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Issu e 6 A u tu m n 07 –


									                                                                                                                                                                      News                     Issue 6 Autumn 07 – Sponsored by Guy Salmon Ascot

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                u r s h e r e ... c
               to our autumn update
               We have been so pleased with the positive response to our
               new look; it is very reassuring to know that we have your
               support and our thanks go especially to everyone at Langland
    £850,000   for their time, patience and energy in creating a vibrant
               new identity for our twice-yearly reader. We love to hear from
               you, our readers, so do keep your comments coming in.

               The last six months have been a             We continue to give vast coverage to
               testing time for the Trust in respect       the events that you have organised
               of our planning application. The            as fundraisers for the Trust. Sadly, we
               update on page 3 details the latest         cannot feature every story and our
               on this particular rollercoaster,           intention is to give a flavour of the
    £700,000   which hopefully shows that we will          many innovative ways in which our
               always turn what could have been a          supporters have extracted pennies
               disaster into a positive outcome. We        and pounds in aid of our cause.
               know that life invariably doesn’t go
                                                           With Christmas just around the corner
               according to plan and we are keen
                                                           we are pleased to unveil our seasonal
    £600,000   to show our resilience in the face of
               adversity – something we have learnt
                                                           collection of cards and themed
                                                           merchandise. We have stayed true to
               from watching others cope with
                                                           some of the old faithfuls, in particular
               their individual battles with illness
                                                           the beautiful cards created by sick
               and disability.
                                                           youngsters which give a timely
    £500,000   This edition’s gorgeous cover girl,
               Marcie Loader, is a prime example of
                                                           message of what we are trying to
                                                           support, but we have also introduced
               courage and positive thinking. In spite     a few new designs that will hopefully
               of being diagnosed with not one but         appeal to all.
               two different forms of cancer, Marcie
                                                           This newsletter is being sponsored
    £400,000   continues to embrace life to the full.
               Her story on page 5 will no doubt
                                                           by Guy Salmon Ascot, which has
                                                           recently chosen to make us one of its
               inspire you too.
                                                           official charities. We are delighted to
               Although building the holiday home          be associated with such a prestigious
               remains the Trust’s primary focus we        company and look forward to
    £300,000   have stepped up our commitment
               to finding other practical avenues
                                                           working with their team to promote
                                                           the Trust in the future.
               for supporting the families of children
                                                           Wishing you all good health,
               with life-threatening illness.
                                                           happiness and a sense of peace for
               Our interview with psychologist Karen       the months ahead…
    £200,000   Steinhardt highlights one way in
               which your donations are helping to
               make a real difference to the lives
               of very sick children and their families.
               It gives us a true sense of satisfaction
    £100,000   to know that by funding this vital
               post for the past two years we have
                                                           Jane Gates
               pioneered the way for future funding
               through the Hospital Trust, ensuring        Director
               that    psychosocial     support     will
               continue to assist families affected by
               their child’s diagnosis.


                                                                                 Se                               03
                                                                                      ba                     20
                                                                                           stia n, M a   rch
House Overcoming hurdles…
In the last edition of the newsletter we explained how we were
preparing to submit our planning application for the proposed site
in North Waltham. Having consulted the local community we were
aware that some residents had reservations about our proposals but
we opted to submit our plans in the knowledge that we would do our
utmost to accommodate the concerns that had been expressed.

On 8th May, in a tense and emotionally   The previous application floundered                                 There is not room to thank by name
charged evening, our application         principally because of its proximity                                all the individuals and companies
was heard by the full Development        to an area designated as one of                                     that have given their services so
Control Committee of the Basingstoke     outstanding natural beauty, but also                                generously to enable us to get this far,
and Deane Borough Council. In            because the council required greater                                but we truly appreciate your efforts.
spite of our passionate appeal we        proof that this facility would meet
                                                                                                             Sebastian’s illness was something of
were defeated by the narrowest of        a “local need.” Our new site is in a
                                                                                                             a rollercoaster and it would seem the
margins, seven votes to five. One of     different sector of the village, which
                                                                                                             fulfilment of his last wish is staying true
the councillors stated that it was the   enjoys glorious views but does not
                                                                                                             to form. In the end, we know it will all
hardest decision he had faced in his     impact on the important scenic vista.
                                                                                                             be so worth the wait!
term of office and the committee         We have overwhelming support from
unanimously voiced their approval        key personnel within the local and
for the Trust and its ambitions.         regional hospitals and hospices, who
In rejecting our application, the        have all testified to the dire need
Committee did, however, affirm that      for the kind of crisis breaks we aim
they upheld the principle of what we     to provide. This will help enormously
are trying to achieve and expressed      with our efforts to convince the
their commitment to working with         council that the holiday home will
us to find a site that would meet        go some way towards meeting
with the Council’s strict criteria for   a “local need” for families
building outside village settlement      living with a child’s very
boundaries.                              serious illness.
To this end we have held several         We plan to submit a new
meetings with the Council’s planning     application    in    October
officials, who have assessed a           and very much hope that
number of alternative sites offered by   on this occasion it will have
our very generous land benefactor,       the Council’s full approval.
Pat Sweeney. In just over three months   A great deal has been
our self-styled Project Manager, Hugo    achieved in a remarkably
Haig of Lochailort Investments, in       short space of time and we are
conjunction with Mark Fitzpatrick of     keeping our fingers crossed that
Bewley Homes and architect Richard       2008 will witness the completion of
Gandy of Philip Design Associates,       this amazing project.                                             P ic
                                                                                                                  tur                                        m
                                                                                                                        esq                           th a
has performed near miracles to                                                                                                u e N o r th Wal
create a feasible alternative on
a new plot, again in the tranquil
Hampshire village of North Waltham.
With a larger plot we have been able
to incorporate additional features,
which although highly desirable
come at a cost. The fundraising
target for building the holiday home
has been revised to take this into
consideration, together with the
inevitable rise in costs over the last
three years since the initial building


target was set. We are now seeking



to raise £850,000 in total which               w                                                                        tu


should cover building and furnishing               si t                                                                      re
                                                              be                        by                                        sq
                                                                                                                                       ue                        am
the house.                                                         in g su r ve   yed                                                       N o r t h W a lt h        3
    Our New
    Snowflake Appeal –
    remember a loved one,
    support Sebastian’s Action Trust
    Christmas is traditionally a time for getting together with
    friends and spending time with loved ones. But, everyone
    has someone they will miss this Christmas – whether it be
    a family member posted abroad in the armed forces, a
    relative or friend who has died, or just a special person
    who lives a distance away and who you will be thinking of
    as the festivities unfold.
    With this in mind the Trust will be running a Snowflake
    Appeal in Bracknell town centre in the run-up to Christmas.
    The appeal allows you to dedicate a decoration to that
    special someone by writing your message on a Snowflake
    Appeal card and placing it on the Christmas tree in Princess
    Square, in return for a donation to the Trust.
    To make a dedication you can visit us in Princess Square
    from Thursday 22nd November to Friday 21st December,
                                                                        Glass snowflake
    2007, and fill out a snowflake in person, or you can
    download the Snowflake Appeal form from our website
                         and send it to the Trust, together
                         with your donation. Your snowflake
                         will then be placed on the tree
                                                                   The Trust currently needs to raise funds both to fulfil the
                         for you.
                                                                   practical projects we offer to families with seriously ill
                          Everyone who makes a dedication          children, but also to reach our new target of a further
                          will receive a glass snowflake to        £200,000 to build and furnish the holiday home.
                          hang on their tree at home for the
                                                                   Every penny and pound donated to the Trust is truly
                          person they will miss.
                          This is the first time for many years
                          that there has been a Christmas
                          tree in Princess Square and the
                          Trust has teamed up with Bracknell
                          Regeneration Partnership, who
                                                                      Get yours now
                          own the shopping centre, to make            The Trust’s stylish key-rings have been on sale through
                          the Snowflake Appeal happen. We             our website for some time, but we now have smart
                          hope the appeal will help residents         new dispenser boxes so that the key-rings can go on
                          and shoppers feel a real part of            sale in shops and businesses.
                          Christmas in the town.
                                                                      The boxes were designed by the creative team at
                                                                      Windsor-based advertising agency Langland who
                                                                      have adopted the Trust as their charity.
                                                                      The key-rings can be purchased for a suggested
                                                                      donation of just £1 and the money raised from
                                                                      each sale goes directly towards funding Sebastian’s
                                                                      We will be working hard to get the boxes into
                                                                      as many businesses as possible, but if you can’t
                                                                      wait long-enough to spot one of our boxes while
                                                                      you are out and about, you can always buy
                                                                      your key-ring directly from our online shop at
                                                             or contact us by
                                                                      phone at the Trust on 01344 622500.

