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                       SUMMER 2011


Helping Designers
2011/2012 Membership
Directory Inside
     a bazillion opportunities
 to make a good first impression

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ASID InDuStry PArtnerS
                                                                            table of contents
                                                                                   In tHIS ISSue
         design                              On tHe COVer
                              SUMMER 2011

                                             Cover design by:                       PG 2.          President’s Message
                                             Red Leaf
                              Directions                                            PG 4.          President-Elect’s Message
                                             Cover photography by:
                                             Mark Ehlen, Industry Partner
                                             Representative for Ehlen              CHAPter neWS
                                             Creative Communications
                                                                                    PG 6.          Welcome New Members
                                             Background provided by:
ASID INDUSTRY                                KDR Designer Showrooms                 PG 7.          Awards & Accolades
Helping Designers                            Artwork provided by:                                  by angELa PaRkER, aSiD
Succeed                                      Art Resources Gallery                  PG 8.          Out of State, Out of Mind
2011/2012 Membership
Directory Inside
                                             Artwork: Synergy                                      by bRaD SHaRk
                                             Artist: Mike Emmons
                                                                                    PG 9.          Website! Website! Read All About It!
                                                                                                   by LaURa PaULSon, aLLiED MEMbER aSiD
                                                                                    PG 9.          Announcing the 2011 ASID Kitchen and Bath Tour!
                                                                                                   by Rita LaRSon, aLLiED MEMbER aSiD
  Tabitha Czeck: Chapter Administrator                                             ASID InDuStry PArtnerS
  275 Market Street, Suite 160
  Minneapolis, MN 55405                                                             PG 10.         How to Get the Most of Your IP Membership
  PH: 612-339-6003 • FAX 612-339-8691                                                              by MaRk EHLEn, inDUStRy PaRtnER REPRESEntativE
  info@asidmn.org                                                                                  foR EHLEn CREativE CoMMUniCationS
                                                                                    PG 11.         CEUs: Valuable Partnerships
                                                                                                   by angELa PaRkER, aSiD
     ASID MINNESOTA BOARD                                                           PG 12.         Our Allies
            2010-2011                                                                              by bonniE biRnbaUM aSiD, CiD
                                                                                    PG 14.         Trend Tracking
            PRESIDENT                       PRESIDENT-ELECT
         Karen Soojian, ASID                 Lisa Peck, ASID                                       by DESi CRESwELL, aSiD
                                                                                    PG 16.         Technology: Business Accelerator
           MARkETING AND                      FINANCE DIRECTOR                                     by MaRk EHLEn, inDUStRy PaRtnER REPRESEntativE
      COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR                  Maureen Haggerty,
       Tom Collins, Industry Partner          Allied Member ASID
                                                                                                   foR EHLEn CREativE CoMMUniCationS
        Representative for Design
                                                 PROFESSIONAL                       PG 18.         Creative Collaboration
                                            DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                   by LaURa PaULSon, aLLiED MEMbER aSiD
         MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR                  Kimberly Herrick, ASID
         Mary Ellen Gardiner, ASID
                                              AT-LARGE DIRECTOR
                                               Desi Creswell, ASID          LISt OF ADVertISerS
                                                                            Design Professionals, Inc. ..................................................... Inside Back Cover
             PUBLISHER                          DESIGNERS                   Francis King Ltd ................................................................................... PAGE 3
                                                                            Hickory Chair ...................................................................... Inside Back Cover
               Red Leaf                       Samantha Ducas                Kate-Lo Tile & Stone ............................................................................ PAGE 5
            Brian McCashin                     Brian McCashin               MN Standard/SPS Companies............................................................... PAGE 5
                                                                            RBC Tile & Stone ................................................................. Inside Back Cover
                                                                            Red Leaf .............................................................................. Inside Front Cover
                                                                            Zachary Ltd. ....................................................................................Back Cover
              Colleen Fox Slack, Allied Member ASID;
            Bonnie Birnbaum, ASID; Desi Creswell, ASID;
           Mark Ehlen, Industry Partner Representative for
                  Ehlen Creative Communications;
                         Angela Parker, ASID;
                Laura Paulson, Allied Member ASID
   PreSIDent’S MeSSAGe

   a LEttER fRoM
   oUR PRESiDEnt
We rely oN our TruSTed ColleAgue’S vAluAble CoNSulTATioN
iN AreAS WHere our eXPerTiSe Will NoT SuFFiCe.

This year a primary goal of the ASID Minnesota Chapter’s strategic    potential project pitfalls. We rely on our trusted colleague’s valuable
plan is to increase public awareness of ASID. As a first step in      consultation in areas where our own expertise will not suffice. In
enhancing public perception of ASID, our new Public Relations         both our personal and business lives, our relationships are what
committee has worked to improve our website. Now, our visitors        matters most. ASID Industry Partners share mutual concerns and
will feel welcome and engaged when they see the updated website.      common goals with professional designers, which is why working
The update allows the public to view member biographies,              with them is an invaluable asset to our businesses.
company logo and project photos. So please update your profile as      As a group we know that we are financially interdependent. I am
you do not want to miss the chance to add considerable value to       continually amazed at the level of generosity and support from
your ASID membership.                                                 our Industry Partner members. What, if any, of our events or

"the practice of interior design is a complex
 network of trade professionals working together."
We hope that bringing the public’s attention to our chapter will      projects would be possible without their contributions? Express
add value to both the practitioner’s and the Industry Partner’s       your appreciation for the kindness of our Industry Partners
membership. The practice of interior design is a complex network      by continuing to build relationships with them and taking full
of trade professionals working together. By carefully navigating      advantage of their products and services.
the intersections of our trade, we leave our clients unaware of the   Warm regards,

                                                                      KAren SOOJIAn
                                                                      aSiD Mn Chapter

                        page 2 • SUMMER 2011

              King Ltd.
              275 Market St.
              Suite 465
              Minneapolis, MN 55405
              612. 604. 0033
   PreSIDent-eLeCt’S MeSSAGe

   woRDS fRoM tHE
AS deSigNerS, We All kNoW THAT THe SuCCeSS oF our deSigNS iS
dePeNdeNT oN THe reSourCeS AT our diSPoSAl.

Dear Fellow ASID Members:
This issue of Design Directions is dedicated to our Industry           How can you thank these partners for their support of and
Partners and helping our membership get to know them better.           participation in ASID? First and foremost, by keeping these
Our Industry Partners represent a vital portion of our membership.     members on your short list of valuable resources. Also, when you
As designers, we all know that the success of our designs is           notice a vendor who has contributed to an ASID event, just say
dependent on the resources at our disposal. Our Industry Partners      “Thank you.”
represent vital resources. The knowledge, skills and products they
                                                                       When it is comes time to nominate an Industry Star for the annual
represent allow our designs to be executed in a way that matches
                                                                       awards, please take the time to nominate a vendor who has
our vision.
                                                                       provided you with exceptional service.
Industry Partners not only add to our individual design successes,
                                                                       Enjoy the summer.
but contribute to our organization in many other meaningful

                                                                       Lisa Peck
ways. By participating in leadership both on the board and at the
committee level, these professionals bring insight, business savvy
and unique perspective to all of our activities. Leadership by
industry professionals adds dimension to many committees from
                                                                       LISA PeCK
the Showcase House committee to the Award committee.
Our partners also contribute to the financial health of our chapters   aSiD Mn Chapter
in many ways. From paying dues to supporting our various
committees through contributions, our Industry Partners help our
chapter continue to succeed, which is particularly important in
these lean times. We also rely on these members to contribute to
our chapter with discounts or donations to the Showcase House,
participation in the sample sale and other chapter activities.

