Report for City Council May 31_ 2005 meeting by yaofenji


									                                                                         Agenda Item No.: E.1.a.

Corporate Wins Spring 2005                                                                         E
Recommendation:                                        Background Information Attached
That the May 11, 2005, Corporate Services              1. Corporate Wins Spring 2005
Department report 2005COC010 be
received for information.                              Others Approving this Report
                                                          W. D. Burn, General Manager, Asset
Report Summary
                                                           Management and Public Works
This report presents the Spring 2005                       Department
Corporate Wins summary.
                                                          D. Kloster, General Manager,
Previous Council/Committee Action                          Community Services and Emergency
The reporting of corporate success stories                 Response
was initiated in response to a need identified            R. Millican, General Manager,
in a November 1999 report to Executive                     Transportation and Streets Department
Committee entitled Initiatives to Provide                 L. Benowski, General Manager,
Cost Effective Services.                                   Planning and Development Department
   Corporate Wins had been reported to
    Council quarterly until the end of 2003.
    In 2004 Administration proposed to
    report wins twice a year – Spring and
   City of Edmonton employees continue to
    demonstrate their commitment to
    citizens, as demonstrated in the attached
   The report includes examples of
    innovations, cost savings, service
    improvements, partnerships and external
   These examples are useful for speeches,
    letters, reports and other City Council
    communication activities.
   Wins also appear in other corporate
    reports such as the City of Edmonton’s
    Annual Financial Statements, are posted
    to the City’s Web site and are frequently
    picked up by the local media.

Routing:               City Council
Delegation:            J. Tustian/L. Cochrane
Written By:            L. Yanish
May 11, 2005           Corporate Services Department
File: 2005COC010       (Page 1 of 1)
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Corporate Wins 2005


    SPRING 2005 WINS
    Corporate Wins are initiatives selected by staff to demonstrate ongoing commitment to achieving
    corporate goals and providing value to Edmonton citizens. Included are examples of innovations,
    cost savings, service improvements, partnerships and external recognition.

    The report is also available on the City’s Web site:

    Or call (780) 496-8196

    The City of Edmonton
    Living the vision
          Quality, best                  Satisfied                      Valued
           value services                  customers                     employees

    GOAL: Planned growth
    Manage land use and development in mature neighbourhoods, business areas
    and new suburban areas, and maintain quality of the environment.

    1. Fort Road Project to Bring New Life to City Neighbourhood
        The Fort Road Old Town Project is a national award-winning plan and prime example
        of Edmonton’s commitment to addressing municipal growth and environmental
        challenges like urban sprawl, transportation and neighbourhood revitalization. Through
        this project’s efficient land use and transportation planning, the City of Edmonton will
        maximize infrastructure use, widen Fort Road, improve pedestrian safety and access,
        increase public transportation ridership and develop a new urban village with a
        revitalized commercial sector and a residential community of up to 1,000 units
        adjacent to the existing Belvedere LRT Station.
                                           Denise Gee, Asset Management and Public Works, 496-5633

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Corporate Wins 2005

    2. Parkland Services Partners with city organizations to enhance community
        The Multiple Sclerosis Super Cities Walk was held in Rundle Park. This community
         effort raised the most money in its history to date to help find a cure for MS.
         Community Services provided staff operations support and liaison for the event.
        The addition of a canopy in site #1 in Goldbar Park has resulted in an increase of
         more than 500per cent in revenue for that site.
        The completion of the playground in Goldbar Park occurred in 2004.
                                                    Roland Provost, Community Services, 496-7338

   3. Transportation Planning Cuts Down on Shortcutting
       Since 2002, The Transportation and Streets Department’s Community Transportation
       Planning Section has been working with residents and stakeholders of West
       Meadowlark to develop a plan to address concerns about shortcutting and speeding
       traffic in the community. Trial traffic calming measures were installed in the
       neighborhood, and have improved pedestrian visibility, reduced shortcutting, and have
       slowed traffic to below the posted 50 km/hr speed limit. Permanent construction of the
       traffic plan measures is expected to be completed during the 2005 construction
                                                   Chris Yap, Transportation and Streets, 496-1776

    GOAL: Economic development
    Take a leadership role in creating a positive, dynamic business climate and
    expanding the business base within Edmonton and the Edmonton capital

