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					                             Apartment Lease for 313 Jefferson Trust LLC Apt #

 The Landlord and the Tenant agree to lease the apartment for the term and at the rent stated as follows: (The
 words Landlord and Tenant include all Landlords and all Tenants under this lease.)

 Landlord:                                                        Tenant 1:
 Address: c/o Seth Martin, 931 Hudson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030       SS#
 Work phone: 201-792-3311                                         Tenant 2:
 Emergency phone: 201-792-3311                                    SS#
 Email:                                    Email Address:
 Unit# 11                                                         Building:
 Date of lease:                                                   Rent for the term is:
 Term: 1 year                                                     The rent is payable in advance on the first day of each
 Beginning:                                                       month, as follows:
 Ending:                                                          –    $______________per month
 Security: $_         _deposited at Provident Bank, 77 River      –   Rent received after the fifth of the month is subject to a
 Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030 in a Smart Checking                5% late fee as additional rent.
 Account (To be adjusted if increase check received). Amount      –   Any returned checks will be charged a $50.00 bank
 to be adjusted in the event previous security increases were         fee.
 never received.                                                  –   Security Deposit will be deposited at Provident Bank
 Broker: The Landlord and the Tenant recognize _____, as              ___________________
 the broker who brought about this Lease. The tenant shall
 pay the broker’s commission.
                                                        Table of contents
 1.    Possession and Use                                         18. Notices
 2.    Rent                                                       19. No Waiver
 3.    Additional Rent                                            20. Survival
 4.    Security                                                   21. Renewal
 5.    No Assignments or Sublets                                  22. Furniture
 6.    Violation, Eviction, and Re-entry                          23. Appliances
 7.    Damages                                                    24. End of Term
 8.    Quiet Enjoyment                                            25. Binding
 9.    Utilities and Services                                     26. Full Agreement
 10.   Tenants Repairs and Maintenance                            27. Rules and Regulations
 11.   Landlord's Repairs and Maintenance                         28. Attorney Review
 12.   Access to Apartment                                        29. Consumer Information Statement Acknowledgment
 13.   No Alterations or Installation of Equipment                30. Megan's Law Statement
 14.   Fire and Other Casualty                                    31. Notice for Window Guards
 15.   Liability of Landlord and Tenant.                          32. Additional Agreements
 16.   Subordination to Mortgage                                  55. Disclosure
 17. Tenant’s Letter
1.     Possession and Use. The Landlord shall                      2.     * Rent. The Tenant shall pay the rent on time
give possession of the apartment to the Tenant                     to the Landlord at the Landlord's address above.
for the term. The Tenant shall take possession of                  The monthly rent will payable to the Landlord in one
and use the apartment only as a private                            (1) personal check, money order and/or certified
residence. Only a Tenant signing this lease and                    check from one bank account only, regardless of how
the children of that Tenant may live in the                        many tenants will be occupying the apartment. Also
apartment.     The Tenant shall not use the                        the rent must be mailed from the local Post Office in
apartment for any business, professional,                          Hoboken and must be post marked no later than the
unlawful, or hazardous purpose. The Tenant                         5th. If rent is not mailed from the local Post Office
must not allow the apartment to be vacant for                      Landlord will charge the Tenant a late fee of 5% of
extended periods.                                                  the monthly rent.
                                                                                                       Agreed to         *________
 * Lease requires 46 initials on sides
   Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
   Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9                        -1-
                                                                                              Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                              Tenant's Initials:
                                          By Tenant           Tenant’sdetermined in accordance with the following: (a)
  Initials                                                          Landlord will inspect the Unit for damage and any
If the monthly rent payment is late and/or is                       damage beyond reasonable wear and tear will be
returned to the Landlord for insufficient funds                     charged to Tenant.
and/or stop payment during this lease term the
Landlord has the right to request the future                        (b) Landlord will inspect the Unit for cleanliness and
monthly rent payments in the form of a certified                    if the Unit is not restored to the same condition as it
check and/or money order only.                                      was received by Tenant at the inception of this Lease,
                                                                    cleaning costs will be charged to Tenant. Fee of
3.      Additional Rent. If the Tenant fails to                     $200 will be deducted from security deposit. Tenant
comply with any agreement in this lease, the                        must thoroughly clean the kitchen appliances
Landlord may do so on behalf of the Tenant.                         (including stove, refrigerator and dishwasher), all
The Landlord may charge the cost to comply to                       bathroom fixtures, wash (and wood and vinyl tile)
the Tenant as “additional rent.” This includes                      floors and shampoo the carpet. Tenant must replace
reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by the                          non working light bulbs and smoke detector batteries.
Landlord as a result of the Tenant's violation of                                                                             *________
any lease agreement. The additional rent gives                                                                                 Initials
the Landlord the same rights against the Tenant
as if the Tenant failed to pay the rent.                            (c) If necessary, Landlord shall have the right to
                                                         ______     charge Tenant a turnover fee for repainting the Unit
                                                         Tenant’s   (a $600 per apartment fee if Tenant paints any part of
4.    Security. The Tenant has given to the                                                                                   *________
Landlord the security stated previously. It shall                                                                              Initials
be deposited or invested by the Landlord and
bear interest or yield other earnings as required                   (d) Landlord shall have the right to charge Tenant for
by law. The balance of the interest or earnings,                    unreturned apartment key, front door key, and
after deduction for the Landlord's administration                   mailbox key. A Fee of $100 will be charged to the
expenses allowed by law, shall belong to the                        Tenant for non-return of mailbox key, a fee of
Tenant. The Tenant's portion of the interest or                     $25for non-return of apartment key, and a fee of
earnings shall be permitted to compound, or shall                   $25 for non-return of front entry key. Tenant must
be paid to or credited for the benefit of the Tenant                have signature from Landlord that the Landlord
as provided by law. Pursuant to New Jersey                          received the keys upon exit.
State law, the security deposit can not be used as                                                                            *________
payment of rent.                                                                                                               Tenant’s

