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					                                                                          In this issue...
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                                                                          Highlights of board session ........... 1                      Classifieds .................................... 10-14
                                                                          Oregon Veterinary Conf. preview . 4-7                          An active AVMA agenda ............... 15
                                                                          Foundation update ....................... 8                    Business poster requirements ........ 16

                                                                         Online CE: new benefit
                                                                             The OVMA is a member of the consortium that                     OVMA members receive reduced prices on the
  2004                                                                   developed the ASVMAE Online CE Program, now
                                                                         offering a total of 29 courses in scientific topics, practice
                                                                                                                                         courses; the price for ASVMAE-developed sessions is
                                                                                                                                         $30 per course for members and $45 for non-members.
                                                                         management, general management, and professional                The price for non-ASVMAE-developed courses is set
                                                                         development. (The acronym stands for the American               by the designer of the course, but there is a $15 price
                                                                         Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives).          differential between OVMA member and non-
                                                                             The courses were developed by ASVMAE, the                   members. (Courses are approved for CE credit).
                                                                         Canadian VMA, and other experts. Topics include:                    Visit the OVMA website at www.oregonvma.org

                                                                         canine hypothyroidism, replacing your vaccine                   and click on the link to Online CE. From there, OVMA
                                                                         business, small animal reconstructive surgery, use and          members can log into our site for access to exclusive
                                                                         misuse of antiepileptic drugs, fluid resuscitation for          members-only pricing on the courses. If you haven’t
            a publication of the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association

                                                                         the acute small animal patient, and preparing a                 yet set up an account to access the Members Only
                                                                         winning business plan, among others.                            resources on the web site, contact us with your e-mail
                                                                             Additional ASVMAE-developed scientific courses              address and a 5 to 7 character alphanumeric password.
                                                                         on the horizon include: the GI tract with Dr. David                 Note: The ASVMAE site (through Learning
                                                                         Twedt; oncology with Dr. Cathy Mitchener;                       Library) is best viewed using Internet Explorer. The
                                                                         dermatology with Dr. Gail Kunkle; and laser surgery             site also details the software and hardware requirements
                                                                         with Dr. Ken Bartles.                                           for viewing and listening to the courses.

                                                                         Are records privileged?
                                                                             County Commissioners in Lane County are                        Counsel for the county believes such records can
                                                                         expected to approve a rule in early December that               be restricted from viewing under a section in the law
                                                                         would require veterinarians to provide authorities with         on Trade Secrets. Under this scenario, the county has
                                                                         recorded information on rabies certificates. The                indicated it can withhold divulging information if an
                                                                         information would contain, among other items, the               individual or company were to request to see rabies
                                                                         name, address and telephone number of the client.               records of doctor X.
                                                                             To the best of our knowledge, Lane County would                However, counsel suggested that if an individual or
                                                                         become the second county in the state (Klamath is               company asked to view records of all animals
                                                                         the other) to mandate that veterinarins present such            innoculated with a rabies vaccine (without specifying
                                                                         information to local agencies.                                  a particular veterinarian’s name), then the county would
                                                                             Lane County authorities want to ensure that they            be obligated to provide this information.
                                                                         have important rabies information, should the need                 Why is this important? In Florida, rabies
                                                                         arise. At times discussion at county commission                 information was accessible to that state’s records law
                                                                         meetings has also centered on licensing dogs and                and, according to reports, at one time accessed by a
                                                                         whether or not information on the rabies forms would            internet pharmacy. The Florida VMA went to court,
                                                                         be used by animal control agencies as a cross-check of          contending that such information was proprietary and
                                                                         who has had their dog licensed.                                 should only be accessible to the appropriate authorities.
                                                                             A broader issue that has raised additional concerns         The courts upheld the FVMA’s contention
                                                                         among many local veterinarians as well as the OVMA                 Oregon public records laws are much more open.
                                                                         Board of Directors is accessibility of such information         The OVMA presently is looking at areas of the law
                                                                         through Oregon’s public records law. What can be                that possibly could be amended to provide veterinarians
                                                                         restricted and what can be accessed?                            with privacy protection on this topic.
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                               News Briefs
                                              Election Results                            public relations, membership, equine welfare, and 50th
                                                                                          anniversary committees. He previously served on the
                                  Three new board members are moving into
   Oregon Veterinary                                                                      AAEP board of directors from 1995-1998.
                               positions to address an direct policy for the OVMA.
  Medical Association                                                                        Within the equine community, Dr. Corey has
                                  Dr. Linda Blythe, the associate dean with the
                                                                                          devoted much of his time to welfare issues. With the
 1880 Lancaster Dr. NE         College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State
                                                                                          Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, he helped
                               University, steps in as Vice President.
       Suite 118                                                                          to develop standards of care. And he recently
                                  Dr. Laird Goodman was elected to serve as the
   Salem, OR 97305                                                                        completed serving six years on the AVMA’s Animal
                               representative in District 3, which covers Clatsop,
                                                                                          Welfare Committee, including one year as chair.
                               Columbia, Tillamook, Washington and Yamhill
                               counties. He is the owner of Murrayhill Veterinary
    (800) 235-3502                                                                                Political Future on Hold
                               Hospital in Beaverton and fills an open seat on the
    (503) 399-0311             board.                                                        After six years on the Independence City Council,
  Fax (503) 363-4218              Dr. Brad Frank is the new representative for District   Dr. Bob Archer is looking forward to reshuffling his
                               6, which encompasses Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson         schedule -- for the near future, anyway. At the moment
   www.oregonvma.org                                                                      he is continuing his career as a veterinarian, where he
                               and Josephine counties. He is the owner of Jacksonville
 contact@oregonvma.org         Veterinary Hospital and assumes the position from Dr.      shares a practice with his wife, Laura. He is a graduate
                               Howard Miller of Ashland who generously remained           of the veterinary program at Washington State
                               on the board until the election in Southern Oregon.        University, and she is a graduate of the program at
    Executive Director                                                                    Oregon State.
                                  In other news from the board of directors, Linda
      Glenn M. Kolb            Melton of Idexx Veterinary Services was appointed by          In an article in the Statesman Journal (Salem) on Dr.
glenn.kolb@oregonvma.org       the board as the Allied Industry Representative. Bruce     Archer’s political participation, the current mayor of
                               Mackey of Hill’s Pet Nutrition previously served in        Independence had this to say: “He’s a community
                               this capacity.                                             oriented person. He’s got a quiet toughness, always
  Administrative Assistant                                                                warm and friendly. He’s the kind of city councilor that
        Jenny Page                                                                        any mayor would love to have.”
                                        Conveyance of Gratitude                              While Dr. Archer served on the council, the city
                                   We would like to thank Dr. Quin Christensen of built a new library, improved the downtown core and
                               Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital in Tigard for renovated the park along the Willamette River.
Public Relations Director      reviewing this client education poster for this issue of
        Raina Dey
                               the newsletter. The poster on “Overweight Pets”                      National 4-H Congress
                               addresses holiday no-nos and takes a look at health           Each year the OVMA contributes to the 4-H
raina.dey@oregonvma.org        risks for the heavy and obese animal, tips for preventing Congress, helping to send young students to the
                               obesity in pets, and directs clients to their veterinarian organization’s national convention in Atlanta.
                               if the client suspects their pet is tipping the scales.       In 2004 three 4-Hers attended the recent meeting
                                   Note: The OVMA web site, located at and thanked the Association for its ongoing support of
                               www.oregonvma.org contains an assortment of client a program that is designed, in part, to help build leaders
   Our Mission                 education posters that you can download in a PDF for the future. The students are: Genevieve Bliesnew
                               format. The posters are in the newly-revised Resource and Kaci Sinfek of Sandy, and Travis Stolk of Salem.
       ▼                       section of the web site and are restricted to members.        Congratulation to each of the recipients.
                               So if you want to check this out, send us your e-mail
“To serve veterinarians, the   address and a five-to-seven alpha-numeric password
                               and we will provide you with access.
                                                                                                           Changes Afield
 veterinary profession and                                                                   After years of providing relief veterinary services
the public through public                                                                 across Oregon, Dr. Janet Henkel is settling down. She
                                         National Leader of Note                          recently purchased the Tillamook Veterinary Hospital
   relations, continuing
                                   Dr. Doug Corey of Adams in Eastern Oregon has from Dr. Kathy Blevins, who left for Idaho to care for
  education and political      been elected Vice President of the American Association her ill mother. Dr. Henkel and her husband live in
action, and by promoting       of Equine Practitioners. He practices at Associated Tillamook, and she has worked in nearly every practice
                               Veterinary Clinic, a five-doctor mixed animal practice in the county as a relief veterinarian.
    among veterinarians
                               in Walla Walla, Wash.                                         Over in Central Oregon, Dr. Marie Vandaveer set
  the highest standard of          Dr. Corey is a past president and regional director her sights on building a new practice. In 1990 she
      animal care and          of the OVMA and he also served two terms with the bought Bush Animal Hospital in Bend from Dr. Dale
                               Veterinary Medical Examining Board.                        Bush. Fourteen years later she and her associate Dr.
                                   With the AAEP, he has taken on many roles and Joy Gyorgyfalvy have moved into a much more
         standards.”           responsibilities, serving as chairman for the research, spacious 3,000 sq. ft. practice.

