.
     and robust garfish.                                 mukki v. blink in fright.
  momoyafi damana n. garfish.                            mumeya n. banana variety.
  momoyafi damana n. garfish.                            mumurisi n. stick from inland pandanus, used for
mon1 1) vi. think. 2)                                           making canoe platform.
     — n. mind, thought. 3)                              mundimundi n. pain during urination.
     — n. thought.                                       munju n. egg.
  mon beguwa n. careless thinking, forgetfulness.        munki vi. sun oneself, warm oneself.
mon2 n. sprouting nut.                                   munmun n. tree variety.
  mon beguwa n. careless thinking, forgetfulness.        murowi v. become red.
mondemonde n. sparks.                                    murumuru n. variety of ripe banana.
mondogo n. inedible mangrove fruit.                      murun n. old garden, no longer in use. Regrowth
mongi n. fibre from pandanus root.                              after garden has been burnt or bush felled.
mongo n. rotten, of wood.                                mutu vi. dive, sink.
moofi n. Malay apple.                                    mutu tafa n. groin.
mooti n. snake.                                          muu 1) adjectivalNoun. red. 2)
morobi 1) humanNoun. daughter. 2)                               — adjectivalNoun. ripe.
     — humanNoun. girl.                                  muuki n. kind of poison.
mosi v. blow one's nose.                                 muwan 1) n. respect. 2)
moso n. tree the bark of which is used medicinally              — vi. respect, hounour.
     and in cooking.                                     muwaseri vt. abstain from punishing.
mosse adjectivalNoun. length.                            muwatore v. announce.
moti vi. rain, fall from sky.                            mwerara n. banana variety.
motten adv. straight, directly.

                                                   N - n
-n1   switchReferenceMarker. marks simultaneous          nawi 1) vt. beat (sago). 2)
      action by subject of following v.                         — vt. kill.
-n2 object. third singular object marker.                nembo n. fish variety.
-n3 inalienablePossessive.        second      person     nen demonstrativePro. that.
      possessive marker on inalienable nouns.            nene adv. all right.
na focusMarker. indicates focus.                         nenke locative. there.
-na switchReferenceMarker. marks simultaneous            nenso cnj. so, therefore.
      action by different subject than that of           niiki n. man-made well or pond.
      following v.                                       niini n. fish variety, includes cobia, slender
naamu n. dew.                                                   suckerfish and remora.
nakera n. shellfish variety.                             nini n. flower variety, found in swamp, has good
nambu n. blood revenge, taking of life in                       smell.
      exchange for another.                              njebo vt. use knife to split and shred bilum fibre.
nami n. leaf used for decoration.                        nomba n. term of respect for a grandchild.
namu n. mosquito.                                        nombi n. namesake.
nan adv. thus.                                           nombo adjectivalNoun. large.
nana n. pus.                                                nombo bejji adjectivalNoun. very large.
nanafi v. shake spear vigorously at chin height.            nombowan adv. loudly, strongly.
nane v. do.                                                 nombo bejji adjectivalNoun. very large.
nangu n. boiled sago (Sepik style).                         nombowan adv. loudly, strongly.
nangura n. tree variety.                                 nomu n. costume, trappings.
naniti post. similar to, the same as.                    nonti n. string bag used for garden produce etc.
nasa n. brush or broom.                                     ketu nonti n. smaller string bag, carried on top
nata n. tree variety.                                           of other larger ones.
natofo n. many (used only of people).                    noona n. animals (pig, fish, wallaby etc) as food.
nawena n. spiderweb.                                     nuka inalienableNoun. middle.

20                                         Maisin— English Dictionary                                         6/1/2007
numbibi                                                                                                  ragise

   nukaran adv. medium.                                  nuwa jinjii n. waist.
   nukaran adv. medium.                                     nuwa jinji n. waistband.
numbibi n. type of wasp.                                    nuwa sasari n. leftover food.
nunki n. fence post or paling.                              nuwa suwi v. find someone   out in an
nuwa n. trunk of tree.                                       underhand action.
nuwa n. tooth.                                           nuwara n. a person's style or technique in
   nuwa sasari n. leftover food.                             performing an action.
   nuwa jinji n. waistband.

                                                    O - o
obegi n. stomach.                                               buzzards and vultures.
oboko n. second day after a death.                       onjoo n. kind of palm tree, very tall.
obumu n. variety of bush pepper plant.                   onoko n. banana variety.
obun n. heart.                                           oona n. long spiritual call.
oden n. kind of tree which has very large roots          ooru n. kind of brown heron.
       above ground.                                     ooti humanNoun. elder.
odiyo n. long-beaked echidna or anteater.                orasi n. rainbow runner, kind of queenfish.
odobo n. orchid.                                         ore n. tuna.
oera n. banana variety.                                  orere n. loudly calling out for someone.
ofufu n. banana variety.                                 orikaki n. sound of a person's voice (though not
ogara n. small fishing net.                                     actual words), echo.
ogati n. watching out for something, standing guard.     oro n. tree variety.
ogi n. whole process of hunting and preparing            orobu n. bush canopy.
     meat, includes shooting animal, roasting,           oroji n. ants' nest.
     butchering, smoking.                                oroso n. canoe made from tree that is bowed so
oibu n. kind of palm tree.                                      two ends are higher than middle.
oken n. coconut with soft meat and weak shell that       oru n. bird variety.
     cracks when it falls from tree and so is            oruwan n. share or portion of something that is
     unusable.                                                  given to multiple people collectively.
okeyabun n. banana variety.                              ose n. large, red, biting ant.
ombeki n. splashing noise and action made by             oson n. last shuddering of a person's body before
     people to chase fish into net.                             they die.
ombi n. rain.                                            otangiri n. fish variety, includes various kinds of
ombo n. tree variety.                                           mackerel.
ona n. taro variety.                                     oten n. fish variety.
onderi n. refers to situation when spirit of dead        overekavere n. senseless or meaningless talk
     person causes something to happen or not to                (usually associated with being cross).
     happen in accordance with its own desires.          oveve n. shellfish variety.
ondesi n. sandy coral beach.                             ovigi n. watching.
ondo n. sign of life, presence of a person.              oviyoviyo n. hopping, skipping,.
onenga n. bird variety, including certain hawks,         owa n. Torresian crow.

                                                    R - r
raarisi v. flatten, as of flattening grass underfoot     rafafa v. cover, hide. rooka irafafan he didn't
      to form a path.                                           show up
raati adjectivalNoun. small.                             rafagiya v. create the opportunit y to take action
   raati ratti adjectivalNoun. very small.                      against someone with whom one has an issue.
   raati ratti adjectivalNoun. very small.               rafaraddi v. meet each other.
rabiyomi vt. erase, rub out.                             rafarari vt. find, meet.
rabu n. testicle.                                        rafofori v. pester.
rabujejeri v. rip, tear (of clothing, string bag etc).   rafuri v. tie or bundle up loosely.
raddan n. late afternoon or evening.                     ragere 1) vt. touch. 2)
radde v. pick up, usually small objects.                        — vt. start up, as of engine etc.
radu adjectivalNoun. wet.                                ragise v. hoist (a large object).

