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    Arc Southeastern Minnesota has improved lives for people with developmental disabilities and their families. This newsletter
    is intended to inform you of current and future Arc activities and to invite your participation in protecting the rights of
    people in the counties of Dodge, Fillmore, Goodhue, Houston, Olmsted, Wabasha and Winona.

          “Taking Control of Your Destiny”                                                            September-November 2006
            The Arc of Minnesota’s State Convention                                                       Volume 3, Issue 2
                  October 27th and 28th, 2006
                 The Kahler Hotel, Rochester                                                           Arc Southeastern Minnesota
                                                                                                        2200 2nd Street SW #101
                                                                                                          Rochester, MN 55902
                                                                                                             (507) 287-2032
The Arc of Minnesota’s Convention Planning committee met again on                                            (888)732-8520
September 4th to put some of the final touches on the program for this                                          toll free
year’s conference being held in Rochester. The theme revolves around                                           Website:
self-determination: “Taking Control of Your Destiny.” See the insert                              
inside this newsletter for more information and the registration form or
                                                                                                                Contact us:
go to for a details on the convention.                                      

                A few of the presentations are as follows:                                              In this issue:
                                                                                                  Minnesota State Convention               1
JoAnn Lawler and Beth Honecker, Arc Southeastern Minnesota                                        Tribute to Louise Shefelbine             2
advocates, on helping self-advocates form healthy relationships.                                  Message form Buff                        3
                                                                                                  Charitable Giving - Arne                 4
Deb Monahan, Arc Southeastern Minnesota’s Family Liaison Project,                                 Advocacy Answers                         5
on creating training programs for parents who have children with autism.                          Family Liaison Project                   6
                                                                                                  Staffing Changes                         7
Arc SE Minnesota's Planned Lifetime Assistance Network.                                           Somerby Golf Results                     8
                                                                                                  Winona People First                      9
Region 10 Quality Assurance Project staff and Rebecca Godfrey from                                Self Advocacy Conference               10
the Department of Human Services, on Minnesota’s quality assurance                                Quality Assurance Commission          11-12
efforts.                                                                                          Upcoming Activities and Events         13
                                                                                                  Remembering with Dignity               14
John Jordan, parent, on creating a Self-Directed Support Corporation.                             Transition Fair                        15
                                                                                                  Rochester Jail-a-thon                  16
Arc Southeastern Minnesota will also be hosting a Silent Auction during                           Thank You to Donors                    17
                                                                                                  Gifts that Remember                    18
the weekend. We are still looking for Silent Auction items. If you have                           Membership Renewals                    19
an item you would like to donate please contact Marta at the Arc office                           Membership Form                        20
at 507-287-2032 or toll free at 1-888-732-8520. You can also contact her
via e-mail at

We are also going to need many volunteers to help ensure this is a                                              MISSION
successful event. We will need people Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so                               We build inclusive communities
                                                                                                     for all by providing support,
please contact Marta at the Arc office if you are willing to help.                                    education and advocacy to
                                                                                                     persons with developmental
                                                                                                     disabilities and their families.
                                   Thank You!
                                                                                                     Arc Southeastern Minnesota is a
                                                                                                      501(c)3 nonprofit agency. All
                                                                                                     contributions are tax deductible

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                                       Page 1                                                    Fall 2006
                               QA Progress Report - continued
                               Remembering - Louise Shefelbine

     In August we lost the first president of Arc Southeastern Minnesota - then called “The
     Association for Retarded Children”. Louise Shefelbine and other parents of children with
     developmental disabilities had the courage to fight for a better life for their children.

     They achieved some success. But the real beneficiaries of this work are you and me - parents
     that have benefited from all the changes that Arc has sponsored since those humble beginnings:

             - Integrated public schools
             - Sheltered Workshops and Employment in the community
             - Housing in the community
             - Adaptive recreation programs
             - Community Education programs

     These progressive changes give people a chance to live as independently as possible

                      “in the least restrictive environment”.
     Arc has fought court battles, and Arc has negotiated with community groups to ensure that the
     rights of people with developmental disabilities are protected. The changes have been

     Louise never really experienced all these changes, but she and her friends are the reason we do.

                                         Thank You, Louise!

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                           Page 2                                       Fall 2006
                                          Message from Buff

    It is fitting that we honor one of the early         disabilities and their families are very
    advocates for the rights of people with              dependent on the government for support of
    developmental disabilities - Louise                  the programs and services they need. Please
    Shefelbine. The tiny organization that Louise        take part in the election process. Arc does not
    and Alton and their friends started - The            endorse any candidates, but we do encourage
    Association for Retarded Children, is now            people to become informed and vote your
    called Arc Southeastern Minnesota and offers         values.
    advocacy, education and support in seven
    counties.                                            On the front page of this newsletter you read
                                                         about the upcoming state convention. We are
                                                         very excited to be hosting it. We are busy
                                                         preparing for the state convention. This is an
                                                         opportunity for some of you who might not
                                                         find it convenient to travel for the state event,
                                                         to join us, listen to some excellent speakers
                                                         and get some good advice on how to deal with
                                                         various situations involving developmental
                                                         disabilities. Join us! You will be amazed at
                                                         the variety of topics offered, all aimed at
                                                         improving lives of people with developmental
                                                         disabilities and their families.

    This year, Arc Southeastern Minnesota hosts          We have been informed that there will be
    the Minnesota State Convention! We are a             several award winners from southeastern
    respected chapter across the state. We have          Minnesota. We hope you will be there to join
    programs that Louise never dreamed of nor            in their recognition.
    was able to take advantage of. Yet her work
    paved the way. Many Arc supporters showed             In addition, at the convention we will be
    their appreciation for this pioneer -- see page      holding our Annual Meeting to elect our new
    18 for those who honored Louise with a Gift          Board members and officers. It will be held
    that Remembers to Arc.                               on Friday night at 5:30 pm. Immediately
                                                         following that meeting, we will hold a special
    Thanks Louise! You started a good thing!             membership meeting to vote on merging with
                                                         Arc Rice County. That is an important vote
    For the second straight year, Arc Southeastern       for our chapter. It will extend our service area
    Minnesota is collaborating with several              to include persons with developmental
    agencies to try to improve charitable giving as      disabilities and their families who live in Rice
    the Olmsted United Way campaign gears up.            County. Please join us for these important
    Specifically we are recommending that you            meetings.
    consider designating your Olmsted United
    Way dollars to Arc. Read about this venture          Thanks to all of you who support Arc. We
    on page 4.                                           appreciate each and every one of you.

