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Endorsers_ March 17_ 2006


									           Endorsers of the Militant Fighting Fund
                                  Partial list                    March 17, 2006
                   Organizations following individual names listed for identification

      Trade union                          United Food and Commercial                    Daniel Rivera, exec. dir., New Mexico
                                           Workers 27 Baltimore, MD                       Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
        support                                                                           Albuquerque, NM
                                           United Food and Commercial
                                                                                         Arturo Rodriguez, pres., United Farm
American Federation of State,              Workers 101 South San Francisco, CA
                                                                                          Workers Keene, CA
County, Municipal Employees 3800
                                           United Food and Commercial                    Milton Rosado, pres., Labor Council for
 Minneapolis, MN
                                           Workers 120 Oakland, CA                       Latin American Advancement
American Federation of Television                                                        Washington, DC
                                           United Food and Commercial
& Radio Artists/Screen Actors Guild                                                      Brooks Sunkett, CWA vice pres. for
 Chicago, IL                               Workers 400 Landover, MD
                                                                                          Public, Healthcare and Education
International Longshore and                United Food and Commercial                     Workers Washington, DC
Warehouse Union 10                         Workers 408 Houston, TX                       Wendell Young III, int’l vice-pres.,
 San Francisco, CA                         United Food and Commercial                     UFCW Lafayette Hill, PA
International Longshore and                Workers 428 San Jose, CA
                                                                                         Former Co-Op coal miners
Warehouse Union 19                         UFCW Minority Coalition
 Seattle, WA                                                                              Ricardo Chávez Huntington, UT
                                            Landover, MD
                                                                                          José Contreras Price, UT
International Longshoremen’s               United Steel Workers 12-578
Association 21 Beaumont, TX                                                               Bill Estrada Price, UT
                                            (Holly, Flying J refineries) Bountiful, UT
                                                                                          Jesús Galavíz, Huntington, UT
International Union of Operating           United Steel Workers 1005
Engineers 953 Executive Board                                                             Alyson Kennedy Price, UT
                                            Hamilton, ON, Canada
 Farmington, NM                                                                           Berthila León Huntington, UT
                                           United Steel Workers 8580                      Celso Panduro Huntington, UT
Labor Council for Latin American            Hawkesbury, ON, Canada
Advancement, AFL-CIO                                                                      Sergio Ponce Huntington, UT
 Washington, DC                            United Transportation Union 1741               Miguel Rodriguez Huntington, UT
                                            San Francisco, CA                             Octavio Rodriguez Huntington, UT
Laborers Local 79 New York, NY
                                                                                          Rodrigo Rodriguez Huntington, UT
National Distribution Union                Björn Borg, pres., Dock Workers Union
 Auckland, New Zealand                                                                    Juan Salazar, Huntington, UT
                                            Stockholm, Sweden
                                                                                          Ana Maria Sánchez Huntington, UT
Maritime Union of New Zealand 13           Mike Casey, int’l vice-pres./pres.,
Auckland, New Zealand                      UNITE HERE 2 San Francisco, CA
                                                                                         Steve Abbott, pres., Black Hawk
Musicians’ Association of Seattle          Agnelo da Costa, int’l vice-pres./             Union Council, AFL-CIO Waterloo, IA
76-493 Seattle, WA                          manager, UNITE HERE New England
                                            Joint Board New Bedford, MA                  Ghazi Faisal Abdellatif, steward,
Toronto & York Region Labour                                                              UFCW 401 Brooks, AB, Canada
                                           Maria Elena Durazo, int’l vice-pres./
Council Toronto, ON, Canada                pres. UNITE HERE 11 Los Angeles, CA           Luisa Acevedo, pres., UFCW 481
