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Lost Script 10

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									Episode #: 610

“Family Portrait”


BENJAMIN LINUS tromps through the jungle, gun in hand, still going over what just happened between him and Charles Widmore. He brushes past a few bushes to step into: 2 EXT. JUNGLE – LARGE CLEARING – CONTINUOUS 2

Ben walks forward, staring in confusion at the DHARMA SUPPLY DROP, still resting in the middle of the jungle, its cargo of food picked apart, but its structure still intact. Ben walks forward, examining the crate closely. As he walks around to the rear side of it, he suddenly finds something of particular interest. And although WE CANNOT SEE IT, Ben walks right up to the supply drop crate, bending down behind it to examine the mysterious object closely. 3 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – EVENING A photograph of JI YEON KWON, smiling brightly, is held by her mother, SUN KWON. JIN KWON, her husband, looks at it, smiling happily. JIN (Subtitled) She's perfect. SUN (Subtitled) Yes, she is. (A beat, then:) You're going to love her. Jin smiles, taking the photo from Sun's hand. As he pockets it softly, his smile fades and he turns to the ocean. (CONTINUED) 3

2. 3 CONTINUED: JIN (Subtitled) When do you think we can see her? SUN (Subtitled) What are you talking about? JIN (Subtitled) I know we came back to find her again. And now we're here, and she's out there. Jin gestures out to the ocean. Sun looks forward glumly, nodding as she turns back to Jin. SUN (Subtitled) Everyone seems to have a destiny here. Something to do. What if there's something for us? JIN (Subtitled) Maybe there is. (A beat, then:) But how long are we going to wait? SUN (Subtitled) It's only been a few days. JIN (Subtitled) Things happen so quickly on this Island. Jin lays his hand on Sun's, looking pleadingly into her eyes. (CONTINUED) 3

3. 3 CONTINUED: JIN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) I just found you after three years. I don't want to lose you now. SUN (Subtitled) You won't. (A beat, then:) How could we even leave? There are no boats, no way of contacting the outside world. JIN (Subtitled) Which is why we should start looking now. Sun and Jin laugh together. offering his hand to Sun. After a moment, Jin gets up, 3

JIN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) Do you want to take a walk? Maybe we'll find a boat on the way. Sun smiles, taking Jin's hand and getting up, turning around to the jungle for a moment. She sees a large crowd of OTHERS gathering around the jungle entrance, welcoming someone back into camp. Jin notices the crowd as well, and the two set off to see what is going on. 4 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – JUNGLE ENTRANCE – FOLLOWING 4

Jin and Sun approach the crowd to see JACK SHEPHARD, DESMOND HUME, and CHARLIE HUME walking out of the jungle, Desmond pushing PENELOPE HUME in a wheelchair. All four appear tired, but happy and relieved. SUN Jack. Desmond. (CONTINUED)

4. 4 CONTINUED: Jack and Desmond nod at Jin and Sun along with the rest of the camp, including CLAIRE LITTLETON and HUGO “HURLEY” REYES. HURLEY So, everything's OK? DESMOND I think she's on the mend, yeah. And I have you to thank, brother. CLAIRE (Jokingly:) And Jack, too, brother. Jack shifts uncomfortably at Claire' comment, reminded of their relation. Penny, however, smiles warmly at Claire. PENNY They should open up a hospital here, with how quickly people recover. SUN It's good to have you all back. JACK Good to be back. (A beat, then:) Where's Kate? Sawyer? Richard? Thanks. JIN They went with Ilana. Jack looks at Jin in confusion before walking further into camp to hear an explanation. 5 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – SIMULTANEOUSLY 5 4

KATE AUSTEN and JAMES “SAWYER” FORD walk VINCENT the dog through the jungle, heading quickly back to camp. As they head through, Kate looks back at ILANA and RICHARD ALPERT behind them. (CONTINUED)

5. 5 CONTINUED: KATE They haven't said a word to us about what they found in the volcano. SAWYER You think I don't know that? KATE So, what are they talking about? SAWYER Their favorite lipstick. Kate looks at Sawyer angrily, who shrugs, clearly saying that he doesn't know, or want to know, what it is that Richard and Ilana are discussing. But we JUMP CUT to exactly what Richard and Ilana are discussing. RICHARD I'm sorry, but it can't be done. I don't care what anyone told you. Dead is dead, no matter where you are. ILANA In all cases but one. (Off Richard's look:) There are a lot of factors coming together now. A perfect storm that allows this to happen. RICHARD So, what are the factors? ILANA We have a body. We have the Temple. We can get the materials we need. (A beat, then:) And Jacob is dead. (CONTINUED) 5

6. 5 CONTINUED: 5

Richard stops, turning to Ilana in confusion. In front of them, Sawyer and Kate immediately turn around, still out of earshot. RICHARD What does that have to do with anything? ILANA Because he's not really gone. (Off Richard's look:) The white smoke that you saw coming out from the top of the statue. RICHARD You're telling me that was Jacob? ILANA In a way. Jacob isn't quite human, and killing him isn't as easy as . . . RICHARD . . . giving Benjamin Linus a knife and letting him play. Richard recalls his own words to Flocke, now finding it hard to believe that what he said was actually true. But after a moment, he turns back to Ilana, ready to accept, ready to believe her and go along with her plan. RICHARD (CONT'D) So, how can Jacob help us? ILANA He'll come to us if we need him. But if we want that to happen, we need to do a few things to prepare. RICHARD How can I help? (CONTINUED)

7. 5 CONTINUED: ILANA You can help me by keeping this quiet. And, when the time comes, brining the body over to the Temple. Richard nods, then: RICHARD You said you needed materials. I get them for you? Can 5

