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									VoSKY SMB Sales Presentation

  Is Your Phone System
Connected to the Internet?

  Well, what if your business could …
• Have customers/partners call you for FREE from your Website?

• Go Global and communicate for FREE with 200M+ potential

• Make FREE calls between branch locations and remote employees?

• Save 50% to 90% on Long Distance & International Calls?
 Connect Your PBX/KTS to the Internet with VoSKY Exchange

Industry’s 1st Skype-certified VoIP Gateway for Business
   – Enhance your business communications and reduce communications costs
   – Take advantage of VoIP benefits without having to replace your existing phone system
   – Seamlessly integrate with your PBX/KTS
Use VoSKY Exchange to Connect to Skype
    the World’s Largest VoIP Network

             Skype - subsidiary of auction giant eBay
             • 200 Million registered users
             • Best VoIP quality over the public Internet
             • Most Scalable & Reliable VoIP network
             • Only VoIP solution that is 100% Secure
             • 30% are already using Skype for Business
                 – 95% claimed to be saving money
                 – 80% claimed to be increasing productivity
                       How It Works
         SMB Phone Network                  Seamless Integration with
                                               VoSKY Exchange

                              FXO/FXS                             VoSKY
                             Analog Ports                         Exchange

             Lines                                                Standard

Innovative Solutions that Optimize Skype for Business

                          Multi-site    PBX
           Website                                    Skype
                            PBX        Remote
         Click-to-Call                               Trunking
                         Networking    Access

     Enhance Business Communications while Reducing Costs
     • Efficiently interact with customers and partners worldwide
     • Improve communications & collaboration for employees
     • Access Skype’s 200 Million user base
     VoSKY-Enabled Website Click-to-Call
An innovative VoIP solution that integrates your company’s Website to your
phone system to enable FREE communications with customers and partners

                                         Key Benefits
                                         •   Provide instant real-time communication
                                             with customers and partners with a simple
                                             click on your Website
                                         •   Reduce toll free (8XX) costs for inbound
                                             sales & customer support with FREE Web
                                             Click-to-Call that is fully integrated to the
                                             company PBX
                                         •    Easy integration of FREE Call Me Button
                                             to the company Website
 VoSKY-Enabled Multi-site PBX Networking
PBX networking solution that connects multiple office locations together
by seamlessly interconnecting disparate KTS/PBXs to form a virtual PBX
                                      Key Benefits
                                      •   Save 100% on interoffice communications
                                          with FREE calls between office locations
                                      •   Create a global numbering plan that enables
                                          extension dialing across dissimilar phone
                                      •   Plug & Play into broadband networks
                                          without requiring public IP addresses or
                                          complex router/firewall configurations
                                      •   Scalable spoke & hub multi-point connection
                                          via the Skype network
     VoSKY-Enabled PBX Remote Access
Remote access solution that enables road warriors to connect to the company
PBX to communicate with co-workers while working remotely or on the road

                                         Key Benefits
                                         •   FREE calls to the corporate PBX from
                                             anywhere in the world using Skype
                                         •   100% connectivity rate with Seamless
                                             NAT/Firewall traversal
                                         •   FREE Skype softphone that can be
                                             easily downloaded and installed in 5
                                         •   Make Skype/SkypeOUT calls from your
                                             mobile phone
       VoSKY-Enabled Skype Trunking
 Ultra cost-effective VoIP trunking solution that leverages low cost
SkypeOUT to reduce LD and Int’l calls on any TDM/IP phone system
                                     Key Benefits
                                     •   Reduce domestic VoIP trunking costs by
                                         90% with $29.95/Line/Year for Unlimited
                                         SkypeOUT in US & Canada
                                     •   Save over 50% on Int’l calls with low-cost
                                         rates ~2 cents/minute to most countries
                                     •   No upfront setup charges & No Contracts
                                     •   Easy add-on to any IP/TDM phone
               Does your company . . .
 1.   Conduct e-commerce?
 2.   Have international employees, customers or partners?
 3.   Have multiple branch locations (Domestic/International)?
 4.   Have a Remote workforce (Sales, Service, Support, etc…) ?
 5.   Make a lot of long distance & Int’l calls?
 6.   Want to extend the life of your their existing phone system?

If you said YES to any of the above questions,
VoSKY is the right solution for you.
                      Why VoSKY Exchange?
VoIP that is Easy
•   Seamlessly integrates with any TDM/IP PBX via analog interfaces (FXS/FXO)
•   Simple to setup without the need to configure routers or firewalls
•   No need to forklift existing phone systems

VoIP that is Better
•   Best voice quality over the public Internet leveraging the Skype network
•   Enhanced business VoIP applications not available through other VoIP gateways
     – VoIP Remote Access, Website Click-to-Call, Skype Trunking

VoIP that is Cost-effective
•   Start reducing communications costs with FREE office-to-office, Free VoIP
    remote access, Free Website Click-to-Call and Low-cost Skype Trunking
•   Achieve rapid ROI with low upfront investment and monthly cost savings
  HA   YO


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