   4. Standard and Poors Rates City AA+
       On November 2, 2004, Standard and Poors Credit Rating Services raised its long-term
       issuer credit and senior unsecured debt ratings on the City of Edmonton to AA+ from
       AA/Positive. This was based on the City’s low debt burden, very strong liquidity levels
       and exceptional economic results. Standard and Poors expects the local economy to
       continue to grow steadily and that operating surpluses will remain close to long-term
                                                         Ernie Mulyk, Corporate Services, 496-5304

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Corporate Wins 2005

    GOAL: Services to people
    Provide quality, best value services that contribute to the safety, security, well
    being and enjoyment of Edmonton’s citizens.

   5. City Disaster Planners Bring Advice to Edmonton Residents
       Staff from the City’s Office of Emergency Preparedness, along with Police, Fire and
       EMS officials and many partner agencies, spent a day at West Edmonton Mall sharing
       their disaster-planning expertise with Edmontonians. It was part of a week-long
       outreach program during national Emergency Preparedness Week, May 1 to 7.
       Emergency Preparedness staff distributed information and answered questions on
       how citizens can prepare their homes and families for major emergencies. Several
       media events were also held that week to encourage Edmontonians to think ahead,
       especially at the start of the summer severe weather season.
                                               Bob Black, Office of the General Manager, 496-3988

   6. Cost Savings for City-funded Not-for-Profits
       Seventy not-for-profit agencies across Edmonton are able to save on many of their
       office costs thanks to contracts negotiated by the City of Edmonton. Materials
       Management has negotiated clauses in its contracts with several office suppliers to
       enable the not-for-profit organizations funded by Family and Community Support
       Services to share in the City’s bulk-purchase rates. These small agencies do not have
       the buying power to achieve these savings on their own, but now have reduced rates
       on office supplies, couriers and business machines. Fleet Safety is also offering free
       safe driving courses to people who volunteer as drivers for these not-for-profit groups.
                                                   Anne Fitzpatrick, Community Services, 944-5504

   7. Edmontonians Completed Property Assessment Review Early
       Most Edmontonians accepted that their property assessments were fair and equitable
       and the City’s Assessment Review Board resolved all submitted complaints by the end

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Corporate Wins 2005

       of December 2004 – a first-time accomplishment for everyone! Notices were delivered
       three months earlier than normal to property owners, giving citizens more time to
       examine, discuss and resolve their concerns.
                                    Contact: Michael Chibuk, Planning and Development, 496-5001

   8. Audience Grows for City Radio Show
       The Communications Branch is having great success with the Edmonton this Week
       radio show on 630 CHED. Programmed by City staff, it airs on Saturday mornings from
       7 to 8 a.m. to let citizens know about current issues and initiatives. It started as a
       three-month pilot project and has been extended because the number of listeners
       grew from 20,000 to 30,000 in three months.
                                                          Lori Yanish, Corporate Services, 496-2929

  9. Standard Operating Procedures: Homeless Camps
       The Trail Crew (Darrell Reid and Allen Waddell) with the co operation of the Park
       Rangers have updated the Standard Operating Procedures for Homeless Camps to
       help staff safely clean out debris and hazardous materials such as syringes from
       camps in the river valley. Occupational Health and Safety is currently reviewing the
       new policy and procedures to ensure it meets with City guidelines. This policy will
       provide a guideline for staff to follow in Community Services and other departments.
       The end result will be a safer River Valley.
                                                     Barry Lozinsky, Community Services, 496-2948

  10. Thorough Research Helps Take Homes off the Auction Block
       For the first time in at least 50 years, the City cancelled the 2005 public auction tax
       sale because the outstanding taxes were paid for all properties that had been listed for
       auction. Not only were City accounts paid, but homeowners were able to keep their
       homes. Much of the credit for this successful outcome is due to tax collection staff
       efforts in researching titles, contacting financial institutions, personally inspecting
       property, contacting neighbouring land owners and locating current land owners.
                                                  Don Manderscheid, Corporate Services, 496-7205

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Corporate Wins 2005

    GOAL: Infrastructure and physical environment
    Develop and maintain infrastructure, maintain the quality of the environment,
    develop and use communications and information technology.

