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 Machine Torches and Accessories

                                                                                             Features & Benefits
                                                                                             I Many Machine Torch Models
                                                                                               All produce high quality cuts and
                                                                                               are easy to use

                                                                                             I Tip Mixing System
                                                                                               The Three Land Tip Mixing
                                                                                               system assures greater safety
                                                                                               and reduces the risk of
                                                                                               flashback and backfire

                                                                                             I Cutting Tips Save Gas
                                                                                               Koike D7 series cutting tips are
                                                                                               recommended and available for
                                                                                               gas efficiency

                                                                                             I Twin Torch Adapter
                                                                                               The Twin Torch cutting adapter
                                                                                               for all Koike 100 Series torches
                                                                                               allows converting a single oxy
                                                                                               fuel cutting torch into dual
                                                                                               cutting torches. The Twin Torch
                                                                                               cutting adapter can be used to
                                                                                               cut narrow width flat bar with a
                                                                                               single torch, high accuracy is
                                                                                               possible by reducing thermal
Koike Aronson Machine Torches and Accessories                                                  distortions, and it is a common
                                                                                               practice to employ multiple
The line of Koike products includes the cost efficient Koike 300L, 500L and Epoch              torches for such a process.

300 series tips and torches. They are ideal for heavy duty, high quality cutting in
                                                                                             I Torch Bevel Adapter
industries such as metal fabrication, shipyards, salvage, construction and other               The bevel attachment for
general purpose uses. The innovative post-mixing tip design of the Epoch 300 assures           mounting in the tip area of long
                                                                                               torches currently in use, enables
safety by eliminating flashback. All machine torches and accessories are built to the          not only the top surface beveling
                                                                                               but also any other bevel cutting
highest standards, then stringently tested to insure safe; long life operation in order to     operations including the top and
produce precision cuts while being easy to operate.                                            bottom surface serpin cuts.

                                                                           KOIKE ARONSON, INC.
Specifications                                                                                                                  MTACC-500-1208

            TORCH SERIES
             Machine Torches and Accessories

 SPECIFICATIONS              300L                    500L            TWIN TORCH ADAPTER       BEVEL ADAPTER               EPOCH 300
 Torch Length           422 mm (16.5 in)        622 mm (24.5 in)          148 mm (5.5 in)         77 mm (3 in)            300 mm (13 in)
 Cutting Thickness   5-300 mm (1/8-12 in)     5-300 mm (1/8-12 in)      5-152 mm (1/8-6 in)   5-300 mm (1/8-12 in)     100-300 mm (4-12 in)

 Cutting Tip Type     All 100 Series Tips      All 100 Series Tips      All 100 Series Tips   All 100 Series Tips    Epoch Post Mixing Type
 Fuel Gas Use          Most Fuel Gases          Most Fuel Gases          Most Fuel Gases       Most Fuel Gases       LPG or Natural Gas only
 Hose Connection** B type (9/16-18UNF)        B type (9/16-18UNF)        Screw in Adapter      Screw in Adapter       B type (9/16-18UNF)
                        RHT/LHT                    RHT/LHT                                                                 RHT/LHT
 Part Number             ZA3251018                ZA3251006                ZA3312001               3311001                 ZA4052024
                        (Torch holder,           (Torch holder,
                       part # ZS61108)          part # ZS61108)

Please see Koike Cutting Tip brochure for information on cutting tips use including: cutting speeds, operating pressures
and gas flow rates.
**Flashback arrestors are highly recommended on gas supply side for additional safety**

                                                                     Bevel Adapter

                                      Twin Torch Adapter

300 and 500 L Machine Torches

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          635 W. Main St., P.O. Box 307
          Arcade, NY 14009
          Phone (585) 492-2400 Fax (585) 457-3517
                                                                                                                                    ISO 9001
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