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Issue 11 Volume 10
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                        Executive Chefs Kurtess Mortensen, Zack Allen & Sean Roe
                     presenting fresh sustainable head-on Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp...
                                                       grown local & served fresh!
Providing fine foodservice establishments
 with the best quality and service in the
   seafood industry for over 70 years.

             800-969-8862 • 702-473-6470 •
                        Las Vegas Sales & Distribution Office
                   3475 W. Post Rd., Ste. 115, Las Vegas, NV 89118
                         October 2011

                Cover    October is National Seafood Month, so what could
                         be more fitting than featuring our own local Las Vegas
                         shrimp farm on the cover?
                         Inside (pages 16 & 17) you will see why three prominent
                         Executive Chefs: Zack Allen, Sean Roe and Kurtess
                         Mortensen, are ready to present the first harvest of Blue
                         Oasis Pure Shrimp here in Las Vegas.
                         Photos courtesy Jeff Lite of Dave Lite Photography

                Throughout this October Seafood Issue you will find how our
                advertisers, contributors and associates have stepped up and
                supported this issue with their take on a most popular menu
                item, SEAFOOD…

                 2 This Santa Monica Seafood AD page looks ready to eat!
13              13 Your Personal Chef Brian gives us his own take on Seafood.
                15 In her restaurant review Shelley writes-up Crab Corner.
                16 Three great executive chefs support locally grown shrimp.
                18 Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp-a locally grown shrimp in the desert.
                22 Green Restaurant Association highlights Sustainable Seafood.
                Page 4                  Page 12                Page 25
                Hot Off the Grill       Brett’s Vegas View     Great Wine
                                                               During National
                Page 5                  Page 13                Seafood Month
                Festivino &             Your Personal Chef
                Carnevino at the

                                                               Page 27
                Palazzo                 Page 15
                                        Crab Corner            Latenight with Ryan
                Page 6
                HR Insights             Page 16                Page 28
                                        Blue Oasis             Wine Talk
                Page 8                  Pure Shrimp            with Alice Swift
                Montana Wagyu
                Beef                    Page 19                Page 29
                                        35 Steaks + Martinis   Vegas Valley News
                Page 9
                What’s Brewing?         Page 20
                                                               Page 30
                                        Loews Lake
                Page 10                 Las Vegas              Brew Las Vegas &
                Food for Thought                               San Gennaro
                                        Page 22
                Page 11                 Sustainable            Page 31
                Tropicana               Seafood                Advertiser Index                        October 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 3
                                                                                          The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional
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                                                                                                     Las Vegas, NV 89146

 October 2011
                                                                                        HOT OFF THE GRILL!
                          Mike Fryer                                           A recent Carnevino Restaurant dinner
                          Editor-in-Chief                             invitation had us catching up at The Venetian/
                          Thank you for joining us in this                     Palazzo with VP of Food & Beverage
                          issue of The Las Vegas Food &                   Sebastien Silvestri, and Director of Public
                          Beverage Professional.                         Relations/Communications Britt Dawn, as
                          For any questions, comments                   we welcomed Manager of Public Relations/
                          or advertising inquiries please                  Communications Carly Rosch to her new
                                                                         position. Goes to prove that “Great Food +
                                                                               Great Company = Great Experience.”
                          Bob Barnes
                          Associate Editor
                                                                               Rosemont University held its annual
                                                                         “Chefs, Wines & Spirits Too” dinner event
                                                                        at The Mandarin Oriental inside CityCenter
                                                                        with our favorite Guest Speaker, Channel 8
                                                                           Eyewitness News Anchor Denise Valdez.
                          George Fryer                                           Wirtz Beverage Nevada Marketing
                                                                            Coordinator Gaye Cote was attending as
                          Photographer                                       well, to support this great annual event.

                                                                                 FESTIVINO, a special tasting of
                                                                          Bordeaux wines, was recently covered at
                          Juanita Aiello                                   The Venetian/Palazzo by The Las Vegas
                          Creative Director                             Food & Beverage Professional team and the
                                              UNLV TV Station students to celebrate the
                                                                                 new harvest of grapes in Europe.


      Contributor           Contributor           Contributor      Contributor         Contributor         Contributor        Contributor            Contributors
      Jackie Brett          Les Kincaid          Juanita Fryer   Shelley Stepanek      Chef Brian        Linda Bernstein      Martin Koleff         Lucille Thaler &
                                                                                                                                                     Tony Zanoff

     Contributors            Contributor         Contributor       Contributor         Contributor         Contributor         Contributor            Contributor
  Scott & Elaine Harris   Ryan “Hollywood”     Michael Oshman       Chef Jet           Alice Swift       Chef Allan Asch    Simone Hammond           Chandra Paige

      Contributor           Contributor           Contributor     Contributing         Contributing        Contributing    Business Development   Pre-Press Technician
      Linda Duke            Jan-le Low           Lara Baldwin     Photographer        Photographer        Photographer       George Baggott           Brandon Yan
                                                                 Emil Rajkowski     Rose Powell-Carver    Alyssa Mayhew

4 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I October 2011                                                                                
                           Festivino at the Palazzo

                           Carnevino at the Palazzo
Photos by Juanita Aiello

                          October 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 5

               By Linda
     Westcott-Bernstein            How to be a
                                   Great Manager!
                                   What is the secret to being a great manager? Actually, there is no secret. Success with
                                   managing people lies with having a sense of decency and fair play, and maintaining a
        Linda Bernstein has
     provided sound human          fundamental respect for others. The first step to being great is to desire it! To be a great
       resources advice and
        guidance to Fortune
                                   manager you must be a great person. How do you become great, you ask? It really starts
         500 companies and         when you take a close look at yourself. If you use your heart, you’ll find many of the
           others for over 25
      years. She has helped        answers you seek. Being great includes being compassionate of other’s needs, it involves
         these organizations       remembering your roots - where you came from, and it manifests itself in your behaviors,
     review procedures and
        implement solutions        outlook and the actions you take. So, if part of being a great manager lies in our outlook,
        that are designed to       then we can deduce that our perspective determines our treatment of others.
       reduce liabilities and
      increase their profits.
   She also assists with the
                                   How do you know if you have the capacity to be           the organization. Basically, with your decisions you
     development of human
    capital through focused        great? To do so you need to ask some very honest,        show the way so that others can follow.
          employee retention       and possibly difficult, questions. Are you fair and
     and training programs         respectful of others regardless of their status or       Great managers lead the way for others. They display
   designed for all levels of      station in life? Do you evaluate others by the quality   a quality of character and attitude. They must be
                  employees.                                                                willing to share information with others to help them
                                   of their character and not by the label on their
     Linda has written a self-     clothing or the contents of their wallet? Are you        grow, understand and achieve. Great managers can
    help book entitled “It All     able to give those around you the chance to succeed      be inspiring especially when they share their vision.
      Comes Down to WE!”           – to be great too? If that is so, then the following     They define work goals in such a way as to challenge
       which offers guidelines                                                              and motivate those around them. They inspire others
      for building a solid and     quotation must be true:
     enduring personal work                                                                 to achievement by teaching, showing and modeling
       ethic. You can find her           “A truly great person is the one                   great behaviors.
          book on the website              who gives you a chance.”
    (below) or on Amazon or                                                                 So, in conclusion, to be great at managing others
                Google books.      One character trait that is essential in great people    you must have a solid ethical character. You must
                                   is decency. What then does decency look like? It is      be willing to give more effort toward the success
                                   defined as the quality or condition of being decent;     of others than what you take for yourself. Others
               702-326-4040        modesty of conduct and speech; proper behavior,          seldom follow those whom they feel are selfish,
                                   propriety, courtesy, etc. Decency does not include       unethical, unfair or dishonest with them. It takes
      Email:                       biases, prejudices, or offer judgment. To have
                                                                                            great personal sacrifice to reach greatness.
                                   decency means that you also have a sense of fair
       Booksite:                   play. With a sense of fair play you are better able to   Therefore, I have found that one enduring truth           abide by and live with the choices and decisions you     persists in the quest to be great; “Greatness is a
                                   must make as a manager because those decisions are       responsibility - one that should never be taken
                                   in the best interest of everyone involved as well as     lightly.”

   Question of
                                 Next month’s topic: Achieving Customer Service Excellence
                                 Does your organization achieve customer service excellence? If so, how? Explain.
                                 (Send responses to
   the Month (Responses may be printed in next month’s column.)

