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					                                             Montclair School District

                     Elementary School Registration Packet
                                 2011 – 2012
You can fill out the application form on page 8 of this packet by typing in your information online, then
printing out THREE COPIES of the completed form. Remember to sign each of the printed copies. You
may also print out three copies of the form, and fill each of them in by hand. You only need one copy of
supporting material and other forms.

Whichever method you choose, you must deliver the THREE COPIES of the completed application form,
signed where necessary, BY HAND, to the District Office at 22 Valley Road. They may NOT be mailed,
but must be brought in with all necessary supporting documents (only one copy of each is necessary)
specified in the package. This packet includes:

             Calendar for Open Houses, School Visits, and Registration ......................... 2

             Registration Materials
             Checklist for Items to Bring to Registration ................................................... 3
             Details of Registration Requirements ............................................................ 4
             Elementary School Registration Form .......................................................... 8
             Media (Other Than Internet) Permission Form ............................................... 9
             Internet Permission Form ............................................................................ 10

             Other Useful Material
             Elementary School Summary ....................................................................... 11
                   Bradford School ................................................................................. 13
                   Bullock School ................................................................................... 15
                   Edgemont School .............................................................................. 17
                   Hillside School ................................................................................... 20
                   Nishuane School ................................................................................ 22
                   Northeast School ............................................................................... 24
                   Watchung School ............................................................................... 26
             Feeder System ............................................................................................. 28
             Transportation FAQs .................................................................................... 29
             Transportation Eligibility ............................................................................... 30
             Map of Montclair Schools ............................................................................ 31
             PTA Guide to Navigating the School Selection Process ............................. 32
             Quick Guide to Navigating Through the School System ............................. 35

Please review before Open House week the 25-minute video presentation, “Our Schools, Our Town,” on
the district website by going to http://www.montclair.k12.nj.us, and selecting Parents/PTA in the left
navigation bar.

There will also be a screening on Thursday, March 24 at 6:30 PM at the Montclair Public Library, 50
South Fullerton Avenue, hosted by the Montclair PTA, followed by informal discussions with elementary
school PTA presidents and members.
                                                                               Elementary School Registration packet/page 2

            Elementary School Open House and Registration Schedule for
                              2011-2012 School Year
Before Open House Week:

    •      Please review the 25 minute video presentation, “Our Schools, Our Town,” on the district website
           http://www.montclair.k12.nj.us (click on “Parents/PTA”), or go to http://www.montclairpta.org to get an
           overview of Montclair’s successful magnet school system, its history and purpose.

    •      You may also pick up this parent orientation packet at the elementary schools or the Montclair Board
           of Education, 22 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ. . The elementary school orientation packets will be
           available on March 25, 2011 at the Montclair Board of Education, and the week of March 28, 2011 at
           the elementary schools.

    •      “Our Schools, Our Town” can also be viewed at the Montclair Public Library during its hours of

                                            March 28 thru April 1
                         Elementary Schools Open for Visitations During Regular Hours

                                   Bradford        — 9:15 and 10:15 a.m.
                                   Bullock         — 9:15 and 10:30 a.m.
                                   Edgemont        — 9:00-9:45 and 10:00-10:45 a.m.
                                   Hillside        — 10:00-11.00 a.m.
                                   Nishuane        — 9:30-10:15 and 10:30-11:15 a.m.
                                   Northeast       — 9:00-9:45 and 10:00-10:45 a.m.
                                   Watchung        — 9:30-10:15 and 10:30-11:15 a.m.

                             Elementary Schools Evening Visitations 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

                                   March 29 — Edgemont             April 6 — Bullock
                                   March 30 — Bradford             April 12 — Hillside
                                   March 31 — Watchung             April 13 — Northeast
                                   April 5  — Nishuane

April 25-28                Registration for new students (Grades Kindergarten through 8)
                           to be held at 22 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ
                           1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday

April 29                   1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Friday

April 1                    Elementary Freedom of Choice Applications available

May 1                      Deadline for submission of Freedom of Choice Applications

July 15                    Parents notified regarding K through 5 school placements

Please Note:       School tours are available during school hours after April 15 by appointment only.
                   Please call school directly to make an appointment. If you have any registration
                   questions, please call the registrar at 973-509-4017.

