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 Vol. 14, No. 1                                             The Official Newsletter of Rice County                     July 2009

                               Disposal Program Will Collect,
                               Incinerate Unneeded Medications
                               A medication disposal program slated to begin      Sheriff Richard Cook. It also keeps “gateway
                               operation in the fall of 2009 has the potential    drugs” out of the hands of anyone who might
                               to improve the health of all the county’s          abuse them. Properly incinerating them puts
                               residents – including area wildlife.               them permanently out of reach, as well as
                                  “Take It to the Box,” a program developed       keeping them out of the environment.
                               by Rice County’s Chemical Health Coalition            “We’re not interested in who’s depositing
                               (CHC), will enable residents with outdated or      what or why,” adds Cook. “If you have medi-
                               unneeded over-the-counter, prescription and        cines you don’t need in your home, the boxes
                               animal medications to deposit them in locked       will be secure places in which to dispose of
                               boxes located in public access areas of the        them. If you find bags of plant material or pills
Visit us at the Fair!          Faribault and Northfield Police Departments.       you can’t identify, you can deposit those, too,
Several Rice County depart-    Later they will be transported to approved         confidentially, no questions asked.”
ments will have booths at      facilities and incinerated at high temperature,
this year’s fair. Be sure to   preventing them from being misused and             Pharmaceutical Proliferation, Pollution
stop by and visit with staff   from harming the environment.                      Almost every household has medicine left-
members from:                     “It’s important for people to know how to       overs of some kind. The directions on the
• Attorney’s Office            safely use and store medications,” notes Mary      prescription said “take as needed” and your
• Extension Office             Ho, director of the Rice County Public             child only needed a few doses. You had an
• Public Health                Health Department and a member of the              adverse reaction to a medication, your doctor
• Sheriff’s Office             CHC. “They also need a safe and convenient         told you to stop taking it immediately, and
• Social Services              way to dispose of them when they’re no longer      now you’ve got a month’s supply that can’t be
                               needed. That is what ‘Take It to the Box’ is       used. You became the caregiver for an ailing

                               designed to provide.”                              relative and found drawers full of out-of-date
                                  Getting rid of surplus medications reduces      pills and potions.
                               chances for accidents, notes Rice County                      See Medication Disposal Program, page 2

2 County Job Openings          BUCKLE UP:
3 Clear Water Legacy           Motorists, Passengers Not Wearing Seat Belts Can
  Passport Applications        Now be Stopped, Ticketed by Law Enforcement Officers
4 Rice County                  Seat belts have long been mandatory in
                               Minnesota, but law enforcement officers had
                                                                                  motorists injured in crashes have hospital
                                                                                  charges 60 percent greater than those of
  Standing Meetings
                               not been allowed to stop a vehicle solely          motorists wearing belts. Michael Campion,
    How to Contact Your        because of a suspected seatbelt violation. That    DPS commissioner, says that while a majority
    Rice County Officials      changed on June 9 when Minnesota’s primary         of Minnesotans use their seat belts (87 per-
                               seat belt law went into effect. Drivers and        cent), those that don’t account for half of all
                               passengers in all seating positions must now       motorist traffic deaths annually. Each year
www.co.rice.mn.us              be buckled up or in the correct child restraint    around 200 unbelted motorists are killed in
                               or face the possibility of being stopped and       Minnesota, and another 400 unbelted
  Dundas    •     Faribault    ticketed.                                          motorists suffer life-altering injuries.
                                   The new law will increase belt-use compli-        When a vehicle is stopped, all unbelted
 Lonsdale   •     Morristown
                               ance, preventing traffic deaths and injuries,      motorists 15 years of age or older may receive
Nerstrand   •     Northfield   says the Minnesota Department of Public            a citation and fine. The fine for not wearing a
  Warsaw    •     Webster      Safety (DPS). The law is also likely to reduce     seat belt is $25, but with court fees reaches
                               state health care costs, since unbelted            more than $100.
Page 2                                                        RICE COUNTY REPORT                                                       July 2009