ILANA I doubt it. (Off Richard's look:) Don't worry, I'll take care of it. The two are now interrupted by Sawyer's call: SAWYER Hey, you two mind hoofing it over? We're back. Richard and Ilana look at Sawyer and Kate, who have found the path leading into: 6 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – JUNGLE ENTRANCE – FOLLOWING Kate, Sawyer, Vincent, Richard and Ilana emerge to find a camp still talking to Jack and Desmond. The entire camp looks over to the new arrivals, moving down the beach to speak with them. SAWYER (To Jack:) Small world, huh? JACK It's good to see you, Sawyer. Jack shakes Sawyer's hand, then goes over to Kate, embracing her warmly. The Others move over to Richard and Ilana, fishing for answers as to where they were. (CONTINUED) 6

8. 6 CONTINUED: RICHARD I'll explain everything soon, but right now Ilana and I have some things to discuss. (Off the Others' looks:) Everything's fine. We're all still safe here, so you can just . . . Many of the Others gasp, looking over Richard's shoulder furiously. And now everyone – Richard, Ilana, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Claire, Jin, Sun, and the rest of the camp stare look down the beach at a solitary figure waiting to enter their camp: BEN. BEN Hello, again. (A beat, then:) Richard, I was hoping I could speak with you. Richard regards Ben for a moment, then turns to several of the Others. RICHARD Take him. Six of the Others nod, moving in to capture Ben and take him prisoner. And off of Ben's cautious look at the approaching Others END OF TEASER 6


In the deep ocean, without a single piece of land in sight, a SAILBOAT floats through the water, heading to some unknown point. We now MOVE IN to the boat to find 8 EXT. THE ELIZABETH – CONTINUOUS – FLASHFORWARD 8

Sun and Jin sit together, staring out at the ocean, quietly sipping cocktails. JIN (Subtitled) It was nice of them to stock the boat with drinks. SUN (Subtitled) I think most of this was Desmond's. JIN (Subtitled) It's good. Sun smiles, clinking her glass with Jin before looking out towards the horizon. We, meanwhile, are totally at a loss for what this scene is about, where we are, even when we are. All we know is that Sun and Jin, somehow, are not on the Island anymore. SUN (Subtitled) We should probably power this up soon. Make for land. JIN (Subtitled) What land? (Off Sun's look:) You're one of the Oceanic 6. You'll be recognized anywhere you go. (CONTINUED)

10. 8 CONTINUED: 8

And now we start to get a better picture of where we are. This is after the rescue of the Oceanic Six, after their return to the Island. This is a flashforward, and somehow, Sun and Jin have managed to leave the Island once again. SUN (Subtitled) When I left before, we had to step into the public eye. I think we'll have more liberty this time. JIN (Subtitled) How is that? SUN (Subtitled) Because now I run a major corporation. (Off Jin's look:) Paik Industries. I have a third of Seoul to bring us home. We'll find a way. Jin looks at Sun skeptically, but Sun remains firm, looking back out towards the ocean and finishing her drink. After this, she gets up, heading towards the wheel of the ship. SUN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) Now, come on. If we're where I think we are, we can head east towards Fiji. I'll take it from there. Jin nods, getting up and helping Sun ready the boat for its departure. 9 EXT. REMOTE BEACH – A WHILE LATER – FLASHFORWARD The boat has now docked on the sands of a remote beach. ties the ship down while Sun walks down the beach. 9 Jin


11. 10 CONTINUED: 10

A few dozen yards down from Sun, several ISLAND VILLAGERS stand in awe of the sudden arrival. Sun jogs over to them, smiling expectantly. Hello. English? SUN Does anyone here speak any Sun

ONE OF THE VILLAGERS steps forward, nodding slightly. smiles, walking up to him. SUN (CONT'D) Does someone here have a telephone?

The villager looks at Sun, confused, so she mimes putting a telephone up to her ear. SUN (CONT'D) Telephone? The villager suddenly nods in recognition, welcoming Sun into the village. As she walks in, Sun looks back towards Jin, nodding for him to join her. 11 INT. VILLAGE HUT – TELEPHONE ROOM – FLASHFORWARD 11

Sun sits down, speaking on an OLD-FASHIONED phone. Behind her, Jin and some of the villagers stand, listening intently to her conversation. SUN (Subtitled) It's an Island in Indonesia . . . we're in one of the villages on the southern end . . . Tonight? (She smiles, then:) Yes, that'll work. Sun hangs up the phone, turning around to speak with Jin.


12. 11 CONTINUED: SUN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) I've got a private plane chartered. We'll be home by tomorrow morning. Jin looks back at the villagers, the wheels in his head turning. After a moment, he turns back to Sun. JIN (Subtitled) What about them? How can we keep them from telling people about us? SUN (Subtitled) We'll buy them off. We'll buy off anyone we need to until we can figure out something else. Jin nods, cautiously agreeing to Sun's plan. Sun tries to cheer her husband up by putting her hands on his shoulder and pressing her forehead against his. SUN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) We made it, Jin. We're off the Island. Jin now smiles as well, embracing Sun warmly. And off of this image, the WHOOSH starts up, taking us back in time to: 12 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – EVENING 12 11

Jin sits alone on the beach, staring forward at Ben, who kneels in the sand in front of the statue, Sawyer standing over him with a gun to his head. Jin notices Richard walking by; he gets up and flags him down. JIN Richard. Richard nods to Jin, completely frazzled. (CONTINUED)

