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                                                               Welcome to our program

             Centre City                        Cesar Chavez                            Educational
                                                                                        Cultural Complex

 Mid-City                          North City                                    West City

Last                       First                               Student ID

Instructor                                      Room                      Class level
General Information                             ESL Classes
1.	 What	is	the	name	of	our	school?             1.	 How	many	levels	of	ESL	classes	are	there?
	     The	name	of	our	school	is	San	Diego	      	   There	are	7	levels	of	ESL	classes.	
      Continuing	Education.	                        Sometimes	a	class	is	one	level.	
                                                    Sometimes	a	class	is	two	or		
                                                    more	levels.	
2.	 How	many	Continuing	Education	                  	
    campuses	are	there?                             1,2,3	=	Beginning

	     There	are	six	main	campuses		             	   4,5	=	Intermediate
      in	San	Diego	(see	cover).                 	   6,7	=	Advanced

3.	 How	much	does	it	cost	to	take	classes?
	     All	ESL	classes	are	free.                 2.	 When	are	the	ESL	classes?
                                                	   You	can	attend	
                                                    ESL	classes	in		
4.	 Where	do	I	get	a	student	ID	card?               the	morning,	
	     Our	school	does	not	give	student		            afternoon	and	
      ID	cards,	but	you	can	get	a	student	          evening.	Some	
      attendance	card	at	your	campus.               campuses	have	
                                                    Friday	night	and	
                                                    Saturday	classes.

5.	 Can	I	bring	my	children	to	class	with	me?
	     No,	children	are	                         3.	 Can	I	attend	more	than	one	class?
      not	allowed	in		
      the	classroom.	                           	   Yes,	you	can	attend	more	than		
                                                    one	class.

                                                4.	 How	long	are	the	classes?
                                                	   Most	classes	are	2	or	3	hours	long.	
6.	 Is	there	a	club	for	students?                   Some	are	shorter.	Most	classes	are		
                                                    18	weeks	long	(one	semester).		
	     Some	campuses	have	Associated	                	
      Student	Body	groups.	Ask		                    Fall	Semester	=	September	to	January	
      your	counselor.                               Spring	Semester	=	January	to	June	
                                                    Summer	Session	=	June	to	July	or	August

5.	 Can	I	start	at	level	1?                     10.	What	tests	will	I	take	in	ESL	classes?
	   The	ESL	registration	office	gives	you	a	    	   You	will	take	a	standardized	test		
    test	to	place	you	in	the	correct	level		        4	or	5	times	each	year:	in	September,	
    of	English.	Each	class	reviews	the	             November,	February,	March,	and	
    English	from	lower	levels.                      May.	It	is	important	
                                                    to	take	at	least	two	
                                                    tests.	Your	instructor	
6.	 Can	I	change	to	a	different	level	during	       will	also	give	you	
    the	semester?                                   tests	on	the	lessons	
	   If	the	class	is	not	right	for	you,		            in	your	class.	
    tell	your	instructor	or	your	counselor,		
    or	go	to	the	ESL	registration	office.
                                                11.	Will	I	receive	a	Certificate	for		
                                                    taking	classes?
7.	 How	long	can	I	stay	in	a	level?             	   At	the	end	of	each	semester,		
	   You	can	stay	in	the	same	ESL	class	             if	you	attend	the	required	hours,		
    until	you	are	ready	to	move.	                   you	may	receive	a	Certificate		
                                                    of	Participation.	

8.	 How	long	does	it	take	to	finish	a	level?
	   There	is	no	time	limit	to	complete		
    a	level.	It	depends	on	your	progress.

9.	 Do	I	need	to	buy	a	book?
	   Yes,	you	need	to	buy		
    a	book.	

Attending and Missing Classes                       Computers and Technology
1.	 Do	I	have	to	stay	for	the	whole	class?          1.	 Can	I	learn	how	to	use	a	computer		
	     It	is	important	to	come	on	time	and	              in	my	ESL	class?
      stay	for	the	whole	class.	If	you	need	        	   You	may	learn	some	computer	skills	
      to	miss	some	class	time,	please	tell	             in	your	ESL	class.	You	will	also	learn	
      your	instructor.                                  computer	skills	in	the	VESL	labs.