6 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I October 2011                                                               
 Meat the New
 Bull in Town
                                  As Americans tighten
                                  financial belts, and
                                  businesses find ways to
                                  effectively cut costs so
                                  their customers can still
                                  enjoy a quality dinner,
                                  we at the Montana
                                  Wagyu Cattle Company
                                  and NKB Distributors
                                  respect our clients’
                                  needs for quality beef
  at an affordable cost. Of course we would like people
  to eat more steak, especially our steaks, but if we
  only focus in on steak, we overlook some absolutely
  incredible cuts of meat that are more cost effective.     Tri-Tips, Flank Steaks, Briskets and others. Most
                                                            customers and clients enjoy these high quality cuts but
  Just about 20% of your average Montana Wagyu Cow at better price points than the primal cuts. For our clients
  is the Prime Cuts. These include Rib-Eyes and Strip in the food and beverage industry, this translates into a
  Loins (New York). These are incredible cuts that people stronger bottom line. For the private chef or caterer, this
  enjoy throughout Las Vegas. However, there is another means a high quality product at a reasonable price. The
  30% of the cow that includes Flat Irons, Skirt Steaks, remaining 50% of the cow goes into ground. Considered
                                                            a problem by some commodity based producers, we
                                                            look at it as an opportunity to put American-style Kobe
                                                            into everyone’s hands. Having been on QVC with our
                                                            Burger and Brat packages, thousands of Americans
                                                            (and some international) clients have enjoyed Montana
                                                            Wagyu at a reasonable price.

                                                              We take seriously the Idea of “What Goes into the Cow
                                                              shows up on the Plate.” To that end, there are three
                                                              things we do differently. First, we raise our cattle on
                                                              pesticide-free hay and alfalfa. Second, where other
                                                              producers will finish their cows for only one month,
                                                              we finish ours on full grains for three to four months.
                                                              Third, we don’t use hormones or antibiotics on our
                                                              cattle. Finally, we dry age the entire cow for 28-32
                                                              days. In essence, only the best of the best cows make it
                                                              to our clients.

                                                                      For More Information Contact
                                                                            James D. Gannett
                                                               (702) 232-2972 •

8 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I October 2011                                      
                                                                                                                WHAT’S BREWING

  By Bob Barnes                  J’s Hosts Belgian Beer Dinner                      The final dessert course was BJ’s newest cookie flavor,
                                 BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse recently               the Red Velvet Pizookie. We were offered a choice of
                                 featured the beers of the Belgian Bavik            Wittekerke Framboise served by itself or blended with
                                 Brewery with a five-course beer dinner at all      BJ’s Tatonka Stout. I tried both and preferred the blend
                          three of its Southern Nevada locations. I attended the    with the stout. The sweetness in the cookie was an
                          dinner at the Henderson BJ’s where General Manager        excellent companion to the sweetness in the frambois.
                          Kris Kent welcomed the sold out gathering and             As usual, the price for this feast was only a paltry $30.
                          introduced each beer and pairing it was served with.
                          First up was Crispy-Thin Fries served with dipping        Big Dog’s Brewing on the Move
Bob Barnes is a native    sauces of lemon garlic aioli, chipotle aioli and catsup   Big Dog’s Brewing will be the beer sponsor for
Las Vegan, associate      served alongside the 5.3% pilsner-style BJ’s Blonde.      the 15th Annual Bite of Las Vegas Food & Music
editor of The Las Vegas
Food & Beverage           This light easy-drinking beer was a perfect match for     Festival on Saturday, October 15 at Desert Breeze
Professional, regional    the fries and the generous amounts of garlic that they    Park in Las Vegas. Look for the Big Dog’s beer tent,
correspondent for         were interspersed with.                                   featuring their beers, along with Tenaya Creek and
Celebrator Beer News
and covers the LV         Seared Ahi with Asian slaw paired with Wittekerke         Great Basin’s brews. Brewmaster Dave Otto will
restaurant scene for      Wit Bier, which Kris related was originally brewed        tap his Bitches Brew Pumpkin Ale, made with real                by monks in Hoegaarden in Flanders. The ahi,                  pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices, just in time for
He welcomes your          accompanied with wasabi, ginger and soy, tasted                Halloween and Thanksgiving dinner. Big Dog’s
inquiries.                extremely fresh and of a high grade.                           has some big news; an expansion is planned for
  Email:                  Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta was matched                       early 2012 that will allow for more of its beer to             with Petrus Oud Bruin, a brew that is aged for                  be enjoyed by the masses. Current plans include
                          20 months in oak barrels. This vegetarian pasta                 adding four 30 bbl tanks to the existing system,
                          is a very flavorful new menu item featuring                     which will triple the existing output; installation
                          rotini noodles tossed with red pepper, green                    of a small bottling line for 22 oz. bomber bottling
                          beans, tarragon, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and                 of specialty brews and additional keg and pony
                          kalamata olives mixed with a light vegetable                    keg capacity for sale at Big Dog’s locations
                          broth and topped with pine nuts, fresh basil,                    and select retail outlets; and installation of an
                          Parmesan cheese and parsley. This dish is big
                                                                                            outdoor patio, festival plaza and beer garden
                          in flavor but low in calories, logging in at only
                          525 calories.                                                      at the Big Dog’s Draft House location to
                                                                                              facilitate outdoor dining, entertainment and
                          A palate cleanser of Petrus Aged Pale was                             beer drinking under the stars (late 2012).
                          poured, a 7.3% abv intensely sour golden
                                                                                                 The brewery tanks and bottling systems
                          blonde with nutty and oaky characteristics,
                                                                                                 have been ordered and installation is
                          thanks to its being aged in wood for 24-
                          30 months. This is a beer that you either                               expected to take place in January.
                          love or can barely tolerate. Count me in                                Beer Spotlight
                          the love group, as I couldn’t get enough
                                                                                                  This month the spotlight shines on Salt
                          of this beer.
                                                                                                  Lake City’s Uinta Brewing Company’s
                          The Gourmet Five Meat Pizza                                              Oak Jacked Imperial Wood-Aged
                          emboldened with Italian sausage, ham,                                    Pumpkin Ale, a new addition to its
                          pepperoni, meatballs and salami was                                      Crooked Line. A seasonal beer that
                          complemented with the equally bold
                                                                                                   will be available through the pumpkin-
                          Camaraderie, a collaborative beer
                          brewed at the Bavik brewery with the                                     honoring holidays, this jacked up version
                          help of BJ’s own Sr. Vice President of                                   of a pumpkin spice ale is aged in oak for
                          Brewing Operations Alex Puchner.                                         six months and boasts an abv of 10.31%
                          This 8% hoppy ale is a blend of Bavik’s                                  (a tribute to the date of Halloween). So
                          tripel and aged sour pale ale. Alex made                                 much for the myth that Utah beers are
                          the trip to the brewery in Belgium to                                    wimpy! Think pumpkin beer on steroids.
                          oversee the hopping of this special                                      This beer packs a punch of flavor and
                          beer that utilizes American Amarillo                                   alcohol and the spices you enjoy in a
                          hops. Belgian brewers are not known for                          pumpkin pie are married with subtle nuances
                          using much hops and the Bavik brewers had never           of vanilla and bourbon notes. The label is literally a
                          before brewed with American hops. Not surprisingly,       work of art, designed by Salt Lake City artist Trent
                          they couldn’t believe the copious amounts Alex was
                                                                                    Call. Look for it at retail stores that carry a worthy
                          adding to the brew. Cameraderie represents the first
                                                                                    craft beer selection.
                          collaboration beer ever brewed by the brewers at
                          Bavik or BJ’s, and hopefully won’t be the last.           As always, great beer happens in Vegas!                                                               October 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 9

A Bit about Olive Oil
  Like wine, extra virgin olive oil is a product of a natural fruit,   to aromatic and spectacularly complex oils that can turn a
                                                                                                                                         By Les Kincaid