Just months after she was diagnosed      effect from one of the drugs used
with Ewings sarcoma (bone cancer)        in chemotherapy.
12-year-old Marcie Loader was
                                         Marcie was referred to Bristol for
told she had a second cancer
                                         a bone marrow transplant, which
– leukaemia. Here Marcie and her
                                         was followed by three weeks in
mum Justine tell their story.
                                         isolation, during which she was not
Marcie said: “After a weekend down       even allowed to see her younger
at Uncle Stevie’s house near Bath, I     sister Amelia, for fear of getting
started to get really bad pains in my    an infection.
right foot and shin. After a couple of
                                         Marcie said: “You weren’t really
trips to the doctors, I went to see my
                                         allowed to wander around; you had           Marcie in 2007
friend Doug Penn, a wonderful ‘back
                                         to stay in one room for ages. I missed
man’, who told my mummy there was
                                         my friends because they didn’t really
something ‘seriously wrong’ with my
                                         come to see me in hospital, but they          Marcie’s favourites
back. He spoke to our doctors who
                                         rang me a lot.”
agreed, and referred me to the Royal
                                                                                       Colour: pink (and purple)
Berkshire Hospital, in Reading.          Details of Marcie’s website and the
                                                                                       Actor: Daniel Radcliffe
                                         hospital address were sent out to
“I stayed in Reading for a few days,                                                   Food: cheese
                                         friends and Marcie said: “It was nice
while they did loads of tests on me. I                                                 Pets: a westie called Toto
                                         to receive things, especially after the
met some excellent people including                                                    Pastimes: shopping, going to the
                                         bone marrow transplant, because we
the big rugby-playing consultant                                                       cinema, spending time with friends
                                         were stuck in that room.”
Mr Sean O’Leary. I saw him on 7th                                                      and riding on her uncle’s speed boat
Februray, and he told mummy and          Justine and Marcie’s Dad, James,              Hobbies: playing the hand bells and
daddy the MRI scan had showed that       took it in turns to stay with her,            piano, keeping in touch with friends
I had a growth, the size of a snooker                                                  on MSN and Bebo
                                         swapping every 24 or 48 hours so
ball, in my spine, at the very bottom,   there was always someone to take              School subjects: art, swimming
                                                                                       and games.
in the sacrum (just above the coccyx).   Amelia to school.
He said the tumour was malignant
                                         For Marcie among the hardest things
which means it was a dangerous one,
                                         about her illness was losing her hair.
a cancer which will carry on growing
                                                                                     two years, so when it was removed
until I go pop basically, so it needed   Justine said: “She was walking down
                                                                                     she celebrated by throwing a party
to be stopped.”                          the hallway one day – a bag of bones
                                                                                     at the school pool.
                                         with no hair and ears sticking out
Marcie began chemotherapy and
                                         – and we said, ‘Marcie you really look      Another hardship was the restricted
the family became used to frequent
                                         like Dobby’ (the elf from Harry Potter);    diet during treatment, when she
hospital stays. But after just a few
                                         – she was broken hearted.”                  missed Chinese takeaway most.
months of treatment they were
told    Marcie    had     developed      Marcie’s hair has now grown back            Marcie is now looking forward to
leukaemia – a known but rare side        – but brown, not blonde as it was           getting to know her baby brother,
                                         before – and she has developed              finding a new school for next year
                                         freckles, which her family joke must        and catching up on the holidays
                                         have come from her bone marrow              and activities missed over the past
                                         donor.                                      three years.
                                         Another difficult thing Marcie said         The family have found support from
                                         is that she finds it harder to run around   friends and family invaluable and
                                         now.                                        Marcie would like to thank everyone,
                                                                                     especially her friends Henny, Poppy,
                                         “As much as she’d love to go off and
                                                                                     Jessie and Weezy.
                                         do netball matches with everyone
                                         else it is hard work.                       She added: “I am staying very
                                                                                     well with no symptoms at all for a
                                         I think she finds school very stable;
                                                                                     while – all thanks to the wonderful
                                         they are lovely people, they are
                                                                                     Dr Kate and her team, and a new
                                         supportive all the time – no one
                                                                                     drugs regime. I do still need regular
                                         questions her,” Justine said.
                                                                                     blood tests at Oxford – Denise is
                                         Marcie hated having a Hickman               there and she ALWAYS gets a vein,
                                         line (a tube inserted under the             which is great! What with my cute
                                         skin through which she received             new brother and a new school year,
                                         treatment), which meant she could           I’m really looking forward to the
                                         not have a bath, shower or swim for         next year!”

Marcie in 2003                                                                                                                5
The Trust is committed to providing whatever practical
support it can to families with a seriously ill child, sometimes
this means helping families with their individual needs to
make life that little bit easier.                                    Staff from Angel
But sometimes we are also able to offer support in ways              Beauty and Mark
                                                                     Cooke Hair who
which help indirectly by alleviating stress or making                donated their time
someone feel special, if only for a few hours. We will               free of charge.
continue to strive to find new initiatives. These are just a few     Picture courtesy of
of the projects we have fulfilled since our last newsletter.         Bracknell News

The mobile library
The first of the Trust’s mobile libraries was recently presented
to the oncology ward at the Oxford Children’s Hospital in
memory of a very special little girl.                                Pampering day
The library was sponsored by staff at the Hilton Hotel,              Following on from the success of our first Mums’
Bracknell, and was dedicated to the memory of their                  Pampering Afternoon at Wexham Park Hospital last year,
colleague’s six-year-old daughter Tayla Jacobs, who                  the Trust repeated the event in August with a further
underwent much of her treatment at the Oxford hospital.              resounding success.