    As fall begins, so does the political campaign                  Have a nice Fall season!
    season. Many people with developmental

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                            Page 3                                        Fall 2006
                                    Directed Giving…It’s Your Choice

    Directed Giving, a collaborative of Human                    We depend on contributions in the Fall
    Services agencies, has effectively provided a                United Way Campaign. We no longer receive
    wide range of services to individuals and                    an allocation from Olmsted County United
    families in our communities for nearly a                     Way so we ask that you consider designating
    century. We have deep roots in the                           your United Way dollars to us. You can do
    communities we serve. Member agencies                        that via payroll deduction through United
    provide services to one in four people living                Way of Olmsted County or you can set up a
    in Southeastern Minnesota.                                   direct mechanism with Arc. Call the Arc
                                                                 office if you need help on how to do this or
    Agencies included in this collaborative are:                 visit

       • American Cancer Society                                 We thank you for supporting Arc. Many
                                                                 people have made donations without the
       • American Red Cross                                      organization knowing who these people are.
       • Arc Southeastern Minnesota                              We encourage you to call the Arc office and
                                                                 let us know if you are designating your
       • Boy Scouts of America                                   United Way dollars so we can thank you .
       • Southeastern Minnesota Center
                    for Independent Living                                     Arne Fockler
                                                                            Charitable Gift Advisor
       • Women’s Shelter, Inc.

                                             Charitable Gift Annuity
     We have a growing list of Betty Hubbard Society members (people that have designated Arc
     Southeastern Minnesota in their will). If you are considering a planned gift to Arc (a bequest for
     instance), think about purchasing a Charitable Gift Annuity. The benefits of a CGA include:

                               • An immediate income tax deduction
                               • A lifetime stream of fixed payments for one or two people
                               • A future significant gift to Arc Southeastern Minnesota

     Gift annuities have been around for over 100 years and are governed by the American Council on
     Gift Annuities (ACGA). The principal is invested with the Rochester Area Foundation - which
     manages over $38 million in community assets. Interest rates you could expect are:

           ----One Life----             ------Two Lives-------      Call me and I can get you the details of
           Age         Rate             Age              Rate
           50          5.3%             50 and 50+       4.7%       what a similar annuity might do for you.
           60          5.7%             60 and 65        5.5%       It is a nice idea that works for you and
           70          6.5%             70 and 75        6.1%       works for Arc. You become a key part in
           80          8.0%             80 and 85        7.3%       ensuring that Arc advocacy, education
           90          11.3%            85 and 90        8.4%       and support is here for the long term .

                                                                           Thank You -- Arne Fockler

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                                 Page 4                                        Fall 2006
                                           Advocacy Answers

       We are happy to announce this new column              a new teacher share the wonderful things
       that will now appear in each issue.                   about your child and describe the things he
       Advocacy — it is an activity that can be              or she finds challenging.
       used to ensure the protection of
       constitutional rights and to meet the social
       and emotional needs of people with
       developmental disabilities. The goal of
       advocacy is to enable people to reach their
       maximum potential in a nonrestrictive and
       natural setting.
       For individuals with developmental

                                                             As parents, you have the right to request an
                                                             IEP meeting at any time to address concerns;
                                                             and remember to never sign an IEP until you
                                                             have the final written copy. We wish our
                                                             families a great school year, and we look
                                                             forward to assisting you with your concerns
                                                             and questions. To reach us, ask for Beth or
                                                             JoAnn at the Arc office at (507) 287-2032,
       disabilities and their families, it is crucial        or 1-888-732-8520 or by e-mail at:
       that someone is available to listen, support, and
       and provide appropriate options. With        .
       school starting, families are reminded of
       how important it is for them to create a              For more information on the Individuals
       positive and proactive special education              with Disabilities Education Act—IDEA ,
       experience for their children. When meeting           please visit

                                     The Sibshops of July 2006

       Sibshops are opportunities for sisters and           Siblings had 3 fast-paced fun afternoons this
       brothers of children with special health or          past July at Sibshops where 5 Star Kids and
       developmental needs to obtain peer support           Kevin Lowry let us use their facilities. It was
       and education within a recreational setting.         a warm and exciting time for all. We are
                                                            looking forward to another series of Sibshops
       Based upon participants’ perspectives,               next summer.
       Sibshops are lively, pedal to the metal
       celebrations of many contributions made by           Thank you, Kevin Lowry, for all you do for
       sisters and brothers of kids with special            children and in particular children with
       needs.                                               developmental disabilities.

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                              Page 5                                       Fall 2006
                                       Family Liaison Project

     What is the Family Liaison Project?                  needs and who want to assist other parents
                                                          who are on the same journey. The goal is to
     The Family Liaison Project began in 1992             empower families.
     and is dedicated to providing peer and
     emotional support and information to                 How does the Family Liaison Project
     families whose children have special needs.          provide ‘support’?

                                                          Supports differ from family to family. We
                                                          have sat with mothers while their babies are
                                                          in the Neonatal Unit and listened to their
                                                          hopes and fears for their child and family.
                                                          When appropriate, we may share
                                                          experiences from when our children were in
                                                          the NICU. We are asked a lot of questions
                                                          that only another parent in the same
                                                          situation might have experienced. Other
                                                          families seek information (i.e. who provides
                                                          ABA therapy in the area? How do I get
                                                          funding for a wheelchair?). Some families
                                                          are looking for support groups or to be
                                                          connected with another family similar to

                                                          The Family Liaison Project has access to
                                                          many families who are willing to
                                                          communicate with other families. We have
     The program is unique in that the staff and          attended IEP, social service, and medical
     volunteers are parents who also have                 meetings; not as an advocate but as an extra
     children with special needs.                         pair of ‘ears’ for the parents and to make
     We contact families only with their                  sure all their questions are being answered.
     permission or personal request. It is our            So ‘support’ is not limited to just a few
     goal to provide families with individual             services, ‘support’ is tailored to the family’s
     support. This project supports families who          needs.
     have a child from ages pre-birth through six
     with a developmental disability or at risk of        How can we support you and your family?
     developing a disability; hospitalized or             Please call or email me at 507-287-2032 or
     living within the geographic area served by
     the Project, and/or who are medically fragile
     or have other medical issues.                                          Sincerely,
                                                                     Debbie Monahan
     The Family Liaison Project is composed of
     parents who have gone through (and are still
     going through) the joys and the many
     challenges of having a child with special

