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					                                                Kialla West Primary School
                                  Phone: (03) 5823 1333
                                                                                                             Kialla West
                                  Fax: (03) 5823 2113
                                  School Mobile: 0429 315204                                               Primary School
                         After School Care Mobile: 0437 948124
                         E-mail:                                             No. 33
                         Web address:
     KIALLA WEST PRIMARY SCHOOL PAYMENT OPTION                Any Queries contact Julie at the office.
     Payment for fees etc, can now be made by direct debt to the Westpac Bank.
     Name of the account is: Kialla West P.S. Official Account– BSB– 033-254 Account Number 54-0542

                                                                                                DATES TO REMEMBER

                                                                                              4th           Book Club Due

                                                                                              7th           School Council

                                                                                                              2012 Prep
                                                                                              7th             Transition
                                                                                                          1-15pm to 2-15pm

                                                                                              9th &
                                                                                                           Principal Meeting

                                                                                              11th        P & C Meeting 9am

                                                                                                             Junior School
 LEARNERS OF THE WEEK                                                                         21st
JH                                             MD           Meg
                                                                                                              2012 Prep
                                                                                              23rd            Transition
JP                                             MN           Keely
                                                                                                          2-30pm to 3-30pm

JM                                             SJ           Bella                                            December
JW                                             SV           Reily                             13th          Orientation Day

Yard Award                    Isabelle                      Max                               14th          School Concert


Kiwani’s Terrific Kid Award                                 Emily                                        December 22nd
                                                                                                  End of Term 2.30 finish
Principal’s Corner
Kialla West TV & Radio Stars       Prep – Cheryl Press
This week some students have                                             Proficiency & Participation awards
                                   1 / 2 – Maxine Watson                 – James, Mackenzie, Jayden,
featured on channel 10 week-
nights and star fm, presenting     1 / 2 – Campbell Marx                 Ayva, Tarleigh, Emily, Will, Tay-
the weather. Our Weather Whiz                                            lah, Adam, Lachlan, Abbey, Meg,
                                   1 / 2 – Rita Saracino
Kids are Macey S, Macey G,                                               Chelsea, Blaize, Bree-Anna, Alex,
                                   3 / 4 – Vija Nethersole               Tiana & Claire.
Mia, Senia and Ethan.
                                   3 / 4 – Sarah Anderson
                                   5 / 6 – Pauline Doonan                 3 / 4 Camp Feedback
Principal Meeting
                                    5 / 6 – Greg van Riet                 This week we received some very
Next week I will be attending a
sub regional meeting on           The 3 grade 1 / 2 classes will be set positive feedback from Camp Cu-
Wednesday and Thursday. This      up in the multipurpose building and rumbene and the group that
meeting focuses on Managing       our library will be moved across to     taught the children about astron-
Critical Incidents, School Fund-  the current grade 1 / 2 classrooms. omy. Well done to the 3 / 4 stu-
ing & Emergency Management.                                               dents you should be proud of your
Garden Feature                    Last Thursday night the P-2 children
Many of you would have seen       had their sleep over. This was a
the large garden feature in the   night filed with excitement and fun, it We have had a case of head lice
garden bed on the hwy side of     is always good to see our children      reported to the office. Could par-
the school. The feature includes  enjoying themselves at these activi- ents check their children’s hair
our school values, pride, excel- ties, sensational stuff. Thank you to and tie back long hair.
lence and resilience this was do- Michelle for helping out on the night
nated by John, thank you John. and providing the children with            Sport
                                  fruit. Thank you to Ken and Karen
                                  who provided the staff with a beauti- We have entered a team in the
2012 Grades                       ful plater of for their dinner.         girls grade 5&6 basketball compe-
When placing students into new Thank you to Darren and Marcus for tition. This team will compete to-
classes, parents may have aca- helping out with the BBQ on the            morrow against the other local
demic, social and/or emotional                                            schools. Thank you to Stephen &
information regarding their child                                         Rob for offering to coach the
they would like us to consider.   A big thank you to our teachers in      team. Good luck girls!
                                  the junior team, Robyn, Cheryl,
I ask that these requests are     Maxine and Campbell for organising
made either in writing or in per- a great night for the children.
son to me. In fairness to all we
do not accept requests for a
specific teacher; however, we     Maths Awards
make every attempt to accom-      During term 3 we had 25 of our Gr.
modate requests based on aca- 3-6 students enter the Australian
demic, social and emotional       Maths Competition. It is great to see
needs.                            our children having a go at these
These requests need to be pro- competitions. Thank you to Miss
vided to me by Friday, Novem-     Johns for organising this event for
ber 11.                           these children. The following stu-
The teachers and following        dents entered and received the fol-
grade structures for 2012 are as lowing awards;
follows;                          Distinction – Teagan
  Prep – Robyn Howard             Credit – Mia, Amy, Zoe, Phoebe,
                                  Cobie & Jemma.
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                                                                                   Kialla West Primary School

