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					                  The Pulse                                            Your Lifeline to
        BryanLGH College of Health Sciences                        College Information
December 2010/January 2011                                                                            Volume 2, Issue 31

                                  Provost Named
                               Dr. Kay Maize, currently         Dr. Maize‘s extensive educational credentials are indica-
                               Dean of Nursing at Bry-          tive of her commitment to lifelong education. She earned
                               anLGH College of Health Sci-     her Diploma in Nursing from Nebraska Methodist College,
                               ences, has been named to the     her Bachelor‘s of Science in Psychology from the Univer-
                               position of Provost. She will    sity of Nebraska at Kearney, a Bachelor‘s of Science in
                               assume the responsibilities of   Nursing from UNMC, a Master‘s of Science in Human De-
                               Provost on January 3, 2011.      velopment and Family from the University of Nebraska at
                               As Provost, Dr. Maize will       Lincoln, a Master‘s of Science in Nursing from Andrews
                               become the Chief Academic        University, and a Doctorate in Education from Nova
                               Officer of the College respon-   Southeastern University.
                               sible for all undergraduate      During her tenure at BryanLGH, Dr. Maize has served as
                               and graduate program offer-      a faculty member, coordinator, Dean of Faculty, and Dean
                               ings with ultimate oversight     of Nursing.
      Kay Maize, RN, Ed.D.      for accreditation and assess-
                                ment of student learning.       I know you join me in congratulating Dr. Kay Maize on her
                                                                new position with the College. We look forward to growing
 Dr. Maize has worked in education-related roles at Bryan       our programs and our regional reputation for academic
 Memorial Hospital School of Nursing and BryanLGH Col-          and clinical excellence under her guidance.
 lege of Health Sciences since 1980. She led the School of
 Nursing through its curricular evolution from Diploma in
 Nursing program to the Baccalaureate of Science in Nurs-                                   Dr. Elizabeth MacLeod Walls,
 ing program. Dr. Maize is currently leading efforts to de-                                                    President
 velop graduate-level offerings in Nursing.

                    December/January                                          Sun Mon       Tue    Wed    Thur   Fri       Sat

                                                                                                      1      2       3       4
Dec. 1—BryanLGH Student Nurses Association (Student Center) 3:30 p.m.            5      6     7       8      9     10       11
Dec. 2—Student Government Association Meeting (CR 200) 5:00 p.m.
Dec. 10—All School Pot Luck (CR 204) 11:30 a.m.—1:00 p.m.                       12     13    14      15     16     17       18
Dec. 15—Book Swap (CR 301) 11:00a.m.—12:30 p.m.                                 19     20    21      22     23     24       25
Dec. 17—December 2010 Graduate Exit Activities (CR 204) 11:00 a.m.
                                                                                26     27    28      29     30     31        1
Dec. 17—December 2010 Graduation Luncheon
         (Plaza Conference Center) Noon                                                           January
Dec. 18—Graduation Ceremony (First United Methodist Church) 2:00 p.m.
                                                                              Sun Mon       Tue    Wed    Thur   Fri       Sat
Dec. 19-Jan. 9—Winter Break
                                                                                 2     3      4       5      6         7     8

Jan. 6—New Student Orientation                                                   9    10     11      12     13     14       15
Jan. 10—First Day of Classes
Jan. 12—Action for Students (Student Center) 3:30 p.m.                          16    17     18      19     20     21       22

Jan. 17—No Classes—Dr. Martin Luther King Day                                   23    24     25      26     27     28       29
Jan. 20—Student Government Association Meeting (CR200) 5:00 p.m.
Jan. 21—Diversity Fair - Watch your email for more information                  30    31
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                                                     Reducing Stress With
                                                     Controlled Breathing                                         Prof. Bollinger

