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									             The Ticona Magazine                  10.2004

             FUEL CELLS:
             On the threshold of serial production

             FUTURE: Megatrends in the 21st century

             MOBILITY: Modularity is the future

             LIVING: How we will live in future
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Dear Readers,
                                  In times like these when the Internet           with you, and hear your views – both dur-
                                  provides us with information 24 hours a         ing the trade fair and afterwards.
                                  day, trade fairs are old hat. You don’t think   Maintaining active dialog with you is very
                                  so? You are right! Trade fairs like the K are   important for us – and while we are on the
                                  still major communications instruments for      subject: this is our new magazine for cus-
                                  companies in Europe. According to the           tomers which we hope will inspire person-
                                  public opinion research agency EMNID,           al dialog with you. It deals with topics that
                                  the trade fair portion of total corporate       will concern future business activities of
Lyndon Cole, member of the        business-to-business communications             Ticona and our customers. Not just from a
Celanese AG Board, President of   budgets will stay steady at around 38% in       plastics point of view, but also from a
Ticona and Head of the Growth     2004/2005. A large number of big corpora-       range of different perspectives. And cer-
Excellence Council                tions are even planning to increase their       tainly with an eye to the future.
                                  trade fair budgets.
                                                                                  Take a look at how we may live tomorrow
                                  We, too, consider trade fairs to be very        – and discover what is already possible
                                  important. Why? Because nothing can take        today. Cast a glance into the future with
                                  the place of personal meetings. That’s why      us, and let us know how you think things
                                  we are looking forward to seeing as many        will develop. We look forward to sharing
                                  familiar and new faces as possible at this      our ideas, and to hearing yours!
                                  year’s K Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.
                                  We talked to our customers and took a close
                                  look at market trends, and then used this
Contact:                          information to develop ideas and visions for
❙   infoservice@ticona.com        the future. We want to discuss these topics     Lyndon Cole

                                        K 2004:                                             Living:
                                   03   Survey: What does the K                       12    House technologies: How we will live in future
                                        mean to you?                                  14    Telemedicine: Diagnosis by cell phone

                                        Future:                                             Markets:
                                   04   Megatrends: What they mean for                18    Asia: Selling thermoplastics in Chinese
                                                                                            In use:
                                        Mobility:                                     16    Medical technology: Topas® COC
                                   06   Lightweight construction:                     16    Medical technology: Special grades of
Information Service:                    The thermoplastic diet                              Ticona polymers
Telephone:                         08   Modules: Trend in automotive                  17    Automotive construction: Küster
+49 (0)69 305 16299
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+49 (0)180 2021202                                                                    20    Civil engineering: GUR® PE-UHMW in the
E-mail:                                 Mobility & Living:                                  Maeslant storm surge barrier
infoservice@ticona.com             10   Fuel cells: On the threshold of serial        21    Polyester: Products from hard to soft
www.ticona.com                          production                                    22    Lighting: Vectra® LCP lights the way

                                                                                                                                  | in | form 10.2004
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         K 2004

                                                                                                 Every three years the entire plastics and rubber industry eagerly awaits autumn
                                                                                                 when they all get together at the K. The International Trade Fair for Plastic
                                                                                                 and Rubber in Düsseldorf, which takes place in 2004 with the slogan “Vision –
                                                                                                 Innovation – Business”, is an industry highlight of superlatives. This year, the
                                                                                                 220,000 visitors expected will be able to view almost 3000 exhibitors from five
                                                                                                 continents and 52 countries in 17 halls. This makes the K the world’s most
                                                                                                 prominent forum for contact, not only for the industry itself but also for the
                                                       most important application sectors. | in | form asked:

                                                                                                                 What does the K mean to you?
                                                                  “We regard particularly this K, the K 2004, as an
                                                                  investment; an investment in relationships and
                                                                  growth. We want to talk to the market – to present
                                                                  our ideas and put them to the test. On the other
                                                                             hand, we want to listen, learn and,
                                                                             together with customers and interested                                                                                         “The K is the industry’s most important
                                                                             parties, find ways to the future.”                                                                                             international showcase. It is therefore the ideal
                                                                                                                                                                                                            platform for innovation and communication,
                                                                                              Thomas L. Hensel                                                                                              and it is unique in presenting the triad
                                                                                              Managing Director Ticona, Vice President Global                                                               of production, processing and mechanical
                                                                                              Demand Management                                                                                                            engineering, which is particularly
                                                                                                                                                    photo: PlasticsEurope Deutschland

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           valuable for visitors from the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           plastics processing industries.”

                                                       “The K is an innovation trade fair because it sets                                                                                                                  Kurt Stepping
                                                       the interval for innovations and establishes a                                                                                                                      Managing Director, Communications,
                                                       deadline for new developments. No reputable                                                                                                                         PlasticsEurope Germany
                                                       company dares appear at the K without presenting
                                                                      new products! The K therefore
photo: Kunststoffe, Carl Hanser Verlag

                                                                      accelerates the speed of innovation
                                                                      in the industry.”                                                                                                                            “As an international supplier to the automotive
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   industry, we use the K 2004 to discover
                                                                                Gerhard Gotzmann                                                                                                                   global trends in technical developments and to
                                                                                Editor-in-chief of the trade journal                                                                                               communicate them to our customers.
                                                                                “Kunststoffe”                                                                                                                                     It is also an excellent platform
                                                                                                                                                                                        photo: ITW Deltar

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  for recognizing and agreeing
                                                                                              “The K 2004 guarantees quick links to the                                                                                           common aims.”
                                                                                              right business partners. Everyone is here –
                                                                                              from global players to small specialists. And                                                                                        Hans Plümer
                                                                                              everything is available here: in every single                                                                                        President ITW Deltar Int.
                                                                                              segment of the industry, the K presents many                                                                                         Components Group
                                                                                                             more products and innovations
                                                                    photo: Messe Düsseldorf

                                                                                                             than any other specialty trade
                                                                                                             fair in the world.”

                                                                                                                 Erhard Wienkamp
                                                                                                                 Divisional Manager, Messe Düsseldorf
                                                                                                                 GmbH, responsible for the K since 1995

                                         | in | form 10.2004

                                                                                                                                                       photo: Ticona / Frank Röth
What will the future bring?
                                     Personalization, an aging and more health-conscious society –
                                     these are the megatrends of the 21st century. What effect will they have?
                                     And what will it mean for businesses? Ticona is working together
                                     with the Zukunftsinstitut (Future Institute) in Kelkheim on translating
                                     megatrends into visions for the industry.

For more information about trends,   “Megatrends are universal trends,               self-development will therefore be among
consumer trend research and future   lasting at least 25 to 50 years, which affect   the most important values of the future.
coaching visit                       all sectors of society and have a global        Automobile manufacturers are reacting to
❙   www.zukunftsinstitut.de          impact,” explains Achim Feige of the            this trend by developing more and more
                                     Zukunftsinstitut. Their effect can be felt on   models in ever shorter periods. However,
                                     every aspect of our lives. From them we         to make this pay off they are having to
                                     can identify consumer trends, which             adjust. Car makers are turning to modular
                                     describe the future needs of people. “We        construction to save time and money.
                                     pinpoint trends early on so that companies      Today, many major automotive compo-
                                     can get ready for them in time,” Feige said,    nents are already assembled from large
                                     outlining the job of a future researcher.       modules.
                                     Take personalization, for example. In mod-      Or let us look at a second example: the
                                     ern society, individuals have a growing         trend towards an aging society. The fact
                                     number of choices. Finding yourself and         that life expectancy is growing and that

                                                                                                                                 | in | form 10.2004

                                  people want to stay fit even in old age is          carbon dioxide emissions has an impact
                                  imparting new importance to healthcare.             on all areas of society. For vehicle manu-
                                  The wellness trend will continue to be              facturers, the trend means moving to
                                  a decisive factor. The drive for quality of         lightweight materials in order to cut down
                                  life and comfort does not stop at medical           on fuel consumption. To do this, they are
                                  applications. Telemedicine, for example,            increasingly turning to polymers. Hybrids
                                  will considerably ease the plight of the            are being tested, as are environmentally
                                  chronically ill. With telemedicine, their           friendly energy sources such as hydrogen,
                                  condition can be monitored from a dis-              natural gas and bio-diesel.
                                  tance, allowing them to take control of             Ticona, with its innovative materials, is
                                  their lives without the need for constant           also assisting fuel cells to achieve a
                                  visits to the doctor.                               commercial breakthrough. Fuel cells not
                                                                                      only pave the way to zero-emission cars,
                                  An essential prerequisite for good health           but also open up the way to an environ-
                                  can be found in another megatrend –                 mentally friendly and decentralized fuel
                                  the trend towards increased environmental           supply (see pages 10 and 11 for more
                                  awareness. The challenge of reducing                information).