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                           Page 6                                        Fall 2006
                                          Staffing Changes

                                                                      Good Bye, Lindsay
                                                         After 3 ½ years as the Secretary/Receptionist
                                                         for Arc Southeastern Minnesota, Lindsay
                                                         Husbyn Olson has taken a new position with
                                                         the Girls Scouts. We will miss her enthusiasm
                                                         and energy. Lindsay not only did clerical
                                                         duties, but she worked on fund raisers. During
                                                         the past year she was the primary staff for our
                                                         special events and put special effort into the
                                                         golf tournament. Lindsay always was an
                                                         advocate for the rights of people with
                                                         disabilities. She attended Arc’s Day at the
                                                         Capitol whenever possible and made sure that
                                                         legislators were aware of Arc’s issues. We
                                                         thank her and will miss her.

                   Welcome, Bobbi
 Arc Southeastern Minnesota would like to welcome
 Bobbi Losure to our staff. Bobbi began on
 September 4 as our new Special Events
 Coordinator. She will be working 15 hours per
 week coordinating our special event fund raisers.

 For the past 10 years Bobbi was the Youth
 Coordinator for Zumbrota Mazeppa Community
 Education. She has also been a volunteer for the
 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Zumbrota-Mazeppa
 Schools, SS Peter and Paul Church and the
 American Cancer Society. She is also attending
 college working on a social work degree. We feel
 fortunate to have her on our staff. Please welcome
 her and say “Yes” when she calls you to volunteer!

                                   Action Alert Team Needs You!
  Arc needs more people on our Action Alert Team.            toll free at 888-732-8520 or e-mail at
  Arc currently has 65 people signed up on our Ac- 
  tion Alert Team. The climate continues to be criti-
  cal for individuals with developmental disabilities.       Please leave your name, address, telephone num-
  Please help their voices be heard.                         ber, e-mail address and legislative district. If you
                                                             do not know your legislative district I will look it
  I will be contacting people as issues come up dur-         up for you.
  ing the 2007 Legislative Session. If you are inter-                            Thank You,
  ested in being part of Arc’s Action Alert Team,                              JoAnn Lawler
  please call me at the Arc office at 507-287-2032,

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                              Page 7                                        Fall 2006
                           Celebrity Mulligan Golf Tournament a Success!
The tournament was off to a shot gun start at noon, July      Thank You to our generous sponsors:
24th. Before noon, golfers were able to practice on the
driving range, get in on the putting contest, relax, and take Corporate:
in the beautiful scenery while enjoying lunch.                - Ameriprise Financial (Don Koster and Dennis Bussian)
                                                              - Opportunity Services
                               The tournament consisted of - Rochester Medical
                               27 teams, 3 Celebrity          - MCT Financial
                               Mulligans, and 8 Golf Pro
                               Mulligans playing this             Tee:
                               exclusive course. The              -Viking Lupient Oldsmobile
                               Celebrity Mulligans were;          -Hiawatha Homes Foundation
                               Pat Lund of KTTC, Dan              -Cardinal of Minnesota
                               Cole “The Common Man”              -Region 10 Quality Asurance
of KFAN, and Doug Zmolek, a hometown Pro Hockey                   -PossAbilities
player. Our Golf Pro Mulligans were; Billy (Watty)                -ARSYS
Watson of Northern Hills Golf Course, Craig Cookman               -Olmsted National Bank
and Jennifer Ellefson of Rochester Country Club, Dave             -Home and Community Options
Nordeen of Somerby Golf Club, Ryan Kuster of Meadow               -Think Credit Union
Lakes Golf Course, Scott Rindahl of Willow Creek Golf             -Bear Creek Services
Course, Dave Troyer of The Jewel and Will Dretsch of              -RT Autism Awareness Foundation
Soldier’s Field Golf Course.                                      -Donna Garratt
                                                                  -Kirk Garratt
The teams were able to bid on-line                                -Larry and Janet Johnson
for a Celebrity or Golf Pro                                       -Arne and Kay Fockler
Mulligan. The Mulligan would be
their 5th person on their team and                            Green:
they could use one of their                                   -AFLAC
Mulligan’s shots per hole. The                                -Tri-State, Mike Rand
winning team consisted of: Will                               -Adamson’s Motors
Dretsch, Jerry Miller, Al Bernard,                            -K & M Glass,
and Rich Collins. Arc Southeastern                            -Charles and Judy Bird
Minnesota was the biggest winner,                             -Lyn and Steve Smith
netting nearly $25,000 this year.                             -Molly and Brian Mullan

                           All the fun and excitement of        Media:
                           the day was followed by a            -KTTC, The FAN, KFAN,                -Laser 101.7
                           social hour, live and silent         -Fox Country 102.5
                           auctions, and a delicious
                           stuffed chicken dinner. We    Putting Contest &
                           also had the special          Moo Mobile Sponsor:
                           opportunity to have Dan Cole Mike Hart—Prudential Realty
                           “The Common Man” speak
                           to the group.                        Web Design:
                                                                Ryan Schmidt
Many thanks to the golf committee: Donna Garratt, Val
Koster, Melanie Schmidt, Craig Hanson, Sandy Russo,      Banquet Dessert Sponsors:
Jim Maronde, Jim Carper, Vicki Allen, Jeff Maness, Mike Ohly Law Office
Hart, Bruce Ekhoff, John Tuseth, and Lindsay Husbyn      Grant Kirgis, LTD, CPA
                                                           Many thanks to our donors for door prizes, silent
                                                           and live auction items, to our volunteers
                                                           and our Celebrity and Pro Mulligans.

  Arc Southeastern Minnesota                          Page 8                                            Fall 2006
          Winona People 1st
       Annual Hike Bike
       Arc and People 1st of Winona teamed up with the WEA (Winona Education Association) and
       the students from the Winona School District for the Annual Hike Bike, an annual fund raiser
       that raises money for Arc Southeastern Minnesota.

       We would like to thank the WEA and the students who took the time to help Arc raise over
       $2200 and make this fund raiser a success.