Sadly Tayla, the cover-girl for our last newsletter, died            The afternoon was again held to coincide with the
on December 23rd 2006, following a courageous battle                 children’s oncology clinic and mums were able to
against neuroblastoma. She and her family had become                 indulge in relaxing massages, revitalising haircuts and
good friends of Sebastian’s Action Trust.                            soothing beauty treatments, in recognition of the fact
                                                                     that parents caring for very sick children rarely have the
The library includes books on everything from specific               opportunity, let alone the inclination, to consider their own
illnesses and coping techniques to the experiences of                personal needs.
families who have lived through childhood cancer.
                                                                     The hairdressers and therapists even managed to provide
It also features books for teenagers and story books for             a special 16th birthday treat for the sister of one little boy
young children dealing with relevant topics such as                  who was in hospital in Oxford following surgery.
staying in hospital.
                                                                     The pampering sessions have been widely recognised as
The mobile library is the first of several being collated by         an important aspect of the support we are committed to
the Trust and our second trolley is soon to be donated to            providing for the wider family network of those affected
the children’s oncology clinic at Wexham Park Hospital,              by life-limiting illness. We are delighted to have the
in Slough.                                                           dedicated services of the staff at Mark Cooke Hair and
The idea for the libraries came from Jane Gates’ own                 Angel Beauty in South Ascot, who give their time and
experiences during Sebastian’s illness; her desire to read           expertise freely to make life just a little easier for others
all the information she could and to learn about how                 coping with an undoubtedly stressful situation. Our thanks
other families had coped.                                            go to both salons for their continued support and we look
                                                                     forward to working with them in the near future on a new
                           Team members at the Hilton Hotel          initiative for the parents of children who have recently
                           in Bagshot Road, Bracknell, where         passed away.
                                Tayla’s father works as the Food
                                    Services Manager, presented
                                       Sebastian’s Action Trust
                                          with a cheque for £1,182
                                            to sponsor the first
                                                                       Practical support
                                              mobile library           In the coming months the Trust has committed to
                                                                       fulfilling the following practical projects to help
                                                                       families with a seriously ill child:
                                                                       • Craft workshops for young cancer patients
                                                                          in hospital
                                                                       • A siblings’ day – giving the brothers and sisters of
                                                                         seriously ill children the chance to get together for
                                                                         a day and enjoy different activities
                                                                       • An annual service of remembrance and
                                                                         thanksgiving at Dorchester Abbey for families and
                                                                         friends of children who have died
                                                               around the door and say, ‘this is who I am and this is my
                                                               role’ so they know what a psychologist is and I’m not this
                                                               scary person who gets wheeled in if there’s a problem.’
                                                               Among her initiatives is a weekly Parents’ Group
                                                               where parents can discuss concerns and share their
                                                               Karen spends time with individuals to work out what is
                                                               worrying them and why, so that together they come up
                                                               with a strategy to help them cope.
                                                               She said: “I’ve just been to see a child who is vomiting
                                                               with anxiety every time they have to take medication.
                                                               I might be asked to see a child who has developed
                                                               acute anxiety around the changes in their appearance,
                                                               like losing their hair, or is worrying because they feel
                                                               less able to join in social activities than they used to. I
                                                               spend time with parents who are worried about how
                                                               their kids are coping, how to support them and how
                                                               far to push them.”
                                                               Common concerns for families with young children
                                                               involve managing distress and maintaining security.
Clinical Psychologist Karen Steinhardt
                                                               She said: “One of the key tasks when you have small
                                                               children is to make them feel safe and secure and it’s
What a difference a day makes                                  hard to do that when you are moving them from pillar
                                                               to post [for treatment].”
In 2005 Sebastian’s Action Trust began paying for a clinical
psychologist to dedicate one day a week to families            For children in middle childhood the issues are typically
attending the children’s oncology clinic at Oxford’s John      around school, family and siblings; while teenagers
Radcliffe Hospital (now the Oxford Children’s Hospital)        can experience worries about school or developing
– the main children’s cancer centre for the Thames Valley.     independence when their treatment makes them more
                                                               dependent than ever on their parents. Problems such as
The aim was to ensure families have the ongoing
                                                               anxiety, needle phobias and trouble sleeping can affect
psychosocial support they need and not just in times
                                                               all age groups.
of crisis. Two years on, the hospital authority has agreed
to take over the funding. Karen Steinhardt, the clinical       Part of Karen’s role is also to see families with children
psychologist in post, spoke to the Trust about her role and    who are no longer on treatment and are adapting to life
how Sebastian’s Action Trust has helped.                       in remission.
A familiar friendly face with whom to discuss psychological    The funding from Sebastian’s Action Trust, she said, has
and developmental issues arising from their child’s battle     been a “huge help” and without it the need for the post
with cancer is something that was not generally available      would simply never have been recognised. “I don’t think
to families at Oxford until 2005.                              this would have happened if Sebastian’s Action Trust
                                                               hadn’t approached us,” she said.
In the past families were referred to a paediatric
psychologist at times of crisis, but for the past two years    The post allows her to offer families a more accessible
Karen has been able to get to know families; responding        service which takes into consideration their journey
to the needs of the sick children, but also helping families   through cancer, rather than responding to isolated issues.
manage the wider effects a child’s illness can have on
                                                               Ideally, Karen believes the hospital needs a psychologist
siblings, parental relationships and family life.
                                                               dedicated to children’s oncology two-and-a-half days a
The families of around 100 young cancer patients currently     week. This would still leave them far short of what is offered
treated through the Oxford Children’s Hospital can access      at some hospitals.
her services, but with just one day a week to meet their
                                                               She said: “I think we are fairly good at responding to crisis;
needs Karen has a challenge on her hands. Her answer is
                                                               extra time would allow us to be more proactive. I have a
to dedicate her time to a few effective initiatives, and to
                                                               huge list of things I would like to do. I would love to do a
meeting as many families as she can each week.
                                                               Grandparents’ Day once a year, groups for siblings and
Karen, who has been a psychologist at the hospital for         groups for children just finishing their treatment or groups
nearly eight years, spreads her one “oncology day” across      for parents of newly diagnosed children.”
her four days at the hospital each week to make herself as
                                                               But for now, Karen is focusing on maintaining the services
accessible as possible.
                                                               she has established for families over the past 24 months
She said: “I try to meet as many of the families as I can,     – proof, if any were needed, that a day can make a
while they are inpatients at Oxford. I try to stick my head    huge difference.
    Trust launches new
    logo skyward
    The Trust quite literally launched its new logo in June by

                                                                      Tr u st
    releasing a large bunch of balloons bearing the new

                                                                        re p
    design into the sky above Bracknell.

                                                                           re s
    On Friday 8th June Sebastian’s mum Jane Gates, his sister


    Rebecca and grandparents Pam and Vic Walters released


                                                                                  ti v
    balloons bearing personal messages for Sebastian.