Summary of board discussion                                                                                                      Board of
    Your Association’s board of directors gathered in                 The Veterinary Practice Act contains a term
Reno for an evening discussion that was held in               “agent” that may be problematic with regard to lay                     ▼
conjunction with the Wild West Veterinary Conference          people treating animals.
in October. (As the OVMA is a partner of this                     The Practice Act reads: “Nothing in ORS 686.020                    Dr. Tom Keck
conference, along with the Arizona, California and            (1) shall be so construed as to prevent any person or                      Dallas
Nevada veterinary associations, we conduct one meeting        the agent or employee of the person from practicing
                                                                                                                                   President Elect
a year in Nevada).                                            veterinary medicine and surgery or dentistry in a                   Dr. Doug McInnis
    Following are highlights of some of the key               humane manner on any animal belonging to the person,                  Klamath Falls
discussions at the October 6 meeting.                         agent or employee or for gratuitous services or from
                                                                                                                                    Vice President
        The Office of Degree Authorization, a state           dehorning and vaccinating cattle for the person, agent               Dr. Linda Blythe
agency, earlier in the year indicated it had full authority   or employee.”                                                            Corvallis
to decide the validity of college degrees for the State of        What exactly does “agent” mean is open for
                                                                                                                              Immediate Past President
Oregon. This would include veterinary degrees of              interpretation. The jury is out on this issue and answers          Dr. Kurt Schrader
foreign graduates.                                            vary widely, depending on who is asked the question.                    Canby
    The Veterinary Medical Examining Board claims                 The Board of Directors decided at this time not to
that it has the authority on such matters pertaining to       puruse a legislative change with respect to amending                 Dr. Jay Fineman
veterinarians and will be drafting legislation that           the section on agent. Instead, it believes it is appropriate             Newport
exempts it out of an ODA statute.                             for the issue to be tested before the VMEB and,
                                                                                                                                   AVMA Delegate
    The OVMA Board of Directors supports the                  possibly, in a court of law.                                      Dr. DuWayne Penfold
VMEB’s approach, and the Association will be prepared                 The board agreed to co-sponsor legislation with                 Eugene
to write its own bill, should the Examining Board’s           regard to dogs in open vehicles. The Association has
                                                                                                                              AVMA Alternate Delegate
proposal falls through.                                       previously supported such legislation. Any law that is            Dr. Marty DeWees
        President Tom Keck will assign an ad hoc              to pass will require broad exemptions for rural areas.                Springfield
committee to review the current committee structure                   The board is tracking the issue of drug pre-
                                                                                                                                      District 1
and report to the board at its next meeting. The purpose      cursors -- those products that are used to manufacture                 Dr. Bob Hall
is to revise committee protocol to make discussions more      methamphetamines.                                                       Pendleton
nimble and effective and to provide a broader forum               The drug pre-cursor law that was adopted two
                                                                                                                                     District 2
for interaction with the general membership at large.         sessions ago and modified in 2003 still requires                      Dr. Bill Young
        The board continues to look at the ownership          “tinkering” to more effectively protect veterinarians and                 Eugene
vs. guardianship issue. Dr. Kurt Schrader (who also is a      their clients. In talking with the “architects” of the bill,
                                                                                                                                       District 3
State Senator) will ask legislative counsel for an opinion    we believe it will be addressed in the 2005 session.                Dr. Laird Goodman
on ownership relative to the state’s definition of            However, the Association is prepared to introduce                        Beaverton
guardianship.                                                 legislation, if necessary, to protect your interests.
                                                                                                                                      District 4
    Dr. Keck has assigned an ad hoc committee to                      The Association submitted a proposal to the                 Dr. Jacqui Neilson
quickly assess the issue and report to the board with         American Veterinary Medical Foundation for a Disaster                    Portland
recommendations on how to approach the topic.                 Preparedness and Response start-up grant. Key
                                                                                                                                      District 5
        The issue of confidentiality was also discussed       elements of the proposal are: 1) to educate veterinarians,          Dr. Michael Foland
in detail. In the medical profession it has long been         veterinary staff, government representatives, and                         Salem
held that more free and ready communications between          humane and other animal assistance organizations on
                                                                                                                                      District 6
the doctor and patient would be expedited if those            the importance of establishing a response protocol; and               Dr. Brad Frank
discussions were privileged so that there could be no         2) to conduct the requisite training it would take to                  Jacksonville
disclosure of information without the client’s consent.       develop and implement a program at the local and
                                                                                                                                       District 7
Medical practice acts contain a statement of this             state levels.                                                        Dr. Susan Loomis
privilege, but veterinary practices generally do not.                 The board approved membership applications                         Bend
    Oregon’s Veterinary Practice Act does not provide         for 25 veterinarians at the October meeting.
                                                                                                                                      District 8
veterinarians with confidentiality protection. Some               We want to welcome the following to the                            Dr. Jean Hall
believe veterinarians already have the right to refuse        Association: Drs. Maura Gibson, Benjamin Hendrix,                       Corvallis
divulging doctor-client-patient information upon              Emily Johnson, Valerie Johnson, Rhonda Kirkman,
                                                                                                                                AVMA Distric XI Rep
request, even though this is not expressly written in         Susan Kirschner, Dave Klugh, Julie Krygier, Mindy                   Dr. Richard Coon
law. The exceptions would be if the information were          Lenardson, Anne Maichel, David Mallov, Katherine                      Forest Grove
subpoenaed, is part of litigation, or becomes important       McKinsey, Erica Moore, Devin Newman, Bonnie
                                                                                                                                 Industry / Ex-officio
in the control of animal and/or public health.                Oberlander, Erica Reay, Trisha Roisum, Catherine                    Linda Melton, Idexx
    Dr. Keck assigned an ad hoc committee to study            Rowan, Kasey Rysdam-Nash, Patti Smith, Erin Tripp,                        Eugene
this issue -- to determine to the best of our ability         Amy Twardzik, Jodi Wiktorowski, Melody Williams,
                                                                                                                             Practice Managers / Ex-officio
whether or not such legislation would have merit.             and Xenia Zawadzkas.                                                 Michelle Campoli

      OVMA                       Oregon Veterinary Conference
     Meetings                        The 2005 conference is scheduled for March 4-6 Ehrlichiosis and Lyme Borreliosis
       ▼                         in Corvallis at Oregon State University. Following is a        From diagnostic dilemmas to treatment strategies,
                                 preview of some of the sessions that you will find at this seminar provides you with an update on THE
                                 the meeting.                                               most current diagnostic tools available to identify
March 4-6, 2005                                                                             infected patients. Emphasis is placed on testing strategies
Oregon Veterinary                                 Small Animal Medicine                     and interpretation. Treatment modalities, treatment
Conference                           The planning committee has enlisted the talents of failures (probably much more prevalent than we
Corvallis, Oregon                three visible figures in veterinary medicine for the realized), as well as West Coast vaccination strategies
                                 various tracks: Dr. David Biller, Dr. Richard Ford, and will be presented.
October 5-9, 2005                Dr. Dennis Macy. Here is a look at what each will be
Wild West Veterinary             presenting.                                                Vaccines and Vaccinations: Issues & Controversies
Conference                                                                                      In this session with Dr. Dennis Macy, we will present
Reno, Nevada                     Dr. David Biller                                           an overview of the Canine and Feline Vaccination
                                 Production of a Great Thoracic Radiograph                  Guidelines that includes three critical areas: 1)
For more information, call the       Accurate interpretation of radiographs depends on developing the vaccination protocol; 2) vaccine safety
OVMA office at (800) 235-        the quality of the X-ray. Dr. Biller will provide issues; and 3) new vaccines and new vaccine technology
                                 techniques for capturing exceptional radiographs.          (and there is new information here). Several key issues
3502 or visit our Web site at
                                                                                            include duration of immunity facts on canine and feline
                                 Interpretation of a Normal Thoracic Radiograph             vaccines, use of antibody titers in clinical practice, and
                                     Knowledge of normal anatomy of the thorax is vaccination site sarcoma update.
                                 critical for a great thoracic reading. In this session you
                                 will learn a technique to interpret thoracic radiographs, Chronic Cough in the Dog
                                 concentrating on normal and using abnormal                     This presentation centers on one of the most
                                 examples.                                                  common, and clinically frustrating, respiratory signs in
                                                                                            dogs: chronic cough ... when the cough is NOT related
      Other                      Imaging of the Gastrointestinal Tract                      to pneumonia, neoplasia, or cardiac disease.
     Meetings                        Dr. Biller will discuss survey and contrast                Chronic bronchial disease in older dogs is a condition
                                 radiography as well as ultrasound of the GI tract, using that commonly occurs, but it still is underdiagnosed
       ▼                         clinical cases.                                            (or inappropriately treated) in practice. Practical
                                                                                            diagnostic strategies as well as long-term treatment
January 28, 2005                 Old Radiographic Techniques Revisited                      recommendations are outlined in this session.
Metabolic Problems                   Compression radiography, positional radiography,
in Endurance Horses              pneumogastography, and pneumocolons and partial Diagnostic Dilemmas of the Upper Respiratory
Portland, OR                     barium enemas are techniques that we may have been             Localize ... localize ... localize ... and the clinical signs
(360) 833-8975                   taught in school but no longer use. Dr. Biller will tell all. Practical diagnostic techniques needed to isolate
endrncrider@sbcglobal.net        discuss these techniques, plus their advantages and the location and the cause of upper respiratory signs in
                                 indications for clinical practice.                         the dog will be reviewed. From sneezing and nasal
                                                                                            discharge to stertor to stridor ... there is a BIG difference.
March 3-6, 2005
                                 Dr. Richard Ford (Sponsored by Merial)                     Understanding where to look, when to look, and what
International Camelid Conf.
                                 FeLV/FIV                                                   to do when you get there is the objective.
Corvallis, OR                        This clinical update stresses key issues pertaining to
(800) 235-3502                   the diagnosis, treatment and especially important, the Feline Viral Upper Respiratory Infection
                                 prevention of two of the most serious infections               Despite the routine use of vaccines against feline
April 18-22, 2005                affecting domestic cats ... the good, the bad, and the herpesvirus-1 and calicivirus, these infections are still
Pet Birds & Pocket Pets          ugly. In addition, the presentation will address the recognized as THE most common infections affecting
Corvallis, OR                    new transdermal recombinant FeLV vaccine just cats. How can this be? Have the vaccines failed?
(541) 737-2268                   licensed for use in the U.S.                               Recognizing the chronic carrier-state and managing
                                                                                            chronic sneezing in the adult cat will be the focus of
April 25-29, 2005                FIP: More Complex Than We Thought                          this presentation.
Canine Sports Medicine               FIP is among the most biologically complex viral
Corvallis, OR                    infections to infect domestic cats. This seminar covers Dr. Dennis Macy (Sponsored by Merial)
(541) 737-2268                   the spectrum of clinical signs asociated with “wet” and        Dr. Macy will appear over the course of three days
                                 “dry” forms of FIP, the difficulty in establishing the and will participate with Dr. Ford in the broad
A more complete listing of       diagnosis, treatment options, and prevention, discussion of vaccines and vaccinations as well as the
CE programs is available         including why isn’t there an effective vaccine?            current issues and controversies on this topic.
on our Web site at
Vaccine Associated Sarcomas                             surgical treatment, and hospitalized care at referral
    Ten years later, what do we know about them now? institutions.
And how do we prevent and treat them?
                                                                                                                           Visit Our
                                                        Management of Clinical Complications and Endotoxemia               Web Site!
Diagnosis and Treatment of Fungal Disease               Associated with Colic
    New diagnostics and antifungals will be addressed.      This discussion will center around the recognition                 ▼
The new agents are safer and more effective.            and management of complications, such as
                                                        endotoxemia, laminitis, and various peri-operative            www.oregonvma.org
Use of NSAIDs in Cancer Management                      complications associated with the acute abdomen.
    Cheap and often effective adjunct to traditional                                                                  Visit our Web site, where
cancer treatment, these drugs play a big role in Challenging Colic Cases and Practitioner Discussion
metronomic chemotherapy.                                    Principles from the day’s discussion will be applied      you will find the following
                                                        to clinical cases with respect to the diagnosis, treatment,   information:
Feline Oncology: What Makes the Cat Different?          management, the decision for referral, and prognosis             Latest news and events
    Cat’s have few types of tumors but they tend to be in the horse with the acute abdomen.
more malignant. Some, however, are less malignant                                                                        OVMA services
when compared to the canine.                            Dr. Gary Magdesian                                               CE calendar
                                                            In a daylong program, Dr. Magdesian will cover               Legislative updates
Chemotherapy for the Cat                                the following topics: Management of the Critical Neonate
    Some drugs given to dogs to treat cancer will kill in the Field, Respiratory Distress in the Weaning Foal,           Pet care information
cats. Learn which ones to use -- and not to use.        Therapies for Acute Diarrhea, New Thoughts on Fluid           for your clients and the gen-
                                                        Therapy in the Field, and Acid-Base Made Easy?                eral public
Common Cat Tumors
    Case studies of cat tumors and their diagnosis and Dr. Craig Mosley                                                  Large animal care infor-
treatment will be presented.                                On Sunday, Dr. Mosley, a recent addition to the           mation
                                                        veterinary program at Oregon State University, will              And more!
                    Equine Medicine                     present Field Anesthesia: Review and New Techniques.
    Dr. Eric Mueller and Dr. Gary Magdesian will be
the key presenters of the equine tracks in 2005.        Dr. John Schlipf                                               Access to Members-Only
                                                            The equine program concludes with Dr. Schlipf                      Content
Field Evaluation of the Acute Abdomen                   looking at I Have These Blood Values - Now, What Do
    In this opening session, Dr. Mueller will explore a They Mean? and Why Is the Old Gray Mare Gray?                 To gain access to the
critical review of the physical exam, clinicopathologic                                                               members-only sections of
paramaters, and ancillary diagnostic tests and their                      Food Animal Medicine                        the OVMA web site, please
significance used to evaluate the horse with an acute Over the course of two days, the program for food
abdominal crisis.                                       animal practitioners will feature a series of speakers.       send an e-mail request to
Rectal Exam for Colic: What Am I Really Feeling?          Dr. David Anderson                                          and include a five-to-seven
   A review of rectal examination findings in the normal      In three different seminars, Dr. Anderson will
horse and interpretation of rectal exam findings in the examine Lameness Surgery with Emphasis on the Foot,           character alphanumeric
horse with an acute abdomen will be presented.            C-Sections: Living or Dying in Three-Quarter Time,          password. You’ll have
                                                          and GI Surgery in the Field: Updates on Abomasal            unrestricted access within
Medical Management of the Acute Abdomen                   Techniques.
   Here Dr. Mueller examines medical therapies, both                                                                  24 hours.
old and new, that are used to treat the horse with colic. Dr. Barrett Slenning
Specific medications and therapies, doses, and efficacy       In two sessions, Dr. Slenning will focus on Hood
will be covered.                                          of the Truck Statistics and Epidemiology as well as
                                                          Agroterrorism and Disaster Planning.
Field Colic: Treatment or Referral, and Prognosis
   Because of client and economic pressures, the Dr. Don Hansen
decision to refer the horse with an acute abdomen for         Dr. Hansen, Oregon’s new State Veterinarian, will
further medical treatment or surgery may be difficult. address Electronic ID Systems.
Indications for referral and prognosis of specific
abdominal conditions will be addressed.                   Dr. Mark Kirkpatrick
                                                              A consulting veterinarian with Pfizer Animal
Surgical Management: Referral Institutions                Health, Dr. Kirkpatrick will discuss Vaccinology,
   Dr. Mueller will take a look at the diagnostic Using Power Point Presentations for Client
evaluation, decision making process for medical or Communications, and Analyzing Herd Milk Records.