       The following Winona businesses and individuals donated prizes for the participants... Brach's
       Candy, Z's Tees & Sports, Conoco on Riverview Drive, Zestos, Adventure Cycle & Ski,
       WinCraft, Kolter's Bike Shop, Lakeview Drive Inn, Taco Johns, Winona Radio, McDonalds,
       Tom's Lock & Key, Winona Computer & Laser Tag, Videoland, Video Vision, Altra Federal
       Credit Union, and Hiawatha Broadband Communications. The two bikes were donated by
       Chuck & Sandy Schollmeier and family.

       Refreshments at the Hike Bike were provided by Midtown Foods, Rochester Wholesale Fruits,
       Hy Vee Foods, and Cheryl Ghionzoli & Sandy Gardner.

       Please let the Winona area businesses know how much you appreciate the support they give
       Arc. Every year they are very generous with their donations to this event.

       July Annual Picnic Potluck
       People 1st of Winona held the Annual Picnic Potluck in July where we had a wonderful
       turnout of about 90 people. There was a variety of foods to choose from, great socializing, and
       games for people to play. Of course, they had the egg toss and water balloon toss. The teams
       seem to be getting better every year with the distance between team members increasing
       before there is breakage. I think teams have been practicing before the picnic so they can go
       the distance they have been achieving.

       Monthly Meetings
       People 1st of Winona continues to hold monthly meetings the 2nd Monday of the month at
       5pm in the lower conference room at HCO's Central Office. During the meetings they form
       planning committees for the various events, discuss topics that have an impact on their life,
       and a variety of other things. Come and join us for a meeting and see what they are all about.

       Upcoming events include bowling party, monthly meetings, pizza party, Thanksgiving
       Potluck, and Annual Holiday Party.

       You can contact People 1st of Winona via e-mail at or by
       calling the Arc office.

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                           Page 9                                       Fall 2006
                                    Self Advocacy Conference

  Arc Southeastern Minnesota and Minnesota Region 10
  Quality Assurance presented a Self Advocacy conference
  entitled: “It’s your Life, It’s your Choice” on July 1, 2006
  at Treasure Island in Red Wing, Minnesota. The topics
  included: Leadership Skills, Healthy Relationships,
  Employment, Nutrition, Craft and a Fashion show. The day
  ended with a sit-down meal and a dance with music by
  “The Music Man,” Troy Fegre. Feedback indicated that the
  conference was good and self-advocates are looking
  forward to the event being repeated in the future.

  The conference was a great success due to the volunteers
  that helped before and after the event. We would like to
  thank the Minnesota Governors Council on Developmental
  Disabilities, American Express, and the Self Determination
  Project for funding this conference.

               Region 10 Quality Assurance’s Newest Member

                                               Laurie Magnus joined the Quality Assurance staff
                                               in May as the Licensing Resource Coordinator.

                                               Laurie will focus her work on conducting paper
                                               compliance reviews with providers in the area,
                                               following up on complaints, and working with
                                               others to provide Quality Assurance Team training.
                                               She is a member of the legislative and education

                             Voter Participation … By Jo Ann Lawler

    During the months of September and October,            helping individuals fill out registration forms,
    Arc is organizing and presenting several               and the role caregivers play in assisting
    nonpartisan voter participation workshops where        individuals to the polls. Dates and times of
    individuals with developmental disabilities are        trainings have been mailed, and questions can be
    encouraged to vote in the upcoming election.           addressed by calling the Arc office at 507-287-
    The workshops will focus on the importance of          2032, or sending an email to JoAnn at
    voting, acquiring information on candidates,           jlawler@arcse-mn .org.

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                           Page 10                                      Fall 2006
                                                                                                 V alue
                                          Minnesota Region 10                                    Of
                                     Quality Assurance Commission                                I ndividual
                                         Funded by the Minnesota State Legislature               C hoices and
                                         For more information call: (507) 287-2032               E xperiences

Region 10 Quality Assurance has experienced
many changes in the last several months. Cindy
Ostrowski is the past QA Director and is now
serving as the new Executive Director for
Hiawatha Homes. Cindy’s leadership and
direction has enabled VOICE and QA to be
successful in Region 10. Following is a brief
update of our staff and their responsibilities.

The QA Director is Dan Zimmer; he is responsible
for the overall direction of QA from the QA
Commission and supervises other staff. He is
involved with expansion efforts, legislation issues,
various committees, and represents QA on a
statewide QA Panel.

LeAnn Bieber is the QA Manager. She is
responsible for scheduling all the VOICE Reviews
and Provider Licensing Recommendations through
our QA Review Council. She trains, supports and
provides continuous feedback to all the Quality          together QAT recruiting tools and assisted in QAT
Assurance Team Members that perform VOICE                training such as orientations and refreshers.
                                                         It is an exciting time for the Region 10 Quality
Laurie Magnus is the Licensing Resource                  Assurance Commission and VOICE. With the
Coordinator. Besides assisting LeAnn with                assistance from Arc Southeastern Minnesota and
training QATs, Laurie conducts Provider Paper            local chapters like Arc Central, Headwaters and
Compliance Reviews, Licensing Complaint                  SW, many people from around the state are
Investigations and Provider Licensing                    seriously asking for VOICE Reviews to go
Recommendations.                                         statewide. During the past months, we have seen
                                                         other Arc chapters around MN host trainings for
Karen Larson is the Conference and Outreach              people to perform VOICE Reviews in their areas.
Coordinator. She works to keep everyone                  In addition to all the excitement created around
informed both in Region 10 as well as throughout         expansion, we are still working hard to ensure that
the state and country in regard to QA and VOICE.         Region 10 VOICE Reviews and Provider
She also provides support to stakeholders that           Licensing Recommendations continue with the
have disabilities so they can be active as a             high level of quality everyone expects and
stakeholder, on the QA Commission, the QA                deserves.
Review Council, or as a QAT.
                                                         If you would like more information on Region 10
Deb Niedfeldt is part-time and came on board to          QA or VOICE, visit our Website at
help us with VOICE Reviews. Besides acting as a or call at (507)287-2032.
QAT and completing many VOICE Reviews
during the past six months, she has also put
Arc Southeastern Minnesota                             Page 11                                     Fall 2006
                 Meet Quality Assurance Self-Advocacy Team Member

       When Region 10 Stakeholders met, they realized that for VOICE and Quality Assurance to
       be effecttive, everyone needs to have the chance to fully participate. Over the years, more
       self advocates are volunteering to help as Quality Assurance Team Members where they
       serve on the QA Commission, Committees, and on the Quality Assurance Review
       Council. This quarter, the Quality Assurance Team is spotlighting self advocate Amanda

                                             Who is Amanda Lauer?
                                             I am a good advocate for myself and am learning how
                                             to help others advocate for themselves too. I’m
                                             social and enjoy being with my friends. I live at home
                                             with three roommates in Winona and work at ORC in
                                             Career Options where I clean on a janitorial crew in
                                             places like Wellingtons, medical centers, and a
                                             community church.