6/1/2007                                    Maisin— English Dictionary                                         21
rai                                                                                                           rogiya

rai vi. come.                                              raviri v. outdo, exceed.
raji n. mud.                                               rawa humanNoun. son-in-law or daughter-in-law.
rakikiri vt. chop up into very small pieces, e.g.               rawa sauki n. mother-in-law.
      wood, food etc.                                           rawa tamati n. father-in-law.
rakkori vt. to fix (fishing nets).                              rawa sauki n. mother-in-law.
ramara vi. arise, get up.                                       rawa tamati n. father-in-law.
ramo vt. squeeze (used of sago or coconut only).           rawuwuri vt. forget.
ran n. occasion ; time.                                    REDUP1- aspectual. indicates action in progress or
   ran nenna kakan adv. every day, all the time.                   habitual action.
   rani tauni temporalNoun. all the time, every            REDUP2- num. plural marker.
      day.                                                 refan n. bush rope used for string bags.
   ran nenna kakan adv. every day, all the time.           regeti vi. do properly. maisin fona kaafi
   rani tauni temporalNoun. all the time, every                    karegetana we will speak Maisin fluently
      day.                                                 rei n. kunai grass.
raramu n. decorated headband tied on a person's            -ren1 object. 1PL/2EXC.O.
      forehead and used in dancing.                        rereki 1) n. finger ; toe. 2)
rare n. seed.                                                      — n. broken pieces of shell.
raremba n. quenching of thirst, also used of sky           reren v. spread, as of plants across a garden.
      being cleared of clouds.                             -reti object. 1/2INC.O.
rarisi v. mould, shape, flatten, e.g. of sago into         rewa v. float, drift. irewan euku it floated down
      lumps for cooking, or of flattening of grass                 here
      underfoot to form path.                              reyafa n. woven mat.
rariyesi v. break off, as in a bunch of betelnut, a        -ri1 num. plural marker.
      hand of bananas etc from their branch.               -ri2 object. third plural object marker.
raro vi. fight.                                            rifafi n. maggot(s).
rarossi v. rub dye on, e.g on bush rope for making         rigiri n. taro variety.
      string bag.                                          rii n. fish variety, includes certain skates and
raruti n. early afternoon.                                         stingrays.
rasaami n. cooked sago skin after its first                riiti 1) n. roots. 2)
      roasting.                                                    — n. veins, ligaments.
   rasesen adjectivalNoun. torn.                           riri vi. be happy or proud, show off.
raseseri v. tear, rip(as of paper, fabric, leaves,         ririddi vi. stretch (one's limbs or body).
      skin).                                               ririsi n. prawn.
   rasesen adjectivalNoun. torn.                           rissi n. vine used for tying walls together.
rasi adv. tomorrow.                                        rita n. banana variety.
rasiran n. morning.                                        rivoo 1) n. worm. 2)
   rasiran fufufi n. breakfast.                                  — n. heartburn.
   rasiran fufufi n. breakfast.                            ro    vi. go.
rasoso vi. argue.                                             dire ra v. go hunting.
rassi v. be caught tightly, e.g. in branches of tree, or   ro inalienableNoun. face.
      in tongs etc. arassi agigi I'm holding it with          ro babasi n. mortuary rite to mark end of
      tongs                                                      official mourning period.
rasukkan vi. shout.                                           ro dongo Lit: 'bearded face?'. n. young man or
ratti 1) adjectivalNoun. small ; old (of person). 2)             woman who has recently become an adult.
      — adjectivalNoun. old.                                  ro teri v. welcome.
ratu1 n. noise, sound.                                     ro emphaticTopicMarker. emphatic.
ratu2 vi. happen, come about.                                 ro babasi n. mortuary rite to mark end of
rature vt. deceive, lie to.                                      official mourning period.
rau vi. go in.                                                ro buwa n. facial tatto.
rauku vi. come in, come out.                                  ro dongo Lit: 'bearded face?'. n. young man or
raurau n. kind of mangrove tree.                                 woman who has recently become an adult.
raurauku n. entrance, doorway.                                ro teri v. welcome.
rauveve n. flower variety.                                 ro1 n. sibling of opposite sex.
ravavaratti v. lie up against something, as of a           robiyan n. taro variety.
      boat coming alongside the wharf, or a person         rogei vt. embed house post solidly in ground.
      leaning against something. Also used of debri        rogisisi v. peel off.
      washing up on the beach.                             rogiya vt. snap off, as in an ear of corn, or other
raveresi vi. return, turn around.                                similar food. Also used of a person's neck

22                                           Maisin— English Dictionary                                   6/1/2007
rogorogi                                                                                                      sauki

       snapping and breaking.                                    sex.
rogorogi n. flower variety.                               roti 1) vt. tie. 2)
rogu n. leaf used to cover cooking pot.                          — vt. clasp tightly, embrace.
rogu kuta n. yam without thorns.                          roti1 n. low tide.
   roise siname n. friends, relations.                    roti2 n. share.
rojiroji n. moss found on tree trunks etc.                   roroti burama n. assets, wealth.
rokava n. publicity.                                      rotisaki n. form of traditonal dress or adornment?
roma quantifier. whole, entire.                           rotti n. low tide.
   roma boregi n. every one.                              rovaro n. mourning period.
   roma boregi n. every one.                              rowuwuri v. get dark.
rooro n. container.                                       rufi1 n. nest.
       — adjectivalNoun. older(used of sibling).          rufi2 vi. fly.
rorega n. mixed, interspersed.                            ruge v. grow and multiply (of sago grubs, or other
rori vt. stuff, pack.                                            grubs in trees).
roro n. yesterday.                                        rukan humanNoun. cousin.
   rorovanten adv. recently.                              ruri n. tears.
roron n. mustard or pepper plant.                         ruvi 1) v. cover, eg a cooking pot with leaves, meat
   roroti burama n. assets, wealth.                           for smoking, putting last part of roof over
   rorovanten adv. recently.                                  ridgepole etc. 2)
rorovu n. ceremony/feast to mark time when                    — n. covering of leaves put over cooking pot.
     firstborn child, and its mother, are first           ruwa v. hear, learn.
     publicly seen in village after the birth?            ruwan n. food.
rosinan humanNoun. friend, especially opposite