  the quality and character of which is largely dependent on           simple dish into something special just by giving it a splash.
  the climate. And like the grape vine, there are many different
  varieties of olive, each producing olive oils with distinctive       So what makes a good extra virgin olive oil? High quality
  style and character. Varieties like Arbequina that hails from        oils can be just about any conceivable color – from emerald
  Catalonia, produces sweet fruity oil; the fragrant Frantoio,         green through to golden yellow. However, what distinguishes
  spicy Leccino and bitter Moraiolo from Tuscany; the aromatic         a great extra virgin is its layers of aromas and complexity of
  Koroneiki from Greece; and the world’s most prolific yet             flavor. The palate complexity of olive oil comes in part from
  great varieties, Picual from Spain, one of my favorite oils.         two unusual characteristics specific to extra virgin olive oil;   Les Kincaid is a
  Extra virgin olive oil is one that has been extracted from           bitterness and pepperiness. Most extra virgin olive oils have     food, wine, and
  fresh, good quality olives solely using a mechanical process         some bitterness and many also produce a peppery tickle at         golf expert and
  of some sort. The mechanism may be a press, but these                the back of the throat. This throat catching sensation is not     cookbook author. He
  days nearly all extra virgin olive oil produced throughout           unlike what you get from eating ginger or mild chili. Both the
  the world is extracted by the action of spinning the lighter                                                                           hosts a nationally
                                                                       bitterness and pepperiness of extra virgin olive oils is caused
  oil away from the heavier water and ‘olive bits’ using a high                                                                          syndicated wine
                                                                       by the health giving naturally occurring substances found in
  speed centrifuge. Have you ever made orange juice at home                                                                              radio show each
                                                                       extra virgin oil called polyphenols. Finally, outstanding extra
  using one of those juicing machines? You just put the fruit                                                                            Thursday from
                                                                       virgin oils display a harmony of olive fruitiness, bitterness
  in and the juice comes out. You didn’t add anything or do            and pepperiness. But above all, excellent olive oils are          7 to 8 pm. You can
  anything special. Well that’s how extra virgin olive oil is          pristinely fresh showing vibrant lively fresh fruit characters    enjoy his website or
  made. It’s just that in this case, the juice is oily. The color      without any hints of tiredness or fattiness.                      his broadcast at
  of the oil is based on the specie of olive, not its quality.                                                                 
                                                                       Be sure to buy your olive oil from a purveyor that has a good
                                                                                                                                         or email
                                                                       turnover in oil. Olive oil has a pretty short shelf life, about
  It would be tempting to think that all oil that is labeled                                                                   
  “extra virgin” is of the highest quality. Unfortunately this is      6-8 months from the time it was bottled, if kept in a cool dark
  not the case. By international convention, olive oils labeled        place, and not the refrigerator either.
                                                                                                                                         FOLLOW ME ON
  as extra virgin are free of any undesirable flavors and have         Buy in fairly small quantities and use it up; that insures your   FACE & TWITTER
  some degree of olive fruitiness. While these minimal quality         olive oil will likely be tasty and not rancid. The majority of
  requirements ensure that the oil won’t detract from your             olive oils found in stores in America are rancid. That isn’t
  food, they really don’t give a guarantee that the oil will be of     going to make you sick, but it tastes awful. Remember the
  premium quality either. So within the extra virgin category          fact it says extra virgin does not mean it’s high quality oil.
  you will find a range of qualities from rather bland oils through    Find one you like and stay with it.                               leskincaid

                             Las Vegas’ Largest Specialty Italian
                             Food Distributor and Italian Market
                                           Celebrating over 30 years of service
               High Quality Italian Foods &
                    Personal Service
      Siena Foods is the largest Italian specialty foods
      importer and wholesaler in the Las Vegas metro area.
      Our customers consist of Southern Nevada’s many
      delis, restaurants and hotel & casino properties. Siena
      Foods, serving the Las Vegas community since 1979.
      Let us put our experience to work for you.
                                   702-871-8616 • 1335 E. Sunset Road, Suite A • Las Vegas, NV 89119

10 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I October 2011                                                                         
T R O P I C A NA   October 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 11
              DINING NEWS                         The Venetian and The Palazzo will present        the general admission line and gain instant
                                                  the second Festivino, a celebration of           unlimited access to seven different nightlife
                                                  Bordeaux all month in October with special       experiences for one night.
                                                  menus and offers.                                Comedian Rodney Carrington will return
                                                      ENTERTAINMENT NEWS                           to the MGM Grand’s Hollywood Theatre
                                                  “Name That Tune Live!” new at the                Oct. 25-30 and Dec. 4-10 coinciding with the
                                                  Imperial Palace is an up-to-date iconic          Professional Bull Riders World Finals and
                                                  daytime game show with 100 participants          the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.
                                                  having the chance to win cash and prizes.                     QUICK CLIPS
                                                  Chris Phillips and Marley Taylor of Zowie        The Flying Saucer AREA 52 has opened in
                                                  Bowie guide contestants.                         Boulder City featuring the alien souvenirs and
  Replacing Sherwood Café, rock band              Caesars Entertainment is planning an             extraterrestrial items.
  Lynyrd Skynyrd will open its first BBQ          entertainment and dining corridor anchored       The Michael Jackson Experience featuring
  restaurant and late night club modeled after    by a giant Ferris wheel on the Las Vegas         three wax figures is on-display at Madame
  “Hell House,” the tin shack where they lived    Strip. The observation wheel and 190,000         Tussauds through Dec. 27.
  in their days, at the Excalibur in December.    square feet of shops and restaurants will
                                                  be built between the Imperial Palace and         The new “Famous Vegas Wedding Chapel”
  Replacing Lucky Strike at the Rio,                                                               has opened in the Gold Key Center currently
  construction is beginning on the new            Flamingo and open in 2013.
                                                                                                   under rejuvenation on the Strip.
  Chinese restaurant called KJ’s to open in       Seven-time Grammy Award winner Gladys
  December.                                       Knight has extended her engagement at the        In mid-October, The Chuck Jones Experience
                                                  Tropicana through this year.                     interactive exhibit will open at Circus Circus.
  Former mayor Oscar Goodman will                                                                  Jones was the Academy Award animator with
  open “Oscar’s,” a steakhouse with his           Cirque du Soleil is planning major changes       characters like Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner
  memorabilia inside the famous glass dome        to “Viva Elvis” at Aria. The show’s biographic   and Pepé le Pew.
  at the remodeled Plaza downtown.                nature will be drastically cut and changed
                                                  into a more traditional Cirque acrobatic         The rooftop nightclub at Chateau Nightclub &
  The Barrymore is a grand new restaurant                                                          Gardens at Paris has opened.
  dramatic in décor at The Royal Resort on        production, with acts from the show “Zed” in
  Convention Center Drive that’s open for         Japan that’s closing.                            The Riviera opened the only bingo room on
  breakfast, lunch and dinner with empty                                                           the Strip with six sessions daily.
  movie reels on the ceiling.
  The Heart Attack Grill known for its
  8,000-calorie Quadruple Bypass Burger
  will open downtown at Neonopolis this year.
  Central Michel Richard at Caesars Palace
  has opened with 220 seats inside, 80
  outside and 75 at the bar marking the first
  time a James Beard award-winning chef is
  helming a 24-hour dining experience.
  Landry’s Inc., owner of the Golden Nugget
  and Rainforest Cafe, is now managing the
  Beso restaurant in CityCenter.                  Grammy-winning trio Lady Antebellum with
  The Range Steakhouse at Harrah’s with           the release of a new album will stop at Hard
  145 different wines from around the world       Rock’s The Joint inside on Nov. 18 with its
  and nearly 7,000 bottles of wine has received   “Own The Night 2011 Tour.”
  the coveted 2011 Award of Excellence            “Body & Soul” starring song and dance
  selected by “Wine Spectator.”                   man Rick Faugno, the original Las Vegas
  The Golden Nugget’s second Fall Beer            Frankie Valli for “Jersey Boys,” has
  Festival, Oct. 14-15, will have hundreds of     returned to the Hilton’s Shimmer Cabaret
  beers featured in two different events: the     with performances every Monday.                  Reality star, Laura Croft from E!’s “Holly’s
  All American Craft Beer Tasting and a           Caesars Entertainment has introduced             World” has launched Night School 4 Girls at
  traditional Oktoberfest Pool Party.             an All Night Pass allowing guests to skip        the Excalibur.
12 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I October 2011                                                              
Your Personal ChefBy Chef Brian