                                                                                          San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Francisco Central Labor Council        Dave Eastlake, general sec’y, New
 San Francisco, CA                          Zealand Meat Workers Union                   Robert Akol, chief steward ‘B’ shift,
                                            Christchurch, New Zealand                     UFCW 401 Brooks, AB, Canada
United Auto Workers 2188
 Fitzgerald, GA                            Gregory Hamblet, int’l vice-pres.,            Howard Allen, retired, Seafarers
                                            UFCW Washington, DC                           International Union New Orleans, LA
United Auto Workers 270                    Ed Mayne, pres., Utah State AFL-CIO           Antonio Amaral, Aircraft Mechanics
 Des Moines, IA                             Salt Lake City, UT                            Fraternal Assoc. 1 Newark, NJ

Organization key — AFSCME: American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees                       AFT: American Fed-
eration of Teachers     CEP: Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union of Canada           CWA: Communications Workers of
America      IBEW: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers  IBT: International Brotherhood of Teamsters   ILA: Interna-
tional Longshoremen's Association       ILWU: International Longshore and Warehouse Union         IUOE: International Union of
Operating Engineers     MWU: Meat Workers Union (New Zealand)         NCFO: National Conference of Firemen & Oilers      NDU:
National Distribution Union (New Zealand)     NLG: National Lawyers Guild     NOW: National Organization for Women       SEIU:
Service Employees International Union        SFWU: Service & Food Workers Union - Nga Ringa Tota (New Zealand)
SINTRALCASA: Union of ALCASA (aluminum) Workers             TWU: Transport Workers Union      UFCW: United Food & Commercial
Workers     UFW: United Farm Workers       UMWA: United Mine Workers of America         UNITE HERE: Union of garment, textile,
hotel, & restaurant employees    USW: United Steelworkers Union     UTU: United Transportation Union
Kent Anderson, pres., CWA 7704               Denis Carlisle, pres., Maritime Union          Raymond P. España, pres., LA Chapter,
 Salt Lake City, UT                          13 Auckland, New Zealand                        Labor Council for Latin American
Steve Armstrong, pres., CEP 28-0             John Carlyle, delegate, MWU                     Advancement Los Angeles, CA
 Brockville, ON, Canada                       Christchurch, New Zealand                     Rafael Espinosa, union representative,
Gudmundur Rúnar Árnason, press               Victor Carrozzino, education dir.,              UFCW 789 St. Paul, MN
 officer, Icelandic Confederation of Labor    UFCW 175 Toronto, ON, Canada                  Jason Fedorow, staff, Missouri State
 Hafnarfjördur, Iceland                                                                      Council SEIU St. Louis, MO
                                             Donald Cash, Jr., business rep.,
Steve Augustine, ILA 1416 Miami, FL           UFCW 400 Landover, MD                         Andrew Ferguson, sec’y, Construction
Andre Balash, sec’y-treasurer, UNITE         Bill Chandler, organizer UNITE HERE             Forestry Mining Energy Union,
 HERE 355 Miami, FL                           Jackson, MS                                    NSW branch Lidcombe, Australia
Sarah Barker, organizer, SFWU                Joe Chang, vice-pres., Labour/Cable            Manuel Figuera, union official,
 Auckland, New Zealand                        CEP 700 Toronto, ON, Canada                   SINTRALCASA Bolívar, Venezuela
Shane Bastien, organizer, UFCW 789           Jack Colgan, UMWA 1197 Indiana, PA             John Fisher, ILWU 19 Seattle, WA
 Minneapolis, MN                                                                            Bob & Ann Fivecoat, UMWA 9958
                                             Abigail Colon, steward, SEIU 1199
James Bates, pres., USW 2122                  New York, NY                                   East Carbon, UT
 Birmingham, AL                                                                             Charlie Flemming, pres., Atlanta-North
                                             Manuel Córdoba, pres., Teachers Union
Howard Beck, rec. sec’y, USW 12-578          of La Guajira Riohacha, La Guajira, Colombia    Georgia Labor Council Atlanta, GA
Salt Lake City, UT                                                                          Gordon Flett, shop steward, CEP 2000
                                             Bill Cozzens, rec. sec’y, Atlanta-North
Myke Begaye, safety rep., UMWA 1332           Georgia Labor Council Atlanta, GA              Vancouver, BC, Canada
Window Rock, AZ                                                                             John Fonotia, shed sec’y, PPCS
                                             Scott Cox, business agent, ILA 24
Mary Bennett, exec. board,                    Houston, TX                                    Canterbury, MWU Christchurch,
AFSCME 2858 Chicago, IL                                                                      New Zealand
                                             Al Craig, UMWA 2133 Dolomite, AL