13. 12 CONTINUED: RICHARD What is it? JIN What's happening with Ben? RICHARD I'm trying to get some answers out of him. I'll tell you if anything else happens. Jin nods, and Richard sets off back down the beach. We now JUMP CUT to Sawyer, who looks down gleefully at Ben. SAWYER Did you ever imagine we'd be here, Milhouse? BEN No, James. I always thought I'd be dressed in darker colors. Sawyer smiles, reveling in Ben's imprisonment. to find Richard walking towards them. RICHARD I was hoping I could speak with Ben for a minute. BEN I don't have anything to tell you, Richard. (Off Richard's look:) It's not that I don't want to. I just don't know anything else. RICHARD I find that hard to believe, since the last time I saw you, you were breathing down Jonah's neck. (CONTINUED) He looks up 12

14. 12 CONTINUED: BEN We're on a break. Richard looks around, frustrated, then kneels down in front of Ben. RICHARD You're telling me you have no idea what he's planning? Ben shakes his head, now looking seriously at Richard. BEN No, Richard, I don't. Richard really studies Ben now, trying to figure out if he is, as always, lying. But something tells Richard that for once, Ben has decided to tell the truth. So he gets up, trying to figure out what to do next. After a moment, he turns back to Sawyer, shaking his head in frustration. RICHARD Keep an eye on him. I'll be back later. Richard walks away from Sawyer and Ben only to find Ilana walking in his direction. ILANA How's it going? RICHARD About as well as you could hope. How about you? ILANA I think I have an idea. Richard nods, expecting some kind of explanation, but Ilana simply moves past him, walking further down the beach, heading right towards Sun, who stands on the edge of the ocean, enjoying the breeze. (CONTINUED) 12

15. 12 CONTINUED: ILANA Sun! Sun turns around, smiling at Ilana and inviting her to stand with her. Ilana walks over, standing next to Sun. SUN How are you, Ilana? ILANA I'm well, thank you. you? SUN Fine. (A beat, then:) Any reason you came over here? ILANA When we were talking about John Locke's body, you offered me your help if I needed it. (Sun nods, so:) I was talking to Hurley and he told me you're an expert on herbal remedies. SUN I know a few things, yes. ILANA I was wondering if you could help me find a few plants. SUN Of course. Ilana smiles in gratitude, heading back up the beach, but Sun isn't finished yet. SUN (CONT'D) Why do you need them? (CONTINUED) How are 12

16. 12 CONTINUED: Ilana turns around, debating with herself for a moment before revealing her secret to Sun. ILANA I'm trying to bring John Locke back from the dead. (Off Sun's look:) I need to create a blend of herbs to complete the resurrection. SUN You want to bring Locke back? (Ilana nods, so:) How is that even possible? Ilana turns back towards Locke's coffin, then steps down into the surf, standing next to Sun. ILANA There is an Egyptian legend about the god Osiris. He was killed when he was placed in a coffin and lost to the sea. (A beat, then:) That is, until his beloved Isis found him, and fashioned a golden limb to restore his life. And once Osiris was made whole again, he conceived a child with his wife. (Off Sun's look:) Everyone is connected on this Island. And now there is a piece missing, and I need to bring it back. And I need you to help me. Sun stares at Ilana, unsure of her intentions, but still nods slowly. Sun takes a few steps away from the water, now standing right next to Ilana. SUN Then I'll help you. (CONTINUED) 12

17. 12 CONTINUED: ILANA Good. I'll explain more, and we'll set off in the morning. Sun nods, following Ilana back into the camp. 13 EXT. JUNGLE – TREELINE – NIGHT Night falls over the Island as the stars twinkle over the sleeping jungle. 14 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – SIMULTANEOUS 14 13 12

Jin walks through the camp, past the sleeping forms of the Others, of his fellow 815 survivors, over to Sawyer and Ben, who sit together silently. Sawyer looks up at Jin, regarding him with little interest. SAWYER 'Evening, Jin. JIN Sawyer. (Re: Ben) I was hoping I could talk to him. Alone. SAWYER You're not gonna bust him out, are you? JIN I just want some answers. Sawyer looks at Jin for a moment, then smiles, getting up and offering Jin his place. SAWYER Well, good luck. Jin nods in gratitude, and Sawyer walks away, heading out of earshot. Jin kneels in front of Ben. (CONTINUED)

18. 14 CONTINUED: BEN I'm not sure what answers you're looking for, Jin, but I doubt that I could give them. I've already told you people all of my secrets, soJIN The boat that your people took from us. The Elizabeth. Do you know about it? BEN Of course. JIN Do you still have it? Ben stares at Jin in surprise, now realizing why Jin came to speak with him. BEN Yes. I can take you there, if you want. No tricks? None. Jin looks up at Sawyer, then back at Ben. he nods, accepting Ben's offer. JIN I'll see what I can do to get you out of here. Ben nods in gratitude, allowing Jin to get up and head towards Sawyer. END OF ACT ONE After a moment, JIN No lies? BEN 14


Sun sleeps soundly in the camp as a figure approaches her from behind, tapping her lightly on the shoulder. Sun is startled awake, looking up to see ILANA standing right over her, clearly ready to leave. ILANA We need to leave in five minutes. Sun nods groggily, getting up and looking around for Jin. After a moment, she notices that Jin is missing. She jumps up, looking at Ilana worriedly. SUN Have you seen Jin? Ilana shakes her head, and Sun takes off into the camp, immediately noticing that Desmond is awake. She runs up to him. Desmond! SUN (CONT'D) Have you seen Jin?