  11. New Development Guide First of Its Kind
       The Erosion and Sedimentation Control (ESC) Guidelines and Field Manual which
       became effective January 1, 2005, are the first of their kind documents for the City of
       Edmonton. Their development and implementation is a target of Drainage Services’
       Environmental Management System within ISO 14001.
       The Guidelines and Field Manual were prepared to assist the City and the
       development industry in understanding Drainage Services’ ESC Framework, and to
       meet the City’s ESC requirements in order to achieve effective stewardship of
       environmental resources and continual improvement.
       This initiative demonstrates the City’s responsibility and commitment to the protection
       of the environment.
             James Tan, 496-7918 and Michael Kan, 496-5548, Asset Management and Public Works

  12. Operational Problem Results in Workplace Solution and Cost Savings
       The Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant was faced with excessive foam and scum
       generation with its recently implemented biological nutrient removal treatment process
       –- an upgrade required to meet Drainage’s new Approval to Operate.
       Excessive scum, caused by filamentous bacteria, required continuous “paddling” with
       long iron oars by plant operators, raising fears of repetitive strain-type injury. Foam, a
       serious operational problem for bioreactors and digesters, also had the potential for
       causing unplanned gas releases which could pose a workplace risk.
       Thanks to a $220,000 scum and foam control project, scum paddling time was
       reduced by 67 per cent – resulting in a $100,000 annual saving, while lowering the
       incidence of repetitive strain-type injuries for operators and the risk of unplanned gas
       releases in the treatment process.
           K.C. Er, 496-4320 and Abdul Mohammed, 496-4730, Asset Management and Public Works

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Corporate Wins 2005

    13. New South East Division Police Station Exceeds National Energy Code for
        Buildings and Raises Environmental Building Standards
       The new South East Division Police Station raises environmental standards for civic
       buildings. The station will be the first City building project and first Canadian Police
       Station registered under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program,
       (LEED™). Built with mostly post-consumer recycled products and incorporating
       multiple innovative waste reduction initiatives, the station exemplifies the City’s
       commitment to environmental stewardship. One unique feature includes stored
       rainwater to irrigate landscaped areas and gray water to supply low-flush bathroom
       Energy simulations have been calculated at 46.1 per cent more efficient than the
       federal Model National Energy Code for buildings with reduction in carbon dioxide
       emissions exceeding 300,000 kilograms annually.
                                        Terry Loat, Asset Management and Public Works, 496-6557

    14. CO2RE Achieves Impressive Results
       CO2RE, the city’s community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategy is
       achieving impressive results. With the support of retail partner Home Depot, the social
       marketing program encourages Edmonton residents to improve the energy efficiency
       of their homes. More than 70,000 ‘Home$aver’ publications have been picked up and
       close to 10,000 residents have become CO2RE members. CO2RE is a long-term
       strategy to reduce Edmonton’s GHG emissions that was developed by a team of more
       than 20 organizations from every sector of the community.
                                    Mark Brostrom, Asset Management and Public Works, 496-5992

    15. ETS Advertising Panels Recycled
       For the past 10 years, Edmonton Transit System in partnership with Pattison Outdoor
       has been recycling outdated polystyrene advertising panels (interiors, tails and kings),
       selling them directly to a client in the US. The client breaks the panels down into a
       granular material that is used in the production of a variety of non-food-contact items
       such as VCRs. ETS and Pattison currently sell approximately 65,000 lbs per year for
       an average price of 16 cents per pound, including shipping costs.
                                                Gord Ganser, Transportation and Streets, 496-5787

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Corporate Wins 2005

    16. Desktop PC and Monitor Savings
       Improvements in desktop computing power and reliability have provided the City of
       Edmonton with an opportunity to move to a four-year lease arrangement for 3,800
       desktop PCs and monitors. Savings from extending the lease from three years to four
       are targeted at $50,000 in 2005, $150,000 in 2006, $250,000 in 2007 and $300,000 for
       2008 and continuing on. The four-year lease planned start date is June 30, 2005.
                                                     Kate Rozmahel, Corporate Services, 496-4276

    17. Streamlining Server Management
       The Information Technology (IT) Branch and the Drainage Operations Branch have
       undertaken a project to move Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition control servers
       (SCADA) from Kennedale to Century Place. This means IT will now maintain the
       servers, which are used to manage the City’s pipe network. This will allow Drainage
       staff to dedicate more time to the efficient management of their pipe systems. The
       Drainage pump-well team will be able to access the servers remotely.
                                                     Kate Rozmahel, Corporate Services, 496-4276

    GOAL: Leadership, regional co-operation and planning
    Focus on leadership and regional co-operation, intermunicipal planning,
    development and service delivery.

