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 I    Mississippi

        (Approved by the United Nations Gene ral Assembly on December
     0, 1948).

     Articl e II -- In the present Convention, genoc ide means any of the
     f llowing acts committed with intellt to destroy, in whole or in part, a
     national, ethnical, racial or r eligious group, as such:

                (a) Killing members of the group;
                (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members
                    of the group ;
                (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of
                    life calculated to bring about its physical destruction
                    in whole or in part;
                    BIRTHS WITHIN THE GROUP ;
                (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to an-
                    other group.

 n    We oppose the ratificathn by the United States
of the Genocide Convention of the United Nations. "

                      from the        'PLA TFORM and PRINCIPLES of the

                       The Shldent Nonviolent Coordi1/4ting Committee
                                 6 Raymond Street, N. W.
                                  Atlanta, Geor:ia   30314
While      Senator James O. Eastland is exerting his considerable
power in the V.S. Senate to prevent Negroes securing the minimal
protection of the pending civil rights le gislation, his staff assistant
in Mississippi is designing and implementing a program of genocide
against the Negroes of that state.
   On Mar ch n, 1964, when the tactics of Senator Eastland and his
cohorts were just beginning in the V.S. Senate, the Mississippi House
of Representatives was voting on a bill designed to drive Negroes
from Mississippi, and to render those who refused to leave incapable
of having children. The bill was introduced by seven representatives,
one of whom identifies himself in the current Hand Book of the Miss-
issippi Legislature as (( staff assistant to Senator James 0. Easnarur
when the Legislature is not i n session ." (see Exhibit 2)
   Exhibit 1 is a reproduction of the text of Hous e Bill 180 which passed
the Mississippi House on March 11 by a vote of 72 to 37. One is
urged at this point to turn to Exhibit 1 and familiarize oneself with the
provisions of HB 180.
   The bill was      introduced in the Mississippi House by the seven
representatives whose names appear in the upper left hand corner
of Exhibit 1.     Representative Pierce is the staff assistant to V.S.
Senator James O. Eastland. All seven sponsors of th e bill are com-
paratively young men, two in their twenties, four in their thirties,
and one 44. All are married. Two are attornpys, and the other four
list themselves as cattlemen and farmers.( see Exhibit 2)
   11 s originally introduced, the bill would have penalized the birth-
of an illegitimate child by imposi rg a prison sentence of 1 to 3 years
on the parents. During floor debate the bill was amended to permit
one illegitimate birth before the penalty provisions apply . Another
floor amendment provided for sterilization in lieu of the
prison sentence.        The sterilization amendment was offered

by R p. Ted McCullough, a Todd cotton buye r , me rchant and druggist
wh i ' chairman of the board of deacons of his Baptist Church ane:
a SUllday School teac her here.
   In ar guing for passage of the bill, Rep. Buck Meek,of vVebster
  ounty , who managed the bill on the floor , provided a list of statistics
purporting to show that Negro illegitim ate births far outnumber those
01 white s. He made no attempt to disguise the anti-Negro nature of
th bill.
   Rep. Horace L es ter, Hinds County, tried to get the bill killed with
a motio n to r ecommit. He was concerned that t he bill would "embar-
r ass white girls who had already had enough trouble ." (Jackson,
Miss . , Clarion-Ledger , 2-13-64).
   Howe ver , the House, " which was in a boisterous mood" (C-L ,
3-13-64), refus ed.     Mrs. Gordon White, prominent clubwoman r e -
pr esentin g L aude rdale County, took offense at the mood of levity in
th e House .    " This is no laughing matter ," s he said. " We have a
we lfare problem that is hurting our state. We are trying to l et p eopl e
know that we do not approve and we are not going to continue to pay
for it. I very much favor this bill."
   Some of the backers of the bill said they felt the m easure would
cut down the ris e of illegitimate children on the welfare rolls and
fo r ce many Negroes to leave the state. (New Orleans Times -Picayune,
3-13-64)                                                 - -
   Rep . Russ ell DaviS of Hinds County, objec ting to a bill which would
have c harged a license fee of $500 to employment agencies which              .I
r ecruit Negr oes in Mississippi for employm ent outside the state,
said that " one day the House passes a bill (HB 180) to get rid of th em
(Ne groes) and th e next day i.t makes it cost $500 to take them away. "
   Rep. Stone Barefield, prominent Hattiesburg l awyer and member
of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, observed during floor debate
on the bill: " When the cutting starts , they'll (Negroes) head for Chi-
cago. "
    Thus the Mississippi House made it clear that HB 180 is dir ec ted
against Mississippi Negroes; thatit is an attemptto r educe the number
of Negroes in Mississippi either by destroying their capacity to
reproduce, or by driving them from the state. That it is,in short,
a program of officially supported and sanctioned genocide.
   On the surface the legislation is designed to dis courage illegiti-
macy. Most Americans would probably agree that this is a SOCially
and ethically commendable objective, though many would argue that
mandatory sterilization      (1 to 3 years in a Mississippi prison is
hardly an alternative) raises more social and ethical problems than
it solves.
   However, HB 180 is clearly something quite differ ent from the
ordinary welfare measure one expects in dealing with what is , prag-
matically at le ast, a welfare problem. In the first place, the argu-
ments of the le gislators who supported the bill indicate that the intent
of the measure is to eliminate the population of Negroes from Miss-
iSSippi. There is other evidence.

