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                                                                                                                              Winter 2002

 Lambda Alpha International                                      Land Economics Society                                      WWW.LAI.ORG

                               Vancouver Welcomes
                            Spring Weekend Experience
           avid Greenwood, past presi-

 D         dent of the Vancouver Chapter,
           promises a spectacular time for
           those who attend the general
membership meeting May 3–5. The three-
day event is packed with marvelous events
and promises to be a real treat for all who
venture to the north.
     Our headquarters for the weekend will
be the three-year old Terminal City Club
Tower Hotel where rooms have been
blocked for us in this first-class boutique
property. All rooms have either a harbor or
city view. Members will find that the tariff is
quite reasonable and is guaranteed from
Thursday through Sunday nights. For
members wishing to view the accommoda-
tions, log on to                  Granville Island
Reservations can be made by contacting
the hotel’s reservations manager, Ms.             commences at 8:30 a.m., Friday, May 3,        and spectacular views.
Janice Chong, at (604) 488-8603 or by             2002 with a “Sea to Sky Trip to Whistler.”        On Friday evening, members will
email to For those not          Vancouver Chapter member Neil Griggs          attend the Presidents’ Reception and
wishing to stay at the Terminal City Club,        will be the expert guide on this tour.
                                                  Whistler, a modern ski resort                                              continued on page 6
other accommodations can be searched at
these other websites: http://wcbbia.              two      hours     north    of
com/regions.html       or      http://www.        Vancouver, is competing to
                                                  become the venue for the            Features
     The Vancouver Weekend Experience             2010 Winter Olympics. As            Vancouver Weekend Experience . . . . . . . . . . . .1
                                                  such, it has developed world-
                                                                                      Eminent Domain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
                                                  class winter recreation facili-
                                                  ties and new facilities are         Conservation Land Trusts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
                                                  planned. Neil has been              Jane Jacobs Award . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
                                                  involved with planning and
                                                  developing this project for         Loewenstein Memoriam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
                                                  many years and will share his       Editor’s News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
                                                  insights with tour members.
                                                                                      New LAI Executive Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
                                                       Our      excursion     to
                                                  Whistler will start as we ven-
                                                  ture north on a luxury bus for      In Every Issue
                                                  the 120-kilometer journey.
                                                  Upon arrival, we’ll tour the        President’s Letter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
                                                  ski resort village and then         About Us Chapter News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
                                                  head up to the top of the
                                                                                      Welcome New Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
                                                  mountain for a no-host lunch
Vancouver's historic Gastown district
                                                    President’s Letter

           little more than two years ago, as   years I will encourage Lambda Alpha to          and support, and above all for their friend-