2.	 Do	I	have	to	come	to	class	every	day?           2.	 Are	there	any	ESL	computer	labs		
                                                        at	my	campus?
	     You	can	attend	class	even	if	you	
      cannot	come	everyday.	If	you	will	be	         	   Most	campuses	have	ESL		
      absent,	please	tell	your	instructor.		            computer	labs.
      If	you	are	in	a	managed	enrollment	
      class,	you	will	need	to	attend	at	least	
      80%	of	the	classes.                           3.	 What	are	the	requirements	to	use	the	
                                                        computer	labs?
                                                    	   Any	ESL	student	can	attend	an	ESL	
3.	 Who	do	I	call	if	I	am	absent	for	                   computer	lab.	You	may	also	attend		
    more	than	three	days	in	a	row?                      a	computer	class	through	the	
                                                        Business	Information	Technology	
	     If	you	are	absent		                               department	if	your	ESL	level	is	
      more	than	three	days		                            intermediate	or	advanced.	
      in	a	row,	call	

	             	-	         	-	                       4.	 Can	I	use	a	school	computer	for	
                                                        checking	my	e-mail?

4.	 What	do	I	do	if	I	am	absent	for	a	long	time?	   	   You	may	only	use	school	computers	
                                                        to	do	projects	or	activities	assigned		
	     If	you	are	absent	for	a	long	time,		              by	your	instructor.
      you	are	welcome	to	return	to	school	
      anytime	if	there	is	space	in	the	
      classroom.	If	you	are	in	a	managed	
      enrollment	class,	you	can	re-enter	
      the	class	the	first	week	of	the	next	
      session	if	space	is	available.

5.	 What	do	I	do	if	I	cannot	come		
    to	school	anymore?
	     Notify	your	instructor	by	telephone		
      or	e-mail.

                      College credit ESL classes            Job training/
                      »	 City	College                       Certificate programs
                      »	 Mesa	College
                      »	 Miramar	College

                                                                  	 Culinary	Arts


                                                                  	 Graphics	and	Printing

    GED/Spanish GED/                                              	 Metal	Trades
    High school diploma                                       +

                                                                  	 Nursing	Assistant

                                                                  	 Office	Skills


Basic skills
                                                                  Job training/vESL
                                                                  »	 Personal	Care		
    	 Reading	                                                    	 Assistant/Caregiver


                                                            (vocational ESL)
                                            7 Advanced      Students	who	want	to	learn	
                                                            English	for	job	training	or		
                                                            employment	can	study	in		
                                            6 Advanced      a	vocational	ESL	class	(VESL).		
Special classes/                                            In	this	class	you	will	develop	
                                                            your	English	language	skills		
Other free classes                                          and	study	about	a	job.	You	can	
                                           5 Intermediate   learn	English	for	the	following:	
                                                            »	 Auto	Mechanics
	    Computer	Labs
                                                            »	 Cosmetology
	    Grammar                               4 Intermediate   »	 Family	Home	Day	Care

	    Pronunciation	                                         »	 Food	Service	Worker

                                            3 Beginning     »	 Housekeeping	Hotel/Motel
                                                            »	 Nursing	Assistant/	
	    Writing                                                	 Home	Health	Aide
                                            2 Beginning     »	 Office	Skills
                                                            »	 Retail/Cashier
                                            1 Beginning     »	 Welding

Student ID

ESL class:                                                             Room #

Time of class                                      Break time

Instructor                            Instructor’s e-mail address

Class web page                                  Required book

ESL class:                                                             Room #

Time of class                                      Break time

Instructor                            Instructor’s e-mail address

Class web page                                  Required book

Test Date         CASAS Test Form #      Number Correct (raw score)          Scale Score







	   0	 -	 180		   =    Reading 1            My CASAS reading goal is
	 181	 -	 190		   =    Reading 2
	 191	 -	 200		   =    Reading 3            1st score               + 5 points =
	 201	 -	 210		   =    Reading 4

  211	 -	 220		
	 221	 -	 235		
	 236	 -	 245		

                       Reading 5
                       Reading 6
                       Reading 7   }        My CASAS reading goal is

                                            1st score               + 3 points =

1.	 Be	prepared	for	       2.	 When	you	enter,		   3.	 If	you	enter	class	      4.	 Return	to	class		
    class.	Bring	paper,	       find	a	seat.		          late,	please	enter	          on	time	after		
    pencils,	pens,		           Do	not	save	            quietly	and	do	              the	break.
    and	a	binder.	             chairs	for		            not	interrupt		
    Organize	your	             other	students.         the	lesson.
    papers	in	a	binder.