                        page 4 • SUMMER 2011
    Thank you to the
 following 2011 Sponsors!
              Signature Sponsor

 Premium Sponsors               Standard Sponsors
   INTERSOURCE                   Jon Arlen Group
    Hickory Chair                   Plekkenpol


                                   St. Louis Park
                                  (952) 920-1460

                                     St. Cloud
                                  (320) 252-3030

                                  (507) 387-5691

                                  (800) 735-1191

                    page 5 • SUMMER 2011
 CHAPter neWS

                    new Members
   INDUSTRY PARTNERS                       ALLIED MEMBERS                     Christy Larson
      Vincent Bruno                          Beth Anderson                     Art Institutes
    Crestron Electronics                                                 International Minnesota
                                             Lyndsay Bussler
       Sarah Gordon                                                          Taylor Mahoney
                                               Jenna Dock
Sarah F. Gordon, Professional                                                 Art Institutes
                                            Allyson Evander              International Minnesota
 Organizer & Home Stager
                                               Carla Mertz                    Jamie Markel
     karen Goulette
Advanced Light And Sound                    Sammi Neumann                     Art Institutes
                                                                         International Minnesota
        Elaine Mahin                           Lynne Pirkl
       Sub Zero/Wolf                                                         Julie Nelsen
                                              Lisa Savonen
                                                                            Century College
       kristin Mann                           Jodie Shields
 Warren Drapery Company                                                      kimberly Niosi
                                             Caitlin Thurber
    Suzanne Nystrom                                                           Qi Ouyang
   Williams-Sonoma, Inc                                               North Dakota State University

         Mike Otto                                                            Angie Picotte
                                          STUDENT MEMBERS                     Art Institutes
Fair and Square Remodeling
                                            Lori Balestri                International Minnesota
       David Oxford                Dakota County Technical College
      Vermilion Design                                                       Desirae Putnam
                                             Emilie Bjorgum                   Art Institutes
        Greg Swiler                           Art Institutes             International Minnesota
    Casual Contract, Inc.                International Minnesota             Shannon Ratey
       Robb Whittlef                          Beth Edlund            Dakota County Technical College
       Historic Studio                       Century College               Melanie Rostvold
      Brandy Ward                            Natalie Hanson               Dunwoody College of
     California Closets                       Art Institutes                  Technology
                                         International Minnesota              Lauren Wright
                                              Leeann Hario                     Art Institutes
                                              Art Institutes             International Minnesota
                                         International Minnesota

               page 6 • SUMMER 2011
                                                                                                                      CHAPter neWS

                        Awards & Accolades
                        by angELa PaRkER, aSiD

› MICHAEL ANSCHEL, Industry Partner of Representative of                  › LYNN MONSON, ASID and SANDY MONSON, ASID, of Monson
  Otogawa-Anschel Design Build, “Shelter Savvy” home and kitchen            Interior Design, Inc.; for their kitchen project and bath project
  featured in the Homebook 2011, from Midwest Home magazine.                featured in the winter issue of Distinctive Kitchen Solutions
› LISA BALL, Allied Member ASID, Designs by Lisa; for her “wine cellar
  closet conversion,” published in the Star Tribune “Homes” section in    › MARCIA MORINE, ASID, Morine Design Associates, Inc.; featuring
  January 2011.                                                             a “Luxury Remodel in the Whitney Hotel,” including a white
                                                                            Valcucine kitchen, published in the Homebook 2011, from
› HOLLY BAYER, ASID, Hauthaus, Inc. for her 2010 ASID Showcase
                                                                            Midwest Home magazine.
  front porch on Lake of the Isles published in the spring edition of
  Midwest Home.                                                           › FRAN MULLIN, ASID, FCM Design LLC, and LYNN MONSON, ASID,
                                                                            Monson Interior Design; for their kitchen collaboration published in
› CASA VERDE DESIGN, LLC, Industry Partner of ASID, featured as
                                                                            the winter issue of Distinctive Kitchen Solutions magazine.
  “Best Showroom” by the National Kitchen and Bath Association and
  the National Kitchen and Bath Business in the Homebook 2011, from       › OTOGAWA-ANSCHEL DESIGN BUILD, Industry Partner of ASID
  Midwest Home magazine.                                                    for their COTY awards for their Residential Kitchens: $75,001 to
                                                                            $90,000 in Edina and $60,001 to $75,000 in Mounds View, featured
› EURO-NEST, Industry Partner of ASID, featured as “one of the four
                                                                            in the Mpls. St. Paul Home magazine in March 2011.
  furnishings and retail resources to have” in the Homebook 2011, from
  Midwest Home magazine.                                                  › LISA PECk, ASID, Lilu Interiors, Inc. for her serene and beautiful
                                                                            remodeled bathroom, featured in the spring edition of Midwest Home.
› JODI GILLESPIE, ASID, Jodi Gillespie, LLC Interior Design; selected
  as one of only five RAVE Award winners. Jodi’s designed loft will be    › LISA PECk, ASID, Lilu Interiors, Inc. for her American Shingle style
  featured in the July issue of Home magazine, a quarterly publication      home with contemporary undertones on Lake Minnetonka featured
  of Mpls. St. Paul. The RAVE awards program was created by                 in the Homebook 2011, from Midwest Home magazine and the Mpls.
  American Institute of Architects (AIA) Minnesota Chapter and Mpls.        St. Paul magazine in April 2011.
  St. Paul magazine to recognize excellence in residential design.
                                                                          › BETTY RAVNIk, ASID, Ravnik Interior Design, Inc. was recognized in
› JODI GILLESPIE, ASID, Jodi Gillespie LLC Interior Design; for her         the ASID Educator Design Excellence Competition as the residential
  “subtle interplay of tones and surfaces” in her master suite design       honorable mention winner for her ‘Ronhovde Residence’ design in
  featured in Bathroom Trends, Volume 2703 magazine.                        Alexandria, Minnesota.
› BRANDI HAGEN, Allied Member ASID, Eminent Interior Design;              › ROOM AND BOARD, Industry Partner of ASID, was a featured as
  featured in the Spring Remodeler’s Showcase home tour for her             “one of the four furnishings and retail resources to have” in the
  “Troy Hills Organic Modern” St. Paul home, published in March 2011,       Homebook 2011, from Midwest Home magazine.
  Mpls.St. Paul magazine.
                                                                          › kATIE SIDENBERG, Allied Member ASID, Robert Sidenberg, Inc.
› BRANDI HAGEN, Allied Member ASID, Eminent Interior Design; for            for her “luscious pink and green Kenwood living room” featured in
  her living room featured in the spring edition of Midwest Home.           March 2011, Mpls.St. Paul magazine.
› TODD HANSEN, Allied Member ASID, Albertsson Hansen                      › TALLA SkOGOMO, ASID, Engler Skogomo Interior Design for her
  Architecture for his kitchen and bath designs published in the in         “Zen design with modern Asian and Prairie inspirations.” The St. Paul
  February 2011, Mpls.St. Paul magazine.                                    residence was Home of the Month; a partnership between the Star
                                                                            Tribune and the Minnesota Chapter of AIA and was featured in the
› DAVID HEIDE, Allied Member ASID, David Heide Design Studio for
                                                                            Star Tribune “Homes” section in February 2011.
  his living room and bath design featured in the Homebook 2011,
  from Midwest Home magazine.                                             › USON DESIGN SOLUTIONS, Industry Partner of ASID, recognized
                                                                            for their “minimalistic yet functional” living room featured in the
› HIRSCHFIELD’S, Industry Partner of ASID, featured as “one of the
                                                                            Homebook 2011, from Midwest Home magazine.
  four furnishings and retail resources to have” in the Homebook 2011,
  from Midwest Home magazine.                                             › VUJOVICH DESIGN BUILD, INC., Industry Partner of ASID, featured
                                                                            in the Homebook 2011, from Midwest Home magazine in March 2011
› JOHN B. A. IDSTROM II, Allied Member ASID, Partners 4, Design for
                                                                            for their four 2010 COTY Awards including “Best of the Decade”
  his kitchen and bath designs published in the in February 2011, Mpls.
                                                                            contractor award.
  St. Paul magazine.
                                                                          › VUJOVICH DESIGN BUILD, INC.,Industry Partner of ASID, featured
› kATE-LO TILE & STONE, Industry Partner of ASID, featured
                                                                            in the Mpls. St. Paul Home magazine in March 2011 for 2010 COTY
  as a “resource to have” in the Homebook 2011, from Midwest
                                                                            Award for an Entire House over $500,000 on Lake Minnetonka,
  Home magazine.
                                                                            Priest Bay.
› LAPPIN LIGHTING, Industry Partner of ASID, featured as a “resource
                                                                          › GREG WALSH, Allied Member ASID, Walsh Design Group, was
  to have” in the Homebook 2011, from Midwest Home magazine.
                                                                            featured on the cover of Mpls. St. Paul Home magazine in March for
› JAYME MEYER, Allied Member ASID, Martha O’Hara Interiors, for her         his remodel of his 1956 home in Golden Valley, restored to its original
  St. Paul bungalow color refresh of her home, published in the Star        sophistication.
  Tribune "Variety" section in February 2011.
                                                                                                 page 7 • SUMMER 2011
                                                                             DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
   CHAPter neWS