4A.     Tenant will forfeit security deposit if                     (e) Tenant must remove all personal belongings
lease is broken prior to lease terms. The                           including furniture or other fixtures that were
Tenant shall pay the unpaid rent until the end                      furnished during tenancy. A fee of $100 will be
of the term or until the Landlord re-rents the                      deducted from security deposit.
apartment. If the apartment is re-rented for less                                                                             *________
than the Tenant's rent, the Tenant must pay the                                                                                Tenant’s
difference until the end of the term. If the                                                                                   Initials
Landlord re-rents the Apartment for more than
the Tenant's rent, the Tenant is not entitled to the
excess. The Tenant shall also pay: (a) all                          4C. Landlord agrees to refund the amount computed
reasonable expenses.                                                after necessary deductions within thirty (30) days
                                                         ______     after the inspection of the Unit. The refund shall be
                                                         Initials   made by U.S. mail or by personal delivery. Tenant is
                                                                    to advise Landlord in writing of the address to which
4B. At the conclusion of this Lease for whatever                    the balance of the Security Deposit should be sent. If
reason, Landlord will determine whether Tenant                      the Unit is rented by more than one person, Tenants
is eligible for a refund of any or all of the Security              agree that they will work out the details of dividing
Deposit or if charges will be made against                          any refund among themselves. Landlord may pay the
Tenant’s Deposit. Landlord will give Tenant a                       refund to any one Tenant identified in this lease and
written list of charges that were deducted from                     be released from further obligation.
the Security Deposit within 30 days of end of                                                                                 *________
lease date. The amount of the refund will be                                                                                  Tenant’s
  * Lease requires 46 initials on sides
    Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
    Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9                        -2-
                                                                                            Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                            Tenant's Initials:
                                                              Initials   fees, and expenses associated with the removal of
                                                                         Tenant and collection of any and all sums owed to
4D. Tenant understands and agrees the                                    Landlord, including but not limited to attorney and
Security Deposit is not to be considered by                              court costs and fees.       Landlord is entitled, as
Tenant as payment of the last month’s Rent.                              Additional Rent, to any filing fees and a $200.00
                                                         ______          preparation fee for the cost of preparing a summons
                                                         Initials        and complaint.
5.     No Assignment or Subletting.            The                                                                               Tenant’s
Tenant may not do any of the following without
the Landlord's written consent: (a) assign this                          7.    Damages.     The Tenant is liable for all
lease, (b) sublet all or any part of the apartment                       damages caused by the Tenant's violation of any
or (c) permit any other person to use the                                agreement in this lease. This includes reasonable
apartment except as a temporary guest. Tenant                            attorney's fees and costs at $225 per hour.
agrees to a possession of judgment of apartment                                                                                  *________
if such violation occurs.                                                                                                         Tenant’s
                                                         _________                                                                Initials
                                                                         8.     Quiet Enjoyment. The Landlord has the right
6.     Violation, Eviction, and Re-entry. The                            to enter into this lease. If the Tenant complies with
Landlord reserves a right of re-entry which allows                       this lease, the Landlord must provide the Tenant with
the Landlord to end this lease and re-enter the                          undisturbed possession of the apartment
apartment If the Tenant violates any agreement
in this lease. This is done by eviction. Eviction is                     9.     Utilities and Services. The Tenant shall pay
a court procedure to remove a tenant. The                                for the following utilities and services:
Landlord may also evict the Tenant for any one of                         Electric                    Yes          No
the other grounds of good cause allowed by law.                           Gas                         Yes          No
Eviction is started by filing of a complaint in court,                    Heat                        Yes          No
the service on a Tenant of the complaint and a                            Hot water                   x Yes         No
summons to appear in court. After obtaining a
judgment for possession and compliance with the                          The landlord shall supply and pay for the following:
warrant of removal, the Landlord may re-enter                            Electric                 Yes           No
and take back possession of the apartment. If
                                                                         Gas                      Yes           No
the cause for eviction is non-payment of Rent,
notice does not have to be given to the Tenant                           Heat                     Yes           No
before the Landlord files a complaint. If there is                       Hot water                Yes            No
any other cause to evict, the Landlord must give
to the Tenant the notice required by law before                          9A. The Landlord is not liable for any inconvenience
the Landlord files a complaint for eviction.                             or harm caused by any stoppage or reduction of
                                                                         services beyond the Landlord's control. This does not
6A. After eviction, the Tenant shall pay the                             excuse the Tenant from paying rent or the Landlord
unpaid rent until the end of the term or until                           from promptly taking corrective action. No deductions
the Landlord re-rents the apartment. If the                              from rent are permitted.
apartment is re-rented for less than the Tenant's                                                                                *________
rent, the Tenant must pay the difference until the                                                                                Tenant’s
end of the term. If the Landlord re-rents the
Apartment for more than the Tenant's rent, the                           10. Tenant's Repairs and Maintenance. The
Tenant is not entitled to the excess. The Tenant                         Tenant shall:
shall also pay: (a) all reasonable expenses                              (a) Pay for all repairs, replacements and damages
incurred by the Landlord in preparing the                                caused by the act or neglect of the Tenant and the
Apartment for re-renting, and (b) commissions                            Tenant's family and domestic employees.
paid to the broker for finding a new tenant.                             (b) Promptly notify the Landlord of conditions
                                                                         which need repair.
6B. Landlord is entitled to remove Tenant from                           (c)   Take good care of the apartment and all
the Unit for good cause under New Jersey State                           equipment and fixtures in it. This includes any
Law. If Landlord institutes legal proceedings to                         appliances such as microwaves, if provided. Repair
remove Tenant from the Unit for good cause,                              and replacement of a microwave is at the tenant’s
Tenant shall pay to Landlord any and all costs,                          expense.
  * Lease requires 46 initials on sides
    Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
    Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9                             -3-
                                                                                                 Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                                 Tenant's Initials:
(d) Maintain all outlets and switches to original                    11. Landlord's Repairs and Maintenance. The
condition upon termination of lease.                                 Landlord shall:
(e) Smoke detectors were provided with                               (a) Maintain the common areas of the Building in a
functional batteries and it is the tenant’s                          clean condition.
responsibility to replace them.                                      (b) Make any necessary repairs and replacements
(f)    The mailbox, its key and lock, are the                        to the vital facilities serving the apartment within a
tenant’s responsibility and their replacement is at                  reasonable time after notice by the Tenant.
the tenant’s cost. A replacement cost of the                         (c)   Maintain the elevators in the building or on its
mailbox key and lock by the management will be                       grounds.
charged to the Tenant at $100 fee.                                   12. Access to Apartment. The Landlord shall have
                                Agreed to                _________   access to the apartment on reasonable notice to the
                                By Tenant                Tenant’s    Tenant to: inspect the apartment, (b) make necessary
                                                         Initials    repairs, alterations, or improvements, (c) supply
(g) The replacement of light bulbs in the                            services, and (d) show it to possible buyers,
apartment is the Tenant’s responsibility. A fee of                   mortgage lenders, contractors and insurers.
$25 per bulb will be charged to Tenant after                                                                                   *________
Tenant leaves if any bulbs are not working at end                                                                               Initials
of lease.
                                                         _________   12A.     The Landlord may show the apartment to
                                                          Tenant’s   rental applicants at reasonable hours on notice to the
                                                                     Tenant within three months before the end of the
(h) Obey any written instruction of the Landlord                     term.
for the care and use of appliances, equipment                                                                                  *________
and other personal property in the apartment.                                                                                   Initials
(i)     Keep the apartment and any other part of
the building used by the Tenant as clean and                         12B.    The Landlord may enter the apartment at
safe as possible.                                                    any time without notice to the Tenant in case of
(j)     Promptly remove from the apartment all                       emergency.
garbage and debris and place in covered pails.                                                                                 *________
Tenant must keep their Unit in a clean and                                                                                      Tenant’s
sanitary condition free from accumulated boxes,
cartons, old furniture and garbage. Tenant shall                     12C. Failure of Tenant to permit entry for repairs or
comply with all health and sanitary codes.                           inspection shall be a violation of this Lease and will
(k)     Use all electric, plumbing and other                         be deemed as a breach of lease. All cost associated
facilities safely.                                                   with a court, or government agency to gain entry will
(l)     Do nothing to cause a cancellation or an                     be Tenant’s responsibility to pay Landlord.
increase in the cost of Landlord's fire and liability                                                                          *________
insurance.                                                                                                                      Tenant’s
(m) Use no more electricity than the wiring to
                                                                     During the two (2) months immediately preceding
the apartment or feeders to the building can
                                                                     expiration of the Term of this Lease or upon Tenant’s
safely carry.
                                                                     written notice that they are vacating the premises
(n) Do nothing to destroy, deface, damage, or
                                                                     prior to the expiration of the Lease, Landlord and
remove any part of the apartment building, or
                                                                     Landlord’s employees and agents may enter the Unit
                                                                     on reasonable notice to Tenant and at reasonable
(o) Keep nothing in the apartment which is
                                                                     hours, to show the Unit to rental applicants. If Tenant
flammable, dangerous, or might increase the
                                                                     denies access to the Unit they may be liable for Rent
danger of fire or other casualty.
                                                                     until Unit is re-rented, even if Tenant is vacating at
(p) Do nothing to destroy the peace and quiet
                                                                     the end of their lease term.
of the Landlord, other tenants, or persons in the
(q) Avoid littering in the building or on its
(r)     The tenant shall be responsible for all
telephone and cable wiring installation and
repairs that service the apartment to the
junction/interface box located inside the building.