 A         President of the London
           Chapter, I had the opportunity
           and pleasure of welcoming more
                                                continue to look outwards, to expand our
                                                horizons, to form new chapters and to
                                                elect new members-at-large. I believe it is
                                                                                                ship in Lambda Alpha. In closing, I would
                                                                                                especially like to thank Tom Dyke, my
                                                                                                immediate predecessor as well as Past
than 130 members and guests of Lambda           our mission to be truly International and we    Presidents Frank Spink and Phil
Alpha International to the 33rd Biennial        should not be dissuaded as we confront the      Boname. I will continue to rely on them
Congress. This was the first time that such     21st century. I am delighted to be able to      and other valued colleagues as Lambda
an event was held outside the North             confirm already the formation of a vibrant      Alpha becomes both more robust and
                       American continent,      new Tokyo Chapter and congratulate              international.
                       but more importantly     David Callies, Phil Boname and others
                       it served as a mile-     for their efforts that led to its successful
                       stone in the evolution   installation.
                       of Lambda Alpha as a          To help us attain our objectives I am       Lambda Alpha International Officers 2002
                       truly    international   also pleased to introduce and welcome our        Roger Kallman LONDON
                       organization. At the     new management consultants, Association          First Vice President
                       Board of Governors       Management Systems, Inc. Over the past           Larry E. Lund ELY
                                                                                                 Immediate Past President
                       meeting which imme-      few months the Board and I have been             Thompson A. Dyke ELY
                       diately preceded the     actively engaged in a process to identify a      Vice President—East US/Canada
Roger Kallman                                                                                    Joseph M. Egan, Jr. PHILADELPHIA
                     34th Biennial Congress     management firm which better matched
                                                                                                 Assistant Vice President
                     in Philadelphia I had      our specific operational and financial           Josef Nathanson BALTIMORE
the honor of becoming the first overseas        requirements. We believe we have found           Vice President—Central US/Canada
member to be elected International              just such a firm in AMS and look forward         Alan Artibise EAST-WEST GATEWAY
                                                                                                 Assistant Vice President
President. This election was a great honor,     to working with Ms. Terry Stevenson, our         Tim Griffin MINNESOTA
for me personally and for my colleagues in      new Executive Director.                          Vice President—Western US/Canada
the London Chapter, but I believe we all             In just over three months many of us        David C. Lachoff LOS ANGELES
                                                                                                 Assistant Vice President
shared in this event, which confirmed a         will come together for the next Board of         Janet C. Norris GOLDEN GATE
new era in the seven decade history of our      Governors Meeting and the first Weekend          Vice President—Europe
Honorary Land Economics Society.                Experience of the new year. May 3–5th the        Karen Sieracki LONDON
                                                                                                 Assistant Vice President
     All of this, however, must be seen in      Vancouver Chapter will host another won-         Michael H. Mallinson LONDON
context, and in the latter part of the first    derful program, and I encourage everyone         Vice President—Pacific
year of the 21st century, this meant a          to attend. In the fall we will meet in New       David L. Callies ALOHA
                                                                                                 Assistant Vice President
world which was significantly altered by the    York City. October 18–20 and in San              David Greenwood VANCOUVER
events of September 11th. We were all           Diego April 11–13, 2003. We hope to              Secretary
stunned by what had occurred in New             convene ‘off shore’ for the 35th Biennial        J. Craig Williams ORANGE COUNTY
York, Washington and Pennsylvania, and          Congress in Honolulu. The format of our          Les Pollock ELY
we were all affected personally or indirect-    meetings will continue to follow the pattern     Assistant Treasurer
ly to a greater or lesser extent. Reflecting    adopted in recent years with strong              Ian James Lord SIMCOE
the resolve of everyone who came through        emphasis on shared experiences through           James A. Fawcett LOS ANGELES
that experience, the Philadelphia Chapter       our mobile workshops. Member response            Assistant Scribe
was undeterred and persisted in its plan-       has been very positive to these Weekend          Jeffrey L. Soule BALTIMORE
ning of what became one of the finest           Experiences which are led by key individu-       Alan Nevin SAN DIEGO
Biennial Congresses I have ever attended. I     als who were themselves involved in the          LAND ECONOMICS FOUNDATION
congratulate Joe Egan and all who               design, finance and operation of the proj-       President
                                                                                                 Virginia A. Solomon SIMCOE
worked with him on making that meeting          ects which are visited.
                                                                                                 Vice President
such a success. I am also very pleased to be         While looking forward, I have also          Dr. John E. Gnuschke MEMPHIS
able to associate the beginning of my term      found myself inevitably reflecting on the        Secretary
                                                                                                 Gary H. London SAN DIEGO
as International President with that impor-     past. There are many individuals to whom
tant event.                                     I am indebted for the leadership examples        Dr. Stanley W. Hamilton VANCOUVER
     As we go forward over the next two         they provided, for their encouragement                 KeyNotes newsletter is published quarterly for
                                                                                                 members of Lambda Alpha International. For more
                                                                                                 information about LAI activity, visit the website or

 NEW PASSWORD FOR LAI.ORG                                                                        contact the International Office:
                                                                                                       Terry Stevenson, Executive Director
 As has been our practice, the members’ only section of the website is password pro-                   710 East Ogden Avenue, Suite 600
                                                                                                       Naperville, Illinois 60563-8614
 tected. With the recent installation of Roger Kallman as our new international president,             630-579-3284
 we have changed the name and password for that section of the website.                                630-369-2488 fax