                                                                                 By BrAD SHArK

Shark tips:
Out-of-State,                                                         Out of Mind
Here We Are AGAIn tALKInG ABOut SALeS tAxeS.                            Just because a project is considered an out-of-state sale does
one would guess it is one of my favorite subjects, as often as i        not mean you are not responsible for collecting any sales
write about it. trust me, it is not. However, there are as many         taxes. if a Minnesota designer arranges delivery of merchandise
intricacies to sales taxes as there are colors of beige, so without     to a north Dakota project, Minnesota sales taxes are not charged.
further ado, let’s talk about out-of-state sales taxes.                 north Dakota sales taxes are another matter. if a Minnesota
                                                                        designer delivers goods to north Dakota, but the designer does
when thinking of sales tax rates that are to be charged, think in
                                                                        not go to north Dakota for the project, they are not bound to
terms of where the client takes possession of the merchandise.
                                                                        charge north Dakota sales taxes. if, however, the designer
this is true for both local sales taxes and out-of-state sales taxes.
                                                                        enters north Dakota once for the project, they are responsible
Sales tax rates are not calculated based on the location of your
                                                                        for getting a north Dakota tax number and charging their client
office. For example, your office is in Edina, but you deliver your
                                                                        north Dakota sales taxes. it can take only one visit to the state
merchandise to a client's condo in downtown St. Paul. Charge
                                                                        of the project to make you legally responsible to collect sales
your client the St. Paul sales tax rate of 7.625 percent, not the
                                                                        taxes from that state.
Edina sales tax rate. given this example, if you arrange delivery

"Once you establish a tax number and collect sales taxes from another state,
you are not committed to filing with that state forever. After the project is
complete and you filed and remitted all sales taxes to that state, contact the
state and request your account be made inactive."

of merchandise to a residence or business in fargo, north Dakota,       once you establish a tax number and collect sales taxes from
your client is taking possession of the goods in north Dakota,          another state, you are not committed to filing with that state
so you do not charge Minnesota sales taxes. the same would be           forever. After the project is complete and you have filed and
true of a north Dakota designer delivering goods to a residence         remitted all applicable sales taxes to that state, contact the state
or business in Minnesota. If, however, you ship the goods to            and request your account be made inactive. Some states allow
Minnesota and the client arranges for delivery from Minnesota           you to do this online.
to north Dakota your client is taking possession of the goods           be proactive in complying with out-of-state sales tax
in Minnesota, so Minnesota sales taxes should be charged.               requirements, or it could come back to bite you later. a few years
Let’s continue with north Dakota and Minnesota for explanation          ago, one of my clients was contacted by the California board of
purposes. in the past two years i have been in contact with             Equalization, stating the design firm was responsible for several
the Revenue Departments for twelve different states, and the            thousand dollars of California sales taxes on goods delivered to a
response has been the same for every state. those states include        project in California. the project had been completed three years
Minnesota, wisconsin, north Dakota, South Dakota, ohio,                 prior. the designer faced the choice of paying and absorbing
indiana, new york, west virginia, florida, Utah, arizona and            the sales taxes, or contacting the client on a project long ago
California. when initiating a project in a different state it is best   completed. neither choice was an attractive one. So determine
to contact the state and clarify your responsibilities.                 your sales tax obligations early on to avoid landing in this
                                                                        situation yourself.

