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									                                      Volume 2 Issue 3

                                      OCTOBER 2005          Working Together For Ten Years
                                                             Jim Casey, Founder of UPS                         force in the
                                                           stated, “Determined people work-                    resultant
                                                           ing together can do anything.”                      success of
                                                           NVON members demonstrate this                       this stellar
                                                           same phenomenon every day…                          conference.
                                                           and it’s visible every day… clearly                   Each State
                                                           visible in the way they give so                     President
                                                           generously of their time and tal-                   presented a
                                                           ents.                                               “Sharing
                                                             As 209 members trekked in                         Of Success”. These presenta-
                                                           cars… in chartered busses… and                      tions highlighted some of the in-
                                                           in airplanes to Indianapolis for the                credible events and projects in
                                                           7th Annual National Volunteer                       their respective states, and show-
                                             NVON VISION

                                                           Outreach Network Conference, an                     cased their many successes,

                                                           exciting “ambience” hung in the                     achievements, and accomplish-
                                                           air… almost like “electricity”. It                  ments. An update was given on the
                                                           became quickly evident that the                     2004-2005 DARE to be Healthy
                                                           2005 conference theme “A Strong                     “Develop Awareness & Responsi-
                                                           Foundation – Building from                          bility through Education”. This
                                                           Within…Step by Step” was des-                       update made it very clear that each
                                                           tined to be more than a theme… it                   state has achieved AND exceeded
                                                           was to become vision of things to                   their goals and objectives to
                                                           come… GREAT things!                                 improve women's health in com-
                                                             A remarkable array of Speakers,                   munities, state, and the world.
                                                           Craft Workshops, and Educational                      Mabel Harned of Kentucky was
                                                           Seminars were expertly presented                    elected Vice President and Mari-
                                                           throughout the conference. I                        etta Gutierrez of Arkansas was
                                                           would like to express my sincere                    elected Treasurer. Both new offi-
                                                           appreciation to all members of the                  cer-elects will assume their posi-
                                                           Indiana Extension Homemakers                        tions January 1, 2006. Wiscon-
                                                           Association who worked so very                      sin’s Judy Bender was elected as
                                                           long and hard to plan and host this                 CWC Chairman. Judy was pre-
                                                           incredible event. Their tireless                    sented at the Country Women’s
                                                           dedication support was a driving                              See Working ... page 2

                                                           Inside this issue:                                   Special points of interest:

                                                           NVON Celebrating 10 years                      2     • NVON Board Page 3
                                                           Arkansas, Illinois & W. Virginia Reports    4 &5     • NVON Conference Pictures Page 9
                                                           Wisconsin / Kentucky Reports                6 &7     • Betty Buff announces her ACWW
                                                                                                                   Project choice page 12
                                                           South Carolina / Indiana Reports            8& 9
                                                                                                                • NVON Subscription Information page 12
                                                           NVON Conference Arkansas 2006              10 &11    • Dates to remember Page 15
                                                           ACWW Project / New Officer bios            12 &13
                                                           CWC report / Project in Common             14 &15
 Working ….continued from page 1
Council in September for confirmation at the CWC an-
nual meeting.
  Through the dazzling success of the Silent Auc-
tion, the Basket Raffle drawings and a collection at the
closing banquet a total of $3,059.50 was sent to
ACWW for the “Pennies for Friendship” fund.
  I am pleased to announce that we have renewed our
NVON service mark and logo and we have been
granted 501 [C] [3] status from the United States Inter-
nal Revenue Service. Now, as a bona fide nonprofit
organization, any and all contributions made to our or-
ganization are fully tax-deductible to the donor.
  As the National Volunteer Outreach Network was
first organized October 1, 1995, in Austin, Texas, we
take great pride in marking our 10th anniversary on Oc- President Pam Hanfland, Past Presidents -
tober 1st. It gives me a keen sense of pride to point out Betty Buff, Joan McEachern, & Louise Nichols.
that, as a result of “Working Together for 10 Years”,
NVON members have lived up to the 2005 conference
theme, A Strong Foundation – Building from                 Guests
Within “Step by Step”.                                     Iris Riley &
                               Pam Hanfland                Wilma
                               NVON President
   NVON Celebrates 10th                                 Enjoying a
                                                        piece of
   NVON recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary
while attending the CWC conference in Scottsdale,
AZ. September 23 & 24th. Other organizations attend-     Guests attending NVON 10th anniversary celebration were
ing CWC were invited to join us for refreshments.        from Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky,
                                                         Michigan, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, North Carolina,
                                                         South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and
                                                         Hawera, New Zealand.