On the Web                                 Medication Disposal Program
                                           Continued from page 1
Apply For County                               When you wanted to dispose of these med-
Job Openings                               ications responsibly, you were often told to flush
                                           them down the toilet, even though wastewater
Interested in working for Rice             treatment plants are not capable of removing
County? Openings are not fre-              all these compounds. Waterways around the
quent in the current economic              nation now routinely contain trace residues of
climate, but you can arrange
                                           everything from aspirin and antidepressants
to be notified when there is
one in your area of interest.              to cholesterol-lowering drugs and narcotics.
    To view openings, go to                Fish and other wildlife are developing antibi-
http://agency.government                   otic resistances and showing signs of endocrine
jobs.com/rice/default.cfm                  (hormone) disruption and other problems.
    To request to be notified of               To reduce environmental impact, in recent        you want (e.g., black out or cut out your name
job openings, go to: http://               years the White House Office of National             and address), but leave the name of the drug.
agency.governmentjobs.com/                 Drug Control Policy has advised people to            This will aid sorting. (Controlled substances
rice/default.cfm?action=open               throw unwanted medications in the trash after        have to be transported and treated differently
jobrequest&EmployerID=                     mixing them with an undesirable substance            than other materials.)
1490. Check the box next to                such as used kitty litter and sealing them in an        What will happen to medicines that are
each job category for which
                                           impermeable container.                               deposited? The boxes will be emptied regularly
you would like to receive
e-mail notifications (they range               “Doing this undoubtedly limits the release       by police officers and their contents placed
from accounting and finance,               of drugs into landfills,” says Mary F. Nelson, a     under lock and key. Several times a year the
administration, administrative             member of the Northfield Mayor’s Task Force          medicines will be sorted and transported to
assistant and attorney to pub-             on Youth Alcohol and Drug Use, the CHC               approved incinerators, where they will be
lic works, safety and waste                action team which spearheaded development            safely destroyed.
management). Fill out the                  of the new program. “But we decided that
“Job Interest Card” section,               there had to be an easier method, one that           Learn More at the Fair
then click the “Submit                     would spur greater participation.”                   You can learn more about “Take It to the Box”
Request” button. For 12                        They discovered that Washington State            at the Rice County Fair. A prototype of the box
months, you will receive an                                                                     will be on display at the Rice County Sheriff’s
                                           had a program that enabled residents to bring
e-mail each time a matching
Rice County position opens.                unwanted drugs to designated pharmacies.             booth, and members of the CHC will hand
    You’ll need an e-mail address          Unfortunately, the program couldn’t collect          out fact sheets and answer your questions.
in order to use this service.              substances like oxycodone and other drugs            Another information session will be held
Since all applications are now             often misused and abused by young people –           Tuesday, August 4, during Minnesota Night to
completed online, you’ll also              because federal law requires that controlled         Unite activities in Faribault and Northfield.
need one to apply. You may                 substances be handled by police officers or              The CHC is getting the word out in other
sign up for a free one at many             someone registered with the DEA.                     ways, too. It is preparing information for use
sites, including Yahoo (www.                   The task force finally found the answer it       in area pharmacies, schools, youth organiza-
yahoomail.com), Hotmail (www.              was looking for close to home – in a Chisago         tions, churches, business groups, health care
hotmail.com) and Google                                                                         providers, environmental groups and county
                                           County program that collected medicines at
                                           the Sheriff’s Office in Center City, Minn. The       social services, as well as text that will be posted
    To apply using the online
job application, you’ll need to            CHC modeled the “Take It to the Box” pro-            on the Rice County web site when the program
create an account by going to:             gram on the Chisago one and made it more             is rolled out in mid-September.
https://www.governmentjobs.                convenient by implementing it in two cities,
c o m / j s _ l o g i n . c f m ? & To p   instead of just one.                                 For More Information
Header=rice&                                   Rice County guidelines are still being           For more information about “Take It to the
    After your account is                  developed, notes Nelson. At the moment,              Box,” phone 507-333-6813 (Faribault program)
established, begin by clicking             however, the program plans to accept over-           or 507-664-3524 (Northfield program).
on the “Build Job Application”             the-counter medications, herbal remedies                For general information on medicine
link. This application can be              and vitamins as well as prescription drugs for       disposal, visit the Minnesota Pollution
saved and used to apply for
                                           people, pets and farm animals. It will accept        Control Agency’s web site (www.pca.state.mn.
more than one job opening.
Online applications are stored             inhalers, ointments and liquids in leak-proof        us/waste/hhw/pharmaceuticals.html).
on a secure site. Only author-             containers. It will not accept medications              For information about the presence and
ized employees and hiring                  from businesses.                                     impact of pharmaceuticals in the environ-
authorities have access to the                 How should you package materials that            ment, visit the U.S. Geological Survey
information submitted.                     you are depositing? You can put them in a            (http://toxics.usgs.gov/regional/emc/) or the
                                           paper bag, but leave medications in their            U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
 Produced by Graffics Design               original containers whenever possible, says          (www.epa.gov/ppcp/).
      and Ashmore Ink.                     the CHC. Remove personal information if
  July 2009                                            RICE COUNTY REPORT                                                         Page 3

