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					                                                     Marin County Housing Resources
                           HOUSING                                   Agency Name: Marin Housing Authority                                  Agency Name: Buckelew Programs                                    Agency Name: Marin Family Action

Agency Name: Marin Housing Authority                                 Service description: Section8/Housing Choice Voucher Prog             Service description: Housing with support services                Service description: Financial literacy classes and foreclosure
                                                                     Who: Individuals and families                                         Who: Individuals with mental illness                              prevention workshops.
Service description: Affordable housing for elderly/disabled in      Where: Contact Marin Housing Authority for info                       Where: Various                                                    Who: Individuals and families
apartment complexes or family public housing complex                 When: M-Th, 8am-4:30pm                                                When: Varies                                                      Where: Marin Justice Center, 30 N. San Pedro Rd, Rm 130,
Who: Individuals/households 62+ and/or disabled or families in       Eligibility: Low/moderate income, able to pass criminal, sex          Eligibility: 18+ years, Marin resident, diagnosis by licensed     San Rafael, CA 94903
public housing                                                       offender background check                                             mental health practitioner                                        When: T-Th, 9:00am-4:00pm, or by appointment
Where: Elderly/Disabled-5 sites; Public Housing-Marin City           Fees: None (Applicants pay deposit and moving costs)                  Fees: Some fees, based on Supplemental Security Income            Eligibility: Marin County and greater Bay Area resident
When: M-Th, 8am4:30pm                                                Enrollment process: Section 8 Waiting List (Currently closed)         Enrollment process: Referral from Marin County Community          Fees: $25 for consultations, attorneys fees as needed
Eligibility: Low/moderate income, able to pass suitability, crimi-   Wait for service: Up to several years, depending on voucher           Mental Health Services: 473-6804                                  Enrollment process: Online application at:
nal, sex offender background check                                   availability and waiting list timeline.                               Wait for service: Depends on referral from CMHS. Drop-in day
Fees: None (Applicants pay deposit and moving costs)                 Languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese (Translation services         activities for Transition Age Youth                               Wait for service: Priority for emergencies, others-minimal wait
Enrollment process: Applicant on Public Housing Program              available)                                                            Languages: English, Spanish                                       Languages: English, Spanish
waiting list (List currently closed)                                 Agency contact: Paul Cummins                                          Agency contact: Bob Brown                                         Agency contact: Manny Fernandez
Wait for service: Up to two years depending on vacancies.            Email:                                      Email:                                          Email:
Languages: English (Translation services available)                  Phone: Main-491-2525, Waiting list English-446-7054,Waiting           Phone: 526-0406                                                   Phone: 444-0915
Agency contact: Senior disabled-Tikillah Reynolds                    List Spanish-491-2345
Phone: Main-491-2525, Waiting list-English-446-7054, Waiting                                                                               Agency Name: EAH Housing
List Spanish-491-2345                                                Service description: Low interest property improvement loans to                                                                         Agency Name: Adopt A Family
Agency contact: Marin City Family Housing-Tamara Brown               lower income homeowners                                               Service description: Various affordable housing sites in Marin
Email:                                       Who: Marin County homeowners, mobile home owners, floating            Who: Families, seniors, persons with disabilities                 Service description: Financial assistance with rent, security
Phone: 332-1913                                                      home owners                                                           Contact: 258-1800 /                                   deposits, utility payments, and case management, emotional
                                                                     Where: Contact Marin Housing Authority for info                                                                                         support
                                                                     When: M-Th, 8am-4:30pm                                                                                                                  Who: Families with children <18 yr in home
Service description: Housing subsidies, case management for          Eligibility: Lower income (50% of median), legal property owner,      Agency Name: Eden Housing                                         Where: 1930 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901
special populations                                                  property owner’s principal residence                                                                                                    When: N/A
Who: Veterans, homeless + mental illness, HIV/AIDS                   Fees: Loans up to $35,000 at 5% interest. Loan fees from $350-        Service description: Affordable housing at Fireside Apartments,   Eligibility: Low-income, in crisis
Where: Contact Marin Housing Authority for info                      $500                                                                  Mill Valley                                                       Fees: None
When: M-Th, 8am-4:30pm                                               Enrollment process: Application, Rehab Specialist home in-            Who: Lower income families, seniors, persons with disabilities    Enrollment process: Complete Family Request for Assistance