                                                                                            This commemorative
                                                                                            pin is for sale for
                                                                                            $2.00 while supplies
                                                                                            last. Contact Pam
                                                           Doris Davis,                     Hanfland for your pin.
              NVON Members and guests                        North Carolina
Page 2                                                                                               NVON VISION
                                         Executive Committee

President                                Vice President               Vice President Elect
Jan 1, 2005 - Dec 31, 2007               Jan 1, 2002 - Dec 31, 2005   Jan 1, 2006 - Dec 31, 2008
Pamela Hanfland                          Jo Ellen Almond              Mabel Harned
105 Woodcock Trail                       11753 N. Shelby 700 W.       PO Box 177, 2296 Wilson Creek Road
West Columbia, SC 29169                  New Palestine, IN 46163      Boston, KY 40107
Phone: 803.791.9890                      Phone: 317.861.6276          Phone: 502.833.4766
E-Mail:                 E-Mail:        E-Mail:

Secretary                                Treasurer                             Treasurer Elect
Jan 1, 2005 - Dec 31, 2007               Jan 1, 2003 - Dec 31, 2005            Jan 1, 2006 - Dec 31, 2008
Nancy Remmers                            Jeanne Ellis                          Marietta Gutierrez
228 E 1900 N. Road                       Route 2 Box 35                        1312 Winnebago
Weldon, IL 61882                         Mount Olivet, KY 41064                North Little Rock, AR 72116
Phone: 217.669.2178                      Phone: 606.724.5247                   Phone: 501.758.2120
E-Mail: E-Mail: E-Mail:

                       Advisor                                        Editor
                       Jan 1, 2005 - Dec 31, 2007                     July 2002 – Dec 31, 2007
                       Betty Buff                                     Beverly Earnhart
                       3500 Henbet Drive                              68906 County Road 33
                       West Columbia, SC 29169                        Goshen, IN 46526
                       Phone: 803.794.7548                            Phone: 574.642.4746
                       E-Mail:                       E-Mail:

                                               State Presidents
Arkansas Extension               Illinois Association for Home        Indiana Extension Homemakers
Homemakers                       and Community Education              Association
Mary Ann Shepherd                Marion Ries                          Joyce Brewer
July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2006     Mar 2003 - Mar 2006                  July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006
1150 Harper Cemetery Road        4045 Hanover Road                    2678 N 700 E - 52
Pocahontas, AR 72455             Columbia, IL 62236                   Wabash, IN 46992
Phone: 870.647.2045              Phone: 618.939.8406                  Phone: 260.563.5014
E-Mail:         E-Mail:               E-Mail:

Kentucky Extension     South Carolina Family and                      West Virginia Community
Homemakers Association Community Leaders                              Education Outreach Services
Rene' Siria                      Pat Breznay                          Ruth Ann Anderson
July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2007     Jan 1, 2003 - Dec 31, 2005           Jan 1, 2005 - Dec 31, 2006
205 Jeff Court                   6 Valhalla Court                     1445 Sunset Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601              Columbia, SC 29229                   Glen Dale, WV 26038
Phone: 502.848.4299              Phone: 803.736.6535                  Phone: 304.232.3784
E-Mail:     E-Mail:           E-Mail:

                       Wisconsin Association for Home & Community Education
                                                   Judy Bender
                                            Jan 1, 2004 - Dec 31, 2006
                                             N1440 Spring Lake Drive
                                                 Dalton, WI 53926
                               Phone: 920-394-3008        E-Mail:

Page 3                                                                                               NVON VISION
    Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council, Inc.
 Arkansas Extension Homemaker Council’s                  Among the items made and donated are to UAMS
major focus through June 30, 2005 was Physical         Neonatal Nursery [blankets, baby caps, & booties]
Activity and Your Health.                              Arkansas Children’s Hospital [teaching dolls, baby
                                                       blankets, twin coverlets, baby caps, bumper pads,
  We continued the “Walk Across Arkansas”
                                                       house shoes, lap robes, 17 burial gowns, pillow and
Program with fall and spring walks. The total, for
                                                       stuffed toys], UAMS Cancer Center [turbans and
both walks was 55,312 miles. In the fall walk 14
                                                       breast cancer pillows].
counties participated with 22 teams. In the spring
30 counties participated with 93 teams.                  As of June 20, 2005, state
                                                       wide AEHC volunteer hours,
  Our members are continuing to support our hos-
                                                       for the year that began July
pitals, sheriffs ranches, foster children programs,
                                                       1, 2005, total 26, 211 hours.
nursing homes, the Body Walk, and various other
                                                       That has a value of
projects state wide.
  At the state level a dollar value of $11, 258.69
                                                           Mary Ann Shepherd
has been put on our contributions to Arkansas Chil-
dren’s Hospital, UAMS Neonatal Nursery, and the              AEHC President
UAMS Cancer Center.

 Illinois Association for Home & Community Education
  Illinois Association for Home and Community          bags and books to Libraries and schools; donated
Education members carried out many various             hats and mittens at Christmas time; made preemie
projects throughout the year. They collected and       caps and blankets for hospitals; held a seminar on
donated various personal items to their area           flax seed and cooking with flax seed. Many
veterans hospitals; donated money and food items       counties recorded their walking by walking miles
to many, many food pantries; made Linus blankets       across their county — figured how many miles
and stuffed animals, which were donated to             across their county and kept record of miles walked
hospitals and police departments; made lap robes       to carry out the “Dare to Be Healthy” project.
and bibs for their local Nursing Homes; donated
                                                                               Of course, all the counties
phone cards and personal items to soldiers serving                           collected “Pennies for
in Iraq; helped to provide either food or drinks for
                                                                             Friendship” and donated
cancer “Relay for Life”; collected either personal                           embroidery floss for West
items or snacks for wounded soldiers in military
hospitals; participated in Wellness Fairs to promote
better eating habits; held after school Homemaking                                     Marion Ries
classes for youth; sent children’s shoes to children                               IAHCE President
in Afghanistan (Shoe Fly Project); donated book