                           Bradford        973-509-4155            Nishuane         973-509-4222
                           Bullock         973-509-4255            Northeast        973-509-4242
                           Edgemont        973-509-4162            Watchung         973-509-4259
                           Hillside        973-509-4200
                                                        Elementary School Registration packet/page 3

                Document Checklist
    for Registering Kindergarten and Elementary (Grades 1-5) Students

Below, you MUST bring the documents in items 1-5 to Registration. Your child
will NOT be registered without them.

1           Registration Form (page 4 of this packet.) Make and bring three (3)
            copies. Note: This is the only document that requires 3 copies.

2           Child’s birth certificate or its equivalent (i.e. passport).

3           Any one (1) of the proofs of residence described in Group A on page 4
            of this packet.

4           Any three (3) of the documents described in Group B on page 4 of this

5           Proof of immunization, as described on page 5.
            Note: Medical or religious exemptions are described on page 5.

Please also bring these two signed documents (6 and 7)

6           Print and television permission form

7           Website and internet permission form

ONLY for students transferring from schools outside Montclair

8           Copy of most recent report card and most recent standardized test
                                                                     Elementary School Registration packet/page 4

                     Enrollment Registration Requirements

Proof of Age
A birth certificate or passport must be presented at the time of registration.

Proof of Residence
Group A: All persons coming to register children must bring four proofs of residency. The
registration process will not be initiated without ALL of the required documentation. Verification
of a child's residency requires the presentation of one of the following documents with a
Montclair address:

    1. Homeowner - Montclair real estate tax bill, mortgage statement, or signed Contract of
    2. Tenant - Lease; if residing as a tenant without a lease, a signed, notarized Sworn
       Statement of Tenancy (Affidavit) completed by the landlord.
    3. Child is Domiciled with Montclair Resident Other than Parent - Affidavit Form A
       executed by Montclair resident and Affidavit Form B executed by parent or guardian.
    4. Child and Parent Living with Montclair Resident - Signed, notarized Sworn Statement
       of Residency (Affidavit) completed by the Montclair resident and parent or guardian.
    5. Child Placed in Montclair by Court - Court order placing child in home of Montclair
    6. Child Placed in Montclair by Child Welfare Agency - Document of child welfare
       agency ordering that child be placed in home of Montclair resident.

Group B: In addition, any three of the following documents containing a Montclair address must
be presented:

    1.    Driver's license, vehicle registration and auto insurance card;
    2.    Current utility bill;
    3.    Current cable television bill;
    4.    Current credit card bill;
    5.    Written statement from realtor stating parent/guardian has signed a contract to
          purchase or rent in Montclair;
    6.    Official mail (bank statement, government correspondence: Internal Revenue, Division of
          Taxation, Social Security Administration);
    7.    Public assistance documents A.F.D.C. (Aid For Dependent Children) and W.I.C.
          (Women, Infants and Children);
    8.    Income tax return;
    9.    Voter registration card/records;
    10.   Unemployment benefit verification;
    11.   Recent paycheck/stub;
    12.   Documents to support Affidavit Forms A and B.

Transfer Students
Students transferring from schools outside of Montclair must provide a copy of their most recent
report card and most recent standardized test results (where applicable).
                                                                      Elementary School Registration packet/page 5

Proof of Immunization: Documents Accepted as Evidence of Immunization
The following documents will be accepted as evidence of a pupil's immunization history
provided that the individual immunizations and the date when each immunization was
administered is listed:

    1. An official school record from any school indicating compliance with the immunization
       requirements listed below.

    2. A record from any public health department indicating compliance with the immunization
       requirements listed below.

    3. A certificate signed by a physician licensed to practice medicine, osteopathy, or a
       certified nurse practitioner in any jurisdiction in the United States indicating compliance
       with the immunization requirements listed below.

Diphtheria & Tetanus Toxoids & Pertussis DPT Vaccine
Every pupil less than seven years of age, a minimum of 4 doses DPT required. One dose must
be administered on or after 4th birthday. Any child with a total of 5 doses will also be in
compliance with this regulation.

Children born after Janiary 1, 1997 are required to have a booster of diphtheria, tetanus and
pertussis within one month following their 11th birthday.

Polio Virus Vaccine
Every pupil less than 7 years of age, a minimum of three doses of oral polio vaccine or (OPV or
IPV) is required provided one dose is given on or after 4th birthday. Alternatively, a pupil with any
four doses of polio vaccine spaced by a minimum of at least one month (28 days) will be in
compliance with this regulation.