                                                    S - s
sa1 n. plant used for making woven mat.                   sanan n. sea urchin.
sa2 n. necklace, made of pigs' teeth.                     sandei numeral. two ; also used informally when
sa joka quantifier. not many.                                    giving something to mean some or a few.
saaro n. something tied around tree, kunai grass,         sangai n. bush rope used for bilums and mats.
      firewood etc, to mark it as some one's              sangorofi n. long sash.
      property.                                           sankon n. pitpit.
sabeti n. sago soup.                                      sara vi. capsize, overturn.
sabu n. service.                                          saraman n. planning, intelligence.
safa n. shellfish variety.                                saran n. soup (not used of sago soup).
sagi n. shaft of fishing spear, made from black           sarara n. roasted sago.
      palm.                                               sarate n. almost ripe.
saida n. kind of chestnut tree, and the nut it            saraviti n. tree variety.
      produces.                                           sari1 v. chop branches off tree.
saiko n. kind of spear.                                   saririko n. variety of poison fish.
saka n. praise. Godso saka teifan they are praising       sariyen2 v. pull sharply, tug.
      God                                                 sarun n. tree variety.
sakki v. put (something) into one's armlet, flowers       sasa1 vi. vomit.
      into hair etc.                                      sasa2 v. grunt or growl, used of wild pig.
sama v. lance (eg a boil), cut to let blood out.          sasa3 n. roof edge.
saman 1) n. outrigger. 2)                                 sasafi v. be still burning (of fire), not going out.
      — n. tree variety.                                  sasamata n. large, lengthwise beam at junction of
samara n. variety of short , sweet ripe banana.                  wall and roof.
sambaa n. shellfish variety.                              sasavari vt. hollow out a canoe.
sambiya n. club.                                          sasawagere n. gecko.
sami v. roast, used of bush food e.g. pigs, wallabies,    sasingi humanNoun. children of a particular
      sago etc.                                                  family.
   sami kefe n. area for roasting pigs etc.               saso n. temporary shelter with coconut leaf roof.
   sami kefe n. area for roasting pigs etc.               sau n. morning star.
san n. beach, shore.                                      sau vi. spring up.
sanafun weiwosi n. overgrown, infrequently used           sauki 1) humanNoun. woman. 2)
      path.                                                      — humanNoun. wife.

6/1/2007                                     Maisin— English Dictionary                                          23
saukiran                                                                                                            siri

     saukitamati n. people.                              sifasifa n. bushy undergrowth.
saukiran humanNoun. young married man.                   siffi n. avoidance of a particular food by an
     saukitamati n. people.                                     individual, so as not to be robbed of strength.
saumondi n. banana.                                      sifi1 n. armlet.
sava1 n. mullet, in third stage of maturity.             sifi2 n. type of conical shellfish.
savara n. wealth, assets.                                sifiriti n. long stick for straightening sail on sailing
savari2 v. sling e.g. string bag over shoulder.                 canoe.
savi v. pull in, as of a fishing line, net etc.          sifofi n. stopper, plug.
savu n. kind of banana, may be eaten raw or              sifon n. gap.
        cooked, longish.                                 sifoti v. plug.
sawa1 v. begin to dry, of leaves.                        sifusifu n. kind of mangrove tree.
sawa2 n. either end of a fishing net.                    sii adjectivalNoun. bad.
seefi 1) n. leash. 2)                                       sisan adv. badly.
       — n. string trap.                                    sii busii adjectivalNoun. used of something
seero n. kind of freshwater fish.                               really unpleasant or obnoxious.
sekan interrogativePro. whose.                           siifi n. edible shellfish, found in mangroves.
sekara n. reef.                                          sikafu n. shellfish variety.
sekeki n. plant, resembles holly.                        sikinan n. dusk, twilight.
seman n. trap.                                           siko n. pig.
semba n. mistake.                                        siko mata n. tree variety used for canoe-making.
sembegi n. tree variety, with small fruit, with          simata n. forehead.
       thickish rind and tart, yellowish flesh.          simberi1 n. varieties of shark, includes various
sembo n. kind of freshwater fish.                               catsharks and wobbegongs.
ser- interrogativePro. who.                              simberi2 n. centipede, thin and brown, luminous
serae interrogativePro. who?                                    when squashed.
sereren vi. used of motion of fish with its tail, also   simbuga n. order, tidiness, organisation.
       of stones being skimmed on surface of water,      simi vt. insert by poking in, e.g a new piece of
       also of tide going right out?                           roofing thatch, or a splinter in a foot. Also
sesei numeral. one.                                            used of sun going behind clouds.
seseka quantifier. all.                                  simu n. flower variety.
sesemba n. thin lines that form part of tapa design.     sin n. grub.
    seseme yafu n. includes various species of           sina n. flower variety.
       hammerhead shark.                                 sinan 1) n. peace, harmony. 2)
sesemeyafu n. varieties of hammerhead shark,                   — n. friend.
       include scalloped hammerhead, winghead               roise siname n. friends, relations.
       shark,      great      hammerhead,       smooth   sinana n. betrayal.
       hammerhead.                                       sinani n. yellow-lined seaperch.
sesenenna modifier. same, identical.                     sinati numeral. three.
sesere 1) vt. husk a coconut. 2)                         sineyau n. fish variety, includes several kinds of
       — vt. speak badly of a person.                          spinefoot.
severasevera adv. haphazardly, not in a uniform          sinin n. kind of croton.
       manner, e.g. of cutting something crookedly,      sinin wamutuvi n. medium-sized canoe.
       or tearing something apart into pieces of all     siningi 1) n. phosphorescence evident in ocean by
       different sizes.                                        night. 2)
sewakke interrogativePro. who (of many).                       — n. shininess, eg of new kettle etc.
sewakkesen interrogativePro. whoever.                    sinova n. kind of spear.
seyo n. banana variety.                                  siraa n. bird variety, includes certain lorikeets and
si     vi. become bad, spoil.                                  parrots.
-si1 locative. here.                                     sirara n. light, lamp.
-si2 object. her, him, it ; third singular object        sirari1 v. dawn.
       marker.                                           sirari2 n. day.
sibo adjectivalNoun. deep.                               sirava inalienableNoun. side.
sibomondi n. bright green lizard.                           sirava nane vi. go to a lot of effort, strive to do
sibomundi adjectivalNoun. green.                               something.
sifa 1) n. kind of wild mulberry tree. 2)                   sirava nane vi. go to a lot of effort, strive to do
       — n. fork ; originally a stick for spearing             something.
       food.                                             sire n. fine, as of hair.
sifafa n. taro variety.                                  siri1 n. plant from which string is extracted for

24                                         Maisin— English Dictionary                                       6/1/2007
siri gotun                                                                                               susundo