                                              Lesson Ideas
 How about a lesson on Quilts: History of Quilts ($2.00)        Contact: Jo Almond
   Wedding Customs and Superstitions ( $1.00)                                   - Vice President
       Are You Ready (Disaster Preparedness) ($2.00)
         Diversity in Holiday Celebration - Holiday customs and celebrations. ($2.00)

Page 4                                                                                        NVON VISION
                               West Virginia Community
                              Educational Outreach Service
         International Student Program                   week there next summer. She has found other
                                                         scholarships to help her be at WVU at least another
  In West Virginia we have a program called              year and is hopeful for one more after that so she
"International Student". We have sponsored 36 In-        can graduate. She made her initial contact with an-
ternational Students since 1949, beginning with the      other Czech Republic lady via the Internet, and as a
first student coming from Germany. The original          result of that contact lived her first two years with
thought was that through such a program, starting        that couple in Washington, Pennsylvania. She
right after World War II ended, peace among na-          traveled back and forth to school in Morgantown.
tions would be encouraged. There have been a total       This year, she has found a family in Morgantown
of 29 countries involved, crossing 5 continents.         to live with and is looking forward to not having as
Some of the countries include Bangladesh, Ethio-         much driving to do.
pia, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Mexico, Para-
guay, Yugoslavia, and Zimbabwe.                            We will be looking forward to meeting and hear-
                                                         ing from the International Student for 2006,
  Our state organization, Community Educational          Romina Biancato-Ruiz of Peru. She will speak to
Outreach Service (CEOS), offers a scholarship of         our group for the first time at our Annual Confer-
$3500 each year to a student from another country.       ence at Jackson's Mill in October of this year.
This is for the purpose of studying in the area of
Family and Consumer Sciences or a related field at         Our CEOS organization works with Richard
West Virginia University (WVU). Along with our           Fleisher, Extension International contact at WVU.
scholarship, WVU waives the tuition fee, giving a        He sends out information to international students
great opportunity to some fortunate International        at WVU. Interested students respond and fill out
Student. If grades are kept up and all goes well,        an application. If they meet the qualifications, they
the student can receive this for a second year. The      are invited for an interview and a committee selects
CEOS scholarship may be used for books, housing,         one. As State Vice President and as President, I
or other student needs.                                  have had the privilege to serve on the selection
                                                         committee. This is no easy task as the students
  In return, the student uses her or his summer va-      come very well qualified and very hopeful.
cation to travel West Virginia, staying with various
families and sharing their story of life and culture.      Overall, this is a good learning and sharing ex-
They usually do a Power Point presentation along         perience for the students as well as our CEOS or-
with showing articles of interest from their country.    ganization. We are so thankful to have a program
We encourage the counties to join together for the       of this caliber in place that is working for our or-
student's presentation. Sometimes the student pre-       ganization and our state.
sents their story at an Area Meeting where 10 dif-
ferent counties come together. The student also
helps develop a fact sheet about their country,
which is offered to each club in the state to use as a
study topic.                                                                          Ruth Ann Anderson