                                             This 2011 October LVFNB               The first salmon dish is a pan-
                                             edition is dedicated to seafood,      seared filet with a Meyer lemon
                                             which is perfect because seafood      & caper beurre-blanc sauce,
                                             is one of my favorite topics and      olive oil roasted red potatoes,
                                             choices for dinner…I have been
                                             very selective lately and have        steamed vegetables and a very
                                             been very lucky to have a great       nice glass of white wine. This is
                                             fishmonger whom I can call and        a simple, delicious and elegant
                                             get the best available seafood in     dish; the only component that
                                             the desert. Line-caught Alaskan       takes real skillful preparation
                                             King Salmon and Sockeye               is the beurre-blanc. This sauce
                                             Salmon have been my favorite
                                                                                   is started in a sauce pot. For 2
                                             choices over the past few weeks.
                                             I love Sockeye because of its         fillets, add one cup of a nice
                                             high omega-3 essential oils and       white wine, about a teaspoon
                                             King because of its large size        of fine chopped shallots, a
                                             and sweet flavor; just don’t          little Meyer lemon zest and 2
                                             overcook them because salmon          tablespoons of the lemon juice
                                             has a tendency to dry out very        and a teaspoon of the caper
                                             fast and then it becomes “not-
                                                                                   juice. Reduce over medium heat
                                             so-nice” on the palate and loses
                                             most of its flavor.                   till it reduces “au sec,” meaning
                                                                                   almost dry. Turn off the heat and
 The three dishes I chose to write about are my two favorite salmon dishes
                                                                                   whisk in about 4 tablespoons of
 and a Lobster Canapé with Truffled Brandade Potatoes.
                                                                                   sweet unsalted butter and add a couple teaspoons of caper berries (non-
 The appetizer course is the Lobster Canapé. Start by making the Brandade          peril). Keep warm and serve over salmon and potatoes, with sea salt and
 Potatoes. Bacalla is traditionally used; this is a salt-dried cod fish. It must
                                                                                   white pepper to taste.
 be soaked in water for a couple hours or several hours, depending on
 its dryness. When the cod is soft, dry it well and flake it off with a fork;      The second salmon dish is a King Salmon Filet wrapped with smoked
 this should be done to a fine-consistency. Then set aside and reserve.            bacon, sliced tomatoes, scallions and fresh chopped tarragon served on a
 Secondly, simmer baby red potatoes, skin on, till completely cooked. Dry          bed of baby spinach and sauced with Asian sweet chile sauce and a ginger
 well and run through a food mill, and season to taste with sea salt, white
                                                                                   crème. First marinade the salmon for about 20 minute in olive oil, tarragon
 pepper, shaved white truffle (or black truffle, both are great), white truffle
 oil, Pomace Olive Oil and fold in the flaked Bacalla. Treat the lobster           and juice from “sushi-style” pickled ginger (reserve the marinade). For
 portion of the canapé like a crab cake but made with lobster. In a bowl           each filet, lay out 3 strips of bacon slightly overlapping each other. On the
 add fine minced scallions, red bell peppers, Old Bay Seasoning, panko             fish lay thin sliced tomatoes and long strips of scallions and roll tightly
 bread crumbs and lobster meat. Fold gently and bind it together with a            with the bacon. Either pan-sear or put on your “George Foreman” type
 little whole-egg mayonnaise. Make several ¼ ounce medallions and                  grill and cook till bacon is crisp. In a sauce pan, put the marinade, a little
 freeze. When frozen, sauté in butter & olive oil till golden brown and set        more pickled ginger and juice, a bit of lime juice, and heavy cream and a
 aside. In a proportionate-sized small ring mold cut out several small slices
 of flax-seed bread, layer each piece with a little Brandade Potato, add           little corn starch slurry. While simmering, season with sea salt and white
 another little lobster cake and repeat. Garnish with thin shoots of lemon         pepper to taste and then puree the sauce and strain though a fine chinoise.
 and cucumber, drizzle with truffle oil and on the plate add a little bit of       Place crispy Smoked-Bacon-Salmon on a bed of baby spinach and drizzle
 spicy harissa-style chile sauce.                                                  the two sauces over and serve immediately.

      I would like to add special thanks to all my clients who voted in THUMBTACK.COM Nation Service Review; I was
   voted Top Personal Chef and Caterer in Las Vegas 2011. So as always, please write me with your comments and any
         requests for personal chef services. Please review my website for details.                                                                             October 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 13
   Dried spices, herbs, & seasonings are not immune to E. coli and Salmonella.
          All Al Dentes’ products are processed, cleaned, & bacteria treated in the
                        United States to US health & safety standards.

                Spice purchases make up less than 1/2% of your food
                       cost and contribute 90% of your flavor.
 Al Dentes’ believes that our quick turnover from packing to end user enables us to offer the
                safest & freshest product available to the foodservice industry.

                                                        All Products Processed in the USA.
Custom Blended, Packaged, & Distributed Locally with the Highest Quality Products Available.

 Al Dentes’ mission is simple: Provide our customers the best, safest products and service
    available at the lowest prices possible. We take pride in being a Las Vegas company
                       committed to safe, fresh, & high quality products.
                                 S’ PRO

                                                        Al Dentes’ Provisions
                           NTE UFF” VISIO

                         DEREAT ST


                                                        6960 W Warm Springs Road, Suite 130

                                                                                              702-617-5686 fax

                                                        Las Vegas, Nevada 89113
                                               S, N


                                                                                             Restaurant R eview

                                                                 Crab Corner
                                                                                                      By Shelley Stepanek

 Hungry for a taste of back East? Maybe for some Blue
 Crabs, or fries with vinegar? Well now you can feel right
 at home, or maybe try something you’ve never had.
 Longtime fishermen, brothers Mark and John Smollen, have
 opened Crab Corner right here in Vegas. Born and raised
 in Maryland, with a deep history of all things in the ocean,
 these brothers do everything in their new establishment.
 Having fished for years, worked in restaurants, cooked
 and cleaned the product themselves and pulling in all the
 family to help, this is a great success story. With the extra
 help of John being an accountant, they have covered all the
 bases. Located at 4161 S. Eastern Ave, close to Flamingo,
 this restaurant is the closest thing to heaven, or should I
 say Maryland? Mark moved here six years ago to establish
 Nevada Seafood Wholesalers, and is the only supplier of
 fresh Blue Crab to all the high end restaurants in the city.
 They also stock Alaska King Crab, Canadian Snowcrab,
 and Oregon Oysters. Late last year, brother John decided
 to relocate and voilà! Crab Corner was born. Every day
 2 shipments arrive from back East, and up to 15 bushels
 of crab a week go thru Crab Corner. Another 45 bushels
 are delivered to his clients from his wholesale business.
 Bluecrabs can be bought by the dozen.

 All of the recipes are from the family, from potato salad
 aka Grandma’s recipes to the incredible lobster bisque. Big
 bowls of hand cut fries, cooked in peanut oil, have a unique
 flavor. With bottles of old-style sharp vinegar and a taste
 of ketchup, there is nothing even close around to match
 this taste. The crab dip on toastettes, is 92% crab, versus
 the typical restaurants that have up to 50% of filler. The
 crab soup with vegetables is another family recipe passed
 down. The atmosphere is friendly and the place is filled with
 regulars. Once you have been here, there is no place else to
 go when you get that feeling of wanting a really fulfilling
 seafood experience.

            Open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. please, don’t miss this unique place.
               702-489-4646                                                     October 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 15
                                                           Executive chef
                                                           The hard rock hotel
                                                           35 Steaks + Martinis, LTO,
                                                           Johnny Smalls & Pink Taco

                                                                Culinary Director
                                                                Mario Batali’s
                                                                Carnevino, B&B Ristorante &
                                                                Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

                                                                   Culinary Director
                                                                   Emeril’s Las Vegas
                                                                   Table 10, New Orleans Fish
                                                                   House & Lagasse Stadium

16 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I October 2011                  
Three Chefs’ Views on Sustainable
 Shrimp from Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp
 Kurtess Mortensen                                   Zach Allen                                               Sean Roe
 In looking towards the future, Hard Rock            Being the first (and only 3 restaurants) in Las          The Blue Oasis Shrimp works well for our menu
 Hotel Las Vegas is always looking for ways          Vegas that are certified green, the Blue Oasis           because they align with our core menu concept
 to emphasize our commitment to delivering           Shrimp fits well into our menus. With Blue Oasis’        of buying local fresh high quality products,
 a culinary product and dining experience that       ideas of less water usage, production of their           which is always the right start to creating any
 emphasizes integrity, as much as the fun and        own algae for food and their use of old shipping         dish. They differ in how amazingly fresh they
 excitement the property is known for. When our      containers as tanks, obviously our two companies         are and its sweet flavor.
 guests think about the Hard Rock Hotel, they        have many of the same goals for the environment.         They support our efforts just by being here. Any
 should remember their experiences as unique         All of the above is important, but philosophy            other shrimp comes from thousands of miles
 and over-the-top. Pairing this search for an        doesn’t sell itself, the taste in the plate does. Blue   from Las Vegas and are frozen and stored until
 insanely great experience with a commitment         Oasis Shrimp has a super sweet flavor and a great        use. Blue Oasis is harvested and delivered the
 to responsibility in product choices makes Blue     texture that is not found in a farm-raised shrimp.       same day, only 25 miles from our restaurants.
 Oasis Pure Shrimp an ideal choice. It is unique     If we can cut down on transportation, lowering
 in our market and over-the-top fresh, sustainable   the carbon footprint, all parties involved benefit.
 and responsible. This kind of product represents    Also, with the growth of their own algae, Blue
 the realization of the promise of brighter things   Oasis compared to many other farmed shrimp,
 to come that chefs in this market have been         is not destroying coastlines by adding too many
 waiting for.                                        nutrients.

 Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp™
 sustainable head-on Pure Shrimp Grown Fresh in Las Vegas
 EXCEPTIONAL TASTE & FRESHNESS Blue Oasis Pure shrimP tastes exceptional. With controlled diets and fresh delivery
 available, Blue Oasis is able to ensure both flavor and firmness with every shipment.
 One of the competitive advantages Blue Oasis Pure shrimP enjoys is the ability to deliver fresh, never-frozen product within hours
 of harvest. This ensures that only the highest-quality product reaches restaurants, and allows chefs and their establishments to use and
 promote the freshest shrimp on the market.
 100% NATURALLY GROWN Blue Oasis Pure shrimP are                                 FRESH RAW SHRIMP The purity and freshness of Blue Oasis
 100% naturally grown. Although currently no “USDA certified organic”            Pure shrimP allows chefs to create dishes such as Shrimp Crudo,
 certification for any seafood products exists, Blue Oasis shrimp are raised     Shrimp Ceviche and Sashimi Shrimp, all of which can be safely served
 using all organic methods.                                                      with confidence.
 NO CHEMICALS, NO ANTIBIOTICS & MERCURY-FREE                                     WHOLE HEAD-ON SHRIMP In the food service industry, most
 Blue Oasis Pure shrimP are the only farmraised shrimp available that            of the shrimp product available to chefs arrives in a frozen blocks of ice
 are 100% all natural with no antibiotics, pesticides, or preservatives.         containing headless shrimp that have been frozen twice. The fact that chefs
 Neither Blue Oasis Pure shrimP nor any part of their feed has been              can now take delivery of whole, head-on shrimp represents a significant
 genetically altered. Instead, all feed comes from natural sources and           enhancement to their individual culinary repertoires. Whole, unfrozen
 remains biodegradable, residue-free, and devoid of all drugs or antibiotics.    shrimp provide an unquestionably superior flavor profile, accenting the true
                                                                                 shrimp flavor and enhancing any dish in which they are used.
 SUSTAINABLE Blue Oasis Pure shrimP brand supports ongoing
 education related to the effects of overfishing and the damage it has caused    Since shrimp have traditionally been considered transporters of other
 our oceans. Blue Oasis applauds the efforts of sustainability proponents        flavors they absorb, most chefs assume that the shrimp in a dish are never
 such as the the Monterey Bay Aquarium and its Seafood Watch Program.            really contributing their own flavor. According to the chefs who have
                                                                                 tested the Blue Oasis product, by cooking our shrimp with the heads on,
                                                                                 the shrimp shell creates a deep level of additional flavor in every dish.
                                                                                 Cooking with head-on shrimp also allows chefs to create a myriad of new
                                                                                 options for creative and forward thinking food presentation. Presenting
                                                                                 shrimp with the heads on also reinforces the freshness of the product.
                                                                                 Although the head-on presentation will be new to many US customers
                                                                                 outside of the finest restaurants, Asians and Europeans have been utilizing
                                                                                 this method for years. Most European and Asian dining customers are
                                                                                 aware that the heads represent a special delicacy to be savored and enjoyed.
                                                                                 Finally, the use of the heads and shells also make for a wonderful stock
                                                                                 reduction to create shrimp bisque or act as a base for other seafood sauces.
                                                                                 LIVE SHRIMP For true connoisseurs, Blue Oasis Pure shrimP
                                                                                 also sells whole live shrimp. Please inquire regarding the current
                                                                                 availability of live shrimp.
 Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp Director/Vice President Frank Deluca and                 For information on serving this extraordinary product in your
 Executive Chefs Zack Allen, Kurtess Mortensen and Sean Roe.                     restaurant, contact Frank Deluca at (702) 463-0500, ext 13.                                                                            October 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 17

             The Forever Endless Harvest™ of

                      grown local – served fresh ™

        fresh, sustainable head-on Pure Shrimp™
            available at these fine restaurants:

    Mario Batali’s Carnevino, B&B Ristorante & Otto Enoteca Pizzeria
Emeril Lagasse’s Table 10, New Orleans Fish House & Lagasse Stadium
Hard Rock Hotel’s 35 Steaks + Martinis, Johnny Smalls, Pink Taco & LTO
  Nove • The Country Club • Aureole • Sensi • Dos Caminos • Fiamma

              visit our web site for an updated restaurant listing

             Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp
             (702) 463-0500 •
                          35 SteakS + MartiniS Unveiled at the hard rock
                          By Chandra Paige
                                             When I first got the invite for the private event at 35 Steaks + Martinis from Karen Davis, the
                                             group dining manager of the restaurants in the Hard Rock Hotel, I jokingly said to a friend,
                                             “Does this mean there are 35 kinds of steaks and 35 kinds of martinis to choose from?” He just
                                             gave me a funny look, most likely because he was wondering the same thing. But I fessed up
                                             and said, “35 is how many days they age the beef.”
                                             Since the location is in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, I knew I could go there looking a
                                             little bit “rock and roll” and was very much looking forward to trying out what was in store for
                                             the evening. I also had done my usual no eating all day, knowing I will stuff myself silly. By
                                             the time I entered the restaurant I was hunting for food.
                                             It was quickly assessed as walking in; it wasn’t going to be what I had expected. On the left
                                             is a large glassed-in wine cellar where you can admire all the bottles and where they came
                                             from; on the immediate right, a bar that serves what I can say is the best gimlet I have ever
                                             had. Okay, so I have never actually had a gimlet, but I was informed that it is usually made
                                             with vodka, but they gave it a makeover with gin. I am not a gin lady, but it was so refreshing,
                                             with all the fresh slices of cucumbers bordering inside the glass, I would have never thought
                                             gin was in the cocktail. The other signature drink is the Spicy Serrano Martini, so for all the
                                             spicy food lovers, rejoice there is a drink served here for you with a kick that is very flavorful.
                                             The décor of 35 Steaks and Martinis features draping lights from the ceilings and lights in art
                                             like sculptures on the walls. Elegant, but considering it is after all, in the Hard Rock Hotel, it
                                             still had just a bit of an edgy flair.
                                             A beautiful ice sculpture with the restaurant’s name carved into it showed us where to go
                                             for all the seafood. In fact, the tabletop was also ice, displaying already cracked and opened
                                             crab legs, crab claws, shrimp and oysters on the half shell. I loved how fresh everything was,
                                             and the crab claws were already exposing their wonderful meat without me having to work
                                             at getting to it. The servers walked around us with other things to try: prosciutto wrapped
                                             around thin bread sticks, most tender and perfectly medium rare baby lamb chops, bruschetta
                                             with a wedge of tomato, basil and genius blue cheese whip and sliders on pretzel buns just to
                                             name a few. Desserts included white and dark chocolate covered strawberries, white and dark
                                             chocolate lollipops, chocolate cups filled with white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse
                                             topped with mini sugar cookies, cups filled with custard topped with mini chocolate cookies
                                             and many lovely bite-size fruit tarts of blackberries, strawberries and mandarin oranges.
                                             Phat Strad Electric String Quartet, managed by Roby Turner, was the music entertainment for
                                             the evening. Four gorgeous women playing classical string instruments such as the violin, they
                                             played modern music, no sleepy elevator music in this venue! The women even stepped off
                                             the stage and walked through the crowd while still playing. They were amazing, and of course,
                                             very pleasant to look at.
                                             The executive chef for all of Hard Rock’s restaurants, Kurtess Mortensen, and assistant
                                             executive chef, Charles Clark, were making sure everything went smoothly for the evening. I
                                             had asked Kurtess if he slept much with his responsibilities for all the restaurants. His response
                                             was, “Very little.” But he loves what he does. The chef for 35 is Chris Noble, and the pastry
                                             chef is Thomas Bell, who made the grand finale cake for the evening. The cake was a huge
                                             replica of the Tomahawk Steak, their signature steak, which was actually a red velvet layered
                                             cake with cream cheese frosting.
                                             I was told to get a party favor on the way out, a beautiful limited edition bottle of California
                                             sparkling Brut dipped in a black coating with Steaks + Martinis in white written on it and a
                                             large sparkly 35, of course by Swarovski, in a silver netted bag!
                                             A lively party, great vibe of the crowd, delicious food and attentive staff made it a successful
                                             event. The hard work of everyone involved, which is many people, to make the evening
                                             happen has to be a group of people that have great working relationships and similar visions,
                                             which were clearly displayed at this event. I’m looking forward to going back for dinner in the
                                             very near future!
Photos by Chandra Paige

                                                        October 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 19

  Affordable Luxury Found at Loews                                                                                                        By Bob Barnes