                                              Veterinary Technician Program                  considerably. And there is (no surprise here) controversy!
                                      The 2005 OVC sessions for technicians and
Vote (PAC) now                    assistants will feature discussions by Harold Davis, Dr.
                                                                                             Veterinary technicians working in clinical small animal
                                                                                             practice MUST be aware of these changes and have
 and help your                    Richard Ford and Dr. Dennis Macy, among others.            fundamental awareness regarding WHY these
                                                                                             recommendations are in place now ... and what the
  profession                      Harold Davis, RVT, VTS                                     implications are for the future.

                                  Triage in the Emergency Room
                                       Triage is the sorting or prioritization of emergent Dr. Dennis Macy (Sponsored by Merial)
                                  patients, determining which are stable and which Why Clients Should Sign Informed Consent Forms
We ask you to consider Vote       require immediate treatments. This discussion will cover      Communication is everything, but regardless of
PAC--Veterinarians Organized      telephone and waiting room triage.                        what you said, only the medical record is recognized in
to Elect. Make your indi-                                                                   court.
vidual $50 contribution for       Management of the Hypovolemic Shock Patient
2004 ($100 for a married               This discussion will provide an overview of the Handling/Administering Chemotherapeutic Agents
couple filing jointly) to the     shock. It is a dynamic and complex syndrome; the              Why did the leg fall off? Yikes! Prevent those adverse
Association’s political action    focus of therapy and monitoring is oxygen delivery. events associated with cancer chemotherapy while
committee today.                  Having a basic understanding of the pathophysiologic protecting your health.
                                  and compensatory mechanism of this complex
                                  syndrome will aid the veterinary technician in meeting Dr. Ty McSherry (Sponsored by Idexx)
We ask that those of you who
                                  therapeutic and monitoring goals.                         Hematology & Clinical Pathology Boot Camp
contributed to the OVMA’s
                                                                                                The two separate lectures on hematology and
PAC in 2003 to do so again.
                                  Life Saving Emergency Room Techniques                     clinical pathology are open to all registrants but a
And if you did not make a              Often the veterinary technician may have to requirement for those who will be signing up for the
contribution to Vote PAC last     perform or assist in emergency life saving techniques. “Boot Camp” labs on Sunday morning.
year, we encourage your           Several techniques will be discussed and will include         Dr. McSherry’s lecture on hematology will be more
support this year.                indications, equipment needed, how the procedure is advanced in terms of examining and identifying
                                  performed, and the potential complications associated abnormal red blood cell counts and white blood cell
The State of Oregon will          with the procedures.                                      morphology and associating them with particular cases.
provide you with a tax credit                                                                   His cytology lecture will be more basic and cover
on your 2004 return. This is      Critically Ill Patient Nursing Care                       normal and abnormal morphology with case examples.
not a tax deduction, but rather        Core nursing care principles for the critically ill      There will be limited enrollment for the labs, in
a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.   patient will be covered in this session.                  which participants will take part in a timed challenged
                                                                                            base lab on hematology and clinical pathology cases.
We hope that you will make        Monitoring Techniques: Tools of the Trade
your contribution now, but             It is incumbent upon the technician to be familiar       Practice Management/Staff Development
the last day to take advantage    with a variety of monitoring techniques, as well as have      Dr. Tom Watson, a national veterinary consultant,
of this tax credit is             an understanding of what they tell us. Tools of the returns to the OVC for a varied presentation to
December 31, 2004.                trade used by technicians in watching over the critically veterinarians, practice managers and paraprofessional
                                  ill patient will be examined.                             staff. He was a highly successful multiple practice owner
Make your check payable to:                                                                 in Tucson, Arizona, and today presents his insights and
                                  Management of the Traumatic Brain Patient                 experience in a straightforward, practical manner that
Vote PAC and mail to 1201
                                       Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is an acute is directed for the entire practice team.
SW 12th Ave., Suite 200,
                                  neurological emergency. Recognition of subtle changes
Portland, OR 97205.               and the initiation of appropriate therapy will ultimately Practice Budget & Management Statistics Lab
                                  affect the outcome. This discussion will provide you          This will be a special limited enrollment lab where
Should you have any               with an overview of care for the TBI patient.             attendees will learn how to track and analyze your
questions, please do not                                                                    practice’s finances as well as identify trends for ongoing
hesitate to call the OVMA         Dr. Richard Ford (Sponsored by Merial)                    management.
office at (800) 235-3502.         Zoonoses ... How Real the Threat?                             Attendees will be sent advanced material and
Thank you.                             This is a provocative presentation that not only expected to bring their laptops where they will examine
                                  focuses on the most common infections of dogs/cats in an Excel spreadsheet year-to-year analysis of finances
                                  that pose a health risk to humans but will challenge and procedures.
                                  everyone of what is, and what is NOT, a zoonotic
                                  infection. This is a graphic presentation and depicts Team Building: Leadership
                                  infections in animals and the same infection in humans.       Leadership is the single most important element in
                                                                                            creating a successful practice. It is also the least
                                  Small Animal Vaccines and Vaccinations                    understood of practice success skills. We will discuss
                                       Within the last four years, vaccination the role that leadership plays in team building, who
                                  recommendations for the cat and dog have changed needs to develop the skills and what these skills are.

Team Building: Practice Governance                      and, more importantly, a foundation to                  This session focuses on exploring internal
   Practice owners usually understand the need          customizing a fee schedule for each practice.       marketing concepts and techniques to build
for making decisions for the practice and staff.                                                            veterinary practices, sell services, and shorten the
Problems arise because there generally is a lack of     Team Building: Communications                       “yes time” for recommended procedures.
understanding that there is a systematic process            One of the most frequently registered
that works to establish order and avoid                 complaints by staff about how practices are Building Client Trust Through Estimates
miscommunication in the practice. This session          managed is lack of communication. While practice        Veterinary medicine is a fee for service
discusses appropriate methods of decision making,       owners perceive this is invalid, it is much more profession. Most of our clients understand this,
policy setting, and staff communication that keeps      likely that there is a gross misunderstanding about and our staffs believe they do. But do they really?
everyone in the practice on the same page.              what communication is, what is involved with it, This session is for all the practice team and covers
                                                        and how to accomplish it. This session reveals building estimates, preparing the client, preparing
Team Building: Human Relations                          concepts of effective communication in the the health care plan, and presenting the estimate.
Of all the elements of practice management,             practice for all levels of staff, including how we
human relations tends to provide the most               can communicate specifically with individuals                         Animal Welfare
consistent headache to practices. Reasons for this      with different behavior styles.                         Enid Traisman, MSW, developed and runs the
are numerous: lack of training, lack of interest,                                                           client bereavement program at Dove Lewis
poor or no employee review procedures, poor             Team Building: Training                             Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland.
policies or policy setting, and a lack of systems in        If an employee cannot perform a task or tasks Sponsored by the OAHF.
place to deal with the human relations issues in a      adequately, the problem usually is not that they
logical manner. Learn how to avoid problems and         are incapable. Most likely it is that they have Pet Loss and the Grieving Client
tackle them efficiently as they arise.                  inadequate or inappropriate training. This session      Ms. Traisman will address the significance of
                                                        deals with systems for training and efficient the human-animal bond, the grieving process,
Fee Schedule: It’s More Than A Price List               operation of a quality veterinary practice.         identify the various stages of grief, the vital role of
   Financial success in a practice requires a base to                                                       the veterinary practice during this time, and how
build on. An appropriate fee schedule provides          Marketing: Client Education with a Purpose          both the practice and client address euthanasia.
an important part of such a base. However,                  As a profession, we have tended to avoid the
building an appropriate fee schedule involves           whole area of marketing, questioning its ethics or Working Through Grief
more than putting together a list of numbers.           need. Yet we staunchly support client education.        Ms. Traisman will facilitate a discussion on the
   Practice philosopy, level of commitment, level       They are one and the same, but on different levels. importance of working through one’s own feelings
of service, demographics, marketing, niche              Our clients do not know how to take care of their around grief. Attendees can share their own stories,
availability, real value, perceived value and           furry family members or the range of services we address “unfinished business,” and learn tools for
competition are but a few factors to consider. This     can offer them. How will they acquire this sought personal growth. You are encouraged to bring
program addresses some methods of setting fees          after information if we don’t teach them?           photos of any pets you would like to talk about.

       International Camelid Health Conference
                                                       March 3-6, 2005
                                              held in conjunction with the OVC

        Current use/abuse of anthelmintics                             Neuro outbreak                                    Adaptation to altitude
                    Chorioptes                                     Caseous lymphadenitis                                    Diurnal rhthyms
                     Parasites                                        OSU case studies                                      Glucose transport
                 E. Mac life cycle                                         Nutrition                                            IV fluids
            E. Mac clinical experience                           Renal disease and other issues                               Surgical cases
       New techniques in pain management                                  Heat stress                                    Orthopedic challenges
                 West Nile Virus                                        Reproduction                                    Joint study presentation
                 Cerebral disease                              Reproduction in the male camelid                 Procedures lab for DVMs and technicians
                  Mycoplasma                                           Herd evaluation

                                                                   CONTACT the OVMA
                                                                  (800) 235-3502 for details

                               Foundation’s fall gathering
                                   The board of the Oregon Animal Health                  recent client education brochure: Dealing with the Loss
     Health                    Foundation met at the OVMA office in Salem the end
                               of November.
                                                                                          of Your Pet. The OVMA, through the PR Committee
                                                                                          (The Oregon Plan) is considering additional brochures
   Foundation                      Under New Business, the board approved the             on disaster planning, etc., that the OAHF might also
                               following:                                                 consider supporting.
       ▼                              Establishing an annual $2,000 scholarship for           In other Foundation news, Dr. Howard Wagner,
                               a veterinary student at Oregon State University.           the not-for-profit’s chair, noted that the OAHF’s
The Oregon Animal Health              Sponsoring the Animal Welfare track at the 2005     investment portfolio has a total value of $218,000.
Foundation promotes the        Oregon Veterinary Conference. The 2005 seminar will        Combined with funds in the checking account, overall
health and welfare of all      feature Enid Traisman, MSW, founder of the Pet             assets are just under a quarter of a million dollars.
                               Bereavement Program at Dove Lewis Emergency                    The board also reviewed some of the programs it
animals, including our loyal   Animal Hospital in Portland. She will address how the      supported in 2004. This included, among others,
companions, by funding a       veterinary team can best assist clients through the        sponsorship of the Animal Hall of Fame ceremony;
variety of charitable,         grieving process.                                          plus grants for a bronzed dog statue at the Oregon
                                      Supporting, in part, the annual Pet Day             Gardens in Silverton (in a pet celebration area); and to
educational, and scientific    Celebration put on by veterinary students at OSU           Sustainable Living, a children’s workshop group that
programs.                      during National Pet Week.                                  promotes responsible animal care to their peers.
                                      Providing ongoing sponsorship of the Animal             The OAHF is also continuing to explore a
                               Hall of Fame Awards Program, held in conjunction at        sponsorship with the Red Cross on a series of workshops
The OAHF is supported by       the Oregon Veterinary Conference.                          on animal medical and emergency care.
private gifts from the                Exploring having the Oregon Community                   Foundation board members include: Drs. Howard
general public and dona-       Foundation (Portland) manage the assets of the OAHF.       Wagner (Grants Pass), Jerry Boggs (Eugene), Steve
                               A meeting with the OCF is being scheduled for the          Brown (Newport), Lynn Erdman (Portland), Patt Huff
tions from veterinarians.      end of January or the first of February 2005.              (Hillsboro), and Kurt Schrader (Oregon City); plus
                                      Looking in to providing veterinary practices with   public members Susan Mentley (Portland), Gerald
Many veterinarians contrib-    a brochure holder and copies of the OVMA’s most            Peterson (Corvallis), and Glen Pfeffercorn (Dallas).