  The International Student for 2004-05, Dana                                         WVCEOS President
Cihelkova from the Czech Republic, spent one
night and day at a county 4-H camp participating in
the camping experience. She hopes to spend a full
Page 5                                                                                            NVON VISION
 Wisconsin Association for
                  Home & Community Education
     WAHCE Celebrates 65th Anniversary!                countries into partnerships. For example, Kansas is
                              We are pleased to        linked with Paraguay; New Jersey with Haiti; and
                            announce that 2005         Missouri with the state of Para, Brazil. The mis-
                            marks the 65th anni-       sion of the sewing center project is to develop train-
                            versary of our state       ing centers throughout Nicaragua where woman
                            organization, Wiscon-      can gain technical and business skills to provide in-
                            sin Association of         come, self-sufficiency, dignity, and employment.
                            Home and Commu-            Nicaragua is the poorest nation in the Western
                            nity Education. Plans      Hemisphere, surpassing Haiti. Nearly 75% of the
    are gearing up for a celebration at our annual     population in Nicaragua live in poverty, 50% on
    conference in September. We will reminisce         less than a dollar a day.
    a bit looking back at our rich history, cele-        This international project has members cleaning
    brate our success, and then focus on our plans     out their sewing cupboards and sending fabric, pat-
    for the future. Together with the help of our      terns, thread, sewing notions, embroidery floss,
    State Advisor and the UW Extension, we             scissors, irons, and ironing boards, etc. to Steven
    have embarked on a strategic planning proc-        Point for transportation to Nicaragua. Hundreds
    ess, which may take us into next year.             of sewing machines, both electric and treadle, and
      Last year, WAHCE redefined and clarified         sergers, have been collected and forwarded to this
    the term membership to strengthen and sup-         country. Just recently, Dane County HCE, received
    port its non-discrimination policy. WAHCE          the wonderful news from a retail-sewing store in
    now entitles all individuals who are living in     Madison that they wanted to donate over 50 new
    the same household to take part in the activi-     and used machines to this project. As many of us
    ties of the organization with one membership.      are retiring from the heavier days of sewing, this
    For 65 years, the programs and focus of WA-        project was helpful to everyone. Several of our
    HCE has been to work for the preservation of       members including Lynda Pracht, who is currently
    home and community life as stated in our           on the ACWW Promotion and Publications com-
    creed. Our hope is that this defining of mem-      mittee, make annual trips to Nicaragua to help set
    bership will make it clear that all are wel-       up these sewing centers which now number 82.
    come to participate in the activities of the or-   One asks about impact of this project. Lynda re-
    ganization.                                        peats a lady’s comment “Now we eat every day.”
      Our state continues its commitment with          We are pleased to say that HCE’s commitment to
    the ever popular First Book project started in     this project remains strong and ongoing.
    1998, with volunteers now reading to over                                  Judy Bender
    6000 children and our counties raising over                                WAHCE President
    $115,000 annually to purchase 9 books a year
    for each child. We feel this is an outstanding
    contribution to the future of our children.
    Members and non-members are readers.
                                                       Wisconsin dis-
      This year, I would like to tell you about an-    play of the doll
    other project that WAHCE has been support-         dresses for sale
    ing for a number of years and that is our          at NVON Con-
    Nicaragua Sewing Center project, a project of      ference in Indi-
    Wisconsin Nicaragua, Partners of the Ameri-        anapolis in July
    cas. This organization works by pairing US
    states with Latin American and Caribbean
Page 6                                                                                          NVON VISION
     Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association
  The Kentucky Extension Homemakers As-                 tries, * Craft Camp, Basket Camp, Holiday Stores
sociation, is a “volunteer organization that works to   for children and Heritage & Cultural Arts Shows.
improve the quality of life for families and            * Sponsored birthday parties at nursing homes.
communities through leadership development and            Among the lessons studied were classes about
education in cooperation with the Kentucky Coop-
                                                        quilts forestry, water quality awareness, keys to
erative Extension Service.                              good parenting, aging gracefully, what to do with
  KEHA members work and learn in eight                  important papers, medical wills, computers, diabe-
educational areas. They include food, nutrition &       tes, food and nutrition, driving skills, all kinds of
health, management and safety, family & indi-           crafts and many more.
vidual development and the environment. They              KEHA members contribute to the economy of the
are also concerned about preserving the heritage &
                                                        state through volunteering for many projects in
culture of state and international issues. Members      schools, churches and other civic organizations.
work with the children of Kentucky through 4H
                                                        The Red Cross, cancer research, hospitals, nursing
and other youth programs. Leadership is another
                                                        homes, schools, 4H clubs, county fairs, Project
educational area. Homemakers not only learn
                                                        Graduation, abuse centers, bloodmobiles and many
about leadership, but fill positions of leadership
                                                        more all benefit from KEHA volunteers. This year
across the state on boards, commissions and             members who reported their volunteer hours,
political office.                                       reported 577,573 hours. In addition to time, home-
  Some of the activities and projects presented by      makers continue to donate money for scholarships
KEHA members this past year are: * Programs to          for college students and 4H members.
help prevent domestic violence and provide sup-
                                                          KEHA members continue to support several state
plies for Spouse Abuse Centers.* Providing cards,
                                                        wide projects. Foster Care Children, Ovarian
letters, and supplies for soldiers in Iraq. * Helping
                                                        Cancer Research, Lame Dear Reservation, and
to feed at risk children in summer feeding programs
                                                        Indian Summer Camp. To read complete reports
and provide them food for the weekend. * Raising
                                                        from each of the fourteen KEHA Areas and the
funds through bake sales, bean and spaghetti            eight Educational Chairman, go to our website
suppers, auctions and other activities for scholar-
                                               The site has the organization
ships, cancer research, heart fund and many other       manual, marketing items for promotion, photos,
community charities. * Helping with and sponsor-        and information about the Kentucky Extension
ing Health Fairs, Diversity Fairs, Reality Store for    Service.
high school, Pretend Store for Head Start and
Ready fest and Good Start programs to get children        As we address the challenges and changes we
ready to start school. * Leadership training is a       face everyday, we continue to expand what we do
major program for several counties and area as well     best - develop leaders, educate, support our com-
as the state organization. * Programs to help           munities and get things done.
migrant workers and their families. * Making              Kentucky Extension Homemakers are making an
stuffed animals for children who are brought to         impact every day in their
emergency rooms, pillows, blankets and hats for         communities, counties, state
cancer patients.* Members participate in exercise       and the nation.
programs - Body Recall and Get Moving Kentucky.
They also have lessons about a variety of health is-           Rene' Siria
sues - nutrition, diabetes, cancer, obesity, mental             KEHA President
health and much more, through HEEL program.
Some counties worked on beautification projects
for their community. * Food drives for local pan-

Page 7                                                                                           NVON VISION
         South Carolina Family & Community Leaders
 My 3-year term as SCFCL President comes to an end            The File of Life packet information shared at the 2005
in December and this is my last NVON VISION article.        conference as part of NVON's 2004-2005 Project in
Working with the 6 other NVON member states has             Common "D.A.R.E. to be Healthy" has already
been an educational and fun experience and Barbara          sparked interest in other states as they have reported
Cathey state President for the next 3 years will continue   purchasing packets for areas in their states.
the joint relationship we have shared since NVON's be-        As NVON's motto states SCFCL is proud to be a part
ginning in 1995.                                            of this wonderful organization to promote communica-
                                                            tion, education and volunteerism for all people and
  South Carolina was delighted to host the 2004 Annual
                                                            looks forward to the relationship of member organiza-
Conference in North Charleston. We are proud to have
                                                            tions working together.
presented knowledgeable and fun workshops, tour his-
toric places in Charleston and share that Southern Hos-
pitality, the south is so famous for with conference at-
                                                                    Patricia F Breznay
                                                                    SCFCL President
  NVON's Program Library has been and continues to
be a wonderful source for education lessons that we
provide to our membership. We hope the lessons we
submit annually to the library will be as much benefit.