                        page 8 • SUMMER 2011
                                                                                                                             CHAPter neWS

                                                                            By LAurA PAuLSOn, aLLiED MEMbER aSiD

WEBSITE! WEBSITE! Read all about it!
                                                  As A culminAtion          member directory. The directory portion of the site now includes the
                                                  of three months           ability to add member photos, company logo and multiple project photos
                                                  of analysis, planning     complete with brief description captions. Now, when consumers search
                                                  and development by        for a designer on the site they can see you and your work, as well as
                                                  the Public Relations      read about your projects, all without having to navigate away from the
                                                  committee, ASID           asidmn.org website. It still provides the opportunity to include a link to
                                                  Minnesota launched its    your company website to help drive traffic to your business, and allows
                                                  revamped website to       the consumer ease and flexibility to continue to gather information about
                                                  the public on April 25,   ASID designers at our original site.
                                                  2011! As we become
                                                                            In addition, the site’s general design now prominently features the work
                                                  increasingly dependent
                                                                            of award-winning practitioner members versus using stock photography.
                                                  on technology and the
                                                  internet to gather our    The Public Relations Committee is currently putting a plan together to
                                                  information, the Public   drive traffic to our newly-updated website in conjunction with several
Relations committee took a good, hard look at our website and those of      publicly-focused ASID events this fall, including the Kitchen and Bath
other ASID Chapters to determine how we could improve our public            Tour, Sample Sale and Awards Banquet. Watch for additional information
interface on the web. Goals for the project focused on providing an         coming soon. If you have not already done so, we urge you to update
updated feel to the website in both navigation and aesthetic and creating   your profile immediately to start benefiting from our enhanced format
increased practitioner member and Industry Partner exposure on the          as soon as possible. Detailed instructions for updating your profile can
site. Our ultimate goal was to increase consumer engagement while           be found at: http://www.asidmn.org/asid-mn-member-login.cfm.
browsing at www.asidmn.org.                                                 Finally, the Public Relations Committee would like to extend a grand
We are very pleased with the results! Brian McCashin and the team at        thank you to International Market Square for generously sponsoring our
Red Leaf executed our vision to bring our website a current and up-to-      website update! Their sponsorship allowed us all of these great profile
date look with a more welcoming home page for the consumer, as well         enhancements without any additional cost to our Members.
as some incredible (and much needed) enhancements to the online

                                                                            By rItA LArSOn, aLLiED MEMbER aSiD

announcing the
                                                    kitchen and
                                                         bath tour!
   2011 ASID
ASID’S KITCHEN AND BATH TOuR COMMITTEE IS PROuD                             you are proud of and have
to announce we will be partnering with Metro Magazine for the               potential clients come to see
annual Kitchen and Bath Tour this coming September! This is the             it and meet you! Most of our
first time we’ve partnered with Metro and their parent company,             previous designer participants
Tiger Oaks. We are thrilled to be partnered with a company with             have gotten work because of
incredible social media coverage, as well as many publications here in      this tour.
the Twin Cities. Metro just introduced their Home Magazine, which           We are excited that once again                  Photos by: Mark ehlen, Industry
will be published six times a year. This fall, the magazine will feature    simply amazing homes will be                   Partner representative for ehlen
our Tour! They are energized and full of new ideas, not just to pique       featured in the upcoming tour.                        Creative Communications
interest, but to drive visitors to each of the homes designed by ASID.      The weight of the last few years
Our goal with the Kitchen and Bath Tour is to educate the public            of recession seems to be lifting and this tour and the
about what a designer brings to a project: the ability to see the           dream of new spaces in our homes could not come
space with walls moved, appliances and fixtures reoriented to their         at a better time. See you on the Tour!
best use, and helping the remodeled space flow with the rest of the
home. Because we are focused on two rooms only, the tour attracts              2011 ASID KItCHen AnD BAtH tOur DAteS:
people who are planning to do their own kitchens or baths and
                                                                               September 10, 2011 10:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.
are looking for help and ideas. It is such a gift to stand in a project
                                                                               September 11, 2011 12:00 p.m. — 5:00 p.m.

                                                                                                    page 9 • SUMMER 2011
                                                                                DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
   ASID InDuStry PArtnerS

how to get the most of your
IP MEMbERSHiP               By MArK eHLen, inDUStRy PaRtnER REPRESEntativE foR EHLEn CREativE CoMMUniCationS

Partner can benefit from membership in ASID, rather than list the
various meetings that are available to attend and/or host, I considered
                                                                              Since you are reading this you already know about Design
                                                                              Directions, our quarterly newsletter. In addition to the available
                                                                              advertising space, this committee is always on the hunt for relevant
just typing “Get Involved” across the top of the page and leave it at that.   content, which perhaps only you could provide. It is a good vehicle
Then I realized that perhaps I should qualify that and say “Sincerely         for sharing valuable information with the design community.
Get Involved.” Which then led to the decision that “sincerely”                The Showcase House is a major event every year and Industry
should be defined.                                                            Partners have an opportunity to present special offers and services
years ago in my parochial grade school, I learned the Golden                  to participating designers. Design teams expend a lot of energy at
Rule. We all know it: “Do unto others as you would have them do               this event so if you can make their life easier during the show, you
unto you.” In the business world I believe that translates into “If           may make a friend for life.
you want to do well, help someone else to succeed.” And this is               Of course, if you have the space, you can always host your own
where the sincerely part comes in — doing this without necessarily            event and announce it or a new product or service through the bi-
expecting anything in return. I heard a wise man recently express a           monthly E-blast which goes out to over 950 practitioners, Industry
good way to keep one’s motivation correct. He said, “When dealing             Partner members and students.
with people, ‘Expect nothing and be thankful for everything.’ ”
                                                                              Lunch and Learns are a very valuable way to tell members what
In today’s world and not just in business, we are all constantly being        you do. Those that sign up are coming specifically to hear what
bombarded with sales pitches. So much so that I believe that we are           you can do for them. They happen twice a month and they book
all constantly on guard against them. I know that I tend to question          early so plan ahead.
the sincerity of every sales person (even though I know it is not
                                                                              However, don’t overlook the monthly Business Development
right to do so) until they show themselves to be genuine.
                                                                              meetings. They are always on the lookout for speakers with relevant
So what is the point? First, please bear with my philosophical                topics to help designers with the business side of their lives.
musings and know that I do not intend for any of this to imply that
                                                                              As for helping ASID as an association, you can volunteer in
Industry Partners as a whole don’t get this. I truly believe that the
                                                                              many ways. There are a variety of events to get involved with and
best way to get the most out of an Industry Partner membership is
                                                                              committees that could use your help. There is probably no better
to “sincerely” look for ways to help designers individually and ASID
                                                                              way to gain understanding of designer’s needs than to work side-by-
as a whole to grow and prosper.
                                                                              side with them helping ASID to grow and gain recognition in the
As Industry Partners, we are all downstream of the designers. If              community. Being an active part of what is going on in the design
they are not designing, there is no need for the products, services           world cannot help but position you as a valuable resource.
or solutions that we provide. The title, Industry Partner, was aptly
                                                                              This certainly is not an exhaustive list of Industry Partner member
chosen as that it is exactly how we should see ourselves; as Partners
                                                                              benefits, but should be enough, I hope, to demonstrate that there
with the businesses we work with, and concerned not just with our
                                                                              are plenty of opportunities to network with designers. After all,
own bottom line, but also with theirs.
                                                                              they cannot do business with someone they don’t know exists. So
Now, how all of this looks and works out for each Industry Partner            if you want to meet people, learn their needs, share what you have
will be different.                                                            to offer: then show up, hang around, offer to help, volunteer and
Perhaps sponsoring a meeting, an event or an award would be a                 become a genuine part of the design world.
good fit. Besides the obvious promotions that are included, there             In other words: Get Involved.
are also E-blast recognitions and an opportunity to introduce
yourself and your business at the meeting or event.