  * Lease requires 46 initials on sides
    Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
    Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9                         -4-
                                                                                             Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                             Tenant's Initials:
                                                                     14E. If the fire or other casualty is caused by the act
                                                                     of neglect of the Tenant the Tenants family, or
                                                                     domestic employees and/or burglarization and/or
13.         No Alterations or Installation of                        vandalism the Tenant shall pay for all repairs and all
Equipment. The Tenant may not make any                               other damages.
changes or additions to the apartment without the
Landlord's written consent. This rule includes,                      15.    Liability of Landlord and Tenant. The
but is not limited to:                                               Landlord is not liable for loss, injury, or damage to
(d) Installation of paneling, flooring, built-in                     any person or property unless it is due to the
decorations, partitions, moldings, or any other                      Landlord's act or neglect
fixture drilled into or attached to the floors, walls,
or ceilings.                                                         The Tenant is liable for any loss, injury, or damage to
(e) Installation of any locks or chain-guards.                       any person or property caused by the act or neglect,
(f)    Painting,       wallpapering,     or     other                burglarization and/or vandalism by the Tenant, the
decorations.                                                         Tenant's family, domestic employees, or thieves
(g) Installation of any equipment or wiring.                         and/or vandals.
(h) Change in the plumbing, cooking, air-
conditioning, electrical or heating systems.                         16. Subordination to Mortgage. This lease and all
                                                         _________   renewals of this lease shall be subordinate to all
                                                         Initials    present and future mortgage on the building which
14. Fire and Casualty. The Tenant shall notify                       includes the apartment. In a sale of the building
the Landlord at once of any fire or other casualty                   arising out of a court proceeding known as
in the apartment. The Tenant is not required to                      foreclosure, the holder of a mortgage on the building
pay rent when the apartment is unusable. If the                      may end this lease. The Tenant shall sign all papers
Tenant uses part of the apartment for living                         needed to subordinate this lease to any mortgage on
purposes, the Tenant must pay rent pro-rata for                      the building. If the Tenant refuses, the Landlord may
the usable part.                                                     sign the papers on behalf of the Tenant.