2                 Lambda Alpha International                                                   KeyNotes/Winter 2002
          About Us Chapter News
ALOHA CHAPTER                                    ASIAN LAI CHAPTERS IN FORMATION
                                            Our Pacific Region Vice-President,                  Most of the at-large members nomi-
                                            Professor David Callies, reports that he       nated in Asia are academics but many of
                                            is making progress in establishing Lambda      them have close ties to business interests,
                                            Alpha International chapters in Asia. At       thus, we have the opportunity to grow
                                            this time he is working on establishing        those chapters into the local business com-
                                            chapters in Tokyo and Seoul.                   munities as well. It will take as long as five
                                                 The process of establishing these new     years to build these chapters but Callies,
                                            chapters is somewhat different than in the     who travels often to Asia, is confident that
                                            US where existing members can “seed”           we can build a good presence in both
                                            new chapters. In those locations where we      Japan and Korea and hopes to do so in
                                            do not have a presence, Professor Callies      Hong Kong as well.
Wendell F. Brooks, Jr. (right) was one
of three new members inducted by            starts by identifying prominent potential           If any of our members have contact
Aloha President Dan Davidson last           members. They are nominated for at-large       with individuals in Japan, Korea or Hong
year.                                       membership in the organization and, once       Kong who would be candidates for mem-
                                            a few folks are located in one city, he        bership in our society, please contact David
                                            assists them in forming a chapter.             Callies at
 The Ely Chapter is pleased to announce
 its officers for 2002:
 Donna J. Pugh, President                    TOKYO CHAPTER
 Christine Williams, VP Membership                We enthusiastically welcome LAI’s new Tokyo Chapter, formed on the evening of
 Jon B. DeVries, VP Programs                 October 30, 2001, with the initiation of 16 new members. With our two existing
 Tom Coates, VP Education                    Members at Large, Professors Tsuyoshi Kotaka of Meijo University and Keiichi
 Mark Angelini, Secretary                    Tanaka of Nihon University, together with nine additional members approved by the
 Reuben Hedlund, Treasurer                   LAI Board, the Chapter’s strength will soon increase to 27.
 Susanne Cannon, Past President                   LAI Past President Philip Boname of Vancouver presided over the ceremonies with
       The annual “Building a Greater        the assistance of Regional Vice President for Pacific-Asia, Professor David L. Callies of
 Chicago” symposium will be held             the University of Hawaii Richardson School of Law. Professor Tanaka and Mr. Boname
 November 15, 2002. Last year’s topic        opened the proceedings with introductions and brief remarks in Japanese and English,
 was “Planning, Zoning & Architecture.”      and Professor Kotaka ably translated the entire ceremony. The new initiates represent
 The symposium featured three panel          a broad range of expertise, from academics to land development. Indeed, one of our
 discussions and evening keynote speak-      new members holds a 7th degree black belt in karate, which he demonstrated briefly at
 er Donald L. Miller. Miller’s book, City    the lively banquet that followed at the Tokyo Bakushan Kan (beer restaurant). Brief
 of the Century: The Epic of Chicago         speeches, beer and sake flowed freely at that banquet, which ended late in the evening
 and the Making of America, will be          in traditional Japanese fashion with measured handclaps and a loud shout. Our thanks
 made into a four-hour documentary for       not only to Professors Tanaka and Kotaka for recruiting such a fine list of new mem-
 the acclaimed PBS series “The               bers, but to new member, Professor Yoshiaki Nakamura of Aoyama Gakuin
 American Experience” showing this           University, for his extraordinary efforts in gathering the background material on each
 fall.                                       nominee, formulating the certificate language, and translating all into flawless English.
                                             — Philip Boname

 Misplaced your Lambda Alpha key pin?
 Replacements are available from the
 International Office @ US$20, prepaid.
 Simply send your request with your
 business card to the Chicago office and
 enclose a check or VISA or MasterCard
 account information and your order will
 be filled promptly.

         KeyNotes/Winter 2002                              Lambda Alpha International                                               3
Local and Regional Conservation Land Trusts in the U.S.:
The Role of Population Density and Legislation in Influencing Land Trust
Formation in the Top 50 Metropolitan Statistical Areas
By Pamela Freese and funded by the Land Economics Foundation of Lambda Alpha International.

           ationally, local and regional con-    eral and state legislation in fostering trust     related to trust formation rates. It took