       making string bags.                                      hit them, but not actually doing so.
siri gotun n. tulip greens.                              sombi n. sloping part of canoe at either end.
sirima n. early evening, around 5:00-6:00 pm.            somi 1) n. shirt, covering. 2)
siriren v. be cleared up, straightened out, as of a             — vt. wrap, cover.
       disagreement or argument.                         son n. lime.
sirivu n. permanent loss of something or someone.           son awa n. limepot.
       sirivu ine it went missing                           son awa n. limepot.
sirobu1 n. banana variety.                               sonan wagiwagi n. groin ; part of body where
sirobu2 n. possum-like animal.                                  legs join torso.
sirorari vi. be born, come into existence.               songae n. tree variety.
   sirorari kindi n. birthday.                           soomiyan n. magic limepot and limestick.
   sirorari kindi n. birthday.                           soori n. fragment of tapa cloth.
siroro n. fern.                                          sooso n. wading, walking through water.
siruwa n. tree variety, used for making canoes.          soovi n. swamp.
   sisan adv. badly.                                     sora n. cry, lament.
sisi1 n. suffering.                                      soro n. excrement.
sisifi n. navel.                                            sorova n. toilet.
sisiki1 v. get someone's attention by whistling under       sorova n. toilet.
       one's breath 'Psst'.                              sosi n. kidney.
sisiki2 n. type of insect.                                      — vi. urinate.
sisimbu n. decorative markings on tapa designs.                 — n. manta ray.
sisira n. tree variety, with small fruit, about the      sosomi v. suck.
       size of a blackcurrant and with a large seed.     soson n. kind of betelnut, soft in the centre when
sisisen v. be swollen or inflated.                              cut open.
sisisen2 v. swell up, become inflated.                   sosoosi 1) adjectivalNoun. fast.
sissi n. flower.                                         sota n. area at either end of dancing ground.
siva inalienableNoun. shoulder.                          sou1 n. area behind house.
   siva kiruru v. shrug one's shoulders.                 souwi2 vt. chase.
   siva kiruru v. shrug one's shoulders.                 soven1 n. banana variety.
sive1 n. shellfish variety.                              soven2 n. eel.
sive3 n. distant place that can just be seen.            sowa n. egret.
siveri2 vi. to move with a gliding motion, as for        sso vi. whistle.
       example of a bird, a frisbee, a boomerang or a    sufifi n. dots forming part of tapa design.
       stone being skimmed.                              sukeefa adjectivalNoun. tall,(of person).
siveve n. bird variety, including certain kinds of       sukin 1) n. little finger. 2)
       swifts.                                                  — n. last cluster on a bunch of bananas.
sivin n. metallic starling.                                 sukin ari ro n. ring finger.
siwokkeri vt. turn something inside out.                    sukin ari ro n. ring finger.
siya n. string.                                          suma n. short knife-like club used in fighting.
siyamana n. fish variety, includes flounders and         sumbeyen v. squat, with <FRN>tauke<>.
       soles.                                                   sumbekon kutauke you're squatting
siyau n. pheasant coucal.                                sunsun n. yam with thorns.
siye 1) vt. roast, bake. 2)                              surera n. fringe at end of loincloth.
       — n. picnic.                                      suriki n. tree variety, used for making canoes.
siyon1 n. stick used as reel for winding fishing line.   suriya 1) n. meal. 2)
siyon2 n. kind of crab.                                         — n. broth, cooking liquid (sometimes drunk
so     n. strainer.                                             as accompaniment to meal).
so     referential. to, for, about.                      surusu n. water turned brown from sago-making.
sobabi n. flat land, plain.                              susi 1) n. breast. 2)
sofeya n. fruit of coastal pandanus tree.                       — n. milk. 3)
sogeri n. laulau.                                               — v. suckle, drink at breast.
sogina n. taro variety.                                     susi mata n. nipple.
sogoe n. fish variety.                                      susi tugata n. lastborn, youngest child.
soini n. fly.                                               susi mata n. nipple.
sokeke v. lean over.                                        susi tugata n. lastborn, youngest child.
sokerere n. bird variety.                                susukki humanNoun. young unmarried woman.
sokun adjectivalNoun. narrow.                            susumbi n. wart.
somari v. threaten a person e.g. by going as if to       susundo n. straggling pieces of rubbish and debri.

6/1/2007                                   Maisin— English Dictionary                                         25
susuwa                                                                                                tarawuri

susuwa n. skin rash.                                    suwi vt. carry.
suusi vi. suckle, drink from breast.                       nuwa suwi v.     find someone out          in     an
suviiki n. insect variety.                                   underhand action.
suwara n. gift, reward.                                 swesa n. thoughtlessness, carelessness.
suwen adjectivalNoun. quietness.

                                                  T - t
ta1    vt. marry (a woman).                             takoosi v. build a fire.
ta2    vi. sing.                                        tama vt. wash.
ta3    v. hit.                                          tamata humanNoun. owner.
ta4    n. hook for hanging lantern, bilum etc on.       tamatan adjectivalNoun. human.
ta-    person. first person inclusive subject marker.   tamati n. man.
taa2   n. blood.                                        tambere n. fish variety.
   taa bese n. related by blood, of same family         tambowi adjectivalNoun. pregnant.
       line.                                            tambun 1) n. moon. 2)
   taa taraman v. have a miscarriage (and/or                   — n. month.
       other menstrual disorder?).                      tambun mata n. shellfish variety.
   taa tikawati n. bruise, or red mark left on skin     tambuta n. water ; river.
       after being hit.                                 tame1 n. shellfish variety.
   taa bese n. related by blood, of same family         tame2 n. mangrove worm.
       line.                                            tamiyawi vt. take off, remove.
   taa taraman 1) v. have a miscarriage (and/or         tamundu n. corn.
       other menstrual disorder?).                      tan n. thick strip around mouth of string bag.
   taa tikawati n. bruise, or red mark left on skin     -tan person. first person inclusive subject marker.
       after being hit.                                 tangi1 n. kind of black cockroach with unpleasant
taasi n. jellyfish.                                            smell when squashed.
taava n. searching.                                     tangi2 n. taro variety.
taavi n. high tide.                                     tanina n. catfish.
tabari vi. lean. ataban aise I'm leaning (in standing   tanobada n. taro variety.
       position)                                        tarabo n. limbun leaf used to block open space
tabesi n. point on beach where tide meets sand.                between roof thatching.
tabiri n. storm.                                        tarabusin v. join as of when two bodies of water
tafa inalienableNoun. top.                                     meet across a sandbank or other barrier.
tafafa vt. protect, shelter.                            tarafiko vt. make a slash mark e.g on a tree trunk.
tafaroro n. worship.                                    tarafisisi vi. scrape, graze (used of skin). Afe,
   tafaroro vaa n. church building, place of                  yogen ita itarafisisi I fell and scraped my leg
       worship.                                               on the steps
   tafaroro vaa n. church building, place of            tarafuttari v. hurt oneself by getting a bruise,
       worship.                                               graze etc?
tafe1 v. open, e.g. of cardboard carton ; unseal.       taraga n. care, looking after.
taffere n. flatness, as of stone, sago etc.             taramosari vi. depart, be absent.
tafiri quantifier. set of four coconuts (for copra      taramotti v. make straight, settle (eg a conflict).
       production).                                     taran 1) n. radio or telephone. 2)
tafitafi n. fan made from coconut frond.                      — v. call.
tafoin n. coconut husk.                                 tararuru v. nail, hammer.
tafon n. two pieces of sago frond used to gather up     tarato v. break e.g. string, rope.
       sweepings.                                       taratodde adv. at a remote distance.
tafoyan v. to peel skin off.                            tarauka 1) v. buckle or twist, as of a knife blade
tafun vi. shout.                                              when used on a hard surface. 2)
tagaga v. protect, shield.                                    — vt. cut root vegetable by inserting knife and
taifi n. slingshot.                                           twisting.
taima n. forest.                                        taravari v. look out for, watch for.
taimo n. spirit being.                                  taravatu n. law.
tainamu n. mosquito net.                                tarawuri vt. hit.
taisukki vi. run.                                          tare wagirivi Lit: 'slip in blood'. v. escape from
taiyen v. become tight.                                       a fight.