       In both Mississippi houses, the bill was referred to the Judiciary
    Committees. The Rules of the Mississippi Legislature do not specify
    the subject matter which is to be within the jurisdiction of each com-
    mittee. However, each House has a welfare committee to which
    genuine welfare measures are customarily referred. Legislative
    bodi es whose rules do spe c ify the jurisdiction of committees, in-
    variably use the judiciary committee for penal matters (see, for
    example , Rule 12 , Rules ofthe House of Representatives, U.S. Congress)
    a nd neve r for welfare matters, unless a partIcularly lmportant POlllt
    oLh~s involved (~nd then only with respect to that !JOint of law;
    never with respect to the substance of the bill). It might-beargued
    that this was the procedure in the Mississippi Legislature, except that
    the bill was never considered by the Welfare Committee of the House.
       Furthermore, HB 180 was immediately referred to the Judiciary
    Committee of the Senate when it was introduced there. Earlier in
    the session a planned parenthood bill designed actually to deal with
    the problem of illegitimacy was considered and killed by the Senate
    Health and Welfare Committee. That bill had provided for setting
-   up -planned parenthQod G   linics throughout the- state- and had i-mposed
    c riminal penalties upon parents of illegitimate children who did
    not attend the clinics after the birth of the child. Sterilization was to
    be strictly voluntary under the Senate bill. It was not referred to
    the Judiciary Committee of the Senate, though the point of law in-
    volved in mandatory attendance at planned parenthood clinics where
    sterilization might be strongly advocated, closely parallels that in-
    volved in mandatory sterilization.
       Whether or not HB 180 reaches final passage in the Senate during
    the current session, the fact that a substantial majority of the elec ted
    repr esentatives in the Mississippi House favored such a measure is
    an ominous portent for the future of the state, and of the Negroes who
    make up 40% of its population.
       Exhibit 3 shows Mississippi, its counties, and the numbers of Ne-
    groes and whites in each county. As indicated on the map, 26 of the
    72 affirmative votes on HB 180 came from counties which have sub-
    s tantial majorities of Negroes.       Except for the disfranchisement
    of Negroes in the counties from which these 26 votes came, it is
    politically inconceivable that the bill would have passed the House .
    If Negroes could vote in these counties, no elected representative
    would dare vote for a bill designed to destroy or drive out Negroes.
    Indeed, if Negroes were free to vote in these counties, it is likely
    that a large proportion of the 26 legislators would be Negroes.
        There is no stronger argument for the speedy passage and rigorous
    enforcement of the civil rights bill which the Senate is ((debating"
    now, than this experiment in genocide by the Mississippi Legislature
    under the leadership of Senator Eastland's assistant. Indeed, such
    criminal irresponsibility on the part of those who govern Mississippi
    argues persuasively for the strengthening of the voting sections of the
    civil rights bill.
       And Jhe struggle for additiollal civil rights legislation must not
    be permitted to obscure the fact that the President and the Attorney

General have legal weapons now which they have never used to
protect the right to vote in the ~outh. Section 594, Title 18, U.S.
Code provides: "Whoever intimidates, threatens, coerces, or attempts
to intimidate, threaten or coerce , any other person for the purpose
of interferring with the right of such other person to vote ... shall
be fined not more than $1, 000 or imprisoned not more than one year, or
both."    If the statute had been enforced in Mississippi (it has been
  n the books since 1948), we may be certain that the genocidal legisla-
tors presently in power would long since have been retired to the
political boneyard where they belong.
   The President and the Attorney Gener a l have refused to use the
criminal statute quoted above, preferring to seek injunctions against
officials who interfere with voting rights. The total bankruptcy of
this policy should now be apparent to everyone. At the time the
genocidal Mississippi House was elected last fall, 22 voting suits
had been filed by the Attorney General against Mississippi registrars
and other officials.       Yet fewer Negroes were registered to vote
than had been registered in the previous election.
   The case of Forrest County registrar Theron Lynd is classic.
An injunction ordering him to cease discrimination against Negroes
was issued by a Federal court more than a year ago. He refused to
comply and was cited for contempt. He has been under this citation for
more than six months now (with no sanctions of fine or imprison-
ment imposed against him), and his discriminatory tactics continue.
This piling of injunction upon injunction has been going on since the 1957
and 1960 civil rig-hts bills were enacted. Negroes still can't vote in
   Now they are faced with action by Mississippi government which
literally threatens their existence as a people.
   If the President and the Attorney General were placed, themselves,
under a similar threat, what could be their reaction? If they had
used every conceivable stratagem, had faced police dogs and fire
hoses and billy clubs and prison for the right to vote, and if all their
efforts resulted only in a wor s ening of their condition, would they, would
Americans generally, react with a strengthened conviction of the ef-
ficacy of such peaceful persuasion; or would they begin to think in pure
terms of self -defense, peaceful or no, violent or nonviolent?
   This question the President and the Attorney General must ask
themselves, as must all Americans. As they answer it for themselves,
so must they answer it for Negroes in Mississippi. As they would act
for themselves, so must they act for those Negroes.
   Else let them not wring their hands and gnash their teeth and roll
their eyes heavenward when Mississippi Negroes begin doing for them-
selves what their government has refused to do.

                                        Exhibit 1

    MISSISSIPPI LEGISIA'IURE                               REGULAR SESSION 1964
    By: Messrs. ~wek, Pierce, Swindoll,                    To: Judiciary ''8''
         Cook. Mitchell (Walthall). Lee;                   Rereferred: Judiciary "A"
         and Harned.

                                     HOUSE BILL NO. 180
                                    (As passed by House)


           SECTION 1. If any person, who shall have previously become the natural
    ~arent of an illegitimate child within or without this State by coition within
    or without this State, shall again become the natural parent of an illegitimate
    child bern within this State. he or she shall be guilty of a felony and, upon
    conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary
    for not less than one (1) year nor more than three (3) years. A' subsequent con-
~   viction hereunder shall be punishable by imprisonment in the penitentiary for not
    less than three (3) years nor more than five (5) years. Provided. however. that
    for the purpose of this act, roul tiple births shall be construed to be the birth
    of one (1) child. Provided that the emotional and psychological make-up of the
    offender shall be taken into consideration by the court of jurisdiction. Provided.
    however. that any parent convicted hereunder may submit to sterilization in lieu
    of iroprisorunent.

