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SP R I N G2011

                                                                                                                                         5 Goodwill Games

                                                                                                                            6-7 Spring Break in Sibera

                                                                                                                                           8-9 All things tR

                                                                                                                                    10-11 the Next Step

                                                                                                          12-13 the Long Way to Stickney Hall

                                                                                                                          14-15 Renaissance Woman

                                                                                                             16 DSU Granted Confucius Institute

                                          on the                                                                         17 Planting More than trees
                                          cover                                                18 Blue Hawks Earn 12 All-American Honors
                                          (From left to right)
                                                                                                  19 DSU Athletics Launches a New Website

                                          Nate Lebsock and Matt Lee
                                          with Head Coach Ty Orton
                                                                                                            20-21 If You Will It...It’s Not a Dream

                                                                                                                                         the regulars
                                                                                                                                     4 From the President

                                                                                                                                           22 Campus News

                                                                                                                                               27 Class Notes

6                                      8                                                                                            32 From the Archives

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10                                     14                                            16
 Signal Butte is published three times a year by Dickinson State University Foundation, 230 Eighth Avenue West, Dickinson, ND 58601 and Dickinson State University,
                        291 Campus Drive, Dickinson, ND 58601. Dickinson State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institute.
                                                                                                       BY RICHARD J. MCCALLUM, PH.D.
                                                                                                    PRESIDENt, DICkINSON StAtE UNIVERSIt Y

                                DSU’S NE W ER A OF
                               Dear Alumni and Friends:                                     Third, our Theodore Roosevelt Center has evolved
                               As the snow melts and we await the arrival of meadow         significantly during the last two years, and it has become
                               larks and wrens, I am pleased to provide you with a          a true gem within our University’s crown of educational
                               spring semester update. In a few months, DSU will            assets. Four major lines of program effort have been
                               celebrate its 93rd birthday. While we anticipate the         developing simultaneously:
                               excitement of completing another year of history, we         •   The creation of a comprehensive TR digital library
                               are moving forward in a deliberate manner to forge           •   Annual Symposia and publications
                               new boundaries that will establish an innovative
“DSU CONtINUES                 era of opportunity. Three major forces are presently         •   Advancing new avenues of TR scholarship
                               converging to create this unique window of opportunity       •   Public Outreach and Interactive Kiosks
           tO BE AN            for Dickinson State. These efforts, individually, involve
                                                                                            DSU is dedicated to the development of a comprehensive,
                               significant chapters within the life of our institutional
                                                                                            digital TR Library. This presidential collection will
      ExCEPtIONAL              history. Collectively, they represent an accelerated shift
                                                                                            integrate documents and artifacts from multiple partners
                               in our momentum. This synergy will establish many
      PLACE WHERE                                                                           and provide unprecedented Internet access to TR archives
                               exceptional learning opportunities for our students.
                                                                                            that heretofore have been geographically dispersed across
                               First, after more than nine decades of effort focused        the United States. The development of this remarkable
                               upon the baccalaureate degree, we are launching              database already has been recognized as an incredible local
      ASSEMBLE tO              graduate classes! The State Board of Higher Education        resource. Moreover, it is quickly emerging as a state and
                               approved during their January 27, 2011, meeting our          national treasure.
 ENGAGE IN tHE                 request to begin offering limited graduate credit classes.
                                                                                            We presently stand on the threshold of making a
                               This is a landmark decision by the Board. We are
                                                                                            quantum leap forward as we obtain access to Harvard
 ExCItING WORk                 connecting our past as a State Normal School with our
                                                                                            College Library’s collection and launch a new web
                               future as we begin to offer graduate classes through our
                                                                                            site that offers a modern, integrated catalog and index
        OF HIGHER              Teacher Education Department. We are demonstrating
                                                                                            system. When this progress occurs, the TR Center’s
                               a sustained commitment to be responsive to the
                                                                                            comprehensive digital library will move onto the
       EDUCAtION.              educational needs of our area school teachers. Our
                                                                                            world stage and become a global treasure chest for all
                               rationale is anchored upon the planning cornerstones
                                                                                            future TR research and studies. In fact, I predict this
             WE ARE            that foster public access and geographic proximity.
                                                                                            international recognition will become a reality because
                               Second, our application was approved on April 7, 2011        the amazing power of the Internet makes our database
            MOVING             to become the host for a new Confucius Institute.            just as accessible from London or Paris as it is from
                               With this authorization, DSU joins a very elite group        Dickinson, North Dakota.
      FORWARD IN               of 73 universities across the United States endorsed by
                                                                                            DSU continues to be an exceptional place where great
                               the Confucius Institute Headquarters of China. We
      A DELIBERAtE             anticipate new and exciting educational opportunities
                                                                                            people assemble to engage in the exciting work of higher
                                                                                            education. We are fostering the intellectual energy that
                               will begin to unfold as we work with our educational
       MANNER tO                                                                            will solve the problems of today and tomorrow. In a
                               partner Tuiyuan University of Technology.
                                                                                            few weeks we will celebrate our 91st commencement
       FORGE NEW               This new institute will bring visiting faculty from China    ceremony. Most certainly, our graduates reflect our most
                               to teach Chinese language classes at DSU. Many other         important credential. They will advance the quality of life
      BOUNDARIES               cultural exchanges will be developed to share the art,       that will be experienced by our children, grandchildren
                               music, and history of China with citizens throughout         and generations beyond. Our graduates are on a career
         tHAt WILL             our area. The Confucius Institute not only raises our        trajectory to become the next generation of business and
                               national profile, but this accomplishment places DSU         community leaders. Please join me as I extend my sincere
         EStABLISH             within a worldwide network of approximately 295              best wishes to our graduating class of 2011!
                               premier universities who are dedicated to an educational
 AN INNOVAtIVE                                                                              Finally, I want to thank each of you for your continued
                               process that fosters multicultural understanding. I
                                                                                            support, friendship and commitment to Dickinson
                               believe the establishment of this Institute will enhance
              ERA OF           learning opportunities across our curriculum while
                                                                                            State University. As we move into the summer season,
                                                                                            I wish you and your family the best of success and
                               enriching the quality of life for the community
  OPPORtUNItY.”                of Dickinson, the state of North Dakota and our
                               surrounding region.

4 |                                                                                                              SIGNALBUttE
                                                                                                                                    BY DAN CHELStROM

                                                                                                    The Dickinson State University men’s basketball team
                                                                                                    traveled to Yang ling, China and played two games
                                                                                                    against China’s Northwest Agriculture and Forestry
                                                                                                    University; the first by a score of 82-67 on April 3 in
                                                                                                    front of a packed house of 4,000 fans. DSU’s Matthew
                                                                                                    Lee was named Most Valuable Player of the game after
                                                                                                    scoring 15 points and collecting 10 rebounds.
                                                                                                    The second game, played on April 4, was a more relaxed
                                                                                                    outdoor contest in front of 2,000 fans in which the Blue
                                                                                                    Hawks once again prevailed by a score of 75-52. In
                                                                                                    addition to the game, a number of side competitions
                                                                                                    were held including a halftime slam dunk contest won
                                                                                                    by DSU’s Tevin Hurd, whose dunk was performed while
                                                                                                    simultaneously jumping over DSU center, Destry Sterkel.
DSU men’s basketball team in Tiananmen Square. Behind them is the entrance to the Forbidden City.

“Goodwill Games”
            Men’s basketball team plays a lot
            and learns more during China trip
            “The games and trip were a tremendous success,” said Ty Orton, DSU’s
            head basketball coach. “They were great learning experiences for all involved
            and our student-athletes really took advantage of everything China has to
            offer. They represented Dickinson State very well and it was a tremendous
            opportunity for our program and for DSU. What a great adventure!”
            After the games, DSU players were immersed in the authentic culture of
            Chinese higher education. They attended classes, ate meals in the dining
            hall and toured the campus. In this “learn-by-doing” atmosphere, the
            Blue Hawk basketball players gained a genuine understanding of Chinese
            college life. The students also participated in educational sightseeing.
            Ultimately, the trip facilitated the establishment of relationships between
            students, faculty, and coaches of Northwest A & F and DSU.
            “With this trip we gave our students the opportunity to understand
            the world through experience,” said Coach Orton. “Through this cross
            cultural effort, our student-athletes grew and came to understand that
            the college experience is not just in Dickinson, but is an active experience
            in which they are learning about things all over. This group of guys
            will remember DSU for having given them the opportunity to scan the
            horizons and see the world.” n
                                                                DSU’s Tevin Hurd performs one of the halftime
                                                             dunks that won him the April 4 slam dunk contest.

   SPRING2011                                                                                                                       | 5
S P R I N G B R E Ak
in         Sibera
                               Ten below zero wind chill; “Whose crazy idea was this?”
                               It all began when Dickinson State University’s interim vice-
                               president of academic affairs popped out of his office one day
                               and stopped me on my way to class.
                               By the way, “popped” is an accurate description because Jon
BY DEBORAH DRAGSEtH            Brudvig has a lot of “Tigger bounce” in him, which is a good
                               thing since he is currently holding two, three or maybe four
                               different jobs….I’m not really sure. I’m only sure that I have
                               one job and that’s enough for me.
                               According to Dr. Brudvig, I was the perfect candidate to
                               spend my nine days off; not on some tropical island soaking
                               up the sun and letting salty warm sea water wash the cares of
                               a long semester off me. But instead I would represent DSU
                               at the Siberian State Aerospace University (SibSAU) at its
                               international conference.
                               Siberia…….the name itself brings up many interesting
                               associations including Tsarist’s penal colonies and Stalin’s
                               GULAGs. But Si-brrrrrr-ia, as the natives laughingly call it;
                               even in March is still really, really cold.
                               Not wanting to go to Siberia alone, I contacted
                               communications professor Margaret Marcusen and asked
                               if she’d like to go to lunch with me? An immediate “yes”
                               was followed by a salad at the DSU cafeteria and a second
                               question: Would she like to go to Siberia with me? This was
                               followed by another immediate “yes” and I can easily see why
                               DSU students adore this adventurous woman.
                               Just so you know, I am an associate professor of business at
                               DSU. My research interests include studying the motives of
                               North Dakota college students with high grade point averages
                               who are also risk takers.
                               High achievers and risk takers are more likely to do two
                               things: become entrepreneurs and leave North Dakota after
                               they finish their degree. Ms. Marcusen studies and teaches
                               intercultural communication. We began combining our
                               research into a conference paper and a presentation that we
                               thought would engage our hosts and began to plan our 2011
                               Spring Break.
                               We then looked at a map, consulted a guidebook and
                               promptly called a travel agent. It turns out that getting to
                               Siberia not only involves a 20-hour flight with complicated
                               routes involving two airlines, but also includes a lot of red
                               tape to enter and exit the Russian Federation and we needed
                               the kind of expert help that Travelocity just doesn’t offer.
                               DSU instructor Deborah Dragseth visits sites in St. Petersburg