14A. If the apartment is partially damaged by fire                   17. Tenant's Letter. At the request of the Landlord,
or any other casualty, the Landlord shall repair it                  the Tenant shall sign a letter stating that (a) this lease
within a reasonable time. This includes the                          has not been amended and is in effect, (b) the
damage to the apartment and fixtures installed by                    Landlord has fully performed all of the Landlord's
the Landlord. The Landlord need not repair or                        agreements in this lease, (c) the Tenant has no rights
replace anything installed by the Tenant.                            to the apartment and building, except as stated in this
                                                                     lease, (d) the Tenant has paid all rent to date, and (e)
14B. Either party may cancel this lease if the                       the Tenant has not paid rent for more than one month
apartment is so damaged by fire or other casualty                    in advance. The letter shall also list all the property
that it cannot be repaired within 90 days. If the                    attached to the apartment which is owned by the
parties cannot agree, the opinion of a contractor                    Tenant.
chosen by the Landlord and the Tenant will be
binding on both parties.                                             18. Notices. All notices given under this lease must
                                                                     be in writing. Each party must accept and claim the
14C. This lease shall end if the apartment is                        notices given by the other. Unless otherwise required
totally destroyed. The Tenant shall pay rent to                      by law, they may be given by: (a) personal delivery or
the date of destruction.                                             (b) certified mail, return receipt requested. Notice
                                                                     shall be addressed to the Landlord at the address
14D. The Tenant will be responsible for                              written at the beginning of this lease and to the
obtaining renter’s insurance to cover the                            Tenant at the apartment.
replacement of his/her personal items and/or
contents. Payment will be made before                                19.     No Waiver. The Landlord's failure to enforce
occupancy of apartment and will be paid in                           any agreement in this lease shall not prevent the
advance each year of occupancy to Landlord                           Landlord from enforcing the agreement for any
or proof of payment for renter’s insurance                           violation occurring at a later time.
must be sent to Landlord if payment is mailed
directly to insurance company.                                       20.     Survival. If any agreement in this lease is
                                                          Tenant’s   contrary to law, the rest of the lease shall remain in
                                                          Initials   effect.

  * Lease requires 46 initials on sides
    Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
    Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9                         -5-
                                                                                              Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                              Tenant's Initials:
21. Renewal Lease. The Landlord must offer                           oven, refrigerator, stove/oven, and dishwasher and
the Tenant a renewal lease to take effect at the                     the repair and maintenance are at cost of Tenant.
end of the term unless: (a) the apartment is in an                   Tenant will call the approved appliance repair
owner- occupied house with not more than two                         company for service: Frigidaire Service at 1-800-444-
rental units; (b) the apartment is in a hotel, motel,                4494 or 1-888-203-1389 and Tenant will pay for
or other guest house or part rented to a transient                   repair.
guest or seasonal tenant, or (c) the Landlord has                                                                              *________
good cause defined by law. The renewal lease                                                                                    Tenant’s
may contain reasonable changes, including any
change in the term. Exception: if unit is sold to                    The apartment under this lease will include the
buyer, since condo unit may be offered for sale,                     following appliances to be provided by the Landlord:
Tenant must vacate apartment in 60 days.