                           page 10 • SUMMER 2011
                           DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
                                                                                             ASID InDuStry PArtnerS

CEU                                                               V   aluab le
                                                                 Pa rtnerships
By AnGeLA PArKer, aSiD

many benefits of membership is the Continuing
Education units (CEu) offered through the Industry
Partner Program. The Programs and the Lunch and
Learn committees offer these on a monthly basis.
Typically, they are free or have a minimal fee associated
with the program. Tabitha at the ASID office sends out
notification of all events through the E-Blasts.                     As questions arise in the workplace or on a new project,
One must ask, “Why, as an Industry Partner, would I want to          the interior designer knows who to call because of attending a
prepare a presentation, submit it to ASID for accreditation, and     CEu. The interior designer is now comfortable with a product
then provide a CEu class?” Frankly, it is a lot of work. However,    or service, and thus is willing to call or email the Industry
the benefits of preparing a CEu are many-fold. First, preparing a    Partner. The Industry Partner’s website, brochure, email,
CEu for ASID provides an educational opportunity for the person      Twitter or business card is in their resource library. There is no
preparing the class. It offers an opportunity to research some       need to waste time second-guessing on the internet to find a
area of knowledge for the business. It also requires the presenter   photographer, faux finisher or paint line.
to develop stronger presentation skills. Knowledge is not only       Developing trust is an integral part of the interior design
power, but a good sales tool. Jackie Maher, Industry Partner         business. The interior designer is involved in all aspects of
Representative for Kohler Kitchen & Bath Americas has offered        the client’s space from start to finish and years down the road,
several CEus on plumbing, flushing and water flow. Jackie is able    when warranty or replacement arises. Bottom line, the interior
to turn a rather dull topic into one that we all enjoy, especially   designer is only as good as his or her trades or resources.
when hosted at the IVy Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.
                                                                     Nancy Kloen, Industry Partner Representative of FIBER-SEAL
                                                                     Systems comments about her last CEu, “I found the Lunch and
    CEU Benefits to ASID Interior Designers:                         Learn to be a nice opportunity to reconnect with designers we
   :: Meet new industry Partners (resources) for your interior       already know and work with. They provided nice testimonials
      design projects and services.                                  for the designers there that don’t yet know about Fiber-Seal. The
                                                                     atmosphere is light and the time is just an hour so it is a good
   :: Meet national requirements of 0.6 CEUs every 2 years
                                                                     return for a small investment of time, both on our part and that
      (this applies to all members).
                                                                     of the designer.”
   :: network with new friends and develop personal relationships.
                                                                     Chrissy Burr, Industry Partner Representative of CS Media
                                                                     states, “We choose to partner with ASID in order to bring free
    Benefits to Industry Partners of ASID:                           Continuing Education classes to all members and to build more
    :: Develop educational and product knowledge with its            comfortable working relationships through networking.”
       application to interior design.                               The relationships developed from a CEu years ago can become
    :: Exposure of industry Partner products and services to a       the fruit of a seasoned interior designer and Industry Partner. Be
       plethora of interior designers who will remember you          thankful for all those special relationships in both the lean times
       when developing new projects.                                 and the bountiful ones.

    :: Meet new friends and develop personal relationships           ASID National requires a completion of 0.6 CEUs every two years
       (putting a face on that name in the directory).               by all professional members of ASID.

    :: More business!
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                                                                        DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
  ASID InDuStry PArtnerS

                                                                                        Illustration by Samantha Ducas

O ur A llies                                                               By BOnnIe BIrnBAuM, aSiD, CiD

                                                        ASID’s Industry Partners willingly provide their
                                                support by narrowing down the options or informing the
                                                designer of previously unknown suppliers that make the
                                                                 interior designer into a star for clients.
            page 12 • SUMMER 2011
                                                                                                        ASID InDuStry PArtnerS

roth Distributing, Industry Partner of ASID

                                                                                                                                DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen,
                                                                                                                                Industry Partner of ASID

IN MANY WAYS, AN INTERIOR DESIGNER CAN BE                                      you see them in the local market. Our
considered a “Jack of All Trades,” but it is just not possible for one         staff knows where to find what you need
interior designer to know everything about the multitude of resources          within our lines or where to direct you if
that are needed to complete a project. ASID’s Industry Partners                we don’t have it. We also assist in placing
willingly provide their support by narrowing down the options or               your order by taking into consideration the
informing the designer of previously unknown suppliers that make               many options, strengths and nuances of a
the interior designer into a star for clients.                                 particular vendor, tracking it to meet your
                                                                               schedule and expediting or servicing if
“Taking the ‘search-and-find’ out of it for you,” is how Jacqueline Cox
                                                                               required. We do this to see that your order
of Weskuske describes how the showroom, “works with you, the                                                                    Design Professionals,
                                                                               process is as smooth as possible and you
designer and your inspiration, to make a concept into reality. When                                                             Industry Partner of ASID
                                                                               receive the exceptional service we strive
given your aesthetic goal, palette and project-specific criteria, we will
                                                                               to provide. Our goal is to be an integral
work to find or create the perfect rug or carpet to suit the space.”
                                                                               partner in assisting with the success of
Keith Rothstein from the Jon Arlen showroom expressed his                      your business.”
commitment to helping his clients that are interior designers by
                                                                               “The Kravet and Lee Jofa showrooms are
saying, “Being an Industry Partner member of ASID for my entire
                                                                               ready, willing and able to assist designers
career, I have worked with my designer clients as if I was a member
                                                                               with many facets of their projects!” Bonnie
of their design team. I encourage my clients to use me as an extension
                                                                               Folkerts, manager of the showrooms
of their offices. I thrive on the challenge of finding that “right” piece to
                                                                               said. “We will search for fabrics to
solve the designer’s dilemma.”
                                                                               coordinate with an “inspiration” fabric
Besides providing knowledge on vendors, Industry Partners also                 or find a substitute for one that is either
expedite orders. Tom Collins from Design Professionals said, “Design           discontinued or out of budget. We can also
Professionals brings a long tradition of involvement and experience in         help you find the perfect sofa, chair, dining
the many aspects of the furniture industry. With our diverse history,          table or other furniture piece. We place
we have developed an extensive knowledge base we can draw upon                 your orders, track their progress and keep
to assist each designer with his or her unique needs. We attend every          you informed and up-to-date throughout           Wekuske, Industry Partner
furniture market in High Point and can share the trends we see before          the process. Our entire staff is dedicated       of ASID

                                                                                                                               (Continued on page 20)

                                                                                                      page 13 • SUMMER 2011
                                                                                   DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
   ASID InDuStry PArtnerS