    18. Regional Cooperation Garners Recognition
       The City of Edmonton has completed work with six neighbouring municipalities
       (Parkland County, Town of Stony Plain, City of Spruce Grove, Sturgeon County, City
       of St. Albert, Lac Ste. Anne), to develop a stormwater drainage plan for the Big Lake
       Basin. The study was prompted by the lack of clear guidelines to deal with
       development runoff, which led to major delays for development in the area. The new
       plan addresses existing and future drainage patterns and flooding concerns that arise
       from development in the basin. More specifically, the plan recommends the flood
       plains be protected and preserved, and provides stormwater management criteria.
       The study was also recently recognized by the Consulting Engineers of Alberta, who
       singled out the plan with an Award of Excellence in the Environmental category and an
       Award of Merit in the Project Management category.
    Elaine Trudeau, 496-3868 and Douwe Vanderwel, 496-5553, Asset Management and Public Works

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Corporate Wins 2005

    GOAL: Organizational effectiveness
    Achieve excellence in management of the City’s resources: financial, people
    and assets.

    19. City Responds Efficiently to Federal Government Change
       As an employer, the City is required by the federal government to prepare a Record of
       Employment (ROE) for every employee who leaves the City’s employment. Recently,
       the federal government moved from a paper-based process to a Web-based
       application. The City’s Business Systems Support area reengineered existing City
       processes and developed and organized training for 16 Human Resource employees
       in support of this change. These efforts will facilitate a smooth transition and provide
       long term savings to the City and federal government.
                                                      Pat McGuiness, Corporate Services, 496-5034

    20. Improved Business Processes Saves $242,000
       By carefully monitoring equipment and supply costs, streamlining billing practices, and
       improving workflow, the Digital Print Centre accomplished a savings of $242,000 in
       2004. This represents a budget reduction of nearly 40 per cent over 2003!
                                                     Frank Buckreus, Corporate Services, 496-8272

    21. New Look Aids City Recruitment
       In mid-January the Human Resources branch of Corporate Services launched a new
       look to the career ads the City places when recruiting new employees. The goal was to
       update the look of the career ad template to reflect current trends in recruitment
       advertising and marketing. The new ads were designed to catch the reader’s attention,
       interest qualified candidates and guide them to the City’s Web site for details.
                                                      Monette Malley, Corporate Services, 496-7838

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Corporate Wins 2005

    22.   Transit Security Implements Incident Tracking Database
          Edmonton Transit Security has successfully implemented a POSSE Security Incident
          Tracking Database. POSSE is one of the four pillars of the City of Edmonton
          Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategy. By implementing the POSSE database,
          Edmonton Transit was able to increase process efficiency which will support the
          implementation of a needs based deployment model to proactively ensure safety and
          security of Edmonton Transit customers and the citizens of Edmonton.
                                                 Dean Sydlowski, Transportation and Streets, 496-4836

    23. New Bus Towing Equipment Leads to Increased Service Delivery and
        Improved Employee Safety
          The Bus Maintenance Section of Mobile Equipment Services has modernized the
          towing operation at Westwood Garage to use a wheel lift tow truck rather than the
          previous flat towing system. The previous system required two persons, one to drive
          the tow truck and one to steer the bus. The new system requires only one tow truck
          driver. The new system increases employee safety on the road and will increase
          service delivery capacity. By utilizing one-half the original labour cost, the new system
          will enable Mobile Equipment Services to respond to a wider range of towing
          requirements and increase staff resource utilization.
                                         Doug Dowell, Asset Management and Public Works, 496-6474