“We won’t live on the moon”
                                  | in | form talks to future fitness coach Achim Feige – about the future, of course.

                                                                                      ? How do you know that?
                 photo: private

                                                               “My goal is to make
                                                               companies fit for      ! A future researcher constantly scans
                                                               the future,”           the world. We use published studies,          About Achim Feige
                                                               Achim Feige,           of course, ask experts, and talk to people
                                                               future fitness coach   who are sensitive to change, so-called        Achim Feige is a future
                                                                                      future scouts. Then we boil down all the      fitness coach focusing on
                                                                                      information into patterns of change,          strategic corporate develop-
                                                                                      which we call trends. We give the trends      ment, business model
                                                                                      a name and pass them on to individuals        development and brand
                                                                                      and companies. My goal as a future            leadership. The business
                                                                                      fitness coach is to make companies fit        management graduate
                                  ? Mr. Feige, how will you live in thirty            for the future.                               advises companies such as
                                  years time?                                         ? And what does a company have to             Weissman& CIE in
                                  ! In thirty years, I will be 65 years old.          do to be fit for the future?                  Nuremberg, Trendburo in
                                  I will have more freedom, be wiser and               ! It needs a constant fitness program.       Hamburg and others.
                                  surround myself more with people of my              Systematic and constant monitoring of         As a member of the executive
                                  own choosing. And I will still feel young.          trends. And the ability to fit the trends     committee of Consors
                                  ? Where will you live? How will you                 into the company’s strategy. The basic        Discount Broker AG his
                                  get about?                                          question for doing that is: Where are the     responsibilities included
                                  ! I will live in a house in the countryside         shortages? Someone who develops a             corporate development,
                                  that is connected to the whole world by             drug for HIV today probably won’t have        internationalization and
                                  broadband. When I want to go some-                  to worry about his sales. However,            marketing. As a partner of
                                  where, I will still get in a car or an airplane.    someone who brings out the fiftieth           Weissman& CIE and the
                                  ? That doesn’t sound very much like                 model of a DVD player on the market,          Future Institute, he offers
                                  the future.                                         probably does. Whoever wants to be            lectures, coaching, and
                                  ! That’s right, we won’t be living on               fit for the future has to get the shortages   consulting on fitness for the
                                  the moon. But our homes will be a little            of tomorrow into the company today.           future, innovative business
                                  bit smarter and more flexible. And we               Because where there are shortages, there      models and breakthrough
                                  will use much less energy for all our needs         is value-added.                               strategies.
                                  than we do today.

| in | form 10.2004

                The thermoplastic diet
                                                         Lay off the fat. That is always the first tip for people who seriously
                                                         want to lose weight. Just lay off the metal would be a good tip for
                                                         automobile manufacturers who face the challenge of shedding
                                                         unwanted pounds on every new model. Especially seeing that integrating
                                                         ever more functions in cars shows up in the weight – cars are getting
                                                         heavier and heavier.

                                                         Cutting just 100 kilograms from a car’s
photo: Airbus

                                                                                                                  automobile manufacturing. This not only
                                                         weight can save up to a half a liter of fuel             saves weight but also cuts production costs
                                                         per 100 kilometers and reduce harmful                    because processes are simpler. On top of
                                                         emissions too. This is not only interesting              this, the use of engineering thermoplastics
                                                         for car drivers but for the European auto-               also improves the quality of the final prod-
                                                         mobile industry as well. Car manufacturers               uct. Engineering polymers from Ticona can
                                                         have voluntarily committed themselves to                 be found everywhere in new automobiles.
                Figure-conscious giant:                  limiting carbon dioxide emissions per car                Parts made out of thermoplastics have
                over 1,000 components made from          to an average 140 grams per kilometer by                 become so advanced that these sophisticat-
                Ticona thermoplastics are on board       2008 – an ambitious goal.                                ed, multifunctional parts can no longer be
                the new A380. Airbus is opting for                                                                made out of metal. And even traditional
                lightweight construction for             So losing weight is worth it, and Ticona is              metal domains like weight-bearing struc-
                the biggest passenger plane in the       helping as a kind of diet consultant. Of                 tures are now being taken over by thermo-
                world.                                   course metal still cannot be replaced in many            plastics. Celstran® LFRT, a long fiber rein-
                                                         components, like the engine block or the                 forced thermoplastic, is increasingly being
                                                         gear block. But metal is being increasingly              used in crash and safety-related parts such
                                                         replaced by engineering thermoplastics in                as front ends and dashboard mounts.

                Tailored slimming down
                With innovative production methods and high-tech materials, Ticona enables designers to
                develop a variety of system solutions to make vehicles lighter. For example, in the new Jaguar
                XJ, the support panels of the door modules are manufactured from the long fiber reinforced
                thermoplastic Celstran® LFRT in the color of the interior. This also has other benefits: the system
                developer thereby also achieves the required high dimensional stability and mechanical
                strength of the moldings while cutting down the weight considerably compared with metallic
                modules. The support panel made from Celstran® LFRT also acts as a water barrier and gives
                the aluminum door additional torsional rigidity. Moreover, important functional elements,
                such as housings for door openers and loudspeaker grilles, are directly integrated. In spite of
                its high glass fiber content, Celstran® LFRT provides an excellent surface. In the Jaguar door
                module, it forms a decorative element since the outer frame is visible. Other manufacturers,                              With an aluminum body and engineering
                too, use light but high strength materials in automotive construction – and not just in the                               plastic components, the pounds just drop off!
                doors. For example, the front frame and drip molding in the roofs of BMW models are made                                  The new Jaguar XJ is around 200 kilograms
                of long fiber reinforced Celstran® LFRT, while corners and sliding rails in the interior consist                          lighter than the previous model.
                of Hostaform® POM. In the VW Golf 5 and the Opel Astra, thermoplastics from Ticona are                                    The door module carrier plates are made from
                present in the frame (glass fiber reinforced Celanex® PBT and Celstran® LFRT), in the draft                               the Ticona material Celstran® LFRT.
                deflector and the drip molding (Celstran® LFRT) as well as in the sliding rails (Hostaform®
                POM) and gearbox (Impet® PET). Aluminum bodywork and engineering plastics – the kilos
                simply drop off. Compared with its predecessor, the Jaguar XJ is about 200 kilograms lighter.
                The support panels of the door modules consist of Celstran® LFRT from Ticona.                              ❙   www.ticona.com   markets   automotive

