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                                                                                                    Fall 2009
                                                                                               Volume 82 No. 1


                                                                  WE CARE.
                                                               Making a Difference,
                                                                One Child and One
                                                                        Nort est
                                                              Community at a Time

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to       changing the world, one child and one community at a time.
                                                                                            Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine   1
                                        CARNEGIE MEDAL                   SPECIAL FEATURE

                                         CARNEGIE MEDAL FOR HEROISM
            HEROISM AWARD                                         Chapter of the American Red Cross have all recognized
                          By Erik Hidle                           Bryant as a hero for his actions.
                     Peninsula Daily News                           Bryant has long been unimpressed with tales of his
                 (Reprint from Peninsula News)
PORT TOWNSEND -- As Greg Bryant, holder of the national             He also has thanked all the members of the community
Carnegie Medal for heroism, was honored with an award             who donated to help him pay his medical bills.
from Port Townsend Kiwanis last week (September 20), he             One of the reasons Bryant had taken the job with Edensaw
                                                                  Woods, a Port Townsend specialty wood company, was to get
pulled her from a burning building.                               medical insurance.
   “He lost his wife,” Bryant said of Bob Bundy, who came to
last week’s ceremony as Bryant’s guest of honor.
   “I just got burned. He lost her. That’s what is really sad.”
   Bryant, now 22, was driving a truck for Edensaw Woods of       by a faulty electrical cord on a hospital bed she used.

in Chimacum on May 21, 2008.                                      start.
                                                                     Bryant tried to drive himself to the hospital in Port
Sandra Bundy -- who was alone in the home -- from the

SPECIAL MEDAL                                                     in the burn ward, and was released a week later, on his 21st
   The local chapter of Kiwanis, with the blessing of the         birthday.
Kiwanis International Foundation, awarded the Robert                 Edensaw owner Jim Ferris set up two bank accounts for
P. Connelly Medal to Bryant at the chapter’s annual               donations to help defray Bryant’s medical expenses, and to
membership meeting.                                               help Bob Bundy.
   Connelly, a 34-year-old Kiwanis member, died Sept. 23,            Thousands of dollars in donations helped defray Bryant’s
                                                                  medical bills.

  Just like Connelly, said Patrick Ewing, the northwest
governor of Kiwanis, Bryant had shown the spirit of Kiwanis       is now working construction part-time.
                                                                     Bryant said at the time that he wished he could have done
of another.                                                       more to save Sandra Bundy.
   “Greg risked death or physical harm when he might just
have passed along the way,” Ewing said as he presented            MADE A DIFFERENCE
Bryant with the award. “This man is what Kiwanis is all
about.                                                               “There was a woman in need, and Greg answered that
                                                                  call,” he said.
the gear or support to rescue that woman from a burning              “Unfortunately we do not have that victim with us today,
building that day but he went in anyway.                          but she is in our hearts.”
                                                                     When Ewing spoke of Sandra Bundy’s death, Bryant
  As Ewing spoke, Bryant sat quietly in the front row and         choked up and looked at Bundy.
  “I’m very, very grateful that Kiwanis thinks I deserve this     at.
award,” Bryant said. “Still, it might just mean that the top        The two talked not of the past, not of the awards, but of
                                                                  the future -- everything from Bundy’s rental home to the
                                                                    When asked about the past, Bundy, now 74 years old,
  At his home in Port Hadlock, Bryant has a desk drawer
                                                                  had only one thing to say.
where he keeps his accolades.
  In the drawer is the Carnegie Medal for heroism, which            “Time heals all wounds,” he said.


2    PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                      INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT                           SPECIAL FEATURE

Paul Palazzolo, International President

Can you name the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize last year?                                          PNW BUILDER
Who was the most valuable player in Super Bowl XLII? Who                                               Magazine
asked you to join your Kiwanis Club?                                                                       Fall 2009
The reason the last question is easier to answer is simply

meet your Kiwanis sponsor, I’d proudly shake their hand in
gratitude. As a Kiwanian, when you help a child, it’s almost
as if your sponsor were involved. It’s a legacy of service.

Strengthening your club’s membership builds that legacy of Kiwanis service. During

potential for membership strength. Your club can achieve its potential by coordinating

        initiatives like satellite clubs and corporate membership.

        May: Kiwanis Membership Month – Work with your club to plan now for a

        September: Keep it in the Kiwanis Family by asking family and faculty of your
        sponsored clubs to join your club.

As a leader in Kiwanis, now is the time to set the pace for an entire year of membership
growth. Please check out the details for each of these club membership initiatives on the
Kiwanis website at: and plan now to grow for service.

another new Kiwanian into your club. Let’s use the concepts in the “Reveal” initiative to

            President Marylin Nicks of the Kiwanis Club of Vernonia, Oregon gets a
            round of applause from PNW Governor Patrick Ewing, Swede Nyberg,
            International President Paul Palazzolo, and Intl. Trustee Randy DeLay.
                                                                                            Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine   3
                                        DISTRICT CHAIRS                              DISTRICT CHAIRS


Have questions or looking for ideas? We have a host of volunteer            COMMUNITY SERVICE TEAM

                                                                            Global Service - Charlie Nordeck           
team advisor (listed in italics).                                           Save Old Spectacles (SOS) - Steve Maxwell
                                                                            Human & Spiritual Values - Byron Wills       
MEMBERSHIP GROWTH TEAM                                                      SIGN Project Co-Chair - Ralph Curran     
Team Leader - Patrick Ewing                  SIGN Project Co-Chair - Jack Nicolson          
Club Satellites - Ken Brink                    YC: PO - Craig Koester                  
Diversity - Michele Campbell              Youth Services - Rod Vroman                     
Membership Recruitment - Greg Holland               Team Advisor - Dick Mayer                   
Membership Retention - Swede Nyberg    
New Club Building - David Evans               SERVICE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS TEAM
Team Advisor - Rod Saalfeld                 Outreach Program - Cindy Krusel   
                                                                            Aktion Club Admin. - Lee Chic      
ADMINISTRATION TEAM                                                         K-Kids Admin. - Roy Henson
Alignment - Peter Armstrong                Builders Club Admin. - Jim Needham
Club Achievement - Dale de Vries         
Club Administration - Van Phillips         Key Club Admin. - John Jay              
Dues/Admin Fund Review - Loren Lee        
Finance & Fundraising - John Brookens         Team Advisor - Bill Reitz                       

                                                                            REPRESENTATIVES OF OTHER AGENCIES
Strategic Planning - Roger Bell                 Intl. Foundation - Phyllis Shovelski
Team Advisor - Loren Lee                           The following are elected positions:
                                                                            Canadian Foundation - George Cadman 
COMMUNICATIONS TEAM                                                         PNW Foundation - Bill Packard             
Marketing & Public Relations - Shirley Hopper
Builder Magazine Co-Editor - Barbara Cunningham       Bigfoot Association - Paul Austin       
                            Sharon LaVigne

Team Advisor - Gary McGlothlen  

Dispute Resolution - Joseph Connor
Laws & Regulations - Harold Erland
Parliamentarian - Rod Saalfeld
Risk Management - Roger Sprague 
Team Advisor - Louise Regelin  
                                                                                           NO MORE P.O. BOX!

Education & Training - Claudell King 
International Convention - Greg Smith    

                                                                                           10184 S.W. Laurel Street
                                                                                          Beaverton, OR 97005-3211

4    PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                                 COMMUNITY                            LOCATOR

                      IS THERE NEWS                           YOU WANT TO HELP...
W                         FROM A
                    E   COMMUNITY
                        NEAR YOU?
With hundreds of clubs throughout the PNW
District, chances are Kiwanis is having an impact
where you live. This magazine shows just a small

for children, seniors and families.
Community          Pages     Community          Pages
                             Penticton, B.C.        9

NEW MEMBERS         14-15

                             Summerland, B.C.       9

Oliver, B.C.            9

                                                            We’ll Help You Find a Way.
                                                               I am interested in learning more
                                                            about community service opportunities.



                                                            ST/PROV             POSTAL/ZIP CODE

                                                             PHONE    (     )

                                                                 send an email to
                                                             More information is available at

                                                                                       Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine   5
                                       SPECIAL FEATURE           SPECIAL FEATURE

                                       GUARDIAN ANGELS FOR SOLDIER’S PET
                                                          veterinary care and basic food/supplies for their pet.
                                                          Upon the soldier’s homecoming, the foster home
                                                          returns the pet to its owner.
                                                            As a result, soldiers are able to keep their pets
                                                          and receive progress reports while they are away
                                                          from home which helps them cope with the stress of
                                                          deployment. Many foster “parents” keep the soldiers
                                                          up-to-date by mail, photos, phone, email and even
                                                          blogs in some cases.
                                                            The organization, which operates solely on
                                                          donations, also handles pet transportation such as
                                                          reuniting a deceased soldier’s beloved pet with the

                                                          from West Point, NY to Minneapolis, MN.
                                                            GASP is also trying to raise money to start a pet
                                                          sanctuary in order to provide a temporary home
    Guardian Angels Watch Over                            for service members’ pets in those cases where a
      Deployed Soldiers’ Pets                             foster family can’t be found. Currently, the group

                                                          deploying by the end of this year and are looking for
family members...including furry ones. Deployments
are a stressful time that is mixed with heartache if      pets are with foster families.
                                                             Spurlin-Dominik recommends soldiers in need of
for their pets.                                           a foster home for their pet, or readers who would
  According to Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pets         like to donate or volunteer their time, to contact her
                                                          through Their
owner with only one option: relinquish their beloved
pets to a shelter or rescue group never to see them
again. That includes not knowing if they got a new                      -
home or ended up euthanized.
  That’s were GASP steps into the picture. “We do

organization’s founder. “It’s a way of giving back
to those who defend and protect our country and
   According to Spurlin-Dominik, GASP now has
chapters in several other states to assist military
service members, their spouses, veterans and their
pets by matching the soldiers’ pets with foster
homes. The organization, which operates out of her
home in Hot Springs, AR, has helped more than 300
families to date and currently has a national network
of 850 volunteers.
   GASP foster homes typically care for the pets for      Maj. Randall Baucom, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry
up to 24 months while their owners are deployed or
facing a hardship. Spurlin-Dominik says there is no
cost to the soldiers, other than the cost of any needed   (Photo Courtesy: Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pets)

6   PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                                 KIWANIS NEWS                       UPCOMING EVENTS

                                               KIWANIS NEWS
         IN THE ZONE: KIWANIS MAGAZINE                                 PROMOTE KIWANIS ONE DAY
   Like peak-performing athletes, Kiwanis clubs know          What’s your club doing for Kiwanis One Day on April
what it’s like to be “in the zone.” The Springdale,         10? Whatever you’re doing, make sure everyone knows
Arkansas, Kiwanis Club, for example, is in the zone         about it!
when it teaches teamwork, sportsmanship and character         Check out the new Kiwanis One Day promotional
development through its youth football program. La
Hormiga, Colombia, Kiwanian Mary Rocha and other
members worldwide are in the zone when they don red         most Kiwanis-family Web sites. Show the video at your
velvet suits and white beards to portray Santa Claus for
local children. You can read about these and other zoned-   MySpace and your club Web sites. Get the word out
                                                            about Kiwanis One Day and the excitement will spread.