George Bertram, Union of Shop                                                               Michael Foster, UMWA 2245
Distributive and Allied Workers G-13         Paul Craig, sec’y-treasurer,                   Birmingham, AL
Winghburgh, Scotland                          Boilermakers 484 Meredosia, IL
                                                                                            Elizabeth Freeman, pres.,
Tom Bigman, UMWA 1924 Shonto, AZ             Handel Crawford, shop steward,                  UNITE HERE 8 Seattle, WA
                                              UFCW 175 Maple, ON, Canada
Kelly Bingham, pres., USW 12-578                                                            Cristina Gallo, researcher, UNITE HERE
 West Point, UT                              Jeffrey Crosby, pres., North Shore              Brooklyn, NY
                                              Labor Council Lynn, MA
Grey Bizoti, UMWA 1620 Shonto, AZ                                                           Stephen Gault, pres., UFCW 408
                                             Agnes Cuzzamu, shop steward, UFCW               Houston, TX
Kathy Black, pres., Phila. Coalition of       401 Brooks, AB, Canada
 Labor Union Women Philadelphia, PA                                                         Rolf Gerstenberger, pres., USW 1005
                                             Ray Davis, UMWA 1206 Wellington, UT             Hamilton, ON, Canada
Alvin Blackgoat, financial sec’y,
 UMWA 1332 Lupton, AZ                        R.L. Dawson, shed pres., PPCS                  Harold Gibbens, pres., Spring Creek
                                              Canterbury, MWU                                Miners Union Greymouth, New Zealand
Jeannot Boivin, shop steward, Nat’l           Christchurch, New Zealand
 Union of Arvida Aluminum Employees                                                         Angel Giboyeaux, TWU 100
 Arvida, Quebec                              Dallas DeLay, former business agent,            New York, NY
                                              ILWU 19 Seattle, WA                           Osvaldo Gomez, chapter chair, Cudahy,
John Braxton, co-pres., AFT 2026
 Philadelphia, PA                            Pete DeMay, organizer, UNITE HERE               United Teachers Los Angeles
                                              Chicago, IL                                    South Gate, CA
Warren Brodhead, pres., AFT 4430
Salt Lake City, UT                           Johanne Desbiens, organizer UFCW               Mike Gordon, committeeman,
                                              503 (Wal-Mart) Jonquiere, Quebec              UAW 2188 Abbeville, GA
Teresa Brown, organizer, NDU
 Auckland, New Zealand                       Carmen Dickinson, union rep.,                  Robert Gorman, staff, AFL-CIO;
                                              SEIU 150 Loves Park, IL                        IBEW 46 Seattle, WA
Robert Buckner, treasurer, IUOE 953
 Fruitland, NM                               Don Driscoll, pres., SEIU 205                  James Graham, sec’y, Wear Valley &
                                              Nashville, TN                                  District Trades Union Council
James Burns, exec. board,
                                                                                             Durham, United Kingdom
 ILWU 19 Seattle, WA                         Campbell Duignan, southern reg’l
                                              sec’y, SFWU Christchurch, New Zealand         Norman Grant, pres., USW 8580
Jean-Marc Byoko, pres., Cameroon                                                             Lakefield, Quebec
 Public Servants Union Cameroon              Roberto Duran, organizer,
                                              Ironworkers 846 Phoenix, AZ                   John Gutierrez, UMWA 6363 Price, UT
Sammy Caetano, chairperson,
 UFCW 175 Mississauga, ON, Canada            Maria Ednalva, nat’l sec’y of working          Derek Gwynn, service rep.,
Marcos Camacho, general counsel,             women, Central Workers Union –                 UFCW 1118 High River, AB, Canada
UFW, Bakersfield, CA                         Coordination of Central Unions of the
                                                                                            Tim Hamann, pres., UFCW 120
                                             Southern Cone Sao Paulo, Brazil                 Oakland, CA
David Campbell, sec’y-treasurer,
 USW 675 Los Angeles, CA                     Carolyn Egan, pres., USW 8300                  Grant Harrison, delegate, MWU
                                              Toronto, ON, Canada                            Christchurch, New Zealand
Ken Capstick, former chair, Yorkshire’s
 National Union of Mineworkers               K.C. Ellis, communications coordinator,        Ramiro Hernandez, staff, UNITE HERE
 Wakefield, United Kingdom                    SEIU 32BJ Philadelphia, PA                     Houston, TX

                   Page 2              Militant Fighting Fund Endorser List
Bernie Hesse, organizing director UFCW      David Kuot, UFCW 401                         Jill Ovens, senior organizer,
 789 St. Paul, MN                            Brooks, AB, Canada                           SFWU Auckland, New Zealand
Russell Hess, pres., Southeast MN           Miguel Antonio Laguna, gen’l sec’y,          Valentin Pacho, director & deputy gen.
