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					Resources to Support

 Mary Alice O’Donnell, Ph.D.
 Associate Dean and Director
 Graduate Medical Education
      September, 2011
Resources for Residents
• Bright Horizons
• Sittercity
• Academic Support
• Fatigue-Taxi Voucher
• VCU Gold
• Fitness for Duty/EH
• Rainbow Society
• Gym
• And so much more….
   Health Practitioners'’ Monitoring
• The Department of Health Professions has a contract
  with Virginia Commonwealth University Health System,
  Department of Psychiatry, Division of Addiction
  Psychiatry, to provide confidential services for the health
  practitioner, who may be impaired by any physical or
  mental disability, or who suffers from chemical
• Available services include intake, referrals for
  assessment and/or treatment, monitoring, and alcohol
  and drug toxicology screens..
• For more information view the Health Practitioners’
  Monitoring Program Orientation Handbook.
• For further information or referral, call HPMP toll-free at
  1-866-206-4747 or email: VAHPMP@VCU.EDU.
•   Confidential
•   No Charge
•   Stress Management
•   Healthy relationships
•   Family coping skills
•   Work/life balance
•   Healthy check ins
•   Call 828-4-EAP
•   Information
               Bright Horizons
Programs Available
• Center-based back-up child care
• In-home child care
• In-home mildly ill child care
• Elder/Adult Care

Program Description: VCUHS participates in the Back-Up Care
  Advantage Program to assist employees in balancing the
  competing demands of work and life. Employees can use the
  service when they need to be at work and their regular child
  or elder care is unavailable.

Registration: There are 2 ways to register and request
  reservations for back-up care:*
          Bright Horizons con’t
• Online at VCUHS’s intranet, or at by entering:
   – User name VCUHS
   – Password backupcare
• By phone at 877-BH-CARES (877-242-2737)

Days/Year Available Back-up care is available 20 days per
  dependent/eligible employee/year

To learn more about VCUHS’s Back-Up Care Advantage
Sittercity is America’s largest and most trusted online source for in-home
caregivers with over 1 million nationwide caregiver profiles. VCUHS has
paid for all employees to have access to this valuable service, which
Babysitters for after-school, school vacations, extended work hours, special
needs children and late minute care needs
Nannies for full and part time, infant and young child care
Elder care providers from companions to licensed RNs
Dog walkers and pet sitters
Tutors and housekeepers
Sittercity provides online access to local caregivers with profiles that include
background checks, parent reviews, references, a four-step screening
process, pictures and more. The employee makes all arrangements,
including payment. “I posted a job on Sittercity for a summer nanny and got
well over 30 applicants. We found the perfect one,” shares one satisfied
Sittercity member.
        Academic Support
Questions about University Accommodations
or further information about meeting these
standards may review the website for the
office at:
or may contact the Office of Special Services
for Students at (804) 828-9782.
Study and test taking issues are also handled
in this office.
          Taxi Vouchers
When residents are too fatigued, we will
be implementing a service which the
resident will log into a secure website on
the GME page and print off a voucher for
the cab. Look for more information to
•   275-5542 - 275-8820
•   Date_________________________________________
•   Charge Martha Ecker
•   VCUHS Graduate Medical Education
•   PO Box 980257 Richmond, VA 23298-0257
•   Phone: 804-828-9783 Fax: 804-828-5613
•   With Service From________________________________________
•   To_______________________________ Amount $______________
•   Signature_______________________________
•   Print Name______________________________
•   No.___________________
•   Cab No.______________ Driver:____________________________
                    VCU Gold
•   VCU Gold - Specialty Care When You Need it!!