           SECTION 2. The circuit court of the county in which said illegitimate
    child is born shall have jurisdiction of any action brought under this section,
    but no male person shall be convicted solely on the uncorroborated testimony of
    the female person giving birth to the child.

           SECTION 3. On or before the tenth day of each month, the Mississippi
    State Health Department shall notify in writing the district attorney of each
    district in Mississippi of the name and address of each person shown as a parent
    on the birth certificate of any illegitimate child filed with said department
    during the preceding month.
           SECTION 4. This act shall take effect and be in force frem and after
    ten (10) mo~ths after its passage.


E xhibit 3

Ho w Mississippi Counties

Vote d on the Genoc ide Bill

                . ~ll representatives voted for

     III Split vote
     Ii      « I All representatives abstained
     o         All representatives voted against
Exhibit 2
                                Representatives Who Voted for the Genocide Bill

   ALLEN, CHARLES BRENHAM, JR. (Charlie), Box 344. Amory,                                CAMMACK, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. JR. lB. F.l. Route 1. Hazle-
     Monroe County. Born November 19, 1904 at Rosedale, Miss.;                             hurst. Copiah County. Born June 16, 1906 at Rockport, Miss.;
                                                                                           Farmer and Cattleman; Merchant; Methodist; Farm Dnrea],l;..
       ~~!dTG~:en<;:li~irt1iliraO~eJA~d~~1~i~~r~e~~i:ir~i~~p~}iaMjs~r~~h                   Pres ident. Copl8.1i- -County Farm Bureau; Hazlehurst toucbdown '
       LLB degree 1927; SEA; Kappa Beta Phi; Rotnry; Golf Clun;                            Club; Marrl~·d .    "                    •
       National      Football   Rules   Committee     (Miss.   Representative      24
       years); Married; House 1960-1964.                                                 CARRUTH, GEORGE SIMMONS (Doc), R .F.D., Summit, Pike
                                                                                           County . Born November 6, 1 906 at Summit, Miss.;-.J. C. Rail-
   ANDERSON, ROBERT EDWARD (Bob), Route 3, Box 2.11 Wes-                                  ..road( Methodist; Mason; Shriner; Eastern Star;            _~;Pt:esiMI11
    son, Copiah County. Born November 30, 1914 .t Haziehurst                              ,Employees Seryj~e_ C!uh~; Married; House 1952·1964.
     Miss.; Farmer and Dairyman; Baptist; Lions Club; Touchdow~                          CASE, GEORGE MILTON (Milton), 126 Cisnie Ave., Canton ,
     g~~:~61.' Bl!r~; Mis:!. Milk Producers' As.n.; Married; House                         Madison County. Born July 5, 1934 at Canton, Miss.; ~J.torney;
                                                                                           ~~~:~;19K6<Lgf9€w~f Pythias; Mason; Elk; Lion; Jaycees; SingTe;
    l! EiliNETT. DAVID HOLMES (David), Lamar, Benton County.
        Bon> May 15. 1921 .t Chalyhellte, Mi ... ; Fanner; BaPtis~;
                                                               . , . e-                  COSSAR, GEORGE PAYNE, Charleston. Tallahatchie County. Born
           Eresident, Miss. ~~';'1n Bll!~ :~'!Jrcsidentt Bent.oIt-Co\lnt:Y:       ~oP'     August 26, 1907 at Webb, Miss .; J.,awyer; Methodist; Sigma Nb.;
           Moson; PIA; ]\!'l'C~~~~E.!':!'~ M~iT!e<l;trouse 1960-1~            .     .      Phi Alpha Delta; ODK; Mason; Shriner; Rotary; fucees; Married;
                                                                                           House 1944-1948, 1952-1964.
   BLACKWELL, CHARLES C'RAY (Ch.rlie), 790 Northwood Dr.,                                CRAIC CARL H. (Carl). Box 404, Brookhaven, Lincoln County.
     Laurel, Jones County. Bom MRfCh 4. 1939 at Ellisville, Miss .•                        Born' August 16, 1905 at Olive Brancb, Miss .; PoultrYman ;
      Lawyer' Ba.l'tist; Civitn" Club; P alliolic AmericnnJouth; Na.                                                                 _
                                                                                           Cattlemani Feed Miller; J\.fethodistj. ,C)l a~~c:r_?!._ C.?~~~~;
     (!'!".!\~.lWLl!l; Citiz£ns. Council; .t>ust )'rc.< iJent orFiitrIiiUc:A1llCri'·       Cattlemen s Assn'1 ~e"-~; Mamed.                        -
     c an. _ . ,o!lth; J!ast_C!lmrmnn, . Oxf(' rd.... Citil.cJl~ . Caun~il; Gradunte,
     U mverslty of Miss .; Campus Scnute 3 years; -Past President, Stu-                  COMANS     RAYMOND, Box 272, Decatnr, Ne"~ n"                    . ''' 'y. Born
   ...s.~lJt..!I.9~~()f.1_o~~s_ C.O\~tY.. Junior C~lIege; Married. - - - - - - -           March -20, 1930 at Dixon. Miss. ' Owner & I, " .-.lior. Retail
   BOTELER EDGAR LEE, JR, (E. L.), Riverside Farms, Grenada,                               Furniture Business; Baptist; J!uiQU-.C.~amb.eF_o.(.C(I~)I !il ('_rCc; Mason;
     Grenada County. Born FebruarY 4. 1920 at Grenada, Miss.;                              American Legion; Fenn Bureau; MarrIed.                            . -
     i9S6::~6l.resbyterian; notary; Farm Burea u; Married; House                         cOOi(--JAMES -    HARVEY marvey), Box 235. Weir, Choctaw
                                                                                           Cou~ty. Born November 29, 1937 at French Camp, Mi••. ; Stu-
   BRADY, TULLIUS (Tully), Box llS, Brookhaven, Lincoln County.                            dent and Farmer; Baptist ; Mason; Ma17ied.
     Born June 16, 1906 at llrookbaven, Mi ... ; AttomeYi Presbyterian;
      Psi Upsilonj Mason;; Lion; Brookhaven l.;ountry Club;                     DALLAS DeVAN (Van ), 123 W . Oxford St., Pontotoc, Pontotoc
      Jackson Country Club; American Numismatic Society; ..,Sons of                       CountY. Born Marcb 4, 1926 at Okolona, Miss.; Automobile I!<
     the Confederacy; Sons O!t the American Revolution; Marnea.--                         Implement Dealer; Baptist; ,I.ennessee and Mississippi Sheriffs
    ,~ .  ... "- .", .......
             ~-.         ~. -          . . .                       ~
                                                                                           and Peace Officers Assn.;. American Legion; VFWj 40 &: 8; -I'on';--
   BRANCH, ELWOOD L . (Elwood), 414 Michigan Ave., McComb,                                 totoc Boosters' Club; Lion; F! lureau; Marnea.
     Pike County. Born November 30, 1909 at Smitbdale, Miss.;
     Construction Contractor; Baptist; ucr;. Married.                                    FINNIE, HUBERT NOEL (H. N.). Courtland, Panoln Counly. Born
   BRISTER, MILTON E. (Milton), Kilmichael, Montgomery County.                             June 13, 1900 in Panola County, Miss.; Cattle and Cotion