6 |                                                                    SIGNALBUttE
   Siberia, at 5.2 million square miles, covers about one-third of northern                  build a partnership between our two
   Asia, makes up an astounding one-twelfth of the land mass of the entire                   Universities. SibSAU would like to send
   earth and boasts nine different time zones. However, it is not a country                  highly qualified business and humanities
   (though it’s shocking how many people think it is) and it is not a state                  students to North Dakota for one or two-
   or province. It has no formal boundaries and can best be described                        year experiences. They would subsequently
   as a region, something like the “Midwest” or the “corn belt.” In fact,                    earn a degree from SibSAU as well as
   when the Russian czars started developing this area in the fifteenth and                  DSU.
   sixteenth centuries, they called it “the wild east.”                                      Professor Marcusen and I met with
   There are many links that can be drawn between North Dakota and                           SibSAU business and communications
   Siberia with cold weather being the most obvious. Although the                            students and faculty during our five
   northern tier of Siberia is permafrost at SibSAU University, which is                     day visit. We found the students to be
   located in the charming 400-year-old city of Krasnoyarsk, the weather is                  engaging, interesting and excited to come
   similar to North Dakota: frigid winters and blasting hot summers.                         to the United States to study. Many have
   Siberia has four main rivers, and the largest of them is the Yenisei River                already traveled the world extensively and
   which flows through the center of Krasnoyarsk. All four rivers flow from                  are very career oriented. Since SibSAU is a
   south to north, causing problematic flooding as they thaw in the south                    prestigious school and, we were told, one
   while remaining frozen at their mouths. This will sound familiar to those                 of the most expensive in Siberia, students
   people filling sandbags this spring along North Dakota’s Red River.                       must be academically qualified as well as
                                                                                             financially able to become students there.
   Like North Dakotans, the people of Siberia hope to keep their bright,
   entrepreneurial young people home. College graduates, however, tend to                    It sounds like a clique, but it is a small
   want to go to bigger more cosmopolitan places which again, echoes of                      world. One of the members of the SibSAU
   North Dakota.                                                                             faculty that we met, Anna Vladiko, had
                                                                                             been a high school exchange student in
   Siberia is rural like North Dakota with only thirty-nine million people
                                                                                             Hettinger, North Dakota.
   inhabiting the area, making it one of the most under populated
   places on earth. A reliance on commodity exports makes both regions                       Ms. Marcusen and I are excited about the
   vulnerable to boom and bust cycles that follow highly volatile swings                     possibilities that lie ahead for both DSU
   in global commodity prices. And both regions face the long-term                           and SibSAU. We think that we made
   challenges of a shrinking workforce.                                                      some valuable connections and hope
                                                                                             that the SibSAU faculty, students and
   The city of Krasnoyarsk lies on the border between western and eastern
                                                                                             administration feel the same way.
   Siberia and is home to 950,000 people. The name of the city comes
   from krasnyi (red) and yar (cliff), honoring the red cliffs behind the city               So, where will Spring Break 2012 find us?
   that give the landscape a bit of an eastern Wyoming “feel.” The buildings                 It’s difficult to imagine anywhere more
   are brightly colored in yellows, reds, greens, and pinks and the pride of                 sensational and full of exotic memories
   the city is SibSAU University which was founded fifty years ago during                    than Russia’s Siberian Region. n
   the age of Russian “scientific romanticism,” just before the first flight of a
   human being into space, thus it’s history is directly connected to that of
   rocket production.
   Today SibSAU is a contemporary, multi-disciplinary “higher school”
   where specialists in the areas of rockets and space production as well
   as economics, finance, management and humanities are trained. One
   of the highest goals of SibSAU is to provide training consistent with
   international standards and this is where DSU comes in. Professor
   Marcusen and I carried agreements to the leaders of SibSAU that will
                                         DSU lecturer of communication, Margaret Marcusen,
                                                  accompanied Deborah Dragseth to Siberia

SPRING2011                                                                                                         | 7
                                                                                   ALL t HIN G S

       TR Visiting Fellow,
       Dr. Stacy Cordery, is welcomed
                                                                                          TR               BY AMY MAGStADt
                                                                         awarded a $500,000 Challenge Grant to DSU and the
                                                                         Theodore Roosevelt Center to fund an Endowed Chair in
                                                                         Theodore Roosevelt Studies.
       The Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State
       University has eagerly welcomed the appointment of                “The Theodore Roosevelt Center is doing such incredible
       Dr. Stacy A. Cordery as the Theodore Roosevelt Visiting           work that I knew it would be exciting and challenging
       Fellow. Cordery began her work with DSU in February               to be involved,” Cordery said. “I am looking forward
       and will be at the University through July.                       to diving in to the many projects underway at the TR
       Cordery is the author of “Alice: Alice Roosevelt                  Center and to taking advantage of as many aspects of life
       Longworth, from White House Princess to Washington                at Dickinson State University as I possibly can.”
       Power Broker,” and a professor of history who is currently        The Foundation currently is in its second year of its
       on sabbatical from Monmouth College in Monmouth,                  TR Center fundraising efforts. The challenge grant is
       Illinois. Her earlier works include “Theodore Roosevelt:          maximized each year if the DSU Foundation raises
       In the Vanguard of the Modern” and “Historic Photos of            $351,000 in cash and additional pledges prior to July 31.
       Theodore Roosevelt.”                                              Thus far in 2011 the Foundation has received gifts and
       “Stacy Cordery has been enthusiastic about our work               pledges totaling approximately $270,000. The NEH will
       since she first visited DSU to speak at our 2009 Theodore         match $1 for every $3 in private gifts and pledges given.
       Roosevelt Symposium,” said Sharon Kilzer, project                 To provide flexibility and maximize donor support,
       manager of the Theodore Roosevelt Center. “We welcome             pledges can be made over a four year period.
       her ideas, energy and expertise, and we hope her time here        For any questions about DSU’s fundraising goals,
       benefits her own scholarship as well.”                            or how you can participate in the work of the
       Cordery was brought to Dickinson State University                 Theodore Roosevelt Center, contact project manager
       through a Challenge Grant awarded by the (NEH)                    Sharon Kilzer at 701-483-2814, or go to www.
       National Endowment for the Humanities. The NEH           n

      2011 Theodore Roosevelt Symposium
      DSU will host its Sixth Annual Theodore Roosevelt Symposium entitled, “Theodore Roosevelt: In the Arena of the West,” along
      with the 92nd Annual Meeting of the (TRA) Theodore Roosevelt Association, on October 27-30 in Dickinson and Medora,
      ND. Speakers include:
      •    Edmund Morris, whose third installment of the Theodore Roosevelt biography, “Colonel Roosevelt,” was published in
      •    Patricia Nelson Limerick, MacArthur grant recipient and author of the groundbreaking “Legacy of Conquest,” will lecture
           about TR’s magnum opus, “The Winning of the West.”
      •    Elliott West of the University of Arkansas and author of many important books, including “The Contested Plains,” will give
           a lecture entitled “Roosevelt’s West.”

8 |                                                                                                 SIGNALBUttE
                                               •    Tweed Roosevelt, the great grandson of TR, who is the family historian.
                                               •    Douglas Brinkley, author of the renowned study of TR and conservation, “Wilderness
                                                    Warrior.” Brinkley will be hosting a reprise of his famous “Majic Bus Tour,” this time to
   “...A DEDICAtED                                  remote TR places in the Dakota badlands.
                                               •    G. Edward White, of the University of Virginia, School of Law, author of “The Eastern
                            AND                     Establishment” and “The Western Experience: The West of Frederic Remington,
                                                    Theodore Roosevelt, and Owen Wister.”
   ADVENtUROUS                                 The Theodore Roosevelt Association (TRA) was founded in 1919 and chartered by Congress
                                               in 1920. It is a national historical society and public service organization that has perpetuated
 PRESIDENt WHO                                 the memory and legacy of our nation’s 26th President through an array of historical and
                                               cultural activities. Its members come from every state and background and share a keen
       BROOkED NO                              interest in history and in furthering the legacy of one of America’s first modern presidents.

         NONSENSE...”                          For additional information or to register for about the Theodore Roosevelt Symposium call
                                               Sharon Kilzer at 701-483-2814, or go to Information
                                               about the (TRA) Theodore Roosevelt Association can be obtained by visiting www.

   Armstrong Theodore Roosevelt                                                   the collection include all of the signed limited editions and
                                                                                  such rare volumes as “Why America Should Join the Allies,”
   Rare Book Collection                                                           published in England in 1915, of which I only know of two
   The Mike and Connie Armstrong Theodore Roosevelt rare                          other copies in private collections. It is a tremendous resource
   book collection features more than 125 first, limited and                      and an important collection.”
   special edition books about Theodore Roosevelt and his life.                   Mike Armstrong ’75 earned his bachelor’s degree in business
   A number of the books are signed by TR himself.                                administration from DSU in 1975. He was a member of
   The collection was assembled over a 30 year period by New York                 the DSU wrestling team from 1971-1974 and was inducted
   native and current Arizona resident H. Norden van Horne.                       into the North Dakota Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1999.
   “I realize that I was first drawn to TR because of his broad                   Armstrong is currently the president and sole stockholder of
   appeal as a dedicated and adventurous President who brooked                    The Armstrong Corporation and Armstrong Operating, Inc. is
   no nonsense and whose writings about the outdoors kept                         an active member in numerous energy industry organizations,
   me engrossed,” H. Norden van Horne said. “Knowing that                         he owns several thousand acres of farm and ranch land
   my collection can be appreciated in the Dickinson State                        throughout southwestern North Dakota and was honored as a
   University venue has made me very proud and grateful for the                   DSU Alumni Fellow in 2008.
   opportunity. Sharing these wonderful books with the public;                    Connie Armstrong ’97 received a bachelor’s degree in
   having them used for research by the University’s staff and                    education, with a concentration on kindergarten education
   faculty, and serving as testimony to Theodore Roosevelt and                    from DSU. She was a volunteer in the Dickinson Public
   his memory has fulfilled my vision as a collector.”                            School System, a substitute teacher and became a kindergarten
   A objective testimonial, regarding the collection, was also offered            teacher in both the
   by Gregory Wynn, executive committee member and trustee of                     Dickinson Public and
   the Theodore Roosevelt Association.                                            Catholic School systems.
                                                                                  Armstrong serves on the
   “I have been collecting TR for over 25 years and can say with                  Dickinson Area Concert
   confidence that the Norden van Horne Theodore Roosevelt                        Association Board, the
   library is one of only 3 or 4 nearly comprehensive collections                 DSU Foundation Board
   of TR’s writing built by a private collector in the country,”                  and the Best Friends
   Wynn said.. “It provides a tangible, valuable, and antiquarian                 Mentoring Board of
   foundation to the TR Center’s digital initiative --- TR’s                      Directors. n
   writings in first edition form! Some significant rarities in
                         Dr. Stacy Cordery (right) joins Mike and Connie Armstrong at the DSU Foundation house to
                                     enthusiastically review the Armstrong Theodore Roosevelt rare book collection.