Clean Water Legacy Grant Underwrites                                                                    County Profile
Septic Inventory of Roberds Lake Watershed
Clean Water Legacy funds from the State           dwelling or other establishment.” Bringing
of Minnesota enabled Rice County to begin         these into compliance will not only reduce
last year to inventory area septic systems,       hazards to human health but may also
with the aim of identifying those that pose       contribute to improvements in lake quality.
threats to public health. The project began in       In May, staff began an inventory of the
the Roberds Lake Watershed, because in            remaining 616 parcels (167 of them undevel-
2006 Roberds Lake was placed on the Clean         oped) of the watershed. They plan to survey
Water Act’s 303(d) list of waters impaired by     the remainder of Wells Township (1,200
nutrient runoff, algae blooms, poor water         parcels total) eventually and will apply for
quality, and a dominance of rough fish and        grant funds to inventory the rest of the county.      Tracy McBroom
other poor qualities.                                Further information on the project and             Veterans’ Service Officer
    In all, the county inspected 333 parcels      on septic systems can be found at www.
last year, of which 14.6% had systems             co.rice.mn.us/planning/rlwproject.php or by           “I enjoy meeting and talking
deemed “imminent health threats,” i.e.,           contacting the Rice County Environmental              with our veterans,” says Tracy
                                                                                                        McBroom. “They fought for
systems that cause “ground surface or surface     Health and Water Resource Management
                                                                                                        the freedoms we have today,
water discharges or sewage backup into a          Division at 507-332-6113.                             and it is an honor to hear their
                                                                                                            McBroom, who became
                                                                                                        the county’s veterans’ service
Applying for a Passport? Apply Early                                                                    officer on January 12, 2009, is
                                                                                                        responsible for assisting area
The best advice when applying for a U.S.          320 N.W. Third Street (open 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.),        veterans, their dependents
passport is apply early! During peak times,       and a satellite office at Northfield City Hall,       and survivors – helping them
it can take 10 weeks or longer to process an      801 Washington Street (open on the second             apply for benefits provided by
                                                                                                        the State of Minnesota and the
application, but times vary. (Expedited service   and fourth Tuesday of each month, 7:15–
                                                                                                        U.S. Department of Veterans
is available, but that can take 3–6 weeks plus    10:30 a.m.).                                          Affairs, arranging transporta-
additional fees.) You can find current applica-       For application forms and information on          tion to the Minneapolis VA
tion processing times at www.travel.state.gov,    applying for a passport or “passport card,”           Medical Center, and providing
the U.S. Department of State web site.            which is a lower-cost, limited use (land and          referrals to a variety of other
    The good news for Rice County residents       sea only) alternative designed for use by those       public and private programs.
is that there are two places to submit your       living close to U.S. borders, visit www.co.               McBroom has some stories
application: the Recorder’s Office in the         rice.mn.us/recorder/passport.php or the U.S.          of her own to tell. Born and
Government Services Building in Faribault,        Department of State web site noted above.             raised in Pemberton, Minn.,
                                                                                                        after high school she joined
                                                                                                        the U.S. Air Force. There she
                                                                                                        earned a bachelor’s degree in
                                                                                                        professional aeronautics from
Attention, Veterans: Northfield Office Hours                                                            Embry Riddle Aeronautical
                                                                                                        University and two associates
The Rice County veterans’ service officer is      office. The office is open from 9 a.m. to noon.       degrees. Her 20 years as an
available in Conference Room C, Northfield        If you have any questions, contact Rice               air traffic controller included
City Hall, every Thursday morning for veter-      County Veterans’ Service Officer Tracy                service in Berlin a year after
ans who are unable to get to the Faribault        McBroom at 507-645-9576 or 507-332-6176.              the Berlin Wall fell and in
                                                                                                        Aviano, Italy, during the war
                                                                                                        in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
                                                                                                            After they retired from the
                                                                                                        Air Force in 2005, McBroom
Visit Public Health                                                    Visit our booth                  and her husband, Tom, moved
                                                                       at the Fair!                     to Minnesota. A special agent
at the Fair!                                                           July 14–19, 2009                 in the Office of Special Investi-
                                                                                                        gations, where he worked
Rice County Public Health will be in the              Licensed Providers: Please stop by our booth      on counter intelligence and
Gymnastics Building at the fair. This year’s          for a free token of our appreciation for your     counter espionage cases, Tom is
theme is “Summer Safety and Outdoor Fun!”             care of adults/children in Rice County.           now a sergeant with the Rice
They’ll have their famous spin-the-wheel              For more information about becoming a             County Sheriff’s Department.
game, free giveaways and drawings for some            licensed provider for child care or adult/child   They have four children:
great prizes.                                         foster care, please call 507-332-6115 or visit    Dallas and Landry, 10, Grant,
                                                      our web site at www.co.rice.mn.us                 7, and Troy, 5.
Rice County
                                                                                                                            PRST STD
                                                                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                      EPORT                                                                                                    PAID
                                                                                                                          FARIBAULT, MN
Rice County Government Services Building                                                                                  PERMIT NO. 21
320 N.W. Third Street
Faribault, MN 55021