―An excellent way to reduce feelings of         phragmatic breathing, place your hand         this technique so that a controlled
anxiety is to use the technique of controlled   slightly over the front of the lower ribs and breathing automatically induces the
breathing (also called diaphragmatic            upper abdomen so you can monitor the          relaxation response after several
breathing). When you control your breath-       movement you‘re trying to achieve. As you     breaths. Once you‘re able to induce
ing you can break the pattern of shallow        become accomplished in the technique you      the relaxation response with con-
short breaths associated with anxious feel-     won‘t need to position your hands on the      trolled breathing. You can draw on
ings. Deep abdominal or diaphragmatic           body. Practice the following steps:           this strategy effectively when you
breathing enhances the relaxation re-                                                         need to be in control.‖ This article
                                                ―1. Gently position you hands over the front
sponse. When a person exhales, tense mus-                                                     was taken from ‗‘HOW TO SURVIVE
                                                of the lower ribs and upper abdomen. 2.
cles tend to relax. Diaphragmatic breath-                                                     AND MAYBE EVEN LOVE NURS-
                                                Exhale gently and full. Feel your ribs and
ing causes the diaphragm to flatten and the                                                   ING SCHOOL‘‘ A Guide for Students
                                                abdomen sink inward toward the middle of
abdomen to enlarge on inspiration. On                                                         by Students, 2nd Edition by Kelli S.
                                                the body. 3. Slowly inhale a deep breath
exhalation, the abdominal muscles con-                                                        Dunham. This technique can be used
                                                through your nose, allowing the abdomen
tract. As you slowly let out this deep                                                        not only by nursing students but by
                                                to expand first and then the chest. Do this
breath, the other muscles of the body will                                                    all students.
                                                as you slowly count to four. 4. Hold your
tend to ―let go‖ and relax. This technique
                                                breath at the height of inhalation as you     JUST A REMINDER THAT THERE
enables you to breathe more deeply even if
                                                count to four. 5. Exhale fully by contracting IS A FREEZE FRAMER TOOL THAT
you just expand your chest on inspiration.
                                                the abdominal muscles and then the chest. STUDENTS CAN USE IN ORDER
Controlled breathing can be helpful to re-
                                                Let all the air out slowly and smoothly       TO REDUCE TEST ANXIETY. If you
duce anxious responses that occur at the
                                                through the mouth as you count to eight.‖     are having test taking anxiety contact
beginning of the test, when stumped with a
tough question, or when nearing the end of      ―Monitor the pace of your breathing. No-      Patty Bollinger room 308 or telephone
the test. During these critical times, you      tice how your muscles relax each time you her at 481-3831
can use controlled breathing to induce the      exhale. You may feel warm, tingly, and
relaxation response. When practicing dia-       relaxed. Enjoy the feeling as you breathe
                                                deeply and evenly. You should practice

                                  Action for Students
                happy holidays                             Wishes you

       Stop by the student center to see the ―garland of leaves‖ listing all the things
       that students are thankful for.
       Congratulations to Jordan Curtis whose name was drawn to receive a $250.00
       scholarships from AFS.
       Kelsey Koehler and Jennifer Pearson will also receive $250.00 scholarships.
       No AFS meeting in December.
       Good luck on finals.
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                                          It’s Up to You
                                                                                                                Prof. Hartig
I have a bookshelf full of books with interesting titles like:    When I first saw the title of this book I was intrigued to know
―How to Get Straight A‘s in School and Have Fun at the Same       exactly what smart students know. What they know can be
Time‖; ―How to Survive & Maybe Even Love Nursing School‖;         summed up in one word: ATTITUDE. Being a smart student
―Student Power: Study Skills to Improve Your Learning and         means taking responsibility for your education. According to
Your Grades‖ and my favorite title…‖What Smart Students           this author, how much you learn and how well you do is up to
Know‖. The authors of all of these books are trying to help       you. Being a smart student means:
students succeed in the learning process. The author of this
                                                                     You‘ll have to demand more of yourself.
book, Adam Robinson claims you can get ―maximum grades
and optimum learning in a minimum amount of time‖. He                 You'll have to do more than your professors ask you to do.
asserts that smart students (―not brainiacs or kids who live in       There are no more excuses.
the library‖) learn more in less time, receive higher grades,
and have more fun in the process. If you aren‘t learning more     Do you want to be a smart student????? Well…It‘s Up to You!
in less time, receiving higher grades or having more fun in
the process…this book may be for you!
                                                                  I hope you all have a blessed holiday season and a Happy,
                                                                  Healthy 2011!!!