    24. WCB Contributions Reduced Due to Safety Programs
          The City’s safety programs and procedures were externally audited in the fall of 2004
          in order for the City to earn a Partnership in Health and Safety Certificate of
          Recognition. The certificate, issued by the Government of Alberta and certifying
          partners like the WCB, shows that the City meets established health and safety
          program standards and reduces the City’s WCB contribution level. This saves the City
          over $200,000 -- money that can be spent on health and safety programs. The
          certificate was presented to the Mayor and City Manager on March 16, 2005.
                                      Gary Dyck 496-8676, David Doyle 496-5950, Corporate Services

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Corporate Wins 2005

    25. City Standardizes Maintenance Management Applications
       One of the City’s long-term projects, Main-Link has been successfully completed.
       Since 2001 the City has been working on aligning its maintenance management
       business applications into one application. The benefits of having all maintenance
       areas working on the same application are that the best practices in one business area
       can be shared across the corporation and the costs of supporting up to nine different
       applications can be reduced.
                                                        Pam Winters, Corporate Services, 496-6870

    26. Training for Quasi-judicial Board Linked to Low Rate of Appeals
       The Assessment Review Board is responsible for deciding complaints on property and
       business assessments in Edmonton. Board members come from many different
       backgrounds and sectors of the community, and, when they are appointed, they are
       required to make and write decisions in accordance with all relevant legislation.
       Members are provided with an extensive professional development program that
       includes a three-week orientation, monthly hearing practice sessions, as well as eight
       full-day seminars throughout the year on legal updates, assessment, decision making
       and writing, case studies and mock hearings. This program continues to develop and
       raise the bar of excellence. The quality of the decisions put forward by City’s
       Assessment Review Board and the decreased rate of appeal has been recognized by
       the provincial appeal body.
                                                    Jill Mason, Office of the City Manager, 496-8154

    27. Improvements to City Council Orientation Program
       The City Administration continues to develop and refine its orientation program to help
       newly elected Councillors become familiar with the people and resources they need
       within the City. One new feature offered to the Council elected in 2004 was a session
       for members to discuss the concept of governance, facilitated by the nationally
       recognized expert on municipal leadership, George Cuff. Mr. Cuff held a similar
       session with the City’s management staff to ensure the same concepts were shared
       between Council and the Administration.
                                                   David Edey, Office of the City Manager, 496-8151

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Corporate Wins 2005

    28. Corporate Information Technology Strategic Plan
       The City recently completed a Corporate Information Technology Strategic Plan. The
       creation of this three-year plan was a collaborative effort between City departments
       and the Information Technology Branch. The plan will ensure that all future IT
       initiatives remain aligned with the City's business objectives.
                                                      Kate Rozmahel, Corporate Services, 496-4276

    29. TSO (The Telecom People) Repatriation Project
       In 2004, the City of Edmonton’s Information Technology Branch took on the
       management of all aspects of the City’s telecommunication products and service. More
       specifically, the roles and functions provided by the Telecom Services Office (TSO –
       The Telecom People) were brought in-house and supported by the Information
       Technology Branch. The project will result in $300,000 in savings spread over the
       2005/2006 budget years while maintaining a high level of service.
                                                      Kate Rozmahel, Corporate Services, 496-4276


    30. City Wins Budget Award for Seventh Consecutive Year
       City Council has the responsibility of reviewing and giving final approval to the City’s
       budget, which is over $1.5 billion. Having a high quality budget document is essential
       for City Council to carry out its responsibilities. For the seventh consecutive year, the
       City of Edmonton has received an international award for its budget presentation. The
       award is from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and
       Canada. In order to receive this award, the City must publish a budget document that
       meets program criteria as a policy document, as an operations guide, as a financial
       plan and as a communications device.
                                                     Greg Kliparchuk, Corporate Services, 496-6867

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Corporate Wins 2005

    31. Gold Bar Centre Singled Out for Excellence
       The Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant’s Centre of Excellence recently received
       Awards of Excellence in both the Water Resources and Energy categories from the
       Consulting Engineers of Alberta.
       The Centre was heralded for its esthetically pleasing and functional design. It was also
       singled out for providing an unparalleled state-of-the-art facility to conduct research
       and demonstrate processes safely and under real plant conditions, and for offering
       education and training to advance wastewater treatment technologies.
                                            K.C. Er, Asset Management and Public Works, 496-4320

    Edmonton Public Library
    Living the vision
    Edmonton Public Library connects the people of Edmonton to the knowledge and
    cultures of the world.