                                                                 And don’t forget to enter the contest...
     anniversary on January 21, 2010.                            (

    tested in four North American districts.          win a video or magazine story feature about your
  · Let’s go chartering. Opening a Key Club, K-Kids         club’s project. Contest entry is a quick link on the right of
    club or other Service Leadership Program just got a     the page. Entries are due January 15.
    lot easier.
  · Get connected. Thousands of Kiwanians are
    hooking up to social media, such as Facebook and
    Kiwanis Community.
  · Dig the scene. Las Vegas Strip Kiwanis Club
    member Maggie Howe invites you to her

 Look for bonus content and quick links to resources at

  Club secretaries can now log in to the reporting and

critical club data on one handy dashboard.
   Editing functions allow changes to be made easily and
quickly. Site also includes options for announcements
and communication with district and Kiwanis

edited directly from this dashboard.
  Questions? E-mail

 could have been sponsored by:


                                                                                            Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine   7
                                        GOVERNOR’S                              PROJECT

                                        GOVERNOR’S PROJECT: PROJECT K-9
The Governor’s Project for 2009/10 is very broad: any service   Some Examples of Possible Project K-9 Service Projects
project that somehow relates to dogs: either helping dogs
                                                                Children & Youth                     Helping Families Enjoy
themselves, or working with dogs to help people.
                                                                                                     Their Dogs
Project K-9 Guidelines

                                                                     Program for children with
    next column for ideas); projects can be done at the club                                           Charity
    or division level.
                                                                     speech impediments
    patches if they provide one hour or more of service per
                                                                     to children
    member or $5 or more per member to an organization
                                                                                                       About Responsible Dog
    that helps dogs (e.g. SPCA) or that uses dogs to help
    people (e.g. Guide Dogs for the Blind).
4. Consider sending an article to the Builder magazine at            disabled (e.g. seizure alert)
                                                                                                       for Low Income Seniors/                                                                             Families
5. Send information about your Project to Governor’s                 to visit at nursing homes
                                                                                                       dog washing, pet store                                                                               booths, pet health, etc.)
                                                                Community Service

    will be a Service Fair with a special category for the                                             owners (safety, grooming,
    Governor’s Project. There will also be “Spot”-Lights to                                            care/feeding, etc.)
    recognize Most Unusual, Most Monies Raised, Most
                                                                                                     Helping Dogs in Need
    Creative, Best K-Family Involvement, Etc.
Project K-9 Membership Tip                                           dispensers in public parks
While you are planning your project, talk to people you
encounter walking their dog. Ask to pet their dog, and               leash park
                                                                                                       or other agencies involved
                                                   explore                                             in rescuing dogs
                                                                     Pathways To Hope
their interest in dogs by joining your Kiwanis club!
                                                                                                       (similar to Skip a Meal
                                                                                                       Program), donating what
                                                                                                       you would normally pay
                                                                                                       for your meeting’s meal to
                                                                                                       the SPCA/ASPCA or other
                                                                                                       worthy agency.

                                                                                                     Other Ideas
                                                                                                     Get members to click a day
                                                                                                     for the Animal Rescue Site.
                                                                                                     Convention 2010

                                                                                                     Dog Day, so PNW Convention

                                                                                                     opportunity to showcase your

8    PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                                  GOVERNOR’S                      ®

   What will a Governor do                                                                      SOCIAL
to support his project?                                                                         NETWORKING
                                                                                                Visit us on Facebook

the join installation in                                                                        Kiwanis International
Oliver, BC for the Kiwanis                                                                      is now on the Facebook
clubs (Oliver, Osoyoos,                                                                         Band. We want to
Penticton and Summerland                                                                        connect with you.
as well as the Oliver/
Osoyoos Aktion Club).                                                                           Become a “fan” of our
                                                                                                page and we’ll use this
  The Kiwanis Club of
                                                                                                as a tool to keep you
and fun job of hosting                                                                          abreast of important
this event. As part of the                                                                      dates on the Kiwanis
evening’s fun, a fundraiser                                                                     calendar, training
was held with the proceeds                                                                      opportunities and other
                                                     Is that tasty Patrick?
designated for the                                                                              important updates.
Governor’s Project “We
LOVE to Serve.”                                                                                 We also hope you’ll use
                                                                                                this as an opportunity
  In honor of the             Patrick decided he would                                          to keep in touch with
Governor’s project, the       pick up the challenge and                                         other members as we
table centerpieces were
                                                                                                work toward the goal
boxes of dog biscuits. As     biscuit for $50 towards his
                                                                                                of growing our mem-
an additional fundraiser,     project. This again was
Oliver President, Wayne       quickly contributed.                                              bership and improving
                                                                                                our world one child
dog biscuit if $20 could be     The evening’s successful                                        and one community at
raised for the project.       events saw almost $300                                            a time.
                              collected for the Governor’s
  This was quickly            project (not all from eating
contributed. Governor         dog biscuits!).

SHOWCASE YOUR DOG RELATED PROJECTS                                              WILL YOUR CLUB BE
                                                                                    THE FIRST
                               Submit your articles with                        IN YOUR DIVISION?
                               photos to the Builder
                               Magazine that showcase                 Your club has the opportunity to step up and be a
                               your dog related projects
                               throughout the year. Tall
                                                                      sponsor of the PNW Kiwanis Builder Magazine.
                               Tails will be the column               Clubs will receive special recognition for their
                               featuring these projects.              contribution.

                                                                      For just $100 you can sponsor a whole page
                                 could have been sponsored by:        in one issue or you can sponsor the Objects of
                                                                      Kiwanis (see back page) for a full year.
                                       YOU!                                   For more information contact us:

                                                                                              Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine   9
                                   KEY CLUB LEADERSHIP                                NEW MEMBERS

                                                         KEY CLUB LEADERSHIP
  Three students from the Liberty Bell High School Key
Club spent a long weekend at Chewelah Peak Learning

Lt. Governor Rebecca Thomson was a student facilitator
and Krissy Weber and Janae Demetruk were participants.
Kiwanis Advisor, Roy Reiber accompanied the girls and

     Students        took   part    in     activities   teaching     team

involving neighborhoods that emphasized what is needed

                                                                                         Richard Rockwell       Louise Joyce
                         NEW MEMBERS                                                     Jody St. Denis         Keith Millard
                                                                                        West Vancouver         Nanaimo
     New      Kiwanis       members        mean    new    ideas     and       extra      Elizabeth Farrow       Rose Davison
                                                                                         Barbara Horlock       Parksville-
                                                                                         Beverly Land           Qualicum
     communities in the Northwest and around the world.                                  Raymond McLellan       Tony Harris
     Please take the time to make the new members you                                    Joanne Milne           Julianna Kis
                                                                                         Moira O’Brian          Martin Lavinia
     encounter feel welcome and valued.                                                  John Page              Fred Lucht
                                                                                         James Richardson       Dorinda McDougall
                                                                                         Eduardo Salvador       Michelle Mitchell
         Division 05               Williams Lake              Lynden
                                    M Lynne Connor                Curtis Atneosen        Nova Seaby             Danny Morrison
                                    Claudine Kadonaga             Kathy Atneosen         Alison Sheard          Joyce Wayne
      John Grumbach                 Judy Robinson                 Peter Byma             Alistar Sim
     Colville                                                     Kristen Hansen         Ronald Wood            Gregory Holland
      Erica Breien                        Division 09             Steve Hortegas                                Donald Wood
      Don Franck
                                                                                           Division 15
                                                                  Regan Robinson
      LLoyd Ward                                              Lynden-Breakfast          Chemainus Crofton
                                    Aaron Chavez                                                                River
     Nelson                         Linda Dezellem                Gary Reasoner          Christopher Bertram    Linda Greenan
                                    Sue St Clair              South Surrey               Ryan Bruce
      Diane Cherry
                                   Okanogan                       Sandy Anderson         Leighton Burridge         Division 17
                                                                  Lorraine Cauley        Mark Champagne
                                    David Bishop                                                               Oak Bay, Victoria
      Linda Lively                                                Brian Maxwell          Christopher Childs
                                    Jerry King                                                                  Mark Payten
      Russell Phillips                                            Deb Maxwell            Robert Dyke
                                   Oliver                                                Bruce Farquhar         Ken Smith
     Trail                                                        Steve McPherson
                                    William Dallamore                                    Andy Friis             Delphine Straith
      Erin Handy                                                  Vera Miller
                                    Peter Martens                                                              Victoria
      Mary-Jane Thiessen                                      White Rock
                                                                                         Jamie Greenwood        Michael Cathrea
         Division 07               Osoyoos                                               Carley Huson           Kenneth Humble
                                    Meryl Kendall                    Division 13         Eric Johnson          Victoria Golden K
                                    Christine Lange                                                             Robert Baird
      Zonia Arnold                  Susan Lange               North Vancouver            Robert Orchin          Alexander Green
      Darleen Nowell                                              Marianna Klimek
                                   Winthrop                                              David Parker
      Jane Stockell                                                                                                Division 18
                                    Richard Evans             Richmond                   Ronald Rukus
      Jeannie Wasylenko
                                    Sydney Gariano                Thomas Luk             Rick Shay
         Division 08                David Ness                                           Jaron Thompson         John Davidson
                                                                  Ladner                 Dennis Vadeboncoeur    Gerald Ennis
     Prince George                        Division 11                                    William West
                                                                  John Jaye                                     Marylou Gjos
      Monica Lane
                                   Golden Ears, Maple         Vancouver                                         Fred Hansen
     Vernon-Four                    Ridge                                                Anthony Wolowich      Bellingham
      Seasons                                                     Hamish Doughty        Comox                   Robert Gregory
      Eva Kudrna                                                  Jennifer Eden          Gary Moore             Layne Johnson
      Beverly Lawrence              Stacey Farnsworth             Andrew Lugsdin        Courtenay               Chelsea Roy
      Draga Mravunac                                              Mark Neale                                    John Gregory Wegrich