26                                         Maisin— English Dictionary                                      6/1/2007
tari                                                                                                            toki

tari 1) vt. cut down (trees). 2)                           tere 1) inalienableNoun. back. 2)
      — vt. gore.                                                 — n. inside.
tarona n. fish variety.                                       tere kaa n. spine.
tarosi adv. on one side (of two).                             tere kaa n. spine.
taru n. dog.                                               tere1 1) n. inside. 2)
   taru ei yabi Lit: 'dogs' father'. n. meteor.                   — n. placenta.
   taru ei yabi Lit: 'dogs' father'. n. meteor.            tere2 n. younger.
taruyeya n. absolutely everybody.                          terefe adv. later.
tassa 1) n. sea. 2)                                        terememere locative. outside.
      — n. salt.                                           terewan n. kind of betelnut, hollow in centre.
tasso n. cough.                                            teri vt. put.
tata n. thorn, prickle.                                    terikan n. plate.
tatafi n. pile or loose bundle of firewood.                teriyavan adjectivalNoun. flat, level.
tatami 1) n. sickness. 2)                                  tesi vi. weep.
      — v. be ill. morobi ratti itatansi the little girl   tetefa n. flying fish.
      is sick                                              teuwen vi. jump back in fright.
tatangi n. blood clot.                                     tevari n. diamond-scaled mullet.
tataten vi. become rough, violent as of the sea, or        tevo n. wooden dish.
      wind, or an illness.                                 teyan n. leech.
tatawani n. kind of prawn.                                 ti    n. female, used of animals.
tato n. tusk.                                              ti- person. third plural subject marker.
tatoddi n. marriage.                                       -ti inalienablePossessive. our ; first person
tatta2 n. tautness, as of string pulled tight.                    inclusive possessive marker on inalienable
tattari1 1) v. sway, as of branches moving in the                 nouns.
      wind.                                                tibun n. group, gathering.
tatuna n. border between territories.                      tifoora n. blister.
tau adjectivalNoun. other.                                 tikairi n. undercooked food.
tauban adjectivalNoun. good.                                      — n. character as revealed by behaviour.
taubara n. whiteskin, or any expatriate.                   timosa aspectual. marks completed action.
tauke vi. stay ; sit.                                      tin n. saved up portion of anything, for future use.
   tauki boja n. staying only a short time, just           tina n. large beam on top of housepost.
      passing through.                                     tina n. stomach, belly.
tauki                                                          tina faya n. excrement.
   tauki boja n. staying only a short time, just               tina ratu n. loud noise.
        passing through.                                       tina sisifi n. fasting from food.
taukiramara n. lifestyle, behaviour, way of life.              tina veuku n. dysentery.
tauri quantifier. some, others.                                tina faya n. excrement.
tautau n. both sides.                                          tina ratu n. loud noise.
   faketi tautau numeral. ten.                                 tina sisifi n. fasting from food.
tavi n. looking after, caring for eg a baby.                   tina veuku n. dysentery.
tavo n. tree variety.                                      tinongu n. tune.
tavu1 n. shellfish variety.                                tiramikoti n. weeding and planting.
tavu2 n. type of grass, like pitpit.                       tiran n. weeds.
tawa n. movement.                                          titi n. hand of bananas.
   tawa te vi. move, stir.                                 to1 n. self.
   tawa te vi. move, stir.                                 tobe n. eel variety, includes snake eels, conger eels,
tawu n. Triton shell.                                             garden eels.
taya n. wave. yokuren taya katata We waved a               toddi1 v. marry (a man).
        sheet                                              toddi2 1) n. sky. 2)
te    n. excrement.                                               — n. thunder.
teeki n. hot water (for bathing not drinking).             toddi ei yo n. kind of flying ant.
teero n. woven coconut frond.                              toeyen v. grab something quickly, snatch and hide
teiti 1) humanNoun. boy. 2)                                       it.
        — humanNoun. son.                                  tofari vt. fold, close by folding of fabric, paper,
tembo n. fish variety, includes spotted archerfish                etc. embobina atofan I folded the tapa cloth
        and banded archerfish.                             toi2 v. break in half e.g. taro.
temetari n. welt.                                          toitore n. crackling sound, as from fire.
-ten 1) person. third person plural subject marker.        toki v. stay ; sit.

6/1/2007                                     Maisin— English Dictionary                                             27
tomabe                                                                                                     vaa

       — humanNoun. male friend.                        tumui n. banana variety.
tomabe humanNoun. reciprocal term of address            tun1 n. louse.
       used between a man and his great grandson.       tun2 n. coconut bunch.
tomi stative. stay, exist.                              tun3 n. pips found in some bananas.
ton comitative. marks accompaniment.                    tuni1 n. shellfish variety.
tona n. brain.                                          tuni2 n. insect variety.
tonton n. pledge.                                       tununga adjectivalNoun. used of something firm,
torafa n. surface.                                             rigid, unmoving.
torafo n. tree variety.                                 turuki 1) n. cold. 2)
toran adv. by oneself.                                         — vi. get cold, eg of cooked food.
torara n. seed of certain fruits like pomelo, Malay     turuva n. mark of (a person's) real essence.
       apple.                                           tuti vt. to beat tapa cloth.
toratata n. flat area.                                  tutu 1) n. blunt (of knife etc). 2)
torosi v. stretch out eg a hand.                               — n. stump.
toruwen vi. collide.                                    tutuki n. grasshopper.
toto reciprocalPro. each other.                         tutumi n. necklace made of strong spiky feathers
totofi n. banana variety.                                      from cassowary wing.
totoka n. kind of sago soup where the sago is               tutumi rotti n. ceremony to mark maturity of
      cooked in the juice of a cooked pig,                    first born child, prior to actual initiation
      sometimes small pieces of taro are added to it.         ceremony.
toton n. unknown.                                       tutumi rotti humanNoun. boy at about school
totoruga n. meeting, gathering.                               leaving age.
tou n. sugar ; sugar cane.                                 tutumi rotti n. ceremony to mark maturity of
tovasi n. part covering bunch of coconuts on tree.            first born child, prior to actual initiation
tove n. horsefly.                                             ceremony.
towasasan n. partial payment of brideprice,             tutuno 1) n. string bag while in process of being
      comprises pig only (no garden food).                    made. 2)
towo n. mangrove tree.                                        — n. string bag used for storing personal
towoke n. tree variety, used for building canoes.             items.
tuiseta n. pipefish varieties.                          tututi n. fish variety, includes several kinds of
tukakki n. bone.                                              queenfish.
   tukakkina tikidderi I'm knackered.                   tuuba n. ambush, lying in wait for.
tumban n. flower variety, good-smelling used as         tuufa adjectivalNoun. shortness.
      adornment by dancers.                             tuvi1 n. variety of flowering tree.
tumo n. song sung to drive away the spirits of the      tuvi2 n. grave, burial place.
      dead.                                             tuwen1 vi. stop.
tumoo n. strong house post ; any strong support.