                                                                                                                                                                         | in | form 10.2004

                                                                                                                                                                  photo: Ticona / Günter Hogen
                                                                                                                      Ideal weight made easy – thanks to
                                                                                                                      high performance thermoplastics.
                                                                                                                      Metal is being replaced more and more
                      The BMW M3 CSL, with its carbon fiber            and is scheduled to make its first test        by lightweight thermoplastics.
                      roof, demonstrates the next step in develop-     flight in 2005. The largest passenger plane    Not just in cars.
                      ment – replacing metal in flat, weight-bearing   in the world will carry more than five
                      parts with thermoplastic composites.             tons of fiber reinforced thermoplastics
                      These are still more expensive today than        in the horizontal tail unit, rudder unit,
                      their metal counterparts, but they are           central wing box and other places. Airbus,
                      much lighter. When production technology         the European aircraft manufacturer, is
                      develops further, costs will fall and nothing    systematically using lightweight structures
                      will stand in the way of multiplying the         in its aircraft. Conventional materials
                      amount of composites used in cars.               such as metal and light metal alloys are
                                                                       being replaced wherever possible with
                      In aircraft construction, where every gram       engineering thermoplastics – thereby
                      counts even more, development has                saving up to 50 percent in weight. And
                      already reached that point. A Boeing 747         always right there playing a central role in
                      consumes 200 liters more fuel per year for       helping to keep things slim and trim is
                      every kilogram of extra weight. Every            Fortron® PPS from Ticona. Composites
                      gram too much costs money – the airline’s        based on Fortron® PPS have a wide range
                      money. The heavier an airplane is, the           of uses in the wings and interior section
                      fewer passengers and cargo it can carry and      of the A 380.
                      the more fuel it uses. Therefore the com-
                      mercial success of airplane manufacturers        One last comment on the subject of losing
                      depends on their ability to build lightweight    weight. An apple only seems to be a light
                      airplanes. Weight was a crucial factor in the    snack. On a flight from New Zealand to         More information:
                      new Airbus A 380, which will carry over          Germany, an apple will burn up two and a       ❙   www.ticona.com    Markets
                      500 passengers on three different levels         half times its volume in fuel.                     Innovation   Composites

| in | form 10.2004

                                                                                                                                                           photo: General Motors
                                                                                                            Modular construction. General Motors
                                                                                                            (GM) employees attach the body to the
                                                                                                            basic module in the Hy-wire study.

Modularity is the future
                                      Cabriolet, pick-up or spider? The Citroen Pluriel is all of these in one.
photo: PSA Peugeot/Citroën

                                      With its innovative roof system, it heralds a new era in automotive
                                      construction, in which increasing use will be made of individual modules
                                      prefabricated by suppliers. Engineering thermoplastics are playing an
                                      important role in this trend.

                                      The key innovative element in the              ing block” principle, individual system
                                      Citroen Pluriel is its roof. The roof module   components are supplied to the clear speci-
                                      is produced by a single supplier as a com-     fications of the automotive manufacturer
                                      plete unit ready for immediate installation    and then only have to be assembled on the
                                      on the vehicle assembly line. This cuts pro-   production line. The front end, cockpit,
                                      duction costs for Citroen, while offering      doors and roof are already being produced
                                      car drivers enhanced motoring enjoyment        as individual modules. The primary benefi-
                                      and individuality.                             ciaries of this trend are the automotive
Quick-change artist: the rotary       Thanks to its novel rotary frame, the          manufacturers. Modular construction is
frame on the Citroen C3 Pluriel       Pluriel’s roof module can be retracted into    simpler and costs less. The previous
allows the roof simply to disappear   the trunk in next to no time. So at light-     approach involved making large car body
into the trunk.                       ning speed, this sedan can be converted        parts from sheet metal and then installing
                                      into a pick-up, cabriolet or spider to suit    the individual functional components
                                      the weather or whim of the driver.             through small holes and slots in the metal
                                      The automotive industry is increasingly        sheet in a laborious manual operation.
                                      relying on modules. Following the “build-      Now high quality thermoplastics are great-

                                                                                                                                     | in | form 10.2004

                      ly facilitating the production process. At      and Celanex® PBT are required for reliable
                      the same time, the need for interface man-      roof movement.
                      agement by automotive manufacturers is          Thermoplastics processing technologies
                      also considerably reduced. Development          are also driving advances in modular con-
                      work is also increasingly being carried out     struction. Together with system supplier,
                      by suppliers. They are therefore relying        ArvinMeritor, and component manu-
                      more and more on alliances and joint            facturer, Philips, Ticona has developed a
                      ventures to gain system expertise, capture      prototype door module made from Ticona’s
                      all the added value and thus remain             Hostaform® POM. In this development,
                      competitive. The challenge presented by         outsert molding technology ensures rapid
                      such developments is illustrated by the         production and secure connection of                The ultimate in modularity: the door
                      sunroof module. Automotive manufacturers        metal and plastic. In only one shot, 17            on the new Golf 5 is supplied to the car
                      want to introduce more light and air into       functional elements are injection molded           plant almost fully assembled.
                      car interiors to create a friendlier environ-   onto a baseplate. The structural component         The door lock and window lifter system
                      ment. Sunroofs are therefore becoming           produced in this way serves as both a              on the modular door are produced
                      more variable but also larger and heavier.      water barrier and a carrier for the window         from Ticona materials.
                      The way in which this challenge can be          lifter, lock and door speaker. The material
                      overcome is demonstrated by the roof            used is Hostaform® C 13021. This grade
                      construction of the Pluriel. Long fiber         has the required flowability, high strength
                      reinforced Celstran® PA 66-GF40 and             level, excellent spring properties and neces-
                      PP-GF40 impart the necessary rigidity           sary heat deflection temperature.
                      to the frame. Despite the increased             Frank Reil, Head of Automotive Market
                      torsional resistance of the car body, the       Development at Ticona, is convinced that
                      frames of large roofs also have to be very      modular construction will become the
                      stable so that they function smoothly           established norm in the automotive industry:       For further information:
                      under all climatic conditions. Therefore,       “In a few years, cars will consist of just a few   ❙   www.ticona.com     Market Focus
                      in addition to Celstran® LFRT, materials        individual modules that have been developed            Future Mobility   Modularity
                      such as slip-modified Hostaform® POM            and assembled by major suppliers.”                 ❙   www.citroen.de

                      Frank Reil, Head of Automotive Market Development at Ticona,
                      on the trend towards personalization in automotive engineering.

                      ? Modular components seem to                    These new models are usually based
                      be the future in the automotive industry.       on existing platforms and show their com-
                      What advantages do they offer end               monality through design features typical
                      users?                                          of the brand. Fully variable, multi-
                      ! Individuality! Every niche is filled          functional car bodies, such as that of the
                      and every customer can choose a car that        Citroen Pluriel, will remain the preserve
                      meets his/her needs. To keep the cost of        of so-called “fun cars” for the foreseeable        Frank Reil
                      providing this versatility under control,       future.                                            Head of Automotive Market
                      manufacturers have to use modules.              ? How far can modular construction go?             Development
                      Certain basic platforms are developed in         ! General Motors (GM) has shown us a
                      which the chassis can be mass produced.         vision of the future in its Hy-Wire concept:
                      Individuality can then be achieved              GM has built a fuel cell-powered vehicle,
                      by tailoring these platforms to customer        in which all the running gear is mounted in
                      requirements through the use of                 the chassis underneath. Various attachment
                      compatible modules.                             points allow completely individual car
                      ? How do you recognize this trend?              bodies to be bolted to this platform and
                      ! We see that on average seven new car          just as easily removed. That is modular            Contact:
                      models come onto the market each year.          perfection.                                        ❙   infoservice@ticona.de

| in | form 10.2004
    mobility & living

Fuel cells: on the threshold of serial production
                                              Their only waste product is pure water. Fuel cells are the answer to the
                                              problem of an environment-friendly energy supply. Just pie in the sky?
                                              Since when! Fuel cells are already being used on some remote farms
                                              as well as in mobile devices – even the zero-emission car has come within
                                              tangible reach.