                                                                                              ea                                                                                                 n

    And on the Saturday shoppers and passers-by were invited                                                                                                                                 a
                                                                                                   se                                                                                    h
    to help release 100 balloons in the heart of the town which                                         ba
                                                                                                                                                                            ll   Bi
                                                                                                             llo                                                        i
    has shown the charity so much support over the past two-                                                       on                                                rG
                                                                                                                           it h B r                           a yo
    and-half years.                                                                                                                 a c k n e ll F o re s t M

    The official launch was held to coincide with the Thames
    Valley Police Rowathon in Princess Square, at which the
                                                                          gardening to business and more philosophical thoughts
    new branding was used for the first time.
                                                                          on life.
    The Trust’s previous red logo was designed by the Bracknell
                                                                          Among the entries in the book will be a quote Sebastian
    News to launch Sebastian’s fundraising campaign at
                                                                          liked from The Lord of the Rings – “All we have to decide is
    Christmas 2003. It served the charity well, but the need for
                                                                          what to do with the time given to us.”
    a logo which could be used in different ways has increased
    as the charity has developed.                                         If there is a piece of advice you would like to share visit
                                                                          Rus’s website at and click
    The advertising agency team from Langland adapted the
                                                                          on Sebastian’s Action Trust e-book.
    old design into a new format which could be used in full or
    single colour, giving the Trust a more durable symbol that
    allows it to be more consistent.                                            Solicitors’ teams take on triathlon
    Jane said: “The new logo encapsulates what we are                           Eight teams from Owen White Solicitors in Slough took
    trying to achieve. First and foremost we are about trying                   part in the BananaMan Team Triathlon at Dorney Lake
    to achieve this holiday home – they say a picture paints                    to raise funds for the Trust.
    a thousand words and this does. We love the fact that it is
    interchangeable, that we can use Sebastian’s photograph                     The event on Sunday 22nd July started with the eight
    where appropriate – he being central to it is the charity’s                 Owen White swimmers diving into the rowing lake to
                                                                                complete an 800 metre swim split into two 400-metre
    roots, its origin. We believe the new logo is as strong and
                                                                                swims with a 100 metre run in between.
    enduring as those of any of the big national charities.”
                                                                                The second leg was a 30-kilometre bike ride. The
    Balloon leads to lessons in life                                            majority of the firm’s teams completed six laps around
                                                                                the lake in just more than an hour. Runners rounded
    A balloon released to launch the Trust’s logo sparked a new                 off the race with a 7.5 kilometre dash, made more
    fundraising initiative after it was found not far from where                strenuous by the mid-day heat.
    the charity hopes to build Sebastian’s holiday home.                        Managing Partner, Richard Keen who completed the
    The balloon, released in Bracknell town centre, found its                   run to bring the first of the Owen White teams home
    way to Dogmersfield, a few miles from North Waltham.                        said: “It was a great day. It was hugely impressive to
                                                                                see over half of the firm’s staff take part in the event
    Life coach Rus Slater discovered the balloon, which bore a                  and particularly satisfying to have been raising money
    message to Sebastian from his family and one of the Trust                   for the Sebastian’s Action Trust.”
    key-rings, while he was walking his dog.
                                                                                The Bath Road firm selected the Trust as its charity for
    He said: “I was walking across fields near my home when I                   2007 and has so far raised more than £4,000 with a
    found a helium balloon caught in the hedge; attached to it                  series of events including a barn dance.
    was a dedication to a child and a key-fob from Sebastian’s
    Action Trust. I looked at the Trust website and thought,
    ‘Here is a small charity, doing a great job for folk who really
    need it, without the clout of the big national charities; they
    can use all the help they can get’. So rather than doing a
    sponsored walk, I thought I’d sell people something they
    can use.”
    Mr Slater is creating an e-book of life-tips which will be
    sold through the web in aid of the Trust later this year. It
    will feature entries on topics from household hints and
Thames Valley                                alongside providing great
                                             encouragement          to other
Police rise to rowing                        families who are going through
challenge                                    similar difficult times.”
                                             Trust Director Jane Gates said:
Four teams of Thames Valley Police
                                             “Sebastian     would       have been
staff put themselves through a
                                             thrilled to see someone who had
gruelling 24-hour row in support of
                                             successfully battled with Wilms’
the children the Trust aims to serve.

                                                                                       T h a m e s Va l
                                             Tumour doing so much to help
27 police officers and civilian staff, set   others who continue to live with
out to raise £5,000 by rowing 435,500        life-threatening illnesses.”
metres – the distance from Bracknell to
                                             She said: “The event gave everyone

Lands End – on static rowing machines.

                                             involved a huge buzz. The energy,
And they proved they were more than

                                             commitment and determination of

                                                                                                            li c
up to the challenge – rowing in excess
                                             the teams was incredibly heartening.

of 1,306,500 metres and raising more                                                                               a

                                             We are extremely grateful for their                                       ct
than £5,000 for the Trust.                                                                                                       n
The Rowathon, in Bracknell’s Princess
                                             Supt. Rob Povey, who instigated the     MacKay and Bracknell Forest Borough
Square Shopping Centre, was made                                                     Councillor Bob Wade.
                                             June Rowathon said: “It is always
more poignant as rower PC Joy
                                             rewarding to run an event like this     The event was sponsored by Bracknell
Andrews had suffered from Wilm’s
                                             in the community and we are very        Regeneration Partnership, and was
Tumour – the same form of cancer
                                             proud to have been able to do it for    officially opened by Bracknell Town
which nine-year-old Sebastian Gates,
                                             Sebastian’s Action Trust.”              Mayor Cllr Adrienne Jones.
who started the charity, battled with
for two-and-a-half years. PC Andrews         Chief Constable of Thames Valley        Thanks go to Living Well at the Bracknell
said: “It was a fantastic opportunity        Police Sara Thornton supported          Hilton, Bracknell Leisure Centre and The
to take part in this challenge and           the event, participating in a 2,000-    Royal County of Berkshire Racquets
raise money for a charity close to           metre challenge with members            and Health Club who loaned rowing
my heart. It meant a lot to me and           of the public. Other guest rowers       machines, and The Grange Hotel who
my family for what we went through,          included Bracknell MP Andrew            provided accommodation.

Doctors to be!                               Sarah’s sister Laura lost her battle
                                             with bone cancer in October 2003
                                                                                     became a way of life she decided
                                                                                     medicine was the only route for her.
It is always encouraging when                at the age of 13, just eight weeks      We are all so very proud.”
something positive can be achieved           before Rebecca’s brother Sebastian
                                                                                     Rebecca’s parents feel Sebastian
in spite of great personal tragedy.          passed away on Christmas Eve. Both
                                                                                     would be equally thrilled to know
Rebecca Gates and Sarah Dillon               children, who became friends whilst
                                                                                     that Rebecca had fulfilled a long-
            are shining examples of          on treatment, showed tremendous
                                                                                     held dream to enter medical school;
               remarkable courage;           strength of character and judging
                                                                                     they think he would be tickled pink
                 despite the grief they      by the devotion to study evident in
                                                                                     by her keenness to live in her “scrubs”,
                   have experienced          Sarah and Rebecca it would seem
                                                                                     with stethoscope and bleeper always
                    at the loss of their     that such strong qualities are family
                                                                                     to hand!
                    only siblings, both      traits. Sarah’s mum, Jayne said:
                    girls are about to       “Sarah has always been interested       We wish the girls the very best of luck
                   embark on the             in Chemistry and initially when Laura   in their studies - we know they will
                  long training to           was diagnosed thought she would         both be a credit to their
                become doctors and           dedicate her studies to cancer          chosen profession.
              both have expressed            research; she has already obtained a
          the desire to specialise in        Biochemistry degree. However after
the treatment of children’s cancer.          hospitals and the people within them

Cracking time had by all                     and donated it to Sebastian’s Action    children all had
                                             Trust because of the hotel’s close      teaspoons to try

Young cancer patients at the Oxford          association with the charity.           and crack it – at
Children’s Hospital received a special

                                                                                     the other side of         lE
                                             Trust staff delivered the giant egg