    32. Stanley A. Milner Library Renovations Completed
       At the official opening held on Thursday, January 20, at the Stanley A. Milner Library,
       major benefactors Stanley A. Milner and the Clifford E. Lee Foundation were thanked
       for helping to complete the third and final phase of the project to renovate and expand
       the downtown main library. The focus of the final phase was to provide easy access to
       customers in a comfortable environment. The City provided $4.8 million for the project
       over six years and the Library raised close to $3 million. Housed on the main floor are
       the Library Access Division that provides special services to Edmontonians who are
       unable to visit the Library or use traditional materials; the Centre for Reading and the
       Arts that offers collections and programs on fiction, English as a Second Language,
       the arts, and literature; an audio-visual room that is home to the City’s finest collections
       of music and film; and a new teen area for an important and active group of users. The
       main library also houses the Children’s Library and the Circulation Division that checks
       out well over one million library materials annually. Information Services, business,
       reference, other language collections, the Heritage Room and the Investor Education
       Centre are located on the second floor.
                                   Patricia (Pat) Jobb, Associate Director, Public Services, 496-5522

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Corporate Wins 2005

    33. Strathcona Branch Library Relocation for Major Restoration
       The Strathcona Branch Library moved to temporary quarters at 7506 Gateway
       Boulevard on April 4, to get ready for a major restoration and expansion. Total cost for
       the project is estimated at over $3 million. The library building first opened to the public
       in 1913. Strathcona Library is a registered municipal and provincial historical resource
       and the project will respect the historical significance of the library in the community.
       When completed in the spring of 2006, the library will be wheelchair and stroller
       accessible. The newly expanded 14,880-square-foot facility will have separate areas
       for children, teens and adults, comfortable reading areas, space for larger collections
       of books, CDs and DVDs, more computers and an attractive meeting room for library
       and community programs. The project will include $125,000 to purchase more
       materials for collections.
                             Pilar Martinez, Manager, Strathcona and Woodcroft Branches, 496-6894

    34. Castledowns Branch Expansion
       The Library’s Castledowns Branch completed an expansion of 2,700 square feet to
       accommodate increased demand for service from close to 250,000 visitors per year.
       Serving a population that has grown to 80,000 during the north end’s current building
       boom, the branch has seen visits increased by 15 per cent in the past year. The
       expansion allowed the branch to increase the size of the children’s area and create a
       new teen area, with more computer stations and shelves for more books, videos,
       DVDs, and CDs.
                                             Skip Wilson, Manager, Castle Downs Branch, 496-2708

    35. Year of the Teen at Edmonton’s Libraries
       The Library declared 2005 as “Year of the Teen” in recognition of teens as an
       important and active user group. All 16 library locations are in the process of starting
       Teen Advisory Boards to get suggestions on materials, service and programs. Teen
       areas are being spruced up, some with comfortable seating, music listening and
       computer stations. Funded by a donation from Edmonton Public Library Board Trustee
       Ann Dea, 20 teens from the Stanley A. Milner Library’s Teen Advisory Board and their
       friends gathered for a painting workshop facilitated by local artist Thaneah Krohn. They
       each painted a puzzle piece, using as inspiration something they found at the Library
       such as CDs, movies or books. Their works were framed as two murals which
       decorate the lower level of the Stanley A. Milner Library. Library branches are offering
       teen programs ranging from art contests, yoga, and animation to games nights and

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Corporate Wins 2005

       book clubs. More than $100,000 has been allocated in 2005 to expand teen collections
       such as graphic novels, books, magazines, paperbacks, comics, music and movies.
                      Wendy Gronnestad-Damur, the Library’s first Teen Services Librarian, 944-7960

    36. Bestsellers to Go a Huge Success
       The new Bestsellers to Go initiative for adults, launched in the winter of 2004, was so
       popular that young readers wanted their own, too! The new Bestsellers to Go for Kids
       and Teens, started in March, 2005 enables children and teens to borrow current fiction
       and non-fiction bestsellers for one week, without waiting for months in the request
       queue. When Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out in August, readers
       can borrow it from either the Bestsellers to Go collection for one-week or request it and
       then check it out when it arrives on the shelf for the regular three-week loan.
                                                    Skip Wilson, Bestsellers to Go Team, at 496-2708