Ecofriendly solution –
integration of a fuel cell                                                                     of the cells increased. “The use of engi-
into a car.                                                                                    neering thermoplastics will be a key factor
Source: PSA Peugeot/Citroën                                                                    in achieving these goals,” stressed Frank
                                                                                               Reil, Head of Automotive Market
                                                                                               Development at Ticona.
                                                                                               Fuel cells produce energy by electrochemi-
                                                                                               cal reactions in which hydrogen and oxy-
                                                                                               gen recombine to produce electrical energy
                                                                                               and heat. As fuel cells are not thermal
                                                                                               energy converters like internal combustion
                                                                                               engines, their efficiency is much higher.
                                                                                               Neither do they produce any emissions,
                                                                                               since hydrogen and oxygen burn clean,
                                                                                               leaving just water as a by-product.
                                                                                               This electrochemical process does, however,
                                                                                               make very high demands on the materials
                                                                                               used. They must be corrosion resistant and
                                                                                               stable to chemical media. For this reason,
                                                                                               only high performance materials can be
                                                                                               employed for fuel cell components.
For further information:                      800 million vehicles currently drive on          Traditionally, stainless steel has been used
❙   www.ticona.com             Market Focus   the world’s roads and experts predict that       but, because of its high cost and weight, it
    Future Mobility           Fuel Cell       this number will double by 2030. So it is        will be replaced by plastics in the future.
❙   www.initiative-brennstoffzelle.de         not just dwindling oil reserves that are         One example of this can be seen in the
                                              placing alternative energy sources high on       electrically conductive bipolar plates that
                                              the agenda. All major automotive manufac-        perform gas diffusion, current conduction
                                              turers are working intensively on research       and heat removal in the cell.
                                              and development in this area. The first step
                                              is the hybrid drive. This combination of an      Ticona materials such as Vectra® LCP and
                                              electric motor and gasoline engine saves         Fortron® PPS have been tested and specified
                                              fuel and can cut carbon dioxide emissions        for this application and are already being
                                              by up to 20 percent. In 2003, 80,000 of          used in the first systems. “Until recently,
                                              these vehicles were sold worldwide. But          bipolar plates were produced from V4A
                                              this is only a first step on the road to the     stainless steel, graphite or thermoset/
                                              electrically powered, emission-free vehicle      graphite blends. These materials required
                                              that will be made possible by the use of         cost-intensive finishing operations. The use
                                              fuel cells. There are already numerous pro-      of an engineering thermoplastics such as
                                              totypes of fuel cell-powered cars and vari-      Vectra® LCP, which contains a filler to
                                              ous automotive manufacturers even plan to        impart the necessary conductivity, makes
                                              start industrial scale production by 2010.       production more cost-effective,” explained
                                              However, before this ecofriendly technolo-       Reil. This is because the plates can be pro-
                                              gy is within affordable reach of the popu-       duced by injection molding, an ideal process
                                              lation at large, several challenges still have   for mass production. Ticona can also supply
                                              to be overcome: weight and production            a thermoplastic with beneficial properties
                                              costs must be reduced and the service life       for the end plates. Fortron® PPS has been

                                                                                                                                              | in | form 10.2004
                                                                                                                                                                      mobility & living
photo: Honda | montage: Profilwerkstatt

                                                                                                                                                                The Honda FCX is powered by fuel cell
                                                                                                                                                                technology. This vehicle is the only one
                                                                                                                                                                of its type to be commercially certified
                                                                used successfully for these. Many other         cell heating. This is because the reaction of   for public roads. Some 25 Honda FCX
                                                                application opportunities for engineering       hydrogen with oxygen produces heat as           are already in normal use. In other
                                                                thermoplastics exist in the peripheral com-     well as electricity.                            sectors, too, fuel cells have now become
                                                                ponents of fuel cell systems. So it is only a   Jeremy Rifkin, President of the Foundation      part of everyday life.
                                                                question of time before the problems of         on Economic Trends and adviser to the
                                                                weight, cost and service life are solved.       European Commission, is certain that in
                                                                Frank Reil is confident: “Fuel cell technolo-   the future millions of consumers will
                                                                gy will come”.                                  generate their own electricity at home
                                                                And not just in automotive engineering.         with fuel cells. Our garages will no longer
                                                                This ecofriendly technology has already         contain cars but mobile power stations
                                                                been used successfully in home automation       that supply our households with electricity
                                                                and portable devices such as notebooks,         and heat round the clock. If we temporarily
                                                                camcorders and cell phones. Laptops can         generate more electricity than we need,
                                                                be powered for many hours with fuel cells,      we can feed this into a global electricity
                                                                independently of the electrical network,        network resembling the internet in size
                                                                without empty batteries causing inconven-       and connectivity. This is how the best-
                                                                ient system crashes. This cutting-edge          selling author describes his vision of a
                                                                technology can also help provide medical        modern energy supply system.
                                                                care in emergency situations or regions         Horst-Tore H. Land, CEO of PEMEAS               A prototype of a fuel cell made from
                                                                with poor infrastructure. Portable power        Fuel Cell Technologies, also believes that      Ticona materials is on display at K 2004.
                                                                packs or emergency power generating units       the fuel cell is one of the life-changing       The end plates are produced from
                                                                can be operated by fuel cell technology to      innovations in industrial history. “It can      Fortron® PPS (Ensinger) and the bipolar
                                                                supply electronic measuring devices with        make us independent of fossil fuels and has     plates from Vectra® LCP (SGL Carbon).
                                                                power independently of the electrical           the potential to replace most conventional      The stack was assembled and tested by
                                                                network. This ensures medical devices can       turbines, power stations and engines.           ZSW in Ulm.
                                                                operate continuously even if the electrical     A hydrogen-based economy with fuel cells
                                                                network fails. Conventional heating boilers,    will lead to fundamental changes in the
                                                                too, could be replaced in the future by fuel    energy and mobility sector.”

                                          | in | form 10.2004

                                                                                                              Product designer Olaf Barski works with
                                                                                                              Ticona on concepts for the house of the
                                                                                                              future. The picture shows the “Ticona-Mat”

How we will live in future
                                        If we so wish, our computer will order dinner for us, while our
                                        lawnmower cuts the grass all by itself. Instead of shopping and gardening,
                                        a relaxing sauna in our own wellness bathroom will be on the evening
                                        agenda. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

For further information:                Wellness, health and safety studies con-       But current research in the field of future
❙   www.ticona.com     Markets          firm that these are people’s main needs at     living is addressing this very problem. All
    IT & Multimedia   Network Systems   the start of the 21st century. To meet these   over Europe, electronics companies,
❙   www.barskidesign.com                needs we are increasingly focusing inwards     telecommunications providers and house-
                                        within our own four walls. In our high         hold appliance manufacturers are testing
                                        speed information society, our home offers     technologies and products for future living
                                        a peaceful counterpoint to the hectic out-     in networked, automated households.
                                        side world. What counts above all else is      One of the most advanced of these projects
                                        the “feelgood factor”.                         is the “inHaus” house of the future in
                                                                                       Duisburg. Since 1999, the Fraunhofer insti-
                                        Dusting, shopping, doing the washing –         tute has been testing “Smart Home” intelli-
                                        such tedious domestic chores do not exact-     gent house technologies: the heating reacts
                                        ly meet our increasing need for relaxation.    to the outside temperature, the ventilation

                                                                                                                                        | in | form 10.2004

                      system in the bathroom measures the air         This “three-story” washing machine,
                      humidity and opens or closes the windows        which outwardly resembles a sophisticated
                      accordingly. Even the garden is responsive:     HiFi speaker, is manufactured entirely

                                                                                                                                                                   photos: Barski Design
                      the latest weather data are analyzed so that    from plastics. In the machine’s three
                      the sprinkler can be automatically turned       drums, three different wash programs can
                      on at exactly the right moment. Through         run simultaneously, allowing ten kilograms
                      an internet home portal, the “inHaus” can       of laundry to be washed quite effortlessly
                      be remotely controlled by cell phone or         in one and a half hours.
                      internet terminal. In many development
                      projects concerned with daily living in the     23 percent of Germans would like a well
                      future, Ticona engineering thermoplastics       being bathroom but only one percent has          This bathroom capsule is a shower,
                      are playing an important role. In collabora-    been able to fulfill this dream. Barski’s        bathtub, whirlpool and steam bath in
                      tion with Siemens, Ticona has developed         answer is a multifunctional bathroom             one. That is how product designer,
                      the “dressman”, which is produced from          capsule that combines a shower, bathtub,         Olaf Barski, sees the future.
                      Celstran® LFRT, among other materials.          whirlpool and massage facility, and even
                      This completely takes over the unpopular        offers a steam bath on the oriental model.
                      job of shirt ironing.                           According to Barski: “These integrated
                      The Frankfurt product designer, Olaf Barski,    future solutions are only possible with
                      has prepared concepts for the future house      lightweight, durable, versatile high per-
                      on behalf of Ticona. The “Ticona-Mat”           formance thermoplastics, such as those
                      combines functionality with stylish design.     produced by Ticona.”