Easter surprise thanks to the generosity                                             the playroom staff,          as
of a Bracknell Living Well gym member.       for the children on Kamran’s ward                                           su r p rise
                                                                                     parents and other
                                             to enjoy.
Jennifer Furnell, who attends the gym                                                shyer children cheered
at Bracknell’s Hilton Hotel in Bagshot       Gemma Downes, CLIC Sargent social       and     looked      on.   Thank
Road, won a giant Easter Egg in a raffle     worker for the ward, said: “The         you for all the fun the egg provided.”
      Abbey recital raises funds                 Sebastian’s second
      Music lovers helped fundraise for
      two worthy causes by attending a
                                                 cousin Steve Gates
      ‘Concert for Spring’ at Dorchester         describes his cycle
      Abbey in April.
      The piano and violin recital
      was performed by pianist (and              My neighbour and I had been training
      Abbey organist) Jeremy Boughton            for a series of club 10-mile time trials                         St e v e G a t e s
      and violinist Sharon Warnes,               when news of the British Cyclosportive
      and featured sonatas by Corelli,           came through. A chance to ride Stage
                                                                                                  We had trained on the first of the
      Mozart and Beethoven.                      One of this year’s Tour de France a
                                                                                                  categorised climbs, Quarry Hill,
                                                 week before the pros seemed too
      The concert raised funds for the                                                            but were astounded by the crowds
                                                 good to miss.
      Trust and the Dorchester Abbey                                                              out to support us. At Matfield
      Organ Fund.                                We were accepted and then the                    we encountered a nasty climb,
                                                 realisation dawned, 120 miles – this             unmentioned in the route blurb, but
      Our thanks go to Jeremy,
                                                 was going to be a challenge. I                   this was just a warm up.
      Sharon and the Friends of
                                                 decided to focus on raising cash for
      Dorchester Abbey.                                                                           The second categorised climb
                                                 Bassie’s charity – announce it to the
                                                                                                  at Goudhurst was an adventure;
                                                 world, obtain sponsorship and you
                                                                                                  a very steep hill made tougher by
                                                 can’t back out!
                                                                                                  two Dutch caravanners who had
     Service with a smile                        My wife Di became a bike widow. We               taken this busy Sunday morning to
     on charity night                            trained on parts of the course – living
                                                 in Canterbury the final sections were
                                                                                                  conduct motorised ballet dancing in
                                                                                                  the high street, effectively blocking
     Stylists at an award–winning Ascot          well-known, including the daunting               the entire road.
     hair salon generously did away with         Farthing Common climb.
                                                                                                  Farthing Common was negotiated
     their normal pricelists for a night and     1st July dawned, wet and windy                   relatively comfortably. Then came
     instead asked customers to make             with a 5am start. We were dropped                the best part – the Roman road,
     donations to the Trust.                     on Blackheath and could start                    Stone Street, 10 miles mainly downhill,
     Smile Hair in Ascot High Street was         straightaway.                                    with the wind strongly behind us was
     fully booked for the charity night, on                                                       heaven – 25 mph plus all the way into
                                                 It rained throughout the early stages:
     Wednesday 29th August.                                                                       Canterbury – this was what it was
                                                 Woolwich, Plumstead, a nasty little
                                                                                                  about. We finished together in 7 hours
     The event was a huge success and            1:10 climb at Bostall Heath, Erith,
                                                                                                  12 minutes.
     raised more than £600 for the Trust.        Dartford, Gravesend were all passed
     Customers were able to relax with a         in the drizzle amongst an endless                Many thanks to our generous sponsors
     glass of wine and listen to talented        stream of riders. The only hold ups              and supporters who helped make
     saxophonist Barney Gilbert while one        were the seemingly constant red                  it memorable and enjoyable. With
     of the salon’s experienced stylists did     lights – the pros have it easy with the          my company’s (Abbey) “matched
     their hair.                                 roads closed!                                    donations”    scheme    we    raised
                                                                                                  about £2,000.
     Salon Director Penny Etheridge,             At Aylesford the tiny High Street is a
     said: “I chose the Trust because            traffic light-controlled one-way affair.
     it is a local charity and Sebastian         Cyclists were backed-up for half-a-
     was a local boy so I think it’s very
     relevant and I think it’s a very touching
                                                 mile and we were delayed at least 10
                                                 minutes getting cold and irritated.
                                                                                                    Donations in brief
     charity.                                                                                       • Crowthorne   Village Singers
     We have young people here and a                                                                  entertained audiences with
     certain percentage of our clients are                                                            songs from the shows for their
     young so it’s nice to give something                                                             Summer Concert, raising £400.
     back.”                                                                                         • Lynne    Sollitt helped to raise
     Jane Gates, Director of Sebastian’s                                                              more than £400 by inviting the
     Action Trust, said: “There was a great                                                           Trust to hold the raffle at her
     atmosphere on the night and lots                                                                 stylish Spirit of Summer fashion
     of happy customers. By donating                                                                  sale at the Royal Berkshire Hotel
     their services the staff from Smile                                                              in May.
     Hair raised funds that will be directly                                                        • Bracknell   Methodist Church
     channelled into helping families.”                                           s rugby sta
                                                                                              r       donated £2,173 to the Trust as
                                                                     s and Wasp
                                                           Jane Gate                salon staff       their nominated charity for 2006.
                                                                          ell w ith
                                                               James Hask

We thought you                              After a busy summer of family
                                            holidays in Devon and Cornwall,
would like to know                          during which she did a lot of walking,
                                            Sophie has just started senior school.
In the last edition of our newsletter       She was nervous but the school have
you met 11 – year-old Sophie Hartley        made allowances for her making
who is in remission from Ewings             her form room on the ground floor
sarcoma – bone cancer in her leg.           and allowing her to use the “Grand
                                            Staircase,” which is normally only used
                                            by staff. We wish her every success.

On the piste –                                                    Like father, like daughter
La Tania                                                          Fourteen year-old Zoe Heggie cycled 55 miles from
charity week                                                      London to Brighton to raise £203 in sponsorship.

Harley Davidson rides up                                          Zoe’s Dad Craig, a spinning-class instructor, cycled from
the mountain, a boiled-egg                                        Lands End to John O’Groats for the Trust last summer and
eating competition, sponsored                                     at Christmas Zoe asked if she could complete the London
mountain treks and an epic float race                             to Brighton for the Trust.
down the slopes were just some of the ingenious ways              Zoe completed the journey in 5 hours, 1 minute only
staff and residents of French ski resort La Tania raised          stopping twice; once for a toilet break and
funds for Sebastian’s Action Trust this April.                    once for a well-deserved ice cream
The resort has supported the Trust for the past three years       at the top of Ditchling Beacon
with their end of season fundraising. And this year they          – the third-highest point in South
pulled out all the stops once again with a week of fun-           East England.
filled events including; a ball, a barbecue and bands day,        Craig said: “Zoe started to attend
sponsored hikes from the resort to Col de la Loze (which          my spinning classes and in no time
some completed four times), and a “Charity day” outside           she was cycling five miles, spinning for
Pub Le Ski Lodge where fancy dress was a must and where           two hours and then cycling another
live music, games and vodka jelly were in plentiful supply.       five miles home. She started joining me                                r
                                                                                                                                    g he
                                                                  on a Sunday ride and it was then I knew                    joy in     m
The resort raised around 20,000 euros which will be split                                                            Zo e e n e c re a
                                                                  she was serious.”                                           ic
between the Trust and a French cancer charity.
A huge thank you goes to all involved in this amazing             “I allowed her to take part on the understanding that if she
fundraising effort – which had to be seen to be believed          found it too tough she could pull out, but she plodded on
– for all your hard work and for choosing to support the          and when she crossed that line to cheers and claps we
Trust once again. We are extremely grateful.                      all had a tear – I was the proudest dad ever.”