                    What would you do? A thought-provoking scenario
                 brought to you by the Academic Integrity Committee…

Imagine: you took Ethics last semester and worked hard to bust out an A. This semester, one of your good friends is
enrolled in Ethics. Your friend approaches you and asks if you would give her a copy of the paper you submitted in
your ethics class. She says, ―I‘m just having trouble getting started and I need some ideas. Plus, I heard this profes-
sor is really tough and I have no idea what she wants!‖

How would you respond? (Select all that apply)
    A.    ―I remember how overwhelmed I felt when I first started to write that paper. I made an appointment with
         the professor to talk about it. We went through the guidelines for the paper together and she gave me some
         great tips on how to get started. She also showed me an example paper. Afterward, I felt like I had a much
         better idea of what was expected. Maybe you could make an appointment to talk with her.‖
    B. ―That class was so hard! Sure, I‘ll email you my paper tonight!‖
    C. ―I heard the Academic Counselor, Jan Hartig, is really helpful with paper writing. I was thinking of going to
       see her for some help in one of my classes, but I never seem to find time. I‘m going to call her right now. Do
       you want to make an appointment too? Or, maybe you can get hooked up with a peer tutor if you want.‖
    D. ―Your friendship means a lot to me. I can‘t give you my paper because I am not sure that would be okay with
       the Professor. I wouldn‘t want to do anything to get both of us in trouble or that might hurt our friendship.
       Hey, I can study your notes from class with you tonight, if you want!‖

Well, we have all probably found ourselves in a similar situation. If you‘re feeling a lot of pressure in that moment,
tell your friend that you will call her later in the day. This will give you a little more time to think it through and for-
mulate a response. Talk with your peers about this situation or similar situations you have been in. Thinking about
scenarios like this may help you make the right choice, should you find yourself in such a situation in the future.
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                           Top Holiday Financial Tips

                                                                                                         Deborah Wilke

  Around the holidays, many cash-              Starbucks gift card tucked in a          mas sales and get together with
  strapped students are looking for            cute coffee mug, fancy chocolate         friends for a gift exchange in
  ways to save money on gifts and holi-        bars tied with a ribbon, child‘s         January.
  day expenses. Here are 10 money              artwork framed, pretty glass jar         Give the same small item—like
  saving ideas:                                filled with candy, you get the           an ornament— to several friends.
                                               idea.                                    For your friends that like to bake
      Most Important: Make a gift list         How about a $2 ―like new condi-          – a variety of bread mixes or
      and set a spending limit on each         tion‖ paperback from a used book         cookie mixes, or muffin mix and a
      person. Be realistic and don‘t go        store.                                   new silicone muffin pan.
      overboard. Giving the perfect gift       A movie pass with a promise of a         Anyone stay at home and play
      does not mean giving the most            date.                                    cards anymore? How about a
      expensive gift.                          Skip the Christmas cards and             deck of cards and a book of card
      Think about giving homemade              save on postage. Use e-Cards for         game rules.
      gifts. I‘m not talking about your        online greetings.
      3rd grade craft stick and sequins        Host a pot luck holiday dinner       Remember, it‘s not the amount of
      tree ornament for Mom & Dad.                                                  money you spend for a gift that mat-
                                               (saves money and is less stress-
      How about a box of note cards                                                 ters the most, but that you took the
      that you have ink stamped, a $5                                               time and cared enough to give some-
                                               Take advantage of AFTER Christ-

                                                                            10 Things that College
                                                                            Teaches Us About Life
                                                                                             Part 1
Autonomy OR Each New Semester Results in Huge Loss of Life Among Grandmothers

Do you want to eat pizza and Cheetos every night for dinner? Report to your Professor that your Grandmother has died
because you feel like sleeping until noon and skipping class. Go to the bars with friends instead of finishing some
homework? Guess what—you can—nobody is going to stop you. College, like life, affords you incredible amounts of
autonomy to make your own decisions . This is a good thing, right?? Yes, autonomy is a perk of adulthood. But there‘s
a flipside: the consequence of total freedom is total responsibility. TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY – Yikes! Are you ready
for that? If you decide to skip class in college and miss important information, you might end up failing the course. If
you miss some important information at work—big oops—you will get fired. Studies show that class attendance signifi-
cantly improves academic performance. One professor found that the grades of students who regularly attended classes
were on average a full letter grade higher than those of students who attended only sporadically. Mentor Katie cau-
tions,‖ If you skip a class here, you miss an entire week‘s worth of information. How are you going to catch up on that?‖
Mentor Kelsey states, ― You owe it to yourself and your future patients to be responsible and do well in school!‖ Mentor
Brandi emphatically proclaims, ―It‘s YOUR future you‘re working towards, so you have to do whatever you can to be the
BEST!!‖ Good words of wisdom from your Mentors. Lastly, Mentor Jenn quotes Joan Didion, ―The willingness to ac-
cept responsibility for one‘s own life is the source from which self-respect springs.‖ So what is the best use of your free-
dom to make decisions? You will have to take responsibility to decide that!