                    Lake Las Vegas
                                                                     motif are on display with Moroccan hanging lamps adding to
                                                                     an elegant, yet relaxed ambience.
                                                                     This AAA Four-Diamond award-winning restaurant is
                                                                     masterfully led by Master Executive Chef Osamu “Fuji”
                                                                     Fujita. In 2003, he received recognition from the Japanese        Bob Barnes is a native
                                                                     Chef Association in Tokyo as a Master Chef and received the        Las Vegan, associate
                                                                     Highest Achievement Award for the year 2008. Chef Fuji is        editor of The Las Vegas
                                                                     one of only eight Master Sushi Chefs in the U.S.                        Food & Beverage
                                                                     Chef Fuji’s creativity is evidenced by his trademark Tuna          Professional, regional
                                                                     cocktail---cubes of spicy tuna, dressed with a delicious Maui           correspondent for
                                                                     onion-black pepper vinaigrette that arrives with dramatic         Celebrator Beer News
  My wife and I, along with our two golden retrievers, recently                                                                             and covers the LV
  enjoyed a getaway to Loews Lake Las Vegas. The location,           flair; the dish is served atop steaming dry ice with a green
                                                                     hue and apple aroma that are compliments of an addition of           restaurant scene for
  17 miles from the Vegas Strip and only two miles from the                                                                              
  entrance to Lake Mead National Recreation Area, made it            Midori melon liqueur.
  a short jaunt, but what we experienced made us feel as if          An array of sushi rolls and sashimi are available, such as            He welcomes your
  we had traveled to an oasis far from the bustle of the big         my favorite, the Tiger---tempura shrimp, avocado, snow                        inquiries.
  city. Our immediate impression was that of luxury without          crab, spicy tuna and sweet eel sauce. An artistic touch is the
  a luxurious price. The views of the lake are superb, and the       accompanying wasabi molded into the shape of a leaf and           Email:
  immaculately groomed grounds work together to paint a              ginger assembled in the form of a flower.                  
  picture of elegance and serenity.
                                                                     Fruits of the sea are also showcased in entrées such as the
  Loews is truly a pet-friendly hotel and goes the extra mile        Yuzu Chilean Sea Bass with spicy miso sauce and risotto;
  to make you and your furry family members feel at home.            Opakapaka Lau Lau-Hawaiian Crimson Snapper with
  Upon checking in you are presented with a gift of water and        coconut-ginger cream and banana chutney; and Whole
  food bowls and a floor mat, and there’s even a room service        Maine Lobster enhanced with a spicy orange glaze. Meat
  menu with both dog and cat entrees. The pet cleaning fee is        lovers have an opportunity to indulge in Wagyu Kobe steak
  a very reasonable $25.                                             offerings, as well as Colorado Lamb, Seared Duck, Chicken
  The resort’s 493 guest rooms and suites feature sweeping           Pancit and Filet Mignon.
  views of the lake and surrounding mountains and décor in           A true and complete experience of Marssa
  shades of gold, sienna and teal blue. We were made to feel         is the Omakase “Trust the Chef,” a five-
  quite comfortable with the Sealy Posturepedic mattress,            course dining experience created by Chef
  which is standard for all rooms, along with bathroom               Fuji; or the Bento Box, an assortment of
  featuring marble vanities, bathrobes, Lather toiletries, flat      Honey Prawns, Kobe Skewers, Edamame
  screen TV and in-room safe.                                        Dumplings and Chicken Tsukne.
  Want to golf but didn’t bring your equipment? Loews has            An extensive wine list reads like a journey
  you covered with complimentary clubs and shoes provided if         through the ancient spice routes and is
  you choose to golf at its Jack Nicklaus-designed SouthShore        matched with a complete and well-rounded
  Golf Club located only two miles away.                             selection of sake and a list of quality
  For dining, this luxury resort features fine dining at Marssa      Japanese beer.
  Restaurant for a Pacific Rim-inspired menu, Rick’s Café for        Finishing touches to your meal include the
  American cuisine with Mediterranean influences, plus the           Pistachio Crème Brûlée; Layered Coconut
  Arabesque Lounge, Marrakesh Express and SandsaBar & Grill.         Cream Cake topped with wafer chocolate
  Other amenities include a 9,000 square-foot Aveda spa; full-       and strawberries; and the Chevre Tart--
  service beauty salon; children’s camp facility; putting green;     -graham cracker crust filled with a goat
  two pools with spa, water slide and volleyball; fitness center;    cheese custard topped with brandy-infused
  private white sand beach; cabanas; and water activities with       cherries, with the goat cheese acting as a
  rentals of Kayaks, pedal boats, canoes, stand up paddle boards,    perfect counterpart to the sweetness in this
  fishing poles and electric boats. A water taxi transports guests   dessert.
  to MonteLago Village’s casino, shops and restaurants and a         Dining at Marssa means experiencing
  shuttle transports to and from the Vegas Strip.                    unique creations that are prepared using
  The Bounty of the Sea Dished with Artistic Flair at Marssa         techniques deeply rooted in Japanese
                                                                     culture. In the words of Chef Fuji,
  Marssa means “by way of the sea,” and is well named, for its
                                                                     “Fashionable, presentable food is a trend
  menu delivers a fresh assortment of the sea’s bounty sourced
                                                                     right now, but not to forget tradition, I
  from Japan, Hawaii, New Zealand and the Atlantic. The
                                                                     make everything with heart.”
  view is breathtakingly spectacular, thanks to floor to ceiling
  windows offering a panorama of the majestic mountains and          Marssa is open Tuesday through Saturday
  the portion of the lake that Loews Las Vegas is situated on.       from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (last seating at
  An open kitchen, sushi bar and dining room with an Asian           9:30 pm).

                                        Loews - Lake Las Vegas
                            101 Montelago Blvd • Lake Las Vegas, NV
                (702) 567-6125 •

20 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I October 2011                                                                        

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AD_GenHHR_Centenn_BJ4751.indd 1                                                                            5/31/11 2:37 PM
                                                        Sustainable Seafood:
                                   How One Restaurant Greened its Menu
                                                                                                By Jennifer Fleck, Green Restaurant Association

  Bamboo Sushi is a Certified Green Restaurant® based in Portland, OR. It also has the claim of being the first Marine
  Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sushi restaurant in the world. What’s equally impressive is that Bamboo’s
  founder, a 26-year-old visionary, fostered various relationships throughout the industry to ensure that his restaurant
  would run as sustainably as possible.
  So how did he do it?                           on our oceans’ ecosystems and marine             Use your menu as a jumping off point to
                                                 life. Another pressing issue is Bycatch:         start making sustainable seafood choices.
  Bamboo Sushi founder, Kristofor Lofgren,
  sought the best resources available to         the unintended catch of sea turtles, sea         Next, ask yourself where the seafood
  help him put the most sustainable seafood      birds, marine mammals and other sea life         you’re purchasing comes from. Use these
  options on his tables. Working hand-           that gets pulled in during the process of        resources to help you find sustainable
  in-hand with the Marine Stewardship            catching fish.                                   seafood options and U.S. fisheries to
  Council, Monterey Bay Aquarium,                                                                 source your product from:
  Blue Ocean Institute and several other         67% of seafood in the United States is
                                                 being consumed in restaurants. This               Marine Stewardship Council
  organizations, Lofgren is able to give his
  customers exactly what they want…with          fact provides enormous opportunity for            Monterey Bay Aquarium
  a side of sustainability.                      change. Preserving and protecting ocean           Blue Ocean Institute
  Bamboo’s pledge: Using the guidelines          life, and abiding by sustainable fishing
                                                                                                   Seafood Choices Alliance
  established by Monterey Bay Aquarium           methods have proven to be a successful
  and Blue Ocean Institute, the restaurant       business model for Lofgren. Why?                 Remember: food is just one part of your
  will never serve seafood that is on their      Because creating a sustainable business          menu. Seafood only represents some of
  “red,” or “avoid” lists. On the menu at        geared toward protecting its most                the items that might be served on your
  Bamboo you’ll find:                            valuable resources (the menu items!)             menu. Restaurants have many layers,
   Wild Alaskan Salmon                           ensures longevity for the business.              they use many resources and they
                                                                                                  provide many opportunities for change.
   MSC Certified Albacore Tuna                   What can you do today?                           Where there is one sustainable step,
   Canadian Sweet Shrimp                         Start by looking at your menu. Are any of        there’s always another one immediately
   MSC Certified Alaskan Halibut                 your seafood items on the “red” list? If so,     following.
   …and more!                                    can you substitute some of those items           With sustainability and smart business
  You won’t find farmed Salmon or Bluefin        for options on the “green” list?                 always top of mind, Bamboo Sushi went
  Tuna on the menu at Bamboo Sushi. Why?         Some of the popular “red” list fish include:     beyond just their menu and they earned
  Those species (along with many others)                                                          the Green Restaurant Association’s
  are on the “red” list for being over-fished,    Imported Shrimp                                 Certified Green Restaurant® seal in 2008.
  or caught using unsustainable methods.          Farmed Salmon                                   Some of the ways they bring sustainability
  What’s so important about fish-                                                                 full circle include:
  ing sustainably?                                                                                 Using teak wood chopsticks, made from
                                                  Chilean Sea Bass                                 a rapidly renewable resource
  In recent years, seafood has been hyped
  for its lean protein, omega-3 benefits          Atlantic Halibut                                 Full-scale recycling and composting
  and its contribution to heart healthier
                                                  Atlantic Cod                                     Low-flow toilets that help them conserve
  diets. With increased demand for popular
  species, there has been a significant          Try incorporating some          of    these       water
  depletion in fish stocks around the world,     sustainable options instead:                      Energy efficient hand dryers that reduce
  which is harming the health of our oceans.                                                       paper use and save energy
                                                  Pacific Cod
  With nearly 76% of the world’s fish
                                                  U.S. Farmed Shrimp                              For Lofgren, the concept was simple: why
  populations over-fished or fully fished
  out, there is a growing scientific concern                                                      focus so much on sourcing sustainable
                                                  Catfish                                         seafood and protecting the world’s oceans
  that the oceans simply can’t keep up with
  the demand unless sustainable changes           Tilapia, U.S. Farmed                            if the restaurant itself isn’t operating as
  are made. Various industry practices (like                                                      sustainably as possible? Sustainability is a
                                                  Striped Bass                                    direction, not a destination™. One step in
  trawling) are cause for environmental
  concern because they take a major toll          Mahimahi, poll and troll-caught                 the right direction encourages another.
22 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I October 2011                                                           
Green Restaurant Association