SPRING2011                                                                                                                 | 9
  t HE

 Next Step
 State Board Approves
 Graduate Classes at DSU

             or more
             than two years
             Dickinson State University worked on
             a proposal that would allow the university to offer graduate
   classes in education. In January the State Board of Higher Education unanimously
   approved the proposal and classes could be offered as early as fall 2011.
   “I sincerely appreciate this landmark decision by the board,” said Dr. Richard McCallum, president of DSU. “This is an
   incredible moment in the life of our great university. We are connecting our past as a State Normal School to our future as
   we launch graduate-level courses through our Department of Teacher Education.”

10 |                                                                                          SIGNALBUttE
                                                                                                   BY CONStANCE WALtER

   To document the need for graduate classes in the region,
   DSU sent a survey to teachers and administrators of
   19 area school districts who comprise the Roughrider                               “OUR DSU tEAM AND
   Education Services Program (RESP). Of the more than
   150 who responded, 86 percent indicated they were “very                      AREA SCHOOL LEADERS
   likely” or “most likely” to take graduate credits in Teacher
   Education if offered through DSU.                                                  WORkED DILIGENtLY
   “This survey demonstrated the need for accessibility and
                                                                                         tO HELP MAkE tHIS
   access to quality professional development that Dickinson
   State University can offer area teachers,” said Dr. Jon
   Brudvig, interim vice president for academic affairs.                                    DREAM
   Offering limited graduate classes will give area teachers a
   start toward a graduate degree, said Dan Conner, chair of
                                                                                         COME TRUE .”
   the Department of Teacher Education. “Teachers will have
   the opportunity to take graduate classes that can be used to
   help them move up the pay scale and count toward license
   DSU will collaborate with other North Dakota universities
   to ensure that the limited graduate credit offerings transfer
   into existing graduate programs whenever feasible.
   The next step in the process involves getting approval from
   the University’s accreditation body, the Higher Learning
   Commission to offer limited graduate classes in education.
   DSU will seek approval for the following proposed courses:

   • Educational Foundations will look at the historical, legal, and intellectual development of education in
       the United States, including the traditional and contemporary philosophical thoughts and their educational
       implications. It also will examine the current issues and trends influencing educational practice.
   • Educational Research will provide an examination of the research techniques most commonly used in
       education, and an evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses and applications of each framework.
   • Cultural Diversity in a Complex World will examine curriculum and pedagogy from the perspective
       that all students, regardless of the group to which they belong, such as those related to gender, social class,
       ethnicity, race, culture, religion, or exceptionality, should be ensured educational equity in school.
   • Integrating Technology into the Learning Environment will assist in the preparation of
       instructional systems in support of a variety of teaching techniques and alternative media approaches.
   • Curriculum Design, Delivery and Assessment will include an examination of current trends in
       curriculum design theory and assessment strategies and their application in teaching and learning.
   The proposed classes also must go through the DSU curriculum approval process.
   McCallum praised the many people who were involved in moving forward the effort to offer graduate classes at
   DSU. “Our DSU team and area school leaders worked diligently to help make this dream come true. We owe
   them a great deal of thanks.” n

SPRING2011                                                                                                | 11

 Stickney Hall                  DSU’s
                                First Building
                                BY DR. CARL F. W. LARSON

12 |                 SIGNALBUttE
                  hen the citizens for North Dakota          amendment to establish the Dickinson Normal School.
                  approved the constitutional                His speech was entitled “The Fight we Made.” Other
                  amendment in November 1916 to              representatives also attended.
                  establish a normal school in Dickinson,    After McBride’s speech, Dr. Stickney spoke of the
  the long, hard task of making it a reality began. Before   honor of having the building bear the Stickney name.
  Stickney Hall or any other building could be built,        Then he spread the mortar and lowered the cornerstone
  much had to happen.                                        in place. It contained numerous items, including coins.
  In January 1917, the North Dakota Legislature              As nice a building as Stickney Hall was, its distance
  promptly got to work by recommending an                    from classes downtown at the Elks Buliding made it
  appropriation of $24,000 for new buildings for             hard to attract students during the winter months.
  the Dickinson Normal School, an increase over the          President May reported to the board, “It has been
  $185,000 which had been requested. Such largess did        difficult for us to secure a number of boarders. For this
  not last: by March, Dickinson’s appropriation was cut      reason, our overhead expense is large in comparison
  to $181,000. Of that sum, $430,000 was to be used          with the number of boarders we have.” This problem
  for securing land, laying sewer and water pipes, and       was solved when the main classroom (now May Hall)
  preparing the selected grounds for buildings, all of       opened in March 1924.
  which was to begin in 1918.
                                                             In President May’s annual report to the board
  Paying for the land however, took almost two years.        for 1924-1925, he stated that Stickney Hall cost
  By February 1919, the money was finally secured.           approximately $100,000 equipped. In that report, he
  The City of Dickinson and Stark County each paid           also stated that the school needed dormitory space for
  half of the purchase price, and the warranty deed was      the 150 girls and also needed a boys’ dorm. All that lay
  delivered in early March. But much more remained to        in the future.
  be done before any building could be constructed on
                                                             Stickney Hall served as a girls’ dormitory for many
  the new property.
                                                             years, though for a few years it was a boys’ dorm. In
  Meanwhile, other developments were occurring which         1973, Stickney Hall ceased to be a dormitory and
  made 1920 the year that the new dormitory started          became an office building for faculty, a role in which it
  to finally become a reality. In late December 1919,        still remains.
  landscape architect Arthur R. Nichols of Minneapolis
                                                             During the summer of 2010, major remodeling
  visited the campus and immediately spotted a problem.
                                                             occurred, mainly in the basement on the first floor of
  The three eastern-most blocks of the present campus
                                                             Stickney Hall. New windows were also installed and
  were not include in the original purchase. They needed
                                                             the brickwork was repaired. Stickney Hall now stands
  to be, in order to give the campus a proper layout and
                                                             ready for many more years of service to Dickinson
  approach. Consequently, the city authorities had to
                                                             State University. n
  purchase those three additional blocks. The purchase was
  completed by early June 1920, and the board accepted
  the deed on Jan. 31, 1921.
  The main public event of 1921 was the laying of the
  cornerstone, which occurred on June 27 at 11 a.m.
  Classes were adjourned for the event and the public
  was invited. Several hundred townspeople attended.
  Attorney W.F. Burnett presided at the ceremony,
  which opened with the singing of “America.” The
  first speaker was ex-senator M.L. McBride, who had
  introduced Senate Bill No. 259 in the 1913 Legislature
  which began the process for the state constitutional
                                                             Stickney Hall (left) and May Hall 1924

SPRING2011                                                                                        | 13
                                                           woman         Junior Leah Walters’ ‘big voice’
                                                                       hits a high note at MET auditions
                                                                                                        BY JESSIE SCOFIELD

                                                                                                      There’s a big voice at
                                                                                             Dickinson State University.
                                                                                          A big, beautiful soprano voice
                                                                                               that comes from a woman
                                                                                            whose aspirations, drive and
                                                                                       potential are just as remarkable
                                                                                                     as the songs she sings.

                 eah Walters, a 21-year-old junior from rural       Captivated by the way opera singers have the ability
                 Gladstone, is a young renaissance woman            to sing over an entire orchestra, Walters set her sights
                 of a different era. The music performance          on becoming a classically trained vocalist. At age 14,
                 major, opera singer, flutist, pianist and Mozart   she began taking voice lessons from Laurae Dykema
       enthusiast demonstrates maturity beyond her years and        at DSU. Under Dykema’s guidance, Walters entered
       has already celebrated success in a competitive industry     the North Dakota Marketplace Talent Search. Walters
       full of seasoned vocalists competing for the same stage.     was a winner that day, but more importantly learned
       Homeschooled on a farm alongside her two brothers,           that vocal performance was something she wanted to
       Walters credits farm life with providing her the space       pursue.
       and time to devote to music and the work ethic it takes      So she enrolled in DSU’s music program and
       to succeed in a competitive field.                           began working with voice coach and mentor, Bruce
       It is also where Walters discovered her voice.               Southard, assistant professor of music education and
                                                                    director of choral activities.

14 |                                                                                           SIGNALBUttE
      “Leah not only has potential, but she has drive as well,” Southard said. “She keeps
      me on my toes, asking me questions. She makes me a better teacher.”
      Walters’ relationship with Southard speaks to her focus; her lifestyle proves she
      has the determination to do whatever it takes to succeed.
      “I am careful about what I eat and follow a routine so nothing throws me a
      curveball,” Walters said. “I believe if I’ve prepared myself I can only do my best
      and my teachers are there to help me learn how to become better.”
                                                                                             “LEAH HAS
      In her free time, Walters watches old movies and reads classic novels and books
      about music. Mostly, when she is not studying, Walters is practicing.
      And even with all of her preparation, success continues to surprise this modest
      young woman. When she won a chance, as a freshman, to study for two weeks
      at the Johanna Meyer Opera Theatre Institute in Spearfish, S.D., Walters was
                                                                                            A ROLE
      “I entered to learn how to audition, and then it was like, ‘oops,’ I won,” Walters
      said, laughing.
      In November 2010, Walters was presented with another surprising opportunity
      when she was asked to compete in the District Metropolitan Opera (MET)
                                                                                              FOR tHE
      auditions in Grand Forks, N.D.                                                         YOUNGER
      With only one week to prepare, Walters seized the chance, and, as one of the
      youngest competitors among performers from the United States and Canada,              StUDENtS.”
      won the Encouragement Award—the most prestigious award a young singer can
      win at a competition of this caliber, proving that she has what it takes to be a
      strong force in the world of opera.
      “The auditorium had great acoustics, I had an extremely good accompanist,
      my mom made me a gorgeous gown and I felt confident,” Walters said of the
      Walters looks forward to auditioning again next year. In the meantime, she plans
      on participating in a vocal performance program in Salzburg, Austria, through
      the University of Miami. Upon graduating from DSU, Walters plans to pursue a
      master’s degree in vocal performance.
      Her hope is to one day sing with the Metropolitan Opera, a goal Dr. Tim Justus,
      chair of the music department, is certain Walters is capable of accomplishing.
      “There is no doubt in my mind that Leah will be on the Metropolitan stage one
      day,” Justus said. “We are looking at the early stages in the career of a star. “
      While Walters works toward her future, her positive attitude and ambitions will
      leave a lasting impression on DSU.
      “Leah has given the music department great exposure and has become a role
      model for the younger students,” Southard said.
      So with a support system and roots grounded in her upbringing, Walters
      continues to work hard while her voice grows bigger and pushes open the doors
      to her dreams.
      “I plan on using what God gave me to the best of my ability.”n