If you think you could benefit from more wisdom from your Mentors, please feel free to contact one of the sponsors: Deb
Wilke or Patty Bollinger.
Sources:, Starr. A., 12/14/2009; Academe Magazine, July-August, 2010 issue.
                                                                                                                     Page 5

   Prof. Davis

Santa says - - - add these items to your      time or women drinking 4 or                 and other additives. When alco-
Christmas Wish list or New Year‘s             more drinks during a short period           holic beverages are mixed with
resolutions!                                  of time.                                    energy drinks, it can mask the
 1. Travel Safe - Don‘t text or talk on    8. Take Folic Acid - every woman               depressant effects of alcohol –
     the phone when you drive and             needs 400 micrograms of folic               NOT a good combination.
     always wear your seat belt.              acid daily, whether she is plan-        10. Form healthy relationships. Re-
 2. Pay attention to good nutrition -         ning to get pregnant or not, for            member dating violence isn‘t al-
     eat plenty of those fruits and veg-      the healthy new cells the body              ways physical; it can include ver-
     gies – seek help if you or someone       makes daily AND to prevent ma-              bal and emotional abuse.
     you care about has signs of an           jor birth defects if they were to       11. Prevent sexually transmitted dis-
     eating disorder.                         become pregnant.                            eases. One in two young people
 3. Get enough sleep – - - seriously - -                                                  will get a STD by age 25 – and
     it makes a difference!                                                               most won't know it.
 4. Be smoke free – most students do                                                  12. Prevent illness - practice good
     not realize the addictive power of                                                   handwashing and cough etiquette
     nicotine when they begin smok-                                                       – also don‘t forget your annual flu
     ing.                                                                                 shot!
 5. Keep moving – be physically ac-
     tive at least 2 to 3 hours each
 6. Manage stress - Don't over-
     commit yourself and keep holiday
     spending in check.
 7. Be alert to the risks associated
     with binge drinking – this means      9. Watch those energy drinks – they
     men drinking 5 or more alcoholic         contain caffeine, other plant-
     drinks within a short period of          based stimulants, simple sugars,

BSNA, BryanLGH Student Nurses Association, would like to
say Happy Holiday's!

 This semester we are happy to say hello and congratulations
to our new officers, President Rebecca Anno, Vice-President
Ashleigh Varner, Secretary Kayla Roberts, and Treasurer
Michele Harms. All of these people that are in their new offices
would love to have more student nurses participate.
We encourage fellow nursing students to come to our first meeting of the new semester which will be on February 2 nd. BSNA
meets the first Wednesday of every month at 3:30 in the Student Center. There is going to be a lot of fun things happening.
BSNA is hoping to do many community projects during the year. During this meeting, we will be going over our accomplish-
ments from the past year, and what we hope to build on this year. Hope to see you at the next meeting.
BryanLGH College is privileged to host the Nebraska Student Nurses Association Convention on Saturday, February 26. This
is an exciting event that BSNA members look forward to each year and is open to all students to attend. At this convention, we
have a full day to network with other students from different colleges throughout the State, receive bits of insight on interest-
ing topics, and potential employers. This will be your opportunity to join with your fellow students on a State level to raise
awareness of the student nurses association, reach out to the community and become a part of something greater.
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                                 The Office of the Registrar

               Did you know you can access your schedule for next semester in SonisWEB? Need your grades
               to turn in for tuition reimbursement or insurance? You can also access grades after they are
               official through SonisWEB. Please see the following instructions to view your schedule for
Nancy Schilz   next semester or to view your grades for this semester!