When our dishwasher talks to our cell phone
                      Future concepts for automated house-            the details: “Engineering thermoplastics         For further information:
                      holds would be inconceivable without            are part of many devices. They may often         ❙   www.ticona.com     Market Focus
                      modern communication technology. This is        be invisible but are the starting material for       Future Living
                      because household appliances, lighting,         products of the future,” according to            ❙   www.inhaus.de
                      safety devices and air conditioning systems     Dr. Thilo Vaahs, Head of Market Develop-         ❙   www.inhaus-duisburg.de
                      must be networked so that they can be           ment/ Industries. One of the most inno-
                      controlled centrally from a home terminal       vative materials is the very easyflowing yet
                      or remotely from a cell phone or laptop.        rigid Vectra® LCP. “In cell phones, this
                      It is in communication technology that          material makes it possible to produce flat,
                      Dr. Viktor Grinewitschus, technical director    internal, multi-band antennas with high
                      of the Duisburg Innovation Center for           integration density,” explained Vaahs.
                                                                                                                                                                       photo: Miele

                      Intelligent Household Technologies, sees        Ticona’s long-standing experience in the
                      one of the greatest challenges: “The intelli-   area of cell phones will also pay off in the
                      gent house will not have a single communi-      house of the future.
                      cations standard. Different technologies
                      will have to interact intelligently.”           The same applies to LCD screens, which
                      Cell phones will play a key role here.          also have an important role to play – and
                      Mobile devices such as PDA or cell phones       not just in the house of the future. From
                      will be connected to the home network           the television in our living room to the
                      through wireless standards such as              monitor in our office, flat screens are very     Baking cakes in the garden: in the future
                      W-LAN and Bluetooth. By these means,            much the trend. Once again, these would          it will be possible to operate household
                      they will be able to communicate with the       not be possible without high performance         appliances in comfort using a PDA.
                      washing machine, air-conditioning system        thermoplastics. They are produced using
                      and stove. Screens will be used to display      Ticona’s Topas® COC. This lightweight,
                      multimedia content: “The house of               highly transparent thermoplastics is used in
                      the future will have up to ten screens,”        many applications, including so-called
                      prophesied Dr. Grinewitschus.                   light guide panels (LGP) for flat screens.
                      No matter whether for Bluetooth technology,     Produced by injection molding, these LGPs
                      cell phones or screens, innovation lies in      ensure uniform screen illumination.

| in | form 10.2004
photo: dpa/Bernd Wüsteneck

                                                                                                                                             Telemedicine makes it possible. This CT
                                                                                                                                             scan of a patient with acute cerebral
                                                                                                                                             hemorrhage, sent to a colleague by cell
                                                                                                                                             phone, led to a rapid decision to operate
                                                                                                                                             – and so saved the patient’s life.

                             Diagnosis by cell phone
                                                                         Originally, NASA used this technology to monitor the vital functions
                                                                         of its astronauts and telemedicine still sounds a little like science
                                                                         fiction. But telemedicine has landed back on planet earth and is well
                                                                         on the way to revolutionizing everyday medical practice.

                                                                         Nausea and circulatory weakness              measure blood pressure, blood sugar level,
                                                                         high above the ocean! Is the passenger       the oxygen saturation of the blood and
                                                                         experiencing the first symptoms of a heart   produce an electriocardiogram (ECG).
                                                                         attack? On future Lufthansa flights from     These data are then sent by the flight
                                                                         Frankfurt to Los Angeles, physicians from    personnel to the emergency physicians at
                                                                         the Berlin University Charité Hospital       Charité via the “Flynet” broadband inter-
                                                                         will step in and help in cases like these.   net portal.
                                                                         A telemedical emergency kit makes remote     Telemedicine improves medical care on
                                                                         examination possible, even over the          board the plane and so meets the continu-
                             ❙   www.ticona.com/index/markets/auto.htm   Atlantic. The devices contained in the kit   ally increasing need for safety. The use of

                                                                                                                                                                          | in | form 10.2004

                      telemedicine is not, however, just confined     future the blood sugar level of diabetics

                                                                                                                                                                       photo: Vitaphone
                      to medical emergencies on long-haul             could be checked and the insulin dose con-
                      flights. Patients with chronic illnesses and    trolled, with the physician being regularly
                      even healthy people will increasingly bene-     informed of the values. A spirometer to
                      fit from telemedical applications; chroni-      measure respiratory functions, which
                      cally sick patients and patients in remote      transmits its results electronically, has been
                      areas can be continually monitored, while       successfully used for the long-term study
                      health-conscious older people can under-        of asthma patients by the telemedical cen-
                      take many routine checks themselves, such       ter at Donaustauf hospital in Bavaria. And
                      as blood pressure measurements. “Now            with the “Tele blood pressure” system,
                      patients can even record their own ECG,”        blood pressure can be measured remotely
                      explained Dr. Thilo Vaahs, Head of Market       and the results transmitted to a diagnostics
                      Development/Industries at Ticona. This is       center, which contacts the patient if any-
                      made possible by the heart cell phone           thing unusual shows up.                             A quick ECG check en route?
                      from Vitaphone. Looking just like a normal                                                          No problem with the heart cell phone.
                      cell phone from the front, this heart phone     Devices that combine diagnostic units
                      has electrodes on the back that allow           with communication modules for everyday
                      patients to record and transmit their ECG.      use might at first sound rather less
                      That saves frequent visits to the physician     spectacular than the emergency medical kit
                      yet still ensures regular monitoring of         for the Lufthansa flight. But it is precisely
                      heart functions. In an emergency, the           these devices that have the revolutionary
                      physician can react very quickly. But in the    potential to make telemedicine a market of
                      best outcome, heart attacks are completely      the future within medical technology. This
                      prevented because the symptoms are              is because remote telemedical applications
                      recognized in good time.                        will ensure savings for the healthcare
                                                                      system – telemedicine is the answer to the
                      Prevention through regular monitoring,          pressure on costs in the health sector.
                      increased mobility, rapid aid in an emer-
                      gency – telemedicine gives patients more        Incidentally – even people who watch
                      security, independence and quality of life.     television are benefiting from the new
                      The development of new standards to             generation of telemedical devices.
                      transmit large amounts of data by radio (in     After sports physicians started using them
                      addition to UMTS, mobile radio, wireless        to monitor the vital data of their athletes
                      LAN and Bluetooth also play a role here),       during training and competitive events,             Telemedicine links are given on the
                      will make such services possible for an         viewers of the Tour de France were                  International Center for Telemedicine
                      increasing number of syndromes and              even able to follow the heartbeat of the            website:
                      applications in future. For example, in the     cycling pros on screen.                             ❙   www.ict-regensburg.de

Technology for telemedicine
                                                      Innovative devices for telemedicine require modern materials for both medical and
                                                      communication technology – Ticona is able to supply them. A good example can be
                                                      seen in metalizable thermoplastics for antenna modules, which are used in telemedical
                                                      devices that transfer data via Bluetooth, wireless LAN or mobile radio.