DESMOND Aye, he went off down the beach in the middle of the night. (Off Sun's look:) I was keeping an eye on Penny when I saw him going off with Ben. Ilana walks over, now able to hear Sun and Desmond's conversation. SUN Did you ask why he was leaving? DESMOND He told me to tell you everything was fine and that he'd be back soon. (CONTINUED)

20. 15 CONTINUED: 15

Sun nods in relief, looking down the beach as if expecting to see Jin, but it is empty. Still, she looks back at Desmond, her mind put to rest. DESMOND (CONT'D) I'm sure he'll be all right. SUN He must have had his reasons. Sun turns back to Ilana, ready to head into the jungle with her. SUN (CONT'D) We should get going. ILANA Are you sure? SUN Yes. Ilana nods, leading Sun off into the jungle. And as the two women head away from the camp, the WHOOSH begins once more, taking us to: 16 INT. PAIK HOME – LIVING ROOM – DAY – FLASHFORWARD Sun and MRS. PAIK, her mother, sit together, having tea. MRS. PAIK (Subtitled) Can you tell me anything about what happened when you were gone? Or why your husband is now alive? SUN (Subtitled) Not yet, mother. I'm sorry. Mrs. Paik looks at Sun reproachfully, then sets down her tea cup. (CONTINUED) 16

21. 16 CONTINUED: MRS. PAIK (Subtitled) Well, we've all been through hell while you were gone. Your father was so sick over what happened he had a heart attack. He should recover, but he had to step down from his post for a few months. Sun stares at her mother, furious, then sets down her own tea cup. SUN (Subtitled) I suppose you're now going to tell me that's my fault. (Off her mother's look:) Don't look at me like that. Just give me my daughter and let me go. MRS. PAIK (Subtitled) You seem so confident that she's going to trust you after you abandoned her. SUN (Subtitled) I thought I was leaving her with family. MRS. PAIK (Subtitled) And thank goodness you could do that, while you dumped your child to run after your husband. Sun arches back, livid . . . but on some level, she knows that her mother is telling her the truth. Sun knows that, on some level, she chose Jin over Ji Yeon. (CONTINUED) 16

22. 16 CONTINUED: SUN (Subtitled) And I suppose you think that you were better? Always telling me that I all I could do with my life is find a man, just like you? Sun stands up in rage, towering over her scandalized mother. SUN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) I have spent the last three years trying to extricate myself from a family that was filled with nothing but double standards, violence, and lies. So, if you will give me my daughter back, I intend on leaving all of this behind. Mrs. Paik's mind races as she rises from the couch, pleading apologetically to her daughter. MRS. PAIK (Subtitled) I know what this family was like. How we raised you. But please, Sun. Sun starts to crack, but she does her best to remain firm. SUN (Subtitled) Where is Ji Yeon? Mrs. Paik relents, reluctantly showing Sun to Ji Yeon's room. 17 INT. PAIK HOME – BEDROOM – FOLLOWING – FLASHFORWARD 17 16

Sun walks in to find her daughter JI YEON KWON playing with some blocks in her bed. Ji Yeon looks up at her mother, smiling brightly as she jumps off the bed. (SUBTITLED)

23. 17 CONTINUED: JI YEON (Subtitled) Mama! Sun picks up Ji Yeon in her arms, tears welling in her eyes as she cradles her back and forth. Ji Yeon. SUN Ji Yeon. 17

And off of this emotional reunion, the WHOOSH begins again, taking us to: 18 EXT. JUNGLE – UNDERBRUSH – MORNING 18

Sun and Ilana tromp through the jungle, Sun keeping a close eye on all the plants she can find. Ilana holds a large number of branches in her hand, examining them closely. ILANA And you're sure these are sycamore? SUN Positive. Why, do they not look right to you? ILANA They do. I just have to be sure that they're perfect. Sun pauses from her search, looking up at Ilana, confused. SUN Why do you need them? ILANA I'm going to make these into a mixture to feed him. It's an ancient ritual. SUN Also from Egypt? (CONTINUED)

24. 18 CONTINUED: ILANA Of course. Sun smiles, looking around at the various plants around her. SUN Now all you need is acacia. ILANA And lots of it. Sun looks around, trying to find an acacia tree. points at something behind Sun. ILANA (CONT'D) What about that? Sun follows Ilana's gaze over to a tree behind her. quickly turns back to Ilana, shaking her head. SUN I saw that. It's Black Locust. False acacia. Ilana laughs to herself, shrugging her shoulders. ILANA Why doubt the master? Sun smiles, heading deeper into the jungle. SUN I know I've seen some on this Island. Maybe it's just a little further. Ilana nods, following Sun on her way. 19 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – CONTINUOUS 19 She Ilana 18

Sun and Ilana emerge from a thicket onto a winding pathway. They set off, Sun in the lead. (CONTINUED)

25. 19 CONTINUED: SUN So, if you can bring John back, what is he going to do? ILANA Save us. SUN Do you think he could take us off the Island? Maybe. ILANA If you wanted to go. 19

SUN My husband and I are eager to leave. I have a family to get back to. ILANA I don't envy you. (Off Sun's look:) I'm sorry, but in my experience, families only seem to cause problems. Oh. SUN No, you're right. But I'd never leave it behind. Sun pauses, having reached a tree of interest to her. She walks up, examining it closely for a moment before turning back to Ilana. SUN (CONT'D) Here's your acacia. Ilana nods gratefully, taking out a small knife and moving towards the tree. 20 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – SIMULTANEOUS 20

Richard wakes up, sitting up and looking towards Ben's area. His eyes widen in fear when he sees nothing. (CONTINUED)