                                                    U - u
-u   inalienablePossessive. my ; first person           ungabobi n. bird variety, including certain kinds
     singular possessive marker on inalienable                 of pigeon.
     nouns.                                             unguba n. elbow.
ube n. small fjord in lagoon ; outlet joining the       ungubata n. fish variety.
     main mangrove swamp.                               urausa n. fish variety, includes threespot spinefoot
uda n. meal cooked in ground using hot stones.                 and doublebar spinefoot.
ugara n. tree variety.                                  ururu n. creeping vine with thorns, found in virgin
uki vi. go down.                                               forest.
uku vi. come down.                                      ute n. kind of flowering tree.
umbiumbi adjectivalNoun. halfhearted, lukewarm.         uveti n. tree variety.
umo n. bird variety, including several kinds of         uvi n. firefly.

                                                    V - v
va     vi. go up, ascend.                               vaa n. house, building.

28                                         Maisin— English Dictionary                                  6/1/2007
vaasi                                                                                                vekomorowi

vaasi n. visit ; also used of woman leaving her                  marriage.
       parents' home to marry.                            veiyowi3 vt. bathe (some one or some thing).
vadagana n. taro variety.                                 vekaitori n. decorative lines used in tapa design.
vaga n. decorative tail feathers worn by chief.           vekara2 v. withhold, hold something back.
vago n. taro variety.                                     vekaraturi v. bang against, knock.
vagogo n. hollow.                                         vekari n. hurrying someone up.
vaisa n. fish variety.                                    vekarori1 vt. feed or nourish.
varasi n. itchy white spots on skin.                      vekasori v. lay against, lean, drape. Used of
varegi n. kind of orchid.                                       holding a child against one's shoulder, or
vari vt. harvest fruit.                                         draping something over a clothesline, or
varo n. plaza,open area between houses.                         leaning against something.
vasa 1) n. war. 2)                                        vekassori n. put something on something.
       — n. enemy.                                        vekasuwe 1) vt. spread smoke around. 2)
vasaa n. tree variety.                                          — v. exorcise.
vasii tamati n. visitor.                                  vekejajavari v. loosen, give space.
vaso n. seed.                                             vekeramamari v. cut straight, as of roof, walls
vassi v. push aside and flatten (of grass), part (of            etc.
       hair).                                             vekerara v. search for, investigate.
vasusi vt. give birth to.                                 vekese vt. split, divide.
vavaddi n. adulthood, maturity.                           veketatami v. feel.
vavari v. wake (some one) up, disturb.                    veketavari vt. sort or sift by tossing into the air.
vavatta 1) adjectivalNoun. heavy. 2) pregnant.            vekeyewa n. threaten.
vavesi n. ginger plant.                                   vekibiye vi. prop oneself up with ones arms.
vavi vt. cook.                                                  akibiyesi atauke I'm sitting leaning on my
vebuse v. swing, rock.                                          arms
veesi n. share.                                           vekira2 v. search for.
veeti n. edible offshoots of taro.                        vekiriri1 vt. pick from a bunch e.g. a banana, a
veevi n. skin of sago after roasting.                           betelnut.
vefafaravi1 v. prepare firewood to put cooking            vekirissi v. grub out of soil, as weeds etc ; flatten a
       pot on.                                                  mound.
vefassi 1) v. unwrap. 2)                                  vekisirari vi. shine.
       — v. confess.                                      vekisirari1 n. beauty.
vefosseri vt. float something.                            vekisirari2 n. torch.
vefufu vt. light e.g. a match or a cigaretter.            vekiviri2 vt. to go around.
vefufutte vt. put close together, as rafters in a roof.   vekiyoki vt. prise out, dig into, used of gutting fish
vefuri v. lift something heavy in one's arms.                   or pig, cleaning fingernails, opening shellfish.
vegegerevi v. tease, torment.                             vekke v. burn.
vegerami v. ridicule, cause shame to.                     vekki v. dig.
vegigirami v. tickle, lure, entice.                       vekki karati n. matches.
vegigirivi n. work of putting in posts for building       vekkiwa Lit: 'digging-planting'. n. gardening.
       a house.                                           vekko 1) v. stab, spear. 2)
vegirivi v. overlap ; dislocate (of bones).                     — v. elect.
vegisse v. push into place.                                 mara vekko v. comfort.
vegogoren v. be focused, set on what's ahead              vekko 1) n. election. 2) stabbing.
       without distraction or turning back.                 mara vekko v. comfort.
vegurerevi 1) v. pick, as in one's ear or nose. 2)        vekkokan n. fork.
       — n. key.                                          vekofa n. bloating, constipation.
veibaise vi. prepare well, do properly.                   vekofatteri v. throw something up.
veikan vt. measure.                                       vekofeferevi vt. cloud_up, used of water
veikimi v. expose whiteness as of gritted teeth,                becoming muddy when stirred up, or of clouds
       foaming waves etc.                                       piling up in the sky.
veimosi vt. help.                                         vekofofo vi. slow down, as when preparing to
veise 1) vi. stand. 2)                                          come to a stop, or because of some obstacle.
       — vi. walk.                                        vekofofo n. standing firm, defending oneself.
veitaravi v. carry baby in one's arms.                    vekomasawari v. make a gap through.
veiweiwe v. wobble.                                       vekomeyasi v. mash food etc.
veiyawi vt. decorate.                                     vekomorowi vt. break up, as of old thatch in
veiyoddi1 v. exchange, especially of sisters in                 preparation for reroofing, or food that is to be

6/1/2007                                    Maisin— English Dictionary                                              29
vekomosse                                                                                                 vuvudi