                                                      Another highly advanced material is the new liquid crystalline polymer Vectra® E820i LDS.
                                                      This material is optimized for laser direct structuring (LDS), in which a laser beam
                                                      writes the conductor patterns on a blank, so activating an additive that releases
                                                      small quantities of copper. The modified surface acts as a catalyst for electroless

                                                      Compared with conventional multi-cavity injection molding with selective electroplating,
❙   www.ticona.com        Markets                     LDS technology permits rapid alteration of conductor architecture for component opti-
    Medical                                           mization and makes it possible to achieve finer conductor tracks.

| in | form 10.2004
                                          in use

                                      Topas® COC instead of glass
                                                                                    As clear as glass – but light and fracture-resistant. Schott has developed the sterile
                                                                                    prefilled TopPac syringe from Ticona’s cycloolefin copolymer Topas® COC.
                                                                                    It is resistant to reactions with active pharmaceutical substances and also saves
                                                                                    time and costs.

                                                                                                                                    The result of the joint development by
photo: Hermann Dornhege/Celanese AG

                                                                                                                                    Ticona and Schott was the sterile, prefilled
                                                                                                                                    TopPac syringe made of Topas® COC.
                                                                                                                                    The particular benefits of using the Ticona
                                                                                                                                    thermoplastic compared with glass are its
                                                                                                                                    fracture strength during use and in produc-
                                                                                                                                    tion, a lower weight and the Luer Lock
                                                                                                                                    connection produced integrally with the
                                                                                                                                    syringe. In contrast to glass syringes,
                                                                                                                                    TopPac can also be delivered in a sterile
                                                                                                                                    state to the pharmaceutical industry, thus
                                                                                                                                    saving manufacturers of active drug sub-
                                                                                                                                    stances several production steps. In 1998,
                                                                                                                                    Schott and Ticona began joint work on
                                      Better than glass? The material is                                                            the development of prefilled syringes from
                                      convincing: a Schott employee checking        Material purity with constantly good            the new material Topas® COC. As early as
                                      the quality of TopPac syringes.               quality, high chemical resistance, glass-like   2002, TopPac was being produced on an
                                                                                    transparency, very good moisture barrier        industrial scale. Topas® COC is used in
                                                                                    properties and high heat distortion             medical technology also for blister packs,
                                      For further information:                      resistance – these were the properties of       bottles and various diagnostic applications,
                                      ❙   www.schott.de                             Topas® COC that convinced Schott                such as microtiter plates, cuvettes and
                                      ❙   www.ticona.com      Markets     Medical   Pharmaceutical Packaging.                       microfluidics.

                                      Ticona materials for medical technology
                                      Ticona MT® Products                           Thermoplastics used by the pharma-              materials be accepted by regulatory
                                      • Compliance with FDA requirements            ceutical industry have to be produced under     authorities such as the US Food and Drug
                                      • Compliance with European guidelines         nearly the same strict conditions as active     Administration (FDA).
                                          on monomers, additives and catalysts      drug substances. Ticona has therefore           In addition to Topas® COC, the Ticona
                                      • Certified biocompatibility                  developed six special polymer grades that       thermoplastics for medical technology
                                          (e.g. USP Class V1 / ISO 10993, etc.)     meet the high requirements of medical           include the “MT®” grades of Hostaform®
                                      • FDA Drug Master File                        technology (MT).                                POM, Celanex® PBT, Fortron® PPS,
                                      • FDA Device Master File                      As soon as thermoplastics come into con-        Vectra® LCP and GUR® PE-UHMW
                                      • Additional analytical tests for each        tact with active drug substances, they must     Premium.
                                          individual lot (traceability)             comply with very stringent regulations.
                                      • Extended Certificate of Inspection          The special MT® medical grade series by         Since safety standards are continuing to
                                          (APZ)                                     Ticona is therefore based on the principles     increase, Ticona plans to put its own
                                      • Supply assurance without change in          of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).          production line for the Hostaform® POM
                                          formulation                               These specify the standard for the purity       MT® grades into operation in Kelsterbach
                                                                                    and traceability of the raw materials and       as early as 2005. This will enable Ticona
                                      Good Manufacturing Practices:                 additives used and for Change Process           to meet GMP requirements even more
                                      ❙   www.cgmp.com                              Management. Only in this way will the           easily – in the future too.

                                                                                                                                                                                   | in | form 10.2004
                                                                                                                                           in use

Long fiber materials for higher stability
                                   In vehicles, a window lifter has to with-
                                   stand a great deal: it must reliably move the
                                   window pane, weighing about three kilo-
                                   grams, up and down in all operating states
                                   of the vehicle, prevent water from entering
                                   the passenger compartment in the rain,
                                   even at high speed, and withstand break-
                                   ins. In the event of a collision, the pane
                                   must remain firmly anchored in the holder.
                                   Together with Ticona, Küster Automotive
                                   Door Systems GmbH has developed new             Michael Tapp, Dr. Karsten Schöler and Thomas Medebach (from left)
                                   cable-operated window lifters for the VW        in conversation with Ticona: what requirements must thermoplastics in
                                   Transporter and the Audi A3 which meet          automotive doors fulfil?
                                   all these requirements. The following is a
                                   conversation with Thomas Medebach,              ? What demands are placed on the materi-
                                   Michael Tapp and Dr. Karsten Schöler,           als during operation itself?
                                   Küster Development Department.                   ! The cable drum housing is a functional
                                                                                   component in the vehicle door. In this
                                   ? You have specialized for decades in win-      exposed area, the materials have to with-
                                   dow lifters in the automotive sector. How       stand extreme temperature differences. They
                                   have the material requirements changed?         are therefore subjected to continuous cli-
                                    ! With the switch from manually operat-        mate testing. The materials must not lose
                                   ed window winders to automatic window           their mechanical properties – neither at high
                                   openers, the wear resistance and quietness      nor at low temperatures.
                                   requirements have increased. More and           ? For the first time, you are using
                                   more, polypropylene and long fiber materials    Celstran® LFRT, the long fiber reinforced
                                   are being used to ensure less distortion        thermoplastic from Ticona, instead of con-
                                   of the housings.                                ventional short fiber materials from PA in
                                   ? What requirements have to be consid-          the cable drum housing. Why did you
                                   ered for the new cable-operated window          decide to make the changeover?
                                   lifters?                                         ! In the various vehicle operating states,
                                    ! The cable drum housing is fairly large       the components in the area of the vehicle
                                   and is therefore particularly at risk of        door are subjected to strong forces.
                                   distortion. Together with Ticona, we deter-     PP-based long fiber reinforced thermo-
                                   mined the fiber orientation resulting in        plastics are better able to meet the higher
                                   improved stability, particularly around the     requirements in terms of the mechanical
                                   screw bosses and weld lines.                    properties and dimensional stability. Cost
Must withstand very high stress:                                                   benefits also played a role.
the new cable drum housing                                                         ? What®are the advantages of using
from Küster GmbH for the                                                           Celstran LFRT for production?
VW Transporter T5.                                                                  ! Thanks to the low distortion of the
                                                                                   material, it was necessary to make only
                                                                                   small corrections to the mold, and the
                                                                                   preliminary drying is omitted. This reduces
                                                                                   the development time and costs.
                                                                                   ? Will long fiber reinforced thermoplas-
                                                                                   tics play a greater role in your area in the
                                                                                    ! Cable drum housings made of long
                                                                                   fiber reinforced PP are already part of our
                                                                                   standard product range. Its use in window
                                                                                   lifter drivers is also conceivable. The
                                                                                   rigidity of the material also permits thinner
                                                                                   walls, contributing to lower weight.

| in | form 10.2004

                                                                                                                                                                   photo: Yuyao Plastics City
                                                                                                                   Yuyao Plastics City – a market place for
                                                                                                                   all types of plastics

Selling thermoplastics in Chinese
                                          Ticona has been present in Asia with its non consilidated affiliate
                                          Polyplastics since 1964. That is why it knows the ins and outs specific to
                                          the Asian markets. Take for example Yuyao Plastics City, the center
                                          for production, development, trading and sale of thermoplastics in China.
                                          It is like a K trade fair on the street – 365 days a year.