26. 20 CONTINUED: RICHARD Oh no . . . JUMP CUT TO: 21 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – JUNGLE ENTRANCE – FOLLOWING Richard walks over towards a lounging Sawyer, who flips through a copy of Carrie. RICHARD Where is he? Sawyer looks up at Richard, smiling his roguish grin. SAWYER You talking about Spock? RICHARD What did you do with him? Sawyer pauses, carefully marking his place in the book and placing it in the sand before turning back to Richard. SAWYER I let Jin borrow him for a few hours. They went looking for something. (Off Richard's look:) Your boy's in good hands. Jin was with me on Dharma security for three years. RICHARD Ben's one of the most dangerous men in the world. I doubt thatSawyer gets up quickly, standing right in front of Richard. SAWYER Don't worry about it. Besides, this gives us a chance to talk. (CONTINUED) 21 20

27. 21 CONTINUED: RICHARD About what? SAWYER About your volcano. (Off Richard's look:) Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell anyone. I'm looking to help you. RICHARD You're going to help me? SAWYER Back in '76, the Dharma folk tried to do a map of the Island. Needless to say, they found that volcano. Did a few experiments on it. (A beat, then:) I once talked to Horace Goodspeed about it, and he said they might have found a way to shut it down. Richard looks as though he could bow down in thanks to Sawyer, but Sawyer simply gestures towards the jungle. SAWYER (CONT'D) You want me to take you to their files? Richard nods, immediately forgetting about Ben and instead following Sawyer off into the jungle. And off of their sudden departure from camp END OF ACT TWO 21

28. ACT THREE 22 EXT. WEST BEACH – DAY Ben and Jin head down the beach quickly, Ben in the lead. BEN I appreciate you not holding a gun to my head. Jin looks down at his gun, realizing that he is not guarding Ben . . . and that maybe he should. However, he looks back up, simply nodding. JIN Don't mention it. BEN Your English has gotten a lot better. (A beat, then:) You plan on taking this boat to the U.S.? To Korea. Oh. (A beat, then:) I just figured you'd want to start over. Especially after what happened withJin suddenly stops Ben, turning him around angrily. JIN Why do you want to know where we're going? BEN Just making conversation. (CONTINUED) JIN To my daughter. BEN 22

29. 22 CONTINUED: JIN I find that hard to believe. BEN I'm trying to help you, OK? no tricks. I said 22

Jin nods reluctantly, forcing Ben around and marching him back down the beach. BEN (CONT'D) Don't worry, we're close. Jin nods, tightening his grip on his gun. 23 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAY – A LITTLE LATER Jin and Ben continue on their way through the jungle, Ben still in the lead. After a moment, Ben stops, turning around and looking at Jin seriously. BEN We're here. (A beat, then:) I have to ask you if you're sure about this. JIN Why wouldn't I be? BEN Because the life you think you're going back to may no longer exist. And once you leave here, you may never be able to get back. JIN I don't want to come back here ever again. Ben nods, leading Jin through a few trees to emerge on: (CONTINUED) 23


A secluded strip of beach where the Elizabeth rests, pristine and ready to sail, right on the shoreline. Jin betrays a laugh to himself as he sees the boat, then looks back over at Ben. JIN You really were taking me here. BEN Of course I was. Jin studies Ben for a moment; after all, Benjamin Linus following through on what he said is more of a surprise now than anything else. JIN It's just . . . BEN Is it so much to believe that I'm looking for some kind of redemption? That I want to have something decent to say about my life? JIN No, I just . . . thank you. Jin steps forward, examining the boat closely. moment, he turns back to Ben. JIN (CONT'D) And she's ready to sail? BEN Right this second. Jin nods, heading back in towards the jungle. JIN Then I'm going to get Sun. then we're going to leave. And (CONTINUED) After a

31. 24 CONTINUED: BEN Can you find your way back? (Jin nods, so:) Then I'll be waiting here. Jin nods once more in gratitude, heading back into the jungle. As he pushes past a few loose branches, the WHOOSH begins once more, flashing us to: 25 INT. THE ELIZABETH – CABIN – DAY – FLASHFORWARD 25 24

Jin does his best to prepare a meal in the cramped kitchen when he is interrupted by a noise coming from the top deck. Jin looks up in fear, but smiles when he hears: SUN (O.S.) (Subtitled) Open the hatch!

It's me!

Jin nods, clambering up the ladder and popping open the hatch to reveal Sun smiling warmly. JIN (Subtitled) Did you get her? SUN (Subtitled) Of course. Jin smiles as Sun motions for Ji Yeon to come over to the top hatch. As Jin sees his daughter for the first time, he smiles broadly, nearly driven to tears. SUN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) Ji Yeon, this is your father. Ji Yeon looks down at Jin with a certain trepidation, but Sun motions for her to head into the boat. After a moment's hesitation, she does, Sun right behind her. And now we JUMP CUT TO: (CONTINUED)

32. 26 INT. THE ELIZABETH – CABIN – LATER – FLASHFORWARD Jin, Sun, and Ji Yeon sit around the small table, eating dinner silently. There is a clear awkward tension at the table as Sun looks up at Ji Yeon. SUN (Subtitled) Do you want to hear about where daddy was? Ji Yeon shakes her head, her eyes on her plate. Jin looks over at Sun concernedly, but she tries to boost his spirits, smiling at him before turning back to Ji Yeon. SUN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) Do you like your food? (Ji Yeon nods, so:) You know your father made that for you. JI YEON (Subtitled) Thank you. JIN (Subtitled) Do you want some more? JI YEON (Subtitled) No. Sun reaches across the table, taking Ji Yeon's hand. SUN (Subtitled) You're usually such a chatterbox, Ji Yeon. What's wrong? JI YEON (Subtitled) I dunno. (CONTINUED) 26