SPRING2011                                                                            | 15
                                                                                                              BY CONStANCE WALtER
  D S U G R ANt ED

  Confucius Institute
                                                 n April 7, Dickinson State University joined an elite group of 73 United States
                                                 universities when the Confucius Institute Headquarters (the Hanban) in Beijing
                                                 announced that DSU will receive a Confucius Institute.
                                               “This is a great honor for us to be selected to receive this new Confucius Institute,” said Dr.
                                   Richard McCallum, president of DSU. “Without question, this is a significant moment within the life of
                                   DSU. We are moving into a new level of educational opportunities that will be available for our students.”
                                   In 2009, DSU developed a strategic plan for 2015 designed to help DSU achieve the goal of becoming a
                                   premiere university in the upper Great Plains, educating a diverse and international student population.
                                   Housing a Confucius Institute is a tremendous step in that direction as it provides a framework for the
                                   teaching and learning of the Chinese Language and creates a vehicle to better understand the diversity of
                                   Chinese culture and history.
                                   DSU’s educational connection to China began more than 20 years ago. Also, on April 7, DSU signed a new
                                   academic agreement with Beijing Jiaotong University, bringing to 18 the number of Chinese Universities
                                   with whom DSU has partnerships. More than 150 Chinese students attend DSU yearly. It was this strong
                                   connection to Chinese education that prompted McCallum and others at DSU to develop a proposal for a
                                   Confucius Institute.
                                   “Our global initiatives continue to be a major pillar of effort as we pursue our vision for the future,”
                                   McCallum said. “This new institute places DSU within a worldwide network of premiere universities who
                                   are dedicated to educational and cultural exchanges that promote multicultural understanding.”
        DSU’s commitment           The process to establish a Confucius Institute began last March when Taiyuan University of Technology,
       to Global Awareness,        DSU’s proposed partner, issued a formal request to Shanxi Education Department in Beijing. From there,
      one of DSU President         the request then went to the Hanban for review. DSU submitted its proposal in October 2010. It was
        Richard McCallum’s         reviewed and approved by the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C., then forwarded to the Hanban.
         five pillars of effort,   To be chosen by the Hanban, a university must have a partner institution in China. DSU’s proposed partner
   brought more than 300           is Taiyuan University of Technology (TUT), which also has partnerships in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the
     international students        University of the West Indies. TUT has an enrollment of more than 25,000 and is designated as both a
         to DSU this spring,       Project 211 institution by the Central Government of China. Project 211 Status recognizes Taiyuan as one of
    which benefits not only        the nation’s top universities for the 21st century with priority funding by the ministry of education in China.
    students from overseas,        “TUT is an exceptional partner university recognized as one of the elite universities in all of China” said Hal
      but domestic students        Haynes, vice president for student development. “We are most fortunate to have this unique partnership and
            as well. “We need      Confucius Institute established in Dickinson.”
        to educate all of our      “This program will complement our curriculum and provide greater academic opportunities for citizens
   students to be successful       throughout the state of North Dakota,” said Dr. Jon Brudvig, interim vice president for academic affairs.
            within a complex        Dickinson State University will begin to plan the implementation of this new Confucius Institute.
     environment that will         Included in that plan is an inaugural event that will be developed collaboratively with Taiyuan University of
       shift constantly as we      Technology.
        become increasingly        Approval of the Confucius Institute is the culmination of an exciting week for DSU in China. On April 3
          interconnected and       and 4, the DSU men’s varsity basketball team competed in exhibition basketball games with another Chinese
          inextricably linked      partner, Northwest A & F University, which is located in Yangling. The Blue Hawks prevailed 82 – 67 on
            by global trends,”     April 3 in the very first goodwill game played between universities in China and North Dakota and 75-52 in
             McCallum said.        the second game on April 4. Then, today, DSU signed the agreement with Beijing Jiaotong University. n

16 |                                                                                                         SIGNALBUttE
   planting    MORE tHAN tREES                                                                    BY AMY MAGStADt

      When I was a girl, I received an apple tree from my aunt. My parents and I planted that tree right by my
      bedroom window in our backyard so I could watch it grow. I waited years before it finally started to mature
      and bear fruit. It was not until my recent visit with Dr. Richard McCallum, president of Dickinson State
      University, that I realized more than a tree was planted all those years ago.
      Nearly one hundred years ago, Dickinson Normal                  “Centennial Walkway,” they can be planted almost
      School was little more than an idea. From that seed             anywhere on campus. McCallum has gotten an early
      grew the Dickinson State University we know today. In           start. In the backyard of the president’s residence, a tree
      celebration of Dickinson State University’s Centennial,         can be found in remembrance of his father, the man who
      many thoughts, ideas, and dreams have been discussed.           most inspired him. This spring, a bronze plaque will be
      This milestone event in the history of DSU will take            placed next to it.
      place in the year 2018. However, one dream will soon            In 1918, Dickinson State University was a small teaching
      become a reality. Over the course of the next few years,        college on a hill. As years passed, it grew to be a college
      McCallum would like to see 100 trees planted on the             that represents students from the state, the region and
      DSU campus to celebrate its 100 years of history. “It is        more than 30 countries. Today, DSU has 11academic
      a remarkable opportunity and a great honor to think             departments and numerous athletic programs. In 2011,
      about the importance of a centennial celebration, and to        it is possible for a student to obtain a two- year or a four-
      simultaneously aspire to plan a bright future beyond the        year degree. It is possible for students at DSU to grow and
      one hundred year benchmark,” McCallum said.                     to bear fruit today, tomorrow; and for the next hundred
      A special pathway is being planned for the planting of          years.
      these trees, as well as for the beautification of the campus.   If interested, friends, family and alumni of Dickinson
      This path will be affectionately named, “Centennial             State University may plant a tree in celebration of the
      Walkway.” As the Centennial celebration draws closer,           upcoming centennial. For more information regarding
      a ribbon cutting ceremony is planned to christen the            the planting of trees, please contact the Dickinson State
      walkway and the planted trees. “Trees are beautiful and         University Alumni Foundation at 701-483-2004, or visit
      enduring,” said McCallum. “It is a way to create living Upcoming centennial events and
      commemoration of an event or a person.”                         the history of Dickinson State University are also available
      Trees do not need to be planted solely on the future            at n

SPRING2011                                                                                                 | 17
                                                                   Top row (l to r) Ismael Arzola, Bodie Tobin, Derion Williams, Derek Pauley, and Kurt McCormack
                                                             Bottom row (l to r) Tury Escobedo, Matt Lee, Cameron Schrempp, Steven Urquizo and Nathan Lebsock.

       BLUE HAW k S E A R N

 12                                 All-American
       Top Dickinson State student-athletes have had productive
       fall and winter seasons on the field of competition. Ten
       DSU athletes earned a total of twelve athletic All-American
       honors so far during the 2010-2011 sports season.
                                                                                              BY DAN CHELStROM
                                                                                              SPORtS INFORMAtION DIREC tOR

                                                                               PEI) jumped to NAIA Indoor Track & Field All-American
                                                                               honors in the Long and Triple Jumps. Ismael Arzola (Sr.,
                                                                               Bakersfield, Calif.) ran towards NAIA Indoor Track &
                                                                               Field All-American status in the 1000 meter run.
       During the fall, four football players garnered five All-               Men’s basketball players Nathan Lebsock (Sr., Frenchtown,
       American honors. Derek Pauley (Sr., Bowman, N.D.) was                   Mont.) and Matthew Lee (So., Odgen, UT) were named
       named to the AFCA NAIA All-American Team. Derion                        All-Americans as well. Lebsock earned a spot on the NAIA
       Williams (Sr., Las Vegas, Nev.) was named a Victory Sports              DII All-American Second Team, while Lee grabbed a place
       Network (VSN) NAIA 1st Team All-American. Pauley,                       on the NAIA DII All-American Honorable Mention squad.
       Bodie Tobin (Sr., Gardiner. Mont.), and Tury Escobedo (Jr.,             Wrestlers Steven Urquizo (Sr., Merced, Calif.) and
       Union City, Calif.) were named to the VSN NAIA All-                     Cameron Schrempp (Jr., Eagle Butte, S.D.) each
       American Honorable Mention Team.                                        grappled their way to All-American honors at the NAIA
       In the winter season, six athletes in three sports earned               Wrestling Championships, in the 184 lb. and 174 lb.
       seven All-American honors. Kurt McCormack (Sr., Souris,                 weight classes, respectively. n

18 |                                                                                                                 SIGNALBUttE
        DSU At H L E t I C S
        LAUN C H E S A
      new website
        BY NICk NICAStRO

                                                                   ickinson State University Athletics entered a
                                                                   new multimedia frontier recently. The Blue
                                                                   Hawk Sports Information Department is proud
                                                                   to announce the unveiling of its new website,
                                             , which went live on March 22nd.
                                                       Additionally, DSU Athletics launched a pair of sports
                                                       oriented social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.
                                                       “As a sports information department, we want to maintain
                                                       and build positive linkages between DSU athletics and
                                                       present and future fans,” said Dan Chelstrom, DSU Sports
                                                       Information Director. “Our new website and social media
                                                       pages are the instruments that assist us in creating those
                                                       multimedia relationships.”
                                                       The website, which is geared towards
                                                       the overall fan experience, was built specifically with
                                                       student-athletes and fans in mind. The page is active,
                                                       featuring moving scores, pictures, and sponsor ad zones.
                                                       Upcoming events are easily accessible and the website links
                                                       direct visitors to a wide variety of information.
                                                       “Ultimately, our goal was to promote DSU Athletics,
                                                       the University, and the Dickinson community with a
                                                       relevant, progressive, and impactful media experience,”
                                               WWW.    said Chelstrom. “I think we accomplished that with
                                             , and did so with a platform that is on