 N         servation land trusts have perma-
           nently protected from develop-
           ment an estimated 6.2 million
                                                      The study finds that despite increasing
                                                 trends in both trust formation and popula-
                                                                                                   nearly 60 years for legislation recognizing
                                                                                                   nonprofit entities, charitable donations,
                                                                                                   and conservation easements to be passed
acres of land, an area the size of Maryland      tion density over time, trust formation is        (early 1980s). Thereafter, legislative activity
and 67% more land than was protected in          not an immediate reaction to changes in           increasingly and frequently focused on fur-
                       2000. More than           density, nor does it appear to operate as         ther defining permissible conservation
                       1,260 such trusts         insurance — to protect an area from future        deductions, strategies, and tools fueling a
                       existed in 2000, an       social and economic uncertainty associated        two-decade long increase in trust formation
                       increase of 70% in        with an escalating real estate market.            rates that, as already noted, continues
                       just 13 years. What is    Moreover, trust formation is not linked to a      today.
                       prompting          this   particular rate of change in density. Rather,          Looking ahead, forecasts for further
                       growth?                   change in density remains just one element        increasing density and the plethora of land
                            The goals of this    conducive to trust formation. Other possi-        protection legislation pending in Congress,
                       research were to          ble variables include housing starts, average     together suggest that trust formation will
Pamela Freese          assess 1) the relation-   area incomes, and perhaps even unexpect-          continue to increase with legislative efforts
                       ship between land         ed variables such as the presence of uni-         — not density — playing a key role in fos-
                       trust formation and       versity constituency.                             tering trust formation nationwide.
changes       in      population      density         A legislative analysis reveals the impor-         The author wishes to thank the Land
(1900–1990) in the 50 densest metropoli-         tant role of primarily federal legislation        Economics Foundation for its support.
tan areas of the US, and 2) the role of fed-

Eminent Domain:
An Evaluation Based on Criteria Relating to Equity, Effectiveness and Efficiency
By Matthew Louis Cypher and funded by the Land Economics Foundation of Lambda Alpha International

           minent domain has been relied         into legal, appraisal, economic and gov-             regards to the purchase price disparity

 E         upon to stimulate economic
           growth in America since the
           Colonial Period. Beginning with
                                                 ernmental research, with little integration
                                                 between these areas. An additional finding
                                                 was that the majority of the literature was
                                                                                                      between national, regional and local
                                                                                                      developers who wish to gain title to the
                                                                                                      acquired property for redevelopment,
the urban renewal movement of the 1950s          descriptive, with minimal empirical studies.         and
and 60s, the modern use of eminent               As a result, a need for an empirically based      s Municipalities that possess an increasing
domain by municipalities to reduce blight        research study that integrated the prior lit-        population with a manufacturing eco-
                      has been increasing,       erature was necessary.                               nomic base that is growing strongly are
                      however,       minimal          A series of hypotheses were generated           more likely to employ eminent domain
                      analysis of the success    that considered the equity, effectiveness            as a redevelopment tool than municipal-
                      or failure of eminent      and efficiency of eminent domain as a                ities possessing other characteristics.
                      domain has been car-       redevelopment tool. The findings indicated             The implications that this research has
                      ried out. As a result,     that:                                             on a variety of fields related to eminent
                      the objective of this      s Eminent domain effectively plays a role         domain is significant in that it is a first step
                      study was to evaluate         in the increase of property tax values         in determining the viability of this tool as a
                      the effectiveness, effi-      following the acquisition of and redevel-      stimulus for economic development. The
Matthew L.            ciency and equity of          opment of property,                            research should prove particularly relevant
Cypher                eminent domain as a        s Eminent domain is an efficient redevel-         to municipal governments considering the
                      redevelopment tool            opment tool in that litigation-based proj-     use of eminent domain, as the results pro-
through a nationwide survey of municipali-          ect delays were considered minimal,            vide insight into the manner that eminent
ties of one hundred thousand (100,000)              allowing redevelopment to occur in a           domain is used nationwide.
people.                                             timely manner.                                      The author wishes to thank the Land
     A review of the related literature deter-   s Eminent domain is not equitable in              Economics Foundation for their support.
mined that prior studies were categorized