                                             What do you like?
                                             I enjoy people and having a good time. I like to hang
                                             out with my friends, go to sporting events, and
                                             bowling and shooting pool. I love to sleep in on the
                                             weekends and Bubbles (my cat). I like my staff;
                                             they give me lots of support. I’m blessed with a lot
                                             of people in my life – not everyone has that.

                                             What do you dislike?
                                             I hate being late to things – I want to be early.

       How are you involved in Region 10 QA?
       I’ve been on the QARC for about a year and a half.

       What is the QARC?
       It is a group of people that read VOICE reviews on an agency and then tell that agency
       what they are doing well and what they are not doing well. We make sure that things that
       are supposed to happen are done.

       Why do you like to be on it?
       I understand what other people are going through and their needs and wants. I take my
       work seriously.

       What is challenging about being on the QARC?
       Since I know so many people in Winona, I have to not be involved when Winona VOICE
       reviews are looked at.

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                         Page 12                                       Fall 2006
                              UPCOMING ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS

 Scholarship and Training Grant                                      Down Syndrome Support Group
 If you are a parent, professional, public agency, or
 preschool caregiver caring for a young child with            The group will meet the third Monday of the
 special needs, under the age of six, the Rochester           month at 6:00 - 7:30 PM
 Interagency Early Intervention Committee (IEIC)
 invites you to apply for a grant that will:                        Calvary Evangelical Free Church - Door 6
                                                                             5500 25th Avenue NW
     •   reimburse or award registration expenses for                        Rochester, MN 55901
         attending a class, workshop, or conference.
     •   provide or present training for parents,             There will be no meeting in December. Contact
         professionals, or caregivers.                        Debbie Monahan at the Arc office if you have
     •   provide education for early identification of        questions:
         children with special needs.
                                                                    507-287-2032 or toll free at 888-732-8520.
 Grant request deadlines are: January 1, March 1,
 May 1, July 1, September 1, and November 1.
                                                                               Holiday Dance
 Funds for this grant are limited. Please allow thirty
 days for processing.                                                  December 1st , 2006 6:30-8:30 PM
                                                                           Northrup Building GYM
 For more information, call IEIC (287-1679) or Linda                          201 8th Street NW
 Becker (288-7923).                                                         Rochester, MN 55901

 The IEIC was created to assist in developing and                 Advance registration is required. $1.00 in
 planning comprehensive, coordinated,                             advance, and $2.00 at the door. No Charge for
 multidisciplinary interagency services for children              Staff. Watch your mail for more information.
 from birth to age six and their families. We
 encourage the sharing of workshop, conference, and               This dance is co sponsored by Arc
 training information with other parents, caregivers,             Southeastern Minnesota, RADAR, SEMCIL
 or coworkers. Aplication forms are available at the              and Community Education
 Arc office.

             2006 Arc Greater Twin Cities and Arc Southeastern Minnesota Raffle

                         Purchase a raffle ticket from Arc and you could win 2 tickets
                           valid for any Holland America Cruise Lines worldwide!

Raffle tickets are available at the Arc office for $10. Cruise tickets are valid until 10/31/2007 and are for a
luxury outside stateroom. If you would like to order tickets please send payment, name, address and phone
number to the Arc office at 2200 2nd St. S.W., Suite 101, Attn: Marta, Rochester, MN, 55902. (State law
prohibits us from mailing out tickets).

Tickets will also be available for sale at The Arc of Minnesota State Convention, October 27th & 28th, at the
Kahler Hotel in Rochester. The drawing will be held on October 28th at 9:00 p.m. at the Convention. Winner
need not be present to win.

Please call Marta at the Arc office if you have any questions: 507-287-2032 or toll-free at 1-888-732-8520.

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                              Page 13                                       Fall 2006
                                 REMEMBERING WITH DIGNITY
                             Rochester State Hospital Cemetery Recognition
  At the time of its use, the Rochester State Hospital       and are covered with sod, while others have been
  Cemetery was the resting place for people with             vandalized. A large pile of markers were found
  disabilities who died at the Rochester State               discarded in the woods nearby. Years of neglect
  Hospital. The cemetery was tucked away in the              allowed brush and trees to encroach over several
  woods. It was not a place people talked about and          rows of graves into the cemetery. A cave at the
  certainly not a place people visited. As was the           east end of the cemetery was used to store the
  practice in all Minnesota state hospital cemeteries,       bodies of residents who died in the winter.
  the deceased residents were buried anonymously             Burials were suspended when the earth froze and
  with no names, just cement or metal markers with           crews of state hospital residents were no longer
  numbers. The markers at the Rochester State                able to dig the graves. In the spring, when the
  Hospital Cemetery appear to be made from large             ground thawed, the burials would resume. The
  coffee cans filled with cement with a number               cemetery records show that April has twice the
  pressed into the top.                                      number of burials than any other month.

  The graves in the Rochester State Hospital                 Some families have done what the state refused to
  Cemetery date from 1887 to 1965, and number                do, and have placed named headstones to honor
  2019 people. The numbered markers are no                   the memory of their loved ones.
  longer visible, and some have sunk into the soil


   •   1994,the Remembering With Dignity Project was created when a group of people with
       disabilities, some former state hospital residents, addressed the problem of numbered graves at
       state hospital cemeteries across Minnesota.
   •   1997, a group from Remembering With Dignity visited the Rochester cemetery and began asking
       questions about who was buried there and how the state of Minnesota could lose a cemetery. The
       Dignity Project began to raise public awareness about the injustice of burying people with
       numbered graves.
   •   1999, the Quarry Hill Nature Center began creating a database cemetery record from the old death
       ledger books.
   •   2002, these ledger books and plat maps were officially transferred from Quarry Hill Nature Center
       to the Olmsted County Historical Society.
   •   2004, Rochester citizens formed a group to improve the Rochester State Hospital Cemetery. Now
       known as the Rochester State Hospital Cemetery Recognition Group, plans for improvements are
       underway and many hours of research have gone in to verifying the names. Quarry Hill Nature
       Center and the city park department have undertaken efforts to clear brush and trees and to
       establish the original cemetery border.