 Jeanne Ellis - Treasurer                                   Jo Almond - Vice President
                        Jeanne Ellis will be moving            Jo Almond’s term as Vice President also ends
                      on to other things December           on December 31, 2005.
                      31, 2005 as her term as
                      NVON Treasurer comes to an              Thank you Jo
                                                              Both retiring officers re-
                                                            ceived a tray with the NVON
                        Thank you Jeanne                    logo and the office held, to
                                                            thank them for their term of

 Indiana Extension Homemakers Association
  July 1, 2005 Indiana Extension Homemakers As-             pleted our Fall District meetings (10) in a 3 week
sociation, began a new year. Joyce Brewer begins            period. “Have You Got Your Life in Order” this
her duties as President.                                    was on Advance Directives, topic was shared with
                                                            the members.
  Indiana hosted the NVON conference in July.
Months of planning, the time came and went so                 Many activities are being worked on for the year,
quick. The IEHA members helped the team to                  like our New Membership theme “Beelieve, Bee-
make it a success.                                          long, and Build” a Bee in on the membership pins.
                                                            The international project is to collect money for the
   Linda Gause, President Elect, Karen DeZarn, As-          Tsunami Area. We are starting on the NVON pro-
sist Program Leader from Purdue and me com-                 ject for the Tarahumara Indian in Mexico.
                                                                    See Indiana             Continued page 11

Page 8                                                                                                 NVON VISION
         NVON Picture Highlights - July 12-14, 2005

                                          IEHA Chorus -
                                           “The Melody
                                             Makers of

                                                                    “Mabel Harned and Friend Ken”
                                                                    issuing an invitation to KY in
                                                                   Jon Burroughs - portraying
                                                                           James Whitcomb Riley

Tom Turpin -
   Purdue Entomologist              Lerna & Lester Wiese - WI
      & his pet cockroach

                                                                        Silent Auction bidders:
                                                                            Rene' and Linda

                                       Pages: ↑             Tellers: Rosalind Richey –IN
                                       Nancy Smith— IN               Betty Buff - SC
                  Grace Staggs WV      Sydney Pontius— IN            Mary Vander Veen - WI
Page 9                                                                                       NVON VISION
 NVON Conference 2005 Indianapolis, IN
   “A Strong Foundation - Building from Within -       office for their service to NVON.
Step by Step” was the theme as NVON members
                                                          Jon Burroughs as “James Whitcomb Riley” was
gathered in Indianapolis, Indiana, July 12-14th for
                                                       the featured entertainment at Wednesday’s dinner.
the 7th Annual Conference at the Ramada Inn.
                                                       Tom Turpin, Professor of Entomology at Purdue
Hostesses from Indiana Extension Homemakers
                                                       University, delighted the audience with his hilari-
Association greeted the arrivals.
                                                       ous presentation “Everything You Need to Know
  Indiana day included a bus trip to downtown Indi-    About Insects but Were Afraid to Ask”. He brought
anapolis. Although rain dampened the day, many         along his pet Madagascar cockroach to help with
enjoyed the choices of museums, zoo, and shopping      the presentation. Beth and Sarah Gentry sang beau-
areas available to visit.                              tiful solos and duets for the closing banquet.
  “Indiana Night” featured a dinner with Indiana         Through the incredible success of the Silent
made products and door prizes. The “Melody Mak-        Auction, the Basket drawings and a collection, a
ers of Indiana” chorus provided the entertainment      total of $3059.50 was sent to ACWW for the
for the evening.                                       “Pennies for Friendship” fund.
  NVON President, Pam Hanfland, opened the               Attending States had displays of some of their on-
business session on Wednesday. Karen DeZarn,           going projects and vendors enticed us with the
Assistant Program Leader from Purdue University        items they had for sale.
welcomed everyone to Indiana. Mabel Harned
                                                         Arkansas delegation presented an unforgettable
from Kentucky was elected Vice President and
                                                       invitation to attend the 2006 Annual Conference in
Marietta Gutierrez from Arkansas was elected
                                                       Hot Springs, Arkansas. Please mark your calendars
Treasurer. Both will assume duties on January 1,
                                                       now and plan to attend the 8th Annual NVON Con-
2006. Wisconsin’s Judy Bender was elected as
                                                       ference July 18-20, 2006.
CWC Chairman. Judy was presented at the Coun-
try Women’s Council in September for confirma-           Something new was added this year. A theme pin
tion at the CWC annual meeting.                        being given to each of the attendees in their goody
 The NVON Officers gave reports and the State
Presidents each shared past year successes from
their respective states. An update was given by Jo                         A total of 209 attended the
Almond on the Dare to be Healthy “Develop
Awareness & Responsibility through Education.”                             conference.
Jo also informed us about the new Project in
Common for 2006-2007 - “Stitches for Survival”
  There was a wide variety of Workshops and Edu-
cational seminars presented for the attendees to en-    Two phrases heard from this conference:
joy. They included: Ice cream in a bag, Quilt His-     “Building From Within” and “Working Together”
tory as it related to the Underground Railroad,
Wine tasting, One Stroke Rose painting, Roto-           NVON currently has 71,356 members
graphic Embroidery, Aprons-an American Icon,
Creating your own Home town, Covered Bridges
                                                         Thank you to the following: Yvonne Belonga,
Lore and Legend and much more.
                                                       Pam Hanfland and Nancy Remmers for their contri-
  Jo Almond, Vice President and Jeanne Ellis,          bution of information for this article.
Treasurer were honored and given silver trays
                                                                              Editor Beverly Earnhart
engraved with NVON logo and their respective