ute to the Foundation in
memory of their clients’
beloved pets.                      Consider a Silent Auction donation
To partcipate in the                Once a year, in conjunction with the Oregon Veterinary Conference, the Oregon Animal Health
                                Foundation holds a Silent Auction to raise funds for the charitable work of the organization. Established in
memorial card program,          1983 under the auspices of the OVMA, the Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable entity supported
contact the OVMA office at      through its Memorial Card programs and through individual contributions and planned giving bequests.
(800) 235-3502.                     The Silent Auction has been successful in past years because of support from veterinarians, allied
                                industry and others. Your generous donation for the 2005 Silent Auction is tax deductible. So please
                                consider donating an item for the coming year’s Auction. (Minimum value of $50, as bids for all items start
                                at half the value).

                                SILENT AUCTION DONATION

                                Name _____________________________________________________________________

                                Company/Clinic ______________________________________________________________

                                Address ____________________________________________________________________

                                Phone Number _______________________________________________________________

                                Item(s) Donated _________________________________ Value ________________________
                                _______          I will send the item(s) to the OVMA office by February 15, 2005.
                                _______          I will bring the item(s) to the Oregon Veterinary Conference.
                                          Fax this form to the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association at (503) 363-4218

New resources on web site                                                                                                 Oregon Plan
    The OVMA web site at www.oregonvma.org now              materials, including downloadable posters; access to
includes a new section desgined to provide                  online CE courses offered by the OVMA and
                                                            ASVMAE; the CE calendar; and more.
veterinarians, practice managers, and paraprofessionals
improved and efficient access to resources offered by
the Association. We encourage you to check it out by        Practice Managers and Paraprofessionals
                                                                                                                        Thank you to the sponsors
visiting the site and clicking on Resources.                   Resources for practice managers and veterinary staff     who support our public
    This new section includes access to past issues of      include: classified ads; the CE calendar; and articles of   relations and education
the newsletter (for members only), as well as open access   interest and practice tips on such topics such as
to links to useful web sites and our Frequently Asked       reportable diseases, teamwork, effectived listening, and
Questions section.                                          handling disagreements among team members.                    Architectural Werks
Veterinarians                                                  Note: Access to the newsletter and some of the
    Veterinarian resources include: articles of interest    veterinarian resources is restricted to OVMA members.
                                                                                                                           Burns Veterinary
and practice tips on such varied topics as purchasing a     If you haven’t yet set up a password to access the          Supply
practice, the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection,         Members Only content on the web site, contact the             The Butler Company
training a new receptionist, IV catheter placement and      Association office by calling (800) 235-3502. It’s quick
more; classified advertisements; client education           and easy. We promise.
                                                                                                                           Fort Dodge Animal
                                                                                                                          Founders Financial

Dogged demographics                                                                                                     Group
                                                                                                                          Hanzlik & Associates
                                                                                                                           Hill’s Pet Nutrition
    From the most recent AVMA census on animals,                With respect to cats in 1991, Oregon was eclipsed
                                                                                                                           IDEXX Veterinary
based on year 2000 information, we can share some           only by the state of Vermont in the number of
results of how we stack up in Oregon.                       households with cats, 46.2 percent to 46.9 percent,         Services
    Those finicky felines top the list, with 1.3 million    respectively. The total cat population at the time was a       Michael Kovsky,
cats in households across the state. Of course, this does   little more than 1 million felines. (Note: state rankings
not take into account feral cats or cats that are fairly    no longer are compiled).
well domesticated and hang out around the back yard             Oregon was further down the rankings in the                MWI Veterinary
but are not declared by anyone.                             number of households with dogs, coming in at 13th           Supply
    Dogs total 766,000 in households in Oregon, and         place and with 720,000 plucky pooches. Canines were
this number continues to either stay relatively flat or     in 42.3 percent of the households back then, compared
decline some.                                               to the country’s leading state, Arkansas, where dogs          Pfizer Animal Health
    Next in line are birds, with a total of 133,000 (this   were in 42.8 percent of the homes.                            Planning Resources Cor-
estimate is based on current state population and a             There wasn’t a breakdown for birds in the 1991
mathematical formula provided by the AVMA).                 survey, but the Pacific States (California, Oregon and
    Horses come in at 66,000 (and this estimate is also     Washington), topped the chart with birds in 8.3                Summit Medical
accounted for by population and a mathematical              percent of the homes.                                       Equipment
formula).                                                       A breakdown also was not available for horses, and
    For perhaps nothing more than pure interest, here       the Pacific states figured somewhere in the middle of
are how numbers in Oregon turned out during an              the pack, with 2.3 percent of the households having         Veterinarians!
AVMA census 13 years ago.                                   horses.
                                                                                                                        To become an Oregon Plan
                                                                                                                        sponsor, call the OVMA
                                                                                                                        office at (800) 235-3502.

                                                                                                       consider enthusiastic “people person” regardless of
        ▼                                                                                              experience. Please respond to Dr. Sheri Morris by calling
                                                                                                       (503) 635-3115. 02/05
                                               PORTLAND METRO AREA
                                                                                                       PT or FT veterinarian for a three-doctor SA practice in
The OVMA newsletter is            Associate, PT, with a SA practice in Tigard. Established in
                                  1970. Well equipped facility with an excellent clientele.            Hillsboro. We are high tech and patient-centered, and
published every two                                                                                    we care about our team members. Newly built facility.
                                  Competitive salary, with no evening or weekend hours. Several
months: February, April,          years of experience preferred. Please call Jerry or Ann Cox,         Please contact Scott Loepp, VMD, at (503) 648-1643.
June, August, October, and        evenings, at (503) 538-2442. Or send an e-mail to:                   Or send an e-mail to drloepp@frontiervet.com. 12/04
December. Classified ads          cahos71@msn.com. 02/05
                                                                                                       FT veterinarian for a four person SA practice at the rural
must be received at the           PT associate for an AAHA-certified SA practice. Join our             edge of the Portland metro area. Three certified technicians
OVMA office by the 15th           team. We have a wonderful, diverse clientele and a warm,             on a 17-member staff with a friendly, teamwork
                                  caring, competent staff. We are seeking an enthusiastic associate    atmosphere. Unmatched variety of casework available for
of the month prior to pub-                                                                             pursuit of special interests, with mentors on hand at all
                                  who enjoys medicine and surgery and who is comfortable
lication (eg. July 15th for the   running the show as a single doctor on days they work. Please        times for recent graduates. No night calls, Sundays or
August issue). Please keep        send a cover letter and resume to: Dr. Deborah Sanders,              holidays. Contact Dr. Robert A. Alford, 2366 E. Powell
                                  Lombard Animal Hospital, 607 NE Lombard St., Portland,               Blvd., Gresham, OR 97080. Or fax resume to (503)
your ad to about 50 words                                                                              492-3522. 12/04
                                  OR 97211. Or send fax to (503) 285-2177. 02/05
or less. All ads are subject to
editing.                          Portland is one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. Centrally   Established, thriving two-doctor SA practice seeks a FT
                                  located around beautiful countryside, it is one hour from the        veterinarian. Experience preferred, but recent graduates
                                  ocean and Mt. Hood. Big city amenities with a small town             welcome. Well equipped newer building located in a
Your ad will run in two is-       feel. A great place to raise a family. We occupy a new 5,200 sq.     park-like setting. Competitive salary and benefits. Please
sues of the newsletter and        ft. building in Hillsboro, 12 miles west of Portland, have a 4-      send resume to: Canyon Pet Hospital, PC, 14705 SW
                                                                                                       Allen Blvd., Beaverton, OR 97007. Send your resume
will be posted on the             year AAHA certification, offer lots of benefits, and have a great
                                                                                                       by e-mail to: canyonpet2004@verizon.net. 12/04
OVMA web site. Should             clientele and a wonderful staff. We are looking for someone
                                  who is excited about practicing medicine. SA only. No
you fill the position (or sell                                                                 SA associate, PT, leading to FT. Brand new hospital,
                                  emergencies. Send your resume to Richard Thoresen, DVM,
                                                                                               great clientele, flexible hours, beautiful bedroom
your item), please contact        110 NE 25th Ave., Hillsboro, OR 97124. 02/05
                                                                                               community in a rural setting in Scappoose. Fast, easy
the OVMA office so that we
                                  Immediate opening for a SA veterinarian in a busy Oregon commute to Portland. Call (503) 543-6464. 12/04
may remove your ad.               City clinic. FT position for an experienced DVM or new
                                                                                               Second doctor, FT or PT, for a f ast growing, busy SA
                                  graduate. Emphasis on quality and thorough exams and
                                                                                               only practice. Great staff, great clients, great facility, and
Fees:                             workups. Potential buy-in for the right veterinarian. Stable
                                                                                               great equipment. Experienced or new graduate. Fax or
                                  and experienced support staff. Send resume to: Dr. Doug
It’s a free service for OVMA      Ferro, Barclay Hills Animal Clinic, 865 Molalla Ave., Oregon
                                                                                               mail resume to: Dr. Greg Bean, Kindness Family Pet
                                                                                               Clinic, 2835 19th Ave., Forest Grove, OR 97116. Fax
members and $25 per issue         City, OR 97045. 02/05
                                                                                               is (503) 357-3575. 12/04
for non-members.
                                  Opportunity for an experienced PT veterinarian. AAHA
                                                                                                 Enjoy a great quality of life along with a challenging
                                  hospital in the Hollywood area of NE Portland. Fridays,
                                                                                                 career. Banfield, The Pet Hospital is seeking experienced
Responding to blind ads:          Saturdays and Mondays. Occasionally other days. Salary plus
                                                                                                 veterinarians FT and PT veterinarians to help our practice
Please indicate which ad you      percentage. Call for further details or to schedule an interview:
                                                                                                 reach its highest potential. Work with our state-of-the-
                                  Dr. Robert Ward, Hollywood Pet Hospital, 3565 NE Sandy
are responding to when you        Blvd., Portland, OR 97232. Call (503) 234-9229. Fax to
                                                                                                 art equipment. Outstanding compensation/benefits.
inquire with the OVMA of-                                                                        Contact Dr. Bob Lester at (503) 407-2644. Send an e-
                                  (503) 234-1584. E-mail: rbw@hollywoodpet.com. 02/05
                                                                                                 mail to bob.lester@banfield.net or visit our website at
                                  SA veterinarian to join two doctors in an established practice www.banfield.net. 12/04
                                  in Estacada. Great opportunity to practice good medicine close
Send us your ad:                                                                                 Veterinarian for PT work in Beaverton. A seasoned
                                  to Portland and the beautiful outdoors. New facility, well
                                                                                                 professional is preferred. We have a great staff and a
Fax:                              equipped, a caring staff. A four day work week, plus benefits.
                                                                                                 wonderful clientele. Compensation and hours negotiable.
                                  Contact Dr. Kay Edwards at (503) 630-3538. Fax resume to
(503) 363-4218                                                                                   Please fax your resume with a cover letter and
                                  (503) 630-7447. E-mail: efvhdvm@cascadeaccess.com.
Mail:                                                                                            responsibilities desired to Dr. Don Scarpinatto at (503)
                                                                                                 614-9960. Or mail to Best Care Animal Hospital, 12515
1880 Lancaster Dr. NE,
                                  Staff veterinarian for an AAHA-accredited multi-veterinary Schendel Ave. #105, Beaverton, OR 97006. 12/04
Ste. 118                          hospital in Clackamas. Five veterinarians on staff daily. busy
Salem, OR 97305                                                                                        PT SA associate for a practice in SW Portland. Contact
                                  paced pet practice with some exotics. A fun and enthusiastic
                                                                                                       Dr. Janine Buckley, Arbor Pet Clinic, 4704 SW Scholls-
E-mail:                           atmosphere and staff. Applicant must be a group player with
                                                                                                       Ferry Rd., Portland, OR 97225. Call (503) 291-1717.
classifieds@oregonvma.org         a desire to perform the best medicine and surgery our clients
                                  demand. No on call emergencies. A 4.5 day work week, includes
                                  medical and dental benefits, 401k, CE, etc. A highly mentoring       We are looking for a FT associate for a busy, progressive,
                                  and group practice atmosphere with a large surgical caseload.        eight-veterinarian, AAHA hospital. Our hospital is SA,
                                  Equipment includes laser surgery, ultrasound, access to              avian and some exotics. Needed is an energetic, positive
                                  endoscopy, sevoflurane anesthetic, all in an effort to maintain      individual to join our excellent staff and top-notch
                                  the clinic on the forefront of general veterinary practice. Will