5.	 Be	polite.		           6.	 Raise	your		        7.	 Do	not	use	a	cell	       8.	 Do	not	use	a		
    Listen	when		              hand	when	you	          phone	in	the	                cell	phone	near		
    the	instructor		           want	to	speak		         classroom.	Turn	             the	classroom.
    or	other	students	         or	answer	a	            the	ringer	off.		
    are	speaking.              question.               Put	the	phone		
                                                       on	vibrate.

9.	 When	you	take		        10.	Stay	on	the	        11.	Let	students		           12.	Push	the	correct	
    a	test,	do	your	           right-hand	side	        exit	before		                up/down	button	
    own	work.	Do		             of	stairs.              you	enter		                  for	the	elevator.
    not	look	at	your	                                  an	elevator.
    classmate’s	test.	

                                                   15.	                     	   16.	                     	
13.	If	your	campus		       14.	Do	not	use	the	
    has	an	evacuation	         elevator	when		
    drill,	stay	calm		         an	alarm	rings		
    and	follow	the	            or	during	an	
    evacuation	route.		        evacuation.	
    Do	not	run	or	push.
1.	 Asking	for	clarification                            9.	 Asking	for	permission
	     What	does	            	mean?                      	   Can/could	I	leave	early?	
      Could	you	explain	            ?                       Would	you	mind	if	I	took	the	day	off?	
      I	didn’t	catch	that.	                                 Would	it	bother	you	if	I	turned	on		
      Could	you	repeat/spell/pronounce		                    the	radio?
                                                        10.	Making	requests
2.	 Expressing	clarification                            	   Can	I	borrow	a	dictionary?	
	     What	I	mean	is	                  .                    Could	you	please	check	my	paper?	
      What	I	am	saying	is	                 .                Could	you	hand	me	the	stapler?
      Let	me	put	it	this	way…
                                                        11.	Expressing	likes/preferences
3.	 Expressing	understanding                            	   I	would	like	to	                   .
	     I	understand.	      I	get	it.	                        I’d	prefer	to	                 .
      I	see.                                                I’d	rather/rather	not	                 .

4.	 Expressing	lack	of	understanding                    12.	Offering	to	help/asking	for	help
	     I	do	not	understand.	I	don’t	understand.	         	   Do	you	need	any	help?	
      I	don’t	get	it.	  	                                   May	I	help	you?	
      I	am	not	following	you.                               Let	me	give	you	a	hand.	
                                                            Could	you	do	me	a	favor,	please?
5.	 Initiating	(starting)	conversation
	     Have	we	met	before?	                              13.	Apologizing
      What’s	up?	
      What	have	you	been	up	to?	                        	   I’m	sorry.	          I	apologize.	
      Have	you	heard	the	news?                              I	regret	         .	 Please	forgive	me.

6.	 Introducing                                         14.	Responding	to	apologies
	     I’d	like	you	to	meet	                    .        	   That’s	OK.	      	
      I’d	like	to	introduce	                    .           Don’t	worry	about	it.	
      Let	me	introduce	you	to	                      .       We	all	make	mistakes.
7.	 Agreeing
	     I	agree.	           You’re	right.	
      I	think	so,	too.	   I	feel	the	same	way.

8.	 Disagreeing
	     I	disagree.	        I	don’t	agree	with	you.	
      I	don’t	think	so.

1.	 CROSS	OUT:	to	draw	a	line	through		     7.	 BUBBLE	IN:	to	fill	in	a	bubble	on		
    a	mistake.                                  a	form	or	test.
	   The	instructor	wants	us	to	cross	out	   	   Did	you	bubble	in	the	semester	
    the	mistakes.	                              on	your	form?	

    to	understand,		                        8.	 MOVE	ON:	to	continue	with		
    to	solve	a	problem.                         something	else.
	   I	cannot	figure	out	                    	   Let’s	move	on	to	the	
    my	paystub.                                 next	lesson.