10     PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                                    KIWANIS                           NEW MEMBERS

                                          KEY CLUB LEADERSHIP

                                                              spent outside in a challenge course working on trust skills
                                                              and cooperation. The camp had all the elements a Kiwanis

                                                                  The Kiwanis Club of Winthrop sponsored the girls
                                                              to the weekend at Key Leader, bringing to twenty the

                                                              the leadership training.
                                                                                                                      - Roy Reiber

Bellingham-             Division 20            John Fuller                                             Lynn Brown
 Kulshan                                       Gus Gustavo                                             Sherry La Vine
 John Kamarar
                    Anacortes                  Eric Irelan                 Ann Ashford                 Grindeland
                     Kennon Hanks                                          Gloria Smith                Benjamin Padua
 Steven Smith
                     David Laidman             Judith Rolston              Jack Smith                 Issaquah
                     Edward Page               Bill Ronhaar                Michael Thulin              Doug Allen
 M Benjamin
 Roderick Bourke                              Skagit-Mount                Monroe                       Walter Cassidy
                     Susan Wintermantel                                                                Craig Tasa
 Alice Carter                                  Vernon                      Michael Cruver
                     Bob Yerby
 Thomas Eggeson                                                            John Mannix                Kirkland
 Clara Howe
                    Anacortes,                 Bob Smith                   Velma Smith                 Peggy Bush
 Florence La Rose    Sunrisers                                            Snohomish                    Darcie Cailao
 Ruth McKitrick      Richard Edwards              Division 21              Kenneth Hammond             Sandra Cook
 Phoebe Paulsen      Janice Larson                                                                     Michael Grenier
                     James McCarthy
 Eileen Prough                                 Jon Blue                    Lorraine Matuschak          Anthony Miller
 Ronald Riddoch      Larry Nelson                                          Bryson McGee                Kathy Stewart
                                               Kris Carter
 Vera Webb           James Richardson                                                                  Jim Styner
                                               Randy Carter
 Shari West                                    Nola Smith                 Snohomish-                   David Surridge
                     J Kerry Wilcox                                                                   Kirkland Sunrisers
Lake Whatcom                                  Everett, Golden K            Tillicum
                                               Sandi Larson                Stuart Snyder               Mary Shular
                     Reni McCutcheon                                                                  Mercer Island
                     Dorothy Vandaveer                                        Division 24              Julia DeBroux
 David Smith                                  Everett-Evergreen
                                               Larry Vognild                                           Tania Fleming
    Division 19      Jean Fitzgerald                                      Ballard, Seattle
                                                                                                       Brandon Lorain
                     Theodore Jensen          Lake Stevens                 Diane Andrew
                                                                                                       Stanley Luce
Port Angeles                                                               Helene Lysness
                    Orcas Island                                                                      Northshore, Bothell
 Sue Ackerman                                  Jack Santeford             University, Seattle
                     Greg Ayers                                                                        Ralph Anderson
 George Bower                                  Herb Singleton              Robert Byers
                     John Hunt                                                                         Susan Buske
 Phyllis Darling                              Marysville                   Judy Harris
 Pam Lindquist                                                                                         Don Johnson
                                               Sheri Betancourt            Thomas Harris
 Michael Rainey                                                                                        Ben Sterciuc
                                               Samuel Nagel                Jeremy Peck
 Charles Rogers                                                                                        Ron Wheadon
                                               Barbara O’Kelly
 Robert Streng                                 John Watkins                   Division 26              Kinnon Williams
                      Division 20M                                                                    Providence Point,
 Rudy Wahlsten                                Mukilteo                    Highline, Burien
 Sayge Wisecup      Burlington-Edison          Cory Armstrong-Hoss                                     Issaquah
                                                                           Ly Ho
Port Angeles-        Jess Carkner              Jane Crawfard              West Seattle                 Ted Gamelin
 Olympic                                                                   Vicki Angus
 Susan Bates         Leanne Wiseman                                                                    John Gardner
                                               Dan Johnston               White Center
                    Laconner                                                                           Marjorie McClurg
                                               Craig Leroy                 Elizabeth Davis
                     Robert Abrams                                                                     Guy Peto
 Noel Linda                                    Richard Manrique
                     H Arthur Arians                                                                   Carla Van Zuiden
 David Nephew                                                              Naomas Faletogo
Sequim-Dungeness                                  Division 22                                         Redmond
                                                                           Raymond Zombro              Colin Hardman
 Vickie Maples       Nancy Dunton
                     Fred Owens
                                              Edmonds                                                  Sheri Nickel-Jarvinen
                                                                              Division 28
                    Mount Vernon                                                                       Raymond Wong
                                               Susan Henry                Bellevue
                     Sharon Cole               George Murray
                     Christina Davis                                       Michelle Bizek

                                                                                                Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine 11
                                               KIWANIS                           NEW MEMBERS

                                                          NEW MEMBERS

         Division 30               Shirley Gaunt-Smith     Darrin Lowry                                 South Bend
                                   Dick Geissler           Calvin Page              Shelton              Allen Curtis
     Bonney Lake                   Robert Guthrie          James Reaves                                  Kayla Filyaw-Denney
      Clare Murphy                 Tom Huxtable            Jody Snyder                                   Carole Halsan
     Buckley                                               Nilsa Sotomayor         North Thurston,       Patricia Neve
      Bryan Howard                 Randell Kruse           Glenn Worthington
      Bob Howie
                                   Ryan Kruse             Vashon Island                                  Grayland,
                                                                                    Bret Bajema
      Stan Neilson                 Roger Lewis             Keith Putnam
      Rochelle Plaster
                                                                                    Darrell Moore        Westport,
                                   Marilyn Milne          West End, Tacoma          Kelli Osborne        Tokeland
     Daffodil Valley,              David Pargas            Wendy Forslin            Eric Rose
                                   Terry Persson                                                         Brian Hunter
      Puyallup                                             Judith Larsen           Olympia               Kristen Stein
      John Addison                 Jon Pozega              Michelle Stevenson
                                   Dale Rosbach                                     Jerry Barney         Heather Sweet
      Timothy Mc Kamey                                     Richard Stevenson
                                   Margaret Rosbach                                 Susan Bogni
                                                           John Young               Roy Chastain            Division 42
      Ken Cockle                   Shelley Schroeder       Minnie Young
                                   Jerry Smith                                      Ann Cooke           Cathlamet
                                                           Joseph Zawacki           Barry Diseth
                                   Steven Stout                                                          Trinidad Medina
      David Booth                                                                   Vonnie Diseth
      Diane Nauvais                Jim Warberg                Division 36                                Richard Swart
                                   Lowell Welker                                                        Clatskanie
     Orting                                               Bremerton                 Fred Hensley
      Linda Burington                                      Herb Shinn               Leighton Johnson
                                   (The)                                                                 Susan Harkleroad
      Judith Meitzler                                      Harold Vlist             Joe Lauria
                                   Jerry Dean                                                            Monica Hastings
      Stephen Meitzler                                     Dennis Williams          Van Ly
                                   Connie Freeman                                                        Marion Long
     Puyallup                                             Greater Kingston          Allan Martin
                                                                                    Starleen Parsons
      Linda Di Lembo                     Division 34                                                     Jane Getsla
      Marilee Johnson                                      Jesse Cockerham          Dave Peeler
                                 Clover Park,                                                            Barbara Lancaster
      Shanna Peterson                                      Mary Cockerham           Brad Powers
      Steve Swanlund                                       Kendall Hanson           Joseph Sloan
      Lorraine Wilson              Michael Dorgan          Eric Roth                Nichole Vaccaro      Janice Barrera
      Shawn Zilbert                Larry Dunlap                                     Christy White        Elizabeth Gray-Weekley
                                                                                                         Connie Green
     Puyallup Sunrisers            Maren Dunlap            Renee Arcement          Pioneer
                                   Rudy Flores                                                           Gregory Hannon
      Cheryl Dillon                                        Mike Driscoll            Community of         Lonnie Knowles
      Ann Lomax                  Fife-Milton               Darwin Dunker            Mason County,        Mary Lyons
                                   Kimberly Roscoe         Brenda Steinsvik         Shelton
         Division 32             Fircrest                  Jason Till               Alan Barry
     Covington                     Charles Bayha                                    Kendall Kramer       Darin Shook
      Tracie Pentzold              Katie Dorsey                                    Shelton               Michelle Wallace
     Federal Way                 Greater Tacoma           North Mason,              Stefanie Dantinne   Saint Helens
      Walter Backstrom             Margaret Breen          Belfair                  Hugh Ewart           Gina Marie Harrington
      Alvin Bruchal                Debi Devine             Jeanne Bishop            William LeBlanc      David Herr
      Anna Cavanaugh               Benjamin Kocourek       Dorinda Brown
      Mark Knapp                   Laura Valdez            Lyne Constantineau       Jackie Ashley        Lynne Tappan
      Bill May                   Parkland-                 Rose Mary Jensen         Edward Hildreth      Janet Wright
      William Pirkle                                       Howard Joslin
                                                                                                        St. Helens Day
      Rick Reese                   Jay Brower              Amber Schauer               Division 40
     Greater Federal               Nicki Chamberlain      Port Orchard
                                                                                   Centralia             John Basco
      Way                          Morgen Larson-Atwood    Arlo Bower
                                                                                    Marilyn Haskins      Dena Chesney
      Mark Marshall                Marilyn Rasmussen       Patricia Novogradac
                                                                                    Diane Wade           Erik Sorenson
     Kent                          Brian Saltvick         Silverdale                                     Frances Wood
      Kim Brown                  Peninsula, Gig            Franklin Sell
                                                                                    Randall Brown
      Robert Dempsey                                      South Kitsap              Richard Stone           Division 44
      Thomas Holman                Carol Arnold            Breakfast               Ocean Shores         Battle Ground
      Bill Johnson                 Steven Arnold           Melanie Christensen      Nancy Allison        Richard Filion
      Barbara Saalfeld             Steven Bay              Robert Cooper            C James Ingle       Cascade Park
      Kathleen Shiver            Steilacoom                                         Helen Lord
                                                              Division 38                                Julius Agbayani
     Meridian-Kent                 Donald Denning                                   Michal Rosecrans     Jagdish Chandra
      Pat Murray                   Gerry Evanson          Hood Canal,              Pe Ell                Michael Downey
     Renton                        Peggy Gunwald           Hoodsport                Karen Capps          Ashley Johnson
      MaryAnn Anthony              Michael Henderson       Robert McCormick         Barbara Firoved
      Patricia Auten               Celeste Johnston        Jennifer Pirtle          Mark Shippee         Debbie Wallace
      Jerome Balkan                Jarod Kelpman
      Chuck Charbonneau            Joseph Kirkpatrick
                                                                                    Jesica Bryant
      Dan Clawson                                                                   Vivian Edersheim