      Born April 6, 1917,in : ontgo m eery ~\IDty. Miss .; Asst. Cashier;
                              M        ..                                                  Fanner; Teacher, Merchant; Board of Supervisor. 1940-1946;
      Cattle Farmer; Baptist; aJ:L...1&J:lCU]; £ann Bureau; Aberdeen                                                                                 '
                                                                                           Bapti:Jti W .O.W.; Lion; ,l}'\!.esville !,;hilmber of Comm~rcet Fa nn
      Angus Breeders Assn.; Ma~son; Q),llp1ber of Commerce; Lions Club;                                                             ..
                                                                                           Bureau; Citizens _.., Couw::u.:... ~~Hss:-" Cattlemen's . As sn.;   rustee.
      Married; House 1960-1964.                                                              Eleemosynary Institutions ; '-MilI'ried',' House -1956~1960.
                                                                                         FOX, RUSSELL, LAMBERT (Russell), Pattison, Claiborne County.
   CALLICOTT, WILLIAM EDWAnD (Bill), Senato"i., Tate County.                                 Born July II, 1909 at Jackson, Miss.; Farmer; Livestock Breeder;
     Born June 16, 19~4 "t West Point, Miss .; Insurnnce Agent;                              Presbyterian; Sigma Chi; Mason; Lion ; £tate Board of Direct~rs
     Presbyterian; Arnerie!!n Legion; V.F.W.; 40 &: 6; Rot ary; National                  .. fann .~ur c;t ~~State Board of Directors-cDC; "'1.-farrIea ;··· House '
     GJlard.j Married;HOuseJl960C  1.964:-                      - -..                        continuously since 1936.
GEOGHEGAN, JAMES FRANCIS (Francis), BOJ 236, Fayette,                                 HOOKER. EDWIN WILBUfu'll.         SR. (Wilburn), 103 W all St. ,
  Jefferson County. Born August 17, 1927 at McNair, Miss.: In-                           Lexin gton  Holmes County. Born July 17, 1913 at New O rleans,
  surance: Cattleman: Methodist: Mason; Shriner; Kiwanis; Married;                       La. ; FJlmter; Cattleman; Genera) Insurance j Methodist; Mason;
  House 1960-1964.                                                                       Shrine1';    Pnl   D<>lta   I net.a ;   Lexmgton   Chamber ...o f    COlllIJle.rce ;
                                                                                         Director. Delta Council; Rotary; Amt'ric3JL..~gi9.!!.i.-Y.F . W . ~
GIPSON, THOMAS ZACHARIAH (Hoot), Route 4, Box 90, Colum-                                   ureau:,Married: House 1956-19OC-
  bia Mnrion County. Born October 2, 1923 at Baton Rouge,
  Lo~isinna: PharnlRcist: Baptist; Mason; Chapter Rnd Council;                        HOUGH, JOHN HOWARD (John), Indianola, Sunflower County.
   The Gideons lntl.; ..x..:E.).Y~~_<:i~~~~ns, . C.?unci.l.....~.iss . State ~bn~a­      Ilom    Decemh e 1' 22,     1900 at Magnolia ,      Mi ss .•   Fanner'   Ginner;
   ceuticlll ~ Assn •• MIss. Cattlemen s Assn.j-V-tlrlon Coun~ Hlstoncal                Realtor .and Developer; lla.Pti~ J?ast,. Presiden!.. Indianoll1 . Hotn!y
                                                                                        ~hJ.b.... Ptl~t . PreSident, In(hnnolil Investment \ ..;Jub; Alderman'-- 3
   "Society; ..Cham!>er _ . C.o.lTI.",e"""L~a~_ !l.w:e!~: Married.
                         of_                                                            terms; Colonel.. Mis.s .___State Guard ; President, Indianola Cham her
GRAHAM, MACK, Box 2.05, Sumrall, Lamar County. Born Iune 12,                            of Commerce; Director, Delta Council; ~·fEC; Citizens CouTlcili
  1924 at Sumrall, Miss.: Merchant and Farmer: BaptistS' World
                                                                              'i. ' Cattlemen:s Assn.; Farm Bureau: Sons of Confederacy:
  War II VeteraD: .Y.F'r~: ~ Americap Legion: 40 & 8; oard of                           ~oo~seof9~o..i~64~ Revolution;.. .Indianola _Country. .CluJ:>; Married;
  Directors, Miss. Assn, 0 Retarded Children;- P.T.A.; Lion; Vice-
  President, P .T. Council Miss. School for Blind: Married: House                     HUGHES, PEASTER LEO (P. L. ), Mannsdale Road, Mndison,
  1961-1964.                                                                            Madison County. Born August 28. 1910 at West. Miss.: .farmer
GRAHA~·I    THOMAS ESTUS (Estus), Route 2. Ellisville. Jones                            and Cattleman; Baptist; Elk; Madison-Ridgeland Optimist Clubr
  County.' Born No'-'ember 10, 1904 at Ellisville, Miss .: Farmer:                     "'L1Oii; "Citizen-s' Councili Miss. Cattlemen's Assn .•_ Canton Chamber
                                                                                        of C ommercCC"ommiss io npr'?' 1vtadison County Soil Conservation-
  Baptist: Mason: Eastern Star; Jones <:Quoty Wild Life uague:                         .p~~!;.! tMaTrjed; House 1960-1964.         - -                  --- " ---
  Mnrried: House 1952-1956.
                                                                                      JONES, JESSE FRED (Fred), Box 45, Invemes~, Sunflower
HARNED, HORACE H .. JR. (Holace), Route I, Box 27. Starkville,                          County. Born AUl::tlst II, IH94 nt Inverness. Mls~ . ; Flumer;
 Oktibbeha County. Bom July 27, 1920 at State College, Miss.;                           Methodist; Scottish Rite Moson; Shrinerj I              .\otnryj M is!'t .
 Dairy and Live,tock Farmer; Baptist; Rotary; Mason; Kappa                              ctatic .. E~ccutive Committee . 8 yenr<; SIIP('rvISOf 4 terms ' mn.. r
 Sigma; AmeTic~1I4 Legion, 40 &. 8; Married; Senate 1952.1956,                          Prcsidrnt Sli'n nowci - County Board "'()f Supervlsorsj Past Fre.i-4:dent.
 House 1960-106 .                                                                       Mi!l: •. 1;)E>lt,\ POUl"1' Ass ll .,; Mnrried: S('unte 1944.1952.
HARVEY, DANIEL, Roule 3, !\.[allee, Smith County,                     Born Sep-
  tcmbt~ r   16. 1927 at Mt. Olive. Miss.; School Administrator; Bap-                 JONES, HEX KENTON (II ... ), lInx 120'1, Ilattl('.dl\lr~ , Fnrn'!!
                                                                                        CountY. Born NoYcOilicr 10. lU33 At IIntth'shuTIl. Mb~.; .AtLuTlWYi
  ~f!~ri:J711~~~e' f9B~Ib~:F.w         .;
                                     Afason, 32nd Deureej Shriner;                      Methodist. Pbi Alpha Deltu; 1nl'ceS5' American Bnr Ann.; ~..!.i~~~ __
                                                                                        ~~~~_~D:!~inile.                      -     _ .•_ ..- ., -" " -"" - .. -