                                                                                                                                      Has Your
clientele. Please contact Pam Saunders or Dr. Dave Barno at high tech, high touch practice with a quality, professional
(503) 645-4458. Or send a resume to: Rock Creek Veterinary team. Visit us at www.salemvet.com. Mail resume to: Pet
Hospital, 1445 NW 185th, Aloha, OR 97006. 10/04                   Medical Center, 4053 Commercial St. SE, Salem, OR 97302.
Veterinarian for a SA practice in Tualatin. We are looking for
                                                                  Or send e-mail to: drtvm@salemvet.com. 02/05
an enthusiastic, motivated individual who enjoys interacting Veterinarian, FT or PT, for an established, growing SA practice
with clients and providing high quality medical care. in Eugene. We value client communications, a friendly work                  To ensure prompt delivery
Competitive salary and benefits. Send your resume to Meridian environment, and lifetime learning. No emergencies. New             of your OVMA newsletter
Park Veterinary Hospital, 6650 SW Nyberg Rd., Tualatin, graduates considered. Reply to Mick Helton, DVM, The Ark
OR 97062. Fax to (503) 691-9518. 08/04                            Veterinary Clinic, 4965 Barger Dr., Eugene, OR 97402.           and other mailings, as well
                                                                  Call days at (541) 689-4657 and evenings at (541) 689-          as an accurate listing in the
Our nine-doctor practice in Portland is seeking an energetic 8520. Send a fax to (541) 689-8520 or an e-mail to
FT associate. We are a 24-hour AAHA hospital with a highly mmhelton@comcast.net. 12/04                                            directory, please notify the
varied caseload, including emergency medicine and critical                                                                        OVMA office at (800) 235-
care, surgery, wellness, routine care, and dentistry. This is a FT associate for a busy, well-equipped, recently remodeled,
great place to develop strong clinic skills and experience a full AAHA MA practice. Located in the mid-Willamette Valley,         3502 when your address or
range of SA medicine and surgery. Equipment and resources one hour from the coast and mountains. Vehicle provided,                other contact information
include: endoscopy, ultrasound, IStat blood analyzer, ABC comprehensive benefit plan, CE, and paid vacation. New
machine, blood bank on site, sevoflurane anesthesia with graduates welcome. Mail your resume to Linn Veterinary                   (telephone, fax or e-mail)
Halowell ventilators, and certified technicians on all shifts. Hospital, Attn: Dr. Mike Reynolds, 6011 Pacific Blvd. SW,          changes. Thank you.
Portland is known for its perfect blend of nearby beaches, Albany, OR 97322. Fax your resume to (541) 928-2957.
accessible mountains for skiing and snowboarding, world- Or call (541) 926-0291. 12/04
class hiking, kayaking, and windsurfing. After a long day of
recreation, try out the great restaurants and enterainment. FT or PT associate for a MA (90% SA) practice in the mid-
Contact Dr. Chris Bonnell or Dr. Rod Both at (503) 255- Willamette Valley. Close to mountains, coast, and universities.
8139 and leave a voice message. Send an e-mail to: Excellent support staff, well-equipped lab and surgery,
cbonnel@nationalpet.com or to bothdvm@aol.com. 12/04              ultrasound, equine dental power equipment, SA dental X-ray,
                                                                  and full dental unit. Experience preferred, but new graduates
PT veterinarian wanted to work in a busy clinic in SE Portland. considered. Contact Dr. Connie Schmidt, Lebanon Animal
                                                                                                                                    Place an Ad
Spacious and clean hospital. In-house diagnostic equipment. Hospital, 2505 S. Santian Hwy., Lebanon, OR 97355. Call
Great support staff and working environment. Schedule (541) 259-3447. E-mail: lebanimalhosp@proaxis.com.                               Insert
flexible. Please send resume to: Don Deschenes, 8401 SE 12/04
Ellis St., Portland, OR 97266. 12/04                                                                                                     ▼
                                                                                    OREGON COAST
               WILLAMETTE VALLEY                                                                                                  The OVMA newsletter is
                                                                  Live in an outdoor paradise on the beautiful Oregon coast.
Immediate opening for a FT associate for a busy, progressive      Beach comb on your lunch break. One/two veterinarians needed    published every two
three-doctor practice with both rural and town locations. No      for a SA/Exotics practice. Established 30 years. New hospital   months: February, April,
emergencies. Great staff and good benefits. Contact Bill Young,   stocked with progressive equipment. Happiest and funniest
DVM, West Eugene Animal Hospital, 1175 City View,                 support staff. Excellent salary and benefits. Love to mentor.   June, August, October, and
Eugene, OR 97402. Call days at (541) 342-5858 and                 Good opportunity for friends or married couple. Contact Dr.     December. Ad inserts must
evenings at (541) 687-7549. Fax to (541) 687-7549. 02/05          Jill Hanson at (541) 269-2413. Or contact by e-mail at
                                                                  tattoedtabby@hotmail.com. 12/04                                 be received at the OVMA
FT/PT veterinarian for an AAHA qualified SA practice in                                                                           office by the 15th of the
Eugene. High quality, client-centered medicine, with            Got crab? Harvests abound in beautiful Florence. Busy two-
ultrasound and endoscopy. No emergencies. Insurance, CE,        doctor practice looking for a third FT veterinarian. Primarily    month prior to publication
401k, production based bonus. Contact Joann Voss, DVM,          SA or MA. Located on the central Oregon coast, one hour west      (eg. July 15th for the August
at (541) 485-4595. E-mail: joann.voss@vcamail.com.              of Eugene. Come join our common-sense practice and fun-
02/05                                                           loving staff. Recreational opportunities, friendly small town     issue). Your ad may be
                                                                make this a great place to live and work. Excellent salary and    single or double-sided, but
Looking for a PT veterinarian for a small, friendly SA practice benefits. Call (541) 271-5824. 12/04
in Springfield. Need an associate two or three days a week.                                                                       must be printed on 8.5 x
Experience necessary, as you should be solo for those days. FT associate for a three-doctor SA (dogs and cats only) practice      11” paper and remain un-
Possibility of sharing with another clinic to make FT. Call in Astoria (north Oregon Coast). A 4.5 day work week and on
Catherine Rowan, DVM, at (541) 747-0780. Fax your resume call for the area one evening per week and one Sunday every              folded. We need 1,200 cop-
to (541) 747-0781. Or mail your resume to 1814 Q Street, two months. Open on Saturdays, so some Saturday work                     ies, or we can make copies
Springfield, OR 97477. 02/05                                    required. We are offering a better-than-average starting salary
                                                                (45k to 75k), three weeks paid vacation, health insurance, etc.   from your original for ap-
SA and exotics practice is seeking a FT/PT veterinarian. Our We live in an area of almost unlimited recreation sources.           proximately $55.
practice is a 5,000 sq. ft., well-equipped facility. Centrally Please call Dr. Larry Goza at (503) 325-2250 or write to
located in Salem, close to rivers, mountains, and the coast. No Columbia Veterinary Hospital, 576 - 31st St., Astoria, OR
evenings or weekend emergencies. Send a resume to Stephanie 97103. 12/04                                                          Insertion Fee:
Hazen, DVM, 4089 State St. SE, Salem, OR 97301. Visit our
web site at www.thepetclinic.com. 02/05                         Progressive and diversified SW Oregon MA practice looking         $125 per issue
                                                                for a FT associate to help with growing clientele. On the ocean
FT or PT veterinarian for a growing four doctor practice. A and and nearby world-class golf course and bountiful outdoor

