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									Irina Kaplun/ Miramar College/ Child Development 111/Instructor: Jennifer
Andrews, M.A./ Lesson Plan 2/Moving and Learning Across the Curriculum by Rae
Title: By Air or By Sea page 267

What it teaches
Goals and Objectives:
Familiarity with various modes of air and sea transportation
Problem solving
Key experiences
To explore large motor skills through movement
Direct aim
To learn about different types of transportation and how they move
Indirect aim
To use sounds to support each method of transportation/developing awareness of sounds
Key Concepts/ Vocabulary
Air, Sea, Transportation, Boat, Airplane, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon, Kayak, Bicycle
What you’ll need
You will need pictures of the methods of transportation you will choose to use for this
lesson. (ex: bike, car, helicopter)
What to do
I would begin by having children sit in the circle and introducing that today we will study
transportation. Then, I would show the children pictures of various methods of
transportation and ask to identify them, move the way they move. I would also ask
children why we need transportation and their favorite method of transportation. We
would end by leaving the circle like a car into the next activity
How to ensure success
You may choose to have all of the discussion at once, with the children brainstorming
answers. Have them stand and act out the motions of each mode of transportation, one at
a time, as you call them out, or immediately follow each idea the children have with the
appropriate action(s).
What else you can do
Children can be asked what methods of transportation they know without pictures first.
School age children can match words to pictures of transportation and write a story about
their favorite method of transportation. Children of any age can draw their favorite
method of transportation. Books about transportation can be used in the classroom to
Recommendations/Ideas Make pictures of transportation big and colorful. Let each
child be a car, a bus, a helicopter, etc. around the room. Have fun!

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