HERRIN. RALPH HERMAN (Ralph), Box 367, Collins. Covi'lgton                            LADNER, HIRAM GRIFFIN, JR. (Griffin), 120 Jefferson St.,
  Cuunty. Born December 3, 1908 at Sanford, Miss .; Fonner. "Busi-                      Ripley, . Tippah County. Born January 17, 1918 at Gulfport,
  ness Man; Baptist; Rotary; Collins and Professional Club;                  Miss.;   A.hom~aud _Insu.ra~.ce            Ag~nt;   Pr~sbyterian: .l!~iss...   Bar. . .
  President, Coving,tqn County Baptist Brotherhoodj F a nn Bureau;                      Assn. ' ~ncrDegTee Mason; Phi-'Kappa PSi; Chamber of Com-
  Mnrried; Home 19.56-1960.                                            . .._ -          merc~: Pine Hill Golf and Country Club; Anlerican Legion: Boy
                                                                                        Scout Council Imember; Ripley Football Boostercru"O; " Married.
HICKS, HERVEY OWINGS (Hervey), Route I, Box 64, Benton,
  Yazoo County. Born August 9, -1900 at Ben,t on. Miss.; Planter;                     LASSITER,. ROBERT L.              (Bob), Route 2, Richton, Perry County.
  Livestock Denier; Methodist; ~-fasonj Din; ctor, Yazoo County ~ann                    Born October 19, 1920 at Jackson, North Carolina. Farmer;' Car-
 .Bureal,li Methodist Men's Club; Benton" Farmers Club; ~rarried!"                      penler: Baptist: p~acon, _ G_o~<I._ Ji~~ ~.~: Married.
  House 1932-1931>: 1948-1964.
HOLLINGER,        JOHN      FIELDING         (John).    Route    I.   Meadville,      LEE, BILLY JOE, Route I , Box 190A, ~i1ver Creek, La.wrence
  Franklin County, Born May 25, 1917 at l\-if"adville, Miss.; Mer-                      County. Born March 14, 1929 at Arm, MlSs,;" Farmer' Cat leman:
  chant. Fanne r and Sawmill Operator; Methodist; American . Lpg-ion;                   Merchant; Baptist; Mason; Farm. B.utf;lllui...£hamber of Commerce;
  F!!!!!.L.Burea~i\i7,ens_ Cou~~il;         Miss, State Alumni Assn.: ' ggt!            J aycees; Married ; House lQ62-1964. -        ---------- -.- .' .
  t.o[t'u~~Jl..;     CIYltanj   ~Iarncd;-Housc-1V60- 1964-=--