Eligibility: Low-moderate income, Shelter Plus Care: homeless        spection, loan approval by Executive Director and Director of         Contact: 331-8500 /                           Form:
+ mental illness; HOPWA: household member with HIV/AIDS              Housing Development                                                                                                                     Wait for service: 2-3 business days
and agency referral; VASH: homeless + veteran, referred by VA        Wait for service: Minimal                                                                                                               Languages: English, Spanish
Fees:      None (Applicants pay deposit and moving costs)            Languages: English, Spanish                                                                                                             Agency contact: Pamela Meyer
Enrollment process: Shelter Plus Care: waiting list currently        Agency contact: Rehab Loan Dept.                                        RENTAL ASSISTANCE, HOMELESSNESS PREVENTION,                     Email:
closed; HOPWA: agency referral, waiting list closed; VASH: re-       Web:                                                 HOUSING SUPPORT SERVICES, AND ADVOCACY                        Phone: 456-7805
ferred by VA, no waiting list                                        Phone: 491-2186
Wait for service: Up to several years, depending on program                                                                                Agency Name: Ritter Center
and funding
Languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese (translation services        Agency Name: Ross Valley Ecumenical Housing                           Service description: Services include food pantry, laundry, PO    Agency Name: Community Action Marin
available)                                                                                                                                 box, voicemail, clothing, shower, medical clinic, financial and
Agency contact: Shelter Plus Care-Gail Mosconi                       Service description: Two homes for independent seniors in-            housing assistance, case management and substance abuse and       Service description: Emergency rental assistance
Email:                                 cludes private room, basic utilities, two daily meals, free laundry   mental health counseling                                          Who: Families in crisis
Phone: 491-2586                                                      facilities                                                            Who: Homeless, low-income for some services                       Where: 29 Mary St, San Rafael, CA 94901
Agency contact: HOPWA-Cheryl Cross                                   Who: Individuals 63+ with interest in community housing               Where: 16 Ritter Street San Rafael, CA 94901                      When: N/A
Email:                                   Where: Two sites in San Anselmo                                       When: Pantry weekly, monthly; clinic M-W&F 9am-12 & 2-4pm         Eligibility: Families not eligible for other financial assistance
Phone: 491-2571                                                      When: N/A                                                             Eligibility: Identification card                                  with immediate and short-term crisis
Agency contact: VASH-Jeff Dinh                                       Eligibility: Senior with lower income                                 Fees: None                                                        Fees: None
Email:                                    Fees: Rent, additional living expenses , chores required              Enrollment process: Registration form                             Enrollment process:
Phone: 491-2579                                                      Enrollment process: Meet with house manager, complete                 Wait for service: Clothing, food same day                         Wait for service: Varies
                                                                     rental application                                                    Languages: English, Spanish, French                               Languages: English, Spanish
                                                                     Wait for service: Currently 5 openings                                Agency contact: Joseph Galindo                                    Agency contact: Esmeralda Garcia
Marin Housing Authority also has a Below Market Rate                 Languages spoken: English                                             Email:                                    Email:
Homeownership program for low to moderate income first-              Agency contact: Chris Highland                                        Phone: 457-8182, ext 150                                          Phone: 457-9677
time homebuyers who are able to obtain financing. For more           Email:
information, contact the program at 491-2550.                        Phone: 457-5633                                                           This document is not intended as an endorsement
                                                                                                                                                          of any specific program.
  RENTAL ASSISTANCE, HOMELESSNESS PREVENTION,                       Agency Name: Homeward Bound of Marin
                                                                    Service description: Shelter, transitional housing, permanent
Agency Name: Fair Housing                                           supportive housing, support services, job training
                                                                    Who: Individuals, families, persons with persistent mental illness
Service description: Counseling/advocacy, education, foreclo-       Where: San Rafael, Novato, and Mill Valley
sure prevention assistance                                          When: Varies by program
Who: Tenants, landlords, homeowners. community                      Eligibility: Homeless in Marin
Where: Marin/Sonoma Counties                                        Fees: Varies by program
When: M-F, 9:00 am-4:00 pm                                          Enrollment process: Homeless adults, call Mill Street Center:
Eligibility: Marin residence, income requirements for foreclosure   457-9651. Homeless families, call Family Emergency Center:
counseling, Marin/Sonoma residence for housing counseling           454-7418
Fees: None                                                          Wait for service:      First come, first serve daily at adult shelter,
Enrollment process: Call for appointment                            waitlist for family shelter services
Wait for service: 0-72 hours-housing counseling, 1-2 weeks          Languages: Varies by program