4                  Lambda Alpha International                                                     KeyNotes/Winter 2002
 By James A. Fawcett                              find resource information about the board       the website under “Library.” Should you
 As International Scribe, I have the honor of     of governors, the executive director and        choose to purchase the listed titles and use
 providing to you information on our socie-       meetings of the International. It also now is   the link to, Lambda Alpha
 ty through both this newsletter and the          a place where you can learn more about          will receive a royalty payment for each
 website. As most of you know, the website        chapter events for all those chapters that      book purchased. You must use the link
 was extensively and successfully redesigned      post their schedules on the website. Over       found on the website for LAI to earn a roy-
 in 2001 by our webmaster, Technology             the past year, chapters have increasingly       alty payment.
 Place, Incorporated. Technology Place            participated in posting chapter schedules,           The website for our society is
 continues to maintain and improve both           all with the help of Technology Place. for those of you who have not
 the substance and the operation of our site.           One of the newer features of our web-     logged on. We urge you to visit the site
      The goal of the website is to provide to    site is the Online Bookstore. We have iden-     and, should you have suggestions about
 you, our members, up-to-date information         tified a variety of books published by cur-     the site, please let me know at jaf@
 on the society and to give you a place to        rent and past members and listed them on

 Honorary Membership Awarded                                                                         IN MEMORIUM
 Elizabeth Ghaffari, President of                                                                    Louis K. Loewenstein has died at the
 Technology Place, Inc., Santa Monica,                                                               age of 74. Mr. Loewenstein served as
 California, was awarded honorary mem-                                                               International President 1978-79 and as
 bership in Lambda Alpha in recognition                                                              Golden Gate Chapter Historian for 35
 of her services as LAI webmaster since                                                              years. He was awarded a special com-
 December 2000. The certificate present-                                                             mendation for his long service to the
 ed by Thompson Dyke cited “her                                                                      chapter last December, and he received
 extraordinary efforts in reconstructing                                                             the LAI International Fellow Award in
 and redesigning the Lambda Alpha web-                                                               1997. Mr. Loewenstein wrote five
 site and for her continued dedication and                                                           books on urban topics, including
 unstinting devotion to innovation and                                                               Streets of San Francisco: The Origins
 constant maintenance of its manifest fea-                                                           of Street and Place Names. He trav-
 tures furthering the goals and objectives                                                           eled extensively for business, and in the
 of the organization.” Congratulations and                                                           late 1980s, he pursued his passion for
 thanks to Elizabeth who continues to                                                                speed and off-road driving by racing in
 expand and improve the website.                                                                     road rallies in Paris, Beijing, and across

 Jane Jacobs Accepts LAI Author Award
                                                 On Wednesday, November 28, 2001, the
                                                 Simcoe Chapter (Toronto) presented to Ms.
                                                                                                     NEW EXECUTIVE
                                                 Jane Jacobs Lambda Alpha International’s            DIRECTOR
                                                 Author of the Year Award that was awarded           As of March 1, 2002, Cindy Clark will
                                                 to her at our 34th Biennial Congress in             step down as our executive director. We
                                                 Philadelphia, in ceremonial style.                  have appreciated her dedication to our
                                                      Ms. Jacobs was deeply moved and clear-         society over the past year and we wish
                                                 ly grateful for the recognition of the honor        her the best in the future. Replacing her
                                                 and the attention that the Chapter paid to          will be Terry Stevenson. The address
                                                 her transport, the dinner and the open and          and telephone number for the Executive
                                                 apparent conviviality showed to her in the          Director will also change as follows:
                                                 receipt and acceptance of the award. Ms.                 Terry Stevenson
                                                 Jacobs continues to make forays into the                 Executive Director
                                                 urban scene. It remains thought provoking                Lambda Alpha International
                                                 to quote from one of her more memorable                  710 East Ogden Avenue, Suite 600
Jane Jacobs accepts LAI Award and                passages:                                                Naperville, Illinois 60563-8614
receives congratulations from Simcoe                  “If you see something that is wrong you             Telephone 630-579-3284
Past President Virginia Solomon.                 have to hop to and try to change it. Don’t               Facsimile 630-369-2488
                                                 worry about the big, abstract problems that
                                                 no one, not even the government, can solve.
                                                 Deal with problems close to home.”