 Central Labor Council Plainview, MN        Sindicato Lidia Maradiaga Presitex            sec’y, World Federation of Trade Unions
                                            Matagalpa, Nicaragua                          Prague, Czech Republic
Corey Hilton, vice pres., IBEW 354
 Salt Lake City, UT                         Ian Lavery, gen’l sec’y., National Union     Kenneth Page, legal dept., TWU 100
                                             of Mineworkers Northumberland Area           Brooklyn, NY
Edwin Hinkle, UMWA 1984 retired              Northumberland, United Kingdom
 Dinosaur, CO                                                                            Dean Parker, NZ Writers’ Guild
                                            Tyrek Lee Sr., steward, SEIU 2020             Auckland, New Zealand
Julie Holzer, int’l union representative,    Dorchester, MA
 USW Salt Lake City, UT                                                                  Romeo Patajo, shop steward,
                                            Fernando Lemus, rep., UFCW 1445               UFCW 401 Brooks, AB, Canada
Sam Horvath, negotiating committee,          Dedham, MA
 USW 5702 Gramercy, LA                                                                   Paul Pemberton, exec. board, ILWU 19
                                            Don Looney, business agent, IUOE 953          Seattle, WA
John Humphrey, staff, USW                    Farmington, NM
 Toronto, ON, Canada                                                                     Kay Pence, staff, CWA Urbandale, IA
                                            Ring Lual, shop steward, UFCW 401
Shirley Hyche, UMWA 2368                     Brooks, AB, Canada                          Omar Perestrejo, aide to the sec’y-
 Tuscaloosa, AL                                                                           treasurer, UNITE HERE 8 Seattle, WA
                                            Gustavo Maldonado, Mountain West
Zakaria Ibrahim, shop steward,               Region Council of Carpenters                Carlos Pérez, union official, SINTRA-
 UFCW 401 Brooks, AB, Canada                 Centennial, CO                               LCASA Bolívar, Venezuela
Ricardo Icaza, pres., Los Angeles           Ian McCarthy, branch sec’y,                  Wars Peterman, pres., IUOE 953
 County Federation of Labor and              Communication Workers Union                 (BHP coal mine) Farmington, NM
 UFCW 770 Los Angeles, CA                    Sydney, Australia                           Dave Phillips, vice-pres., Maritime
Abbie Illenberger, int’l staff, UNITE       Gary McFarland, trustee, IUOE 953             Union 13 Auckland, New Zealand
 HERE New York, NY                           Bloomfield, NM                              P.E. Piesse, rep., Southern Local
Dwight Jarrett, pres., NCFO 1050            Jack McKay, pres., Greater Bangor Area        Government Officers Union
Severn, MD                                   Central Labor Council Brewer, ME             Christchurch, New Zealand
Amjad Al-Jawhary, North American            Josue Merilien, sec’y gen., National         Jeff Pilacinski, executive board,
 rep., Federation of Workers Councils &      Union of Haitian Teachers                    AFSCME 3800 Minneapolis, MN
 Unions in Iraq Toronto, ON, Canada          Port-au-Prince, Haiti
                                                                                         Lynette Pitcock, organizer, SEIU
Per Johansson, pres., Service &             Ron Meyer, sec’y-treasurer, IBT 303           Denver, CO
 Communications Workers Union 119            St. Louis, MO
 Stockholm, Sweden                                                                       Boris Plazzi, nat’l exec. ctte. member,
                                            Thomas Monaco, div. chair, TWU 100            Metal Workers Fed. (FTM-CGT)
Samuel Johnson, pres., UMWA 1332             Westchester, NY                              Saint Priest, France
 Window Rock, AZ
                                            Luis Montalvo, organizer, Laborers 79        Barry Price, local chair, NCFO 1050
Warren Johnson, sec’y treas.,                New York, NY                                 Forestville, MD
Musicians’ Assoc. of Seattle 76-493
Seattle, WA                                 Rogelio Montes, organizer, Western           Phillip Qualy, UTU Minnesota legislative
                                             Council of Industrial Workers, Carpenters    director St. Paul, MN
Ögmundur Jónasson, chairman,                 Union Yakima, WA
 Federation of State and Municipal                                                       Bob Raillard, organizer, SEIU 113
 Employees Reykjavík, Iceland               Bill Mooney, Westchester div. rec.            Rochester, MN
                                             sec’y, TWU 100 Bronx, NY
Lenora Jones, pres., UNITE HERE 437                                                      Lorena Gomez Ramos, organizer,
 Toronto, ON, Canada                        Gabe Morgan, city dir., SEIU 3                UFCW (Smithfield) Tar Heel, NC
                                             Pittsburgh, PA
Verlene Jones, pres., Office &                                                           John Read, pres., USW 10-1
 Professional Employees 8 Seattle, WA       Moisés Mory, pres. USW 13-742
                                                                                          Monroeville, NJ
                                            Newark, NJ
Paul Keating, delegate, Maritime Union                                                   David Reece, pres., Buller District
 of Australia, NSW branch                   Maria Nomani, delegate, NDU
                                            Auckland, New Zealand                         Miners Union Westport, New Zealand
 Sydney, Australia
                                            Warren Nicklow Jr., UMWA 1248                David Riehle, chairman, UTU 650
