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									Who is eligible for this insurance                                                                                 Gym’s, Studio’s and
                                                                                                                   Fitness Facilities Insurance
This Programme is only available to current               Who is the Insurer?                                      JLT Sport Asset Protect
registrants of Kinect Australia (KA). Therefore, you
must hold a current registration certificate and          Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd under the authority        Distinctive. Choice.
maintain your KA registration status throughout           from Sportscover Syndicate 3334 at Lloyd’s of
the policy period for your insurance cover to be in       London.
place. If your KA registration lapses, your insurance     Other Insurances Available:
becomes void for that period.                             9 FIT Private Health Insurance
How can you apply?
                                                          9 Facilitator / Lecturer Insurance
Visit for the fastest and      9 Business / Property Insurance for Gyms / Studios
easiest way to gain coverage. Paying by credit card,      9 Upgrade to $20 million cover
the coverage is instant with a certificate of currency,   9 Contact JLT Sport for more information
summary of coverage and tax invoice sent directly
to your email address.                                    Important:
There is manual application form available on the         Registration
website if you prefer to print & complete and send        It is a requirement of this policy that if your
to JLT Sport. Payment options include credit card,        registration with Kinect Australia lapses or is
cheque, money order or direct deposit.                    cancelled, suspended or terminated, you must notify
                                                          JLT Sport in writing immediately. To obtain cover
Who is JLT Sport?                                         under this Policy, you must be registered with Kinect
                                                          Australia at the time of application and maintain
JLT Sport is the appointed insurance broker for           registration throughout the period of cover.
Kinect Australia’s National Insurance Programmes
including the individual fitness professional cover       Remuneration
and the gyms / studios business cover. As a division      JLT Sport is remunerated by a combination of
of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd, JLT Sport is           commission and broker fee. The commission is paid
Australia’s leading provider of insurance and risk        by the Insurer and is calculated as a percentage
services for sport, recreation and fitness.               of the premium. Kinect Australia receives financial
                                                          benefit when an Insurance Policy is arranged by JLT
Currently, JLT Sport provide Risk Protection              Sport. This enables Kinect Australia to continue to
programmes for some of Australia’s leading sporting       provide a range of services and benefits that focus on
organisations in the AFL, Cricket Australia and           professional development, employment support and
Swimming Australia.                                       practical assistance.

                                                                      JLT Sport Contact Details:
                                                                           Post: PO Box 464
                                                                       Winston Hills NSW 2153
                                                                    Web site:
                                                                        Toll Free: 1300 130 373
What is Kinect Australia’s National                                                           Cost structure:
Insurance Programme?                                                                                                  On-line         Manual
Kinect Australia’s National Insurance Programme                                               1 Year cover             $121            $146
(‘the Programme’) provides an insurance                                                       2 Year cover             $196            $227
policy that covers qualified individual fitness
professionals, who are registered with Kinect
Australia.                                                                                   What’s Covered / What’s not covered
General Liability Insurance:                                                                 General Liability: $10,000,000 (any one
                                                                                             occurrence). This means that the insurance cover
General liability insurance is designed to protect                                           will pay up to $10 million in damages for which you
you should anybody take legal action against you                                             are liable.
and to pay sums where you become liable to
                                                                                             Professional Indemnity: $5,000,000 (any one
pay compensation for personal injury or property
                                                                                             occurrence and in the aggregate of any one
                                                                                             period of insurance)
Example: Working outdoors, a client breaks their                                             This insurance cover is in place for all activities
leg by falling in a pothole on a warm up jog. They                                           you engage in as a fitness professional for which
sue their trainer for medical expenses, loss of                                              you are qualified and accredited to perform by
income & pain & suffering. A general liability policy                                        Kinect Australia.
should pay these costs*.
                                                                                             Activities that are not covered by this policy, even
Professional Indemnity Insurance:                                                            if you are qualified to instruct these activities are:
Like general liability insurance, professional                                               8 Dietetics
indemnity insurance covers you if you become                                                 8 Physiotherapy
legally liable to pay compensation due to a breach                                           8 Self Defence
of your professional duty, including negligent acts,                                         8 Martial Arts
errors and omissions*.                                                                       8 Contact boxing (deliberate contact with
                                                                                                 someone’s head/torso, regardless of padding)
Example: A trainer provides advice which exercise
                                                                                             8 Wrestling
to do and how to perform it. As a result of this
advise, the client ruptures discs in their spine and                                         8 Gymnastics
sues for damages.                                                                            8 Participation in sporting events or matches
                                                                                             8 Life Guarding or Swimming Teaching / Coaching
Where can I find out more                                                                    8 Ocean Swimming
information on insurance?
                                                                                             In addition the policy does not cover Retail Sales,
The JLT Sport website                                                    Buildings, Contents or other Assets. JLT Sport can
contains information on insurance including the                                              provide further information regarding Insurance
policy wording for the Kinect Australia National                                             for activities not covered within Kinect Australia’s
Insurance Programme. The toll free phone                                                     National Insurance Programme’s Policy. If you are
number allows you to speak to a JLT Sport                                                    interested in any additional cover, please contact
representative – no machines.                                                                JLT Sport.

*   Please note that policy response is always subject to the terms, conditions and
    exclusions in the policy. Please refer to the policy wording via JLT Sport's web site.

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