12    PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                                  KIWANIS                         NEW MEMBERS

                                            NEW MEMBERS

Fort Vancouver       Rathdrum-              Manson                      JoAnne Donnelly             Northeast Portland
 William Closson      Lakeland               Valerie Flores             Lora Edelman                 Chad English
 Jesse Dunn                                  Susan Madden               Katherine Palermini          Hannah Hobbs
 William Turlay       Jon Dohm                                          Craig Sivley                 Alan Viewig
Salmon Creek,         Kenneth Hill                                         Division 56              Peninsula-Portland
 Vancouver            Roger Kinzel                                                                   Donna Henderson
 Joy Thayer          Saint Maries            Joanne Rogstad            Kamiah                       Portland
 Tod Thayer           William Cowin          April Stover               Dora Glidewell               Dorothy Connet
                      Sandra Hodge           James Sundberg             Sharlene Johnson             Andrew Jones
    Division 46      Sandpoint               Kim Ustanik                Jennifer Konrad              Steve Klemroth
                      Howard Faux                                       Ernest Lynd                  James McAllister
Country Homes,                                                          Todd Lynd
 Spokane              Lee Hardin             Wenatchee                                               Sandra McLeod
                      Anna Shuster           Gary Blanchard             Jody Pethtel
                      Mary Vail             Wacoka of                   Daniel Steiner               Hossein Talebi
Deer Park                                                               Linda Steiner
                      Kimberli Walker        Cashmere
 Edward Rooney                                                          William West
 Suzanne Rooney                              Mary Clark                                              Portland
                         Division 50         Kelly Millman
                                                                        Ronald Ketcham
 Spokane             Apple Valley,          Wenatchee                                               Ross Island
                      Yakima                 Shannon Dalan                                           Earlyrisers,
 Briana Burg                                                            Bonnie Faling
                                             David Wall                                              Portland
 Brianna K’Burg                                                         Kaden Lyda
 David Tilton         Paul Hayden                                                                    John Lambert
                      Juliet Hemphill
                                                Division 54             Gerald Tutcher
East Spokane                                                                                            Division 64
 J Cook               Charlie Hines         Dayton                      Lorraine McConnoll
                      Jerome Parmentier      Mark Franklin                                          Cedar Hills,
Hillyard                                                                Sarah Nelson
                      Cody Tusler            Joseph Huether
 Robert Ganahl                                                                                       Beaverton
 Robert Race         Cle Elum                Douglas Johnson                                         Beverly Ecker
                                                                        Ronald Barnes
                      Kelsey Amara           Earle Marvin                                            David Hodge
                                                                        Sonna Corder
                      Carol Anderson         Catherine Schuck                                        Adam Hough
 Ron Duggan                                                             Danelle Pederson
                      Ron Dalle              Charles Shoemaker                                       Tonia Mock
                                                                        Vicki Schneider
                      Russ Hobbs            Horse Heaven Hills                                       Cathy Schaefer
 Bruce Hotchkiss                                                        Elizabeth Smith
                      Margaret Nelson        (The)                                                   Duane Taylor
 Gail Kalk                                                             Pullman
                      Coleen Solbakken       Lauren Hedeen                                           Richard Thurston
 Jonn Louces                                                            Xiaoya Cheng
                      Rita Thurston
 Jacqueline Wagner                                                      Jeri Harris                 Forest Grove
North Spokane                                Robert Ellsworth
                      Jerilyn McIntyre       Elizabeth Gray                                          Jane Kindel
                                                                        Gary Heagy
                     Kamiakin, Yakima        Floyd Johnson              Ann Heath                    Janice Moss
Northeast Spokane
                      Kay McCay              Craig Liebler
 Owen Murphy                                                            Lisa Jones
 Nicole Pintor       Prosser                 William Schulz             Mary MacDonald               Pat Decker
 Jose Rios            Charlie Bush          Pasco                       Jason Plemons                Daniel Florence
                      Dorothy Cervantes      Luis Garza                 Kierstin Ross
South Hill Spokane
                      Eileen Sheppard        Teresa Obenauer            Gail Rowland                 Stephen McMurrer
 Robert Allen
                     Selah                   John Scheline              Jason Wills                  Karen Thackston
Spokane Valley,
                      Manuel Coronado        Jackie Shea-Brown                                      Tetrapolitan
 Spokane              Jim Keightly           John Slicks                   Division 58
 Doug Hall                                                                                           Golden K, King
                      Kathleen Noland        Al Yenney
 Virginia Petersen                                                     Moses Lake                    City
                     West Valley,           Richland                    Ariel Garza
 John Savage                                                                                         William Stewart
                      Yakima                 Charles Manry              James McKiernan
                                             Ryan Nieslen                                           Tigard
    Division 48       Robert Mc Laughlin                                Shirley Merkle               Laura Freer
                      Carolynn McLaughlin    Burton Pierard             Kurt Oberioh
Coeur D’Alene                                David Rosendale                                         Pauline Goble
                     Yakima                                             Kenneth Palek                Marilyn Hess
 Patrick Freeman                             Glenda Wolverton
                      Stacey Drake                                     Quincy Valley,
 Kirt Miller                                Tri-Cities Industry                                     Tualatin
                      Enrique Jevons                                    Quincy
 Karl Schmidt                                Duane Davidson                                          Delores Herbert
                      Janet Lyons                                       Disvf Cheikh
 Cheryl Shippy                               Bruce Holmberg                                          Doris Johnson
                      Leon Maras                                        David Day
Idaho Panhandle,      Rockey Marshall        Carolyn James                                              Division 66
                                                                        Gerald Husband
 Coeur D’Alene        Alberta Redwing        Sandra Maine-Delepierre
                                                                        Glenn Martin                Clackamas
 Bliss Bignall                               Mohamed Osman
                         Division 52                                    Oscar Sosa                   Sunrisers
 Kelsey Srstjak                              Marilyn Taylor
                                                                        Cory Vancha                  Clee Ann Hart
Post Falls           Eastmont, East          Lewis Zirkle
 Nina Dees                                  Walla Walla                    Division 62               Connie Morrill
 Fred Gabourie                               Debra Antes
 Patricia Langhans                           Richard Burmeister        East Portland
                      Becky Schwartz                                    Joyce Irons

                                                                                              Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine 13
                                             KIWANIS                                NEW MEMBERS

                                         Division 68        West Salem                 Gail Newby-Wilkie       Prineville
      Gorge (The)                                                                      Thomas Stutzman          Richard Gholson
      Sandra Burdeshaw
                                  Lincoln City               Janet Noakes              George Vaughn            Diana Guthrie
                                   Hathway Cornelius                                                            April Hensley
      Sharon Ernst
                                   Steve Fleury
      Terrence Glaser                                        Michael Bergeron
                                   Fred Haruda                                                                  Daina Vitolins
      Marjorie Hansen                                        Lisa Ellsworth
      Hannah Hayward
                                   Frederick Slentz
                                                             James Hendryx                Division 76          Redmond
                                   Chad Ulrich
      Anna Lee Pinkerton                                     Edward Krupicka          Bandon By-The-            Jerry Andres
      William Pinkerton           Mc Minnville               Marilyn Young                                      Cynthia Bell
                                   Mary Nielsen                                        Sea
     Dalles (The)                                                                      Margaret Gorman-Crook    Bill Braly
      Bryan Carnahan
                                   Carrie Simonson              Division 72                                     Joy Caswell
                                   Rbekeh Stern-Doll                                                            Amanda Felton
      Antoine Tissot                                                                  Coquille
      Shannon Tissot                                         Bill Bauer                                         Robert Kuhl
                                   Don Alloway                                         Gregory Clemens
     Damascus-Boring                                                                                            Robert Sherwin
                                   Patricia Bowman          Corvallis                  Jerry Conner
      Steve Gaschler                                                                                            David Shirley
                                   Daniel Carpenter                                    Kathy Hagen
      Karen Harris                                                                                              Keith Sides
                                   Heath Cornick             Charles Kipper            Tabatha Pierce
      Wynn Knowling                                                                                             Stanley Steele
                                   Wayne Earhart             Leslie Parra              Jim Sanders
      Therese Lambert                                        John Peters                                       Sisters
                                   Roger Hirsch
      Jim McMurry                                            Melinda Stewart          Florence
                                   Terry Molander                                                               Marcea DeGregorio
                                   Lionel Muthiah            Bradford Teel             Ronald Bigford
      Dale Parsons                                                                                              Michele Hammer
                                   Marion Muthiah                                      Marianne Brisbane
      Mark Ransier                                                                                              David Huni
                                   Joan Struchen            Corvallis Sunrisers        Karen Burns
     Gladstone-Oak                                                                                              Gary Kutz
                                   Glenn Tri                 Edwin Fox                 Kourtney Burns
      Grove                                                                                                     Davina Luz
                                  Waldport                   Kenneth Imamura           John Carnahan
                                   Tisha Davis               Lew McLaren               Tamara Cole
                                                                                                                Patricia Woollard
     Gresham                       Holly Gibbons                                       Vicki Easton
                                                                                                                Robert Woollard
      Earlyrisers                  Robert Ranson             Kara Enright              Rachel Fleming
                                                                                                                Lisa Young
      Gary Flightner              Walnut City,               Beth Remington            Shawn Fleming
      Amie Griggs
                                                             Ian Rollins               Robert Freeman              Division 80
      Linda Wood                                                                       Dwight Ronald Gerber
                                   Stephan Ross                                                                Boardman
     Oregon City                                             Howard Blue               Edward Groshens
                                  West Valley,                                         Henry Hanf               Jennifer Radel
      David Kirby                                            John Glossa
      Ginger Redlinger
                                   Willamina                 Dave Goetz                Amanda Hennessee        Echo
                                                             Therese Misner            Don Morris               Chelle Hall
     Sandy                         Gail Moldovan-Trutillo
      Patricia Campbell                                      LeAnn Victor              John Murphey            Goldendale
                                   Belinda Ogle                                        Robert Petersdorf        David Brown
      Andrew Myers
                                   Kimberli Werby                                      Jennifer Saxon           Ronald Hackbarth
     Sandy H.O.P.E.                                          Christina Gilliland
                                                             Deborah L Lusk                                     David Reynolds
      Jesus Barbosa                      Division 70
                                                             Raymond Lusk              Richard Shores          Hermiston
      Edilberta Hernandez
                                                             Robert Waite              Robert Sneddon           Robert Eckert
      Jose Lara
                                    Clackamas Federal                                  Gary Vawter              Jason Edmiston
      Maria Lopez
      Armador Marquez              Union                        Division 74            Juline Walker            Raymond Friese
      Sara Marquez                  Columbia River Bank                               North Bend
      Margarita Ochoa-             Karen Haring
                                                             Sheila Hale
      Montiel                      John Hill                                                                    Tina Kain
                                                             Martha McReynolds            Division 78
      Socorro Ramirez              Kelly Newby                                                                  Wes Koklich
                                                             Mark Shrives
                                   Marie Schmieding                                   Bend                      Janet Mathwich
                                                            Emerald Empire
         Division 67               Lisa Schneiper                                      Kristina Bowles         Pendleton
                                                             Mahabat Ferdowsian
                                  Capital (The)                                        William Ely              Jamie Kile
     Astoria-Warrenton             Raphael Conant
                                                             Bobbi Hunter
      Camron Brister                                                                   Jose Galvan              C.Lou Porter
      Colleen Henderson
                                  French Prairie                                       Jed Langley             RoundUp
                                                             Mark Haubenreiser
      Laura Parker                                           Crystal Todd              Sean Nixon
                                   Christine Edick                                     Judith Wentz             Donald Sheppard
     Seaside                                                 Yi Zhou
                                   Casey Woolley                                      Burns-Hines              Umatilla
      Darren Gooch                                          Fern Ridge, Veneta
      Suzanne Kramshaar           Molalla                    Catherine Amber           Diane Davis              Catherine Putnam
      Julia Vervair                                          Kellie Cole               Cody Hodges              Heidi Sipe
                                   Linda Rodriguez                                    Cascadia
     Tillamook                                               Rich Driessnack                                       Division 82
      Elza Beck                   Silverton                  Marshall Eck              Vanessa Algarin
      Melissa Carlson-             Kelly Harman              Tabitha Eck               Gary Beller             Ashland
      Swanson                      Ronald Keppinger          Kathlina Fisher           Felisa Gomez             Robert Carroll
      Patricia Cook                Canen Madsen              Edward Green              Radona Koester          Caveman
      Carol Elms                   Mario Montiel             Gina Haley-Morrell        Rebecca Lozano-          Kay Grant
      Joyful Pryor-Long            Jody Pilgrim              Della Hamada              Romayor                  Lonnie Johnson
      Melody Walker               Stayton                    Sharon Hobart-Hardin      Tina Mounlavongsy
      Dave Westmark                Brandon John              Robbie McCoy              Marissa Parker