MMR — Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine or 1 Mumps, 1 Rubella and 2 Measles
Two doses of a measles-containing vaccine given after the first birthday, (MMR), will be required
of all children born on or after January 1, 1990. Two doses of measles-containing vaccine must
be separated by an interval of at least one month (28 days).

Hepatitis B Vaccine
All students are required to have documentation of three doses of Hepatitis B.

All children entering grades K-8 in September 2011,born on or after January 1, 1998, must have
one dose of varicella vaccination given on or after first birthday or official proof of disease from a
physician or nurse practitioner.
                                                                     Elementary School Registration packet/page 6

Meningococcal Vaccine
Every pupil born after January 1, 1997 must have one dose of meningococcal vaccine within one
month following their 11th birthday.

Medical Exemptions
A medical exemption is acceptable from a licensed M.D. or D.O. or Certified Nurse Practitioner
or PA. Medical exemptions must be submitted and reviewed annually. A medical exemption
is acceptable if it is based upon a valid medical contradiction according to the American
Academy of Pediatrics standards.

Religious Exemptions
A parent/guardian may request a religious exemption by submitting a written statement to the
school, which explains how the administration of immunizing agents conflicts with the
pupil's exercise of religious tenets and practices. These letters will be reviewed by the
Montclair Board of Education. New Jersey legislation does not recognize philosophical or moral
objections as reasons for securing a religious exemption.

Required Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Testing
The Mantoux intradermal test using 5 TU of stabilized PPD tuberculin shall be used exclusively
for the test of all individuals targeted for testing by these recommendations.

The following tuberculin skin testing requirements apply to ALL school districts:

    1. Students born in a country that is not listed below and entering school in the U.S. for the
       first time, regardless of age or grade.

    2. Students transferring into the New HJersey school system directly from a country not
       listed below, regardless of age, grade or country of birth.

Exceptions for both groups of students listed above:

Entering at grades K through 5: Tuberculin skin testing is not required if the student has
documentation of a Mantoux tuberculin skin test at the age of four years or older, regardless of the
result of that skin test.

Entering at grades 6 through 12: Tuberculin skin testing is not required if the student has
documentation of a negative Mantoux tuberculin skin test in the last six months or a positive skin
test, with a documented negative chest x-ray, regardless when this test was done.

Tuberculin skin testing is not required if the student has attended school in another state prior to
entering the New Jersey school system.

Any student with parents claiming religious exemption cannot be compelled to submit to tuberculin
skin testing. In these instances, a symptom assessment must be done. If TB-like symptoms are
reported, a physician must document that the student does not have active disease. Each school
                                                                     Elementary School Registration packet/page 7

district is responsible for determining the criteria essential to document a valid religious exemption.
Appropriate forms are available in the office of each district school nurse.

 Antigua &Barbuda     Cuba               Iceland             Monaco               Sweden
 Antilles             Cyprus             Ireland             Montserrat           Switzerland
 Australia            Czech Republic     Israel              Netherlands          Trinidad &Tobago
 Austria              Denmark            Italy               New Zealand          U.K.
 Barbados             Finland            Jamaica             Norway               U.S.
 Belgium              France             Jordan              Oman                 U.S. Virgin Isl.
 Bermuda              Germany            Lebanon             Puerto Rico
 Canada               Greenland          Luxembourg          Saint Kitts /Nevis
 Cayman Islands       Grenada            Malta               San Marino

Notify the school nurse at registration if your child has Food Allergies/Asthma/EPI-Pen or other
health issues.

Reminder: The registration process will not be initiated without ALL of the required documentation.
                        Montclair Public Schools Elementary School Registration                                                                     Application Date ______________

                        IMPORTANT: This registration application cannot be processed until the parent/guardian has met with the
                        registrar/central office staff member to verify ORIGINAL residency documents, birth certificate/passport and
                        immunization records. You must bring THREE (3) COPIES of this completed application when you come to register
                        your child/children. Applications mailed to the Board of Education will NOT be accepted.