  Page 4                                               RICE COUNTY REPORT                                                     July 2009

  Contacts                       Phone Numbers                                          Rice County Departments
                                 General Information                  507-332-6100      Administrator                        Gary Weiers
                                 Toll-Free Numbers (do not dial “1” or area code)       507-332-6101                gweiers@co.rice.mn.us
                                 From Northfield                         645-9576       Assessor                            Paul Knutson
                                 From Lonsdale                           744-5185       507-332-6102               pknutson@co.rice.mn.us
                                                                                        Attorney                        Paul Beaumaster
                                                                                        507-332-6103           pbeaumaster@co.rice.mn.us
                                 Rice County Standing Meetings                          Auditor/Treasurer                 Fran Windschitl
                                                                                        507-332-6104            fwindschitl@co.rice.mn.us
                                 Board of Commissioners
                                                                                        Community Corrections Director   James Haas
                                 Meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month as
                                                                                        507-332-6106              jhaas@co.rice.mn.us
                                 a Committee of the Whole/Work Session, 8:30 a.m.,
                                 Commissioners’ Room, Rice County Government            Court Administrator              Robert Langer
                                 Services Building.                                     507-332-6107    robert.langer@courts.state.mn.us
  Rice County Board                                                                     Economic Development Director
                                 Meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month
  of Commissioners               as a Regular Board, 8:30 a.m., Commissioners’ Room,                               Deanna Kuennen
  (as of January 1, 2009)        Rice County Government Services Building.              507-332-6126         dkuennen@co.rice.mn.us
                                                                                        Extension Educator                    Brad Carlson
  District 1                     Planning Commission                                    507-332-6109                    bcarlson@umn.edu
  Jake Gillen                    Meets the first and third Thursdays of the month,
                                 7:30 p.m., Commissioners’ Room, Rice County            Highway Engineer                   Dennis Luebbe
                                 Government Services Building.                          507-332-6110                dluebbe@co.rice.mn.us
                                                                                        Human Resource Manager      Kerie Anderka
                                 Board of Adjustment                                    507-332-6123        kanderka@co.rice.mn.us
  District 2
                                 Meets the second and fourth Mondays of the month;
  Galen Malecha                                                                         Information Technology Director Sherry Hiller
                                 7:00 p.m., Commissioners’ Room, Rice County
  507-645-6041                                                                          507-332-5968              shiller@co.rice.mn.us
                                 Government Services Building.
                                                                                        Parks/Facilities Director          Joe McGough
                                 Community Corrections Advisory Board                   507-332-6105              jmcgough@co.rice.mn.us
  District 3                     Meets the third Thursday of even-numbered months
  Milt Plaisance                 (February, April, June, August, October, December),    Planning & Zoning Director        Julie Runkel
  507-334-7612                   3:30 p.m., Rice County Government Services Building.   507-332-6113             jrunkel@co.rice.mn.us
  mplaisance@co.rice.mn.us                                                              Public Health & CHS Director        Mary Ho
                                 Community Health Services
                                                                                        507-332-6111               mho@co.rice.mn.us
  District 4                     Citizens’ Advisory Committee
  Steve Bauer                    Meets the fourth Wednesday every other month           Recorder                         Marsha DeGroot
  507-334-9700                   (January, March, May, July, September, November),      507-332-6114               mdegroot@co.rice.mn.us
  sbauer@co.rice.mn.us           6:30–8:00 p.m.; call 507-332-6111 for location.        Sheriff                             Richard Cook
                                                                                        507-332-6010                rcscook@co.rice.mn.us
                                 Emergency Medical Services Provider Council
  District 5                     Meets quarterly, 7:00–9:00 p.m.; call 507-332-6119     Social Services Director             Mark Shaw
  Jeff Docken                    for meeting date and location.                         507-332-6115                 mshaw@co.rice.mn.us
  jdocken@co.rice.mn.us          Mental Health Advisory Council                         Solid Waste Director               Michael Cook
                                 Meets the fourth Wednesday of the month, 12:00 p.m.    507-332-6833                 mcook@co.rice.mn.us
                                 (noon), Friendship House, located at 212-B Central     Veterans’ Service Officer      Tracy McBroom
                                 Avenue, Faribault.                                     507-332-6176           trmcbroom@co.rice.mn.us
  July 2009                                               RICE COUNTY REPORT                                                Fair Insert