recreation. Call Alice Baum at (541) 347-9471. Or hvc@charterinternet.com. Att: Office Manager. 12/04                     a great support staff, seeks a client-oriented associate who
mail your resume to PO Box 295, Bandon, OR 97411.                                                                         enjoys challenging cases. Vancouver is a suburb of
Send an e-mail to alice@harborside.com. 12/04               MA associate for a three-veterinarian, progressive, well-     Portland and just across the Columbia River. Excellent
                                                            equipped, excellently-staffed, and recently remodeled         outdoor activities. We offer quality medicine, a great work
Expanding SA practice in Florence, OR. Need third clinic. Our practice is 50 percent SA and 50 percent LA                 schedule, no emergency calls, and a full benefits package.
veterinarian. Large new facility. Serving Florence for over (cow/calf and equine). Our community of 5,000 is              Call Dr. Jud Witherspoon or Mari Coryell at (360)
40 years. Contact Dr. Jack Eichelberger at (541) 997- located between the high desert and mountains, with                 892-0032. Or fax your resume to (360) 892-0032.
2114. Oceanside Veterinary Hospital, PO Box T, many opportunities for outdoor recreation. For more                        12/04
Florence, OR 97439. 12/04                                   information, contact Dr. Leon Pielstick, Harney County
                                                            Veterinary Clinic, at (541) 6450 days or (541) 573-           Northern California MA practice is seeking an associate.
             SOUTHERN OREGON                                2501 evenings. Send a resume to 1050 Crane Blvd.,             The practice is 75% SA and 25% LA. Includes on doctor,
                                                            Burns, OR 97720. 12/04                                        an office manager, two FT/PT techs/assistants and two
Veterinary position, PT, for a SA practice in Rogue River.                                                                other PT employees. Office environment is friendly, with
One to two days per week. Upbeat staff and a wonderful                        OTHER STATES                                most clientele from the surrounding agricultural
clientele in a cozy small town. Call days at (541) 582-                                                                   community. Outdoor recreation is plentiful, and the
1440 or evenings at (541) 582-2061. Or fax your Veterinarian with outstanding client communication                        climate is mild. The practice is well-equipped with
resume to (541) 582-0661. 02/05                             skills and strong work ethic needed in a 4.5 doctor AAHA      ultrasound, pulse oximeter, two isoflurane units, new
                                                            SA hospital. Our services include ultrasound and bone         state-of-the-art X-ray equipment for both SA and LA, SA
Why should work be work? Be happy and enjoy living plating. Contact Dr. Michael Murphy, Steamboat Animal                  dentistry equipment and top EQ dental equipment.
in beautiful Southern Oregon. Immediate opening for a Hospital, 6531 Sexton Dr. NW, Olympia, WA 98502.                    Seeking an individual with MA experience or a recent
SA veterinarian in a long-established three-doctor SA Call (360) 866-6101 or send an e-mail to:                           graduate with MA track training. Must interact well with
practice. Rotating schedule includes every third Saturday steamboatanimalhospital@hotmail.com. Visit our web              clients and have a kind, compassionate concern for our
with a three-day weekend following. Local emergency site: www.steamboatanimalhospital.com. 02/05                          patients and clients. Salary is commensurate with
clinic precludes emergency on-call. Wonderful staff and                                                                   experience. Benefits include CE, paid time off, paid
positive work environment. Good people skills and sense Busy veterinary clinic seeks to add an additional                 vacation, dues for local, state and national VMAs, license
of humor a must. Benefits include CE, profit sharing, veterinarian. Well equipped hospital. Friendly staff.               reimbursement, and medical insurance. Owner is
retirement plan, 401k, bonuses, health insurance, Competitive salary. Please send resume to Dr. Joseph                    positioning for retirement. A desire by applicant for
vacation, and sick leave. Medford is a friendly, growing Giffoni, Companion Pet Clinic, 11516 SE Mill Plain               ownership will be an important consideration. More
town with a healthy economy, great weather, and lots of Blvd., Suite 2M, Vancouver, WA 98684. Or call (360)               immediate ownership is also possible. Call Art Neves,
culture and outdoor recreation. Please send resume to 254-8811. 02/05                                                     DVM, at (530) 934-3801. Or write to 915 N. Tehama
Kay Boydtson, Practice Manager, 100 W. Stewart Ave.,                                                                      St., Willows, CA 95988. Or you may send an e-mail to:
Medford, OR 97501. Fax to (541) 772-3654. Or call Associate wanted for a SA practice on the beautiful Wash.               a7dvm@aol.com. 02/05
(541) 773-1335. 02/05                                       coastline. A small town that is growing quickly and full
                                                            of activity. Great place to start a family and for anyone
SA veterinarian needed between two busy AAHA interested in outdoor recreation. Clam digging, beach                                  Relief Veterinarians
practices. Enjoy a 4-day work week with no emergencies. combing, and a national rain forest nearby. A great place
This is yoru chance to practice high quality medicine to develop strong clinical skills and experience a full             Melinda Ann Knox, DVM, Tufts 1998. Experienced
with a great staff and have some variety between two range of SA medicine and surgery. Newly remodeled                    and available for SA and Feline exclusive relief work in
hospitals. Send resume to: Dr. Robert Landon, Rogue office with updated equipment. Experience preferred,                  Oregon. Conscientious, flexible, reliable, will uphold
Animal Hospital, 1455 N. Riverside, Medford, OR but new graduates welcome. Call Dr. A. H. Abrishami                       your practice standards and relate well with your clients
97501. Or call (541) 779-4414. 02/05                        at (360) 589-1314. Or send a resume to 800 Ocean              and staff. Resume and rates, upon request. Please e-mail
                                                            Shores Blvd. NW, Ocean Shores, WA 98569. 02/05                to mboston999@aol.com or call (503) 675-8061.
PT/FT veterinarian for SA practice in Southern Oregon.
Well-equipped, modern practice with an emphasis on FT or PT veterinarians for a 24-hour SA hospital in                    Sara Grimes, DVM, WIS 1996. Available for SA and
diagnostics and client service. Long term association Vancouver, WA. All small animals, including exotics,                exotic relief work in the greater Portland area. Call (503)
desired, partnership possible. Call Dr. Joe Albachten at are treated. We are equipped with full in-house blood            761-3635. E-mail: kumprey@hevanet.com.
(541) 858-9686. Fax resume:(541) 772-6330. 02/05 lab, ECG, ultrasound, Doppler blood pressure,
                                                            defibrilator, infusion pumps, oxygen cage, etc. We are        Marc Cohen, DVM. Now booking my 2005 calendar.
                                                            looking for veterinarians interested in providing excellent   Available weekends only. More than 20 years of practice.
               CENTRAL OREGON
                                                            medical and surgical care and client communications.          experience. TPLO certified. References available. Contact
Emergency clinic veterinarian for clinic in Bend. Clinic New graduates welcome. Salary competitive, health                me at (503) 539-4879.
will house board certified surgeon and internal medicine insurance, CE, paid dues,paid vacation, etc. Send resume
specialist during the day. Emergencies and critical care to Dr. Suzanne Baker, St. Francis Animal Hospital, 12010         Melanie Haase, DVM. Available for SA relief work in
for area hospitals during evenings and weekends. Please NE 65th St., Vancouver, WA 98682. Send an e-mail to               the southwest Portland area and Sherwood. Comfortable
call Dr. Jim Bauersfeld at (541) 548-6114. E-mail to: stfrancisdvm@msn.com. 10/04                                         with all routine and soft tissue surgeries. Please call (503)
dogues@aol.com. 02/05                                                                                                     625-1643.
                                                            Busy four-doctor practice in Reno, NV, seeks a fifth
Veterinarian for rapidly growing, fast paced SA practice. doctor to keep up with rapid growth. Experience                 Patti Smith, DVM, CSU 2000. Compassionate,
The outdoor recreational capitol of the Pacific NW. preferred, but will consider new graduate. New state-of-              efficient, reliable SA relief. Available in Portland and
Attractive salary, benefits, and percentage of production the-art facility under construction. General SA practice        surrounding areas. Flexible schedule. Send an e-mail to
package. Partnership potential for the right person. Please and referral practice for advanced dentistry,                 smith00dvm@yahoo.com. Call (503) 467-8127.
contact Dr. Steve Myrin at Companion Pet Clinics of ultrasonography, exotics, laser surgery, and cancer therapy.
Central Oregon. Call (541) 388-0262. Or fax resume Providing top quality service to our clients is the key to             Sabra Thomas, DVM, for SA/MA relief in the mid-
to (541) 388-3737. 02/05                                                                                                  Willamette Valley. Flexible, friendly, compassionate,
                                                            our success. CE strongly encouraged. Development of           competent. Call (541) 758-7280.
                                                            area of expertise encouraged but not required. Beautiful
               EASTERN OREGON                               area in which to live -- 35 miles from Lake Tahoe, outdoor    Cheryl Lopate, DVM, DACT, Ohio State 1991.
                                                            recreation paradise. Please call or e-mail Dr. John Koehm,    Available for PT relief work in EQ, SA (or MA) practice
FT/PT veterinarian for a well-established four-doctor or fax your resume. Phone is (775) 746-033; fax is
MA practice in Eastern Oregon. New graduates welcome. (775) 746-2479; e-mail: jkoehm@starband.net. 12/04                  from mid-late August to January in the mid-northern
Sharerd emergency rotation. Vehicle provided. Send                                                                        Willamette Valley. Committed to high quality medicine,
resume by fax to (541) 567-6467 or by e-mail to Our extremely busy three-doctor practice, complete with                   patient care, and client communications. Call (503) 537-

1123 or (503) 381-4982. Or send an e-mail to jacquelynworks@hotmail.com or (971) 219-1016.                               Animals, 4525 SW 109th Ave., Beaverton, OR 97005.
lopatec@comcast.net.                                                                                                     Send by fax to (503) 529-9659. 12/04
                                                          Rachel Hawley, DVM, ’01 graduate of University of
Katherine Yackley, DVM. Available for LA and SA relief Wisconsin. Completed one year internship at Dove Lewis            Lead Surgical Technician: Northwest Veterinary
work. Emergency and weekends okay. Experienced with Emergency Animal Hospital. Available for relief work in              Specialists, Portland. Is surgery your passion? Do you
dairy production and companion animal medicine. Please the Portland metropolitan area. Call (503) 625-2760.              like orthopedics, soft tissue or both? We are looking for
call (360) 600-2824 or send an e-mail to                                                                                 the right person to lead a team of skilled surgical staff.
katebate@hotmailc.om.                                     Holly M. O’Brien, DVM, WSU 2001. SA relief work                They need to possess the right combination of anesthesia/
                                                          available in greater Central Oregon region, Salem, and         surgical skills, commitment, motivation and
Larry Peterson, DVM. Available for relief work in Central Portland. Short notice is okay. References available. Call     organizational talents. Our surgeons offer a wide range
Oregon. SA and maybe some MA. Call (541) 771- (541) 280-4348. Send e-mail to: hollydvm@yahoo.com.                        of surgical procedures using fluoroscopy, arthroscopy,
0586.                                                                                                                    laparascopy, and CO2 laser. Please visit our website at
                                                          Dr. R. H. Anderson available Fridays and Saturdays for         www.northwestvetspecialist.com for more information.
Lorraine Beaumont, DVM. Available for relief work in both large and small animal relief work. Thirty-two years           We offer a competitive salary with an excellent benefit
Oregon and Northern California. Twenty plus years of experience. Call (541) 301-6134.                                    package. If you’re looking for new opportunities, please
experience in SA and emergency veterinary medicine.                                                                      e-mail or fax your resume with a cover letter to Pat Dudley
Contact lorraineb@ucov.com or call (530) 753-1013.
                                                                       Relief Technicians                                at pat@northwestvetspecialists.com. Fax to (503) 557-
                                                                                                                         8672. 12/04
Shelley Barlow, DVM, providing excellent SA relief
                                                             Rhesa Carley, CVT, RVT, available for relief technician
service in the Willamette Valley for more than five years.                                                               CVT, FT or PT, (would consider experienced assistant)
                                                             work. Licensed in both Oregon and Washington. Will
In SA practice 10 years prior to beginning relief service.                                                               for SA practice. Experience required. Benefits. Candidates
                                                             travel throughout both states. Twelve plus years of
At home in the exam room or surgery suite. Call (503)                                                                    should possess strong interpersonal, communication and
                                                             experience, with considerable amount of specialty surgery
831-0592.                                                                                                                technical skills. They should be committed to quality
                                                             training. Call (503) 492-0614 or (503) 709-5061.
                                                                                                                         animal care. Fax resume to M’lissa at (503) 614-9960.
Patricia Joy Shea, DVM, ORS ’99, SA internship AUB
                                                                                                                         Or mail to: Best Care Animal Hospital, 15915 NW
’99-’00. Available for SA relief and emergency in the               Paraprofessional Staff                               Schendel Ave. #105, Beaverton, OR 97006. 12/04
Willamette Valley (Salem to Cottage Grove, preferred,
Portland okay). Conscientious, flexible, good internal                PORTLAND METRO AREA                                Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital is now hiring licensed
medicine skills. Call (541) 607-3918.                                                                                    veterinary technicians. Must be able to work weekends
                                                        Veterinary assistant/receptionist or technician wanted           and evenings. We are looking for dedicated,
Marilyn Waters, DVM, available for SA relief in the PT at a SA hospital in Tigard/King City area. Experience
                                                                                                                         compassionate individuals to join our very busy,
mid-Willamete Valley. Flexible, friendly, committed to preferred. Fax resume to Dr. Quin Christensen at (503)
                                                                                                                         progressive SA practice with eight veterinarians. We are
quality care and client relations. Call (541) 752-7859. 968-9861. For inquiries, call (503) 968-2911. 02/05
                                                                                                                         open seven days a week until midnight. Please call Pam
Diane Cascia, DVM. Available for SA relief in the mid-                                                                   Saunders at (503) 645-4458. Or send an e-mail to:
                                                             Licensed technician for an expanding veterinary
to northern Willamette Valley. Twelve years SA experience                                                                rockcreekvethosp@aol.com. Mail resume to: 1445 NW
                                                             dermatology clinic. Full benefits, profit sharing,
(IL ’90). Compassionate, reliable care. Please call (503)                                                                185th, Aloha, OR 97006. 02/05
                                                             continuing education. Fax your resume to (503) 775-
363-9727.                                                    9212 or call (503) 777-8999. 02/05
                                                                                                                                      WILLAMETTE VALLEY
Arthur Lahm, DVM, available for relief work in Oregon. Licensed technician for progressive three plus doctor
                                                                                                                         Technician/veterinary assistant for an EQ surgery and
Call (503) 784-8224.                                   practice in downtown Lake Oswego. Position is open
                                                                                                                         medical center in Aurora. Some experience required.
                                                       immediately. FT, plus benefits. Experience necessary.
Elissa Jonas, DVM, for SA relief in the Portland area. Beautiful area. Fax resume to (503) 636-3001. 02/05               Benefits. FT, Thursday through Sunday. Candidates
Call (503) 235-9582. Or contact me by e-mail:                                                                            should possess strong communication and technical skills
ejjonas@hotmail.com.                                   Certified technician for our busy five-doctor practice in         and be committed to quality animal care. Send or fax
                                                       Beaverton. We offer a competitive wage, dental and health         resume to: Willamette Valley Equine, Attn: Michelle,
Giovanna Rosenlicht, DVM. SA relief in the mid- insurance, retirement plan, uniform, and a generous pet                  23200 Hubbard Cutoff Rd. NE, Aurora, OR 97002.
Willamette Valley. Six years experience. Reliable and discount. A four-day work week. FT, long term position.            Fax is (503) 678-4265. 02/05
competent. Call (541) 757-8681.                        Excellent tech and people skills, great attitude, and
                                                                                                                         Receptionist for an EQ surgery and medical center in
                                                       attention to detail required. Contact Claire, Murrayhill
Sandra Waugh, DVM. Fourteen years of SA experience. Veterinary Hospital, at (503) 579-3300. 02/05                        Aurora. Busy four-doctor practice needs a highly
Available for SA relief or PT in NW Oregon. Call (503)                                                                   motivated individual to join our team for a 32-hour
579-7713.                                              MA clinic in Warren (25 miles north of Portland) is               work week, Monday through Thursday. Mail resume to:
                                                       seeking an experienced technician. Salary is commensurate         Willamette Valley Equine, Attn: Michelle, 23200
Donna Keirn, DVM, WSU ’83. SA or MA relief in OR with experience. Send your resume to Midway Veterinary                  Hubbard Cutoff Rd. NE, Aurora, OR 97002. Or fax to
and WA. Fourteen years experience in a MA practice, Hospital, 34453 McGary Lane, Warren, OR 97053.                       (503) 678-4265. 02/05
surgery, and emergency. Six years of relief work. Call Fax to (503) 397-3010, Attn: Dr. Rieger. 02/05
(509) 773-3510 or (509) 250-0750. E-mail:                                                                                Eugene: Lead technician/assistant. Three-DVM equine
dkeirndvm@gorge.net.                                   FT or PT CVT for a close-in, urban veterinary hospital.           practice needs a dedicated team player. Horse handling
                                                       We are made up of caring individuals who stress the               skills imperative, as is genuine customer service skills.
Carol Beck, DVM, available for SA and emergency relief importance of the human-animal bond. Our new, well-               Will oversee other assistants and be responsible for lab
work in Oregon and Washington. Please call (541) 908- equipped facility is in a pleasant SW Portland location            work, stocking trucks, assisting doctors, etc. Certification
3289.                                                  with state-of-the-art equipment and a staff that enjoys           would be helpful, but not required. The right attitude,
                                                       working with each other. Learn more about us at                   personality and fit is what we are looking for. Send cover
Experienced relief veterinarian. Sheri Hensley, DVM.                                                                     letter, with salary requirements and resume to Del Oeste
                                                       www.hillsdalevet.com. Please send your resume to:
SA/EQ, in OR, WA and CA. Easygoing, flexible. Please                                                                     Equine Hospital PC, 90238 Prairie Rd., Eugene, OR
                                                       drflecker@yahoo.com. Fax to (503) 892-1821. 12/04
call me at (541) 327-1033.                                                                                               97402. 02/05
                                                         FT technician opening in a world-renowned minimally
Dr. Jacquelyn Works, WSU ’97. Available for SA/                                                                          Veterinary technician. Immediate opening for overnight
                                                         invasive surgical practice. We are dedicated to quality
Exotics/Small Ruminant relief work in NW Oregon and                                                                      shift at a specialty hospital. State license required.
                                                         medicine and to our clients. Competitive salary and
western Washington. Based in the Portland area. Licensed                                                                 Experience preferred, but will consider new graduate.
                                                         benefits. Send resume to: Surgical Specialty Practice for
in WA and OR. Please contact me at                                                                                       Must be able to work independently. Wage is $15 to