Student Information
    Amer. Indian/Alaskan. Native                  Asian           Black/African-American              Hispanic               Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander             White
Last Name                                                           First Name                                          MI                        Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch
                                                                                                                                            Sex          F       M
Street Address                                                                                                          Zip Code            Ward         Home Phone

Email                                                                     Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy)                      City of Birth                    State of Birth     Country of Birth

Last School Student Attended                                              School Address                                                                 Grade Completed

Health Insurance:            Yes            No                            Health Issues:           Asthma               EPI Pen           Food Allergy           Other
   Father         Parent            Guardian (select one)
Name                                                                                                                         Email
Mailing Address (if different from Student Address)                                                                          Home Phone
                                                                                                                             Business Phone
Legal Guardian         Yes             No               Did you attend a Montclair school?            Yes          No        Cell Phone

   Mother           Parent           Guardian (select one)
Name                                                                                                                         Email
Mailing Address (if different from Student Address)                                                                          Home Phone
                                                                                                                             Business Phone
Legal Guardian         Yes             No               Did you attend a Montclair school?            Yes          No        Cell Phone
Person to be Notified in Event of an Emergency Other Than Parent/Guardian
Name                                                                                              Phone

Children in Family (List oldest first, and include applicant)
  Name                                                                                 Sex        Birth Date        School                               Grade

Grade entered:                     Special Programs:           Special Education        English Language Learner           Native Language:
School Preference (Rank your preference in the boxes below from 1-6. Students without complete ranking information may be placed by Central Office)
Bradford                     Bullock                       Edgemont                    Hillside                    Nishuane                     Northeast                  Watchung

I certify that all the information on this application is true and understand that school officials may verify the information.

Signature of Parent/Guardian _________________________________________________________________________________________________

FOR CENTRAL OFFICE USE ONLY                      Zone      A          B            C      School Assignment
                                                 Residency Verification                   1.                                               2.
                                                                                          3.                                               4.
                                                 DOB Verification                              Birth Certificate             Passport

C.O. Official Signature _________________________________________________________________                                     Date ____________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                    Rev 3/2/11
                                                                                                  Elementary School Packet/page 9

                    MONTCLAIR PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                                            OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT
                                                 22 VALLEY ROAD ~ MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY 07042

                                                                                              FELICE A. HARRISON, Ed.D.
                                                                                                      Assistant to the Superintendent
September, 2011

Dear Parents/Caregivers:

From time to time, members of the news media are invited to the Montclair Public Schools. The
visits may relate to a particular event or to a general educational topic.

We are requesting your permission to release your child’s photograph, name, and/or videotape
for publication/airing during the 2011-2012 school year. This will be used for news or
community interest only. Commercial use is prohibited without specific Board of Education

Please note that this request pertains only to print, television and other media. It does NOT
include the Internet.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the number indicated above. Thank you for
your cooperation.


Felice A. Harrison, Ed.D.
Assistant to the Superintendent

-✁- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Student’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________

School: ______________________________________________________ Grade: _______________

Please check one:

                   I hereby give my permission for the Montclair Public Schools to release
                   photographs, videotapes, and/or the name of my child to the media. I
                   understand this will not be used for commercial purposes.

                   I do not want my child’s photograph, name or videotape used.

___________________________________________________                                             ___________________
Signature of Parent/Caregiver or Student if over 18 years old                                        Date

          Telephone: 973.509.4015 ~ Fax: 973.509.6405~ E-mail: fharrison@montclair.k12.nj.us
                                                                        Elementary School Registration packet/page 10

                                                    OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT
                                           22 VALLEY ROAD ~ MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY 07042

                                                                                 FELICE A. HARRISON, Ed.D.
                                                                                         Assistant to the Superintendent

                              Website/Internet Consent Form
We are sending you this Parental/Guardian Consent Form to both inform you and to request permission
for your child’s photo/image and personally identifiable information to be published on the district and/or
school’s web site.

As you are aware, there are potential dangers associated with the posting of personally
identifiable information on a web site since global access to the Internet does not allow us to
control who may access such information. These dangers have always existed; however, we as
schools do want to celebrate your child and his/her work. The law requires that we ask for your
permission to use information about your child.

Pursuant to law, we will not release any personally identifiable information without prior written consent
from you as parent or guardian. Personally identifiable information includes student names, photo or
image, residential addresses, e-mail address, phone numbers and locations and times of class trips.

If you, as the parent or guardian, wish to rescind this agreement, you may do so at any time in writing by
sending a letter to the principal of your child’s school and such rescission will take effect upon receipt by
the school.

