Understanding Your School-age Child by ghkgkyyt


									                   “Understanding Your School-age Child”
                             A public forum on child health
         By the Department of Psychological Medicine, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
                                     23 April 2011
                 Auditorium, Learning Centre, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Help your child overcome difficulties that may hinder their development and academic
performance during their growing years.


Time                  Event

8.30am                Registration

9.00am                Introduction and Welcome

9.10am – 9.40am       Common Childhood Psychiatric Illness
                      By Dr Christopher Cheok, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist

9.40am – 10.10am      Switch Off and Reconnect: Youth Computer Addiction
                      By Dr Yang Weiwen, Psychologist

10.10am – 10.30am     Tea Break

10.30am – 11.00am     Unraveling Fine Motor and Handwriting Skills in School Aged Children
                      By Jessica Hooi, Occupational Therapist

11.00am – 11.30am     Falling One Time Too Many? The Clumsy Child Syndrome
                      By Tan Siang Yin, Senior Physiotherapist

11.30am – 12.00pm     The AEIOU of School Aged Children: What Speech Therapists Can
                      Tell You
                      By Angeline Tan, Speech and Language therapist

12.00pm               End
Common Childhood Psychiatric Illnesses
by Dr Christopher Cheok, Snr Consultant Psychiatrist

Mental distress affects 1 in 10 children and can lead to academic problems and difficulties in socializing.
Dr Cheok will speak on common problems that affect children and youths. The talk will discuss different
issues as the child ages ranging from autism to major depression and psychosis. A special emphasis
will be placed on how to use resources available at school and in the community as well as how
psychiatrists can help in the care of distressed children.

Switch Off and Reconnect: Youth Computer Addiction
by Dr Yang Weiwen, Psychologist

There is an undeniable pervasiveness of the computer and the internet in our society. The use of the
computer on school campuses has also increased dramatically in recent years. The easy access to
and increasing use of the computer among youth are contributing to rising concerns of problematic
computer and internet use. It has been indicated that 1 in 10 Singaporean youths have related online
gaming and internet problems. This talk will help parents understand computer addiction better by
highlighting symptoms and early warning signs. It will also provide parents with some useful tips on
how to help their child find a healthy balance between using the computer for work and play.

Unraveling Fine Motor and Handwriting Skills in School Aged Children
by Jessica Hooi, Occupational Therapist

The talk aims is to explain typical development of fine motor and handwriting skills in children, where
parents/teachers will learn about various factors that attribute to a child’s ability to produce neat, legible
handwriting. The speaker will also illustrate parents/teachers common signs or behaviours observed in
school age children experiencing difficulties in fine motor and handwriting skills and how Occupational
Therapists can help.

Falling one time too many? The Clumsy Child Syndrome
by Tan Siang Yin, Snr Physiotherapist

Does your child have difficulty in his/her motor skills? Does your child hate going to the playground
because he/she struggles with the steps and bars? Clumsy Child Syndrome, known as developmental
coordination disorder (DCD) or dyspraxia, is a childhood condition in which there is poor performance
of motor skills in able-bodied children. Self-esteem is often low because of exclusion from games by
their friends due to their inability to keep up. Fitness is compromised due to their dislike of physical
activities, increasing the vulnerability to lifestyle diseases during adulthood, such as diabetes, obesity &
heart disease. Research show that these children do not simply outgrow the condition. This talk aims to
inform about appropriate identification and intervention of the Clumsy Child Syndrome.

The AEIOU of School Aged Children - What Speech Therapists Can Tell You
by Angeline Tan, Speech and Language therapist
School aged children may face speech and language difficulties in the classroom context due to
conditions, such as articulatory disorder, phonological disorder, and Specific Language Impairment
(SLI). These children may often be labelled as "slow" or "dull" and face various challenges during

This talk gives an overview of some common speech and language disorders/difficulties faced by
school-aged children. It provides specific tips to identify when there is a problem and when to seek a
Speech Therapist's consultation.
Speaker Profiles
Dr Christopher Cheok
MBBS Singapore , MMED (Psychiatry) Singapore.
Certified Traumatologist, American Academy of Traumatology
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing practitioner

Dr Christopher Cheok is the Head and Senior Consultant of the Department of Psychological
Medicine at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. He is a visiting consultant to National University
Hospital and an adviser to the Juvenile and Family Court of Singapore.

Dr Cheok has a special interest in child and adolescent psychiatry, psychological trauma and
scientific research. He has served on the National Mental Health Working Group for Youth
and Adolescents and has led numerous mental health teams to manage psychological trauma
following accidents and mass casualty events in the military.

Dr Yang Weiwen
BA (Sydney), PostgradDip Psych, D Clin Psych (QUT)

Dr Yang’s clinical experience extends from working with children and adults in community-
based mental health and psychiatric settings treating a full spectrum of psychological
conditions. More recently he has turned towards exploring mental well-being and maximising
human potential, instead of merely focusing on mental illness. Dr Yang’s clinical interests lie
in the field of anxiety and addiction which he maintains an active research portfolio in.

Tan Siang Yin
Ms Tan Siang Yin has been a physiotherapist for more than 4 years. She has treated children
presenting with a wide range of conditions, such as developmental delay and autism
spectrum disorder. Siang Yin graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of
Applied Science (Physiotherapy).

Jessica Hooi
Jessica has worked as an Occupational Therapist since 2007. Her clinical interest includes
the management of children with autism, movement and learning disabilities and advocating
for their needs and supporting them within their school setting.

Jessica graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic and La Trobe University in Australia with a
Diploma and Bachelors in Occupational Therapy respectively. She is a member of the
Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists.

Angeline Tan Lay Ting
Angeline graduated from the University of Queensland, Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Hons).
Her clinical placement exposed her to various communication and swallowing disorders
across the life span. Currently, she is highly involved in providing speech therapy services to
the adult population who has speech, language and swallowing disorders. Angeline has a
strong interest in speech and language disorders in Paediatrics.

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