21A. If the Landlord must offer a renewal lease,                     Refrigerator       Yes              No
the Landlord shall notify the Tenant of the                          Stove/Oven        Yes               No
renewal lease a minimum of 30 days before the                        Dishwasher        Yes               No
end of the Term. The Tenant must notify the                          Microwave Oven    Yes               No
Landlord of the Tenants acceptance or rejection
of the renewal lease at least 60 days before the                     23A. At the end of this lease term the Tenant will be
end of the term by email or certified letter. If the                 required to return all appliances in a clean condition
Tenant fails to notify the Landlord of the                           and in working order. Any damages to the appliances
Tenant's acceptance of the lease, by certified                       including, clogged pilots, burns, stains, cracks and/or
mail or email, this will be considered a                             chips, loose handles, broken shelves, and bulb
rejection of the Tenancy by Landlord.                                replacement will be billed to the client and will be
Landlord will only accept these two forms of                         deducted from the Tenant’s security deposit.
proof of service. If the Tenant does not accept                                                                                *________
the renewal lease, the Tenant must vacate the                                                                                   Tenant’s
apartment at the end of the term and agrees in
                                                                     The Tenant will provide the following appliances:
advance to a possession of judgment of
apartment at end of lease. All Legal costs at $225
                                                                     Refrigerator       Yes              No
per hour, plus court filing fees, plus any rent past
                                                                     Stove/Oven         Yes              No
due or damages to apartment shall be applied to
                                                                     Dishwasher         Yes              No
security deposit or any outstanding balance, or
                                                                     Microwave Oven     Yes              No
judgment in the name of plaintiff will be entered.
Landlord will rent the apartment and all damages
caused by Tenant including but not limited to
                                                                     23B. Any appliances provided by the Tenant will be
moving charges, hotel charges, storage charges
                                                                     maintained and repaired at the Tenant’s cost. The
by the new Tenant moving into the apartment will
                                                                     Landlord will not beheld liable for any repairs and/or
be the sole responsibility to be paid by Tenant’s
                                                                     maintenance of appliances provided by the Tenant.
failure to leave the apartment on the specified
termination date of this lease.                                                                                                *________
                                                         _________                                                              Tenant’s
                                                         Tenant’s                                                               Initials
                                                                     24. End of Term. At the end of the term the Tenant
22.     Furniture. If the apartment is leased in                     shall: (a) leave the apartment clean, (b) remove all of
furnished condition, the Tenant shall maintain the                   the Tenant's property, (c) repair all damage including
furniture and furnishings in good order and repair.                  that caused by moving, and (d) vacate the apartment
A list of the furniture and furnishings is attached                  and return it with all keys to the Landlord in the same
to this lease as “Rider A”. The Tenant’s signature                   condition as it was at the beginning of the term except
on Rider A means that the list is accepted as                        for normal wear and tear. (e) Read and use the
correct and all items are in good condition.                         Tenant Responsibility form prior to management
23. Appliances. The Tenant will maintain and
keep clean all of the appliances in the apartment                    24A. If the Tenant leaves any property in the
provided by the Landlord. The Tenant must                            apartment, the Landlord may: (a) dispose of it and
notify the Landlord for any repairs necessary to                     charge the Tenant for the cost of disposal, or (b) keep
appliances provided by the Landlord. Appliances                      it as abandoned property.
included in this lease are limited to microwave                                                                                *________
  * Lease requires 46 initials on sides
    Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
    Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9                         -6-
                                                                                             Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                             Tenant's Initials:
                                                              Tenant’s Instructionsmust be followed. The Landlord may
24B. Security deposit will be returned thirty (30)                    stop their use at any time.
days after the tenant vacates the apartment.                          (g) No dogs or other animals are allowed in the
                                                         _________    apartment at any time, without written consent
                                                         Tenant’s     from the Landlord. The Landlord has the right to
                                                                      deny the Tenant the right to harbor any pets at
24C. Failure of the Tenant to notify the Landlord                     any time. The Tenant will need to specify the type
in writing sixty (60) days prior to vacating the                      of pet(s), how many pets, the size of pet(s) and
apartment will result in the Tenant forfeiting the                    must keep the pet(s) leashed and or curbed at all
security deposit.                                                     times. The Tenant will also need to keep the
                                                         _________    rental apartment, common areas of the building
                                                                      and exterior of the building clean at all times
                                                                      when walking and/or harboring their pet(s). If the
24D. All keys are the tenant’s responsibility                         Landlord consents to the pet (s), there will be a
and must be returned to the management                                $250.00 non-refundable pet fee per pet that must
offices upon move-out. Any lost keys will                             be paid in a form of a certified check and/or
result in a charge against the security                               money order to the Landlord, prior to the pet
deposit. Returned keys must be signed for by                          being brought permanently to the premises. If the
the Landlord. Keys must not be given to the                           Tenant permanently and/or temporarily harbors a
superintendent or mailed to the management                            pet(s) in their apartment without prior written
office. All fees related to keys will be                              consent from the Landlord, the Landlord has the
deducted from security deposit.                                       right to file an order to cease with the
                                                         __________   local/county court office(s) and will file for
                                                          Initials    eviction of Tenant, with proper notification being
25.     Binding. This lease is binding on the                         delivered to the Tenant. If Landlord and Tenant
Landlord and the Tenant and all parties who                           agree upon pet in writing, Tenant must properly
lawfully succeed to their rights or take their                        care for and clean up after pet. If pet is generally