         KeyNotes/Winter 2002                                     Lambda Alpha International                                                5
Welcome New Members*
Golden Gate                                                          Simcoe
Catharine L. Allor, Northwestern Mutual Insurance Co.                Douglas R. Annand, PricewaterhouseCoopers
K. Peter Brandon, Development Advisory Services                      Jeff G. Cowan
Ray Carlisle, Carlisle Companies                                     Gregory J. Daly, Ontario Municipal Board
Karen A. Cook, Presidio Trust                                        David J. Johnson, Ontario Municipal Board
Daniel M. Cressman, Grubb & Ellis Company                            J. Michael Kirkland, The Kirkland Partnership Inc.
Charmaine D. Curtis, A.F. Evans Development, Inc.                    Lyn Morrow
James F. Ellis, Ellis Partners LLC                                   Neil H. Rodgers, Urban Development Institute
Diane Filippi, Simon Martin Vegue Winkelstein Moris                  Ronald S. Shishido, Dillon Consulting Ltd.
M. Brett Gladstone, Gladstone & Associates                           John van Nostrand, Planning Alliance
D. Wylie Greig, The RREEF Fund
Jeffrey B. Haskell, Trowbridge, Kieselhorst & Co.
Andres Jones, Catellus                                               Tokyo
Paul P. Lee, Sonnenblick-Goldman Co.                                 Yoshitaka Aoyama, University of Kyoto
Richard C. Mallory, Allen Matkins Leck Gamble & Mallory LLP          Hiroshi Ishikawa, Kajima Co.
Adolph Martinelli, Alameda Cty. Community Development Agency         Hitoshi Hanazawa, Hanazawa Construction Co.
Jacinta M. McCann, EDAW Inc.                                         Munenori Hanawa, Daitobunnka University
Ezra N. Mersey, Tishman Speyer                                       Iwao Hashimoto, Rezon Co.
William G. Murray, Jr., Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP           Yoshiro Higano, University of Tsukuba
Paul E. Paradis, Hines Interests LLP                                 Keiko Hirono, Nihon University
Kennard P. Perry, The Swig Company                                   Yasuhiro Kato, Arbic Housing Sales Co.
J. Russell Pitto, Simeon Properties                                  Hitoshi Kitazawa
Marcia Rosen, San Francisco Redevelopment Agency                     Hiroshi Koyama, Power Property Co.
Barbara Teaford, Bay View Bank                                       Isao Kubota, Urban Development Corporation
Charles V. Thornton, Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP           Yoshinobu Kumata, Tokyo Institute of Technology
                                                                     Eiki Maruyama, University of Chiba
Philadelphia                                                         Katsuhiro Matsuoka, Nasu University
Philip F. Bogatin                                                    Miromi Mitsuhashi, Nihon University
Brian Levin, The Rubenstein Co.                                      Yoshiaki Nakamura, AoyamaGakuin University
                                                                     Yoshihiro Nomura, Tokyo Metropolitan University
                                                                     Utena Osano, Japan Housing Co.
San Diego                                                            Kikunosuke Ohono, Hiroshima City University
Jack Carpenter                                                       Toshiyuki Sato, First Brothers Co.
Gary L. Gallegos                                                     Hyun Boo Song, Japan Real Estate Institute
C. Samuel Marasco                                                    Kimio Takeda, Meikai University
Paul Marra                                                           Motoki Takeuchi, Nihon University
Paul Nieto                                                           Yukio Uehara, Kokushikan University
Stephen Silverman                                                    Mishihiro Yamamoto, Kanda Land and Housing Co.
Thomas S. Steinke
Joseph Wong                                                          * Inducted November 16, 2001–February 28, 2002

                                             through Stanley Park and English Bay              equipped billiard room. On Sunday morn-
VANCOUVER                                    returning to the heart of the city’s West         ing, members are invited to join for brunch
(continued from page 1)
                                             End. Granville Island, one of the city’s          at the Terminal City Club before heading
Dinner at the historic Vancouver Club,       notable mixed-use developments, will be           out to explore the city.
adjacent to the conference hotel. A lavish   the site of the lunch stop followed by two             David Greenwood and our Vancouver
four-course banquet of Northwest delica-     afternoon stops; one at the site of the           members enthusiastically invite you to join
cies is promised for this gala evening.      1986 Vancouver World’s Fair, now being            them on what promises to be a fascinating
     As is our practice at our Weekend       redeveloped into residences. The tour will        and delicious tour of this beautiful
Experiences, a day-long mobile workshop      finish with a tour of some of the city’s older    Northwest city. We expect that this event
is planned for Saturday. Frank Musson, a     neighborhoods, Chinatown and Yaletown.            will be very popular and look forward to
prominent Vancouver architect and                 The conclusion of the day’s events will      seeing many of you there.
Chapter member, has designed the May 4       be a dinner and speaker at the Terminal                For additional program and schedule
Workshop with stops at high-density resi-    City Club dining room, followed perhaps           details, go to and click on
dential projects on the waterfront, a tour   by pocket billiards or snooker in the well-       Meetings. Register using the form on the
                                                                                               website or in this issue of KeyNotes.