Kialla West PS - Pride, Excellence & Resilience
Office News
                                           WORLD VISION SPONSORSHIP
  Room Numbers                             Dear Parents a little reminder that Wold Vision
                                           money is due.
  JP Rm1, JH Rm2, JW Rm3,
                                           Child’s Name______________ Grade_______
  JM Rm4, MN Rm5, MD Rm6,
                                           Enclosed is the $2.50 / 10.00 for World Vision
   SJ Rm7, SV Rm8                          Sponsorship that is required for term 4/ whole

  Hot Lunches
                                             Remembrance Day
                       Halloween             Steele and Phoebe will be representing
                                             Kialla West at the Remembrance Day Ser-
                Special Lunch Packs
                                             vice on Friday 11th of November at the
                                             Queen’s Gardens.

                                              Remembrance Day Poppies
               Fury Hashbrown Burger          Poppies are available from the office for
                    Eye Socket Jelly          a gold coin donation.
                  Orange Truth Potion         Thank you
          Plus a Free Halloween Surprise
             Friday 4 November ONLY
    Sorry Family Discounts Not Available
             On Special Packs

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Kialla West Primary School
  P & C Club News- Next Meeting Friday 11th                                                Glamour Nail &
  November 9am in the multi purpose room All Welcome                                       Body
                                                                                           Lisa O’Dea
                                                                                           Gel Nails &
                                                                        After Hours Ap-    Spray Tanning
         Dear Parent,                                                   pointments         2 Mooredge Place
                                                                        Available          Mooroopna Vic
         The next 2012 prep transition afternoon is
         Monday 7th of November.                                                           3629
                                                                                            0412 597 458
         The P & C would like to provide afternoon tea,
         if you are able to assist us by providing a plate
         of goodies please contact -
         Rochelle on 0400 494 644

    Show Bags

    Traditionally we have presented new preps with a show
    bag on their orientation day to welcome them to our
    However, the bags are not possible without the support
    of the school community, so if you are able to donate a
    few small items to go in the bags e.g. (stickers, pencils,
    notebooks, and rubbers etc.) it would be greatly appreci-
    You are only limited by your imagination!

     I have sent off the first order, thank you to all those who
     have ordered calendars and greeting cards. The artwork
     looks fantastic, the children have done some excellent
     If there is anyone who has missed out, I will place a second
     order but order forms must be handed into the office by
     Friday November 4th. Otherwise our order won’t be back
     before the end of term. There are spare order forms at the
     office and if anyone has any queries please call Michelle on
     0438 347188.

     Thanks again for supporting our fundraising, and thank you
     to Mrs Phillips for assisting the students with their great art-

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                                                                             Kialla West Primary School
                             Junior school sleepover…
   Last Thursday the Junior School enjoyed a wonderful sleepover at school.
 All the children were fantastic and after enjoying some special
 ‘old fashioned’ games, BBQ tea and an excitable good-night chat,
 everyone snuggled into their sleeping bags for a special night in their class-
   A huge thank-you to our wonderful parents who offered their help to
 make our sleepover the success that it was. Marcus, Darren and Mr. Teague
 were great BBQ chefs, cooking sausages for 80 children. Brad and Michelle
 very kindly donated all the beautiful fresh fruit for supper, which was very
 much enjoyed by everyone. Our very special thanks also to Michelle who
 was our parent helper for the sleepover, not only staying the night with us
 but being an amazing support with all the catering and organisation
 throughout the evening and next morning. A very big thank-you also to
 Karen and Ken, who along with the Aussie Hotel, supplied drinking water
 for all the children, as well as a beautiful platter of food for the adults on the
  A very special thank-you to all our children and parent helpers for a
 fantastic night !

Kialla West Primary School
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 GRADE                                                 JOKES: What do you call a fake
                                                       noodle? An impasta.
  JH & JP                                               JW & JM
  On the weekend Chloe went                             On the weekend Hayley went
  to a farm and played on the                           to the Melbourne zoo.
  playground.                                            And she also went to her
                                                        aunties Indian wedding.

  MN & MD                                               SV & SJ
  On the weekend Will went                              On the weekend Jackson
  trick or treating and got lots                        had his friend over and they
  of lollies.                                           play the computer.`

                               Buy these cool as minimons for Only
                                         $15 each Or 3 for $10
                             They look so cool you’ll keep them for ages.
                                 So come to Isabelle’s store.

Kialla West Primary School
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  Grade JM News

     Hello Parents, Friends and Students
     My name is Reily and with the help of some JM students we have been growing a veg-
     gie patch.
     We have so much fruit and veg produce we are hoping to sell it soon,.
     We are growing cucumbers, celery, beans, carrots, capsicum, pumpkins, lettuce,
     strawberries, tomatoes and flowers
     I will keep you updated, see you soon

Kialla West Primary School
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