places.                                                               disruptive to the peace and quiet enjoyment of
                                                                      other tenants, Landlord shall give Tenant ten (10)
26. Full Agreement. The parties have read this                        days notice to permanently remove the pet from
lease. It contains their full agreement. It may not                   the Unit. Tenant shall be liable for any and all
be changed except in writing signed by the                            damage and injury caused by the pet whether to
Landlord and the Tenant.                                              Landlord or the Landlord’s employees, agents,
                                                                      contractors or to any other person visiting or
27. Rules and Regulations. The Tenant shall                           residing at the Building whether in common areas
comply with the following rules for the safety and                    or any Unit. Tenant shall indemnify and hold
care of the building and for the comfort of the                       Landlord harmless from and against any loss,
other tenants:                                                        cost, claims, judgment, damage or expense
(a) The comfort and rights of other tenants must                      sustained by any person as a result of the actions
not be interfered with. Annoying sounds, odors,                       of or caused by Tenant’s pet. Tenant shall
and lights are not allowed.                                           comply with any other ordinance, which requires,
(b) Nothing may be placed on or attached to the                       among other things, an owner of a dog to
roof, fire escapes, outside walls of the apartment                    immediately remove and dispose of any feces
or the common areas of the building. Nothing                          deposited by its dog in public places by sanitary
may be attached to the sills or windows except                        methods and licensing of any pet. Tenant will
drapery rods, shades and blinds. The Tenant                           deposit feces or other waste in proper
shall not place signs anywhere.                                       receptacles and will not litter Building’s premises.
(c) The Tenant must give to the Landlord keys                         All dogs must be brought to the curb to urinate or
to all locks. Locks may not be changed or new                         defecate.
locks put in without the written consent of the                                                                              *________
Landlord. Doors must be closed and locked at all                                                                              Initials
times. All keys must be returned to the Landlord                      (h) The Tenant shall obey the parking rules of the
at the end of the term.                                               building.
(d) No waterbeds are allowed.                                         (i) The Tenant shall not throw sweepings, rubbish,
(e) The Tenant shall remove garbage daily.                            rags, or other objects into the plumbing fixtures.
(f)      Laundry machines, if provided by the                         Nothing may be thrown out of windows. No one shall
Landlord, are used at the Tenant's risk and cost.                     air-dry or shake rugs, blankets, or clothing out of
  * Lease requires 46 initials on sides
    Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
    Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9                          -7-
                                                                                             Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                             Tenant's Initials:
(i)     Deliveries must be made through the              the broker's office. The attorney may also, but need
designated service entrance.                             not, inform the broker(s) of any suggested revision(s)
(k)    Cooking must be done in kitchens only.            in the lease that would make it satisfactory.
Cooking is not permitted on porches or balconies.
(l) The Tenant shall not obstruct the sidewalks,         29.     Consumer           Information          Statement
driveways, entrances, halls, stairs, or other public     Acknowledgement. By signing below, the Landlord
areas of the building.                                   and the Tenant acknowledge they received the
(m) The Tenant shall conserve energy and                 Consumer Information Statement on New Jersey
water.                                                   Real Estate Relationships from the brokerage firms
(n) The Tenant shall promptly comply with all            involved in this transaction prior to the first showing of
laws, orders, regulations, rules and requirements        the property.
of governmental authorities, insurance carriers,
boards of fire underwriters or similar groups            Declaration of Licensee Business Relationships
which are properly directed to the Tenant.               I, _________________________ as an authorized
(o) The Tenant will be responsible for obtaining         representative of                           , Realtors,
renter’s insurance.     If the Tenant does not           am working in this transaction as Landlord’s agent.
provide the Landlord with proof of renter’s
insurance within 30 days of the beginning of the         30.      Megan's Law Statement. Under New Jersey
lease term, the Landlord may obtain the renter’s         law, the county prosecutor determines whether and
insurance on behalf of the Tenant if the tenant          how to provide notice of the presence of convicted
wishes and the Tenant will be responsible for the        sex offenders in the area. In their professional
cost of insurance that can be obtained by the            capacity, real estate licensees are not entitled to
Landlord.                                                notification by the county prosecutor under Megan's
                                                         Law and are unable to obtain such information for
28.      Attorney Review.                                you. Upon signing, the county prosecutor may be
1.     Study by Attorney. The Tenant or the              contacted for such further information as may be
Landlord may choose to have an attorney study            disclosable for you.
this lease. If an attorney is consulted, the
attorney must complete his or her review of the          31.      Notice For Window Guards. Pursuant to
lease within a three-day period. This lease will         NJSA 55:13A-7.14, you are advised that in the event
be legally binding at the end of this three-day          you reside in a multiple dwelling unit in an apartment
period unless an attorney for the Tenant or the          on a floor above the ground level, and in the event
Landlord reviews and disapproves of the lease.           you have children residing with you who are age 10
2. Counting the Time. You count the three days           years or younger, you may request, in writing from
from the date of delivery of the signed lease to         your Landlord or his agent to have your Landlord or
the Tenant and the Landlord. You do not count            his agent install child protective window guards on the
Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holidays. The               windows in your apartment. The law does not apply
Tenant and the Landlord may agree in writing to          to any window in (1) an apartment occupied by an
extend the three-day period for attorney review.         owner of the dwelling unit, (2) a dwelling unit which is
3. Notice of Disapproval. If an attorney for the         a part of a condominium or which is held by a
Tenant or the Landlord reviews and disapproves           proprietary lessee under a cooperative form of
of this lease, the attorney must notify the              ownership, or (3) a dwelling unit occupied by a
broker(s) and the other party named in this lease        shareholder in a mutual housing corporation. Not
within the three-day period. Otherwise this lease        withstanding any municipal ordinance to the contrary,
will be legally binding as written. The attorney         expenditures made pursuant to this act shall be
must send the notice of disapproval to the               deemed to be capital improvement costs, which may
broker(s) by certified mail, by telegram, or by          be passed on to the tenants of the multiple dwelling.
delivering it personally. The telegram or certified
letter will be effective upon sending.          The      32.     Additional Agreements.
personal delivery will be effective upon delivery to     See attached RIDER A &