Kevin Kelly, nat’l vice-pres., Public and                                                 St. Paul, MN
                                            Lake Lynn, PA
 Commercial Services Union
 Durham, United Kingdom                     Victor Nieto, assist. dist. chair,           Robert Roman, shop steward,
                                             Transportation & Communication Union,        UFCW 342 New York, NY
Mike Klemm, strike chairman, Aircraft
Mechanics Fraternal Association 33,          district 1043 Bronx, NY
                                                                                         Daniel Rottenstreich, political
Lakeville, MN                               Jim Norris, vice pres., USW 12-578            organizer, UNITE HERE Brooklyn, NY
Kelly Knochel, retiree coordinator,          Bountiful, UT
                                                                                         Harold Ruggless pres., UAW 270
 UNITE HERE Atlantic Highlands, NJ          Victor Oglesby, TWU 100 New York, NY          Des Moines, IA
Gordon Kopu, exec. board, Maritime          Simon Oosterman, cpn. coordinator,           John Ryall, national sec’y, SFWU
 Union 13 Auckland, New Zealand              Unite union Auckland, New Zealand            Wellington, New Zealand

                   Page 3              Militant Fighting Fund Endorser List
Rebecca Saldaña, organizer, SEIU              Jóhanna Thordorsdottir, public                Luz Marin Zepeda, former shop
 Tukwila, WA                                   relations and education dir., State           steward UFCW 770, Los Angeles, CA
Fred Salelea, exec. board, Maritime            Employees Union Reykjavík, Iceland
 Union 13 Auckland, New Zealand               Jason Thorne, pres., UNITE HERE 2568              other prominent
                                               Imperial, MO
Delfino Santistevan, UMWA retired                                                                Endorsement
Price, UT                                     Mike Treen, senior organizer, Unite
Thomas Samek, rec. sec’y,                     union Auckland, New Zealand                   Héctor Abarca, director, “Radio Nueva
 UMWA 6290 Nemacolin, PA                      Justin Tsosie, safety rep./organizer,         América” Stockholm, Sweden
José Sandoval, Teamsters 665;                  UMWA 1332 Chinle, AZ                         Susan Abulhawa, writer Philadelphia, PA
 coordinator, Voluntarios de la Comunidad     John Ulrich, union rep., UFCW 101             Raul Acosta, pres., Oxford Society for
 San Jose, CA                                  South San Francisco, CA
                                                                                             Third Sector Research, St. Cross College
Carmen Sanjurjo, Colorado Education           Katie Unger, researcher, UNITE HERE            Oxford, UK
 Association Denver, CO                        Brooklyn, NY
                                                                                            Willie Adams, African American Family
James P. Savage, Jr., chair, grievance        Wesley Urevig, pres., Southeast MN            Farmers Greensboro, GA
 & negotiation committee USW 10-1             Building & Trades Council Rochester, MN
                                                                                            Roger Allison, farmer; exec. director,
 Trainer, PA
                                              Carlos Urrutia, northern California dir.,      Missouri Rural Crisis Center Armstrong, MO
Rick Sawyer, int’l vice-pres. and sec’y        UNITE HERE WSRJB Sacramento, CA
                                                                                            Tim Anderson, lecturer, Sydney
 treasurer, UNITE HERE 8 Seattle, WA
                                              Alberto Valdivia, treasurer, United            University Sydney, Australia
Robin Schuler, pres., SEIU 11                  Teachers Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
 Miami Beach, FL                                                                            Archie Archuleta, Utah Coalition of
                                              Frank Vasquez, UMWA retired Price, UT          La Raza Salt Lake City, UT
Karen Schultz, communications coor.,
 Professional Flight Attendants Association   Germán Vásquez, sec’y treas., IBT 901         Sadri M. Avsar, M.D. Warrior, AL
 Minneapolis, MN                               San Juan, Puerto Rico
                                                                                            Marleine Bastien, exec. dir., FANM
Janet Schwabe, Aircraft Mechanics             Carlos Visinho, business agent, NE            (Haitian Women of Miami) Miami, FL
 Fraternal Association 4 Chicago, IL           Joint Board UNITE HERE Boston, MA
                                                                                            Father Luis Barrios, pastor,
Brenda Scott, pres., Mississippi Alliance     Martie Voland, assist. mgr., NE Joint          San Romero church New York, NY
 of State Employees Jackson, MS               Board UNITE HERE Boston, MA
                                                                                            Margaret Battin, prof. of philosophy,
Gail Scoville, Carbon County                  Pamela Vossenas, 3rd vice pres.,              Univ. of Utah Salt Lake City, UT
 Education Association Price, UT               UAW 1981 New York, NY
                                                                                            Nelia Bencomo, journalist
Donald Seaquist, pres., UFCW 789              Lee Walkington, delegate,                     Caracas, Venezuela
 St. Paul, MN                                  Communication Electrical Plumbers
                                                                                            Eulynda T. Benalli, dir. of research,
                                               Union Sydney, Australia
Achilles Selearis, chairman, UNITE                                                           Crownpoint Inst. of Tech.