14    PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                                  PNW FOUNDATION                       SPECIAL FEATURE

Grants Pass
 Suzanne Dickinson
 Richard Flansbaum                Kiwanis Foundation is extending its Matching Funds Program for “Helping Hands
Medford                           Fellowship” donors.
 Andrea Freel
 Roxann Jones
 Jessie Lenford                   Kiwanis Foundation to support the continuance of Kiwanis service for many, many years
 Albert McMurray
                                  into the future,” stated Bill Packard, PNW Kiwanis Foundation Board president and
 Susan Tooley
 Vince Truax
 Steve Walker                     opportunity to create a legacy of their own.”

 Diane Halbert                    J. N. Emerson “EMMY” Fellowship at the $2,000 level.
 Cindy Hudson
 Marilynn Nunes

       Division 84                Northwest District clubs and students.
Klamath Falls                       The Foundation funds 15 college scholarships annually for PNW Key Clubbers and
 Elizabeth Parrish                CKI members. The Foundation also provides seed money for club and district projects
 Thomas Strickland                through a grants process. The information for both scholarships and grants is located on
Linkville, K-Falls
 Donald McCasland
                                  the PNW Kiwanis Foundation website.
 Melissa Tolstikline                All new RUSTY and EMMY fellows will be invited to the Foundation recognition
                                  ceremony at the Spokane District Convention in August, 2010. At that time the
Weed-Lake Shastina
 Jerry Sanchez


 Sean Genson
 Tricia Gilbert
 Thomas Norton
 Briana Owens                                            INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT VISITS PNW
 Ginessa Peter

             AYS                  Paul Palazzolo at four separate events. President Palazzolo, International Trustee Randy
Palmer                            Delay, Governor Patrick Ewing, and Area Director Jim Courtright, were the “headliners” in a
 AliceKae Stevens                 whirlwind tour that stopped in Vernonia OR, Portland OR, Coeur D’Alene ID, and Victoria BC.
 John White
 Lynn Witle
 Kris Wyant
University, Anchorage             serving as President and Secretary. Charter members and a mass of interclubs squeezed into a
                                  church hall to celebrate a new Kiwanis Club to serve the needs of this small but hardworking
 Gary Rosynek                     community of about 2,000. Emil “Swede” Nyberg and Lt. Governor Alice Robertson were
 Standing Together Against Rape
 AnnaBell Stevens
 Sloane Unwin                       The other events (Portland and Coeur D’Alene on Saturday, Victoria on Sunday) were forums
 Gayle Workman                    on club excellence. Paul wanted to do more than just give a speech with niceties, so at the
                                                                      sessions he spoke for about an hour about international
                                                                      growth initiatives, the importance of the Kiwanis family,
                                                                      and good habits of successful clubs. Trustee Randy Delay
                                                                      spoke about the role of the International Counsellor.
                                                                      Governor Patrick spoke about the district’s membership
                                                                      initiatives and his vision for the district. And Jim
                                                                      Courtright provided information about resources
                                                                      available from Kiwanis International.
                                                                         President Palazzolo is a former Key Club member,
                                                                      and his passion for Kiwanis and the Kiwanis family was
                                                                      evident when he spoke. While he was well received

                                                                      appreciative that he visited BC and Idaho, areas of the
                                                                      district that rarely receive such a distinguished visitor.

                                                                                                 Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine 15
                                        KIWANIS             PNW CONVENTION

                                        PACIFIC NW CONVENTION PHOTOS

                                                             MEDFORD OREGON PHOTOS

                                                      AMENDMENTS PASSED:
                                                        Motion to Adopt the Newly Revised
                                                        Roberts Rules of Order - PASSED.
                                                        Motion to Allow Electronic Voting -

                                                           Section - PASSED WITH AMENDMENTS.

                                                      ADMENDMENTS FAILED:
                                                        Motion to Adopt a Trustee Governance
                                                        System in PNW District - FAILED

                                                               Wendy Falkowski with then KI CEO Rob Parker;
     could have been sponsored by:                             2010 District Convention Chair Jan and Chris

           YOU!                                                reminds us what we’re all about; 2004-2005

16   PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                            KIWANIS                        PNW CONVENTION

                           PACIFIC NW CONVENTION PHOTOS

  Governor: Patrick Ewing
  Governor-Elect: Frank Morehouse

The full minutes of the House of Delegates


                               From top, clockwise: the

                               Governor Patrick Ewing;
                               2007-2008 Governor Rich
                               Jensen with doll project;
                               a hearing assistance dog

                               2010 On to International
                               Convention Chair Greg Smith
                               and Governor’s Project Chair
                               Pamela Smith; Rich Jensen and
                               his wife Marcia.

                                                                            Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine 17
                                        WORLDWIDE SERVICE                KIWANIS WEBINARS

Worldwide Service
Project                                                        UPCOMING EVENTS
Selection process
                                                       PNW CKI District Convention                       Spokane, WA
under way for next
Worldwide Service                                      PNW Mid-Winter Board Meeting                   Bellingham, WA
                                                       PNW Key Club District Convention                    SeaTac, WA
Kiwanis International
                                                       PNW Aktion Club Conference                        Spokane, WA
received more than
200 proposals from                                     Lt. Governor / District Chair Training      Rhododendron, OR
all over the world for
the next Worldwide                                     International Convention                         Las Vegas, NV
Service Project. A                                     PNW Kiwanis Law Enforcement Youth Camp            Olympia, WA

                                                       PNW Kiwanis District Convention                   Spokane, WA
task of reviewing the
proposals, selecting the
                                        KIWANIS WEBINARS
recommendation to the                   Find out what you didn’t know you didn’t know. To get a schedule of
Kiwanis International
Board of Trustees.

Announcement of                         Your interest...Your time...Your computer.
                                        That’s all it takes to participate in the latest trend in training: Kiwanis
scheduled for the                       webinars.
Opening Session
                                        Through webinars, Kiwanis can reach you with the information you need
Kiwanis International
Convention in Las                       members—information on topics you’ve asked for—without asking you to
Vegas, Nevada, in June

Kiwanis International’s                 viewing are simple. First scan the current schedule for the topics that

Service Project
virtually eliminated                    will be followed up with reminder e-mails, three days and then one hour
                                        before the event so you don’t forget.
disorders worldwide.
Working with the
United Nations                          to join the presentation. You’ll need speakers on your system to hear the
Children’s Fund                         presenter, and you’ll be able to type in your questions.
(UNICEF) and the U.S.
Fund for UNICEF, the
entire Kiwanis family                   search the archives for a past webinar that might meet your needs. You
joined together to raise                can view any archived webinar any time, and as many times as you’d like.
almost US$100 million.

18   PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                                  KEY CLUB                    TRI-K CONFERENCE

                                       KIWANIS FAMILY MONTH
    Come together for Kiwanis Family Month                   Photos from Tri-K Conference
  More than half a million adult and youth
volunteers in the Kiwanis family come together
during November to celebrate and participate in
community service projects in honor of Kiwanis
Family Month.
   Adult and youth members of Kiwanis promote the
ideals of voluntary service as a means to improve
lives, with an emphasis on children, and to give
something back to the community.
  “When I was a Key Club member in the early

10 Kiwanis International President Paul Palazzolo.
“They helped us learn the values of service and
leadership, and they made a positive impact on our
lives. I knew then that Key Club and Kiwanis had a
relationship that would mean a lot for a very long
time. I felt that sense of family almost immediately,
and I still feel it today.”
   Kiwanis members are asked to reach out to other
Kiwanis-family members during Kiwanis Family
Month as a time to renew their commitment to
  “Reach out to our youth members,” Palazzolo
urges, “and invite them to a service project. Work
alongside them. Mentor them. Laugh with them.
Learn from them. These memories you’re making
will last a lifetime.”