$18 per hour (negotiable) and commensurate with             a plus, but not necessary. We are dedicated to quality     Dynamic Imaging Concept MLV Ultrasound. With
experience. We offer health insurance, PTO, a 4-day         medicine and our clients. Benefits available. Salary       accessories. A 7.5 MHZ rectal/tendon probe. Bought
work week, uniform allowance, pet health care, and paid     commensurate with experience. Send resume to Practice      new February 1999 and has been stored on shelf ever
holidays. Please send resume and a handwritten cover        Manager, Rogue Animal Hospital, 1455 N. Riverside          since. Used less than 10 times. New cost more than
letter to: OVRA, Att: Office Manager, 444 B Street,         Ave., Medford, OR 97501. Fax to (541) 779-0648. E-         $10,000. Will sacrifice for $4,000 or best offer. Call
Springfield, OR 97477. Fax resume to (541) 726-4269         mail to jmarsh@nationalpet.com. 12/04                      (541) 689-0205.
or call (541) 726-1100 for more information. 12/04
                                                                          CENTRAL OREGON                                 Veterinary hospital: SA and LA facilities, 3,120 sq. ft.
Positions for receptionist and technician. Woodburn                                                                      Excellent location on major highway in Lakeview, OR.
Veterinary Clinic, a five-doctor MA practice. PT            We are looking for an experienced veterinary technician Good schools, doctors, and hospital. Hunting, fishing,
Receptionist: Assisting on Friday and Saturday and          to join our fun and creative SA practice in Bend. Ski, and skiing. Price: $185,000. Contact Dr. William Barry
occasionally as fill in for FT receptionist. Must have      bike, and hike in the beautiful Cascade Mountains and at (541) 947-3212.
excellent people skills and attention to detail. FT         enjoy the lively town of Bend. Three great doctors and a
Technician: Must have excellent experience. License         positive staff are looking for a cheerful and reliable Mendocino County SA clinic for sale. Established in
preferred. Seeking a dedicated team player. We need a       technician to help us with innovative treatments and 1972. I have owned it since 1978. Was originally a MA
person who is caring, friendly, energetic, organized, and   compassionate care. Salary is commensurate with ability. practice but has been a SA practice since I bought it.
who has excellent communication skills. Please fax your     A licensed technician is preferred, but not required. There is potential for a livestock veterinarian in the area.
resume to (503) 982-2425, Attn: Ruth Markham.               Contact Dean Bolinger, DVM, Blue Sky Veterinary Practice is grossing $353,000 with a 23% net. Room to
12/04                                                       Clinic, 61575 American Lane, Bend, OR 97702. Call improve the practice. Price: $250,000 with $50,000
                                                            (541) 383-3833. 02/05                                        down, owner will carry the balance. No rent or payments
Are you ready to make a difference in your career? Our                                                                   for the first six months. Call Dr. Grasse at (707) 459-
four-year accredited single-doctor practice would like to   Receptionist and technician for a MA clinic in Bend 5236 or send a fax to (707) 459-9048.
help. We have an opening for a licensed technician, but     near Sisters has two openings. Previous experience is
not just any technician. We are looking for a person        required. Interviewing for FT and PT positions. Contact Coastal practice for sale. For information review our
ready to utilize their skills and full potential. Someone   Craig, Broken Top Veterinary Clinic, at (541) 389- web site at www.orcoast.com/vet.
who is excited about learning and expanding their           0391. 10/04
personal and professional goals. We offer a well-equipped                                                                Gresham. Small animal practice in shopping center.
clinic, a four-day work week, full benefits, and a          Come to beautiful Central Oregon. We are searching for Well-equipped and on a busy highway. Seller is motivated
wonderful group of people to work with. If you are          an experienced FT technician to join our busy four- to travel this summer. Contact Dr. Michael Kovsky (IBA)
ready, please send a handwritten cover letter and resume    doctor practice. Our clinic offers a wide variety of medical at (800) 218-4422.
to Emerald Valley Veterinary Clinic, c/o 3003 W. 11th       and surgical services for small animals, exotics, and pocket
Ave. #227, Eugene, OR 97402. Fax to (541) 484-              pets. We DO NOT perform declaws, ear crops, Milwaukie. Small animal practice in shopping center.
2415. 12/04                                                 convenience euthanasias, etc. Competitive salary and Good opportunity for solo doctor, with 100% financing
                                                            benefits. No on-call or holiday work. Some weekends. available. Contact Dr Michael Kovsky (IBA) at (800)
                OREGON COAST                                Consideration for an unlicensed assistant with excellent 218-4422.
                                                       skills and abilities. A sense of humor is a must. Send
                                                                                                              Oregon Coast. Small animal practice with real estate.
Veterinary technician for a busy MA practice. Duties resume to: Deschutes Veterinary Clinic, 25 NW Olney,
primarily SA. Contact emerjaz.oregoncoast.com. Or call Bend, OR 97701. Call (541) 382-2481. 12/04             Solo doctor practice, with owner willing to stay part time.
(503) 392-4132. 12/04                                                                                         Contact Dr. Michael Kovsky (IBA) at (800) 218-4422.

                                                                       For Sale or Lease                             SW Portland metro area. SA practice in leased space.
                                                                                                                     Well-equipped. No emergencies. One plus DVM
                                                             A 6’ bowie insert for a small truck. Priced at $2,000. practice. Projected 2004 gross: $517k. Price: $398k.
Veterinary technician for a SA clinic in Grants Pass. We
                                                             Call Justin at (503) 630-4458.                          Contact Simmons and Associates at (800) 846-0062.
provide medical, vacation, and pay commensurate with
ability. Good working atmosphere, with flexible hours. An 8’ Porta Vet Express equine unit. Reconditioned 1997.
                                                                                                                     Aloha, OR. SA practice in free-standing facility. Well-
Contact Dr. Bob Cole at (541) 476-8546. 02/05                Excellent condition: $3,750. Call (541) 332-2039.       equipped. No emergencies. Single-DVM practice.
Third licensed technician for a three-doctor SA hospital. 2000 Ford F-250 4 x 2 super cab short bed with a Projected 2004 gross: $475k. Price for practice AND
Do what you were trained to do with an excellent staff 2000 ultra-bowie unit. Excellent condition (both): real estate: $525k. Contact Simmons and Associates at
and an excellent clientele. No grooming and only $16,000 or best offer. For the Bowie Unit alone: $5,000 (800) 846-0062.
minimal boarding. Come live the good life in a small or best offer. Contact Phyllis or Suzanne at (503) 648-
                                                                                                                     Washington. Most desirable part of Spokane. Compact,
town within minutes of Ashland and Medford. Contact 5341.
                                                                                                                     efficient, grossing $560k. Lease real estate with option to
Kiz Raddeman, head technician, at (541) 899-1081.
                                                                                                                     buy. Price for practice: $545k. Contact Simmons and
02/05                                                        2001 4-ft. pony Porta Vet for small pickup. Day/night Associates at (800) 846-0062.
                                                             heater, hot water, used only two times. Excellent
Join our SA veterinary hospital with three doctors. Our condition. Call Horizon Veterinary Services at (406)
                                                                                                                     Washington. In high growth area of Issaquah. Two
new hire will need two years of experience or certification. 538-6134 days or (406) 538-6133 nights.
                                                                                                                     locations. Includes four bedroom apartment. Grossing
Required: Caring team player, sense of humor, great
                                                                                                                     $380k. Lease or buy real estate. Price for practice: $240k.
work ethic, plus excellent communication, people and Two Suburba kennels. 5’ x 3’ fiberglass and aluminum,
                                                                                                                     Contact Simmons and Associates at (800) 846-0062.
technical skills. We emphasize quality preventive care self-plumbed: $200 each - available in August. Two
and client education. Benefits: health insurance, pet health Burton Halogen spot lamps; one floor model for $150
care, uniform allowance, CE, retirement plan, and and one wall hung for $75. Also stainless steel X-ray                          Consultant Services
bonuses. Wages DOE. Our current technicians rotate processing tank, free to good home. Call Dr. Vandaveer
working one out of three Saturdays. New emergency at (541) 382-7671.                                                 Business/legal. By the job or hour. Practice valuations,
clinic in the Rogue Valley means no after hours emergency                                                            profit enhancement, employment contracts, noncompete
on call. Send a resume to: Kay Boydston, Practice Manager, Storz Vetcam XL multipurpose rigid endoscopy system. agreements, buy-sells, practice start ups, representation
100 W. Stewart Ave., Medford, OR 97501. Fax to (541) Includes Sony monitor, Sony color printer with remote, before the licensing board. Also practice brokerage service
772-3654. Or call (541) 773-1335. 02/05                      150W halogen light source with air, Hopkins telescopes, for a flat fee. K.R. Salzsieder, DVM, JD. Call (360)
                                                             operating sheath, biopsy forcep, grasping forcep, and 577-8115. E-mail: krsalzsi@cetnet.net
FT veterinary technician opening in an AAHA-accredited medical cart: $9,550 for all. Contact Dr. Joann Voss at
busy SA hospital in beautiful Southern Oregon. Certified jmv97402@aol.com.