             DSUBLUEHAWKS                              the cutting edge, yet easy to use.”
                                                       Visit the new DSU Athletics website at http://www.
                                                .COM Also be sure to check out the Official
                                                       DSU Athletic Department Facebook (http://www.facebook.
                                                       com/dsubluehawks) and Twitter (
                                                       dsubluehawks) pages. Please “Like” the Facebook page and
                                                       “Follow” the Twitter site. n

SPRING2011                                                                              | 19
                                                                                                            BY DAN CHELStROM
                                                                                                    SPORtS INFORMAtION DIREC tOR

       I F YOU WILL I t...
       It’s not a dream.
                        hen asked if he ever knew that he was ranked 14th out of 22 competitors heading into the National
                        Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Indoor National Track & Field Championships 1000 meter
                        run, Ismael Arzola’s reply was simple and brief.
                        “I didn’t,” said the Dickinson State University senior track athlete and exercise science major. “I qualified
       for nationals; that was all that mattered to me. My focus was on making the final and becoming an All-American. I was
       confident after my last speed workout, I knew I was ready and I thought
       that if others can do it, I can do it too. I just needed to finish in the
       top three of the prelims.”
       Passing through the 700 meter mark amongst the race leaders,
       Arzola was bumped and fell from second into last place.
       “It was then that I recalled my summer training and the races
       before nationals,” Arzola said. “I thought of what my old
       roommate and mentor told me about being mentally tough
       and not letting things stop you. I had to make it happen; I
       told myself that the work had been already been done and
       now I have to go.”
       After rebounding and moving up in position over the next
       180 meters, Arzola pulled around his competitors and broke
       into a sprint with 110 meters to go.
       “The bump got my adrenaline going,” he said. “I felt like a mad
       bull. Coming off the final curve, I wanted it bad; I was hungry
       for it. I could not even feel my legs; all I remember was
       taking off.”
       His electrifying final stretch earned
       him the spot in the final that he so
       coveted. Not only did he finish
       second in the heat with a time of
       2:25.67, but Arzola’s time was
       the second fastest time of the
       prelims, a new DSU school

20 |                                                                                                SIGNALBUttE
      record, and would end up being the third fastest time in     DSU,” said Arzola. “I didn’t know where it was and I
      the NAIA during the season.                                  had a couple of other options, but couldn’t afford them.
      “I was unaware of what place I had finished,” Arzola said.   At the end of the summer, I only had a week left to
      “I didn’t know it was that fast until Coach Chelstrom        sign and decided to come to Dickinson State. It’s been
      told me I broke the school record. I immediately             great. I think I made the right choice and would do it
      thought of Sergio.”                                          over again if I had the chance. Plus I’ll be the first in my
                                                                   family to graduate from college and the people at DSU
      Sergio Jimenez is the roommate and mentor Arzola
                                                                   helped make that happen.”
      referred to, the person Arzola attributes to helping
      sharpen his mental toughness. It’s noteworthy that           After two seasons at DSU, Arzola approached his final
      Arzola’s prelim time broke Jimenez’s school record of        year of racing with high hopes and a committed focus
      2:26.34.                                                     towards his summer training.

      “Sergio grew up in a similar situation to me,” Arzola        “Last summer and this fall were good,” he said. “I put in
      said. “He was from Pasadena and his family didn’t have       the miles and work knowing that this was my last chance
      a lot of money. Plus he was like an older brother, he was    to become and All-American and hit my goals. Ever since
      always there for me and he taught me a lot about mental      the summer, qualifying for nationals was my focus.”
      toughness. And as a racer, Sergio saw himself in such a      Entering the national championship final, others no
      tough way. He knew that no matter what, he’d take his        longer perceived him as the 14th seed, and he had a lot
      competitors down. I learned that from him; he really         on his mind.
      helped me.”                                                  “I was nervous,” Arzola said. “I did not want to be there

      The fabric of Arzola’s accomplishment was woven as a         for nothing. I knew it would be a kicker’s race and I’d
      youngster, where he learned the value of hard work at an     have to leave my heart out there. I told myself that I had
      early age.                                                   to be mentally tough and do it.”
      “I grew up in a tough neighborhood,” Arzola said, “with      Arzola and the field came through the first 850 meters of
      a big family. I remembered working with my father and        the final in a pedestrian pace in comparison to the fury
      uncles at the farm or at the tree service. I started with    of the preliminaries. Heading into the final straightaway,
      little things and eventually did more.”                      Arzola was in eighth place, two spots from All-American
      After playing football, soccer, and basketball for most      honors.
      of his high school career, Arzola turned to track as a       “Coming off the curve, I just wanted to pass another
      senior. He competed primarily in the 200 and 400 meter       one,” he said. “I sprinted…..doing anything to get to
      sprints.                                                     the finish. I passed a guy just past the curve and another
      “I wanted to compete and saw running as a means of           near the line, but was not sure how I placed.”
      getting an education,” he said.                              “When I found out I finished sixth and made All-
      Following graduation from Golden Valley High School,         American, I felt great! I accomplished my goal. I wanted
      Arzola enrolled at Bakersfield College. There he             to do it for the people who have been there for me that
      moved up in distance, adding the 800 meter run to his        have helped me in my life and my career. Without them
      repertoire. After narrowly missing the California Junior     and my teammates it would have been tough.”
      College State Meet in his two years at BC, he came to        When asked how he would like to be remembered at
      Dickinson State.                                             DSU, Arzola said, “As a humble guy and tough runner
      “The coach called and asked if I wanted to come to           who worked to make things happen.” n

SPRING2011                                                                                        | 21
       A new frontier:                                                               Heart River Writers’ Circle
       Blue Hawks are invited                                                        presents Dr. David Solheim
       to join Frontier Conference                                                   Dr. David Solheim, professor of English,
       Dickinson State University athletics entered a new                            was featured during the Heart River
       frontier when it was invited to join the Frontier                             Writers’ Circle, Feb. 8, 2011. Solheim read
       Conference after DSU’s invitation officials made                              from three of his full-length books: “The
       a presentation in Billings, Mont., to conference                              Landscape Listens,” “West River,” and
       members in early February 2011. The Blue Hawks                                “Green Jade and Road Men: Translations,
       will compete in the Frontier as a member in all                               Commentary, and Poems of China.”
       sports starting with the 2012-2013 school year.                                A native of Bismarck, Solheim has
       “We are very pleased to have been invited to          taught English at DSU since 1983 and had previously received his
       become a member of the Frontier Conference,”          master’s degree and Ph.D. in creative writing, poetry and American
       said Dr. Richard McCallum, president of DSU.          literature from Stanford University and from the University of
                                                             Denver. His poems have been published in such noted journals as
       The Frontier Athletic Conference, which began         the “Chariton Review,” “Minnesota English Journal,” “Sequoia,”
       competition in 1935, now includes 11 schools          “Southern Poetry Review,” and “Dakota Arts Quarterly.”
       from Montana, Oregon, North Dakota, Idaho,
       and Utah. Encompassing college institutions from      His latest book, “Green Jade and Road Men,” was a collaborative
       the Siskiyou Mountains of Oregon (SOU) all the        effort with a DSU student from China. A sixth book, “Seasons
       way to the Northern Badlands of Western North         Greetings: 1970-2000,” will soon be published by Buffalo
       Dakota (DSU), the Frontier Conference stretches       Commons Press.
       across roughly 1,400 miles. Meanwhile, the size
       of Frontier Conference schools range from 6,400       DSU students attend
       students to 916 students.
                                                             conference in Washington, D.C.
       DSU began inquiring into the Frontier
                                                             Dickinson State University sent IDeA Networks of Biomedical
       Conference when the Dakota Athletic Conference
                                                             Research Excellence (INBRE) program students to the
       dropped to only four teams: DSU, Jamestown
                                                             Undergraduate Education Program at the Society of Toxicology in
       College, Mayville State University, and Valley City
                                                             Washington, D.C. March 5-10, 2011.
       State University this past summer.
                                                             Maggie McCoy and April Robinson, two INBRE program
       “For 11 years, DSU has been part of the Dakota
                                                             students, were awarded flight and hotel expenses. They were two
       Athletic Conference, so it is with real regret that
                                                             out of 40 students in the entire that were awarded country flight
       we leave the DAC,” McCallum said. “But we
                                                             and hotel accommodations. This is the second year DSU has had
       are looking forward to
                                                             students awarded admittance to the conference with three DSU
       becoming a part of the
                                                             students having been selected last year.
       Frontier Conference; a
       great conference that                                 In addition, Jenifer Murray, Patti Schaefer, Michael Cooper and
       will allow our athletes                               Tafadzwa Bhobho attended the Society of Toxicology meeting
       to remain competitive                                 portion of the conference. These students were under the direction
       long into the future.”                                of Dr. Lynn Burgess, DSU associate professor of biology, who was
                                                             asked to serve as an academic mentor for the education program.

22 |                                                                                         SIGNALBUttE
 Women’s Voices conference
 continues at Dickinson State University
 To help celebrate Women’s History Month, DSU and the American Association of University
 Women hosted a multi-event conference entitled “Women’s Voices.” The series of lectures,
 programs and presentations focused on women’s leadership in celebration of Women’s History
 Month throughout the month of March. The featured topic of this year’s multi-event conference
 was “Mothers and Daughters.”
 Women’s Voices opened March 1, with author, poet, teacher and painter Natalie Goldberg
 speaking in Beck Auditorium at Klinefelter Hall. A book signing and reception followed
 Goldberg’s presentation.
                                                                                                         Natalie Goldberg addresses the
 Goldberg is the author of eleven books and has taught writing seminars for the last 30 years. Her Women’s Voices conference crowd on March 1.
 books focus on a combination of Zen wisdom and down-to-earth advice about writing. One of
 her books, entitled “Wild Mind,” contains exercises that teach writers how to overcome procrastination and writer’s block.
 Goldberg, who is a resident of Sante Fe, N.M., is also a painter with her works currently on display at the Ernesto Mayans
 Gallery in Sante Fe where they have drawn considerable attention.
 A special panel of speakers from Domestic Violence and the Rape Crisis Center also explained the intricacies of various types
 of domestic violence, the dynamics of domestic violence and what friends and family can do to help victims break the cycle.
 The Women’s Voices event is sponsored by Dickinson State University, Heart River Writers Circle, Quality Quick Print,
 Clinic Pharmacy, Inc., and the American Association of University Women.