 Highlights from Tri-K Conference
District leaders from Key Club, CKI, and Kiwanis
met in Portland for board meetings and Kiwanis-
family activities. Thanks to the generosity of
many divisions, clubs and inviduals, Saturday's
meals (and an ice cream social on Friday) were
provided free of charge to Key Club and CKI             From top: Some Kiwanis
members. Saturday's lunch featured a chat with          family members embraced
the Key Club Governor Sophia Vo and and CKI             the toga for Saturday’s
Governor Cale Middleton. Saturday evening was a         dinner; Key Club Assistant
Decades Dinner where K-Family members dressed           Administrator Suzanne
as their favorite decade, and was followed by a
very entertaining white elephant auction. A joint       Governors Patrick Ewing
                                                        (Kiwanis) and Sophia Vo        could have been sponsored by:
service project involved making over 1,000 greeting
                                                        (Key Club); Dr. Mike Wilson
cards welcoming campers to Kiwanis camp; these
cards will be distributed to several Kiwanis camps
                                                        of the Bigfoot Association.          YOU!
                                                                                      Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine 19
                                           MEMBERSHIP                               GROWTH

                                        CH ALL
                                                       Do your

                                                  club   members
                                        have fun? Do they feel they

              make guests feel welcome and valued?
If so, you are well on the way to growing your club this
year. Here are some recognitions you may be eligible to

Nothing But Net Growth Award
Every club that achieves Net Growth (i.e. that ends the
year with more members than it had when it started)
will receive the Nothing But Net Growth Award.
                                                                      Any member who re-
                                                                      cruits 1 new member is
                                                                      eligible for a Bronze Key.

                                                                      Silver Key.

                                                                      members you will get a
                                                                      Gold Key and the PNW’s
                                                                      new and very unique

Let the Competition Begin!
Within each division,
members of the club with
the highest percentage
growth will be recognized
as Division Champions.
Within each zone,
members of the club with
the highest percentage
growth will be recognized
as Regional Champions.

                                                                       One of the most positive events for a club is when it

                                                                       club is recognized by the Governor, and the club has
                                                                       a sense of optimism for the future.

                                                                       members), this is the year to re-Charter your club! If

                                                                       end of the year, your club will be honored with a
                                                                       congratulatory message from the Governor and a
                                                                       banner patch celebrating your accomplishment.

20   PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                                    MEMBERSHIP                          GROWTH

 REVEAL: Walk the Talk

Encourage your club to grow by adopting the new Kiwanis REVEAL
program. This program has four segments that are easy to implement.

beginning of the Kiwanis year.
Decide on a creative membership campaign. Based on the
interests of your club members, establish a one-day event or
ongoing contest to encourage each club member to be part of

multiple channels—talk about it at every meeting, include                                Greetings from
                                                                                          the Governor
Members need to know the goal, the timeline, the reward and each member’s role in
growing your club.

                                                                                         This is the year to celebrate
                                                                                         our membership in the world’s
                                                                                         best community service
your bronze key lapel pin proudly and encourage every club member to earn at least       organization! Let’s focus on
                                                                                         having even more fun at our
                                                                                         meetings, our service projects,
and focuses energy on bringing in guests for an established period of time. Most         and our fundraising events.
                                                                                         We have a fun Governor’s
the campaign. Now is the time to start!                                                  Project this year (Project
                                                                                         K-9), one that is well-suited
                                                                                         to involving our Service
  helped you choose this number? Let every member know of the goal and their part        Leadership Program members.
                                                                                         We are going to party in
                                                                                         Las Vegas when PNW’s
  meeting about where you are in reaching your goal.                                     Sylvester Neal is installed as
                                                                                         International President.
                                                                                         We have some great new ways
  make sure they have the tools they’ll need to promote the Kiwanis mission.             to bring more young people
                                                                                         into Kiwanis, including club

  realistic goal.                                                                        We are going to have friendly
                                                                                         competition between clubs
                                                                                         to grow and to increase our
  set deadline to keep motivation strong.                                                service to the community -
Make it fun! Get creative with your contests. Announce contest winners and recognize     including a club scoreboard.
                                                                                         I encourage you to set goals
every meeting. Everyone wins in a successful growth campaign!                            for your club and for yourself
                                                                                         this year. There are so many
                                                                                         people in your club, your
                                                                                         division, and this district who
                                                                                         can help you reach your goals,
                          corporate membership.                                          so make this the year you
Reach out                 Every member can make an impact by inviting just one person    reach for the stars!
                          to join. May is Membership Month, so let’s have fun with it!

                          know about Kiwanis: our youth, their parents, and advisors.                          ®

To preview the upcoming segments,
                                                                                         Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine 21
                                        REPORTS FROM THE                 PACIFIC NORTHWEST

So many
children and
so many
                                               PACIFIC NORTHWEST “ZONES”

service!                                                                              ITISH
There are many more

                                                                            D                        B             I

                                                                                             E                 C D
we could make in the                                                                                            ON   H
                                                                                                         H INGT
                                                                                                     WAS              O
                                                                                     F           G
million square kilometers                                            A                   H
or 1.5 million square miles.                                                                                    ON
                                                                           YUKON                         OREG
boasts about 11,000
members in almost 400
Kiwanis clubs.                                                                               J              K

reminder that each club is

                                                                                   HOW TO SUBMIT
 about a service project your club has done. The following
                                                                be included in the text of an email. Submissions can also
                                                                ROM). Flash drives are accepted, but keep in mind that
 CONTACT: Contact name and telephone number.
                                                                disks or drives may not be returned.
 CLUB: Club, city, state/province, and division number.
                                                                TEXT FILES & FILE FORMATS: The best way to send text
 EVENT: Make sure to answer: what was done, why it              submissions is to include the text directly in your email

 accomplished, etc.
                                                                PHOTOGRAPHS: DO NOT include photos within text
 ACCURACY: Please double check all dates, locations, etc.,
 and be sure that all names are spelled correctly. We do not
                                                                WHERE TO SEND:
                                                                                         could have been sponsored by:
 PHOTOGRAPHS: Photos should be interesting (e.g. no

 a resolution as possible. Captions may not always be
                                                                             SEND IN YOUR NEXT           YOU!
 published, but it is helpful if you can identify subjects.                  SUBMISSION TODAY!

22   PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                                    REPORTS FROM THE                        PACIFIC NORTHWEST

             Make a plan to be in Spokane!
               August 26-29, 2010

     ZONE M                           PRINC
                                           E RUP
                                                ERT                PRINCE GEORGE

      Northern BC
Note: At the November 2007
Tri-K Conference in Portland,
the District Board approved
making Division 8 its own                                                   8
zone: Zone M.
         Division                    ZONE                                               OLUM
                                                                                 I SH C        N
                                                                            BRIT          NGTO
            8                         M                                           W ASHI

                                                                                   Division 8

                                                                       The Kiwanis Club of           literacy programs, library
                                                                       Kamloops B.C. raised          books and schools. This
                                                                       funds for children’s liter-   program in sponsored by
                                                                       acy in Kamloops by sell-      Canwest Global Commu-
                                                                       ing newspapers on the         nications Corp. and has
                                                                       street for donations. In      raised over $400,000 since
                                                                       all over $4,000 was raised
                                                                       in Kamloops that day.                                -
                                                                       Our provincial govern-        is Objectives and we are
                                                                       ment matched the funds.       pleased to help out.
                                                                       The funds go to children’s

Oakley, Dennis Kujat and Bob Taylor. The others are employees of the                   ZONE M LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR
7-11 store.

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                                         REPORTS FROM THE                    PACIFIC NORTHWEST

       ZONE B                                   Division 9

       BC Okanagan                         Reading Program
       WA Okanogan                       The Kiwanis Club of
                                         Osoyoos      realizes    the
                                         importance of encouraging
                                         literacy in young people.
            7             NA
                     KELOW               The club donated a
                         CTON            selection of books, suitable
             9        BIA                for various ages, to the
          I SH C                         Osoyoos Library to be used
     BRIT            N
                NGTO                     for their Summer Reading
       W  ASHI      ZONE                 Program.     This program
                             B           is aimed at children aged

                                         is designed to encourage
                                         children to read during
                                         their summer holidays and      Kiwanis Club of Osoyoos has contributed books to the
         Divisions                       to use the public library.     program.
           7, 9                          This is a very successful
                                         program operated by the
      Zone B continues                   library each summer. This                 ZONE B LIEUTENANT GOVERNORS
       on page 29-30.                    is the fourth year that the

        ZONE C                                  Division 56

                                         This year’s International
     SE BC, Eastern WA
                                         winner in Art for the
      Idaho Panhandle
                                         K-Kids contest is Kenny
                                         Miller from the
                  BIA                    Idaho K-Kids Club. His
            OLUM                         sister Angela, seen right
      I SH C 48
 BRIT            BONN
    5            FERRY
                                         with Kenny, won the
               I                         International First Place
   W ASH.      D                         Art award last year. She
             46 H                        placed the medallion
                  O                      on Kenny during the
 ZONE                                    presentation. Third place
   C               56                    in the speech contest was
                                         won by Maria Rikaela
                                         Q. Illigan, who is also a

       Divisions 5,                      K-Kids Club.
        46, 48, 56                                                                 ZONE C LIEUTENANT GOVERNORS

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                                REPORTS FROM THE                     PACIFIC NORTHWEST

                                             TRICK OR EAT                        served as the orientation room, volunteer
   ZONE D                          The Kiwanis Club of Victoria, BC is the       coordination center, and food depository.
 Vancouver Island               sponsor of the University of Victoria CKI,       Cell phones were used to keep in touch
                                which for almost 20 years has been holding       with teams and drivers assisting in picking
                                a “Trick or Eat” food drive on Halloween.        up food from the teams.
            15                  One recent enhancement to the project has           One driver was Governor Patrick Ewing,
                                been the use of Facebook to coordinate           with his First Lady, Kristina Thalacker.
ZONE             NANAIMO        a large group of members and other               Patrick participated in these food drives in
  D                        17   volunteers. This year’s Trick or Eat saw                                                UVic
                                almost 150 University students collecting        CKI club. Patrick said, “UVick CKI has
                                5,005 lbs. of non-perishable food for the        used technology to make this event far more
     Divisions                  Mustard Seed Food Bank. The estimated            successful than ever before. I am so proud
      15, 17                    value of the food collected was $12,500.         of Co-President Nikisa Dastmalchian, who
                                                                                 coordinated the event, and all the members
                                advance of the food drive, and teams were        and volunteers who used Halloween to
    Division 17
                                given maps showing their assigned region
                                of the city. Most of the volunteers dressed and families.”
                                up in Halloween costumes, and Halloween
                                candy was the only pay
                                they received for helping to
                                                                           ZONE D LIEUTENANT GOVERNORS
                                re-stock the shelves of the
                                                               Division 15      Andrew Quinn
                                food bank. A large room in Division 17
   ZONE E                       the Student Union Building
                                                                                Roald Feness 

  NW Washington
                                                                   Dictionaries Donated
ZONE E                            The Arlington Kiwanis Club of Arlington, Washington
13/11            BC             dictionaries to the Third Grade Classes of Arlington, Lakewood and Darrington on
             18       N         behalf of the Kiwanis Club of Arlington and the Friends of the Arlington Library.
        W   ASHI
   20         20M                 The goal of the Dictionary Program is: “To assist all students in completing the
                                school year as good writers, active readers and creative thinkers by providing

 Div. 11, 13, 18,               Friends of the Arlington Library. George Boulton was the project chairman for the
 20, 20M 21, 22
                                to the three school districts this year alone.                                            -Jan Bauer
     Division 22

                                                                                                                          Bea Randall,
                                                              President of the Arlington Friends of the Library; Sue Weiss, President of

                                                              District Executive Director of Teaching & Learning; Terri Bookey,
                                                              Presidents Elementary Principal. The dictionaries were distributed
                                                              Tuesday October 27 to Mr. Jackson’s 3rd graders.