                                Rochester State Hospital
                     Cemetery Recognition and Cemetery Improvement
 Remembering those who lived and died in state institutions, and acknowledging the importance of people
 with disabilities living in our communities. Past residents of the Rochester State Hospital, buried and
 forgotten, numbered gravestones overgrown and discarded, where over 2000 souls wait for recognition.

 Date: Sunday, October 1       Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00pm           Location: Quarry Hill Nature Center
 What: Time of Remembrance; Marker installation; Update on cemetery improvements; Refreshments
 For information: Rochester State Hospital Cemetery Recognition Group -- 651-641-0297

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                               Page 14                                    Fall 2006
                                        District 535 Transition Fair

                                       Wednesday, November 1, 2006
                                            4:00 – 7:00 p.m.
                                          Century High School
      Are you a student, parent, or a teacher of students with an IEP who will be transitioning
                from school to community living? If so, come to the Transition Fair!

                                                  Join Us and……..
               meet representatives from local and state-wide organizations and resources

                                                   Learn about……….
              employment, recreation, home living, and community participation opportunities

                               Learn about post-secondary education and training

                 For more information or questions call your child’s case manager or e-mail to

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                 Brain Injury Community Committee (BICC) Conference
                               Tuesday, October 24, 2006
     The Rochester Area Brain Injury Community Committee (BICC) is planning another terrific
     conference! This year’s program includes:

     Keynote:“Life Lessons From a Dog” – Vicki Snyder

     Some of the sessions planned are:
        “Spirituality” – Kate Piederman
        “Brain Gym” – Lisa Anderson
        “Practical Guardianship Issues” – Kreg Kauffman moderator
        “Mental Fatigue” – Sue Lapore & Tracy Bolster
        “Self Advocacy” - Jeff Bangsberg
        “Brain Injury and Sexuality” – Leah Holmes”

     There will be vendor displays with a variety of information as well as numerous door prizes.
     Come for the information, networking, and fun!

Arc Southeastern Minnesota                                  Page 15                                             Fall 2006
  2200 2nd St. S.W. Suite # 101            We build inclusive communities for all by providing support, education, and
     Rochester, MN 55902                   advocacy to persons with developmental disabilities and their families.

          Thursday                                         How Does Jail-a-thon Work?
       November 9, 2006                  1.   The accused may turn themselves in at jail or arrange to be
             8:30-4:30                        picked up by an Arc deputy. The prisoner will then have
             Hyvee                            their mug shot taken and will be assigned a prison uniform.
          Barlow plaza                   2.   The accused may plead their innocence to the Dishonorable
                                              Judge. If they are found guilty, they will be sentenced to
     Who can be arrested?
                                              one hour of hard labor telephone time. The prisoner will
  Have your co-worker, boss,                  have unlimited access of a cell phone to call family, friends,
  family member, or friend                    co-workers, or whomever to meet their bail. This bail is in
  arrested. Perhaps they                      the form of pledges to Arc Southeastern MN.
  skipped out of work early,
  set the office clock ahead,            3.   The prisoners are released after raising their bail or
  were a public nuisance, lit-                spending an hour in jail, whichever comes first.
  tered the woods with golf              4.   Arc will handle all of the pledge collecting. It is only
  balls, or have become a                     necessary for the prisoner to collect names, addresses,
  coach potato. Use any of                    phone numbers, and pledge amount from donors.
  these charges or others to
  have someone arrested.
                                                                    ARREST REQUEST
  To have someone serve time           Who do you want arrested? Mail or fax this request to the contact be-
  or to turn yourself in, call the     low.
  jail hot line at 287-2032.
                                       Name __________________________________________
  Jailbird Prizes for the top
    three pledge earners.              Daytime Phone # _________________________________

 1st. Place—Great Escape to            Address _________________________________________
 Kahler Grand—includes over-
 night stay, dinner, champagne
 on ice, and breakfast.                Employer _______________________________________
 (Accommodations for two.)
                                       Charges _________________________________________
 2nd Place—Dinner certificate to
 Outback Steakhouse and 2
 movie passes to Cinemagic
                                                         For additional information contact
 3rd Place—Waterworks Express
 certificate for oil change and car                             Bobbi or Marta at:
 wash.                                                        Phone: 507-287-2032
Thank you to our supporters of this event—Think Credit Union, Kahler Grand Hotel, Outback Steakhouse, HyVee Barlow
Plaza, and Cinemagic Theaters. Coca-Cola and Waterworks Express have provided gifts towards the participant “goodie bags”.

  Arc Southeastern Minnesota                              Page 16                                         Fall 2006
                                        Recent Donors

                  Arc has a wonderful base of supporters! We appreciate (and need)
                   your gifts. Your donations do help improve lives of people with
                            developmental disabilities and their families.

                                        ---- THANK YOU! ---

Arc Minnesota Foundation - St Paul                Karen Larson - Faribault
Elda Augustine - Goodhue                          Bill and JoAnn Lawler - Rochester
Lucy and Tony Bergmann - Mazeppa                  Don and Arlysse MacGillivray - Rochester
Marta Bollesen - Rochester                        Mychelle and Jim Maronde - Rochester
Layne and Kathy Bucher - Zumbrota                 Ann and John McGuire - Rochester
Teresa and Roy Cerling - Wykoff                   Robert Mesarchik - Rochester
Bill and Marcia Cochran - Rochester               Debbie Monahan - Rochester
Ronald Deno - Rochester                           Kevin and Michelle Monosmith - Pine Island
Dave and Sonja Dunn - Rochester                   Ellen Newman - Pine Island
Dr Titus and Carol Evans - Rochester              Sylvia Nickel - Rochester
John and Gail Flanders - Rochester                Jeff O'Toole - Rochester
Arne and Kay Fockler - Rochester                  Mickey and Larry Prince - Rochester
Eldon and Dorothy Fockler - Olmito, TX            Rochester Civitan Club - Rochester
Gary and Lynda Fockler - Redding, CA              Rochester Rotary Club - Rochester
Herb and Edna Freitag - Rochester                 Phyllis Rusley - Rochester
John Griffith - Rochester                         Lorna Schunke - Rochester
William Harris - Winona                           Dave and Gail Shefelbine - Tolland, CT
Buff Hennessey, Jack Priggen - Zumbro Falls       Louise Shefelbine - Rochester
LeRoy and Ardy Henrichs - Goodhue                 Judy and Jim Sloan Foundation - Rochester
Roger and Irene Herzog - Rochester                Robin Sommer - Rochester
Cathie Hiley - Rochester                          Dick and Adele Spavin - Rochester
Pam Holty - Rochester                             Mara Steiger - Minneapolis
Les and Dianna Horntvedt - Rochester              Annie and Dale Stensland - Wanamingo
Lindsay Husbyn-Olson - Zumbrota                   Dennis and Lonna Theede - LaCrescent
Carol Jackson - Zumbrota                          Judy Tollefsrud - Spring Grove
Larry and Janet Johnson - Rochester               Deb Weston - Maple Grove
Knitcraft-St. Croix Foundation - Winona           Joel and Julie Young - Chatfield
Lynn and Mike Krause - Dodge Center               Dan Zimmer - Rochester
Rosanne Kubicek - Winona