      distributed at a feast, or a mound of sand being   vesumi v. make a fire catch on well.
      demolished.                                        vetafe2 n. hang over a line or pole.
vekomosse vi. lean out or crane one's neck to look       vetara v. throw away or pour out.
      at something.                                      vetimowe vt. believe, trust.
vekoota n. bird variety.                                 vetofi vt. light a lamp. sirarana aitossi I lit the
vekori vt. tie something to hang, e.g. a clothesline,           lamp
      or a radio aerial or flowers to decorate a         vetovi v. take top off taro to plant.
      verandah,.                                         veturi vt. fill with liquid.
vekoso v. make a commotion by splashing around           vevasi v. stand a pot etc on fire.
      in water.                                          vevettari v. add more wood to a fire.
vekoto tamati n. spy.                                    vevirari vt. scrape coconut.
vekotofi vt. break stick, bone etc.                      vevisiri2 vt. pour.
vekotomi vt. mix.                                        veya n. fishing basket.
vekotowi v. erode, wear away.                            veyavari1 v. spot someone's arrival from a little
vekovari1 vt. sew.                                              distance.
vekovari2 vt. moor a canoe by attaching it to a          veyavi n. reading.
      stick and planting stick in ground.                veyavi2 1) v. count. 2)
vekovasi vt. extract, as in removing a plant from               — v. read.
      the soil, taking a splinter from one's foot, or    veyoddi n. exchange.
      coconut from a shell to eat.                       veyoyoge1 v. remove excess water from sago
vekowaggari v. pass each other from opposite                    during sago-making.
      directions.                                        veyoyoki v. bounce, teeter.
vekowari 1) vt. miss. 2) dislocate, eg a limb.           veyoyoki n. shake.
vekoyavi vt. scrape bark from a tree, or scrub           -vi object. them ; third person plural object
      someone's back.                                           marker.
vekubujeje v. break out from hiding, or from             viduvidu n. early evening, just before dusk, around
      bushy area.                                               6:00pm.
vekubusi vt. pierce or puncture something.               vigan n. cup, originally from half coconut shell.
vekufuttan v. get big, swell up.                         viiru n. fish variety, includes several kinds of dart.
vekumutuvi vt. plunge someone or something               viisi interrogativePro. how many.
      under water.                                       vijobu n. mangrove roots.
vekururu 1) v. push strongly ; brace oneself. 2)         vina 1) n. answer. 2) recompense.
      — n. strength.                                     viran n. speech.
   vekururu tamati n. strong man in sense of             vire n. tree variety.
      being trustworthy and dependable.                  virevi n. inconsolable crying.
vekute 1) vi. ask. 2)                                    viru v. roll, spin.
      — vt. greet, or take leave of.                     viruji vi. roll.
vekuture v. push up, sprout.                             visi1 vi. dance.
vekututti v. make blunt, stub (a toe).                   viso n. meat.
vekuwan v. forbid, prohibit.                             visoroki n. sobbing.
vemarasami v. become accustomed to.                      vitoro adjectivalNoun. hunger.
vememerevi vt. rock (a child).                           vitta n. pain, distress.
venonowatti v. prepare, make ready.                      vivi vi. be reluctant.
venunu n. sheltered side.                                viviisi v. roll something up, e.g. a cigarette, or a
verakke vt. show.                                               woven mat.
veriveri adjectivalNoun. hot.                            vivingo n. rainbow bee-eater.
veriyomi v. be round, or surrounding something.          viya 1) n. game. 2)
verofatte v. look up, lift one's head.                          — vi. play.
verooti n. bird variety.                                 viyoyo n. decorative carving on prow and stern of
verorowari v.          lower       something,    slope          chiefs' canoes.
      downwards.                                         voja n. string bag.
vesinasi vi. joke. amai esisinasi he's only joking       vovo n. bird variety.
vesiri2 v. slice.                                        vuri n. wind getting up, normally between late
vesso n. whistling.                                             morning and early afternoon.
vesukka 1) v. root in ground with snout (used of         vuruse v. blow on a fire.
      pigs). 2)                                          vuvu n. cyclone, strong wind.
      — v. feed a group of people, especially            vuvudi n. body hair.

30                                         Maisin— English Dictionary                                     6/1/2007
wa                                                                                                  watofari

                                                W - w
wa v. plant.                                           wamowi vt. demolish, pull down.
waa n. ghost or spirit-person.                         wamurere vi. make an announcement.
waafoti v. shame, by maintaining a vigil outside       wamutussi v. overflow.
     the house of the person whose behaviour is        wamutuvi v. immerse.
     being denounced, to force him to acknowledge      wan1 vi. scream.
     and make reparation for that behaviour.           wan2 n. river mouth.
waara vi. crawl.                                       wandidiya vi. itch.
waareti v. strip "skin" from outside of bushrope to    wanfaya adv. already.
     extract white fibre inside. Also used of          wangi n. palm cockatoo.
     splitting cane to remove rubbish from it.         wanginuwa n. decorated limestick, used only by
waaye quantifier. a very small amount or quantity            chief clans.
     of something.                                     wannani adv. again.
waboban n. rushing off.                                wanno cnj. and.
wadumo n. fish variety, includes several kinds of      wantova adv. forever.
     marlin and swordfish.                             wantovi n. puddle.
wafari vt. meet by catching up with.                   wara n. drying.
wafiko v. begin.                                          wararasan adv. feeling their way along.
wafofi1 n. tree variety.                               wararasi v. grope around, feel one's way.
wafofi2 n. bird variety.                                  wararasan adv. feeling their way along.
wagigi vi. knock.                                      waratun v. rain very heavily.
wagirivi v. slip.                                      waraturi v. walk heavily.
  tare wagirivi Lit: 'slip in blood'. v. escape from   warawa n. vine used for threading sago thatch
     a fight.                                                together.
wagiromi vt. blacken.                                  warige n. fish variety, includes several kinds of
waifoti n. major disagreement between people,                hardyheads.
     which requires action to settle the matter and    wariiri v. drizzle.
     restore the relationship.                         warubi1 n. banana variety.
waito1 n. cassowary.                                   warubi2 n. scarlet-breasted maori wrasse and
  waito roworo n. young cassowary.                           tripletail maori wrasse.
waito2 n. tree variety.                                warubi3 n. swamp flower.
  waito roworo n. young cassowary.                     waruddi v. clutch, hold tightly.
waji n. water that collects in canoe and needs to be   wasarami 1) vt. roll pandanus leaf to put out to
     bailed out.                                             dry in preparation for making mat. 2)
wakasi v. fail, be lacking.                                  — v. make small sounds.
wakeki n. necklace.                                    wasasa vi. be overloaded.
wakeki oera n. banana variety.                         wasevi v. extract bush rope in strands, from plant.
wakesami vt. catch e.g. ball.                            wasifan adv. stealthily.
wakikina v. make a mess.                               wasifi v. creep up on (a person), follow stealthily.
wakirori vt. check on.                                   wasifan adv. stealthily.
wakki n. village.                                      wasofaddi v. wallow.
wako2 n. friarbird.                                    wasoravi vt. wash.
wakoi1 vt. break apart, smash into pieces.             wasseri vt. growl or snap at, as of a dog.
wakumi v. hold something small in fist.                wasurumi v. curl up, make small as of bundling a
wama v. clear a garden, or clear path by breaking            pig together for tying, or curling oneself up
     up twigs, etc that are blocking the way. Has            against the cold, or of someone hunched over.
     sense of bending but not breaking completely.     watabe n. drag rope attached to a fishing net.
wamarari vt. unfold, open by spreading.                watavari v. change, turn.
wamboro n. fish variety, includes emperors and         watawi vt. bury.
     breams.                                           wateten v. do something well.
wameyasi vt. squash eg an insect.                      wati 1) n. base, as of tree. 2)
wamomori v. stroke comfortingly, as to ease                  — n. source beginning ; reason.
     pain.                                             watika cnj. because.
wamotteri vt. repair e.g a thatch roof, or wall of a   watofari vi. to fold something solid, like sheets of
     house.                                                  iron (and hence cause them to break) ; also