                                                                                            By DeSI CreSWeLL, aSiD

trend t
an on-going and often time-consuming task for interior designers.
                                                                                  "we at DreamMaker bath & kitchen
                                                                                  have a showroom that we keep current
                                                                                                                                      Hirshfield's Design Center,
                                                                                                                                       Industry Partner of ASID
                                                                                                                                            inspiration board
Fortunately, ASID members are able to lean on our Industry                        with displays and product samples, so
Partners for support. Whether it is a CEu presenting the new                      when a designer makes an appointment
color palettes for the year, or having new products from the High                 with us, we walk through the vignettes and
Point Market available in their showrooms, ASID Industry Partners                 pull out samples and product literature
ensure what we present to our clients is of the moment. Interested                to make suggestions appropriate to
to hear how our Industry Partners manage to keep themselves and                   the project the designer is working
interior designers up to date, I solicited responses from a variety of            on. when the designer tells us the
businesses. Here is what some of our Industry Partners had to say:                clients’ story and the list of needs and
                                                                                  wishes, we can point them in the right direction to fill their
                                                                                  needs, often with new products that provide options that the
"almost every week, we have a training session here at
                                                                                  designer may not be aware are available." - Lynn Monson
ProSource. Representatives from our mills and distributors
                                                                                  DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, Industry Partner of ASID
come in to inform us of new materials and styles, as well as
installation techniques and changes. we get to see the new
styles first-hand. This keeps us up-to-date so we can pass that                   "Meeting with showroom sales associates or outside sales
information on to our designers, builders, and those others                       representatives not only give you the opportunity to see
with accounts here." - nan twaddle                                                new products and be educated on the latest and greatest
ProSource, Industry Partner of ASID                                               techniques and materials, but offer a chance to be inspired
Plymouth Showroom                                                                 by beautiful merchandise! as design professionals, we often
                                                                                  get bogged down by the day-to-day tasks and forget about all
                                                                                          of the amazing products surrounding us. this spring
"Hirshfields has hosted the Ben Moore
                                                                                                we are seeing white, lots of white. it’s taken
color pulse trends for the industry
                                                                                                   over Europe in the last 18 months and we’re
for the past few years. this
                                                                                                      seeing the spring collections reflect this
encompasses color, furniture,
                                                                                                        trend.” - Lacy Armstrong
fabrics, etc. we, as the
                                                                                                             KDR Showrooms, Industry
showroom, try to bring
                                                                                                              Partner of ASID
in furniture, accessories
and the like to inspire
designers who shop at                                                                                         "the hottest trend in countertops
our showroom. we have                                                                                         is fashion-inspired. Stunning
an idea board that we like                                                                                    textures paired with bold colors
to [use to] show new and                                                                                      give a stylish new twist to classic
upcoming products and be                                                                                      Caesarstone surfaces. the
an inspiration board."                                                                                       monochromatic designs we are
- Greg yaghesezian                                                                                        seeing on the runways and in the
Hirshfield’s Design Center,                                 KDr Showrooms                                home today can be combined with
                                                          Jab Spring Collection
Industry Partner of ASID
                                                            "white Passion"
                                                                                                      Caesarstone’s multitude of colors, edge
                                                                                                    treatments and back splashes to reflect your
                                                                                                    personal style. and that’s something that’s
                                                                                                    always in season.” - tom Stremlau
                                                                                                    CaesarStone, Industry Partner of ASID

                         page 14 • SUMMER 2011
                                                                                          ASID InDuStry PArtnerS

                                       rOHL, LLC., Industry
                                         Partner of ASID
"RoHL is immersed in
tracking global trends through
regular participation in international
trade shows like iSH and Cersaie and involvement
with the american Express Luxury Summit and
Color Marketing group. our partnerships with
western European manufacturers requires
us to be “in the know” about style and
design influences, as well as helping to drive
performance and functional improvements.
our commitment to offer authentically-crafted
faucets and fixtures for the kitchen and bath
encourages us to travel often, staying in boutique
hotels, visiting small villages and towns where we
are able to experience local culture and hospitality."
- Lou rohl, COO and Managing Partner
ROHL, LLC., Industry Partner of ASID

“Showroom events are essential to Robert allen’s
marketing efforts. trunk shows provide an opportunity to
present new Robert allen and beacon Hill collections and
                                                                                                            robert Allen, Industry
also to spend time with our customers. the naturals trend                                                      Partner of ASID
so current in interiors places more emphasis than ever on
fabric texture. Designers want to feel our new fabrics in
addition to seeing the patterns.”
- Jolie Cross Cohen, Operating Vice President
Robert Allen Group, Industry Partner of ASID
                                                                   As trends come and go, our Industry Partners are always on the
                                                                   lookout for the latest and greatest. They find great enjoyment in
"at francis king, LtD we do many                                   sharing their knowledge and materials with Designers. The next time
things to keep ourselves and designers                             you’re looking for a unique product or simply want to be inspired
current. Each year we go to the High                               by the creative solutions produced by our industry, please remember
Point Market and every fall Charlie                                our Industry Partners.
presents a Market trend Seminar.
we host monthly coffee chats to educate Designers on our
manufacturers, post the latest trends and new products
on facebook, and search blogs to stay in tune with what
Designers are using and liking. Lastly, designers can count on
finding the latest styles reflecting current trends in our ever-
changing showroom." - Mary Carl
Francis King, LTD, Industry Partner of ASID

                                                                                         page 15 • SUMMER 2011
                                                                      DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
   ASID InDuStry PArtnerS

                        By MArK eHLen, inDUStRy PaRtnER REPRESEntativE foR EHLEn CREativE CoMMUniCationS

AN ANCIENT GREEK PHILOSOPHER SAID LONG AGO,                          We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know. It’s who you
“The only constant is change.”                                       know.” Well, you don’t have to know everything about the latest
There’s no doubt that we’ve seen a lot of changes in the design      innovations if you know who to call. Here are a few examples.
industry in recent years and perhaps nowhere is change               Lynn and Sandy Monson, Industry Partner Representatives for
occurring more rapidly than in the areas of technology and           DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen, explained that “We keep abreast
product development.                                                 of the latest information on product development by attending
It’s said that technological information is doubling every ten       industry tradeshows, talking to product representatives, reading
years, and while most of us tend to think of technology in terms     industry trade publications, viewing online presentations and
of electronics, more of this than we might think is making its       then sharing our information with our staff at weekly meetings.
way into the interior design world. Certainly, electronics are       For clients and designers, we maintain a showroom that we
advancing faster than many of us would like, but technology is       keep current with displays, product samples and literature.
also quickly advancing product developments that are making          When designers make an appointment with us to discusses
more and more products and solutions available to homeowners         their client’s needs and wants, we are ready to point them in the
seemingly every day.                                                 right direction, often with new products and technology that the
                                                                     designer may not be aware is available.”
Clearly, being at the forefront of technology and product
development is a strong competitive advantage in any profession      DreamMaker notes, “The two technological advances that we are
and surely no less in interior design, but how does one stay on      recommending for kitchens that are the most readily accepted by
top of all the advancements? One way is to maintain a network        clients are induction cooktops and LED lighting. Both function
of Industry Partners that are on the cutting edge of their fields.   well and are energy-efficient, which resonates with clients in
                                                                     terms of saving money and being environmentally conscious.”

                       page 16 • SUMMER 2011
                                                                                                         ASID InDuStry PArtnerS

                                               DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen,                                         DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen,
                                                    Industry Partner of ASID                                             Industry Partner of ASID

                              CS Media          Photo by: Mark Ehlen, industry                                       Photo by: Mark Ehlen, industry
                    Photo by: Eric wing        Partner Representative for Ehlen                                     Partner Representative for Ehlen
                       of CS Media inc.              Creative Communications                                              Creative Communications

"...technology is advancing product developments that are
    making more and more products and solutions available
    to homeowners every day..."