                                   2009 Rice County Fair Calendar
                           TUESDAY, JULY 14                            FRIDAY, JULY 17
                           Exhibits & Barns – All Day                  Exhibits & Barns – All Day
                           Midway Open – 5 p.m.                        Tricia & The Toonies – 11:30 a.m.
                           Fair Queen Coronation – 7 p.m.              Midway Open – 12 p.m.
                           Enduro Auto Races – 7 p.m.                  Extreme Bull Riding – 7:30 p.m.
                           WEDNESDAY, JULY 15                          SATURDAY, JULY 18
                           Exhibits & Barns – All Day                  Exhibits & Barns – All Day
                           Midway Open – 3 p.m.                        Midway Open – 12 p.m.
                           Kids’ Pedal Tractor Pull – 6:30 p.m.        Bluegrass & Gospel Music Festival –
                           Minnesota Horse Pulling – 7 p.m.               12:45–10:45 p.m.
                                                                       Demolition Derby – 7 p.m.
                           THURSDAY, JULY 16
                           Exhibits & Barns – All Day                  SUNDAY, JULY 19
                           Magic Village – 11:30 a.m.                  Midway Open – 1 p.m.
                           Midway Open – 12 p.m.                       Amateur Talent Contest – 12 p.m.
                           Truck & Tractor Pull – 6:30 p.m.            Working Stock Dog Trial – 1 p.m.
                           Killer Hayseeds – 8 p.m.                    Demolition Derby – 6 p.m.
                                                     PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE!
  136th Annual Rice County Fair         Rice County Fairgrounds, Faribault, Minnesota     www.ricecountyfair.net     July 14–19, 2009

Special Attractions at the 2009 Rice County Fair
It’s time for the Rice County Fair – some       eater, juggler, stilt-walker and a comedian   laughs, you’ll hear powerful messages of
of the most exciting days of the summer!        with many characters.                         teamwork, respect, responsibility, accept-
Every year, members of the Fair Board              Also performing daily are the              ance, the importance of education and
work hard to bring different events and         Mitchell Marionettes, whose family has        our environment and more.
exhibits to the fair. We’ve scheduled kids’     delighted audiences for 40 years.                 On Saturday, listen to the Bluegrass
activities at the log cabin, a coloring con-       Don’t miss Wednesday’s new Guitar          & Gospel Music Festival. Six groups
test at the school, an old car show on the      Hero competition on the Cannon Stage,         (Cedar Valley, Dick Kimmel & Co., Platte
grounds plus weddings in the church on          with qualifiers starting at 11 a.m. and       Valley Boys, Redhead Express, String
Saturday. Added this year is an exciting        finals at 7:30 p.m.                           Fever, Whistle Stop) will perform nine
new category in the culinary arts division         Also on Wednesday is a Minnesota           straight hours of bluegrass and gospel
– a homemade wine contest. There are 11         Horse Pulling contest at the grandstand       music on two stages: Midway Stage,
different classes of flavors in which you       at 7 p.m. This event has not been held in     1–10:45 p.m., and Cannon Stage, 12:45–
can enter.                                      Rice County in over 30 years. The             7:30 p.m. Bring along a chair if you plan
    Admission to the Rice County Fair is        evening will feature two classes of large     to stay for the day.
free! You will be able to see more than         work horses pulling for the win, with over        Please remember: NO pets, roller
100 commercial exhibits, lots of animals,       15 teams of horses expected.                  skates, inline skates, skateboards or
and exciting entertainment all week long.          At 11:30 a.m. on Friday, Tricia & The      bikes are allowed on the fairgrounds.
Here is a preview of just some of the free      Toonies perform a free grandstand show        (There are exceptions for service animals
entertainment. Be sure to check the full        for the kids. A unique mixture of music,      and pets allowed for exhibition, demon-
schedule published just prior to the fair.      puppets, skits and laughter makes this        stration or show.) Please help ensure the
    “Kid” Davie will perform three times        one of the most talked about family stage     safety of all our visitors.
daily from his own stage. A unique, multi-      shows in the Midwest. Between the light           Enjoy these events and so much more
talented entertainer, he is a magician, fire    musical phrases, crazy antics and belly       at the 2009 Rice County Fair!
  Fair Insert                                                    RICE COUNTY REPORT                                                   July 2009