                                                                                      LONG, BETTY JANE <Betty). 2219 49th Ave .• Meridian, Lauder-
HOLYFIELD. ROBERT LEE (Boh) , Rose mil, Jasper County.                                  dale County. llom May 8, 1928 at Electric Mill., Miss.: .L_a.~er.i..
 Born July 4, 19:22 at lvferidian, Miss.; Cattleman ; Methodistj Pi                     Presbyterian: Miss. FannBureau; Pilot Club: B. & P. W. Club:
  j(appa Alpha; besj den ~L . So uthea st :Miss. Ind us hi a l D E"velop1l1ent          Salvation Army-Board, Cerebral" Palsy Board; A.A.U.W.; Who's
 CouncE1-P..~rector. Mi s~ ':.. Fann Bureau Fc~ :ration ; Sin gle .' .. "-.-.,          Who of American Women 1958-1959; Single; House 1956-1964.
 LOVE,. JAMES PERCY (J. P -! , Tchula. Holmes County. Bo rn July                                      MILLER, JOSEPH ABRAHAM, JR. (Ahie). Box 487. Leakesville,
    12. 1902 at McAdams. MIss .; P lanter and Cattleman; BB,Etist;                                     Creene County. Bom Septembe r 10, 1914 a t Fruitdale, Alabamai
   ODK; Natl. Cotton Prod ucers I nstirut ~; Delta Council; .r~arm..                                   T elephone Com p any Owne~ .•~AA Manage r; Church of the Bre thren;
  ..!l.u_reaj!j MIss. Li vestock Assn .; Natl. Lives tock Assn ... Miss . Here-                         Lion; Rotary; Married.
   lordAssn .; America n Herefo rd Assn .: Married; House 195 6-1964.
                                                                                                      MITCHELL. HENRY RE DMAN (Redm on), Amory, Mon roe Coun ty.
 MABRY, MALCOLM H " In. (Malcolm), Duhlln, CoahomA County.                                              Born Decemher 6. 1906 at Am ory. Miss .; Fanner and Dairy Bar
  Born June 28, 1933 at Dublin, Miss.; School Teacher and                                               Ope rator; Baptist; De ac~~ " ~!]d~. :rCil<;h~~ .of .YounJt ~. ~eop~~; Mason;
  Farmer; Methodist ; .Miss. Educntion Assn.; Fann Durca u' SonJ                                         ~1nrri e d.                  - , ~.       .
   of ~A~.~ri~,"~ ..•~..~~~ I~~c:.n i · -Ci vi tcm "' CluOj-single.                       • "------   MlTGHELL, WILLIAM HE NRY (WiIlinm)J n oute 2, Tylertown,
                                                                                                       Wnlthall County. Born AUgllS t 23. 193" at Tylertown, Miss.;
                                                                                                       Faml e r and Cattlem an; Bnptis tj \V .O .\V.; .. J ayceesj Fann Bureau;
MASSEY, ALTON. Box 189, Kosciusko, AUal. County.                                        Born De-       Chnmh<:'r of Comm erce; Miss, C a ttl em en's Ass n.; M a rri e d; H ous e
   cemher 18. 1909 n t L obu tcha , Miss.;                    .Att on'~       M e th o dist; Alpha      1960-1964 . . .        ...                ..        ••
   Tau Om ega; Eastern Start' Mason; S'IlrIner;-W .O .W.; V.F . ~;
   ~m eric ..n Legio!'; D.A.V .; ion; Single; Senate 1936-1940'.-                                     MOSS, JOSEPH GIBSON (Joe) . Box 144 , Raymond, Hind. County.
                                                                                                       Bom April 26. 1922 at Jnckso n. Miss .• . Lawyer; Fonn er; Methodist;
MATHIS, JAMES W ES LEY (Jim), Box 26. Carthage, Leake County.                                          YL~~~lr6cl~n KKI>flt1j Llon ;: .f:''iul; y: F.~.j Morried; House
 Born Septemher 17, 1934 at Lena, Miss. ; General Insurance;
   Baptist ; Sigma Nu; W.O.W.; Rotary; ,ayct;!e..-s.; Leake County
   Cha mb e r o f Commerce; £rcsident, E3s t---c'""entral Jr. C o ll('g~                              MUT HS. SHERMAN LEWIS, JR. (Sh",man) Box 127, Gulfport,
   Alumni - Assn .; C jtizens' Council; Travelers ' Club; --CentraI- Miss.                              Horrison County. Born N ovemhc r 22. 1932. a t Gulfport MISS.;
   Archery Club; Married ; House·1960-1964.                                                             I.awl'.rr· Methodi.t; Sib,"," Nu; Phi Alph" Deltn; JI~YC<:l;~; Clllfport
                                                                                                        Tiu,,: ht Cluhi (:hn.m '!~ r o f c..(l rnme~~1 i y . ~1.n.c'..i U.S.A .}'. Il cs<:rvl""
McALLISTEn . LEWIS LESLIE, JR. (Mack). 2402 46th St .. Meri-                                            UIIIYc'r. lty (If ~rlli ,"I . 1\11111 111 1 A . . .. ll .; . Jl n rn .' itl ll ( :OIIII'r' Mls!I . Slllll~
 d ian . Laude rdale County. Born September 25; 1932 at Jackson,                                       .p ,.. J :f\dln.'l!!~.Ut_~'!L, ~ ' ;" ~i v~ ! y!nr,. ~\,( ~!~~.~~I~)l~.~ ~~.i·
 Miss .; C. P,A.; Meth odist; Miss. Society of C.P.A.; AICPA; Kappa                                      Marne.                                                                                           __
 Alpha ; ODK; Married; House 1963-64.
                                                                                                      OWEN. BEN, Box 1001, Columbus, Lowndes COllnty.                                             Born July
McCOY. CH AR LES ELVIS (Charley), Bo. 56, Wheeler, Prentiss                                              ~~i l5~}a a~h?:olL~!~~~~·1":12~.~:ntt.tof0~ ~~Xtilt~1:;?~;\~e~t:r ~~~~~i
 County. Dorn OClober 7, 1lHD at Booneville, Miss.' Construc-                                            Fnrm   BUreiltlj !!:i\"a'nis; ·- All1ericml ~,_v..E. VL~ - Ole'" 'Miss.
 tion; Methodist; Married.                        '                                                      Ahmrrrr Assn.;· M-Club; Marrieo:·.. ·..
McCULLOUGH. WIL LIAM TODD (Todd), Box 82, Pope. Panola                                                PHILLIPS, JOHN ALTON (Alton ) , Macon. Noxu hee Cou nty. Born
 County. Rom October 28. 1903 at Ba tesville . Miss.; Cotton                                            June 8, 1905 at Carrollton, Alahama ; Lawyer; Trte Farm.. ; BaI?-
 .BUyc"!.~_,M e.rcbOlnt; Druggis t.i.. Baptist; ChaJ.nnon •. Boa rd of D cacon'i                        tist · Shriner ; DKP ' R o t ary; Chum b.e.r--or:-commE' rCE'j Economic
 S'li"naay . School Te:lcher ; .l'"   ann Bureau; Chamber 'ci r - Commerce;                             Co~cil; American . te~ion; B,u Assn. ;. Married; House 1932-1940,
 Married; H ouse 194 8-1 95'6, 1960-1964 . -_.                - ''' - - ' - - --- - -                   1944-1964.