Check one of the following choices:

        I/We GRANT permission for a photo/image that includes this student without any other personal
        identifiers to be published on the school and/or district’s public Internet site.

        I/We GRANT permission for this student’s photo/image and name to be published on the school
        and/or district’s public Internet site.

        I/We GRANT permission for this student’s photo/image and all other personal identifiers listed
        above to be published on the school and/or district’s public Internet site.

        I/We DO NOT GRANT permission for photo/image that includes this student to be published on
        the school and or district’s public Internet site.

Student’s Name: (please print) ________________________________________________________________

Student’s School: __________________________________________________________Grade: ____________

Print Name of Parent/Guardian: (print) ___________________________________________________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian: (sign) _____________________________________________________________

Relation to Student: ___________________________________________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________

             Telephone: 973.509.4015 ~ Fax: 973.509.6405~ E-mail: fharrison@montclair.k12.nj.us
                                                                        Elementary School Registration Packet/page 11

                                  ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GUIDE

Bradford School
K–5                                   Theme: The University Magnet         Mrs. Naomi Kirkman, Principal
87 Mt. Hebron Road
Montclair, NJ                        Hours: 8:50 AM to 3:05 PM             School size: 487 students
(973) 509-4155                       Early Dismissal: 1:40 PM

Our motto: “Everyone Teaches, Everyone Learns.” Bradford offers students participation in at least one
university-designed teaching experience for each of the three marking periods. These could include a
science or technology workshop led by Montclair State University professionals, collaborating with
Bradford teachers, to develop children’s initial thinking, problem solving and life learning skills. (More on
page 8.)

Edgemont Montessori School*
K–5                                  Theme: Montessori School              Dr. Adunni Anderson, Principal
20 Edgemont Road
Montclair, NJ                        Hours: 8:20 AM to 2:35 PM             School size: 297 students
(973) 509-4162                       Early Dismissal: 1:10 PM

Edgemont Montessori School is the only Kindergarten through Grade 5 public Montessori School in the
state of New Jersey. Classes are designed to meet the developmental needs and capabilities of each

*English as a second language is offered.

Hillside School
3–5                                  Theme: Gifted and Talented            Mr. Michael Chiles, Principal
54 Orange Road
Montclair, NJ                        Hours: 9:20 AM to 3:35 PM             School size: 596 students
(973) 509-4200                       Early Dismissal: 2:10 PM

Continuation of Gifted and Talented theme, school presumes all students have special abilities. School
provides students with a positive environment where responsibility and maturity are stressed. Strong
performing arts program and academic program offered.

Nishuane School
K–2                                  Theme: Gifted and Talented            Mrs. Gail Clarke, Principal
32 Cedar Avenue
Montclair, NJ                        Hours: 9:20 AM to 3:35 PM             School size: 525 students
(973) 509-4222                       Early Dismissal: 2:10 PM

School’s responsibility is to identify and nurture children’s special abilities based on belief that all have
special gifts and talents. Offers a wide variety of choices so students of varying abilities, interests, and
backgrounds discover areas of interest particular to their talents.
                                                                     Elementary School Registration Packet/page 12


Northeast School*
K–5                               Theme: Global Studies              Dr. Joseph Putrino, Acting Principal
603 Grove Street
Upper Montclair, NJ               Hours: 8:20 AM to 2:35 PM          School size: 426 students
(973) 509-4242                    Early Dismissal: 1:10 PM

Global Studies is a powerful tool that uses geography to unite the curriculum and support academic
skills. Each grade level studies a continent and our Global Studies specialist meets with all students.
Global education is a purposeful way to excite children about learning and to teach them skills they will
need as tomorrow’s citizens, leaders and protectors of our resources.

*English as a second language is offered.

The Charles H. Bullock School
K–5                                 Theme: Environmental Science        Dr. Barbara Weller, Principal
55 Washington Street
Montclair, NJ                       Hours: 8:50 AM to 3:05 PM           School size: 353 students
(973) 509-4255                      Early Dismissal: 1:40 PM

Recognizes the uniqueness and diversity of all families and works to include this philosophy into the
development of the whole child. Draws upon strengths of its families and sees them as partners in and
out of the school setting. Families are encouraged to share talents.