Page 10                                                                                        NVON VISION
 Hot Springs -Here we Come For - NVON & ACWW
       Arkansas is calling in - 2006 & 2010                built. Gradually Hot Springs came to be called
  You’ve had a great time at NVON in the Hoosier           “The National Spa”.
state in 2005 and now you are dreaming about your            “Can we ever forget those “beauties” who were
next NVON Conference in 2006 and just how soon             transformed while visiting the spa … Indianapo-
you can see again the many new friends you have            lis or the handsome gentlemen who made their
made.                                                      day?”
  Start planning now to visit Hot Springs, Arkan-            By 1921 the new National Park Services 1st Di-
sas. Here’s a bit of history to peak your interest.        rector, Steven Mather, convinced Congress to
  In 1803, the US acquired the area when it was            declare the reservation the 18th National Park.
purchased in the Louisiana Territory from France.            Fordyce Bathhouse was extensively restored and
The following year President Thomas Jefferson              reopened in 1989 as the National Park Headquar-
dispatched, Wm. Dunbar and George Hunter to ex-            ters. On Bathhouse row, only, Buckstaff House
plore the springs. Their report was publicized and         remains open to public bathing.
stirred up interest in the “Hot Springs of the                Tentative Plans for the 2006 NVON meeting be-
Washita”. Earlier the area was called the “Valley          ing discussed include: a possible tour of the Clinton
of the Vapors”                                             Presidential Library and dinner at the Arkansas 4-H
  In the 1870’s the government continued to con-           Center. Tour of the Diamond State Park to dig for
trol the springs and reserve certain areas as federal      diamonds, or Garvan Gardens Botanical Garden.
property. Private bathhouses, under the supervision          Chair Pauline Myrick and her committee will
of the Federal Government were allowed to be               have more for us in the January issue of VISION.

                                             (Jim. Virgil & Joe)

                                               Doing their
                                              best to bring
                                              out the beauty
                                              in all of us.

                                                                                                “Spa Results”

 Indiana                                                cont. from page 8

                                                           Enjoy the holidays with your families and friends
 Plans are in progress to host the CWC conference
in Fort Wayne, Indiana September 28-30, 2006.                         Joyce Brewer
Beverly Earnhart is the Chair, with the help of the                  IEHA President
Indiana Extension Homemaker members.

Visit our website at

Page 11                                                                                            NVON VISION
            Associated Country Women of the World
                       Project Donation
                                                                                            by Betty Buff
    Again, my sincere thanks to all of you who            which will improve the existent poor nutrition of
made a donation to the gift I received of $1,000.00       the children.
for an Associated Country Women of the World
                                                              The immediate beneficiaries of the project are:
(ACWW) project of my choice. This is a won-
derful way for the National Volunteer Outreach            •    Six hundred twenty-five (625) pupils and
Network members to be involved in a worldwide                  twenty (20) teachers at St. Elizabeth, plus sixty
project. I did not take the selection lightly as I             (60) households, with a total of three hundred
pondered the needs in so many countries.                       (300) adults - mainly women and elderly
Information on projects requested from the ACWW                people - in nearby villages who will also
office in London was received in December. I read              benefit from the clean water supply.
and studied many requests before the following              To ensure the feasibility of the project a survey
project was chosen:                                       was carried out that proved there are good under-
COUNTRY: SWAZILAND                                        ground water reserves near the two schools.
SOCIETY: MALKERNS WOMEN’S INSTITUTE                         The availability of clean water in the schools and
PROJECT: ST. ELIZABETH PRIMARY                            nearby communities will have an enormous benefi-
                                                          cial impact; not just for the teachers and pupils, but
          SCHOOL AND MINI PRIMARY SCHOOL                  also for all the inhabitants of the area. Waterborne
PROJECT No: 0647                                          diseases will be reduced and the women will be
ACWW GRANT: 10,483 British Pounds                         able to grow vegetables to feed their families.

  The main objective of the project is to provide             My letter naming the above project as my choice
clean water to the two schools men-                        and the $1,000.00 check was sent to the ACWW
tioned above. This will be achieved by                                    General Secretary in May 2005. A
sinking a borehole near each school and                                   letter was received from the
                                             ACWW World Project Donation ACWW Projects Committee Chair-
installing water pumps. The use of clean
                                               Of $1,000.00 directed to   man, Val Tarrant of New Zealand.
water will ensure better health and hy-
giene for the pupils and staff in the         Swaziland Schools for wells She stated, “I am sure that you will
schools. It will also allow the schools to                                enjoy following the progress of your
grow fresh vegetables that will make it                                   project until the day it becomes a re-
possible to implement a school feeding scheme,             ality for the many families in the area”.