 Expanding Partnerships by Clay Kraby
 In fall 2010, the Strom Center teamed up with the Bush                  program falls into the latter category.
 foundation to facilitate a series of listening sessions titled          During these sessions attendees voted on the top concern in
 ‘Prospects & Possibilities.’ The purpose of these discussions was       the state of North Dakota. While the impact of increased oil
 to give community members the opportunity to voice opinions             production on the local infrastructure and economy was a
 about their top concerns, stimulate discussion, and generate            common topic, demographic change was the No. 1 or No. 2
 ideas on how to solve problems in the state. Sessions were also         issue. Forty-two percent of participants rated it as the state’s
 designed to share information about the trends affecting the            biggest problem to solve. This concern covered many areas,
 future of North Dakota and allow community members to                   including an aging population, outmigration, and a rural to
 connect with others through conversation.                               urban population shift.
 The meetings were structured to enable participants to learn            After establishing top concerns, the conversation shifted
 about the future of and challenges to North Dakota, connect             to discussing potential solutions to address these issues.
 with others through conversations, generate ideas to address            Collectively, North Dakota participants generated several
 tough problems and influence decisions in the state and in              ideas. Marketing the benefits of small town living, focusing on
 communities.                                                            state-wide job creation, providing tuition reimbursement and
 The Strom Center conducted five meetings in Dickinson,                  tax incentives to stem the flow of outmigration, and ensuring a
 Killdeer, Medora, and Beach using Bush Foundation material              positive entrepreneurial climate were all discussed at length.
 and guidelines. Established by 3M executive Archibald Bush              The Bush Foundation will take the input from these sessions
 and his wife, Edyth, the Bush Foundation strives to be a catalyst       into consideration when engaging policymakers, academic
 to help leadership solve tough public problems and to improve           institutions, and community leaders. It will also help guide
 the well-being of communities in Minnesota, North Dakota,               the philanthropic objectives of the Foundation. To read the
 South Dakota and the 23 Native nations that share the same              complete notes from the individual sessions or to weigh in with
 geography. In doing so, the Foundation is pursuing three                your ideas and opinions, go to
 major goals: increasing educational achievement, supporting             northdakota. If you would like to receive a copy of the final
 the self-determination of Native nations and shaping the next           report from the Prospects & Possibilities sessions, please email
 generation of public services. The Prospects and Possibilities

SPRING2011                                                                                                      | 23
   FACIL It Y & S tA F F
                                               DSU professor of
                                               psychology published
                                             Dr. Andrew R. McGarva, a
                                             professor of psychology at DSU,
                                             was recently published in the
                                             textbook produced by Nova
                                             Science Publishers entitled “Traffic
                                             Psychology: An International
                                             Perspective.” A first edition, this
                                             textbook also includes a chapter
                                             devoted to research done at DSU          Church presents at AAC&U
                                             over several years.                      conference; representing
         This DSU research elaborates on the different types of distractions          DSU and NDUS at LEAP
         that occur while a person is driving, particularly cellular phone use.
                                                                                      States Summit
         In addition, controlled experiments were conducted and evaluated to
         measure the aggression of drivers on the road during difficult situations.   Dr. Alan Church, Chair of the Department
                                                                                      of Language and Literature, recently
                                                                                      collaborated with colleagues from the
                                                                                      NDUS’s General Education Council during
         Brudvig appointed to                                                         the Association of American Colleges
         national committee                                                           and Universities’ LEAP States Summit in
                                                                                      Chicago, March 2-3, 2011. LEAP, or Liberal
         Dr. Jon Brudvig, interim vice
                                                                                      Education and America’s Promise, promotes
         president for academic affairs and
                                                                                      a common set of essential learning outcomes
         director of the Theodore Roosevelt
                                                                                      throughout the nation.
         Honors Leadership Program,
         was appointed by Dr. Bonnie                                                  The presentation demonstrated how
         Irwin, president of the National                                             instructors can intentionally foster an
         Collegiate Honors Council, to serve                                          effective learning environment using LEAP
         on two committees: the NCHC                                                  and institutional outcomes in all aspects
         International Education Committee                                            of their class pedagogy and assessment
         and the Honors Advising Standing                                             material. In addition, the presentation
         Committee.                                                                   highlighted how administrators can produce
                                                                                      evidence throughout many of their routine
         The purpose of the International Education Standing Committee is
                                                                                      administrative processes. And that those
         to invite honors students, faculty and directors to explore, discover
                                                                                      outcomes are a deliberate part of their
         and experience other peoples, languages and cultures worldwide as an
                                                                                      academic programs.
         essential part of an honors curriculum.

24 |                                                                                            SIGNALBUttE
                                                                                                    DSU Alumni and
  Ford presents paper at                                                                       Foundation Announce
  Hawaii International Conference on Education                                                  Homecoming Awards
  Dr. Deborah Ford, associate professor of English, presented the paper “Cutting and           2011 ALUMNI FELLOWS
  Pasting: Using Student Behaviors to Your Advantage in Undergraduate Research Paper                              Department of
  Assignments,” at the 9th Annual Conference, “Hawaii International Conference on               Agriculture and technical Studies
  Education” in Honolulu, Hawaii January 4-7, 2011.                                                       Roger Meyers ‘60
                                                                                                                  Medora, ND
  Ford’s paper documents her attempts to teach students how to achieve and value originality
                                                                                                        Department of Business
  in their college writing and overcome any learned habits of plagiarism. In an age where                    and Management
  information literacy is of the utmost importance, students have widespread access to                      Alvin Jaeger ‘66
  information that they consider to be “free” to anyone who needs it. Ford’s approach                            Bismarck, ND
  emphasizes how they can acquire skills of finding, evaluating, and effectively using the              Department of Fine and
  information in a manner that is responsible and creative.                                                Performing Arts-Art
                                                                                                          James Mische ‘79
                                                                                                                 Pipestone, MN
  Meier appointed to North Dakota Advisory Committee                                                    Department of Fine and
                                                                                                        Performing Arts-theatre
  Dr. David Meier, Chair of the Department of Social Sciences, was appointed, along with                  Jonathan Cole ‘96
  13 other individuals, to the North Dakota Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission                                 Salem, OR
  on Civil Rights for a period of two years. The Commissioners approved the appointments                  Department of Health
  March 11, 2011.                                                                                        and Physical Education
                                                                                                        Vicki Schneider ‘72
  Congress has directed the Commission to establish advisory committees in all states                            Bismarck, ND
  and the District of Columbia to assist in its fact-finding function. These committees                Department of Language
  receive reports, suggestions, and recommendations from individuals, public and private                        and Literature
  organizations, and public officials, and forward advice and recommendations to the                        David Braun ‘99
  Commission. Members of State Advisory Committees serve without compensation.                                 Walla Walla, WA
                                                                                                    Department of Mathematics
                                                                                                        and Computer Science
  Coyle keynote speaker at Dakota Zoo golden anniversary                                               Arthur Aortvedt ‘72
                                                                                                          Manley Hot Springs, AK
  Dr. Anne Marguerite Coyle, assistant professor of biology, was the keynote speaker for                   Department of Music
  Dakota Zoo’s 50th golden anniversary, which was celebrated during the Dakota Zoological                 Deanna Muro ‘78
  Society’s Annual Meeting March 10, in Bismarck, N.D. During the meeting, Coyle was                           Saint James, NY
  presented with the Dakota Zoo Golden Eagle Award.                                             Department of Natural Sciences
                                                                                                       Brian Jesperson ‘74
                                                                                                                 Bismarck, ND
  DSU Professor Power Point published in textbook                                                        Department of Nursing
                                                                                                           James Dykes ‘05
  Fernado Quijano, assistant professor of economics at                                                            Kingsville, TX
  Dickinson State University, and Shelly Tefft, a technical                                        Department of Social Science
  writer, created a set of PowerPoint presentations for the                                          Jeffery Transtrom ‘94
  latest edition of the widely distributed “Principles                                                           Alexandria, VA
  of Economics” textbook published by Pearson                                                  Department of teacher Education
  Education. It will be released this year.                                                                  Deborah Milne
                                                                                                                      Richey, MT
  Quijano is the master illustrator for the
  latest editions of “Economics by Hubbard”                                                    2011 ALUMNI AWARDS
  and O’Brien” and also produces PowerPoint                                                                 Golden Hawk Award
  presentations for textbooks in international                                                              Rod Kleinjan ‘75
  economics, micro and macroeconomics, and money                                                                   Dickinson, ND
  and banking as well as finance.                                                                                   Blue Feather
                                                                                                    Gail and Paul Ebeltoft
                                                                                                                  Dickinson, ND
                                                                                                             Young Hawk Award
                                                                                                            Shaun Stroh ‘06
SPRING2011                                                                                                               |  25
                                                                                                                    Dickinson, ND
        MAkI N G A

        Giving to the Dickinson State University Foundation can be easy and accomplished in a variety of methods.
        Donations can support the Foundation’s annual fund, a new or established academic or athletic scholarship, cultural
        and artistic events on campus or be directed towards a specific department or fund. Visit us at
        today or call (701) 483.2004 to learn more about how you can make a difference.