          Since 1990

Thinking of Going Green?
       Take a strategic approach.

                a non-profit organization
                  Phone: (617) 737-3344
Cleaner & Sanitizer for Food Contact Surfaces, Beer
Faucets, Beer Keg Couplers, Soda Gun Nozzles, Soda
Dispenser Nozzles, Condiment Dispensers, Tea and
Coffee Dispensers, Juice Dispensers, etc.







5985 Engineer Dr
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
877-617-BEER (2337)
                      Serve the Bounty of the Sea with
                          Great Wine During National
                                      Seafood Month
                         October is National Seafood
                          Month. With the emphasis on
                           great seafood, the question
                            may arise, “What wine
                            should I pair with my seafood
                            dish?” Many answers are          Chardonnay or a lighter                                             By Elaine &
                            available for the seafood        style Pinot Blanc. Also,                                            Scott Harris
                            and wine lover. Let’s begin
                                                             consider matching tastes
                           with some basic food pairing
                                                             and textures of food and
                          knowledge. Wine can enhance
                         any meal to make it memorable       wine, for example acidic
                      to last beyond the immediate fare.     wines with acidic food,
                   Let’s start with the role of color in     or combining texturally
               selecting the right wine. When selecting      smooth and creamy wines with the creamy sauces or
              a wine one would like to consider the          rich dishes. Since there are so many considerations,
                                                                                                                       Elaine Harris, sommelier,
              flavors of the wine with certain fruit or      here are some suggestions that one may find useful        owner of Vino Las Vegas
              vegetable characteristics; for example, a      in pairing seafood and wines. Try ceviche and grilled      LLC and Editor-In-Chief
              green vegetable aroma may be found in a        scallops with a Sauvignon Blanc or dry Riesling or
                                                                                                                              of The Cuisineist.
              cool climate Sauvignon Blanc, which may
                                                             pick up a bottle of Chardonnay or White Burgundy           Scott Harris, sommelier,
               enhance the side dishes of green beans                                                                          President of Vino
                                                             to accompany mussels, lobster or swordfish dishes.
                    or asparagus. In other words, the                                                                     Las Vegas LLC and a
                           colors of all the foods on the    Chardonnay can also pair well with seafood dishes            staff journalist for The
                           plate should be brought into      that are served with creamy sauces. Match an Albarino                    Cuisineist.

                         consideration when selecting        with oysters, sushi and fried shrimp. Try being a bit       Email:
 a wine. One should keep in mind intensity of flavors        adventurous with mouth watering crisp, acidic Rose
 in their wine selection. It is easier to create a more      that can lend refreshing, melon and strawberry notes to
 balanced scenario if the basic ingredients are of equal     many dishes. Red wines should also be considered, such
 strength. Also, decide what function you would like         as Pinot Noirs, Burgundies, and Beaujolais for salmon,
 the wine to perform. Do you wish to enhance the food        shrimp, or tuna dishes. Remember the bubbles for the
 by balancing similar flavors, tastes and textures? Or is    beginning or ending of any great meal. Champagne
 your goal to showcase the food by providing a contrast
                                                             with caviar and fresh oysters is always a winning
 of flavors, tastes and textures? Using the contrasting
                                                             combination. With the onset of online recipes and great
 method is one that is often favored by chefs. Try to look
 at the wine as an extension of the ingredients. If you      chefs abounding, many
 are pairing a salty or cured fish, one could complement     now provide a list of
 with fresh fruit and slight sweetness in a wine. A Pinot    wine pairings that
 Noir along with its cherry, cola, and smoky notes, could    will make any seafood
 pair well with salmon or smoked trout. How the dish         dish a memorable one.
 is prepared is another point of consideration. Will the     Yes, there is much
 dish be steamed, poached, broiled, sautéed or grilled?      to consider for that
 The intensity of the flavors will also be affected by any   perfect seafood and
 sauces you may want to serve with the main protein.
                                                             wine pairing, but with
 For example, scallops with a citrus marinade are to be
                                                             a little research and
 considered much differently than scallops served with
 a beurre blanc sauce. The citrus infused scallops would     insight, one can go
 pair better with a Sauvignon Blanc, while the scallops      from a good meal to a
 served in a butter sauce would do well with an oaky         great one.                                                                  October 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 25
       A unique event dedicated to showcasing food, beverage and hospitality products
       and services to the casino-entertainment industry, featuring:
              • Dedicated Exhibits
              • The Fine Wines & Cocktails Ultra Lounge, sponsored by Southern Wine & Spirits
              • The Ultra Lounge Uniform Fashion Show, sponsored by CINTAS.

   NEW DATE                                       OCTOBER 4-6, 2011
                                                  THE SANDS EXPO AND CONVENTION CENTER
                                                  LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

 NEW VENUE                                        October 3—Social Media Boot Camp—NEW!,
                                                  iGaming Congress, Security & Surveillance Institute,
                                                  Leadership Academy, G2E Advanced Gaming

                                                  October 2-3—National Center for Responsible
                                                  Gaming (NCRG)
                                                  September 30 - October 2—International
  Still at the Center of Gaming.                  Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA)

  Latenight With Ryan
                                                                                                                      By Ryan “Hollywood”
                                   Let’s Make this Annual:
                                   Brew Las Vegas Scores Big
                                   Last April, UNLV announced its first beer festival since the decay
                                   of BRUNLV. The event would be executed side-by-side with UNLV
                                   Beverage Club, Nevada Brewers Guild and The Las Vegas Food and
                                   Beverage Professional. With the announcement of Brew Las Vegas came
                                   many new additions to what people normally think of beer festivals. One
                                   of the greatest additions was the abundance of music entertainment. Local
                                   indie bands The Lips, Red Wine Rewind, Spadoni, Sin Camisas and others
                                   were performing for fan favorite that night. The Lips, led by Charlie               Ryan is a classically
                                   Danger, were announced the winners after they got the crowds fired up               trained chef and a
                                   with their electronic rock songs. The festival was also hosted at the newly         veteran mixologist
                                                                                                                       plying his trade in
                                   revamped boutique hotel, the Royal                                                  Las Vegas. As the
                                   Resort. Royal’s new entertainment                                                   Event Director for
                                   group, AEP, has been setting up            Deals of the Month                       Getout! Las Vegas
                                   local shows and parties for the 20-30      Let’s go back to the Renaissance         he has been involved
                                   something crowd. They were excited         days. Well, we can’t really, but we      with a number of
                                   at the opportunity to host the Beer        can pretend like it. Get dressed up      projects in expanding
                                                                                                                       the Vegas Nightlife
                                   and Music Festival. Once the doors         in the latest fashions from the 1400-
                                   opened on September 16th, it was full      1600’s. If you’re feeling like having
                                   of excitement and fun. The attendees       a really good time, don’t eat for two
                                                                                                                       Call or email
                                   for Brew Las Vegas actually filled         days so you can get prepared for the     suggestions for
                                   up four different parking lots located     festivities. What do most people         nightlife stories
                                   around Royal. Bands were dishing           do, you ask. Well, they simply           or if you have an
                                   out non-stop tunes with the additions      eat tons of food and drink lots of       industry-friendly
                                                                              beer. Who’s not into that? October       event or property
                                   of DJ Sam and DJ-King Kong. The                                                     with latenight
                                   festivities were located inside and        7th-9th, Sunset Park turns into the      hours.
                                   outside throughout the hotel. The          middle ages, equipped with knights,
                                   night ended with a live dating game        horses, turkey legs, and wine served         Phone:
                                   that paired a fraternity boy with a beer   in goblets. Get your free tickets now          714-721-2670
                                   girl. If you missed this year’s Brew       using the link below.
                                   Las Vegas, make sure you attend next                Email:
                                   year’s. The event organizers of the        bowl-park/age-of-chivalry-     
                                   festival announced that they will be       renaissance-festival
                                   continuing the tradition in late 2012.