 “What I gave I have - what I spent I had - and what I left I lost.“
                                                                  Robert of Doncaste

 Arc Southeastern Minnesota                    Page 17                               Fall 2006
                                         Gifts That Remember

       In Memory of Jane Hinsch                             In Honor of Marta Bollesen
         LeRoy and Ardy Henrichs - Goodhue                   Curly and Joy Bollesen

       In Memory of Rachel Mann                             In Memory of Edna Freitag
         Mickey and Larry Prince - Rochester                 Bill and Marcia Cochran - Rochester
                                                             Jack Priggen, Buff Hennessey - Zumbro Falls
       In Memory of Louise Shefelbine                        Roger and Irene Herzog - Rochester
        Duane Coffman - Rochester                            Larry and Janet Johnson - Rochester
        Dave and Sonja Dunn - Rochester                      Bill and JoAnn Lawler - Rochester
        Arne and Kay Fockler - Rochester                     Don and Arlysse MacGillivray - Rochester
        Jack Priggen, Buff Hennessey - Zumbro Falls          Eldon and Dorothy Fockler - Olmito, TX
         Lorna Schunke - Rochester                           Dennis and Lonna Theede - LaCrescent
        Dave and Gail Shefelbine - Tolland, CT               Marta Bollesen - Rochester
                                                             Mary Runyon - Phoenix, AZ
       In Memory of Janet Volkmar                            Phyllis Rusley - Rochester
         Bill and JoAnn Lawler - Rochester
                                                            In Honor of Linda Kinzer
                                                             Don and JoAnn Kinzer

                                             Honor Someone Special?

          Each of us has someone who has been important in our lives. Someone who has been there
          during difficult times. Someone who took the extra step to show that they truly care about us.

                                            Honor that person with a
                                             Gift that Remembers.

          Any amount works - $10, $20, $50, $1,000 etc. The gift goes to Arc and we send send the
          honoree (or relatives) a letter explaining that you have remembered them in this way.

                     Call the Arc office or visit our website if you would like more information
                                                  about how to do this.

                                                (507) 287-2032
                                                (888) 732-8520

                               New Members (April - August 2006)
WELCOME! Our hope is that you benefit from being a member of Arc Southeastern Minnesota and that
you get actively involved with the activities that fit your needs. Call the Arc office (287-2032) and talk
to us about your needs and interests.
         Ryan Dickison - Rochester                      Matthew Rank - Rochester
         Kelli and Kent Gillespie - Chatfield           Tracey Schuppel-Nelson - Red Wing
         Mikki Haskins - Rochester                      Ann Thompson - Caledonia
         Jeanne Hoecker - Rochester                     Kirstyn Vold - Rochester
         Holly Kropp - Winona