 Donations in brief                                                Life in a Day
 • Hall Grove School parent Bill Rogers found a unique way         Celebrity photographer and Special Friend of the Trust,
   of fundraising when he organised an internet raffle. £1125      Alistair Morrison donated £1,300 from the sale of portraits
   was donated by forum members of Detailing World;                taken during his “Life in a Day” project – a collaboration
   our thanks go to Bill for his enterprising ingenuity and his    with Royal Holloway University in February.
   supporters for their generosity!
                                                                   The project combined photographic portraits, video
 • Woodside resident Jonathan Greenyer raised £200 with a          and audio clips to reflect the many faces that constitute
   plant sale at his home in June.                                 the college.

 Ranelagh pupils dedicate Lent money                               Ben’s sponsored toddle
 In May the Trust received cheques totalling £416                  At 13-months-old Ben Bradford is the youngest
 from pupils in Year 8 at Ranelagh School. The highly              fundraiser ever to hold an event for the Trust. Ben
 motivated pupils collected the sum through various                and his mum Gemma held a sponsored toddle at
 Lent projects including an X-box challenge and a                  their Bracknell home in March and invited friends
 cocktail bar! One of the organisers was Angus Haynes,             and family to join them for coffee and cakes.
 a former school friend of Sebastian who had proposed              Ben took a total of 18 steps to the finish line without
 the Trust in memory of his pal.                                   stopping and raised £120. A huge thank you goes to Ben
                                                                   and his mum.

     Guy Salmon Ascot                            practical projects. Stephen Cook,         Store staff
                                                 Franchise Manager for Guy Salmon
     supports the Trust                          Jaguar Ascot, said:                       pull out
     Staff at Guy Salmon Ascot will be
     working closely with the Trust in
                                                 “Choosing a charity to support can be     all the
                                                 a difficult process; we wanted to put
     the coming months as part of their          more into our local area by supporting    stops for
     commitment to give something back           and providing help for a local charity.
     to their local community.                   Situated just on our doorstep in Ascot    Sebastian
     The prestigious Jaguar and Land             High Street, Sebastian’s Action Trust     Staff at Waitrose in Sunningdale
     Rover dealership, which is just doors       was the obvious choice.”                  played darts around the clock to
     away from the Trust in Ascot High           Staff from Guy Salmon Ascot               fundraise during the week which
     Street, has selected Sebastian’s                                                      should have marked Sebastian’s
     Action Trust as one of its chosen                                                     13th birthday.
     charities, and has already shown
                                                                                           The 24-hour darts challenge was
     support by kindly sponsoring this
                                                                                           one of many fundraising initiatives
     edition of the newsletter.
                                                                                           staff at the London Road branch
     The dealership will be giving away                                                    came up with during their charity
     one of the Trust’s limited edition Bassie                                             week in February, which raised more
     Bears to each customer who buys a                                                     than £1,773.
     Jaguar or Land Rover in 2007, as a
                                                                                           Sebastian’s mum Jane said: “We are
     mark of support.
                                                                                           really grateful to the staff at Waitrose.
     Employees are also looking to                                                         Sunday, 18th February would have
     get involved in some of the Trust’s                                                   been Sebastian’s 13th birthday and
                                                                                           therefore it was incredibly fitting

     Swinging                                    Glasses charged for                       for our local store to support us in
                                                                                           this week.”
     success                                     charity tasting                           Sunningdale Branch Manager, Gary
     Wentworth golfers                                                                     Collyer, said: “Waitrose is committed
                                                 The World Wine Tasting Company
     got into the swing                                                                    to working with the communities it
                                                 staged their second successful tasting
     of      fundraising                                                                   serves. We know Sebastian’s Action
                                                 evening for Trust supporters in March.
     generating almost                                                                     Trust makes a big difference to the
     £23,000 for the Trust under 2006 Ladies’    The event, held at Club 1 in Ascot        lives of young people in our area and
     Golf Captain, Hilde Holdsworth.             High Street was a chance for guests       we were proud to support them.”
                                                 to learn about wines from different
     Hilde selected the Trust for her year       regions, how to “taste” wine and
     as Captain after attending several
     Trust balls, she said: “I like what the
                                                 which wines go best with different
                                                 foods. The evening included wine
                                                                                           Katie loses her locks
     Trust stands for.”                          and cheese, an informal quiz              A   brave    18-year-old swapped
     The impressive sum was raised through       and jazz.                                 her long locks for a shiny bald
     a series of events which included a                                                   head to raise funds for three
                                                 Our sincere thanks go to organisers
     Spanish-themed Ladies Captain’s                                                       cancer charities.
                                                 Lucy Roe and Sally Barlow for another
     Day hosted by Hilde, during which           great evening.                            Katie Halstead took the drastic
     80 ladies played 18-holes before
                                                                                           decision to have her hair, shaved
     enjoying lunch and a raffle.                For more information on The
                                                                                           off to fundraise for the Trust along
                                                 World    Wine   Tasting Company
     Other fundraising events included                                                     with CLIC Sargent and Marie Curie
                                                 call 07855 437432 .
     invitational days, members making                                                     Cancer Care.
     donations to play with Hilde and
     the club pro and the Wentworth
     House Party.
     Of her year as Ladies’ Captain Hilde
     said: “I loved it. I would like to thank
     everyone for helping me to raise so
     much money.”
     Our sincere thanks go to Hilde and
     all who supported her and the Trust
     during her captaincy.
                                                                                                  Pictures courtesy of the
                                                                                                  Leatherhead Advertiser
                                                                           – Lu cy
12                                                                 Chee rs      Ba rlow
                                                                      & Sally
                                                The big event
     Teeing off for Seb!                      Our next                                   Our last big event:
     Donnington Grove Ladies’ Golf            big events:                                A Night at the
     Captain Brenda Agutter heard of
                  the Trust when she was      Clay-pigeon                                Moulin Rouge Ball
                  driving along listening
                 to a radio interview that    shoot                                      Cancan girls, a fire dancer and a
                featured       Sebastian’s                                               contortionist were just some of the
                                              Whether you are an expert or have
                sister, Rebecca.                                                         colourful acts which brought the
                                              never picked up a gun in your life, our
                                                                                         spirit and the spectacle of the world-
                   Brenda was so taken        shooting day on Thursday 15th May,
                                                                                         famous Moulin Rouge to Wentworth
                  with Rebecca’s positive     2008, is a chance to experience a
                                                                                         for our May ball.
                  outlook and determination   great British sporting tradition in the
                 to find some good from       beautiful surroundings of Bisley.          A Night at the Moulin Rouge, held on
B renda
        Agutte r                                                                         Saturday 12th May, raised £25,000 for
                 her brother’s death that     The relaxed day would be an ideal
      she chose our charity for her year                                                 the Trust.
                                              opportunity to entertain clients or
      as captain.                             catch-up with a group of friends           The 216 guests were also entertained
     Brenda had plenty of ideas for raising   and will start with breakfast followed     by magicians, an accordionist, a
     funds including a very professional      by an 80-bird shoot, pool and flush.       stilt walker and caricaturist during
     clothes and fashion show, featuring      Individuals are also welcome. The          the evening, before enjoying a four-
     many of her fellow golfers, which        shooting will be followed by lunch         course meal and joining in the charity
     proved extremely popular with all in     and an auction – a chance for              auction and dancing to The Soul
     attendance. Our thanks go especially     you to revel in your achievements          Intention Band.
     to Brenda, who was ably supported        and perhaps pick up an award
                                                                                         Our sincere thanks go         to   our
     by fellow captain Paul Sherriff,         during the prize-giving. Tickets
                                                                                         dedicated ball committee.
     fundraising champion Tony Coleman        cost £225 per person and can
     and the members of Donnington            be purchased from the Trust on
     Grove Country Club who have raised       01344 622500.
     an impressive £7,680.