6                Lambda Alpha International                                                   KeyNotes/Winter 2002
                                         Lambda Alpha International
                                                  Vancouver the Livable City
                                              Friday to Sunday — May 3-5, 2002

Full Registration LAI Members, Guests and/or Spouses:
    (Includes all Events: Friday Sea to Sky Trip to Whistler, Presidents’ Reception and Dinner Friday Evening, Mobile Workshop Saturday,
    Evening Keynote Speaker Banquet Saturday, and Sunday Brunch)

❏   Canadian Resident @ $290 per person x __________ people, plus Voluntary $25 Contribution to Canadian Land Economics
    Foundation (Checks Only) =                                     Canadian $ __________________
❏   U.S./Other Residents @ $215 per person x ______ people, plus Voluntary $25 Contribution to LAI Land Economics Foundation
    (Checks or Credit Card) =                                      U.S.        $ __________________

Vancouver Weekend Separate Event Fees:

    Friday, May 3 Sea to Sky Trip to Whistler (8:30 AM to 3:30 PM)
❏   Canadian Resident @ $60 per person x ___________ people = Canadian $ _________________
❏   U.S./Other Residents @ $50 per person x __________ people =  U.S.  $ ____________________

    Friday, May 3 Presidents’ Reception (5:30 PM) and Dinner at the Vancouver Club (7:00 PM)
❏   Canadian Resident @ $75 per person x _____________ people = Canadian $ __________________
❏   U.S./Other Residents @ $50 per person x ____________ people = U.S.    $ __________________

    Saturday, May 4 Vancouver Mobile Workshop (8:30 AM to 3:30 PM)
❏   Canadian Resident @ $60 per person x _____________ people = Canadian $ __________________
❏   U.S./Other Residents @ $50 per person x ____________ people = U.S.   $ __________________

    Saturday, May 4 Keynote Banquet at Terminal City Club (7:30 PM)
❏   Canadian Resident @ $75 per person x _____________ people = Canadian $ __________________
❏   U.S/Other Residents @ $50 per person x ____________ people = U.S.    $ __________________

    Sunday, May 5 Brunch at Terminal City Club (10:00 AM)
❏   Canadian Resident @ $20 per person x _____________ people = Canadian $ __________________
❏   U.S/Other Residents @ $15 per person x ____________ people = U.S.    $ __________________

Plus Voluntary $25 Contribution to:
❏ Canadian Land Economics Foundation                                            $ __________________
❏ LAI Land Economics Foundation                                                 $ __________________

Total Payment:     Canadian Residents (Check Only)                              $ __________________
                   U.S/Other Residents (Check or Credit Card)                   $ __________________

Credit Card: Only ❏ MasterCard or ❏ VISA

Cardholder Name ____________________________________ Card # ______________________________________________ Exp. Mo/Yr __________
Name for Badge: _______________________________________________________________ LAI Chapter: _____________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Telephone: _________________________________ Fax: _________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________________
Name of Guest/Spouse for Badge: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Confirmations will be sent via fax or e-mail. May 3 Registration Desk is at Terminal City Club.
Special room rates (One Room C$155, Suite C$195) are available at the Terminal City Club Tower Hotel.
Please call Ms. Janice Chong, Reservations Manager directly at 604-488-8603 to reserve your room now.

Register Today by Fax or Mail:   Terry Stevenson, Executive Director
                                 Lambda Alpha International Suite 600
                                 710 East Ogden Avenue
                                 Naperville, IL 60563-8614 USA
                                 Voice 630-579-3284 Facsimile 630-369-2488

         KeyNotes/Winter 2002                                 Lambda Alpha International                                            7

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