                                                                                           Plastics City grew up around this street.
                                                                                           Today, more than 800 dealers sell their
                                                                                           products in Yuyao and it has become the
                                                                                           most specialized market for thermoplastics

                        C       H     I       N        A                                   in China. The daily prices posted in
                                                                                           Yuyao are considered a barometer for price
                                                                          Shanghai         trends in the Chinese thermoplastics
                                                                                           market. The prices are updated daily and
                                                                          Yuyao            posted on the Internet.

                                                                                           Buying and selling thermoplastics in Yuyao
                                                                                           resembles a flea market. In the morning,
                                                                                           dealers write the prices and grades of ther-
                                                                                           moplastic they have available that day on
                                                                                           chalkboards and put them in front of their
China Plastics Information Network:       Actually, only one and a half square             stores. But anyone who believes these prices
❙   http://english.cpinfo.net             kilometers were originally planned. That         are firm is mistaken. When a potential cus-
                                          was the amount of space on which Yuyao           tomer shows interest in a dealer’s products,
Yuyao:                                    Plastics City, a center for thermoplastics in    they sit down together and work out the
❙   www.yy.gov.cn/english                 China, was to be created in the mid-1990s.       actual price over a cup of Chinese tea.
                                          But with over a thousand square kilome-          The dealers in Yuyao are typical of the frag-
                                          ters, it has got a little bit bigger. Over 800   mented sales system for thermoplastics in
                                          dealers and large international corporations     China which is based on numerous tradi-
                                          shape the character of the colorful thermo-      tional dealer networks. Of course, big inter-
                                          plastics city. Yuyao is located in the eastern   national companies are present in Yuyao
                                          part of Zhejiang province on the East            Plastics City also. Altogether the dealers
                                          China Sea. The “thermoplastics street” in        and companies located there maintain busi-
                                          Yuyao was already a major supraregional          ness relations with over 20 countries world-
                                          center for thermoplastic pellets in the          wide, making Yuyao Plastics City a major
                                          1980s. Over the past ten years, Yuyao            sales channel for thermoplastics in China.

                                                                                                                                             | in | form 10.2004

“China, a hotbed of activity”
                                      Ticona has been present in Asia with its affiliate, Polyplastics, since 1964.
                                      Ed Brock, Managing Director of Polyplastics Co. Ltd in Japan and Director
                                      of Affiliate Relations – Asia at Ticona LLC, Japan, is an expert on the
                                      Asian market. | in | form spoke with him about the outlook for the engineering
                                      thermoplastics market in Asia.

                                      ? Mr. Brock, how do you assess the market                            and development centers are becoming
                                      prospects for engineering polymers in Asia?                          more and more common. All this is coupled
                                       ! Asia is a market with excellent future                            with the fear of missing the boat if
                                      prospects for engineering thermoplastics.                            companies don’t participate now. This has
                                      For the period 2003 – 2007, we expect                                led to a frenzy of production investment
                                      growth of around seven to nine percent.                              in China and translates into high demand
                                      But there are large differences between                              for engineering thermoplastics.
                                      regions. While we expect growth in                                   ? Ticona, Polyplastics and two other
                                      Japan to be relatively low at two to three                           companies are building a new production
Ed Brock, Managing Director           percent, we estimate growth in China                                 plant for POM in China (see box). What
of Polyplastics Co. Ltd in            will be over twelve percent! Greater China                           importance does Yuyao Plastics City have
Japan and Director of                 is a hotbed of activity – an enormous                                for the new operation?
Affiliate Relations – Asia at         growth market in a changing political and                             ! Yuyao is an important distribution cen-
Ticona LLC, Japan                     economic environment.                                                ter for thermoplastics in China. But, of
                                      ? How do you explain the increasing                                  course, a supplier still needs other relation-
                                      demand in China?                                                     ships and regional know-how, particularly
                                       ! The answer can be found in the news                               in view of the dealer network which has
Read the entire interview             headlines nearly every single day. China,                            grown up over many years and the changing
with Ed Brock:                        the “factory of the world”, is known for its                         legal environment. In this context, the fact
❙   www.ticona.com    News            low cost of labor, its domestic consump-                             that Polyplastics has been present in the
    Special Reports                   tion potential is enormous, and research                             Asian market for 40 years is very valuable.

Ticona in the fast-growing                                    Global consumption of engineering thermplastics* –
                                                              growing faster than GDP with a focus on Asia
Asian market                                                            (kt)         4 070         4 760         5 940         6 400         7 250         8 200         Consumption will
                                                               10 000                                                                                                    grow to 8,700,000
                                                                9 000                                                                                                    tons by 2007
                                                                8 000
                                                                                                                                               Other A/P,
Global demand for engineering thermplastics will contin-
                                                                                                                                                                         Estimated ETP annual
                                                                7 000
ue to grow. Asia, in particular, is a highly promising                                                                                                China              growth (2003 – 2007)
                                                                6 000
growth market for them. The experts at Ticona Market                                                                                                                     Global:    5–7%
                                                                5 000                                                                                 Japan
Intelligence estimate year-on-year growth in China will                                                                                                                  America: 4 – 5 %
                                                                4 000                                                                                                    Europe:    4–5%
be over twelve percent up until 2007, compared with
                                                                3 000
four to five percent in Europe. Ticona has been in Asia for
                                                                2 000                                                                                                    Asia (est.)   7–9%
over forty years with its affiliate, Polyplastics Co. Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                                         Japan:        1–3%
Both companies are currently building a new production          1 000                                                                              America               China:        > 12 %
plant for polyacetal (POM) in Nantong, China together                                                                                                                    Other A/P:    4–6%
                                                                     ‘94       ‘95   ‘96     ‘97   ‘98     ‘99   ‘00     ‘01   ‘02     ‘03   ‘04     ‘05   ‘06     ‘07
with Korea Engineering Plastics and Mitsubishi Gas
Chemical. PTM Engineering Plastics Co. Ltd. which will        Growth will be faster than GDP but the main focus will be on Asia.
come on line in the second quarter of 2005 and then pro-
                                                              Source: Ticona Market Intelligence estimate, August 2003.
duce up to 60,000 tons of polyacetal (POM) per year.          *ETP compounds: PA6, PA66, PA11, PA12, PC, POM, PBT, PET inj., PPE, UHMW-PE,
                                                              including blends and alloys

❙   www.polyplastics.com

| in | form 10.2004
    in use

                                                                                                                                                                                  photo: Het Keringhuis
Fighting the forces of nature
                                                            When a powerful storm sweeps across the sea and whips up the coastal
                                                            water into waves that are meters in height, the mainland and people in the
                                                            coastal regions are in danger. With considerable technical effort and
                                                            know-how, engineers are boldly facing storm surges. One example is the
                                                            Maeslant storm surge barrier.