                                              Halloween Walk
     Generous gift                            A fun activity-packed walk for all the
     from glamorous                           family will take place on Sunday 28th
                                              October at 11am. Leaving from the
     school ball                              overflow car park of the Look Out,
                                              the 5km or 10km sponsored walk will
     Parents from Eton End School in          take families through the picturesque
     Datchet generously donated more          woodland of Swinley Forest and
     than half the money raised at their      there will be plenty of activities along
     2007 ball to the Trust.                  the way to break up the journey,
     The event held at Wentworth in March     including a spooky quiz and ghoulish
     raised an impressive £11,000: £4,500     games such as apple bobbing and
     for school whiteboards and £6,500        pumpkin bowling.
     donated to the Trust.                    The event will be the Trust’s
     The pupils designed posters of           third Halloween Walk and is                Moulin Rouge Ball
     what they thought a ball would be        once again sponsored by the
     like which were used for the event       Bracknell News.
     publicity and stationary.                Fancy dress is optional but adds to
     Thanks go to Alison Parsons and her      the sense of fun. Children under 14
     committee for selecting the Trust to     should be accompanied
     benefit from all                         by a responsible adult.
     their hard work                          Entry costs £7 for adults,
     and generosity.                          £3 for children and £18
                                              for a family. To book your
                                              place contact the Trust on
                                              01344 622500.

                                                                                 Children enjoy 2005 Halloween Walk

     Pupils’ poster design
     Our son willed us home with pride
     In 2005 I enjoyed one of my proudest moments when I watched my husband complete the London Marathon as part
     of the Sebastian’s Action Trust team. Having witnessed his dedication to the gruelling training programme I knew that
     Mike had truly earned his medal and I never imagined that I would ever emulate this feat.
     Last year Mike persuaded me to                The first 10 miles went like a dream;        of an infinite number of worthwhile
     join him in entering the Windsor Half         we were keeping to our 4 hours               causes. I felt so humbled to be a part
     Marathon – running was something              and 30 minutes time plan and in              of the occasion and I would have
     that had never previously appealed            spite of the heat (if only this summer       no hesitation in recommending the
     and I had always been happy being             could have been like that day                experience to anyone – if I can do it,
     part of the backup crew. We didn’t            in April!) all was going well when           anyone can!
     achieve an exciting time but it was,          disaster struck! I managed to lose my        Jane & Michael
     nevertheless, something that we               footing at the 10 mile water station,        Gates after the
     could do together in Sebastian’s              damaging my ankle and effectively            London Marathon
     memory and it spurred us on to aim for        curtailing my running for the rest of
     the ultimate – the London Marathon!           the day. Being a loyal sort of chap,
                                                   Mike refused to leave me and we
     We followed the Hal Higden training
                                                   completed the marathon in a less
     programme for novices and on many
                                                   than spectacular 5 hours 50 minutes,
     occasions we were joined by our
                                                   secure in the belief that our son had
     daughter, Rebecca. Gradually daily
                                                   willed us home with pride.
     life began to revolve around “the
     plan” and I found genuine pleasure            Running the marathon was a truly
     in the time we dedicated to our new           wonderful experience for many
     found hobby. On the big day we                different reasons; it is a personal
     were as prepared as we could be               achievement     that     cannot    be
     and it was an emotional moment as             undertaken lightly, but it was so
     we crossed the starting line, hand            amazing to be a small part of a
     in hand.                                      huge fundraising initiative in support