Report from your AVMA delegate
   Dr. Richard Coon of Forest Grove is the            veterinarians. The convention offered more than Governmental Relations Division
District XI representative on the AVMA Board of       900 hours of CE, including 95 hours of wet labs.        The AVMA, through the GRD, was successful
Directors. Dr. Coon is a past president of the        The 2005 convention, scheduled for July 16- in lobbying for passage of three pieces of legislation
OVMA, and in his capacity with the national           20, will be held in Minneapolis and in in the 108th Congress.
association he represents veterinarians in Alaska,    conjunction with the World Veterinary Congress.         The Animal Drug User Act reduces delays in
Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.                                                                    the release of new drugs to veterinarians and
   Following is a summary of AVMA activities          Mentoring                                           livestock and poultry producers.
and subjects of interest.                                 AVMA has launched a web-based mentoring             The National Veterinary Service Act provides
                                                      program that is available to all members and student loan repayments to veterinary graduates
Membership                                            student AVMA members. It is designed to facilitate who agree to work in underserved areas.
    As of September 2004, there were 71,191           the growth of all participants through a needs          The Minor Use and Minor Species Act
members, with 86 percent of active veterinarians      assessment evaluation. You can check this out at addresses the critical shortage of approved animal
a member of the AVMA. Sixty percent of the            www.avma.org.                                       drugs for minor species, such as sheep, goats, fish,
annual income (approximately $24 million in                                                               poultry.
2004) is derived from membership dues. The            President’s Address                                     In other GRD news, the Congressional
remaining income comes from publications,                 In her inaugural address during the AVMA Fellowship Program is coordinated through the
brochures, the convention and investments.            Convention, Dr. Bonnie Beaver stressed the AVMA offices in Washington. This program has
    The majority of AVMA staff is located in the      importance of animal welfare and called upon the been instrumental in the AVMA’s broadening its
five-story 76,000 sq. ft. headquarters in             profession to become more informed and active effectiveness on national issues of importance.
Schaumburg, IL. Half of the square footage is         in this high-profile arena.
leased to other parties and generates $500,000 in                                                         Veterinary Supply and Demand
income.                                               Task Forces                                             Estimates indicate that the veterinary
    Eight staff members are located in Washington,        The Association, in recent times, has adopted profession is facing a critical shortage in nearly all
DC, where they address legislative and regulatory     four task forces.                                   clinical specialties. The veterinary colleges do not
matters pertinent to the profession.                      The Task Force on State Legislative and have the capacity to satisfy the current and future
    In addition, AVMA has more than 450               Regulatory Affairs is looking at how the AVMA demand for veterinarians. In 1994 for example,
volunteers serving on seven councils, 23              can take a more active role in supporting state there were 2,101 veterinary graduates, and this
committees, four task forces, and two trusts.         VMA efforts with respect to legislative challenges. number is expected to reach 2,573 in 2007. Ten
                                                          The Task Force on Communications is years ago 56,000 veterinarians were active in the
ECFVG                                                 examining overall communications and public profession, compared with today, where there are
    In August the Executive Board approved            relations, from top to bottom, for enhanced 70,000 colleagues actively engaged in our
$800,000 in funding over a three-year period for      effectiveness.                                      profession.
a temporary Clinical Proficiency Exam testing site        The Task Force on Housing of Pregnant Sows          In the year 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics
in Las Vegas, as part of the Educational              is addressing animal welfare concerns brought to expects there to be 28,000 job openings for
Commission on Foreign Veterinary Graduates            the House of Delegates on the subject.              veterinarians. There are severe shortages of
program. There currently is a backlog of applicants       The Task Force on the Legal Status of Animals laboratory animal veterinarians to supervise the
waiting to be assigned a date for the 3.5 day         is discussing informational packets on topics such use of animals in biomedical research. In addition,
hands-on clinical skills assessment.                  as ownership vs. guardianship of animals.           43 percent of veterinary pathology positions are
                                                                                                          unfilled and many current pathologists are near
Committee on Wellness                                 Council Positions                                   retirement. Also, 50 percent of public health
   The Executive Board is looking at all councils         Nominations can be made by organizations service veterinarians are eligible for retirement. The
and committees for relevance and effectiveness.       represented in the House of Delegates or by USDA predicts a shortage of 500 veterinarians in
and discontinued the Committee on Wellness.           petition of 10 active AVMA members and are 2007. Veterinary academia will need more than
                                                      due by February 1, 2005. You can check out 800 new faculty members witin the next five
NCVEI                                                 open council positions by logging on to the years.
    The National Commission on Veterinary             AVMA web site at www.avma.org.
Economic Issues received $150,000 from the                                                                Contacting Dr. Coon
AVMA to develop benchmarking tools for food           Committee Positions                                     In his submitted report, Dr. Coon noted that
animal practitioners. This is in addition to tools        Appointments to AVMA committees are made these are but a few of the many issues being
already developed for small animal and equine         from nominations by a local or state VMA, an addressed by the AVMA.
veterinarians, plus office management.                allied association in the House of Delegates, or by     If you would like more information on any
                                                      an individual member. Deadline for nominees for AVMA activity or want to share issues or concerns
Convention                                            appointment by the Executive Board is March 4, that you may have, you are welcome to contact
   The 2004 program in Philadelphia had more          2005. You can review open committee positions Dr. Coon. You may reach him at the following
than 9,000 attendees, including 4,126                 by logging on to the AVMA web site.                 e-mail address: vetcoons@aol.com.

      Member                     Are you poster protected?
      Benefits                      Federal and state laws require that businesses notify    Family Leave: Those businesses with 25 or more
           ▼                     employees of a host of topics. How does your practice
                                 stack up with these requirements? Are you in
                                                                                          employees must post this state notice. The Oregon
                                                                                          Family Leave Act was passed by the 1995 Legislature
Bankcard Processing: Put         compliance?                                              and requires employers to provide their workers with
more money into your                To understand and make sense of the “madness,”        job protected leave to care for themselves or family
pockets by enrolling in the      we logged on to the web site for Oregon’s Bureau of      members in cases of illness, injury, childbirth and
OVMA’s program through the       Labor and Industries (BOLI), and here is what we         adoption.
Retail Council Services Corp.    came up with.                                               Covered in this poster are such issues as when an
Get a free cost comparison of                                                             employee can take leave, eligibility for taking leave, how
your current program with        Federal Posting Requirements                             much time can an employee be away, and what
ours.                               Federal Minimum Wage Poster: This poster explains notification is required, among other topics.
                                 to employees their rights under the Fair Labor
Collections: The sooner you      Standards Act. It covers information on employees who       Oregon OSHA Job Safety & Health: This poster is
                                 are younger than 20 years of age, what constitutes required of all employers with one or more employees.
start to collect on your out-
                                 overtime pay, child labor issues, as well as enforcement All employees have a right to a safe and healthy work
standing receivables, the more
                                 and penalties for violating the Act.                     environment, and this poster identifies those rights.
money you’ll recover. I.C.
System, the OVMA’s endorsed          Polygraph Protection Act Notice: This poster applies      Where can you get copies of these posters? The above-
provider, has more than 60       to all businesses engaged in commerce and identifies mentioned Oregon posters are also available by
years of experience and has      what is and what is not permissible relative to using lie download (in a PDF file) at no cost and accessibl at the
adopted new options for          detector tests either for pre-employment screening or BOLI web site: http://www.boli.state.or.us/
practices. I.C. System has       during the course of employment.                              You may also order the Family Leave Poster by
collected more than $2 million                                                              sending your order with a $7.50 check (payable to
for OVMA members.                    Family and Medical Leave Act: Employees with 50 BOLI) to Technical Assistance for Employers, Bureau
                                 or more workers during 20 weeks of the year mus of Labor and Industries, 800 N.E. Oregon St. #32,
Insurance: Through Founders      place this poster in “plain view.” It does not apply to Portland, OR 97232.
Financial Group, you can find    most veterinary practices, but there is a similar Oregon      For the Oregon OSHA Job Safety and Health Poster,
an array of coverage to meet     requirement (see below).                                   you can obtain a copy by calling OR-OSHA’s Resource
your varied needs. And check                                                                Center at (800) 922-2689.
out other OVMA-endorsed              Equal Employment Opportunity: The Law poster, as
services as well.                it is known, applies to employers with 15 or more Other Oregon Compliance Poster Requirements
                                 employees during 20 weeks of the year. It contains            The state also requires two other postings that
Workers’ Compensation: The       information on employment opportunities relative to veterinary practices must keep in mind.
OVMA’s group program with        race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. It also
                                 addresses the American with Disabilities Act of 1990,         Workers’ Compensation Notice of Compliance: All
SAIF Corp. continues to pay
                                 the Age Discrimination Act of 1967, in addition to employers with one or more workers are obligate to
dividends for qualifying
                                 sex discrimination that is prohibited by Title VII of post this notice. The Workers’ Compensation Division
practices. The annual discount
                                 the Civil Rights Act of 1964.                              issues this notice after it receives the “Guaranty
traditionally has been above                                                                Contract” from the insurer. Employers should be in
and beyond already-controlled        Where can you get copies of these posters? All federal receipt of the notice after purchasing workers’
premiums.                        posters noted above can be downloaded for free at the compensation insurance. If you have not received such
                                 BOLI web site: http://www.boli.state.or.us/                a notice, you can call the division for another copy. The
To learn more about any of           The Equal Opportunity Law Poster can be ordered telephone number in Salem is (503) 947-7815.
these benefits of membership     through the Equal Employment Opportunity
in the OVMA, contact us at       Commission in Seattle, Wash., by calling (800) 669-           Employment Insurance Notice (Form 11): Employers
(800) 235-3502.                  3362.                                                      with at least a $25 payroll in a calendar quarter and
                                     All other federally-required posters can be ordered employers with one or more workers during 18 different
                                 through the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and weeks in a calendar year must post this notice.
                                 Hour Division, in Portland by calling (503) 326-3057.         The Employment Department automatically sends
                                                                                            this notice after an account is set up or reopened, and
                                 Oregon Posting Requirements                                employers can order a duplicate if necessary. When
                                     State Minimum Wage: This poster is mandated for ordering a duplicate, you should have your business
                                 all Oregon employers, except federal government identification number ready when you call the
                                 employers. It addresses compliance with respect to Employment Department, Unemployment Insurance
                                 payment of the minimum wage, overtime and general Tax Unit in Salem. The Forms Hotline is (503) 947-
                                 working conditions.                                        1488, Option 3.


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