                                                                             ZONE E LIEUTENANT GOVERNORS
                                                               Division 11        David Evans

                                                                                                    Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine 25
                                         REPORTS FROM THE                       PACIFIC NORTHWEST

                                         Valley (Lt. Governor, Div                                       was full of praise and
        ZONE F                                                                  ZONE G                   admiration for the
                                         Chastain,      and    Barbara                                   voluntary service work and
     Olympic Peninsula                                                        Seattle and area
                                         Miklos from the Olympia                                         fundraising undertaken by
                                         Kiwanis Club gave a                                             those gathered before her.
                                                                                            28           No stranger to Issaquah
                                         tour of their Olympia
             19                          Kiwanis Foodbank garden                            32           following her visit
                       36                and a sample of the                                             to last year’s Salmon
                                         vegetables grown each                   26                      Days Festival, Gregoire
                       38                year for the Thurston                               H.          thanked the groups for
                                                                                       WAS               “your amazing volunteer
                  40                     County Food Bank. The
     ZONE                                                                                                work and contribution
                                         3/4 acre garden in West                           ZONE
       F                                 Olympia is the main,
                                                                                             G           community.”
                                         but not the only garden,
     Divisions 19,                                                                                       In recognition of Gregoire’s
                                         sponsored by the Olympia
     34, 36, 38, 40                      Kiwanis Club. Satellite                                         mission to invest in early
                                         gardens are also growing         Divisions 24, 26,              childhood education,
         Division 38                     this year at several members                                    the Issaquah Kiwanis
                                                                             28, 30, 32                  Club donated $1,000 to
                                         homes, a local church, and a
      Garden Tour                        local retirement center. The                                    the Issaquah Community
                                                                                  Division 28            Center preschool program,
                                         Olympia Kiwanis Club’s
                                         garden has provided over        The challenge of our time:      a donation that was
of the Olympia Kiwanis
                                         13,000 pounds of vegetables      WA Governor Gregoire           accepted with much grace
Club hosted 25 bicyclists in
                                         each year to the Thurston            addresses service groups   by Mayor of Issaquah Ava
Thurston County who were
                                         County food bank since                                          Frisinger.
making a bike tour of local                                              Shortened version by
community farms. Derek                                                   Jake Lynch
                                                                         Issaquah Reporter Editor
                                                                                                                Division 30

                                                                         In April of this year,
                                                                         President Obama signed
                                                                                                           Ferrucci Junior
                                                                         legislation announcing that        High Builders
                                                                         Sept. 11 would be forever
                                                                         known as a National Day of
                                                                         Service and Remembrance.
                                                                         Citizens all across the         Peggy Burrough, a member
                                                                         country are urged to do         of DAFFODIL VALLEY
                                                                         a good deed this Friday,        KIWANIS - PUYALLUP,
                                                                         to voluntarily engage in        WA, is a retired music
                                                                         remembrance through             educator, who enjoys
                                                                         personal and organized          substitute teaching in the
                                                                         service activities.             music programs in the
                                                                         The purpose of the day is to    Puyallup School District.
                                                                         help create a positive legacy   She was introduced to the
                                                                         that honors the victims         great work being done by
                                                                                                         the Ferrucci Junior High
                                                                         2001, as well as those that     Community Service Club.
                                                                         rose to serve in response.      Advisors Baron Coleman
                                                                         It was this noble pursuit       and Katie Nichols were
                                                                         in mind that Washington         inspiring this group of 7th-
                                                                         Governor Christine
                                                                         Gregoire addressed a joint      service sometimes beyond
                                                                         meeting of the Issaquah         the projects tackled by Key
                                                                         Rotary and Kiwanis clubs        Clubs at the high school
                                                                         in Issaquah.                    level. When asked about the
                                                                                                         history of the Ferrucci CCS,
                                                                         The governor’s speech

26    PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                                 REPORTS FROM THE                         PACIFIC NORTHWEST

the following:                                                                                                Division 32
   The Ferrucci
Community Service Club
                                                                                                         CAST for Kids,
ago as a result of a classroom                                                                        Division-wide project
assignment and the movie                                                                              The Catch a Special Thrill
“Pay It Forward”. The movie                                                                           (C.A.S.T.) Foundation held
focuses on a class assignment                                                                         its 18th Annual C.A.S.T.
where students are required                                                                           for Kids at Gene Coulon
to come up with an idea                                                                               Park in Renton. The event
that positively impacts the                                                                           provides children with
community in which they                                                                               disabilities the opportunity
live and put it into action.
                                                                                                      to enjoy a quality outdoor
     We began to focus on                                                                             recreational experience
what we could do as a class                                                                           through the sport of
to improve the appearance of

planters, adding beauty bark                                                                          children, including par-
and painting. Students were                                                                           ticipants from the Renton
then required to work within                                                                          & Auburn Parks Special
our building as “employees”                                                                           Populations Program, along
                                                                                                      with children from the
                                                                                                      Ronald McDonald House,
evaluated and given job                                                                               Children’s Therapy Center
performance evaluations as                                                                            and the Starlight Children’s
part of their unit grade. The    Photo above is Ferrucci Junior High      Builder’s Club with their   Foundation.
students learned to
                                                                                                      Volunteers arrived at 7:30 a.m.
understand the importance
                                 Peggy Burrough, and Baron Coleman.                                   to get everything set up
of giving back to their
community, building leaders      Valley Kiwanis Club, we           include our Movie Nights,          and ready. The children
through service, and to build    became active members             and the Top Foods Canned           and their parents arrived
on their self-esteem.            of Kiwanis International’s        Food Drive.                        at 8:30 a.m. The children
                                 “Builders Club”.                      We just completed a            were given C.A.S.T. t-shirts
     I wanted to develop                                                                              and hats, rods and reels,
a school club that fosters           To date, the FJH CSC/         very successful “coin drive”
students taking pride in their   Builders Club has been
                                 responsible for the success       raised in just one week to         tackle to keep as their own
school by helping those that
                                 of many projects. Annually,                                          for future use. They were
are less fortunate both within
our own school community         we sponsor our holiday            Philippines.                       paired, along with their
and the local community in       coat/blanket drive and                 We have the                   parent, with an experienced
which we live. With this                                           solid support of our
vision in mind, I approached     Proceeds from these               Administration, District and       out on the water for three
my administration, and in
2005 the FJH Community           families within FJH and           Club and anticipate our best       done they came back in for
Service Club was born.           the remainder is donated          year yet! We want to thank
Going strong in our 5th year,    to local area churches and        Kiwanis for their support of       each child was presented
led by myself and Ms. Katie      food banks. Partnering            programs such as these and
Nichols, we are a 35 member                                        the opportunity to develop         a plaque with a photo
club that sponsors several                                         young people through               of them and their boat
events supporting Ferrucci,      as well as holiday meals          service.                           Captain.
the city of Puyallup, and        for our designated Ferrucci
countries as far away as the     families. We held a silent
Philippines each year.
     Over the last two years     victims of the Puyallup                          ZONE G LIEUTENANT GOVERNORS
we have partnered with           Valley. We raised over $3000
                                 and the money was donated
Club. This past year with        to the American Red Cross
guidance of Peggy Burrough,      to assist these families. Other
                                 past events worth noting

                                                                                                      Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine 27
                                        REPORTS FROM THE       PACIFIC NORTHWEST

28   PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                                 REPORTS FROM THE                      PACIFIC NORTHWEST