     To access a copy of your unofficial transcript (which includes your current GPA),
     log into SONISWeb, and then click on Transcript:

           A new window will pop up with your unofficial transcript and you can
           print or save the page for your use!
To see your current or upcoming class schedule, log into SONISWeb,
and then click on Schedule:

The next page show what courses you are currently enrolled in or reg-
istered for, depending on which semester is being viewed. To change
which semester you are seeing, click on the drop down menus next to
School Year and Semester, select the school year and semester you
want to see, and click Change.
                                                                                                          Page 7

                                       Happy December!
                             It is so hard to believe the first semester is almost over!!

                  Do you want to perfect your skills for finals or sharpen
                   up on some other skills for an upcoming course? The
 Skills Bulletins        Skills Lab is a perfect place to do that!                            Tasha Pfenning
                                                                                                Skills Lab

The last faculty guided lab will be December 3rd from 1200-1500 for this semester.
However, appointments with the Skills Lab Coordinator can be made any time – even
over the Holiday break! To do so, just email me at or
call me at 402-481-8749.

     Have a great December and a wonderful Holiday Break! See you in January!!

                                           Birthday Wishes to...
Ashley Fleischman    12-01    Erin McDowell       12-16   Rebecca Wockenfuss 12-30 Shannon Drake          01-16
Kara Havenridge      12-01    David Dudin         12-17   Blake Meyers          12-31 Megan Sucha         01-16
Molly Delatour       12-02    Natalie Johnson     12-17   Kayla Moore           01-01 Jennifer Arensdorf 01-17
Jelayna Stauffer     12-02    Jamie Larson        12-17   Baonguyen Phuocnguyen 01-01 Taryn Obenchain     01-17
Katy Handley         12-05    Elizabeth Mais      12-17   Courtney Roberts      01-01 Kelsey Christiansen 01-18
Kari Schafersman     12-06    Stephanie Riepl     12-17   Kelly Jarchow-Maronde 01-02 Ashley Glidden      01-18
Caroline Campbell    12-07    Rebecca Thoms       12-18   Amber Russell         01-04 Daniel Hagedorn     01-19
Mary Crowe           12-07    Lacey Jarecke       12-19   Megan Hall            01-05 Catherine Hazen     01-19
Miles Hadley         12-07    Courtney Ehmke      12-20   Allison Schleppenbach 01-05 Laurie OGorman      01-19
Christine Wing       12-07    Melissa Frey        12-20   Katherine Theisen 01-08 Shelby Luettel          01-20
Stephanie Campbell   12-08    Elizabeth Gibbens   12-21   Thanh Lan Le          01-09 Nancy Hust          01-22
Shanna Myers         12-08    Katelyn Wheeler     12-21   Brittany Beebe        01-10 Eric Johnson        01-22
Sarah Nun            12-08    Jessica Crawford    12-23   Megan Brokaw          01-10 Jacklyn Pickerill   01-23
Carly Travis         12-08    Richard Flemings    12-24   Jennifer Pearson      01-10 Chelsey Rehm        01-23
Jordan Curtis        12-11    Jeffrey Frey        12-24   Jennifer Volkmer      01-10 Kaitlin Westling    01-24
Malynne Frohner      12-11    Mark Szalawiga      12-25   Amanda Petska         01-11 Travis Jueden       01-25
Alicia Gregg         12-11    Roland Krahn        12-26   Brett Swarts          01-11 Kristin Reeder      01-25
Ryan Hawthorne       12-11    Margaret Stallings  12-26   Kristin Baker         01-12 Allison Watermeier 01-26
Mandy Henrickson     12-11    Staci Baltes        12-27   Nichole Baer          01-13 Jodi Popken         01-28
Danielle Mooney      12-11    Brandi Kadavy       12-27   Amanda Magee          01-13 Charlotte Andreasen 01-30
Jamie Erickson       12-12    Gulchehra Kholmatov 12-27   Judith Ontiveros      01-13 Taress Holt         01-30
Aisha Wade           12-14    Cassie Zitek        12-28   Kathryn Shelton       01-15 Erin Fullmer        01-31
Lindsey Anderson     12-15    Elizabeth Schrodt 12-29     Hali Tabatabai        01-15 Skylar Wissmann     01-31
Kala Weber           12-15    Brittany Prieb      12-30   Micaela Berge         01-16
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                                                     Ed Tech Tip
           Hybrid and Online Course Offerings                    greater flexibility to choose the
                Are Expanding at BCHS                            time you ―attend‖. How else can
  This semester BCHS has presented students with new op-         you go to class in your PJ‘s and
  tions for their learning environment. Hybrid and fully         slippers? But sometimes students
  online courses are now available. Hybrid courses require at have misconceptions about online
  least 25% of the course to be face-to-face with the rest being courses. They aren‘t easier; in              Cindy Masek
  online. Fully online courses do not require any class time on fact you can expect to spend           Distance Education Director
  campus. Currently eight courses that have met the rigorous more time than you may in
  approval process to be offered in the hybrid or online format. other courses. They aren‘t self paced; you still have assign-
                                                                 ment due dates and you need to stay on top of what is due
  Starting in Spring 2011, eight more courses will be offered in when. To be successful in an online course you should:
  either the hybrid or fully online format. While several of the           Be self disciplined and self-motivated to stay on-
  courses are for the graduate certificate programs in simula-             track with assignments
  tion learning and clinical nutrition, more courses will be               Have good time management skills
  available for the undergraduate student as well. Healthcare
                                                                           Have strong writing skills
  Economics, Yoga, and Applying Cultural Diversity in Health
  and Illness will be available in the hybrid format. And In-              Have a reliable, well-maintained computer and
  troduction to Sociology, Introduction to Healthcare Manage-              high speed internet access
  ment, and Board Review for Adult                                         Have adequate computer skills to use ANGEL , the
  Cardiac Sonography and Vascular                                          internet, email, and Microsoft Word
  Sonography will be fully online. The                                     Be assertive and ask questions or seek assistance
  RN-BSN completion program will be                                        when encountering problems
  completely in a hybrid format, as
                                                                           Put effort into developing online relationships with
  was begun this semester. The re-
                                                                           fellow students and faculty
  ports from our students taking these
                                                                     These are only a few of the points to consider when de-
  courses online and in the hybrid for-
                                                                         ciding if you are suited for an online course. To
  mat have been very positive! We are
                                                                         learn more, visit this free website from Sierra Col-
  excited to offer these more flexible course formats that will
                                                                         lege, and take the evaluation quiz to see how pre-
  allow students otherwise unable to attend to join us at the
                                                                         pared you are for online success: http://
  Are Online Courses a Good Idea for You?
  Online courses have many great advantages including