McGAUGHEY, NOEL DOUGLAS (Noel), Route 2, Prentiss, Jeffer-                                            PIERCE, CLARENCE ALBERT (Clarence). Box 277, Voiden,
 son Davis County . Born O ctober 8, 1916 at Tylertown, Miss.;                                          Carroll County. Born Octoher I, 1928 at Thornton, Miss.; ~
 M8~a .s::er of Sunfl<?wer F ood Store; Baptist; Mason; " ~J!le!'i~1(I                                  o\ut . to Sen a tor E:lstlnnd wh('n Les:islat ure not , in st:'ssion; ODA ;
~; PTA; Marn ed .                                                                                       Bpt;li'IleT.rr;-SoilS': of the American Revolution; Mnson; Epi.-
                                                                                                        copalian; Single; lIouse 1?52-1964'; '- ., . •...- . - ._ ,
McGREW, JO liN WESLEY (Johnl. Route I, Vouhuri ClArke                                                 PUC KETT. THOMAS W . (Tom), ROllte 2, DeKalb, Kemper
 County. !lorn Jun e 7, 1917 at Stonewall, Miss.; Bnptist i,.1~ ;                                       Count y. Born August 23, 1892 a t Porterville. Min.; Fanner;
 Baptist j Moson ; Married.                           " --                                              ~t('rchltn t ; BAptist; Scottish Rite. 3 2 nrl Degree; Shriner; Am f>ri-
                                                                                                        C i\ n Lf>llion; Pos ~ . C omm .. n~ler Twice. Fonner _ District _ .s.- 'Co~~--:-­
ME E K. WALTER BUCHANAN (Buck). Route I, Eupo ra, Wehster                                               iiIaildcr; former .Super- isor; Form er :'1embPr, Game ancr .... h
 C OU\l ty. Bo rn Jan ua ry 13. 1926 at Mem phiS, Tennessee' Atto r-                                    Comm.i ssion; Lion ; Mnrrie cL
 ncy..i~ Ins\!~nn~~_Agen~; F an ner; Methodist; Pi Kappa Alph ao,.;L'ast
 Prc') Hh :nt. l\f lss. Ja r.c,ee§; Rotary; Am ('rican Legio n ; American--nar
        .                                                                                             ~CI\U(;GS.         CI.~;STOI\,             1 \lI llt~   3/ Illkil. Thhmninwo CIIlIllty.              lIorn
 .. "~ SSfl ~"!""· ~i ~s·: · B ar· A... sn ',L .F.'~~. ~~~lU i PTAjf..1'u n-i'C u. -·          --        Juntlilry :23,        J IJ 1.'3   III    IlIkll, " i u . j T( 'u<"IH'q    FIITHl('q      M., rhmllttti
                                                                                                         Mn,oll~~~ l ITh;                    Miss. Shlle AluumJj Fnm~l' Jo'urlHl'r
                                                                                                        .5l.tpt.._           ~~tt0..!.l;    Married.            .._ - - "- -
MILLER. AL BERT VIRGIL (Alhert). Rolli ng F ork, Shnrkey County.
  Born August 12. 1926 at Gainesville . Mi ss .j ... Lawycr; Baptis t; Phi.                           SEARROOK. STERLING WITHERS (S terling ), Route I, Tunica,
 Delta Phi; Ame ri can Legion; F:lnn Bureau; Miss. StAte Bar Assn.;                                     Tlllli c; ~ Cou nty. Bo m Octo be r 13, 1923 a t M emphi s. Tennessee;
 Rota ry ; Mason; Delta C ouncil; Marric di House 1956-1964 .                                           Jo'arm er; Episcopalian; Rotary; Married; ,House 1960-1964.
     SI~IPS01\:,     JAMES CHA HLES                          (Jim), 706 W.                   n   neh Blvd., PIlSS
        C hri sti an , Harrison County . Born May 18 , 1930 :I t Gu lfport,
        Miss. ; Seafood Canner; Catholic; Phi Kappn T au; C hnmh c r of
       ,COU11Ucu:.C;' VFW; Pass Christian Yach t Clu b; Marricd:--- - -
     SLAYD E1'. MRS . EVERETT ( G ladys), The Mnp'olias, Holly
        S pri ngs , Marshnil County. Born in MIIl'shull Coun ty, M iss. ;
        F arm e r; Baptist;, Life Memb e r, Natl. Ga rden Clubs ; Life M emb e r
        ilnel Past Presidenl;'-Cardcn Clulls of Miss. ; Farm Bureau; DAR;
        ODC; '- J>nst "Pres ident and Pil~rima gc C hairman, Holly Spiir'lgs
        Carden Club; Widow; House 1960-1964.
     SMITH, WADE ORCHIN (Wade), Route 2, Box 168 , Poplarvilie.
        Pt.·arl R iver County.       Born FeblUnry 16. 1911 nt Poplarville,
        ~Ii.(j; s .; Fanner; Ba ptist; President" .Fam1. BureAu; Pearl RiveT
        C() unty D irector, Wolf Ri'ver Wildlife Council; Married.
     SWINDOLL, GEORGE MITCHELL (George ), Box 158. Calhoun
       City, Calhoun . COlmty . i Hon) }unc 1 ~, H~31 ot Slutc Spring:~,
       ~ti.>;s.; AItOnlCYi Dupllstj Betn I hctR PI; MIss. Bar Assn .; Am(,fI-
       (,lin lhi.{· A.~.~I ·I ·.; Toostmustcrs InternAtionol; FnfUl Burl'allj Milson j
      ~r ;' rr i e d;Ilouse 1900-1964,                       -_._-_._.,-
     TIIIGPIO: N. JUDSON AHLEDGE, JH. (Bud), 601 DecrinK St.,
       CIC"t'lllUd . Holivnr C:nHnty. Bon, NovemheT 29, 1920 nt Shuw,
       Mi.>;".; t'tll!~(.h.'.~(! ._C) iI •. <;tJ. ·.t\W:II.ti He'III Estlll~' lIrokc'r; Bnpli."Itj
       V .. l:',\\,:". AlIlCrJCHlI ..Lc"l. .H GIII""I.l~ Cuuuci1; (,\c\'t,lllntI VoJ'lIlt(: l~r
                                             O ....
       fire Dept,; Married.
     THOMPSON, WILLIAM ISAAC SHELBY (Bill), 715 Brookwood
       Rd., Jackson, Hinds County. Born November 24, 1936 at Jackson,
       Miss. ; Life Insu rance Salesn~ani Methodist; Mason; Kappa Sigma;
       l..i:1IT~cs; Jackson Exch<1nge Club; Jackson Citi7.cns Band Radio
       ~Alumni Assn. of Miss. State, Millsaps & Ole Miss.; ~I(arrjed.