 HERE 63 Elmhurst, NY                         Paul Warren, organizer, SEIU 284               McKinley Cty., NM
                                               Minneapolis, MN
Chris Seymour, researcher,                                                                  Susan Beck, associate prof. of nursing,
 UNITE HERE Brooklyn, NY
                                              Paul Watson, southern & central region         Univ. of Utah Salt Lake City, UT
                                               sec’y, NDU Christchurch, New Zealand
Brian Shepley, UMWA 1197                                                                    Paul Bigman, co-chair, Washington
 New Salem, PA                                James Weddington, bd. of directors,            State Jobs with Justice Seattle, WA
                                               Workingmen’s Maritime Museum;
Midge Slater, staff rep., CWA                                                               Ashaki Binta, dir. of organization, Black
                                               ILWU 23 Tacoma, WA
Des Moines, IA                                                                               Workers for Justice Chapel Hill, NC
                                              Peter Weitzel, NSW Teachers
David Small, nat’l council rep.,                                                            Melvin Bishop, African American Family
                                               Federation Sydney, Australia
 Association of University Staff                                                            Farmers Eatonton, GA
 Christchurch, New Zealand                    Gary Willhite, first vice pres., California
                                                                                            Bolivarian Circle Sydney, Australia
                                               School Employees Assoc. 443 Santee, CA
Milton Smith, vice pres., IUOE 953                                                          Sue Bradford, Green Party member of
Aztec, NM                                     Cory Williams, exec. board member,
                                                                                             Parliament Auckland, New Zealand
                                               IBEW 354 West Jordan, UT
Pedro Smith, ILA 1416 Miami, FL                                                             Duane Bradley, general manager,
                                              Grant Williams, exec. board, Maritime
Eric Starin, exec. board, Office &                                                           KPFT radio Houston, TX
                                               Union 13 Auckland, New Zealand
 Professional Employees 12 Rockville, MD                                                    Donald Bray, prof. emeritus, political
                                              Steve Williamson, exec. sec’y-
Charles Stiles, organizer, IBT 728                                                           science, Cal. State L.A. Los Angeles, CA
                                               treasurer, King County Labor Seattle, WA
 Stockbridge, GA                                                                            Marjorie Bray, dir., Latin American
                                              Wilbur Willie, Sr., political action chair,
Kelly Street, pres., Boilermakers 484                                                       Studies, Cal. State L.A. Los Angeles, CA
                                              UMWA 1332 St. Michaels, AZ
 Meredosia, IL                                                                              Colleen Breslin, El Centro Humanitario
                                              Trent Willis, pres., ILWU 10
Mike Sweeney, official, Engineering,                                                         para Los Trabajadores Denver, CO
                                               San Francisco, CA
Printing, and Manufacturing Union                                                           Al Campbell, prof. of economics,
Auckland, New Zealand                         Aron Wright, sec’y treas., ILWU 10
                                               San Francisco, CA                             Univ. of Utah Salt Lake City, UT
Yolanda Taylor, legislative political
                                              Kyle Wulle, vice pres., USW 12-593            Campus Action, State University of
 organizer, American Federation of
                                               Salt Lake City, UT                            New York Albany, NY
 Government Employees Janesboro, GA

                   Page 4             Militant Fighting Fund Endorser List
Gene Carroll, dir., Union Leadership        Hilda Halkyard-Harawira, teacher           Matti Mack, dir., Kentucky Minority
Workshop, Cornell Univ. New York, NY         Kaitaia, New Zealand                      Farmers Brandenberg, KY
Eddie J. Carthan, pastor, Good              Juvais Harrington, pres. Miami-Dade        Holbrook Mahn, assoc. prof. of
 Samaritan Ecumenical Church                 Branch NAACP Miami, FL                     language, University of New Mexico
 Tchula, MS                                                                             Albuquerque, NM
                                            Willie Head, People’s Tribunal
Nick Castle, film director and              Valdosta, GA                               José Francisco Martínez, sec’y,
 screenwriter, Directors Guild of America
                                            Ray Hill, host of “The Prison Show,”        Círculo Bolivariano Miami, FL
 Los Angeles, CA
                                             KPFT radio Houston, TX                    Norberto Martínez, board member,
Bill Christison, farmer, Chillicothe, MO                                                WPFW Radio Washington, DC
                                            Ian Chan Hodges, chairman, Maui
Simon Clarke, prog. coordinator,             County Democratic Party Makawao, HI       Mel Mason, pres. Monterey Peninsula
 Philosophy, Univ. of Canterbury
                                            Rik Hooper, reporter, “Omaha Sun”          NAACP chapter Monterey, CA
 Christchurch, New Zealand
                                             Omaha, NE                                 Peter McLaren, prof. of education,
John Cline, Black Lung attorney                                                         UCLA Los Angeles, CA
                                            Brooke Hopkins, prof. of English,
 Piney View, WV
                                             Univ. of Utah Salt Lake City, UT          Margot McMillen, farmer; bd. member,
Brett Collins, spokesperson, Justice                                                   Missouri Rural Crisis Center Fulton, MO
 Action Sydney, Australia                   Walter T. Howard, prof. of history,
                                            Bloomsburg Univ. Bloomsburg, PA            Ignacio Meneses, US Cuba Labor
Efrain Colón, Hispanic American                                                         Exchange Redford, MI
                                            Interfaith Committee for Worker
 Committee Cleveland, OH
                                            Justice Houston, TX                        John Minto, spokesperson, Global
Henry Cooper, host of ”Proyecto                                                         Peace and Justice Auckland, New Zealand
 Latinoamericano,” KPFT radio               Patricia Ireland, past-pres. NOW
 Houston, TX                                 (1991-2002) Homestead, FL                 Mississippi Immigrants Rights
                                            Ray Jackson, Indigenous Social Justice     Alliance Jackson, MS
John Walton Cotman, prof. of political
 science, Howard Univ. Washington, DC        Association Sydney, Australia             Margaret Montoya, prof. of law, Univ.