                                                                                                                                                                       Marin County
foreclosure counseling                                              Agency contact: Paul Fordham
Languages: English, Spanish (Translator services for other lan-     Email:
guages)                                                             Phone: 382-3363 ext 211
Agency contact: Caroline Peattie

Email:                                 Agency Name: Ambassadors of Hope & Opportunity
Phone: 457-5025
                                                                    Service description: 3 housing options - 1) Emergency Housing;

                                                                    2) Host Families; 3) Apartment with peers. Includes support
Agency Name: Legal Aid of Marin                                     services and adult mentoring.
                                                                    Who: Single individuals 16-25 years, without families/resources
Service description: Eviction defense, foreclosure counseling,      Where: Varies

tenant education, tenant association assistance, security deposit   When: M-F, 8:00 am-8:00 pm , Sat-Sun, as needed
recovery, homelessness prevention, reporting of habitability com-   Eligibility: Single individuals 16-25 years, without fam-
plaints                                                             lies/resources
Who: Marin residents                                                Fees: None
Where: 30 N. San Pedro Rd., #220 San Rafael, CA 94903               Enrollment process: Call 381-7173 for intake appointment
When: By appointment: M-F, 9:00am-12:30pm/1:30-5:00pm
Eligibility: Low income by HUD guidelines, seniors 60+
                                                                    Wait for service: Varies                                                                              Current as of May 2011
                                                                    Languages: English, Spanish
Fees: $20 donation                                                  Agency contact: Zara Babitzke
Enrollment process: Appointment/Screening form                      Email:
Wait for service: Varies                                            Phone: 381-7173
Languages: English, Spanish. Portuguese
Agency contact: Kenia Mejia
Email:                                     Agency Name: Gilead House
Phone: 492-0230
                                                                    Service description: Faith-based transitional housing program
                                                                    with support services
                                                                    Who: Single mothers with young children
         SHELTERS AND TRANSITIONAL HOUSING                          Where: Novato
                                                                    When: 24 hours
Agency Name: Marin Continuum of Housing                             Eligibility: Single mother with 6 months of sobriety, with at least
                                                                    one child, and able to obtain employment
Service description: Transitional housing                           Fees: $300 per month program fee
Who: Families, individuals, including those with special needs      Enrollment process: Application, phone and in-person inter-
(e.g., substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, developmental disabilities)       views, references
Where: Hamilton Meadows, Novato                                     Wait for service: Varies
When: N/A                                                           Languages: English
Eligibility: Screening and referral by Center for Domestic Peace,   Agency contact: Jacque McLaughlin
Centerpoint, Homeward Bound, Ritter Center, Marin AIDS Pro-         Email:
ject, Lifehouse, or Integrated Community Service                    Phone: 257-3866
Fees: None
Enrollment process: See above
Wait for service: When openings available and after agency          If you are a person with a disability and require this docu-
intake and referral process
                                                                    ment in an alternate format (example: Braille, Large Print,
Languages: English
Agency contact: Joe Hegedus                                         Audiotape, CD-ROM), you may request an alternate format                  Call 2-1-1 for help connecting with local community resources
Email:                                  by calling: (415) 473-4381(Voice)/(415) 473-3232 (TTY) or
Phone: 459-0134                                                     by e-mail at:

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