2009 Entertainment Lineup
Bruce Sellner Memorial Midway Stage
  Tues., July 14         Bridgewater Ramblers
  Wed., July 15          Rockin’ Hollywoods
  Thurs., July 16        Peter and Paul and the Wendinger Band
  Fri., July 17          Sherwin Linton and The Cotton Kings
  Sat., July 18          Bluegrass & Gospel Music Festival                            Every Day – Free Events on the Fairgrounds
  Sun., July 19          Amateur Talent Contest                                       “Kid” Davie (3 shows daily)
                                                                                      Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Zoo
KDHL – Cannon Stage                                                                   Kids’ Exotic Petting Zoo – Zoo Tran
  Tues., July 14             D.C. and Hawk                                            Magic Village
  Wed., July 15              Guitar Hero Competition                                  Mitchell Marionettes              … and much more!
  Thurs.–Fri., July 16–17    Lyndon Peterson’s One-Man Band
  Sat., July 18              Bluegrass & Gospel Music Festival
  Sun., July 19              Jeff Thompson Music
  Tues., July 14             Enduro Auto Races – 7 p.m.
                                                                                         CASH DRAWINGS
  Wed., July 15              Minnesota Horse Pulling – 7 p.m.
                                                                                         EVERY DAY – 5 P.M.            AND       10:15 P.M.
  Thurs., July 16
  Thurs., July 16
                             Magic Village – 11:30 a.m.
                             N.T.P.A. Truck & Tractor Pull – 6:30 p.m.                         $1,300 in cash
  Fri., July 17
  Fri., July 17
                             Tricia & The Toonies – 11:30 a.m.
                             Extreme Bull Riding – 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                            given away all week
  Sat., July 18              Demolition Derby – 7 p.m.                                     plus Two Grand Prizes:
  Sun., July 19              Demolition Derby – 6 p.m.
                                                                                        Win one of two weekend vacations to Treasure
Beer Garden Entertainment — Music 8 p.m.–12 a.m.                                        Island (Red Wing) and Grand Casino (Hinckley)
  Tues., July 14        Dweebs
  Wed., July 15         Lamont Cranston                                                 Drawings Held Every Day (Cannon Stage)
                                                                                                      (must be present to win)
  Thurs., July 16       Killer Hayseeds
  Fri., July 17         Power House
  Sat., July 18         Mister Peabody

                Stroll the Midway! Over 30 Thrilling Rides!
                                                                                 Ride Specials & Schedule
                                                                                      Tuesday, July 14 – Open 5 p.m.
                                                                                          Power 96 Radio Night
                                                                                            8 Rides for $9.60
                                                                                  Wednesday, July 15 – Open 3 p.m.
                                                                                    Thrill Day! – Reduced Prices
                                                                                  Thursday, July 16 – Open 12 noon
                                                                                       Senior Day, Daycare Day
                                             EME         NTS
                                                                               Special Senior Citizen and Daycare Prices
                                      o FnurnFair
                        DS   TAR
                                 ort t ti e
                                                                                    Friday, July 17 – Open 12 noon
                      Pasitsd Rides for        the E                                     Kids’ Day – 12–5 p.m.
                                               00                                (Special Kids’ Arm Band Price = $15)

                     Unlim        $                    nly                        Saturday, July 18 – Open 12 noon
                                       ce S    ale O
                                  dvan                    -Vee                          Family Day – 4–10 p.m.
                                A                 n  d Hy
                                            on’s a                              (Special Family Arm Band Price = $20)
                                   at   Nels
                                                                                    Sunday, July 19 – Open 1 p.m.
                                                                                     Amateur Talent & Latino Day
                                                                               (Special Arm Band Price, 3–9 p.m. = $20)

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