 Sindustry: The Lowdown on Vegas
 Nightclubs Industry Night
                                                                                Must-Attend Nightlife List
 Next Month, the Sindustry guide will be announced. However,
                                                                                 October 3rd
 this month here are a couple options if you are looking for the                 Suit up and Rock Out
 Industry Night at your nearest night club.                            
 Sunday - Vanity                                                                 October 15th
 Monday – Marquee and Jet                                                        Lavo Champagne Brunch Launch
 Tuesday – Lavo and Chateau
                                                                                 October 29th
 Wednesday - Gallery                                                             Fetish and Fantasy Ball
 Thursday – TAO and Tryst                                                                                                        October 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 27
  Wine Talk
      with Alice Swift
  St. Francis Interview, Part 1
  St. Francis Winery, Sonoma, California

  This month’s St. Francis interview will be one of a two-part interview. This month we will focus
  on an introduction to the winery and Christopher Silva (President and CEO), and next month will
  include continued interviews with Christopher Silva (President and CEO) and Heather Munden
  (Artisan Winemaker), and the scoop on their harvest for this year. St. Francis Winery in Sonoma,
  California, has over 600 acres of vineyards, as well as having working relationships with nearby
  vineyards. In addition to the practice of fully handpicking all of their grapes, St. Francis has also
  begun the movement towards the green conservation practice. In 2004, St. Francis installed a solar
  panel system on the roof of the winery, as well as having bottle and water conservation/recycle
  programs. Furthermore, the winery is a beautiful sight to see, with hospitable and welcoming
  employees. In fact, St. Francis was just honored as the only winery to win “Best Place to Work in
  the North Bay.” The following is an interview I conducted with Christopher Silva, President &
  CEO, St. Francis Winery & Vineyards.

  What is the history behind St. Francis?                                                                   I grew up here, worked over 30 hours per
                                                                                                            week in high school in a grocery store, and
       Joe Martin left the furniture business in
                                                                                                            went off to college in Los Angeles at Loyola
       San Francisco in 1971 and purchased what
                                                                                                            Marymount University and Loyola Law
       at the time was a funky 100-acre orchard
                                                                                                            School. I became a lawyer in Los Angeles,
       here in Sonoma Valley. Joe wanted to be
                                                                                                            practiced there for 3 years, then came back
       a grape grower, so he named his vineyard
                                                                                                            to Sonoma County and practiced law for
       “St. Francis Vineyard” in honor of St.
                                                                                                            another 6 years before coming to St. Francis
       Francis of Assisi, the patron saint and
                                                                                                            Winery in 1998 to help with management
       protector of animals and ecology. He
                                                                                                            and marketing. I was very close to Joe
       planted a few grape varietals, ultimately
                                                                                                            Martin, who founded the winery, and one
       settling on Merlot and Chardonnay in
                                                                                                            day he asked me if I wanted to leave my
       that vineyard. His grapes were so well
                                                                                                            law practice and come help him. I did, and
       received by other wineries that he and
                                                                                                            what followed has been an amazing journey
       business partner Lloyd Canton decided
                                                                                                            that has surrounded me with some of the
       to build their own winery in 1979.
                                                          We see ourselves as farmers who make              most dedicated, talented, passionate people
  What is your wine specialty here at St.                                                                   I have ever met and wines that continue to
  Francis?                                                                                                  inspire me.
                                                      What was your background before St.
    We built our brand on Merlot, and our Merlot                                                          Since we are focusing on seafood this month,
    still has a loyal following, but the high                                                             do you have a favorite seafood dish or recipe
    scores we have earned on our Zinfandels,             I am a 5th generation Sonoma County native.      that you can share with us and a St. Francis
    Cabernet Sauvignons, and Chardonnays                 My grandparents and great-grandparents           wine pairing to go with it?
    have brought us much attention on those              were Sonoma County dairy farmers. My
                                                         grandfather was born in a farmhouse in the         A simple grilled fish like halibut or
    varietals as well.
                                                         Sonoma Mountains in 1911, about the time           swordfish, lightly seasoned and brushed
  What wines are distributed in Las Vegas                                                                   with olive oil, even better when topped
                                                         that the prolific author, Jack London, who
  (either through a third party distributor or                                                              with an olive tapenade or light salsa. This
                                                         lived just a few miles away, was writing.
  retail store)?                                                                                            preparation, especially with the olive
                                                         London was writing about what he called
     Our Sonoma County Chardonnay is our                 the “dreams and mysteries” of the people           tapenade, pairs beautifully with the rich
     popular white wine and our Sonoma                                                                      earthy, plum and cherry notes of a St. Francis
                                                         who lived in Sonoma Valley. 100 years ago,
                                                                                                            Sonoma County Merlot, and also with the
     County Cabernet Sauvignon is our best               those dreams and mysteries were about
                                                                                                            berry, spice and pepper characteristics of
     selling wine. Both are available, in                farming. And here we are 100 years later,
                                                                                                            our St. Francis “Old Vines” Zinfandel.
     addition to our Merlot and “Old Vines”              and we are still very much about farming.
     Zinfandel, through our friends at Wirtz             Farming in Sonoma defines our history, our       Christopher Silva, President & CEO,
     Beverage Nevada throughout Las Vegas.               traditions, certainly our work ethic.            St. Francis Winery & Vineyards

28 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I October 2011                                                                      

                The M Resort Seafood Buffet – Studio B
                                     A Room With A View!!!
                                                                If a patron went to a regular seafood restaurant, the cost
                                                                of this amount of fine, fresh seafood would be prohibitive
                                                                for many diners. At the M Resort and Spa all of this is
                                                                there for one prix-fixe price with unlimited servings.
                                                                Crustaceans, fish, bi-valves and all the rest are on the bill
                                                                of fare at this specially themed buffet.                        The Valley News Team
                                                                                                                                       Lucille Thaler &
                                                                Seniors, baby boomers, and all age groups are included in                 Tony Zanoff
                                                                the M’s demographical clientele. We found that seniors
                                                                are treated like kings and queens in this food heaven. It is
                                                                one of the few buffets that include libations in its price–no
                                                                additional cost is required. There are four types of wine,
 Many of the wonderful things about being a valley local        three kinds of beer plus, and we do mean it is the best,
 is the opportunity to taste and enjoy the plethora of
 great world-class food that is associated with the buffet      homemade root beer! The coffees are each handmade
 experience at our fingertips and palates.                      to order by house trained barristers and can be topped
 Recently, Lucille and Tony had the delicious opportunity       with deluxe liquors for amazing, yet delicate and with
 to partake in the gracious invitation to sample the            an intoxicating taste to suit your special one-of-a-kind
 magnificent bill of fare at the marvelous M Resort             beverage. Their coffee bar and in-house pastries made
 Buffet–Studio B. This was a mouth-watering experience
 and unique because of the fact that it is the only real        by their specially trained chefs de patisseries, and many
 buffet with a true view of the Las Vegas skyline; it is        flavors of homemade ‘gelaticious’ gelato, are too good to
 breathtaking! To top that, the food preparation and            ever say, “I’m full.” There
 quality is of the highest level that you can desire for your
                                                                should always be room for
 every whim and choice.
                                                                that special sweet at the end
 The King Crab Legs were enormous and filled with
 luscious crab meat–this seemed to be the magnet food           of your meal.
 that was on everyone’s plates. All different varieties of      The service is unbelievably
 sea fare were offered, and all were fresh and prepared
                                                                gracious. Everyone takes
 judiciously. Perfect white wines were paired for your
 seafood experience. There is also a great Mahi-Mahi Fish       care of your needs and you
 Plank that is served with a marvelous sauce.                   never have to ‘search for
                                                                a waitperson’ on the floor.
                                                                Every detail is completely
                                                                and totally revered by this
                                                                wonderful crew and team of
                                                                Check out the M Seafood
                                                                Weekend Buffet and feel
                                                                the sea, that freshness of the
                                                                seafood that is available in
                                                                the desert!                                                                       October 2011 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 29
                           Brew Las Vegas
Photos by Juanita Aiello

                           San Gennaro Feast at the RIO
Photos by Gina Jones

    30 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I October 2011
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