Watchung School
K –5                                Theme: Science and Technology       Mr. Peter Turnamian Principal
14 Garden Street
Montclair, NJ                       Hours: 8:50 AM to 3:05 PM           School size: 462 students
(973) 509-4259                      Early Dismissal: 1:40 PM

Offers an applied learning, inquiry-based program that encourages children to learn through active
exploration. Students are given knowledge to negotiate a world where technology and science are the
tools utilized to retrieve, interpret, and manipulate information.
                                                                      Elementary School Registration packet/page 13

                                      BRADFORD SCHOOL
                                    Mrs. Naomi Kirkman, Principal
                                       87 Mount Hebron Road
                                         Montclair, NJ 07043

                                            Grades K-5
                                    Theme: The University Magnet

                                     Hours: 8:50 a.m. – 3:05 p.m.
                                      Early Dismissal: 1:40 p.m.

                                “Everyone Teaches, Everyone Learns”

Bradford School, the University Magnet, continues its dynamic partnership with Montclair State
University (MSU), our walking-distance neighbor. This unique collaboration affords many opportunities to
share resources, facilities, and teaching and learning experiences among Bradford’s 470 students, their
teachers, MSU faculty, and MSU students.

Bradford School’s Mission Statement: To teach and encourage all students to learn the essential skills
needed to reach their highest potential while developing self-worth, a desire for life-long learning, and
responsible citizenship. To provide high-quality education to all students through the teaching of basics
– reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies while reinforcing the fundamental values of
respect and responsibility.

The Basic Program: Math, science, social studies, and language arts comprise the basic curriculum.
Students also receive instruction in art, physical education, technology, library, and Spanish at least
once a week. The school has a modern, well-equipped art room, music room, and library. The school’s
state of the art technology supports the integration of technology into the K-5 curriculum.

Bradford students participate in district-wide programs such as SAIL (Students Accelerated In Learning)
and STARS (which provides additional academic support for students in need).

Parent and caregiver involvement in the classrooms is welcomed. Supported by an active and
enthusiastic PTA, the extended Bradford community gathers for many occasions throughout the year,
including a Pancake Breakfast, a Carnival of Math, music concerts, book fairs, a Science Fair, a
community service day, food and toy drives and a Bingo night.

What Makes Bradford Special:

•   To responsibly educate and nurture the whole child, Bradford places great emphasis on anti-bullying
    and character education. Teachers implement the anti-bullying curriculum of the N.J. State Bar
    Foundation. The school also offers character education through the Bradford CARES curriculum, in
    which children spend time learning about Bradford CARES values, including cooperation,
    acceptance, respect and responsibility, empathy, and sharing. Teachers utilize the Responsive
    Classroom approach in their classrooms, beginning each day with a morning meeting.
                                                                      Elementary School Registration packet/page 14

•   A focus on differentiated learning in all classrooms, with several classrooms incorporating the
    inclusive classroom structure. Teachers are skilled at modifying the curriculum to meet the individual
    learning styles and needs of their students.

•   Bradford PTA administers an after-school enrichment program with numerous courses for grades K-
    5 including cooking, drama, science, yoga and music.

•   Outdoor and environmental learning projects, including gardening, which is integrated into the
    science curriculum. Bradford School hosts an annual “Pesto Fest" at which students can sample
    pesto made from basil grown in the school garden.

•   Bradford Running Club’s before-school program is facilitated by the physical education teacher for
    grades 2-5.

•   The Broadcast TV studio is used by staff and students daily for a morning program broadcast in
    each classroom.

•   Counseling services which provide students with age-appropriate social skills programs, as well as
    group discussions to address anger management, divorce, social skills, and other issues.

•   A Health and Wellness program organized by parents and faculty, emphasizing nutrition and
    exercise. Bradford hosts monthly Walk-to-School days and healthy breakfasts for each grade.

Bradford’s Partnership with MSU

The association with the university enhances an elementary school that already offers top-notch
technology and many other first-rate programs. Bradford students visit MSU for music recitals, dance
and theater performances, health and physical education, swim therapy, video conferencing, and a host
of other learning experiences.

MSU physical education faculty and students facilitate an on-campus six-mile walk-a-thon for fourth and
fifth graders and a three-mile walk-a-thon for third graders to raise money for a local charity. Also, MSU
faculty and students organize Field Days for all Bradford students which include physical education
stations and team building games.