The Maeslant storm surge barrier:                           They stand firm against the ocean:              of such large dimensions. One of the
❙   www.keringhuis.nl                                       storm surge barriers are weirs constructed      challenges was to enable the ball joint to
                                                            at places where the river mouth is at risk of   move with minimal friction in the socket.
                                                            flooding. If a storm surge is imminent, the     The socket was therefore initially coated
                                                            monitoring team can close the colossal          with molybdenum sulfide and PTFE.
                                    photo: Het Keringhuis

                                                            gates within a few hours. The storm surge       However, the coating did not withstand
                                                            barrier forms an impenetrable gate              the very heavy load. It disintegrated in
                                                            between the sea and the river, and so effec-    places, and the steel ball wore away the
                                                            tively protects the area from flooding.         surface of the socket. In order to solve this
                                                            Without this protection, there might be a       problem, the Dutch engineers turned to
                                                            catastrophe: 1800 people died in 1953 in        the ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene
                                                            the Netherlands in the worst storm surge        GUR® PE-UHMW from Ticona, which
                                                            in 500 years. The water masses broke            has very good sliding properties.
                                                            through the dykes and flooded a fifth of
                                                            the country. More than 72,000 people had        The engineering thermoplastic was applied
                                                            to be rehoused at short notice.                 to the socket in the form of mini-pads. This
GUR® PE-UHMW –                                                                                              is because, although GUR® PE-UHMW
                                                            In response to such catastrophes, numer-        itself has a very high energy absorption
not just for barriers                                       ous storm surge barriers were constructed       capacity, the pad shape gives the material
The ultrahigh molecular weight                              in recent decades. The technical solutions      even better stability. The 25 centimeter PE
polyethylene GUR® PE-UHMW                                   are becoming more and more complex and          pads are each held by a carbon fiber ring so
has extremely high notched                                  demanding. One of the largest and most          that the yield point of the material is
impact strength and wear resist-                            modern barriers is the Maeslant storm           increased to 180 Newtons per square milli-
ance in combination with very                               surge barrier, completed in 1997 in the         meter (N/mm2). For comparison purposes,
good sliding properties. Suitable                           Netherlands. The dimensions of this instal-     the same pressure would be generated if
contact materials are not only                              lation are enormous: the two steel trusses,     twice the weight of the Eiffel Tower were
metals but also other plastics or                           each of which supports a gate, are about        to rest on one square meter. The contact
wood. High thermal stability and                            250 meters long – almost as long as the 300     pressure in the ball hinge increases, but at
resistance to chemicals round off                           meter high Eiffel Tower. The trusses are        no point to more than 150 N/mm2. So the
the profile of GUR® PE-UHMW.                                held by a 680 tonne steel ball joint resting    pads easily support the ball weighing
This very special combination of                            on foundations comprising 52,000 tons of        hundreds of tons, and the parts in the ball
properties has long qualified                               concrete. Comparable with the functioning       hinge once again operate smoothly:
GUR® PE-UHMW for use in                                     of the human shoulder joint, the ball joint     the giant trusses of the barrier can be moved
mechanical engineering, in the                              ensures that the steel trusses can move in      into position without problems and can
chemical industry and in mining.                            different directions – no easy task in view     successfully resist future storm surges.

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Polyester from hard to soft
                                                                    Vandar® polyester airbag cover
                                                                    Autoliv is one of the leading suppliers of
                                                                    safety products to the automotive industry.          Celanex® XFR –
                                                                    Using Vandar® polyester, Autoliv has
                                                                    produced a cover for the passenger airbag.
                                                                    Vandar® polyester has good dimensional               without halogen
                                                                    stability combined with good surface
                                                                    quality and thermal stability. The four              The newest member of the
                                                                    millimeter thick airbag cover is produced            Ticona polyester family is
                                                                    by multicomponent injection molding out              Celanex® XFR. An outstanding
                                                                    of Vandar® 9114. An attractive surface is            material for use in the electrical
                                                                    provided by Vandar® polyester AB 100 in              and electronics market, this PBT
                                                                    combination with a flexible component.               is made flame retardant by an
                      Impet® PET windshield                                                                              organic phosphorus compound –
                      wiper housing                                                                                      without the bromine-containing
                                                                                                                         flameproofing agent customary
                      Valeo Auto-Electric in Bietigheim has                                                              to date. This is particularly
                      developed a housing for rear windshield                                                            important in view of the
                      wipers made completely of glass fiber-                                                             regulation on electronics scrap:
                      reinforced Impet® 2700 GV 1/45.                                                                    European Directive 2002/96/EC
                      This considerably reduces the weight of                                                            (WEEE) requires separate
                      the component compared with the previous                                                           disposal for materials containing
                      ones consisting of metal. Impet® PET is                                                            bromine-containing flame-
                      very rigid and has little tendency to creep                                                        proofing agents.
                      even at high operating temperatures.                                                               This regulation does not apply to
                      With these properties, the Ticona material                                                         the Celanex® XFR product series.
                      helps to ensure that the highly stressed
                      housing has a long service life and runs      Celanex® PBT sensor housing
                      quietly.                                      for side airbags
                                                                    Side airbags are exposed not only to
                                                                    stresses such as changing temperatures and
                                                                    vibrations but also to frequent shocks cau-
                                                                    sed by opening and closing the doors.
                                                                    Siemens VDO therefore selected glass fiber
                                                                    reinforced Celanex® 2300 GV 1/30 when
                                                                    developing the sensor housing of the side
                                                                    airbags. This Celanex® PBT grade has
                                                                    good thermal stability and
                                                                    resistance to weathering
                                                                    together with high rigidity,
                      Riteflex® TPE-E tank cap retainer             good creep behavior and
                                                                    excellent dimensional stability. Since
                      Thermotech has developed a tank               Celanex® PBT can be colored and
                      cap retainer. The strip which connects the    inscribed with a laser, these safety
                      tank cap to the bodywork is produced                       components can be installed
                      from Riteflex® 655. This thermoplastic                                 in the various
                      polyester elastomer is highly resistant                                     models without
                      to aging, is tough, wear resistant and                                      confusion.
                      possesses excellent flexural strength even
                      at low temperatures. Riteflex® TPE-E
                      offers more advantages than rubber
                      and, in contrast to other thermoplastic                                                      For further information:
                      polyesters, is resistant to fuel.                                                            ❙   www.ticona.com     products

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 in use

                                                                                                                                                                      See the enclosed copy of the
Vectra LCP lights the way                                                                                                                                             Hostaform® Report
                                                                                                                                                                      for more articles. If your copy
                                                                                                                                                                      is missing, you can order one
           Attractive, heat-resistant and flame retardant – plastics used in lighting                                                                                 on the following number:
           must meet high requirements. New Vectra® LCP grades specially                                                                                              Telephone +49 (0)69 305 16299

           developed for this application have now impressed two lighting manu-
           facturers with their properties.

                                                                             railroad stations. Thanks to the very good
                                                                             flowability and high strength of Vectra®
Lamp holder                                                                  LCP, Osram was also able to save weight
for discharge                                                                and material by using Vectra® LCP.
lamps from                                                                   The wall thickness of the lamp housing
Colosio                                                                      was halved compared to the previous
                                                                             model, while its rigidity was increased.
                                                                             All Vectra® LCPgrades meet the high
                                                                             requirements of the UL 94 V-0 fire classifi-
           Lighting specialist Colosio is produc-                            cation without the need for additional
           ing lamp holders for discharge lamps from                         flame retardants. This means that in the
           Vectra® LCP. The reason is simple. This                           fire test, the material continues to burn for
           special grade not only offers high heat                           less than ten seconds after exposure to
           resistance and so withstands the heat of                          flame and that flammable materials lying
           the lamp long-term but is also suitable for                       underneath the test specimen are not
           applications in visible parts, because of its                     ignited by any burning drips. Since the
           excellent surface finish, Special additives                       Vectra® LCP range has exceptionally low
           ensure that this component, colored to                            emission values, fogging of lamp reflectors
           customer specifications, has an attractive                                                and diffusers due to
           surface.                                                                                   outgassing of volatile
                                                                                                       constituents from
           Leading lighting manufacturer, Osram,                                                         thermoplastics is
           has also opted to use Vectra® LCP for its                                                      also reduced.
           high-performance, energy-saving lamps.                                                         This increases the
           In addition to good surface quality, the                                                       amount of light
           high heat resistance and inherent flame                                                        produced on a
           retardancy of our material were important                           Lamp housing             permanent basis.
           because these energy-saving lamps                                     from Osram.
           have to maintain a very high standard of
           performance in public spaces such as                              ❙   www.ticona.com       Products      LCP     Vectra® LCP

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