               NVON Subscription for Newsletter
          Subscription fee is $15.00 for 3 years          Make check out to: NVON
    Renewal of your subscription entitles you to:                   *Note if subscription is new or renewal on
•    9 issues of the VISION (3 copies per year)                     check
•    1 copy of the NVON Handbook that is printed          Mail to: Jeanne Ellis - NVON Treasurer
     once every three years.                                          Route 2 box 35
The date for renewal is printed on the top of your                    Mount Olivet, KY 41064
mailing label.

Page 12                                                                                             NVON VISION
 Mabel Harned - Vice President 2006-2008
   My name is Mabel Harned and I have been            Boston, Kentucky. We have cattle and Boer goats
elected to serve as your Vice President January 1,    along with three dogs and a homeless cat who has
2006 to December 31, 2008. Let me tell you a          adopted us.
little about myself.
                                                        We have four children (he has two girls and I
  I have been a member of Extension Homemakers        have two boys), two grandchildren and two adopted
for over 40 years. I am immediate past state          grandchildren.
president of Kentucky Extension Homemakers
Association where I served for three years and one      I look forward to working with NVON in promot-
year as president elect. Before that I had served     ing programs and our "Projects in Common".
in my local club, county, and area as president and
vice president. I also held other offices over the

  I am currently employed as a cashier at a travel
store near my home. I am also very involved with
church and Boston Community Center activities. I
currently am serving as President of the Boston
Volunteer Fire and Rescue Board and the Nelson
County Cooperative Extension

  My husband, Conrad, and I live on a farm near         Marietta Gutierrez Mabel Harned

 Marietta Gutierrez - Treasurer                                             2006-2008
                                                      grandson lives close but the granddaughter is in
  Marietta Gutierrez was elected, in July, to serve   Illinois. As she just finished her Masters Degree
as NVON Treasurer, January 1, 2006 - December         and excepted a job in Land on the Hill, Illinois.
31, 2008.
  She writes that her work was in accounting as a       My mother is still alive and doing well at 100 on
Comptroller and moved to the general office as        her 12 acres by herself. I do have help to clean and
Senior Field System Analyst for the U.S. for          check on her.
Continental Baking Company and retired after 42
years. Last few years I traveled the U.S. each week     My hobbies are handwork and helping others. I
with my office in St. Louis and home in North         do support groups and one on one counseling when
Little Rock, Arkansas.                                every I am needed. I am a member of the Sylvan
                                                      Hills Extension Club and work with AARP’s Com-
  I am married to Frank, have one daughter from
                                                      munity Volunteer Hispanic Outreach.
first husband who died 37 years ago at the age of
48 then met Frank again and married him 36
                                                       Marietta states that she believes in NVON and is
years ago.
                                                      looking forward to working with President Pam
                                                      Hanfland and representing the state of Arkansas.
My daughter has one boy 29 and one girl 26. The

Page 13                                                                                       NVON VISION
 CWC Scottsdale, AR September 22-24, 2005
  NVON members met recently              We had dinner at Black            new breed of dogs. Lots of fun
in Scottsdale, AZ for the CWC/        Bart’s with song and dance rou-      and interesting.
USA Area meeting at the Chap-         tines performed by the waiters         Jo Almond presented a slide
arral Suites Resort Conference        as we ate.                           program during the lunch break
Center. Thursday, we boarded            Back on the bus, and just be-      on her recent IEHA exchange
buses at 7:00 a.m. and headed         fore arriving home we witnessed      visit to Greece.
for the Grand Canyon. Driving         a rocket trail left by a launch at     IEHA issued an invitation to
north, we crossed the Sonora          Vandenburgh AFB, California.         Ft. Wayne, IN for the CWC
Desert. The Saguaro and Teddy         The conditions were just right       2006 meeting. Bees were a
Bear Cactus were pointed out          that the spiral vapor trail lin-     buzzing, while “Johnny Apple-
to us. The Saguaro grows only         gered in the atmosphere for          seed “and a “Pickle” helped pass
1” per year and is nearly 50          nearly an hour (said to be a very    out information about Ft. Wayne
years old before a side arm           rare sight). We arrived home         and the hotel.
develops.                             about 9:30 p.m. Long day!              The dinner speaker was Zonda
  We learned that 28% of Ari-           CWC business meeting was           Evans of Daly City, CA. She is
zona is Indian Reservations -         opened by Chair Jean Ehlinger        the Executive Director of Em-
home to the Pima, Navajo, Hopi,       on Friday. The Mayor of Scotts-      powering Women. She spoke on
Apache and many other tribes.         dale welcomed us to her city.        “Making Your Vision a Reality”
After the desert we pass through        CWC business was taken care          Saturday, Kay Englehart,
the high chaparral - at 3000’ - a     of. The announcement was made        ACWW USA Area President led
flat area where the land is so        that CWC now has a website -         the ACWW meeting. CWC
sparse that it takes 44 acres just (Set          societies reported on ACWW
to feed one cow. We drove             up by our own Pam Hanfland.)         projects they were involved
through the 77,000 acre Bumble          Reports were given from each       with.
Bee Ranch, just before reaching       of the member societies on the         Val Tarrant, ACWW Projects
Flagstaff. The Orme Ranch, also       past year’s events.                  Chair, from Hawera, New Zea-
in the high chaparral, is still op-     Presentations were given by        land told us of projects ACWW
erated by the family that settled     Visitor’s Bureaus from Hot           is, or has been, involved with.
there in the mid 1800’s. It is a      Springs, AR, Louisville, KY and      Jo Almond, committee member
24,000 acre cattle ranch. Cattle      Grand Rapids, MI for the venue       led us through the procedure of
are not too profitable so they        of the 2010 ACWW Triennial           what it takes to get a project
run a private boarding school         conference to be held in the         funded.
and a Teen, 2-week summer             USA. Voting was to be on Sat-          Rika DeVilliers, from Kwq
camp. They learn cowboy stuff         urday morning by the delegates.      Zulu Natal, South Africa,
and then go camping and on an           Betty Wolanyk, American            shared stories of her family and
archeological dig.                    Farm Bureau Foundation, gave a       working with women’s agricul-
  Lunch was at the Cameroon           presentation entitled                tural unions.
Trading Post by the little Colo-      “Understanding Agriculture - A         Jean Ehlinger announced that
rado River. The Grand Canyon,         Foundation’s First Building          Hot Springs, AR, had won the
at 7000’ has breathtaking views       Block”. After lunch she led a        vote for 2010 ACWW triennial.
and colors. Some of us were           workshop -“Bringing Biotech-           Margaret Mai from NAFCE
lucky enough to also see a Cali-      nology to Life” one of the pro-      gave a video presentation after
fornia Condor. Once near ex-          grams used for “Ag in the class      dinner and then CWC Chair,
tinction, they are making a           room series” We learned about        Jean Ehlinger closed the confer-
comeback with the help of the         what it takes to come up with a      ence.
DNR.                                                                               by Beverly Earnhart, Editor