MSU faculty facilitate weekly Philosophy for Children sessions in many classrooms, provide everyday
math learning stations, perform dance assemblies for our students, and serve as visiting professors to
our classrooms to enhance instruction.

An MSU professor from the College of Education and Human Services works on-site at Bradford one
day a week to assist Bradford teachers and to provide in-service training to MSU students. Bradford’s
experienced teachers, in turn, supervise many of the university’s teachers-in-training in Bradford
classrooms. These student teachers help Bradford maintain a lower student-teacher ratio, with greater
opportunities for small group learning and differentiated instruction.
                                                                        Elementary School Registration packet/page 15

                             THE CHARLES H. BULLOCK SCHOOL
                                   Dr. Barbara Elder Weller, Principal
                                         55 Washington Street
                                          Montclair, NJ 07042

                                             Grades K-5
                                     Theme: Environmental Science

                                       Hours: 8:50 a.m. – 3:05 p.m.
                                        Early Dismissal: 1:40 p.m.

The Charles H. Bullock School is a vibrant, nurturing community of students, educators and families. Our
mission is to inspire children to be lifelong learners by connecting teaching and learning meaningfully to
the world around us. As a magnet school, our central theme is environmental science. The theme is
interpreted in the broadest possible sense to include natural sciences and the human environment. The
school's integrated curriculum helps students recognize that learning is not an isolated activity; rather, it
is built upon connected experiences which link the classroom with the outside world. Our child-centered
learning environment seeks to foster values of personal, social and environmental responsibility.

Fostering a Community of Learners

Charles H. Bullock School students are actively engaged in the learning process as readers, writers,
mathematicians, scientists, artists, historians, and musicians. They develop a love of learning through
projects and experiences that are relevant to their world. Problem solving skills and critical thinking are
encouraged through an inquiry-based approach to education. Our progressive, child-centered
curriculum combines proven educational theories to provide the best learning environment for each

Our teachers establish rigorous academic expectations and maintain high standards for student work.
Children learn to effectively communicate information, ideas and opinions through written, oral and
artistic expression. We recognize students’ diverse learning styles and use developmentally appropriate
teaching practices including cooperative learning, individual instruction and small group work. Students’
access to Mentor Teachers and Academic Clinic programs allow professionals to work with small groups
to create a smaller student-to-teacher ratio and provide additional resources to implement progressive
classroom strategies. As a community of learners, our staff is committed to supporting our educational
philosophy, vision and goals.

Teachers use the Writing Workshop Method developed at Teachers College, Columbia University for
writing instruction. We consider writing a cornerstone of a thorough education and emphasize the need
to write every day for real purposes and to a clear audience. Students at all levels learn to write in many
genres, including realistic and imaginative fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Students’ published writing is
regularly displayed to share with all who pass through our hallways.

We believe that students thrive when they are known personally by their peers, their teachers, and by the
entire school community. As members of this caring community, our students feel a sense of belonging
and strength. Our Family Coordinator engages in ongoing consultations with parents, caregivers and
teachers and assists students through a variety of scheduled groups and activities.
                                                                      Elementary School Registration packet/page 16

We utilize the Responsive Classroom program, which emphasizes social, emotional, and academic
growth in a strong and safe school environment. The Responsive Classroom approach is based on the
philosophy that children learn best when they develop strong social-emotional skills, including
responsibility, empathy, self-control and cooperation. We nurture children to be caring and empathetic
individuals, teaching them to approach social interactions and academic opportunities with confidence
and compassion.

Integrating Curriculum and Our Environment

The Charles H. Bullock School’s integrated curriculum connects knowledge, skills, strategies, and
vocabulary from a variety of subject areas. For example, our second grade Grain Study integrates
literature, science, social studies, environmental studies, math, art, and technology. This enables
students to make complex connections to other curriculum areas, as well as the real world. Rather than
teaching skills in isolation, we connect academic learning and teach students to apply their knowledge
effectively in a variety of ways.

Learning about the natural environment is integral to our entire curriculum. Our students explore the role
each of us play in our many overlapping worlds: family, school, community and planet. By tapping into
children’s natural curiosity, we build the foundations of environmental literacy. The science of the
natural environment is integrated and applied to learning across all subjects and throughout our arts
program. Our environmental curriculum deepens students’ understanding of natural resources,
adaptations, energy, biodiversity, life cycles, interrelationships, and much more. Students participate in
many environmental science projects and events, including our annual Eco Fair, Earth Week projects,
guest speakers, environmental field trips, 4th grade environmental science trip and environmental
photography workshops.