  Scheduling benefit for employees and their immediate
  family members (some restrictions apply)
• Expedited New Patient appointments with a physician
• One number (628-3627) created for employees for
  scheduling ALL their appointments (outpatient physician)
  not just VCU Gold appointments
• Call 628-3627, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon - Friday except
       Fitness for Duty/EH
Where there are concerns about the ability
of the resident to perform their duties at
the expected level be it either physical or
mental impairments—best avenue is to
use the GME office in concert with
employee health. We are working on
developing technical standards for GME
but in the meantime this is the best route
to start.
                    VCU GYM
Faculty & Staff
• Currently employed Housestaff are eligible to purchase a
  Recreational Sports membership for access to facilities
  and programs.
• Staff in their first four months of employment are eligible
  for a one month trial membership. All faculty/staff who
  have not previously been Rec. Sports members are
  eligible for a one week trial membership. Fill out a
  membership/payroll deduction form at our service desk,
  and if you choose to continue your membership after the
  trial period ends, your membership will be processed.
              GYM Costs
• Annual memberships are valid from
  September 1 to August 31. New
  memberships are prorated on the first day
  of each month.
• Housestaff -- $200
• Housestaff Plus One Member $485
               Rainbow Society
• Is fully funded by employees for employees. Created in
  2002 as the result of a call for help by an employee
  facing financial challenges, the Rainbow Society
  provides grants to employees who, due to unforeseen
  circumstances, need help in avoiding evictions,
  foreclosures or disconnected power or utilities; in
  recovering after a fire or other disaster; or in defraying
  funeral and bereavement costs. Employees can
  download a copy of the donation form for the VCUHS
  Rainbow Society or print the brochure to request
  financial assistance.
• Funds for this program come from donations and the
  selling on gift cards on Main 1 on Fridays around lunch
             Tuition Assistance
• Employee Tuition Assistance – Full Time employees
  may receive up to 18 credits per school year fully paid by
  VCUHS up to the VCU credit rate. Part Time may
  receive up to 6 credits. Must be job and mission related
  and have worked one full year in a benefit eligible
  position with VCUHS.
• Dependent Tuition Assistance – Once employee has
  worked in a benefit eligible position with VCUHS for
  three consecutive years, eligible dependents (Spouse
  and/or Child(ren)) may go to VCU and receive up to 12
  credits, if employee is FT or 6 credits if employee is PT.
  Must be in a degree-seeking program.
        Concierge Services
• Cristy
• 628-1011
• Located near the Three Bears Gift Shop
             GME Hotline
• Anonymous mechanism for expressing
  concerns with residency training program
  including duty hours

• 827-LIFE
       VCUHS Employee Voluntary
• VCUHS offers many different voluntary benefits to all benefited
  employees. Most of the voluntary benefits can either be elected
  within the first 31 days of becoming a new hire, during a change in
  status from PRN to benefit eligible or at Open Enrollment in
• Flexible Spending Accounts
• GRTC Go-Cards
• GRTC Swipe Cards
• GRTC Van Pool
• Legal Resources
• Long Term Care
• MetLife Critical Illness
• MetLife Home & Auto
• Short term disability
         Voluntary Benefits
• We also offer more voluntary benefits that
  we call Work Life Balance Programs to
  help you balance your work and home life.
• Adoption Assistance
• Employee Tuition Assistance
• Dependent Tuition Assistance
• Computer Purchase
           Doula Services
Because we know that reduced stress eases the
transition of bringing a new baby into the
household, VCUHS offers two dedicated
registered nurses who provide doula services for
our employees who deliver their babies here.
With backgrounds in labor and delivery and
certifications in breastfeeding and doula
services, the nurses provide initial telephone
consultations and visits to help the new family
welcome the newest family member home.
For more information, please contact Karen Hill,
PhD, RN at 827-1702
      On-site Lactation Rooms
• VCUHS is committed to helping our working mothers
  achieve work/life balance by making it possible for them
  to meet their breastfeeding goals. Lactation rooms can
  be found on the Monroe Park Campus (The Well; 8
  a.m.— 4:30 p.m.; 828-6919); Sanger Hall (B1-033B;
  7:30 a.m.—6 p.m.; 828-6911); VCU School of Nursing
  (3rd floor Rm. 3058; 8 a.m.—5 p.m.; 828-0720); and,
  The Family Care Center (N-Deck; Room 153; 828-6291);
  701 East Franklin (9th Floor; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) and Stony
  Point. Main 4 and the OR
• To obtain the combinations to the rooms, please contact
  Karen Hill, PhD, RN (827-1702), Valerie Coleman, RN
  (828-4634 or pager 4253) or Leslie Broyhill (628-3244).
           Career Center
Sara Kohout MCV: Professional Programs
 Mock-Interview Program and
 InterviewStream Kiosk
Explore alternatives to Clinical Medicine
                   My Life Vendors
    Home Improvement/Repairs
HOCOA of Richmond
Steve Green
8100 Three Chopt Road, Suite 231
Henrico, VA 23229
(804) 855-1415

Health system employees can obtain a membership to the home repair
network at no cost to them by mentioning VCUHS when calling or e-mailing

HOCOA Info flyer
HOCOA & Sears Info flyer

Offer expires 12/31/2011
Curriculum Innovation Resource
         Center (CIRC)

• The contact person is:

  Jeanne B. Schlesinger, M.Ed.
  Assistant Professor, Faculty and Instructional Developer
  Curriculum Innovation Resource Center (CIRC), School
  of Medicine
  1217 E Marshall Street, Mezzanine Level
  Medical College of Virginia of Virginia Commonwealth
  Richmond, VA 23298-0496
  (804) 828-3918
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