                            Guess what??? The Red Cross Student
                                  Organization is on Angel!!
Under the Red Cross “course” you can find out information about how to become a Red Cross volun-
teer, an application form, instructions on how to complete the background check and numerous ac-
tivities that are needing volunteers!! So check this out!! The volunteer activities are changing fre-
Also, there will be a First Aid class on December 1st in room 300.
Please notify Professor Scholl (481-8092) if you are interested in attending this class. The class size is
limited to 12 students. You must have a current CPR/AED card to attend and must be willing to
commit to volunteering for 20 hours per year. If a large number of people are wanting to attend this
class, Prof Scholl will schedule another class probably right before holiday break in December.
Remember: we should not live our lives by what we get……..rather by what we give.
  The Student Government Association will again be hosting a

                                     Book Swap
                                     for your used books!
                                     December 15th
                                      Classroom 301
                                  Drop off your books to sell from
                                           11:00-11:30 a.m.
                         Buy your spring semester books from 11:30
                                       a.m.-12:30 p.m.
                            Hope to see you all there!

                                      School Closing Reminder
                     If the decision is made to cancel classes for any reasons, you will be notified
                     immediately after the decision is made in the following modes of communica-
                         Your phone for a text
                         Your college email account
                         College website
                         Local television stations

                                          Congratulations to the BryanLGH College JDRF Walk to Cure team
                                          on winning 2 awards at the recent JDRF Celebration Dinner held
                                          Nov 16th. Team Co-Captain Julie Skrabal and student walker Stacey
                                          Popken were on hand to accept the awards for School Team T-shirt
                                          Design and also the Bronze Level Award for raising between $1,000
                                          to $2,500 dollars. Kate Walker, Special Events Coordinator for JDRF
                                          said, ―We got a lot of comments on your shirt so it was clear that it
                                          would be the winner when we put it to a vote. Hope to see you for
                                          next year‘s Walk!‖ Great job Team BryanLGH College!!

The Pulse is published once a month during the fall and spring semesters. If you wish to submit an article for
publication they are due by the 15th of every month for the next month‘s edition to Brenda Neemann. All sub-
missions will be published at the discretion of the editor.

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