                                            Randy Jasper, Family Farm Defenders        of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM
Russ Davis, exec. dir., Massachusetts
                                             Muscoda, WI                               LaMarse Moore, vice pres., National
 Jobs with Justice Boston, MA
                                            Mary Johnson, leader of Chicago anti-       Black Lung Association Birmingham, AL
Joan Drake, co-chair, Women’s Int’l
 League for Peace and Freedom               police brutality protests Chicago, IL      Eddy Morales, pres., United States
 Washington, DC                             Tony Jeanthenor, chairman of Haitian        Student Association Washington, DC
Hans G. Ehrbar, prof. of economics,          rights organization Veye-Yo Miami, FL     Claudia Morcom, retired circuit judge
 Univ. of Utah Salt Lake City, UT           Colonel Stone Johnson, civil rights         Detroit, MI
Dorothy Elliott, Committee for Justice       veteran Birmingham, AL                    George Naylor, pres., National Family
 for Archie Elliott Forestville, MD         Rufina Juárez, South Central Farmers       Farm Coalition Churdan, IA
                                             Los Angeles, CA                           George Neckel, dir., Jobs with Justice
Thomas Ellison, M.D. Birmingham, AL
                                            Willie King, Blues artist Aliceville, AL   Salt Lake City, UT
Marc-André Éthier, adjunct prof. of
education, University of Montréal           Margaret Kirkby, Women’s Abortion          Bruce Nestor, past-pres., National
Montréal, Quebec                            Action Campaign Sydney, Australia           Lawyers Guild Minneapolis, MN
Jorge Farinacci, leader of Socialist        Glory Kilanko, dir., Women Watch           August Nimtz, prof. of political science,
 Front Guaynabo, Puerto Rico                 Afrika Decatur, GA                         Univ. of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
Charlotte Fife-Jepperson, editor,           Thomas Kleven, prof. of law,               Christopher Titus North, Green Party
 The West View Salt Lake City, UT            Texas Southern Univ. Houston, TX           candidate for mayor Pittsburgh, PA
Georgia Farmers for Constitutional          Barbara Kucera, editor,                    Gerald O’Hare, Federation of Irish
Rights Montezuma, GA                         Workday Minnesota Minneapolis, MN         American Societies Philadelphia, PA
Gordon Fox, assoc. prof. of biology,        La Raza Centro Legal San Francisco, CA     Ismael Guadalupe Ortiz, leader of
 Univ. of South Florida Tampa, FL                                                       U.S. Out of Vieques movement
                                            James Lafferty, exec. dir., LA chapter      Vieques, Puerto Rico
Sally Frank, prof. of law, Drake Univ.       National Lawyers Guild Los Angeles, CA
 Des Moines, IA                                                                        Kjell Östberg, prof. of contemporary
                                            Rev. José Landaverde, pastor, Amor          history, Univ. of Södertörn
Lavarice Gaudin, dir. of Haitian rights      de Dios UMC Chicago, IL                    Stockholm, Sweden
 organization Veye-Yo Miami, FL
                                            Maire Leadbeater, human rights activist    Mike Peters, national pres., New
Georgia Farmers for Constitutional          Auckland, New Zealand                      Zealand Ecological Restoration Network
Rights Montezuma, GA                                                                   Christchurch, New Zealand
                                            Charlie F. Lee, plaintiff, Black farmers
Vivian Gladden, chairperson, SE              lawsuit against USDA Montezuma, GA        Marie Jean Philippe, Haitian American
 Michigan Jobs with Justice Detroit, MI                                                Students & Parents Assoc. Miami, FL
                                            Nativo Lopez, pres., Mexican American
Andrés Gómez, nat’l coordinator,             Political Association Santa Ana, CA       Political Rights Defense Fund
 Antonio Maceo Brigade Miami, FL                                                        New York, NY
                                            Rev. Joseph Lowery, pres. emeritus,
Robert Guild, Venceremos Brigade             Southern Christian Leadership             Gary Prevost, prof. of political science,
 Englewood, NJ                               Conference Atlanta, GA                     St. John’s Univ. Collegeville, MN

                  Page 5               Militant Fighting Fund Endorser List
Fabricio Rodriguez, dir., Philadelphia        Kathryn South, sec’y, National Black      Nalda Vigezzi, co-chair, National
 Jobs with Justice Philadelphia, PA            Lung Association Beards Fork, WV          Network on Cuba Brighton, MA
Camilo Romero, nat’l organizer for            Spelman College Student                   Olga Vives, exec. vice-pres., NOW
 outreach, United Students Against            Government Association, Atlanta, GA       Alexandria, VA
 Sweatshops Washington, DC                    Jessica Stender, Coalition for Latin      Susan Vogel, publisher, Pince-Nez Press
