Prof Dr dyspepsia by alicejenny


									Prof Dr. Salma El-Okby
No.                   Subject                                             Journal                                           Authors
1     Some Immunological aspects in amoebiasis          J. Med. J. Cai. Med. Synd. Vol. 7, No.1,       A. El-Marsafy, S. El-Okbi, S. Abdel Kader, & N.
                                                        Jan., 1995                                     El-Adawi
2     Gastric emptyinng in cirrhotic patients with or   Egypt. J. Biomed. Sci. Vol. 1, April, 1998     M.A. Mansour; S. El-Okby; A. A. Khodeir &
      without ascites : a radionuclide study                                                           O.O. Mohamed
3     Correlation between Alpha-Fetoprotein levels      Journal of Egyptian association of             A. El-Zayadi; Salma El-Okby; M.K. Shaker &
      and volume of Hepatocellular carcinoma            immunology Vol. 1, 1995 : 97:100               H.K. Dabbous
4     Oncogenic potential of Hepatitis viruses          Egyptian Journal of Tumour Marker              A. El-Zayadi, Salma El-Okby; Mohga Ali & H.K.
      among chronic liver disease in Egyptian           oncology, Vol. 5 No. 1, Jan; 1994              Dabbous
5     Carcinoembryonic antigen in serum & tissue        Egyptian J. Of Tumor marker oncology.          Afaf Massoud, Thabaa El. A. Helal, Salma M.
      sections of patients with intestinal              Vol, 2. No (2) 1991                            Okby, Sanaa H. O. Mostafa & G. M. Mobrouk
8     Diagnostic Significance of IgM Antibody           J. of tropical medicine JTM Hepatology,        Sanna M. Kamal, Abdel Wahab M.F., Salma El-
      Detection in Typhoid by a New Modifecation        gastraenterology & infectious diseases         Okbi, Dalia Farag, El-Saher M, Sultan MY &
      in Widal test                                     JHGID August, (1996) Vol. 4, No. 3, pp.        Hoda Mansour
99    Acute enteric fever presenting as acute viral     J. Egyptian puplic health association, LXIV,   Abdel Wahab, M.F., El-Okbi, S.M., Montasser,
      hepatitis                                         329, 1989                                      M.F. & El-Marsafy, A.T.
101   Comparative study between different               Ain Shams medical journal, 41 (7,8,9): 399,    Abdel Wahab, M.F., El-Okbi, S.M., Montasser,
      diagnostic techniques in acute septic             1990                                           M.F., Iskander, N.I., Mikhail, I.A. & Iskander,
      meningitis                                                                                       N.G.
109   Neoplastic diseases presenting as fever of        The 15th International Annual Ain Shams        Abdel Kader, S., El-Okbi, S., El-Khattib, A.A. &
      undertermined origin                              medical Congress, 555, 1992                    Abdel Wahab, M.F.
111   Glucose & electrolyte homeostasis in typhoid      Applied endocrinology in Egypt, 10 (2), 23,    Abdel Wahab, M.F., El-Okbi, S.M., Naser, A.M.,
      fever                                             1992                                           Hosny, S. & Younis, M.K.O.
116   Diagnostic significance of IgM antibody           J. Trop. Med., 3(2), 133, 1994                 Kamel, S.M., Abdel Wahab, M.F., El-Okbi,
      detection in typhoid by a new modification in                                                    S.M., Farag, D., El-Sagher, M., Sultan, M.Y. &
      widal test                                                                                       Mansour, H.
118   Study of acute viral hepatitis in Almaza          J. Egypt. Assoc. Immunology, 1, 92, 1995       Abdel Wahab, M.F., El-Okbi, S.M., Attia, S.M. &
      military fever Hospital                                                                          Sultan, H.M.
21    The use of rapid urease test in diagnosis of      1990                                           El-Zayadi,
      H.Pylori among nonulcer dyspepsia patient in                                                     A., El-Wakil,
      Egypt.                                                                                           M.R., EL-
                                                                                                       Okby S.G.
23   Clinico-pathologic & sonographic study of   A.J. R. 141: 29-32   Nadia A. EL-Deek, Mohamed Sherief S. Saleh,
     liver secondaries from known primary                             Asmaa Abou Rabia, Salma M. El-Okbi, Ahmed
     tumours                                                          Abass EL-Khattib & M.K. EL-Naggar

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