RENTING AN APARTMENT
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When renting an apartment you are normally asked for a one month security deposit
plus the first and last month’s rent. The security deposit will be returned to you when
you leave if there has been no major damage to the apartment. For your own
protection, you should examine the apartment carefully before you sign the lease
(contract) and get a written statement from the landlord about the condition of the
apartment at the time you move into it. The landlord or the leaser is the person who
rents the apartment. The lease or contract between you (tenant, lessee) and your
landlord should specify the following renting conditions:

     Know which services and utilities are not included in the rent ~ electricity, gas,
      air-conditioning, TV antenna, washing machine, etc.
     Ask if the landlord will pay for repairs
     Know the exact duration of the lease
     Learn the conditions under which you can end the lease if you need to leave the
     Ask if you can sublet to someone else and under what conditions you may do so
     Be sure the landlord knows the size of your family. (Some apartment houses do
      not allow children or pets.)

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