                                                                                                                                                                               Foundation facts by the numbers
                                                                                                                  * Numbers in the graphs below are affected by the Badlands Activities Center Capital Campaign

                                                                                        Total Assets                                                                                                                 *

                                                                                        Total Assets                                                                                                                                 *
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              NEH Grant Goals and Total Funds Raised
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              NEH GrantGoals and Total Funds Raised









       $10,000,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  $1,200,000.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    $1,000,000.00                                                                            2014







                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     $800,000.00                    $350,000.00                                              2012
         Total Income Total Income Received                                                                                                                                                                                                          $400,000.00                    $350,000.00
        $9,000,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   $200,000.00
        $8,000,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  $250,000.00              $250,000.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     NEH Goal            Actual Dollars Raised
        $1,000,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2009-10 Expenditures and Disbursements
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2009-10 Expenditures and Disbursements                         0.07%
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Operating Expenses we use your funds
                $0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          0.22%
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 0.86%   7.44%
                                                      03-04                       04-05                  05-06                           06-07                    07-08*                        08-09 *                      09-10
                                     2010-11 Phonathon Results                                                                                                                                                                                            Alumni Activities                                5.97%                         5.71%

                            2010-2011 Phonathon Results                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fund Raising Activities

                                                                                                                          Number of Donors: 2011
                                                                                                                         Number of Pledges: 2018                                                                                                          Capital Campaign *

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Specific Programs
                                                                                                                                                            $9,087.00                                                                                     Scholarships and Awards
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          University Promotion/BAC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Construction *
                Annual Fund Donations
                                                                                                                     Other Fund Donations

26 |                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             SIGNALBUttE
                                                                  Robert Horner ‘87, Bismarck, ND, has been hired as the
                                                                  Internal Auditor for MDU Resources Group Inc.
                                                                  Kathy Jorgenson ‘89, Bismarck, ND, was appointed by Gov.
                                                                  John Hoven to serve on the North Dakota State Soil Conservation

      Calvin Lundberg ‘54, Dickinson, ND, has been awarded        Daniel Weber ‘90, Casselton, ND, was recently named a
      the Builders Award by the Kiwanis Club for his 36 years     National Director for the Professional Insurance Agents of
      of continous service to building the club.                  North Dakota.
                                                                  Melanie (Miller) Oltmanns ’92, Dickinson, ND, and Nate
      1960                                                        Shilman have moved Eyewear Concepts in Dickinson to a new
      Larry ‘63 and Cindy ‘78 Kostelecky, Dickinson, ND,          location on the north side of town.
      have decided to sell Vintage Liquors after 30 years of      Todd M. Hall ‘92, Killdeer, ND, was selected as the first
      ownership.                                                  alumni recipient of the Arras of Diversity by the University and
      Doris (Ott) Hirning ’64, Bismarck, ND, has been             Alumni Association.
      honored with the 2010 Librarian of the Year Award.          Fernand Moser ‘93, Dickinson, ND, was promoted in January
      Dennis Johnson, friend, Bismarck, ND, has been named        from Civil Deputy to the rank of Chief Deputy (Captain) for the
      the 2010 North Dakota League of Cities Elected Official     Stark County Sheriff Office. Fern has been with the Stark County
      of the Year at the NDLC annual conference this year.        Sheriff Office for over eleven years.

      Clarence Corneil ‘69, Dickinson, ND, has been named         Ronald Schmidt ‘93, (pictured right), Dickinson,
      as an Executive Council Member of AARP in North             ND, was named the Investment Centers of
      Dakota.                                                     America’s Top Representative.
                                                                  Tami Emter ‘93, Mandan, ND, recently
      1970                                                        accepted the position of Compensation and
      Faye (Koenig) Morrison ‘72, Baker, MT, is retiring as the   Payroll Analyst with St. Alexius Medical
      Fallon County Treasurer after 37 years.                     Center.
      Kenneth Maher ‘73, Indio, CA, recently became a school      Rhonda (Diede) Fitterer ‘94, New England,
      counselor with the Coachella Valley School District and     ND, received The 2010 Prestigious Eagle
      started the first Men’s and Women’s Golf Team at West       Award at Consolidated Telcom.
      Shores High School at Saltin City.                          Jeffery Transtrom ‘94, Alexandria, VA, is a
      Robert Karn ‘73, Dickinson, ND, recently became a           Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) in the Navy
      realtor with The Real Estate Company in Dickinson.          JAGC and will be moving to Tampa, Florida                          Ronald Schmidt
                                                                  to take a job with Special Operations Command
      Clyde Bauman ‘76, Bismarck, ND, released his CD             Central (SOCCENT).
      “Prairie Memories; Songs of Home, Life and Faith.”
                                                                  Kay Werremeyer ‘94, Dickinson, ND, has been awarded the
      Tina (Schulte) Kuntz ‘79, Dickinson, ND, has been           Builders Award from the Kiwanis Club in Dickinson for her
      named to the North Dakota Library Association.              local and international volunteer services.

      1980                                                        Kerry Ann (Sayler) Thompson ‘94, Bismarck, ND, was named
                                                                  the 2010 Affiliate of the Year by the Bis-Man Board of Realtors.
      Wayne Herman ‘84, Halliday, ND, who is a Professional
      Rodeo Cowboy Association Bareback Riding World              Kelly Braun ‘95, Dickinson, ND, was one of the top five
      Champion, was on hand February 25-27 for the annual         producers of new auto insurance sales for December 2010 for
      bronc riding school at Dickinson State University.          North Dakota Farmers Union.
      Joe Rothschiller ‘85, Dickinson, ND, has been elected       Tanya (Luff) Skager ‘97, Taylor, ND, became the newest doctor
      as the Chairman-Elect of the North Dakota Chamber of        to join the Medcenter One Dickinson Clinic.
      Brad Gjermundson ‘86, Marshall, ND, who is a four-          2000
      time World Saddle Bronc Riding Champion, was on             Wayde Atkinson ‘01, Lemmon, SD, started a new company
      hand February 25-27 for the annual bronc riding school      called ACE Solutions.
      at Dickinson State University.                              Becky Schafer ‘03, Dickinson, ND, has been hired as the
      Mary Massad, ‘86, Dickinson, ND, received the               Customer Service Representative for Southwest Water
      “Outstanding Water Works Employee” award at the             Authority.
      North Dakota Rural Water Systems Association Expo           Dallas Carlson ‘03, Bismarck, ND, is an officer with the ND
      held in Bismarck, February 1-3, 2011.                       Bureau of Criminal Investigation and is being promoted as the
                                                                  agency’s new Director.

SPRING2011                                                                                                         | 27
          Kristina Akers ‘03, Lodgepole, SD, became the Program
          Technician at the Adams County Farm Service Agency in January                                  2010
          2011.                                                                                          Emily Dalzell ‘10, (pictured left)
                                                                                                         Bismarck, ND, has been hired by
          Annika (Nelson) Plummer ‘04, Dickinson, ND, has been hired                                     NDSA as its Special Projects Director.
          by Southwest Water Authority as an Administrative Assistant.
                                                                                                         Jessica Versen ‘10, Dickinson, ND,
          Jocelyn (Kilzer) Wiesinger ‘04, New Leipzig, ND, was hired as                                  was hired as the Sales and Catering
          insurance representative for Farm Credit Services for the Mott                                 Coordinator at the Ramada Grand
          branch.                                                                                        Dakota Lodge and Conference Center
          Aaron Johansen ‘05, Dickinson, ND, has been hired as an                                        in December 2010.
          insurance agent in Dickinson with North Dakota Farmers Union                                   Ramon Miller ‘10, Nassau,
          Insurance.                                                          Emily Dalzell              Bahamas, finished with a bronze
          Rachelle (Christenson) Weiler ‘05, Dickinson, ND, is now an                                    medal in the 400-meter finals at the
          Accountant at Southwest Water Authority.                                                       Commonwealth Games in India. He
                                                                                                         ran a time of 45.55.
          Autumn Petersen ‘06, Wishel, ND, has been hired as a Special
          Education Teacher at Napoleon Public School District.                                          Seth Kendall ‘10, Bowbells, ND,
                                                                                                         was hired at the Bowbells School in
          Joel Klein ‘06, Dickinson, ND, has been hired as an Agricultural
                                                                                                         Bowbells, ND. He is busy teaching
          Banking Officer at American Bank Center in Dickinson.
                                                                                                         K-12 physical education, 7th & 8th
          Calvin Rehbein ‘07, Dickinson, ND, has been promoted to                                        grade geography, 9th & 10th grade
          Manager with Brady Martz and Associates P.C.                                                   world history, 11th & 12th grade US
          Cedric Halvorson ‘08, Sidney, MT, was hired as the new K-12                                    History and is the Honkers football
          music teacher and 8th grade advisor for the Bowbells School in                                 team Assistant Coach.
          Bowbells, ND.                                                                                  Nathan Lebsock ‘11, (pictured left)
          Jason Wenko ‘08, Dickinson, ND, has been hired as an associate                                 Dickinson, ND, has passed Bob
          with Brady, Martz & Associates.                                                                Waldal as the second all-time leading
                                                                                                         scorer for DSU. Nate finished his
          Valerie M. Jundt ‘08, Bismarck, ND, has been selected to lead its                              career with 1600 total points.
                                                                              Nathan Lebsock
          National Consulting and Advisory Services group as its National
          Managing Director.

          1 Melissa (Bertelsen) ‘99 and Randy Schmidt ‘98, Sparta, MI,        Dana (Strommen) ‘05 and Daniel ‘01 Glasser, Dickinson,
                                                                              ND, are pleased to announce the birth of a baby boy born on
          welcomed Camden Allen Schmidt on October 5, 2010.
                                                                              December 17, 2010.
          2 Shannon (Osmon) ‘00 and Justin Griffin, Los Alamos, NM,
          welcomed Maison Riley Griffin on September 24, 2010 who             4 Kristin (Kovar) ‘05 and Brock Schoch, Bismarck, ND,
          joins older brother Maclain Grayson (3).                            announced the birth of Boston Curtis Schoch on February 22,
          3 Leah (Eike) ‘03 and Spencer Frederick, Billings, MT,
          announce the birth of Preston Frederick on October 22, 2010.        5 Veronica (Roberts) ‘05 and Kory Study, Gillette, WY,
                                                                              announce the birth of their daughter Aspen Renae Study on
          Justin ‘04 and Kari Slayer, Dickinson, ND, are proud to             November 11, 2010. She joins big brother Tyler.
          announce the birth of a baby girl Autumn Laura, born on
          December 17, 2010.                                                  6 Nicole ‘06 and Patrick Darrington, Decorah, IA, welcomed
                                                                              new addition Gracyn Lynn on July 2nd, 2010 she weighed 5 lbs.
                                                                              5 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.