  * Lease requires 46 initials on sides
    Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
    Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9             -8-
                                                                                  Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                  Tenant's Initials:
Signatures         The Landlord and the Tenant agree to the Terms of this Lease by signing below if a
                   party is a corporation, this Lease is signed by its proper corporate officers and its
                   corporate seal is affixed.

Name of Tenant                                 Date

Name of Tenant                                 Date    313 Jefferson Trust LLC                 Date

* Lease requires 46 initials on sides
  Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
  Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9                -9-
                                                                                 Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                 Tenant's Initials:
                                                        Rider A
                                                 Additional Agreements

33. Tenant is responsible to purchase renters insurance for all possessions in the apartment, tenant
hold landlord harmless for any damage or liability, from any incidents, plus cover appliance repair
costs. Amount is $300 in advance. Payment is due before occupancy, each additional year 1 month
prior to lease expiration the insurance is due and payable to Landlord or it shall be considered a
breach of lease and all court costs will be paid by Tenant to recover all costs to remedy. A policy will
be attached to lease for the benefit of Tenant.
34. Tenant agrees to be responsible for any pest control services arising from the apartment. . Tenant(s)
agree in advance to be responsible to provide and pay for any extermination services in connection with bed
bug infestations in the tenant’s apartment in addition to their extermination responsibilities, regardless of
whether or not the infestation of bed bugs came from their apartment or from another place in the building.
35. Tenant agrees to any tax and water surcharges, along with any annual CPI increase sent to Tenant as a
result of renewal of lease. (Dec 1 notice-effective 2002)

36. Tenant agrees that when first month’s rent is tendered and lease is signed, there is a three-day time of
closure for contract to be terminated, after said time the Tenant agrees that if they choose to cancel contract
thereafter, they in advance forfeit the one and one half month’s rent as liquidated damages, for taking the
apartment off the market and to incur accounting and legal expenses in order to prepare the lease. This is
part of the contract, and Tenant agrees to pay landlord’s legal expenses and court costs if this contract in
whole is breached.

Tenant agrees that counting of the time means 3 days after the landlord signs the contract including
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

37. Lead-based Paint Document Acknowledgment (Applies to dwellings built before 1978). The Tenant
acknowledges receipt of the EPA pamphlet, "Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home". Moreover, a
copy of the document entitled, "Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint
Hazards" has been fully completed, signed by Tenant, Landlord and Broker(s) and is appended to and made
a part of this Agreement.

38. Window Guard Notification. In the event Tenant resides in a multiple dwelling and Tenant's apartment
unit is above the first floor (as defined below), which unit is occupied by a child or children 10 years of age or
under, Tenant may require owner, lessor or the, agent or other person who manages the multiple dwelling to
furnish, install and maintain child protection window guards on windows in such unit and on any windows in
the public hallways to which such child or children have access without having to go out of the building by
making a written request for such window guards to the owner, lessor or the agent or other person who
manages or controls the multiple dwelling. This law does not apply to any window in 1) an apartment unit
occupied by an owner of the dwelling unit, or 2) an apartment unit which is part of a condominium,
cooperative or mutual housing corporation. A window in a room or hallway shall not be considered to be on
the first floor if the finished surface of the floor of that room or hallway is more than six feet above grade as
measured at the location of the window. In the event Tenant resides in an apartment unit on the first floor and
* Lease requires 46 initials on sides
  Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
  Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9
                                                                                      Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                      Tenant's Initials:
                                                           - 10 -                      Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                       Tenant's Initials:
such unit will also be occupied by a child or children 10 years of age or under, Tenant may have child
protection window guards installed in the public hallways above the first floor to which such child or children
have access without having to go out of the building by making a written request for such window guards to
the owner, lessor or the agent or other person who manages or controls the dwelling. Notwithstanding any
municipal ordinance to the contrary, expenditures made pursuant to N.J.S.A. 55:13A-7.13 shall be deemed to
be capital improvement costs, which may be passed on to the Tenants of the multiple dwelling.

Tenant's Repairs and Maintenance. The Tenant shall:
(a) Pay for all repairs, replacements and damages caused by the act or neglect of the Tenant, the Tenant's
family, domestic employees, guests or visitors, which includes but is not limited to sewer and plumbing
drainage problems caused by the Tenant.
(b) Keep and maintain the Property in a neat, clean, safe and sanitary condition.
(c) Cut the grass and maintain the shrubbery.
(d) Drive and park vehicles only in designated areas, if any.
(e) Take good care of the Property and all equipment, fixtures, carpeting and appliances located in it.
(f) Keep the furnace clean, and regularly change the furnace filters, if applicable.
(g) Keep nothing in the Property which is flammable, dangerous or which might increase the danger of fire or
other casualty.
(h) Promptly notify the Landlord of any condition, which requires repairs to be done.
(i) Use the electric, plumbing and other systems and facilities in a safe manner.
(j) Promptly remove all garbage and recyclables from the Property and place it at the curb (or other
designated area) in the proper containers in accordance with the prescribed pick-up schedule.
(k) Not engage in any activity, which may cause a cancellation or an increase in the cost of the Landlord's
insurance coverage’s.
(l) Use no more electricity than the receptacles, wiring or feeders to the Property can safely carry.
(m) Obey all instructions, written or otherwise, of the Landlord for the care and use of appliances, equipment
and other personal property.
(n) Do nothing to destroy, deface or damage any part of the Property.
(o) Promptly comply with all orders and rules of the Board of Health or any other governmental authority
which are directed to the Tenant.
(p) Do nothing, which interferes with the use and enjoyment of neighboring properties.
(q) Do nothing to cause any damage to any trees or landscaping on the Property.
(r) Keep the walks and driveway free from dirt, debris, snow, ice and any hazardous objects.
(s) Comply with such rules and regulations that may be published from time to time by the Landlord.

39. Notice on off-site conditions. Pursuant to the New Residential Construction off-site Conditions
Disclosure Act, P.L. 1995, c. 253 the clerks of municipalities in New Jersey maintain lists of site-conditions
which may affect the value of residential properties in the vicinity of the off-site condition. Purchases may
examine the lists and are encouraged to independently investigate the area surrounding this property in order
to become familiar with any off-site conditions which may affect the value of the property. In cases where a
property is located near the border of a municipality, purchasers may wish to also examine the list maintained
by the neighboring municipality.