    37. First and Only in Alberta
       The Edmonton Public Library is the first and only library in Alberta (and second in
       Canada) to offer a same day service for several international, Canadian, and USA
       newspapers. Plans are being made to expand the foreign language content in the
       coming months. Available on the second floor of the Stanley A. Milner Library, the new
       service prints out subscribed newspapers in their original format and layout as soon as
       the papers are published in their local markets. Readers can read newspapers in
       Polish on the same day as their friends in Warsaw!
                                                Angie Mills, Information Services Librarian, 496-1968

    38. Online Music Library for Listening
       It can’t be scratched, lost or stolen! It does not need labels, cases or barcodes! It does
       not require shipping from branch to branch. It is available 24 hours, seven days a
       week! It is the online music library that is available from the Library’s Web site.
       Edmontonians with a valid library card can access the Naxos Music Library, a licensed
       database, remotely from home or at all 16 library locations throughout the city. Users
       can listen to all or part of more than 4,000 CDs in classical, jazz, folk, blues, Chinese
       and new age music. New CDs are added to the online collection every month,
       including titles from CBC Records. This online music alternative supplements the
       Library’s already extensive music collections.
                                             Peter Schoenberg, Manager, Virtual Services, 496-1855

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Corporate Wins 2005

    39. Book Clubs for Different Book Lovers
       Edmontonians are book lovers and the Library offers different book clubs for different
       readers. Visually impaired adults of the Talking Book Club meet once a month at the
       Stanley A. Milner Library to hear Library Access staff describe 40 to 60 new titles,
       authors or reviews in order to request their choices. Talking books are unabridged
       recordings that are only available to library customers who are medically certified with
       visual impairment. The Online Winter Reading Club for Children, available in
       January and February, encourages children to read books from recommended lists,
       solve puzzles, play games, and enter weekly draws to pass the cold winter months.
       Not to be outdone by kids, The Big Chill, the online winter reading club for adults
       offered from January to April, attracts more than 4,000 visits to the Library’s Web site.
       Participants can read books from recommended fiction and non-fiction lists, participate
       in online discussions, crack the Da Vince code, and enter contests. Children of all
       ages are invited to participate in the Summer Reading Club. This year’s program,
       with the theme “Blast Off!” will be held from June to August. This popular annual
       program attracts more than 18,000 children who read books and participate in summer
       activities. The Teen Survivor Online Summer Reading Club invites teens to vote a
       book off the island every week until only one remains.
                                  Judy Moore, Manager, Centre for Reading and the Arts, 496-7062

    40. Stanley A. Milner Library: The Hub of Downtown Happenings
       Rejuvenation of the Stanley A. Milner Library was not limited to the physical space but
       is extended to its soul. Edmonton’s downtown library is now the hub of downtown
       happenings. The Library works closely with the Downtown Business Association, the
       Edmonton Arts Council, and the Arts District to participate in projects and events to
       revitalize the downtown core. The Centre for Reading and the Arts regularly hosts
       programs in conjunction with different community groups and Arts District partners for
       programs held at the Library, ranging from author readings, films, talks on current
       issues, art and culture, local history, social issues, and crafts. The Children’s Library
       offers programs for children of all ages, from babies to school-aged children, along
       with their parents from across the city. Programs and services for teens are planned by
       the Teen Services Librarian in consultation with a Teen Advisory Board. Information
       Services hosts investment seminars and other programs. Due to its central location,

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Corporate Wins 2005

       English as a Second Language and literacy groups use the library for conversation
       practice sessions and literacy tutoring. Two art galleries (on the main floor and in the
       basement) present exhibitions by Edmonton’s emerging artists. The Library’s theatre
       and galleries are also venues for festivals such as The Works.
                                   Judy Moore, Manager, Centre for Reading and the Arts, 496-7062

    41. Edmonton Eskimos Kick Off Spring Break Programs at Library
       Even professional athletes love to read! Players from the Edmonton Eskimo Football
       Club visited various library branches during spring break to read to children, sign
       autographs, and answer their questions. The Library is particularly interested to work
       with groups and schools to promote reading and literacy to children.
                                                 Christalene Jones, Program Coordinator, 944-5324

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