 Arc Southeastern Minnesota                            Page 18                                     Fall 2006
                        Membership Renewals (April - September 2006)
              A special thank you to the following members who have renewed in the past
                      few months. Membership remains a critical priority for Arc.
                             Our strength is our grass-roots membership.
Platinum Membership ($1,000+)             Beatrice Petz - Winona                   Kelly and Benjamin Hain - Rochester
Cardinal of Minnesota - Rochester         Shirley Olson - Zumbrota                 Kristen Heise - Red Wing
Arne and Kay Fockler - Rochester          Tom and Pat Peyla - Wabasha              Ellie Henrichs - Red Wing
Kirk Garratt - New York, NY               Carolyn and Steve Ramaker - Rochester    Leah Holmes - Rochester
Tom and Corinne Johnson - Walker          Griffith and Lois Rees - Rochester       Susan Hopp - Red Wing
Mychelle and Jim Maronde - Rochester      Gene and Arlys Schmidt - Zumbro Falls    Greg and Beth Hostetter - Rochester
Lyn and Steve Smith - Rochester           Gene and Elaine Skjeveland - Rochester   Rhea Iverson - Winona
                                          Tom and Margaret Thompson - Byron        Arnold and Sylvia Jacob - Lewiston
Gold Membership ($500+)                   Great River Homes - Wabasha              Mary Pat & Raymond Jewison - Rochester
Les and Barb Bauer - Zumbrota                                                      Richard and Norma Johnson - Wykoff
Daniel and Betty Bielen - Byron           Contributor Membership ($50+)            Ruth Klocke - Hayfield
Peter and Margaret Coleman - Oronoco      Bernhard and Colleen Brenner - Winona    Esther Laine - Rochester
Carl and Connie Deobald - Rochester       Ronice and Gary Donovan - Rochester      Crystal and David Lammers - Adams
William Harris - Winona                   Dave and Sonja Dunn - Rochester          Amy Lawler - Oronoco
Mickey and Larry Prince - Rochester       Pat Dunn-Walker - Rochester              Charles and Ruth Lombard - Lake City
Phyllis Rusley - Rochester                Glenn and Dorothy Faith - Rochester      Mitch and Eileen Long - Rochester
Bill Volkmar - Rochester                  Ruth Fischer - Rochester                 Betty Mace - Stewartville
                                          Rick and Carol Fishbune - Rochester      Kim and Bob Marek - Rochester
Silver Membership ($250+)                 Carol Fitzgerald - Rochester             Clarence and Marlys Mickelson - Goodhue
Judy and Charles Bird - Rochester         Andy Fockler - Rochester                 Dan and Cara Miller - Spring Valley
Roger and Irene Herzog - Rochester        Gary and Cindy Friedt - Rochester        Terry and Nancy Miller - Rochester
Thad and Suzanne Johnson - Eden Prairie   Marilyn Frost - Byron                    Sheloy Mollert - Rochester
Helen Monsees, Robert Sixta - Rochester   Cory Bauer, Michael Garner - Rochester   Kristin and Dave Nagel - Rochester
Pam and Joel Skinner - Rochester          Jean Gronseth - Rochester                Richard Nelson - Houston
                                          Stephen and Carla Harner - Rochester     Janelle and Dirk Oelkers - Zumbro Falls
                                          Peter Edl, Paula Horner - Rochester      Joyce and Deven Oldenburg - Rochester
Sponsor Membership ($100+)                                                         Mary Oney - Byron
 Ann and Arnold Archer - Phoenix, AZ      Marilyn Mahoney - Cannon Falls
                                          Karen Morris - Harmony                   Polly Owens - Rochester
Margie and Tom Bellinger - Rochester
                                          Genny Rice - Rochester                   Eva and Doug Pampuch - Winona
LeAnn and Curtis Bieber - Byron
                                          Vesna Sloan - Rochester                  Paul and Nancy Pedersen - Stewartville
Karla Bollesen - Rochester
                                          Dr. Ken and Jacky Swenson - Rochester    Gloria Pepke - Winona
William and Rita Bourne - Rochester
                                          Terry and Betsy Timm - Kellogg           Deborah and Dennis Piens - Rochester
Cerise and Paul Brown - Rochester
                                          Jim and Donna Wermerskirchen - Austin    Scott and Hiyas Quelle - Rochester
Heide and Helmut Buettner - Rochester
                                          Kathe Yoss - Rochester                   Mr.and Mrs. Laverne Reisner - Red Wing
Jane and Mary Campion - Rochester
                                                                                   Mary Alice Richardson - Rochester
Peter and Carol Carryer - Rochester
Wes and Mary Clark - Rochester            General Membership ($25+)                Dale and Carol Rodgers - Chatfield
                                          Duane Adler - Pine Island                Tonia and Mark Ruport - Mantorville
Kaye Eppard - Rochester
                                          Jennifer Bagne-Walsh - Rochester         Sandy and Shirley Russo - Rochester
Kathy and John Graupner - Wabasha
                                          Lora and Bill Beaupre' - Rochester       Dr. Donald and Georgia Scholz - Rochester
Guy and Laurie Griesmann - Oronoco
                                          Linda Becker - Rochester                 Rebecca L Schuller - Byron
Joe Gunnison - Rochester
                                          Jim Behrends - Plainview                 Diane Sellner - Rochester
William Harris - Winona
                                          Lisa Brenna - Rochester                  Kathy Slinden - New London
Henry and Sandy Hocraffer - Rochester
                                          Rose and Allan Busta - Rochester         Stanley Jones & Assoc. - Rochester
John Jordan - Houston
                                          Doug and Sue Butler - Rochester          Annie and Dale Stensland - Wanamingo
Bernetta Kahabka - Rochester
                                          Konne Carlson - Onamia                   Stacy Stiever - Rochester
Dan and Linda Kinzer - Rochester
                                          Kevin and Karen Carr - Chatfield         Kim Sutton - Rochester
Mary and Douglas Lambert - Rochester
                                          Kathy and Kevin Clemens - Welch          Jean Sweet - Chatfield
Steve and Joan Larson - Shoreview
                                          Robert and Eva Colligan - Rochester      Barb Thompson - Red Wing
Rodney and Nina Lee - Rochester
                                          Karen and John Corfits - Rochester       Karen and Paul Van Duyn - Colton, SD
Jane Marquette - West Concord
                                          Sara Croymans - Boyd                     Ed and Linda Vilt - Austin
John and Paula McGuine - Rochester
                                          Jean David - Rochester                   Margery Weichers - Winona
Jim and Jeanie Michelizzi - Pine Island
                                          Rose Dorn - Winona                       Michael and Sheryl Weinandt - Wabasha
Erin and James Mitchell - Minneapolis
                                          David Drury - Rochester                  Francis and Theresa Wilkes - LaCrescent
Ellen Newman - Pine Island
                                          Luella Eggenberger - Lake City           Shirley Wilson - Rochester
Steve and Deb Niedfeldt - Rochester
David and Gwen Oeth - Rochester           Vernon and Ethel Feine - Rushford
John and Peggy O'Toole-Martin             Phil and Linda Ferguson - Rochester
                          - Rochester     Rod and Omanez Fockler - Houston, MO
   Arc Southeastern Minnesota                               Page 19                                        Fall 2006
                                                  Membership Form
Name ___________________________________ Phone _______________ E-mail Address _______________________
Address __________________________________ City _______________________ State _____ Zip Code ___________

                                          Paying by Check?
   ____ General      $25
   ____ Sponsor      $50                             Please make checks payable to Arc Southeastern Minnesota.
   ____ Contributor $100
                                          Paying by VISA ____ or MASTERCARD _____
   ____ Silver      $250
   ____ Gold        $500                             Name as it appears on the card_____________________________________
   ____ Platinum   $1000
                                                     Credit Card Number ______________________________________________
                                                     Expiration Date ______________________
   I am interested in making an
   annual gift to Arc and I                          Signature _______________________________________________________
   would like my membership to
   be included in that gift.                                             Tell us your interest in Arc?
   _____ Please call me.                        ___ I am a Self Advocate
                                                ___ I am a parent of a person with developmental disabilities
                                                ___ I am a relative of a person with developmental disabilities
                                                ___ I am a professional working in disability related services
                                                ___ I am a friend of a person with developmental disabilities
    Thank you for joining Arc                   ___ My business provides jobs for people with developmental disabilities
    Southeastern Minnesota!                     ___ Other _________________________________________________

                                                                                                  NONPROFIT ORG
                                                                                                   US POSTAGE
                                                                                                  PERMIT NO. 138
                                                                                                  ROCHESTER MN
    2200 2nd Street SW Suite #101
    Rochester, MN 55902
    (507) 287-2032 or (888)732-8520 toll free

     Visit us at:

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