 Chrissy Burr, Industry Partner Representative for CS Media,                      strive to keep our clients updated on the newest technologies
 commented that, “CS Media was created to bring technology                        in a myriad of ways, from presentations to Facebook updates
 into your life without frustration and create an indelible audio                 to our quarterly Tech Corner in Painted Ambiance’s newsletter.
 and visual impression. The need for technology is major in                       We also work closely with designers by providing them with the
 everyone’s busy lives and by incorporating that into each space,                 latest updates and samples, broadening their portfolio of options
 it gives the ability and use of the space greater potential.”                    for their design clients.
 On the national level, TOTO u.S.A., Inc., maintains a corporate                  Quality, durability and versatility in unique paint finishes are the
 gallery program, which is designed to serve as a resource for                    most recent and cutting-edge advancements in our field. Having
 the local design and architecture communities. TOTO’s viewing                    high-quality products with durability allows for a broader range
 galleries provide an educational environment where designers                     of application opportunities as well as an ultimately lower cost,
 and their clients may learn more about TOTO, its innovative                      as typically those higher-durability products take less product
 products and technologies, and progressive environmental                         overall and fewer passes to create a look which can result in a
 philosophies and initiatives. TOTO also hosts a variety of                       high-impact, cost-effective quality treatment.”
 activities that are devised to support the design community:                     Industry Partners are clearly not only interested in supplying
 lunch and learns, book readings by leading designers,                            products and services, but are also eager to offer the latest
 networking events, CEus, product launch events and ASID                          information that designers need to be seen as the experts that
 committee meetings, to name but a few.                                           their clients are looking for to solve their problems and create
 Stephany Eaton, Industry Partner Rep for Painted Ambiance,                       their dreams. In other words, Industry Partners want to help
 was quick to remark that, “At Painted Ambiance, we’re                            ASID members be the best they can be.
 always looking for cutting-edge advancements and chemical                        So take advantage of them. They want you to.
 compositions in decorative and faux painting. We constantly

                                                                                                        page 17 • SUMMER 2011
                                                                                     DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
   ASID InDuStry PArtnerS

                                                                                InterSource, Inc. Industry
                                                                                Partner of ASID
                                                                                Photo by: Rick Johnson



phone. “you’ve protected the furnishings of one of my best clients
and the dog just had an accident while we are setting up for the
housewarming party…” At Fiber-Seal, Nancy Flom says she gets
those calls every day. She notes that “designers rely on us to take                                                    AFter
care of problem spots caused by messy kids and dogs or careless
installers. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been offering the finest Fiber-                                                 Crista Maree, Industry Partner of ASID
Seal-brand protective treatments coupled with the best overall
                                                                                                                       Photo by: Mark Ehlen, industry Partner
cleaning of fine fabrics, carpets and rugs. We help your clients enjoy                                                 Representative for Ehlen Creative
their homes without worry and keep every room referral-ready. It’s a                                                   Communications
great partnership…”
When Industry Partner members who provide service-focused
products to our practitioner members were asked what is important
to them, unanimously they answered “partnership,” and it exists          vision [the designers] and their clients are looking for. If you can
on many levels. Sometimes, that partnership is honored within the        dream it… Together, we can do it.” Transforming pieces from Plain
design community, for example, when InterSource, Inc. received the       Jane to Ms. Personality is something she does often, working in
Industry Partner Star Award in 2010. Nancy Nelson-Flom reflected         tandem with ASID designers.
back on receiving the award, noting that although InterSource,           Another example of this is Painted Ambiance, LLC, a decorative
Inc. was sincerely grateful for the acknowledgement, being in            artisan finish and mosaic design company. Painted Ambiance,
the spotlight put them in an unusual position. “Our mission at           LLC has been an industry partner for five years and has worked
InterSource is to work diligently behind the scenes, taking care of      on numerous ASID Showcase Homes. The company has received
the floor covering details so you (the designers) can do what you        several Presidential Citation Awards and has partnered with multiple
do best: design exceptional spaces.” Paying the compliment back          ASID designers on award-winning projects. Their secret? “To really
to the practitioner member, she continues, “Working with the best        connect with the needs of the designers and clients seeking their
of the best in the design community continues to meet and exceed         services,” says Stephany Eaton, owner. “Working with a decorative
our expectations.” Nelson-Flom feels it is a privilege to work with      artisan should support your goals and achieve your distinct vision. It
ASID designers who align themselves seamlessly with InterSource’s        is the difference between buying something off-the-rack and having
philosophy to strive to do the best work possible to meet and exceed     something tailor-made for you.”
each client’s expectations.
                                                                         The highest compliment of trust in a craftsman’s ability to bring a
In many instances, our service-focused IP members provide the            design to life is when an ASID designer seeks an ASID IP member’s
creative execution of the designer’s vision, utilizing their in-depth    assistance for their own personal project. This was the case with
knowledge of their specific field. They are bringing the designer’s      Fran Mullin when she sought out DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen
vision into physicality. Many of our specialty finish IP Members         to assist her with her own kitchen remodel. Such confidence in the
commented on this type of collaboration. Founder of untapped             relationship between designer and practitioner is a true testament
Resource, Inc., Sheryl VanderPol, states “As designers set the stage,    to the partnership that ASID can foster. DreamMaker Bath and
untapped Resource is the paint brush that comes in to execute the        Kitchen offers a designer program with flexibility to help build these

                         page 18 •SUMMER 2011
                                                                                                          ASID InDuStry PArtnerS

Laura Paulson, Allied Member ASID
Photo by: Mark Ehlen, industry Partner Representative
for Ehlen Creative Communications

                                                                            DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen, Industry
                                                                            Partner of ASID
                                                                            Designer: fran Miller, aSiD
                                                                            Photo by: Mark Ehlen, industry Partner
                                                                            Representative for Ehlen Creative Communications