                                                   in two-and-a-half hours but shocked          Reading Half Marathon – on Sunday
                    Newspaper                      myself by finishing in under two hours.      25th March. I had to get up and train
                    continues                      My clocked time was 1 hour, 58
                                                   minutes and 16 seconds. Each week
                                                                                                before I went to lectures – this was so
                                                                                                hard sometimes, especially on cold
                    long-running                   was a struggle but I kept to a fitness       and rainy days. Soon it became habit
                     support.                      programme of five days of exercise           though and I started to enjoy training.
                                                                                                Shortly before my run I strained a
                                                   and my hard work paid off. I was
                     Ascot News reporter           amazed by my achievement and                 hamstring, so I had to take a few
                     Louise Gaw furthered          felt fantastic that I was doing it for a     weeks off intense training and I was
          the newspaper’s long-running             great cause.”                                worried I wasn’t gong to make it.
     support of the Trust when she took up
                                                   Louise was the second News reporter          However I arrived fit and well on the
     a personal challenge of running the
                                                   to complete Bracknell Half Marathon          day. There was such an incredible
     Bracknell Half Marathon in April.
                                                   for the Trust – former News reporter         atmosphere and the buzz before the
     Weeks of training paid off with an            James Osborne also completed the             race was brilliant. It was an amazing
     impressive time and £310 for the Trust.       course in 2004.                              experience and I can not wait until
                                                                                                my next one – a couple more half
     Louise said: “I wanted to take up
                                                                                                marathons for experience then on to
     a challenge in the New Year and
                                                                                                the full marathon!
     thought I should get fit by doing
     something I could be proud of                 Charlotte                                    I wanted to raise money for a local
     achieving. I thought about running            Brady                                        charity   and    after researching,
     the Bracknell Half Marathon the
     previous year but did not think about
                                                   describes                                    Sebastian’s Action Trust seemed
                                                                                                a very good cause – in the end I
     training until it was too late. Writing       her first                                    raised £160.
     for the Bracknell and Ascot News I
     was able to promote my fundraising
                                                   half marathon                                Thank you to all who came and
                                                                                                supported me from home and
     campaign while at the same time               “It was my first year at university and
                                                                                                university – it made the day a
     showing people how anyone can                 I was determined to join a gym. After
                                                                                                lot easier!”
     take up the challenge, if they are            going for a couple of months I wanted
     willing to put in the work. I was initially   to make my training worthwhile, so
     on target to complete the 13.1 miles          after Christmas I started to train for the
The London Marathon
On an unseasonably hot day in April
                                             be very proud of. Taking part is an
                                                                                        Running Events
six runners Mick Maguire, Nigel Dixon,
                                             emotional experience. The highly-
Brian Warner, John Breslin and Jane                                                     The extraordinary efforts of
                                             charged atmosphere keeps you
and Michael Gates donned the Trust’s                                                    runners – whether they be
                                             going when your body is screaming
colours and completed the London                                                        first-time challengers or
                                             at you to stop.
Marathon. Here’s what they have to
                                                                                        seasoned competitors – make
say about the experience:
                                             Name: Brian Warner                         a huge difference to the Trust
                                             Age: 32                                    each year.
          Name: Mick Maguire
                                             Previous running
           Age: 37
                                             experience: Marathon                       We are looking for runners of
           Previous running
                                             in 2005
            experience: The London                                                      all abilities to enter events and
                                             Personal goal: Under
            Marathon 18 years ago,                                                      raise sponsorship for the Trust.
                                             3 hours, 30 minutes
             and quite a few local runs.                                                If you are thinking of taking on
                                             Reason for running:
             Personal goal: To get                                                      a challenge here a just a few
                                             I read the
             under 4 hours for this                                                     dates for you to consider:
                                             information sheet about
                                             Sebastian at Longacres Garden
Reason for running: I want to help
                                             Centre, in Bagshot, and was
in any way I can, to help children or
                                             extremely moved by his courage and         London 10k
families going through this kind of
                                             humbled by what had happened to            Monday 26th May, 2008
terrible ordeal.
                                             Sebastian and his family.                  This exciting new race will follow
Achieved: 4 hours, 23 minutes
Thoughts: Blisters, sunstroke and heat       Achieved: I waddled over the finish        a stunning route through central
exhaustion – glad to have done it            line, my time was 3 hours 58 minutes       London.
again, but I think I’ll stick to the half    SUB 4 hours!!!                             Visit
marathons in future.                         Thoughts: The run started well. I          to book your place.
                                             thought the heat was quite nice;
Name: Nigel Dixon                            it created a nice summer morning
Age: 44                                      atmosphere, but how things were            Reading Half Marathon 2008
Previous running                             going to change! Things were still         Sunday 2nd March, 2008
experience: 50 or 60                         going well at the half way point,          A great half marathon to try,
half marathons,                              but when I reached 18 miles the
5 triathlons,                                                                           taking you past many of the
                                             cramp started.
1 London                                                                                town’s landmarks.
Marathon – in 2001.                          As I progressed through the race           Entry is now open visit www.
Personal goal: To get round                  the cramp got worse and worse, my
in under 4 hours.                            target time of sub 3 hours 30 minutes      to book your place.
Reason for running: I was not                soon changed to sub 4 hours. The last
intending to do it for charity until I was   four miles was some of the worst pain
approached by a friend at work who           I have ever felt – it was the crowd that
                                                                                        Flora London Marathon 2008
knew Sebastian. He told me his story.        pulled me through.
                                                                                        Sunday 13th April, 2008
Having a young child of my own I
                                                                                        This world famous marathon
can, I suppose, begin to imagine                           Name: John Breslin           has to be on every runner’s
the terrible loss his family have                          Age: 48
suffered. They have, as Sebastian                                                       “To do” list.
                                                           Previous running
had, been very brave and positive                                                       The Trust, like many charities, is
                                                            experience: Two
and I am delighted to be able to                                                        on a waiting list for places, but
support his Trust.                                            Personal goal: To get     you could still run for the Trust by
Achieved: 3 hours, 49 minutes                                 round the course.         entering yourself into the official
Thoughts: Reflecting later, over a large                       Hopefully under          race ballot for a place. Entry for
glass of Bourbon, on an interesting                            4 hours.                 the ballot closes towards the end
day, inspirational actually. At about                Reason for running: I have         of October.
four miles I saw a guy with both legs        run for Sebastian in Dublin and            Visit
amputated from the knee down. His            thought it would be really nice to do
lower limbs were replaced by metal           it again. The charity has raised a lot
rods and his feet were replaced by           since then, but I am sure it will always
flexible pieces of L shaped plastic.                                                    Bracknell Half Marathon
                                             need more.
He was young and was laughing and                                                       Sunday 29th April, 2008
                                             Achieved: 4 hours, 18 minutes
smiling. Other runners were clearly                                                     The date has only been booked
                                             Thoughts: Everything about the day
amazed. I saw him again at the finish.       was great; I was thrilled to complete      provisionally at this stage, more
He had caught me up!                         the course and to raise money for          details will be released around
The London Marathon is the                   the Trust. Having previously run the       Christmas.
most popular in the world. It gets           Dublin Marathon for Sebastian, I was       Contact Bracknell Forest
bigger year by year. It is superbly          delighted to have so much staunch          Borough Council on 01344
organised and the support provided           support again from people who had          424642 for more information.
by Londoners and others is truly             already given so generously to this
overwhelming. It is a national treasure      special charity.
and something our country can
                                                                                                             Please visit the
                                                                                                      events page of our website
                                                                                                         for more information
                                                                                                            and up to date

                    diary                                                                                    events listings.

Halloween Walk
Sunday 28th October, 2007
                                               be held each night. Special events will        Hilton Bracknell Autumn Ball
Swinley Forest, Bracknell
                                               take place in the town and the shops           Saturday 20th October, 2007
The Trust’s third family walk with a           will be open late on Thursday 22nd             The Hilton Bracknell Hotel, Bagshot Road,
Halloween theme. The walk will start and       November, Thursday 29th November,              Bracknell
finish at the Look Out’s overflow car park.    and Thursday 13th December.                    The hotel is organising a ball in aid of
See page 13 for more details.                                                                 the Hilton in the Community Foundation,
                                               Reflections Annual Candlelight Service of
                                                                                              which supports Sebastian’s Action Trust.
Hall Grove Craft Fair                          Remembrance and Thanksgiving
                                                                                              Tickets priced £34.95 include a
Saturday 10th November, 2007 – 11am – 3pm      Sunday 2nd December, 2007
                                                                                              three-course dinner and are available
Hall Grove School, Bagshot                     Dorchester Abbey
                                                                                              from Lydia Pugh on 01344 424801.
A chance to stock up on Christmas gifts        A service of music and readings for
and decorations away from the crowds           parents, relatives and friends who have        Sebastian’s Action Trust Clay Pigeon
on the high street. There will also be a       lost a child, adolescent or young adult.       Shoot
chance for children to make Christmas                                                         Thursday 15th May, 2008
gifts at one of the craft workshops.           Snowflake Appeal
                                                                                              Bisley Shooting Ground, Surrey
Entry by donation.                             Thursday 22nd November – Friday 21st
                                                                                              A relaxed day open to novices and
                                               December, 2007
Carols and Shopping                                                                           experts alike. Enter as an individual or as
                                               Princess Square, Bracknell
                                                                                              a team and enjoy an 80-bird shot, pool
Thursday 22nd November – Friday 21st           We all have someone who we will miss           and flush in beautiful surroundings.
December, 2007                                 this Christmas for whatever reason. This is
Princess Square, Bracknell                                                                    The day will begin with breakfast and
                                               a chance to remember them by placing
                                                                                              the shoot will be followed by lunch and
Come and join us at Princess Square as         a snowflake with your personal message
                                                                                              an auction.
local schools help raise funds for the Trust   on a tree in Bracknell town centre and
with carols and festive performances           to take away a glass snowflake for your        Tickets cost £225 per person from the Trust
each week night. Bucket collections will       tree at home. All proceeds will go to          on 01344 622500.
                                               Sebastian’s Action Trust.

 Sponsoring the newsletter                This edition of the         This will give you an opportunity to promote your organisation to
 newsletter has been sponsored by Guy Salmon Ascot. We would          a readership in the region of 6000. If you are interested in helping
 very much like to secure a sponsor for each future newsletter.       Sebastian’s Action Trust in this way, please contact Jane or Sarah
                                                                      on 01344 622500 to explore the possibilities further.

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