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The study of English is the study of humankind: its achievements, poetic and
political; its efforts throughout history to communicate the beauty and pathos of
its struggles; its striving to understand the nature of change--linguistic, artistic,
and social. . .
English is the study of the past, the present, and the future through literature in prose and poetry. It is also the study of languages
called "English": American, British, Canadian, their global/historical variants, and their regional and social varieties. Students at the
University of North Dakota can take courses in linguistics, editing, and English as a second language. “English” is also writing
about literature, in a variety of modes, pleasurable as well as pragmatic, to discover and persuade. Varieties of writing courses
offered include expository prose, technical and business writing, advanced non-fiction prose, and imaginative writing in fiction,
poetry, film, and new media.

What you can do with a degree in                                        It’s A Fact. . .
English. . .                                                            •    The first English major was offered at UND’s founding in
English is an ideal preparation for a variety of careers. It                 1883.
provides the most versatile and adaptable education that is
available. Because English majors are proficient at reading,            •    Approximately 200 majors are taught by 23 faculty, 11
writing, and critical analysis, their career possibilities are               lecturers, and 33 Graduate Teaching Assistants.
practically unlimited. Graduate English majors from UND
presently hold jobs in public relations, advertising, editing,          •    The average class size for the major is 12-25.
journalism, medicine, law, the ministry, consulting, publishing,
politics, business, linguistic research, translation, the military,
                                                                        •    Student organizations related to English are: Adelphi
non-profit organizations, culinary institutes, teaching,
                                                                             Literary Society; Alpha Xi Alpha, the chapter of Sigma
government agencies, online journals and blogs, freelance
                                                                             Tau Delta; Phi Beta Kappa.
writing, and web design.

Because of its versatility, English is an excellent major to            •    The Annual UND Writers Conference, celebrating its 42nd
combine with other fields. The abilities to write clearly and                year in April 2011, offers special opportunities for students
persuasively and to read with sensitivity are valuable assets in             to learn first hand from major American and sometimes
any field, both profit and non-profit, business and government.              international writers. It is viewed by many as the most
                                                                             important intellectual event on campus.

Getting In. . .                                                         •    In its 32nd year in 2011, the Writing for Children and
There are no specific requirements. Students contact the                     Young Adults Conference meets in the fall semester.
College of Arts & Sciences and declare their intent of making                Writers, editors, and agents teach workshops and evaluate
English their major.                                                         manuscripts. An award is given to the most promising
Program Options. . .                                                    •    Students may learn about writing, editing, and publishing
The Department offers concentrations in literature, cultural                 through internships and volunteer work, and professors in
studies, English education, editing, creative writing, and                   the Department of English edit or serve on the editorial
linguistics. The new certificate in Scholarly Editing and                    boards for the North Dakota Quarterly, an award-winning
Publishing has become a popular choice.                                      journal in the arts and humanities published by the
                                                                             University of North Dakota and distributed throughout
                                                                             North America and Europe. North Country is an annual
Unique characteristics of UND’s English                                      journal in imaginative writing and graphics which English
Program. . .                                                                 Department graduate students help produce.
•   Good placement of graduates into other programs
•   Success in wide variety of careers
•   Individual advising with full faculty members

                                                                        Information continued on opposite side. . .
English Continued . . .

It’s A Fact (continued). . .                                      In Addition. . .
•   At the end of the spring semester, the Department presents    Internationally-respected scholars teach at every level of
    a large number of scholarships and awards to English          undergraduate education. We currently have scholars working
    majors, based on their academic performance.                  in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and
                                                                  Australia. The English Department has produced several
•   Many of our graduates go to law school and to medical         Fulbright Scholars and has hosted these scholars from abroad.
    school. The English major prepares students for any           The Department is also home to scholars of rural literacy and
    career, since our majors know how to read, write, and         Native American literature and culture; they are frequent
    analyze.                                                      recipients of North Dakota Humanities grants. The Department
                                                                  has a number of Chester Fritz Distinguished Professors
•   Prominent alums hold the following titles: Founder, award     (UND’s highest faculty honor).
    -winning BLOG; Vice President, Domestic Investment,
    AIG; Staff Writer, Esquire magazine; Editor, online           Professors in the Department of English are well published in
    journal; Professor of English; Director of International      all fields of English studies, from original poetry and fiction to
    Adoptions, Minnesota; Director of major art museum;           scholarship in literature, linguistics, rhetoric, and literacy.
    Development Director for Legal Aid; Staff Attorney,
    Minnesota Disability Law Center; Director of the              Students in the English Department regularly participate in Co-
    Episcopal Church Pension Fund; Award-winning writer;          operative Education and internships that require writing,
    Award-winning poet; Regional Director, Sierra Club;           editing, and research. Undergraduates can be involved in
    Director, North Dakota Humanities Council; University         scholarly editing—including website development—and in
    Registrar; Film Maker; Screen Writer; Actor.                  original research into such areas as popular culture.

•   The University of North Dakota is offering more online        Most teaching occurs in small classes centered on discussion.
    courses and degree programs than ever before to provide       Students receive much verbal and written commentary from
    you with additional flexibility. Please visit                 well-respected faculty, who are also adept at helping students
    www.distance.und.edu for more information or call toll        to work together as teams.
    free at 800-342-8230 or 701-777-3044.
                                                                  English majors at UND have learned to view the world, and
                                                                  their place in it, in the most capacious terms. Their skill in
                                                                  reading and writing has been carefully honed, and they have
                                                                  had the option to work seriously in a variety of media (print,
                                                                  film, electronic media). Because they often work closely with
                                                                  faculty, they often leave UND better prepared for graduate or
                                                                  professional schools or to move directly into a variety of
                                                                  professional and creative fields.

                                                                 For more information. . .
                                                                                     UND Department of English
                                                                                       Merrifield Hall Room 110
                                                                                   276 Centennial Drive, Stop 7209
                                                                                     Grand Forks ND 58202-7209
                                                                                            (701) 777-3321
                                                                                         Fax: (701) 777-2373


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