            1                            2                           3                         4                           5                         6
28 |                                                                                                          SIGNALBUttE
                 1                                 2                                  3                                 4                                   5                         6
     1 Pete ‘89 and Candace (Hanel) ‘91 Stanton, Dickinson, ND, were                        4 Tina (Hirsch) ‘06 and Derik Pierce, Miles City, MT, were
     married and hosted their wedding reception on December 31, 2010.                       married on December 11, 2010 at the Grace Bible Church in Miles
     Theresa Bjorness ‘00 and Brad Windle, Coarrollton, TX, are                             City. Tina is employed by Northwest Farm Credit Services, and
     engaged to be married. Theresa is an employee at Southwest                             Derik is employed as a ranch hand south of Miles City.
     University in Dallas, Texas and Brad is a data architect at The Beal                   5 Jordan ‘09 and (Lisa Rask) ‘08 Sundquist, Great Falls, MT,
     Bank of Dallas.                                                                        exchanged wedding vows on August 21, 2010. Jordan is employed
     Laken (Smith) ‘07 and Jay Sunwall, Mandan, ND, were married                            by American Music Co. Lisa is a K-12 music teacher in Power Public
     on December 18, 2010 in Dickinson. Laken is employed at Billings                       Schools.
     Health and Rehabilitation in Billings, Mont. Jay is pursuing a                         Jordan ‘09 and Kari (Nelson) Anderson, Bismarck, ND, were
     process plant technology degree from MSU-Billings.                                     united in marriage on September 4, 2010. Kari is currently
     Jessica Baker ‘07 and Chris Leintz, Columbus, MT, exchanged                            employed as a radiology technologist at St. Alexius Medical Center
     wedding vows on August 28, 2010. Jessica is a physical therapist                       in Bismarck. Jordan is employed with L. Nagel Construction.
     and Chris is an elementary school teacher.                                             Andrea Lannen ‘09 and Michael Frovarp ‘09, Bismarck, ND, are
     Matt Weakland ‘07 and Allison Determan, Camp Cook, SD,                                 engaged to be married on May 28, 2011 in Bismarck, ND. Andrea
     exchanged wedding vows on October 9, 2010. Matt is a forester for                      is employed with Wing Public School and Michael is employed with
     the U.S. Forest Service and Allison is an Assistant Engine Captain                     Coventry Health Care.
     for the Bureau of Land Management.                                                     Jessi Lee (Stecher) ‘10 and Tory Louis Polensky, Belfield, ND,
                                                                                            exchanged wedding vows on October 22, 2010. Jessi is the owner
     2 Tyler Ferderer ‘07 and Elizabeth Schafer, Bismarck, ND, were                         of Motivation$ by JLee and Tory is employed by McJunkin Redman
     married on July 17, 2010 in Bismarck. Elizabeth is a Job Coach
     for Fraser, Ltd in Fargo. Tyler is a software Developer for Xtreme                     (MRC) in Belfield.
     Consulting Group in Fargo, North Dakota.                                               6 Courtney (Rapp) ‘10 and Chris Evoniuk, Dickinson, ND,
     Erin Hanson ‘08 and Jess Wammen, Buffalo, ND, announce                                 exchanged wedding vows on August 7,2010 in Dickinson.
     their engagement. They are planning a May 2011 wedding. Erin                           Courtney is working at St. Benedict’s Health Center as a nurse and
     is employed with Farmers Service Agency in Buffalo, SD. Jess is                        Chris is employed with James Oilwell Service.
     employed with Continental Resource in Buffalo, SD.                                     Brittney Ridl ‘10 and James Mills, Dickinson, ND, are engaged
                                                                                            to be married on June 11, 2011 in Dickinson, ND. Brittney and
     3 Becky (Herauf) ‘08 and Kelly Mrachek, Omaha, NE, were                                James are both working toward their Ph.Ds in Chemistry at the
     married on June 26, 2010, at St. John Lutheran Church in
     Dickinson. The bride is working as a Registered Nurse at Immanuel                      University of Kansas.
     Medical Center and the groom is in his 3rd year of Medical School
     at Creighton University.

     Gene Allen, Minot, ND, is currently an attorney at McGee, Hankla,                      Andy Emard, Dickinson, ND, was hired as the Dickinson State
     Backes & Dobrovolny, PC in Minot.                                                      University Men’s Baseball Interim Head Coach for the 2011 season.
     Brooks Bollinger, Eagan, MN, has accepted a job coaching the                           Brian Fisher, Dickinson, ND, has been promoted to Senior
     football team at Hill-Murray High School in Maplewood, MN after                        Manager with Brady Martz and Associates P.C.
     retiring from the UFL.                                                                 Dave and Jane Hoerner, Bismarck, ND, celebrated their 40th
     Teddie Brannin, Dickinson, ND, and her restaurant Stix n’ Twigs                        wedding anniversary.
     were named the No. 5 best restaurant to eat at in the Midwest                          Rick Thompson, Dickinson, ND, received the Professional Rodeo
     according to Midwest Living Magazine.                                                  Cowboys Association 2010 Media Award on December 1, 2010 in
     Jon Brudvig, Dickinson, ND, interim Vice President for Academic                        Las Vegas, Nevada for his show “Talk Rodeo”.
     Affairs, has been appointed to serve on the National Collegiate
     Honors Council International Education and the Honors Advising
     Standing committees.

6                                                       This issue of Signal Butte includes information processed by 4/11/11.
                   If you have submitted information that does not appear at this time, it will be included in the next issue. We encourage you to send us Class Notes.

    SPRING2011                                                                                                                                      | 29
   IN          memoriam
   Emma (Brueni) Bock ’31, Dickinson,
   ND, passed away March 4, 2011.
                                               Earle Schafer ’46, The Dalles, OR,
                                               passed away December 6, 2010.
                                                                                                        Ruth (Swenson) Tschaekofska ’80,
                                                                                                        Minneapolis, MN, passed away
                                                                                                        November 13, 2010.
   Arthur Hedge ’36, Post Falls, ID, passed    Lloyd Smith ’47, Cancouver, WA,
   away December 14, 2010.                     passed away March 28, 2011.                              Wanda (Heinrich) Diede ’81, Lambert,
                                                                                                        MT, passed away February 2, 2011.
   Raymond Zander ’37, Dickinson, ND,          Charles Volesky ’47, Dickinson, ND,
   passed away March 10, 2011.                 passed away January 25, 2011.                            Joseph Wetzstein ’86, Dickinson, ND,
                                                                                                        passed away December 15, 2010.
   Luella (Hoolenbeck) May ’38, Issaquah,      Harold Krank ’49, Albany, OR, passed
   WA, passed away August 10, 2010.            away February 6, 2011.                                   David Pittsley ’89, Killdeer, ND, passed
                                                                                                        away February 17, 2011.
   Gordon Fisher, Attendee ’41, Polson,        Richard Dolezal, Attendee ’49,
   MT, passed away February 7, 2011.           Dickinson, ND, passed away October                       Tami Fougner-Lobo ’90, Glasgow, MT,
                                               28, 2010.                                                passed away January 21, 2011.
   Mary (Meulemans) Hardy ’41, Everett,
   WA passed away January 12, 2011.            Leslie Collins ’52, Venice, FL, passed                   Pat Olien ’90, Mott, ND, passed away
                                               away March 7, 2011.                                      March 25, 2011.
   Paul Brown ’42, Los Gatos, CA, passed
   away December 19, 2010.                     Joseph Schweitzer ’56, Halliday, ND,                     Ann Falkenhagen ’91, Fairview, MT,
                                               passed away January 3, 2011.                             January 15, 2011.
   Adeline (Svihovec) Carvell ’42, Most,
   ND, passed away November 6, 2010.           Pauline Sadler ’57, Baker, MT, passed                    Mary Burmester, “Mrs. B”, Former
                                               away March 8, 2011.                                      Staff Member, Franklin, MI, passed
   Betty (Bruvold) Linney ’43, Boise, ID,                                                               away October 31, 2010.
   passed away January 26, 2011.               Donald Flemmer ’59, Bismarck, ND,
                                               passed away March 26, 2011.                              Vernon Enge, Friend, Royersford, PA,
   Frances (Weber) Krank ’44, Albany,                                                                   passed away January 7, 2011.
   OR, passed away March 2, 2011.              Sharon (Cowdin) Haskin ’80, Buffalo,
                                               WY, passed away October 4, 2010.                         Fred Meyer, Friend, Dickinson, ND,
   Carol (Paulson) Hovet ’46, Antelope,                                                                 passed away November 27, 2010.
   MT, passed away February 14, 2011.          Jeff Jessen ’80, Parker, CO, passed away
                                               February 14, 2011.                                       Frank Roll, Friend, Dickinson, ND,
   Evelyn (Semerad) Krebs ’46, Dickinson,                                                               passed away October 24, 2010.
   ND, passed away March 19, 2011.             Florence Kostelnak ’80, Dickinson,
                                               ND, passed away January 31, 2011.                        Mary Thompson, Friend, Dickinson,
                                                                                                        ND, passed away February 8, 2011.

                                              Have you established
                                                          your legacy?
                                               Lindsey Arnold is a DSU senior majoring in Business Administration, a
                                               DSU Student Ambassador, a theodore Roosevelt Honors and Leadership              Recruit a new
                                               scholar, a member of the DSU student senate, president of the
                                               Homecoming committee and the 2010 DSU Homecoming Queen.                    DSU Student today;
                                               Her parents are Marie and Dr. tom Arnold of Dickinson, both of whom           family or friend
                                               attended DSU, all of her 5 siblings attended DSU and some member of             and establish
                                               her overall family has been involved with DSU in one capacity or another
                                               for 58 consecutive years. that’s what we call establishing a legacy.            YOUR legacy.

                         Dickinson State University • Office of Student Enrollment • (701) 483.2175

30 |                                                                                                             SIGNALBUttE
    D IC k INSON StAtE UN I V E R S It Y

     Thursday, October 6
     All day            Alumni Fellows in the Classroom, Various Campus Locations
     5:30 pm            Alumni Fellows Social & Banquet, Elks Lodge

     Friday, October 7
     All day            Alumni Fellows in the Classroom, Various Campus Locations
     9:30 am-10:30am    Campus tours for Alumni Fellows & Reunion Guests, Alumni & Foundation House
     10:00 am           Alumni Golf Scramble, Heart River Golf Course
     11:30 am-1:00 pm   Retired Employees Luncheon, Elks-Sodbuster
     5:30 pm            Alumni Honors & Athletic Hall of Fame Social & Banquet, Elks Lodge
     8:30 pm            2000-2011 Class Reunion, Liquid Assets

     Saturday, October 8
     8:00 am            Sigl 5k Fun Run/Walk, Badlands Activities Center
     8:30 am            Alumni & Friends Coffee, Alumni & Foundation House
     9:00 am            DSU Alumni and Foundation Football tailgate, Badlands Activities Center
     10:00 am           Homecoming Parade, Start at Student Center
     1:30 pm            Homecoming Football Game vs. Carroll College, Badlands Activities Center
     Post-game          Blue Hawk Booster Social, Elks Lodge

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As we approach the 100th anniversary of Dickinson State University it is interesting
to look at the enclosed brochure which provides the class schedule for the Dickinson
Normal School inaugural year, 1918 – 1919.
The copy on the back of the brochure reads as follows:


The Normal school occupies splendid quarters, with fine rooms for instructional and
reading purposes: and the auditorium is one of the most beautiful in North Dakota.
This being our first year and the present time being the very beginning of the year,
there are many matters that have not been worked out and other things that it will
take time to develop. We have an elegant building , a good course of study, an
efficient corps of teachers, a fine city in which to work and a great work to do. We
want students. We want young people to come to the Dickinson State Normal School
to prepare themselves to teach in our rural, consolidated and graded schools, to do the
most important work that people are ever called upon to do - the work of teaching. n

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