Vujovich Design-Build, Industry Partner of ASID
Designer: Haut Haus Design; Holly bayer, aSiD;        relationships. They   produces a budget-savvy, yet miraculous
amber Ranzau, allied Member aSiD
                                                      offer three ways      transformation far beyond the original hopes of the client.
Photo by: kurt Moses                                  for designers to
                                                                            A similar experience was shared by Ed Roskowinksi of Vujovich
                                                      partner with their
                                                                            Design-Build while working as the general contractor for the 2010
                                                      company; they
                                                                            ASID Showcase Home for Dan Buettner. He noted that while the
accept referrals, subcontract directly with the designer, or contract
                                                                            project was a true collaboration of designers, he was impressed that
directly with the client to execute the designer’s vision. They can
                                                                            the economic challenges of today didn’t “squelch the creativity as you
provide product only, or provide product together with project
                                                                            might expect. Rather, it created a stronger desire to work together,
management and construction services for a “turn-key” approach
                                                                            finding cost-effective solutions having the greatest impact on the end
to projects. By tailoring their services from project to project,
                                                                            result.” Refinishing rather than replacing the front porch floor and using
DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen is able to support the designer as
                                                                            woven vinyl flooring as part of the grid-panel system in the ceiling were
little or as much as they need.
                                                                            examples you can see in the photo accompanying this article.
Another example of true partnership is when our IP members and
                                                                            The Showcase Home has been a consistent partnership platform
designers find innovative solutions to design obstacles together,
                                                                            cited by several of our IP members that allows both the designers
often resulting in a better solution than either could have produced
                                                                            and IP members an opportunity to shine to the public. Art Resources
on their own. Crista Bartholomew of Crista Maree, a provider
                                                                            Gallery has enjoyed partnering with ASID for over ten years, and the
of architectural, designer and custom finishes, appreciates and
                                                                            Showcase is the first thing that comes to mind when asked about
loves many things about working with ASID designers, and is
                                                                            being an ASID Industry Partner. They have graciously allowed the
thrilled when she can offer her working knowledge to enhance the
                                                                            designers working on the project to come in and pick out artwork
overall function or to elevate the effectiveness of a design. In this
                                                                            and accessories from their collection to use at no charge during
economy, her creative talents shine when helping designers through
                                                                            the tour. Janella Fesenmaier says, “It’s a great way to keep our
the challenges of “fixing” aesthetically-outdated cabinetry that is
                                                                            partnership strong with all of the wonderful ASID designers and to
otherwise in perfect working order. Combining her ever-widening
                                                                            gain exposure for our fabulous artists.”
breadth of finishes along with the designer’s overall vision often

                                                                                                   page 19 • SUMMER 2011
                                                                                DESIGN DIRECTIONS « MINNESOTA CHAPTER
   ASID InDuStry PArtnerS

        untapped resource, Inc.,
         Industry Partner of ASID       Public exposure is a driving      talent, expertise, creativity, experience and their professionalism to
                                        force for many of our             their target market.” He feels designers can and should expect their
                                        members, practitioner and         service providers to support what they need to prosper in their
                                        designer alike, working           businesses and ASID as a whole. He feels that putting the designer’s
                                        together to get the “wow-         requirements ahead of his own and working to help designers
                                        factor” feedback from             succeed is just good business practice since, in part, their success
                                        existing and potential clients.   trickles down from each provider to the industry as a whole.
                                        “Oh, my gosh, this is the
                                                                          Sharing this sentiment is Brian McCashin of Red Leaf Design. His
                                        most beautiful house we have
                                                                          relationship with ASID started in 2002, working on the publication
                                        seen all day,” was a quote
                                                                          of the annual Membership Directory. Since then, it has grown into
                                        from a recent guest in the
                                                                          full IP Membership status. “Being an IP Member has continually
                                        Remodeler’s Showcase while
                                                                          shown its advantages through the relationships we’ve developed
                                        touring a home designed by
                                                                          within the Chapter office, as well as with the membership-at-large.”
                                        an ASID designer and built
                                                                          Brian adds, “These are relationships that we value, and we will work
                                        by Mike Otto, IP member.
                                                                          hard at maintaining them to ensure they continue to flourish.”
“As a remodeling professional, I want my prospects and clients to
react this way. Who wouldn’t want this? That’s why I absolutely adore     The relationship between ASID designers and IP members is
ASID Designers. That’s why I am an ASID Partner.”                         obviously multi-layered. Many service-focused IP members
                                                                          contribute extensively to designers’ projects at every stage of the
But partnerships don’t end once the project is over, or even after
                                                                          design process and even assist in business plans. Regardless of where
the public may have seen the work in person. Mark Ehlen, owner
                                                                          these providers fit in, the relationships that are built are invaluable to
of Ehlen Creative Communications, provides interior photography
                                                                          both sides and should be nurtured.
for the design community. He notes that while photography of
your finished design can be looked at as the last step in completing      A golden rule for any service provider, ASID or otherwise, was
a project, he believes that it is better viewed as the first step         summed up nicely by IP member Charlie Flynn of Francis King,
toward getting the next one. “Interior photography is not about           Ltd. He said, “Service is about treating people the way you yourself
purchasing photo time or a photo print. What designers are                would like to be treated: fairly, pleasantly and with a touch of
obtaining through photography is the ability to demonstrate their         graciousness.” A motto for all of us to live by.

"Our Allies" by Bonnie Birnbaum, ASID, CID, Continued from Page 13
to your satisfaction and maintaining our good business relationship       has the choice of either opting for a simpler project by reusing some
[with] each designer.”                                                    existing materials (such as re-facing cabinets and resurfacing tub/
While International Market Square is a wonderful source of support        shower surrounds) or tearing out the room and starting over with
for designers, there many Industry Partners located around the region     a complete remodel. Beyond that, there is a wide range of material
who also provide interior designers with information and resources.       choices that bring various degrees of value to different projects,
Roth Distributing is the Regional Distributor of Sub-Zero, Wolf,          depending on the clients’ objectives.”
Asko and Best distinctive appliances. “Designers and their clients        “If you are under a tight deadline, Room & Board has a large selection
can request a personalized showroom tour with our knowledgeable           of very high quality, yet affordable American-made furniture in-stock
Showroom Associates. Our kitchen displays feature the most                and ready for delivery.” Jennie Eukel, Design Associate of Room and
complete selection of Sub-Zero and Wolf products in the region.           Board reports, “If our stocked options don’t meet your needs perfectly,
We’ll introduce you to the latest appliance innovations and encourage     our team of Design Associates can help you select the right piece
you to experience the products live. Roth Distributing offers designer    from one of our many custom programs. We can create tables by the
and consumer learning events throughout the year, including the           inch, custom cabinets to solve just about any storage challenge, and
monthly Dinner Demonstration, where consumers can not only see            we offer over 200 fabric options for application on our beautifully-
the appliances at work — but also savor the results!” Elaine Mahin is     designed sofas, chairs and upholstered beds. Our custom options are
Roth Distributing’s support contact for detailed product specifications   typically ready for delivery in eight weeks or less. With our customer
and applications.                                                         satisfaction guarantee, you can always feel comfortable using Room &
DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen “maintains a showroom of kitchen              Board as a partner.”
and bath displays, along with material and finish samples, and            ASID’s Industry Partners are ready, willing and eager to meet you, the
welcomes designers to bring in their clients for hands-on experience      designer, and to help you to be the best, most informed professional
in exploring options for their project. In many cases, the homeowner      and help you succeed!

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Complimentary Freight when shipped
within the Continental United States.

The Hickory Chair Showroom
 International Market Square
  275 Market Street, Suite 363
Fran Kraft, Showroom Manager

             Since 1911

               Zachary ltd.
International Market Square . Suite 461 . 612.305.1201

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