33. 26 CONTINUED: Ji Yeon betrays a glance over at Jin before returning to her plate. Jin and Sun look at each other concernedly. SUN (Subtitled) You know, your father has been waiting a long time to meet you. He's missed you very much. Sun looks over at Jin, motioning for him to continue. He does so, getting up and trying to sit next to Ji Yeon. JIN (Subtitled) Your mother is right. The one thing I thought about more than anything else isJin reaches out to place his hand on Ji Yeon's shoulder, but she slides away, getting up from her chair quickly. JI YEON (Subtitled) Get away! Sun looks at the awkward pair for a moment until Jin backs away, deeply hurt. SUN (Subtitled) Why don't you go unpack? Ji Yeon nods, heading off to her room. Sun turns to Jin. 26

SUN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) She just needs some time to adjust. It's difficult for her. Jin nods to himself, getting up and walking over to the sink. He leans over it, thinking to himself.

(CONTINUED) 34. 26 CONTINUED: JIN (Subtitled) She doesn't know who I am. How is she supposed to think of me as her father? Sun gets up, wrapping her arms around Jin. SUN (Subtitled) These things take time. find each other. 26

You two will

Jin nods, leaning into his embrace with Sun as the WHOOSH returns, taking us to: 27 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – DAY Jin emerges on the beach, looking around for Sun. doesn't see her, he walks up to Hurley. Hurley. JIN Have you seen Sun? 27 After he

HURLEY Yeah, she came back here with Ilana about an hour ago. JIN Ilana? HURLEY Yeah, they picked up Locke's body and took it back into the jungle. JIN Why? HURLEY They were pretty quiet about it. Figured I shouldn't ask. Sun told me to tell you she was fine.


Desmond is walking up the beach, carrying several mangoes back from the jungle. He passes by Jin and Hurley as their conversation continues. JIN I need to talk to her. know where they went? Do you

HURLEY I think Ilana said something about the Temple . . . The Temple? DESMOND What about the Temple?

Desmond stops between Jin and Hurley, looking at them in confusion. Jin now looks at Desmond, thinking quickly. JIN Do you know how to get there? DESMOND Aye. JIN Can you take me there? Sun is there and I need to talk to her. Desmond looks back over at Penny and Charlie, but Hurley steps forward. HURLEY I'll look after them. Desmond nods in gratitude to Hurley, then turns back to Jin. DESMOND Then you've got yourself a guide. Desmond hands Hurley the mangoes, sending him off to Penny and Charlie. Desmond and Jin head off into the jungle. And now we JUMP CUT TO:

(CONTINUED) 36. 28 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – SIMULTANEOUS Jack, Kate, and Claire sit around together, enjoying the weather. CLAIRE So, Kate was telling me about your place in Los Angeles. It sounds great. JACK Yeah, it's pretty nice. Jack looks over at Kate, clearly uncomfortable with the conversation. Claire is oblivious to this, however, and continues on with: CLAIRE Well, just as long as Aaron has a nice family. That's what's important to me. Jack pauses, looking out to the ocean before turning back to Claire. JACK He'll be with his real family. (Off Claire's look:) There's something you should know, Claire. (A beat, then:) I'm your brother. Claire eye's widen in disbelief, confusion, even anger. Jack moves in, as if to clasp Claire's arm kindly, but she backs away before he can touch her. CLAIRE I . . . um . . . I gotta go. Claire gets up, wandering away in confusion. And as Jack watches her go, worried that he shouldn't have told her 28

END OF ACT THREE 37. ACT FOUR 29 EXT. THE PEARL – FRONT ENTRANCE – EVENING Sawyer leads Richard out of the jungle right at the front door to the Pearl station. RICHARD I thought this might be where we were going. (A beat, then:) I can't believe we missed the files about the volcano. We were coming here for years. SAWYER It's 'cause those files were sealed up tight. Richard nods, following Sawyer over to the open hatch leading down into the station. 30 INT. THE PEARL – TELEVISION ROOM – A LITTLE LATER 30 29

Sawyer walks into the main television room, heading straight for the television monitors on the other side of the room. RICHARD How could you hide something in . . . Sawyer heads for the monitor marked 8, examining it closely before reaching out And swinging it aside, revealing a small area within. Richard stares at Sawyer curiously as he removes a small set of plastic keys from his pocket, looking through them for one specific key. RICHARD (CONT'D) That monitor was a fake? SAWYER Why do you think it never worked?

(CONTINUED) 38. 30 CONTINUED: RICHARD (Re: Key) And that? SAWYER Plastic key. (Off Richard's look:) Electromagnetism. Richard nods, allowing Sawyer to return to his work. Sawyer reaches into the hole in the wall, using the plastic key to unlock a small door, pulling out a FILE FOLDER from the small opening. He gets up, handing Richard the folder before taking a seat on one of the armchairs. Richard looks down at the folder; it reads “Island Geological Survey – Top Secret”. RICHARD How did you know about this? SAWYER I was the Head of Security, Richie. Pretty much what you do for your people. (A beat, then:) You gonna read that? Richard nods, taking a seat next to Sawyer and opening the file. He flips forward to the section on the volcano, scanning over the information quickly before turning back to Sawyer. SAWYER (CONT'D) It say anything? RICHARD It's an evacuation plan. (Off Sawyer's look:) The Dharma Initiative put their best scientists on this for years, and all they could come up with is a contingency plan in case the 30

(CONTINUED) 39. 30 CONTINUED: RICHARD (CONT'D) volcano became active again. (A beat,then:) There's no way of stopping it. All we can do is leave the Island. SAWYER And how is it that we're gonna do that? Richard looks up at Sawyer, completely at a loss for words. 31 EXT. THE TEMPLE – FRONT EXTERIOR – SIMULTANEOUS 31 30

Working together, Ilana and Sun carry Locke's body through the jungle, struggling to keep it level as they tromp through the dirt. Ilana still has the branches tucked under her arm. As they walk, Ilana looks over her shoulder at Sun, smiling to herself. ILANA I bet you never saw yourself doing this. SUN (Laughing) No, I didn't. I can't believe I even came out here. ILANA So, why did you come? SUN I want to think I have a purpose on this Island. Something other than just . . . being a wife and mother. I wanted to do something. ILANA Well, now you're a pallbearer.