40. Notice of Construction. The Tenant is advised and understands that should the Landlord choose to do
construction and/or any additions to the building, the Tenant will hold the Landlord harmless of any damages,
injury, inconvenience and/or loss to any person or property unless it is due to the Landlord’s act or neglect.
The Landlord will give advance written notification of the commencement of construction to the Tenant.

Rules and Maintenance for Tenants occupying 313 first street bank building
41. Roof is off limits for all Tenants. Tenants will be fined $250, if illegal use of roof is caused, no
barbeques, no parties, no drinking, no smoking. Camera will be on door to monitor the illegal use.
(1) Agree to pay in advance from security deposit, and will pay legal fees plus filing fees to recover the $250.
All attorney fees of $225 per hour will be charged to Tenant.

* Lease requires 46 initials on sides
  Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
  Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9               - 11 -                                     - 11-

                                                                               Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                               Tenant's Initials:
42. Garbage must be disposed of in rear. If left on hallway floor a fine will be imposed of $50 per occurrence.

43. Countertops. All countertops are stone and breakfast table in kitchen is stone. If Tenant puts too much
weight on countertops and break the stone, or misuses the countertop, Tenant will be charged to fix or replace
said stone countertop. Price to refinish is $500.

44. Ceiling Lights. All ceiling lights have glass covers, if Tenant needs to replace bulb in all ceiling fixtures, it
is Tenant’s responsibility to replace all bulbs that burn out. The glass covers are to be replaced as originally
installed, if broken by Tenant, they will be responsible for cost. A price list will be in lease for all fixtures. Price
for ceiling fixtures is $150.

45. Keys to Front Door of apartment, keys to mailbox, key to front entry door. 3 keys wills be provided
to Tenant, if Tenant loses apartment door key or mailbox key, cost is $100 (for replacement). Tenant shall
have the right to make a copy of either apartment or mailbox key, but must return original plus copy to
Landlord at end of lease. Front entry key cost to have additional is $25. Tenant must return original plus
additional to Landlord at end of lease. If Tenant fails to return, a cost of $50 for each key will be deducted
from security deposit.
                                                                    Cost for Non-return of Mailbox Key $100
                                                                             Replacement Mailbox Key $100 *________

                                                                       Cost for Non-return of Front Entry Key $25
                                                                                   Additional Front Entry Key $25 *________

                                                          Cost for Non-return of Apartment Keys(per key) $50 *________
                                                                                Additional Apartment Key $50 Tenant’s

46. All knobs on kitchen cabinets and bath vanities are not to be abused, if broken cost of $45 per knob will
be charged if broken.
                                                                                     Change of Knob $45 *________

47. Towel racks responsibility to maintain on wall, if towel rack is abused and the rack is pulled from wall
there will be a charge of $50 to repair and reinstall.
                                                                        Repair and Install Towel Rack $50                  *________

48. Safety
      a. All appliances must be turned off before leaving the unit.
      b. Smoking in bed is prohibited.
      c. The use or storage of gasoline, cleaning solvent or other combustibles in the unit is prohibited.
      d. No personal belongings, including bicycles, play equipment or other items may be placed in the
           halls, stairways, or about the building.
      e. Furniture must be kept inside the unit. Unsightly items must be kept out of vision.

* Lease requires 46 initials on sides
  Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
  Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9                   - 12 -                                        - 12-

                                                                                     Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                                     Tenant's Initials:
49. Trash
       a. No littering of papers, cigarette butts, or trash is allowed.
       b. Clothing, curtains, rugs, etc. shall be shaken or hung outside of any window, ledge, or balcony.

50. Tenant shall not paint apartment walls, ceilings, or doors with any paint. This will violate the lease
agreement and Tenant agrees to pay a complete apartment paint fee of $600 if such conduct is abused.
Amount will be deducted from security deposit immediately upon breach.
                                                                                     Apartment Paint Fee $600      *___________

51. Floor plan is attached to lease. Tenant agrees that they have inspected the apartment and before
signing the lease, has accepted the apartment in the brand new condition, and all appliances and paint on
walls and new floors, including all doors and lights are in perfect working order. Any comments to defects of
the apartment are waived by Tenant and Tenant accepts full responsibility to maintain apartment in perfect
condition, except normal wear and tear of the apartment.

52. Tenant agrees that they have received
                                                                                        1 Front Door Key           *___________

                                                                                        1 Mailbox Key              *___________

                                                                                        1 Key to Apartment         *___________

53. Tenant has been advised of a 24 hour closed circuit camera located in building on first floor, basement
area, laundry area, outdoor rear garbage area, elevator interior, and roof access area. 8 locations for the
benefit and security of building, Tenant’s and Landlord. Tenant agrees to hold Landlord harmless for any acts
or occurrences that involve the cameras. At discretion of Landlord all recorded photos are property of Landlord
and shall not be given to any Tenant unless ordered by a judge or superior. If for any reason camera is faulty,
Landlord will not be responsible for any damage as a result of fault. Tenant holds Landlord harmless for a fault
in camera for any reason.

54. Windows and screens are responsibility of Tenant to maintain and repair. Any breakage is responsibility of
Tenant to file claim with their renter’s insurance policy.

* Lease requires 46 initials on sides
  Lease requires 14 initials on bottom right corners
  Lease requires Tenant signature on page 9              - 13 -                                     - 13-

                                                                              Agreed to by Tenant
                                                                              Tenant's Initials:

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