V O LU ME 2 I S S UE 3                                                                                  Page 14
                         NVON Project in Common

                                                     The following suggested NEW items are
                                                     needed. Please send to:

                          NVON Project in                    Cathy Burnes
                            Common                           Tarahumara Indians – International
                                                             6838 South Gray Road
                                                             Indianapolis, Indiana 46237
                                                     New Items needed:
                                                            Beads               Lace
   Tarahumara Indians – Mexico                              Hand needles        Scissors
  The website has a form for the donation                   Thread              Bias Tape
information that is to be included with the                              Pins
items being sent.                                           5-6 yards - colorful cotton or
                                                            blended cotton material
                                                     If you have questions please contact:
                                                             Jo Almond
Please send a duplicate copy to your State                  11753 N. Shelby 700 W
President for her report.                                   New Palestine, In. 46163

                                DATES TO REMEMBER
NVON Annual Conference:                             State Conferences:
July 18-20, 2006 - Austin Hotel - Hot Springs, AR
July 19-21, 2007 - Crown Plaza- The Campbell        Arkansas EHA: June 6-8, 2006
           House - Lexington, KY                                  Hot Springs, AR
July 10-13, 2008 - Marriott Town Center,            Illinois HCE:   March 13-15, 2006
                   Charleston, WV                                   Springfield, IL
CWC/ACWW Annual Meeting:                            Indiana EHA:    June 14-16, 2006 -
                                                                    West Lafayette, IN
September 28-30. 2006 - Ft Wayne Marriott
                                                    Kentucky EHA: May 10-12, 2006
                         Ft. Wayne, IN
                                                                  Paducah, KY
ACWW Triennial Conference:
                                                    South Carolina FCL: October 27-29, 2005
June 2-9, 2007 Turku, Finland                                        North Charleston, SC
            2010 Hot Springs, AR USA                West Virginia CEOS: October 11-13, 2005
                                                                    Jackson’s Mill, WV
                                                    Wisconsin AHCE: September 17-19, 2006
                                                                  Wisconsin Rapids, WI

V O LU ME 2 I S S UE 3                                                                        Page 15

                68906 C. R. 33
              Goshen, IN 46526s

            Phone: 574-642-4746

  Member Organizations working together to
   promote Communication, Education, &
       Volunteerism for all people.


 NVON Celebrates 10th Anniversary
  The National Volunteer Outreach Network, Inc.           True” made real the dream of NVON Policy Guidelines
(NVON) was organized by seven Associated Country          and a revision of the Bylaws. The theme for the 2004
Women of the World (CWC) United States of America         NVON Annual Conference in N. Charleston, South
societies in 1995. In January 1996 NVON was regis-        Carolina was “Visions of the Future, Building on the
tered as an Indiana Not for Profit Organization. In May   Past”. “A Strong Foundation – Building from Within,
1996 NVON was accepted as an ACWW member or-              Step by Step” was the theme for the 2005 Annual Con-
ganization which allowed for membership in the Coun-      ference in Indianapolis, Indiana.
try Women’s Council USA (CWC). With this member-
                                                           NVON is organized exclusively for charitable and
ship the NVON President joined four other national or-
                                                          educational purposes. Members work together to
ganization presidents as a CWC board member.
                                                          promote communication, education, and volunteerism
  The first NVON Annual Conference was in Colum-          for all people.
bus, Indiana in 1999 with the theme “Exploring New
Horizons”. In 2000 “National Volunteer in Action” was       In September 2005, NVON
the theme of the second NVON Annual Conference in         received 501c3 status as a non-
Louisville, Kentucky. The 2001 NVON Annual Con-           profit organization.
ference was in Parkersburg, West Virginia with a theme
of “Almost Heaven in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia”.        NVON currently has
The theme for the 2002 NVON Annual Conference in          71,356 members.
Springfield, Illinois, was “Visions for the Future”. In
2003 Visions for the Future “Dreams Really Can Come

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