3.	 GET	INTO:	to	join.                      9.	 PASS	OUT:	to	distribute.
	   We	often	get	into	                      	   Could	you	pass	
    groups.                                     out	the	papers,	

4.	 GO	OVER:	to	review,	to	look	at.
	   The	teacher	likes	to	go	over	the	       10.	SHUT	DOWN:	to	
    previous	day’s	lesson	at	the	               turn	the	power	off.
    beginning	of	class.                     	   It’s	time	to	shut	
                                                down	the	
5.	 LEAVE	OUT:	to	omit.
	   Students	often	leave	out	the	e-mail	
    address	on	the	application.	            11.	TURN	IN:	to	submit	a	paper	or	
                                                an	assignment.
                                            	   I	turn	in	my	
                                                homework	at		
                                                the	beginning		
6.	 LOOK	UP:	to	use	a	resource	to	find		        of	class.
    the	information.
	   The	students	
    always	look	up	                         12.	WATCH	OUT:	to	be	careful,	to	give	
    the	meaning	of	                             a	warning.
    new	words	in		                          	   Watch	out!	
    the	dictionary.                             The	floor	is	wet.

Adjusting to a New Culture/                      Social Habits
Culture Shock
                                                 1.	 In	the	US,	people	usually	form	lines		
Adjusting	to	a	new	culture	can	be	a	                 to	wait	their	turn	for	services.
confusing	experience.	As	a	result,	you	may	
miss	your	family	and	friends.	Most	people	       2.	 Some	people	are	uncomfortable	
who	come	to	a	new	country	feel	the	same	             answering	questions	about	private	
way.	This	is	called	“culture	                        issues	such	as	salary,	age,	weight,	
shock,”	and	it	is	temporary.	                        money,	sex,	politics,	and	religion.
Here	are	some	ideas	to	help	
you	deal	with	culture	shock:                     3.	 Some	hand	gestures	are	OK	in	the	US	
                                                     but	they	are	not	OK	in	other	countries.	
1.	 Go	to	ESL	classes	regularly.	Make	friends	       These	gestures	are	OK	in	the	US:	
    in	class	and	ask	for	their	e-mail	address	
    or	telephone	number.

2.	 Find	an	activity	you	like	to	do	such		
    as	cooking	or	gardening.

3.	 Exercise.

4.	 Visit	interesting	places,	such	as		          4.	 People	generally	like	more	personal	
    Balboa	Park,	San	Diego	Zoo,	museums,	            space	than	people	from	many	other	
    or	beaches.                                      countries.	People	like	to	stand	three		
                                                     feet	(or	more)	away	from	each	other	
5.	 Talk	to	your	instructor,	your	counselor	         when	talking.
    or	a	friend.
                                                 5.	 When	people	talk,	they	make	eye	
Time                                                 contact.	They	are	uncomfortable	when	
                                                     people	do	not	make	eye	contact.
People	in	the	United	States	(US)	
think	it	is	very	important	to	be	
on	time	(punctual).

1.	 At	work,	the	rules	for	being	on	time	are	
    very	strict.	If	work	begins	at	8:00	a.m.,	
    your	boss	will	say	you	are	late	if	you	
    arrive	at	8:01	a.m.

2.	 You	should	arrive	at	your	ESL	class	on	
    time.	If	you	are	not	on	time,	take	the	
    first	available	seat	as	quickly	and	
    quietly	as	possible.

                                               Driving/Driving Safety
Child’s School
                                               1.	 The	driver	and	all	passengers		
1.	 Parents	are	encouraged	to	get	involved	        in	a	moving	car	must	wear	seat	
    in	their	child’s	school	and	education.         belts	at	all	times.

2.	 Parents	are	invited	to	attend	events		     2.	 If	you	are	stopped	and	anyone	in	the	car		
    to	get	information	about	their	child’s	        is	without	a	seat	belt,	you	will	be	fined.
    progress,	class,	and	school.	(For	
    example,	Open	House,	or	Back-to-           3.	 It	is	against	the	law	to	drive	without		
    School	Night,	PTA	meetings	and		               a	valid	driver’s	license.
    parent-teacher	conferences.)
                                               4.	 If	you	have	a	foreign	driver’s	license,		
3.	 If	you	have	any	questions	or	concerns,	        it	is	not	valid	after	three	months.
    you	can	make	an	appointment	with		
    the	teacher,	counselor,	or	principal.      5.	 Drinking	alcohol	and	driving	is	a	very	
                                                   serious	crime	in	the	United	States.
4.	 Make	sure	the	teacher	and	school	have	
    your	current	telephone	number(s).          6.	 In	California,	you	are	not	allowed	to		
                                                   use	a	handheld	cell	phone	while	driving.
5.	 Tell	the	school	if	your	child	takes	
    medicine	or	has	medical	conditions.		      7.	 If	a	Police	Officer	stops	you	while	
    (For	example,	asthma,	diabetes		               driving,	follow	the	Officer’s	instructions.	
    or	food	allergies.)                            Offering	money	to	a	Police	Officer		
                                                   is	illegal.
Women and Men
1.	 In	the	US,	women	and	men	have	the	
    same	rights.                               1.	 It	is	illegal	to	litter.	Put	trash,	gum,		
                                                   food,	and	cigarette	butts	in	appropriate	
2.	 There	are	laws	about	physically	hurting	       containers.
    others,	such	as	disciplining	children.
                                               2.	 Please	recycle.	Put	paper,	
3.	 Sexual	harassment	is	illegal.                  plastic,	and	aluminum	cans	
                                                   in	blue	recycle	containers.	