Dee Rowland, Peace & Justice                   American Migrants and Immigrants          Salt Lake City, UT
Commission, Catholic Diocese                   Philadelphia, PA
Salt Lake City, UT                            Lynne Stewart, retired attorney
                                                                                        Gary Washington, host of “Labor
Socorro Ruiz, Justice for Serafín Olvera       New York, NY                              Forum,” WRFG radio Atlanta, GA
 Houston, TX                                  Rick Sumner, convenor, National           David Wakim, human rights activist
Eugene Ruyle, emeritus prof. of                Justice for Mineworkers Campaign          Auckland, New Zealand
 anthropology, California State Univ.          Hornsea, United Kingdom
                                                                                        Larry Wiley, rep., Utah State Legislature
 Long Beach, CA                               Pauline Tangiora, Maori elder and          Dist. 31 West Valley City, UT
Raúl Sálinas, Prisoners Rights Support         indigenous peoples’ rights activist
 Network Austin, TX                            Hawke Bay, New Zealand                   Frank Wilkinson, exec. dir. emeritus,
                                                                                         Nat’l Committee Against Repressive
San Francisco Day Labor Program               Pablo Tapia, past vice pres., ISAIAH       Legislation Los Angeles, CA
 San Francisco, CA                             Lexington, MN
                                                                                        Gladys Williams, People’s Tribunal
Angela Sanbrano, exec. dir., Central          Ray Taseff, attorney Miami, FL
                                                                                        Valdosta, GA
 America Resource Ctr. Los Angeles, CA        James Thindwa, Jobs with Justice
Rev. José Santiago, pastor, Holy               Chicago, IL                              Barry Wilson, pres., Auckland Council
 Rosary Church Minneapolis, MN                                                           for Civil Liberties Auckland, New Zealand
                                              Thomas Merton Center Pittsburgh, PA
David Schnell, Hinds County                                                             Nancy Winitzky, prof. of education,
                                              Napoleon Tortolero, pres., Los Cañizos
 Democratic Exec. Committee Jackson, MI                                                  Univ. of Utah Salt Lake City, UT
                                               farm cooperative Yaracuy, Venezuela
Adam Shapiro, talk show host,                 Chuck Turner, city council Boston, MA     Joseph Woodley, vice pres., Albany
 WRFG radio Atlanta, GA                                                                  House Tenant Assoc. Brooklyn, NY
                                              Utah Jobs with Justice
Mack Shelley II, prof. of statistics,          Salt Lake City, UT                       Archie Young, pres., Alabama Black
Iowa State Univ. Ames, IA                                                                Lung Association Birmingham, AL
                                              Tony Van Der Meer, adjunct prof. of
Sobukwe Shukura, co-chair, SE region           Africana studies, Univ. of Mass.         Matilde Zimmerman, prof. of history,
 National Network on Cuba Clarkston, GA        Boston, MA                               Sarah Lawrence College New York, NY
Andrew Somers, pres. Irish American           Frank Velgara, ProLibertad Freedom
 Unity Conference Fitchburg, WI                                                         John Zippert, co-publisher, Greene
                                               Campaign Bronx, NY                        County Democrat Eutaw, AL

                            Militant Fighting Fund Endorsement

        I support the free speech and freedom of the press rights of the Militant newspaper. Please
     list me as an endorser of the Militant Fighting Fund.
        The C.W. Mining lawsuit, in the courts in Salt Lake City, Utah, against the United Mine
     Workers of America, and Co-Op miners fighting for the union, newspapers such as the
     Militant that have written about this struggle, and groups and individuals who have backed
     the miners, is an attempt to chill free speech and intimidate supporters of the miners. Such
     attacks on labor rights and the First Amendment should not be tolerated.
        I urge others to join me in endorsing the Militant Fighting Fund and to contribute
     generously to meet legal and publicity expenses.
            Enclosed is my contribution to the Militant Fighting Fund of $ ______________________

        Name (please print) __________________________________________________________________________
        Address _______________________________City/State/Zip _________________________________________
        Union/School/Organization & Title (for identification purposes)   ________________________________________
  Militant Fighting Page 6          Militant Fighting Fund Endorser List
                    Fund P.O. Box 520994 Salt Lake City, Utah 84152-0994 FAX: (801) 924-5910

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