Sun laughs to herself, but stops when she and Ilana emerge at the Temple. Sun stares forward at the great structure in awe, nearly dropping Locke's body. Ilana, however, looks forward grimly, then back over at Sun. ILANA (CONT'D) Let's move in. Sun nods slowly, following Ilana into the Temple. 32 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – SIMULTANEOUS Jack and Kate sit together on the beach. KATE You did the right thing in telling her, Jack. JACK I hope you're right. Claire walks up behind the pair, tapping Jack on the shoulder. CLAIRE Can I talk to you? JUMP CUT TO: 33 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – LATER 33 32

Jack and Claire stand alone by the ocean, speaking quietly. CLAIRE How long have you known? JACK Since we left the Island. (A beat, then:) I'm sorry, Claire. I should have found a better way to tell you.

41. 33 CONTINUED: CLAIRE There's no really good way to tell someone something like that. JACK I guess not. (A beat, then:) You know, if you don't want this to change anything, it doesn't have to. CLAIRE No, it's fine. It's pretty cool, actually. (A beat, then:) I mean, we were always close, Jack. And we still are. And . . . well, now I know Aaron's going to be with family. Jack and Claire smile at each other, tears welling in their eyes, then embrace each other warmly. 34 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – SIMULTANEOUS Jin and Desmond head through the jungle to the Temple. DESMOND Can I ask you something? (Jin nods, so:) Why is it you need to see Sun so badly? Jin looks over at Desmond, debating with himself whether or not to tell Desmond the truth, before admitting: JIN We're trying to leave the Island. DESMOND How? 34 33

(CONTINUED) 42. 34 CONTINUED: On your boat. JIN The Elizabeth. 34

DESMOND You got room for two more? JIN Who? DESMOND Penny and Charlie. (Off Jin's look:) I made a bad choice, bringing them here. I feel like I should do something right by them. JIN So, why aren't you coming? DESMOND Because I know there's still a reason I'm here. There's something I'm supposed to do. Jin nods, clearly consenting to Desmond's request. Desmond smiles, then looks forward towards the Temple wall. DESMOND (CONT'D) We're almost there. As Jin and Desmond head towards the wall, the WHOOSH begins again, taking us to: 34 INT. THE ELIZABETH – CABIN – NIGHT – FLASHFORWARD Jin and Sun sit together at the dinner table. SUN (Subtitled) Your father can't wait to see you tomorrow. And I think I'm going to call my mother as well. 34

(CONTINUED) 43. 34 CONTINUED: JIN (Subtitled) You sure about that? SUN (Subtitled) I think so. (A beat, then:) I just always had this picture in my mind of our families all sitting down at the table. Coming together. Maybe it's not possible, but I'd like to try and make it happen. JIN (Subtitled) It won't happen if our daughter is afraid of me. Sun smiles sympathetically, placing her hand on Jin's. SUN (Subtitled) It'll work. We'll be a family soon. JIN (Subtitled) You think so? SUN (Subtitled) Look at how far we've come already. Jin nods, kissing Sun's hand lovingly. And off of this tender scene, the WHOOSH returns, taking us back to: 35 INT. THE TEMPLE – HEALING CHAMBER – EVENING 35 34

Ilana finishes mashing together some of the sycamore and acacia together in a bowl, adding in the volcanic ash from her corked bottle. Locke's body lies on a slab in the center of the room. Sun looks on, interested.

(CONTINUED) 44. 35 CONTINUED: SUN You know what it is you're doing? ILANA Absolutely. Sun nods to herself, but is distracted by the door opening. Ilana looks up as well, seeing Desmond and Jin entering the room. Jin? SUN What are you doing here? 35

JIN I need to talk to you. Sun looks over at Ilana, silently asking for permission to leave. Ilana nods, and Sun follows Jin and Desmond out of the room. 36 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – NIGHT 36

Richard and Sawyer emerge on the beach, still dejected over their findings at the Pearl. Richard looks around the camp for Ilana, but sees nothing. Hurley walks by the pair on his way out of the jungle, zipping up his fly. Hurley. RICHARD You know where Ilana is? HURLEY Temple, dude. Hurley goes on his way back into camp, leaving Sawyer and Richard alone again. Richard looks back into the jungle, then over at Sawyer. SAWYER I'll see you later. Richard nods, taking off into the jungle and leaving Sawyer alone.