                                 Weather was a factor in the      interviewed him and he
     ZONE H                                                       said he would get the Key
                                                                                                        Zone B continued
                                                                                                           Division 9
  Portland and area              we didn’t make as much           Club started.   Daybreak-
                                 money as planned. So we          ers President Alan King            The road that puts Liberty
                                 have an alternate plan to        and Key Club Division 42           Bell High School students
        42 ASH.                  raise funds for the Key Club.    Lt. Gov. Eric Redding are          onto Highway 20 meets the
    OREGO                                                                                            highway at an intersection
          N   44
ZONE                             membership      application      VHS Key Club organized.            with limited sight distance
  H  64
                                 and they say they are too        Building a Key Club gives          due to rampant growth on
                 66              busy to join, we ask them        the wonderful volunteers           an irrigation ditch bank.
                                 to support the Key Club          in Vernonia a great reason
                                 by donating their would be       to join the Kiwanis Club.          involving students and
   Divisions 42,                 membership funds.                People are really motivated        some near misses,
   44, 62, 64, 66                                                 to do something to support         Winthrop Kiwanis got per-
                                                                  the youth in their commu-          mission to clear the bank
       Division 42               Alice Robertson and Swede        nity.                              and place ground cloth on
                                 Nyberg are the lead club                                            the bank to limit the growth
The Kiwanis Club of St.
                                 builders for the Vernonia                                           of brush and weeds. The
Helens and the St. Helens                                         Best of all is the planned
                                 Club.   They have made                                              local Fire District burned
Daybreakers Club are the                                          Charter Celebration to be
                                 many trips on the road to                                           the bank and with donated
proud co-sponsors of the                                          held at the Scout Cabin at
                                 Vernonia.     On Monday                                             ground cloth, the Kiwan-
new Vernonia Kiwanis                                              Hawkins Park on Friday,
Club. As the new club is                                                                             ians with some help from
                                 Builder Chair, Dave Evans,       November 20. Kiwanis In-           the Key Club made the
being built, the co-sponsors                                      ternational President Paul
                                 will join Alice in Vernonia                                         intersection much safer for
participated in a fund raiser.                                    Palozzolo will be there to
                                 to help collect the last of                                         students and all who use
Vernonia held their Salmon                                        present the charter to the
                                 the applications needed.                                            the intersection.
Festival on Saturday, Octo-                                       Vernonia Club and to the
                                 Swede needs to be home in                                                               - Roy Reiber
ber 3rd at Hawkins Park.                                          Vernonia High School
                                 Astoria to support his wife
The sponoring clubs put                                           Key Club. PNW Governor             The Winthrop Club just
on a Salmon BBQ to raise
                                 sions on her cancer treat-
monies for the new Ver-                                           Northwest Governor-Elect           at Liberty Bell Junior-Senior
                                 ment. We wish the best for
nonia High School Key                                             Frank Morehouse will also          High School. The junior
Club which is also being                                          be at the celebration. This is     high students had no place
                                 husband as they face these
built. The Salmon BBQ was                                         a super opportunity for Ki-        to exercise at lunch except
planned by Alice Robertson,                                       wanians of Zone H to meet          for a weedy dry patch of
Lt. Gov. of Division 42, and                                      the leaders of Kiwanis and         dirt using some frisbees
Emil “Swede” Nyberg from         We sent 3 Vernonia High          give support to a new club.        and footballs purchased
the Astoria Warrenton Ki-        School students and their        Tickets for the dinner will        by the Builders Club. We
wanis Club. The Longview         advisor to the Key Lead-         be $20.00 and can be pur-          dug deep in the treasury
Kiwanis Club loaned the          er weekend at Mt. Hood           chased from Swede Nyberg.          and got together a work
BBQ tents, pit, and equip-       Kiwanis Camp on Octo-            Email RSVP to Swede at             crew and when school
ment with Loren Lee doing                                               opened this year there was
the hauling, set up, and take    Brookins, the Vice Prin-                                            a new basketball court for
down. Suzanne Weed-Lee,          cipal of the HS, had been                        -                  the students to use. Club
Longview Kiwanis, vol-           a Key Club member in                          Alice Robertson,      members did all the labor
unteered all day as head         North Bend, OR. He joined                  Division 42 Lt. Gov.
cook, secret sauce maker,        the new club on the spot                                            surface of the concrete on
operations chief. St. Helens     when Swede and Alice                                                the court and they found
Club President, Glen Hig-                                                                            a local contractor who did
gins, said Suzanne was “the                                                                          that as a donation. Our
most wonderful woman                           ZONE H LIEUTENANT GOVERNORS                           many volunteer hours went
ever” for all the help she                                                                           to a project the students are
                                 Division 44       Robert Lewis
gave to the project.                                                                                 really using, the court is
                                                                                                     full any time the students
                                                                                                     can be out there
                                                                                                                         - Roy Reiber

                                                                                                     Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine 29
                                        REPORTS FROM THE                     PACIFIC NORTHWEST

For several years, the                                                                                  Lew is a graduate of
Kiwanis Club of Winthrop                                                                                Duke Medical School and
and it’s Service Leadership                                                                             served his orthopaedic
Programs have teamed with                                                                               surgery residency there.
the local ambulance compa-
ny, the local Fire District, the                                                                        Vietnam before the end of
State Park Service and local                                                                            his orthopaedic surgery
law enforcement agencies                                                                                training    in      Southern
to provide a bike rodeo for                                                                             California. In Vietnam,
kids just as summer is start-                                                                           he performed volunteer
ing. The event is held at                                                                               civilian health care while
Pearrygin Lake State Park.                                                                              treating   wounded       US
Participants from middle                                                                                soldiers as his main
schoolers to tykes on tricy-                                                                            assignment. He provided
cles get their equipment in-                                                                            medical care for the orphans
spected by a local bike shop                                                                            and barely escaped the
mechanic and their helmets                                                                              Viet Cong who were at the
inspected by trained safety                                                                             orphanage front door as he
professional. If they have
no helmets or the wrong                                                                                 He continues to risk his life
                                                                        He rode his bicycle from his
size, a new properly sized
helmet is provided.                          ZONE I                     manufacturing plant to the      for others on a regular basis
                                                                                                        going to some of the world’s
                                            Central WA/OR               hotel where the induction
Eight stations to promote                                               ceremony took place.            most dangerous places for
skills are all run by Kiwan-                                   ZONE                                     American citizens.
                                              52                        The company he founded
                   Key Club                            58
                                                              WA I      has manufactured tens           Lew persuaded the president
members or Builders Club-                               54                                              of Vietnam to support
                                              A                         of thousands of surgical
bers. Upon completing the                         50                                                    legislation     mandating
                                                                 ETON   implants that he has given
course, participants receive                                      ON                                    universal iodization for
                                              THE D
                                                   ALLES    OREG        away free of charge to the
                                                                        surgeons he trained and         all human and domestic
are taken on a ride through                                 80
                                                                                                        animal consumption, thus
                                                                        today well over 50,000
the park by a Park Ranger.                                                                              removing Vietnam from
                                                                        trauma victims are leading
Kids and parents love the                                                                               Kiwanis International’s list
                                         Divisions 50, 52,              productive lives in intact
event where kids get their                                                                              of 80 IDD at-risk nations,
                                                                        families instead of bed-
bikes safety checked and                    54, 58, 80                  ridden for life, amputees or
adjusted and they are prop-                                                                             that list.
                                                                        dead. Dr. Zirkle’s innovative
                                              Division 54               work has been acclaimed by      Other awards he has
Kids meet the EMTs and                                                  his professional colleagues     received: Tri-Citian of the
                                                                        in the American Association     Year, 2004; Kiwanis World
much more aware of the                     SIGN Founder                 of Orthopaedic Surgeons         Service Medal laureate,
safety concerns with bike                                               as a disruptive technology,
usage. One morning spent                                                meaning that his work is        Red Cross Award, 2003;
promoting safety is of great                                            a major force in changing       American Association of
value.                                  recipient of the Kiwanis
                                                                        the patient health care         Orthopaedic      Surgeons
                 - Roy Reiber           International World Service
                                                                        paradigm throughout the         Humanitarian       Award
                                        Award was inducted into
                                                                        developing world.               Recipient, 2007; Rotary
                                        the Kiwanis Club of Tri-
                                        Cities Industry recently.          The Kiwanis        Brand     Paul Harris Fellow; and
                                                                        Promise is                      the Kiwanis George Hixson
                                                                        I know of no human               could have been sponsored by:
                                                                        being more worthy of the
                                                                        promise Kiwanis has made
                                                                        to the world than Dr. Lew              YOU!

30   PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009
                              REPORTS FROM THE                    PACIFIC NORTHWEST

                   HAVE YOU MOVED?
  We have been receiving a number of Builder papers back due to not
  having correct forwarding addresses. If you have moved or are planning to move,
  please print your name and new address below.

       Name        _____________________________________________________

       Address     _____________________________________________________

       City        _____________________________________________________

       State/Prov _______ Postal/Zip Code ______________________________

  Send this form with the address label from the back cover to:

              Member Services Department, Kiwanis International

                              The Tillamook Kiwanis Club’s bed fea-
     ZONE L                   tures roses, which were Mildred’s favorite
North Oregon Coast
                              Tillamook Kiwanians fondly remember
   ORE                        Mildred, a local radio personality who
        GON WAS
                              continued her daily broadcast into her
                              south Tillamook county.
                              She was her Tillamook High School class
       68      SALEM

              70              with President George W. Bush when she

                              The Tillamook Kiwanis Club has held two
       Divisions              fundraising events to support the garden.
       67, 68, 70             A Rhododendron auction at a regular

       Division 67            County Fair, the Kiwanians sold stadium
                              foam cushions in the grandstands raising
   Community                  $575.
  Garden Honors               The Kiwanis Club of Tillamook and the
   Mildred Davy               Tillamook High School Key Club are
The Mildred Davy Memo-        working together, planting, watering and
rial Garden honors a com-     tending the garden, helping to beautify
munity icon. Mildred was      a spot in Tillamook to remember an out-
                              standing Kiwanis member and George
the Kiwanis Club of Til-      Hixon Award Honoree ...Mildred Davy.
lamook. Flower beds in a
local park have been adopt-                                                ZONE L LIEUTENANT GOVERNORS
ed by various community
groups and organizations.

                                                                                         Fall 2009 | PNW Builder Magazine 31
Pacific Northwest District
of Kiwanis International
10184 SW Laurel Street
Beaverton, OR
97005-3211 USA

 Don’t Recycle - Pass it On!
 When finished reading this maga-
 zine, cover the address printed at
 right with a label indicating your
 club name, meeting time/location,
 and contact information. Then
 give it to a prospective member or
 leave it in a waiting room.

         THE OBJECTS                                 The Objects of Kiwanis
         OF KIWANIS
                                               Guiding Our Community Service Efforts Since 1924
 To give primacy to the human
 and spiritual rather than to the
 material values of life.                   The Objects of Kiwanis were adopted in 1924 and represent our core values which -- like
                                            the Objects themselves -- have remained unchanged.
 To encourage the daily living of
 the Golden Rule in all human               At the heart of the objects are values such as compassion, friendship, respect, leadership,
 relationships.                             and professionalism, as well as the principle of treating others the way we ourselves
                                            would want to be treated. These worthy values and principles can be embraced by men
 To promote the adoption of
                                            and women of all nations, all races, and all religions or beliefs.
 higher social, business and
 professional standards.
                                                   SPONSORS OF THE OBJECTS OF KIWANIS
 To develop, by precept and
 example, a more intelligent,                  • Kiwanis Club of Bremerton
 aggressive and serviceable                    • Sylvester Neal
 To provide, through Kiwanis                   Add your name or your club’s name here ($100/4 issues)
 clubs, a practical means to form
 enduring friendships, to render
 altruistic service and to build                          Sponsoring the Objects of Kiwanis
 better communities.
 To cooperate in creating and               Kiwanis members and clubs can sponsor the Objects of Kiwanis for $100. All those who
 maintaining that sound public              do so will have their names listed in four issues of the PNW Builder magazine.
 opinion and high idealism                  If either you as a Kiwanian or your Kiwanis club would like to be a sponsor of the Objects
 which make possible the                    of Kiwanis, please send a cheque/check for $100 payable to:
 increase of righteousness,
 justice, patriotism and                                    Pacific Northwest Kiwanis (Objects)
 goodwill.                                                     c/o Pacific Northwest District Office
              — Adopted unanimously                    10184 SW Laurel Street, Beaverton, OR 97005-3211 USA
           at the Kiwanis International
                    Convention in 1924
                                                Note: Be sure to clearly identify (1) that the funds are for the sponsoring of the
                                              Objects of Kiwanis and (2) the name of the individual or club to be listed as sponsor.

    32   PNW Builder Magazine | Fall 2009

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