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watori                                                                                                yan veri

     used of crossing one's legs. kuwatofan                   marker.
     kutauke you're sitting cross-legged               -wi2 object. them ; third person plural object
watori vt. overtake and block one's way?                      marker.
watuke v. behave.                                         wi jobi n. bride price.
watutu adjectivalNoun. slowness, respectful            wiivi humanNoun. sister-in-law (term used only
     approach.                                                between women).
wau n. bamboo.                                         wiri2 vt. build.
waun adjectivalNoun. new.                              woja n. kind of string bag with large holes.
waunkaru n. youth.                                     wokaun n. banana variety.
wauwan adv. first, originally.                         wonu n. large turtle found in sea.
wavividden vi. wander about aimlessly, or              woo n. fire.
     without following direct route.                   woro n. riv ed, water flowing over rocks or stones.
wawari v. hang out e.g. washing.                       wosi1 1) vt. separate. 2)
wawe vt. get, bring.                                          — vt. pull out from ground, eg kunai grass.
wawuri vt. be on top of, defeat.                       wosi2 v. weave a mat.
wayangu n. vine, the leaves of which are used for      wosiki vi. sneeze.
     making black tapa dye.                            wososo n. hand.
wayaru vi. complain.                                   wota n. tree variety.
wayawu n. spirit.                                      woto n. juice or sap.
wayesi v. rub (by trampling) sand onto pandanus        wouki n. clay cooking pot.
     in preparation for making mats ; also used of     wouki kakkoi n. insect variety.
     rubbing coconut oil on body.                      wowawa n. things.
we vt. weave. reyafa aweiwosi I'm weaving a mat        wowo1 n. small shelter.
we2                                                    wowo2 n. topside.
wee n. poison.                                            wowo ari kaa n. aircraft.
wei n. tree variety.                                   wowo3 n. cemetery.
weigi n. vine used for tying canoe.                       wowo ari kaa n. aircraft.
weisi1 n. day before yesterday.                        wowosi humanNoun. fellow-wife,used between
weisinukaran adv. three or more days ago.                  wives of same husband or between wives of
     wen                                                   two brothers.
wenna adjectivalNoun. hard, tough, difficult.          woyan n. mountain.
wi1 n. vagina.                                         wusu n. cooking pot.
     wi jobi n. bride price.                           wuwuji n. centipede.
-wi1 object. them ; third person plural object         wuwusi n. paper mulberry tree.

                                                Y - y
ya1   n. parent's sibling of opposite sex.             yafu n. shark.
ya2   1) n. sun. 2)                                       seseme yafu n. includes various species of
      — n. year, period of twelve months. 3)                  hammerhead shark.
      — n. hour.                                       yaga n. shellfish variety.
   ya kite n. watch ; clock.                           yagi1 vi. climb.
   ya nuka n. noon, midday.                            yagi2 n. twine for stringing fish on.
   ya vavasi n. sunrise ; east. 2) year.               yagiisi n. tree variety.
   ya veuki n. sunset ; west.                          yagisi1 v. to string (eg a necklace).
yaba n. sail ; sailing boat.                           yagisi2 n. tree variety.
yabasusu n. mullet, in second stage of maturity.       yain n. intestines.
yabau n. fish variety, included crimson seaperch       yaisen personalPro. we two ; you two ; they two.
      and saddle-tailed seaperch.                      yamati v. wait for.
yabberi v. uproot.                                     yamayan n. tree variety.
yabi humanNoun. father, or father's brother.           yamme n. things used for sorcery.
yabu n. ground, earth.                                 yamumu n. shellfish variety.
yabu kiya n. wasp.                                     yamunini n. spray from waterfall, windblown
yadaisen adv. of a trip made within a day, not                rain etc.
      involving an overnight stay.                     yan1 v. chew, esp betelnut.
yafe n. footprint.                                     yan2 n. pandanus mat.
yafo n. length of hair, wound or plaited together.     yan veri v. to rest.

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yanana                                                                                                   yuviyuvi

yanana n. thin.                                          yayan vi. bark, crow,mew etc ; any repetitive
yanti n. medicinal plant with leaf that stings on               noise.(also used of phone ringing).
      application to skin but has healing properties.    yayari n. branch.
yanveri n. rest, holiday.                                yayayi n. sour taste.
yara n. fence or reinforcement at embankment.            yayesi humanNoun. children of one's sibling of the
yarabubuda n. rainbow.                                          opposit sex.
yarayara adv. with gaps or spaces between them.          yayomi vt. sew up.
yarika n. bones.                                         ye1 quantifier. a little, not much.
yaru n. song.                                            ye2 vi. bathe.
yasike n. fish variety, includes several kinds of            yefinse n. brothers and sisters.
      trevally, also yellowtail kingfish and             yega n. short spear used in divination.
      amberjack.                                         yega iroma n. divination.
yasin n. spear made from sharpened spine of sago         yei n. same sex sibling or any older sibling.
      or coconut leaf.                                   yeifin humanNoun. friend, usually same sex.
   gigiti yasin n. spear made from sharpened piece       yeiyabi n. elders.
      of black palm.                                         yen
yasinbori n. fish variety.                               yen n. needle.
yasiri vt. open.                                         yeo n. plot of ground for planting.
yatata vi. be surprised.                                 Yesu pn. Jesus.
yatavari v. start up abruptly.                           yeta n. path.
yatena n. small fishing net.                             yetema n. old place.
yati1 n. small string bag for carrying betelnut, lime    yeti n. sexual act.
      etc.                                               yewa1 n. boundary.
yati2 adv. a long way away, far distant.                 yewari2 vi. swim.
yatiti n. cabbage.                                       yeya n. pig.
yatori vt. carry.                                        yeye n. traditional medicinal knowledge.
yau1 n. stick made from mangrove root, used for          yobata n. tree variety.
      planting taro.                                     yoddi2 n. vine used for making waistband.
yau2 n. mother, or mother's sister.                      yogi2 n. bridge, stairway, stepladder etc.
   yau boja humanNoun. mother who doesn't take           yoi1 1) v. smell. 2) spear shellfish. 3) weave a
      care of her children properly.                            string bag. 4) dish up food. 5) call name.
   yau boja humanNoun. mother who doesn't take           yokara n. flower variety.
      care of her children properly.                     yoku1 n. bedsheet.
yauki3 vt. pull out.                                     yokuri2 vt. wrap, especially with cloth.
yaun n. fine ashes.                                      yomi vt. hide.
yauwa intj.      exclamation      expressing      deep   yomo n. larger, saltwater shellfish.
      longing,either painful or joyful, as in                yonkan adv. secretly, without others knowing.
      graveside lament, or exultation of small boy       yonki vi. hide (oneself), be lost.
      finding a new marble.                                  yonkan adv. secretly, without others knowing.
yavaddi v. cut grass, prepare new ground.                yoovi1 n. kind of shellfish.
yavaran n. floor.                                        yoovi2 n. shoulderblade.
yavari vt. spread e.g. mat etc.                          yoreka n. two sticks crossed to form 'X'.
yavari2 n. breadfruit.                                   yosi v. leave, depart from.
yavati n. southeast wind that blows in June/July.        youro n. worry. yoro anan I'm worried
yave n. long trailing string on some fish, near fin.     yove n. side.
yavi1 1) v. fetch (water). 2)                            yovi1 n. shellfish variety.
      — v. sharpen eg knife. 3)                          yovi2 n. concern, anxiety.
      — v. pick (bunch of betelnut).                     yowari vt. stare at.
yavikan n. spoon.                                        yoya1 n. earthquake.
yaviri n. stomach.                                       yoya2 n. sticks driven in to ground to stabilise
yaweri n. fresh air.                                            against quaking.
yawo n. kind of shellfish often used for bait (found     yoyova vi. want badly, ache for.
      in both fresh and salt water).                     yun tamati n. eel.
yawure 1) n. breath. 2)                                  yutara n. fish variety.
      — n. steam.                                        yuviyuvi n. swamp duck.

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