(CONTINUED) 45. 37 INT. THE TEMPLE – HEALING CHAMBER – SIMULTANEOUS Sun speaks with Ilana, Jin and Desmond at the door. SUN You're sure you don't need me anymore? (Ilana nods, so:) Thank you. Good luck. Sun turns back to Jin and Desmond. SUN (CONT'D) Let's go to the beach. Jin nods, taking Sun and Desmond out of the room and shutting the door, leaving Ilana alone. She walks over to Locke's body and pours the mixture in his mouth. She then whispers something in an unknown language, then steps back, still muttering under her breath. Suddenly, WHITE SMOKE starts to fill the room, coming in through the doors, cracks in the ceilings, every single entrance to the room. It then comes together, hovering over Locke's body, before being unleashed in a single, brilliant WHITE EXPLOSION, knocking Ilana backward and filling the screen. And now we FADE TO: The same scene. Locke lying alone on the slab. Ilana lying alone on the floor. Ilana opens her eyes, getting up fearfully, grabbing onto the slab and looking over at Locke. ILANA John? John? And as Ilana leans over, we PAN IN on Locke, past his suit, past Ilana's expectant form, to his face, to his EYE . . . IT OPENS. END OF ACT FOUR 38


Desmond kneels in front of Penny, trying to convince her to leave the Island. PENNY No. Not without you. Desmond, I spent three years searching for you, and I'm not leaving you again. DESMOND I can't leave. (Off Penny's look:) It's just a feeling. I can't explain it. Fine. PENNY Then we're staying here together.

After a moment, Desmond nods reluctantly, looking towards Jin and Sun, who stand at the edge of the camp. He motions for them to leave without him, and they do so. Desmond turns back to Penny. DESMOND Thank you, Pen. Desmond embraces Penny; she smiles on Desmond's shoulder. PENNY You're quite welcome. 39 EXT. SECRET DOCK – A WHILE LATER Jin and Sun walk forward to find Ben waiting by the boat. BEN About time. SUN Is it stocked? 39

(CONTINUED) 47. 39 CONTINUED: BEN Everything you need for a two-week journey. Sun nods as Jin hops onto the boat, getting it ready to leave. She looks back at Ben before she boards. SUN Thank you, Ben. Of course. BEN Just one more thing . . . 39

Ben reaches into his pack, putting Sun on her guard, but he simply pulls out a small homing beacon from the supply drop. BEN (CONT'D) This sends off a location signal to Dharma Initiative headquarters in Ann Arbor. When you get off the Island, I need you to go there and find the Island's location. SUN Why is that? BEN To come back for everyone else. Sun looks at Ben for a moment, then nods reluctantly. SUN I'll try. Ben nods in gratitude, allowing Sun Jin pulls Sun on, the two look back time before heading for the wheel. leave the Island, the WHOOSH starts 40 to board the boat. As at the Island one last And as they get ready to up, taking us to: 40

INT. THE ELIZABETH – BEDROOM – NIGHT – FLASHBACK Jin walks in to find Ji Yeon lying on the bed.

(CONTINUED) 48. 40 CONTINUED: JIN (Subtitled) Hi, Ji Yeon. JI YEON (Subtitled) Hi. Jin walks into the room, sitting down on the bed. JIN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) I really am sorry that we haven't been able to see each other. But all I've done for the past three years is think about you and your mother. (Ji Yeon says nothing, so:) You know, when I was a boy, my father used to tell me stories. Stories that his father told him, and so on. And I would love to just sit with him, and listen to what he said, and to make up stories of my own. (A beat, then:) You want to read a book, Ji Yeon? Ji Yeon looks up at her father, connecting with him for the first time. 41 INT. THE ELIZABETH – CABIN – SIMULTANEOUS – FLASHFORWARD 41 Sun finishes up some dishes, then heads over to the bedroom, opening the door and peeking in. 42 INT. THE ELIZABETH – BEDROOM – CONTINUOUS – FLASHFORWARD 42 Sun finds Jin and Ji Yeon cuddled up together, reading a story. She smiles to herself, looking in on the scene. As she shuts the door, the WHOOSH returns, taking us back to: 40

(CONTINUED) 49. 43 EXT. THE ELIZABETH – NIGHT Jin and Sun are at the wheel of the ship, looking towards the ocean ahead as they sail away from the Island. 43 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – NIGHT 43 43

Ben returns to the main camp, homing beacon in hand. He first meets Sawyer, who sees that Jin is no longer with him. He immediately points a gun at Ben angrily. SAWYER Where the hell's Jin? Ben raises his hands, homing beacon above his head. BEN I can explain. Sawyer lowers his gun slightly, allowing Ben to provide an explanation for Jin and Sun's absence. 44 EXT. THE TEMPLE – FRONT EXTERIOR – SIMULTANEOUS 44

Richard jogs to the Temple, rushing up the steps and inside the building. 45 INT. THE TEMPLE – HEALING CHAMBER – FOLLOWING 45

Richard runs into the room to find Ilana lying unconscious on the floor. Locke has disappeared. Richard runs over to Ilana, lifting her up and reviving her. RICHARD Ilana. Ilana. Ilana opens her eyes, grabbing Richard in terror. ILANA Richard . . . something went wrong. RICHARD What are you talking about?

(CONTINUED) 50. 45 CONTINUED: Richard helps Ilana to her feet; she takes a seat on the slab, breathing heavily as she relays her story. ILANA I brought him back. Locke, he was alive, as much as you and I. (A beat, then:) But then started panicking. Asking me where he was. How he got there. And I tried to explain what happened, but he didn't want to listen. (A beat, then:) All he kept saying was: JUMP CUT TO: 46 INT. THE TEMPLE – HEALING CHAMBER – NIGHT – FLASHBACK Locke now sits on the slab, grabbing Ilana by the arms as he foists himself up. LOCKE How did I get back to the Island? How did I get back to the Island?! Ilana fails to provide an answer quickly enough, so Locke throws her over to the side of the room. She hits the wall, hitting her head and slipping into unconsciousness. Locke looks around the room in fright, then runs out in panic. JUMP CUT TO: 47 INT. THE TEMPLE – HEALING CHAMBER – NIGHT Richard stares at Ilana in disbelief as she reveals: ILANA Richard, he's gone. CUT TO BLACK: 47 46 45


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