     TRUE, JAMES BENJAMIN (Jim), 1110 Thirty First Ave., Gulf-
        [~~' 1~:~f~~on~.1~~t'i:~~o& goe.~ein~~;r ~~y. l~t~5 L~~i~eL~2;~cN~·:
        429 F. & A. M.; Gulfport Consistory· Colonial Patriots Chn~
        S,AJt, ; Gulfport Chapter, Alumni Assn~ii1r-co; Junior College
       'blS~ricf;' ,Cha!"ber of COITl!1}!:rcei Cjt:i;i:W~ lo~
       §.g~ Marned.

     WALL, FRANK TRACY (Frank), Route 2, Liberty, Amite County,
      Born March 5, 1908 at Gillsburg, Miss,; Dairy Fanner; Bapist;
      Married; House 1952-1960,
     WARREN, JACK A., JR, (Jack), D'Lo, Simpson COW1ty. Born
      Novemher 29. 1907 at D'Lo~ Miss.; Cattleman Rnd Farmer;
      Puhlic Relationsi Methodist; Mason; Shriner; O.E.S.; President,
      Si)llpSOn ..    County Spil ~ Conservation District Com.; First ,...,rice.·
       ifn :siclcnt. S,E, Livcstoc.k A:<;5n.; DucctOfJ ~ )'·OJ.n.l . »~ln'IIU~ ' ·M.i.~ .
       Lund & 'rimhcr. CVfp .... .:M~'lIdCI1hall School Bonn'f; Chamber of
      rCOlnilTefc~rLj'on; . ~f(lrrjed.   . - -.. ~- '- - . -,._ "'.'            .- ,
     WHITE, MRS. GORDON (Berta Lee), Route I, Bailey. LAuderdale
      Connty. Born June 27, 1914 at Obadiah, Miss. Sl:!:retary .aruI
      Direct0!J. H;\~~('s_~T~l<:l)bone__ .(::_Q!l~.J?a~; Pres.byterian; 4-H. Club
      Lca:de'r; DTHldiah Home DemonstraTion; CElP.ter Hill ..c.J.I~nity
      De~~l~.l2.'!'."!l; Lnuderdale County CR,!ccr cr:-Meniiiri1Cahh BORro/         '
      ~rcnilliUl B. & P. W.; MIss. Women 5 Cabmet; State Director 0
      Ff!.!.'~~.£ruli.. Trustee of. ~erid~~}:_ P~!l~I~~.Jd!,1I:'.!l&~.~'£::·t.!!"!nrt
      Coml~lSSl(ln; America:n' " Library 'Trllsf~.e; Associated Coulltty
      Women-of 1lic'"World' (Delegate to 'Australia 1962); Married.
     WILBURN, EDWIN J. (Jerry), Mantachie, Itawamba. County, Born
      September 18, 1940 at Mantachie, Miss.; Farmer; Methodist;
     WILKERSON, WILLIAM AVERY (Bill). Benndale, George County.
      Born Mf\rch 9, 1938 at Benndale. Miss.; Teacher; Timber Fanner;
      Methodist; Masonic Lodgej Geor,ge _. QJ>uqtY..-..Jny.£~; Ge~rge
      County Sportsmanship and Boating Club; Fann"l3Ureau; Marned.

                                   I' . " ' ....... :   "i-.l .....:    ~ ...J   ;         t'<t • •'.~ .

                         2 . . . (; 1   S~.··.          ",.1;"'\"   1   t-'   ~.L;r\:__'    ST.
                     LOS .r\1 :.~'.:'~: · .~:I C/~\tJF . S.JC/;3


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