                                               3.	 The	rule	in	Continuing	Education	is	you	
                                                   must	be	at	least	25	feet	away	from	any	
                                                   building	when	you	smoke.

       Present   Past       Participle Write a sentence

1. am/is/are     was/were   been

2. become        became     become

3. begin         began      begun

4. bite          bit        bitten

5. blow          blew       blown

6. break         broke      broken

7. bring         brought    brought

8. build         built      built

9. buy           bought     bought

10. catch        caught     caught

11. choose       chose      chosen

12. come         came       come

13. cost         cost       cost

14. cut          cut        cut

15. do           did        done

16. draw         drew       drawn

17. drink        drank      drunk

18. drive        drove      driven

19. eat          ate        eaten

20. fall         fell       fallen

21. feed         fed        fed

22. feel         felt       felt

    Present   Past      Participle Write a sentence

23. fight     fought    fought

24. find      found     found

25. fit       fit       fit

26. fly       flew      flown

27. forget    forgot    forgotten

28. forgive   forgave   forgiven

29. freeze    froze     frozen

30. get       got       gotten

31. give      gave      given

32. go        went      gone

33. grow      grew      grown

34. hang      hung      hung

35. have      had       had

36. hear      heard     heard

37. hide      hid       hidden

38. hit       hit       hit

39. hold      held      held

40. hurt      hurt      hurt

41. keep      kept      kept

42. know      knew      known

43. lay       laid      laid

44. lead      led       led

       Present   Past     Participle Write a sentence

45. leave        left     left

46. lend         lent     lent

47. lie          lay      lain

48. lose         lost     lost

49. make         made     made

50. mean         meant    meant

51. meet         met      met

52. pay          paid     paid

53. read         read     read

54. ride         rode     ridden

55. ring         rang     rung

56. rise         rose     risen

57. run          ran      run

58. say          said     said

59. see          saw      seen

60. sell         sold     sold

61. send         sent     sent

62. shake        shook    shaken

63. show         showed   shown

64. shrink       shrank   shrunk

65. sing         sang     sung

66. sit          sat      sat

      Present   Past      Participle Write a sentence

67. sleep       slept     slept

68. speak       spoke     spoken

69. spend       spent     spent

70. stand       stood     stood

71. steal       stole     stolen

72. stick       stuck     stuck

73. sting       stung     stung

74. sweep       swept     swept

75. swim        swam      swum

76. take        took      taken

77. tear        tore      torn

78. teach       taught    taught

79. tell        told      told

80. think       thought   thought

81. throw       threw     thrown

82. understand understood understood

83. wake        woke      woken

84. wear        wore      worn

85. win         won       won

86. write       wrote     written



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           San Diego Community College District     President, Continuing Education           The	San	Diego	Community	College	District	(SDCCD)	includes	
           Administrative Offices                   Anthony E. Beebe, Ed.D.                   San	Diego	City	College,	San	Diego	Mesa	College,	San	Diego	
           3375 Camino del Rio South                                                          Miramar	College,	and	San	Diego	Continuing	Education.	The	
           San Diego, California 92108-3883         Board Of Trustees                         SDCCD	is	governed	by	its	Board	of	Trustees.	No	oral	or	written	
                                                                                              representation	is	binding	on	the	San	Diego	Community	College	
                                                    Mary Graham                               District	without	the	express	approval	of	the	Board	of	Trustees.	
                                                    Rich Grosch                               SDCE	Public	Information	Office	(06/2010)
                                                    Bill Schwandt
                                                    Maria Nieto Senour, Ph.D.
                                                    Peter Zschiesche
                                                    Chancellor, SDCCD
                                                    Constance M.Carroll, Ph.D.

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