Our PTA sponsored Artist in Residency program enables students to work with professional musicians,
poets, and dancers to make connections with the arts. Students become aware of their connection to
the broader community and the natural environment, both of which serve as a powerful lens to focus our
students, teachers, and administrators on our mission.

Examples of the integrated curriculum include:
           • Kindergarten Neighborhood Study
           • 1st Grade Leaves and Trees Study
           • 2nd Grade Egg to Chick Study
           • 3rd Grade Monarch Watch Project
           • 4th Grade America and Jazz
           • 5th Grade Constitutional Convention

Making Connections to Our Families and the World Around Us

As Montclair’s Environmental Science magnet, we know that children are intimately connected with the
world that surrounds them. This begins with the family and extends to the community and beyond.
Families are integral, valued members of our school community, essential partners in the education of
their children. We actively welcome, recruit, and train family and community volunteers to enrich and
supplement the school experience for students.
                                                                    Elementary School Registration packet/page 17

Imparting Our Core Values

Our curriculum emphasizes participation in the community, an awareness of the well being of others,
cooperation, problem solving, and respect for the environment. Charles H. Bullock School’s learning
community encourages students to respect themselves, others, and the natural environment. Our
community service orientation prepares students to be active, involved citizens of the world.

Because the entire staff receives on-going training in the Responsive Classroom approach to social and
emotional development, we are able to model respect and responsibility for all members of our school
community. Staff and students begin each day by gathering for a morning meeting to greet one another
and engage in community-building activities. Our Family Coordinator meets with individual students and
small groups to help foster the critical connections between home and school. We are a collaborative
community that supports each student’s achievements, encourages cooperation and values diversity.

Special Projects and Programs

   •   Responsive Classroom Social Emotional Learning Program
   •   Project School, Teachers College, Columbia University
   •   Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service
   •   Summer Kindergarten Play Dates at School for New Students
   •   Artists in Residence
   •   Family Coordinator
   •   Mentor Teachers Program
   •   4th Grade Environmental Science Trip
   •   Community Service Projects Developed and Implemented by Students
   •   Lunch Groups with the Family Coordinator
   •   Annual Events for families, such as, Father’s Group Pancake Breakfast, International Dinne
   •   Book Buddies, pairing Kindergarteners and Fifth Graders
   •   Full-time Math Coach and Reading Specialists
   •   Parent Volunteers in the Classrooms
   •   Student-Run School Store
   •   Earth Week
   •   Father’s Group
   •   Parent Gardening Committee
   •   Spring Eco Fair
                                                                        Elementary School Registration packet/page 18

                                       EDGEMONT SCHOOL
                                     Dr. Adunni Anderson, Principal
                                           20 Edgemont Road
                                          Montclair, NJ 07042

                                              Grades K-5
                                           Theme: Montessori

                                       Hours: 8:20 a.m. – 2:35 p.m.
                                        Early Dismissal: 1:10 p.m.

Established in 1987 as a magnet based on the philosophy, educational foundations and instructional
practices of Dr. Maria Montessori, Edgemont provides an enhancing, enriching, and engaging
educational experience that enables students to explore, express, and excel! Differentiation — the
capacity to respond academically, socially, culturally, cognitively and emotionally to the diverse learning
abilities and needs of our students — is the calling card of our school. A diversely balanced K-5
elementary school, education-as-an-aid-to-life has been both cornerstone and catalyst for our 21st
century learners. Our student-centered classrooms are safe places for children to learn, work and grow,
and are each facilitated by a highly qualified Teacher, with assistance from a Teacher Assistant.
Involvement by parents and caregivers is encouraged and viewed as essential for educating each
student to the fullest potential as an active and natural life-long learner. There’s a real cooperative and
collaborative spirit at Edgemont that is directly tied to our strong home-school partnerships, and
peaceful, family-like school learning environment.

Our Instructional Program

Edgemont provides a comprehensive academic program that is aligned with the NJ Core Curriculum
Content Standards, and taught by highly qualified teachers with additional expertise in developmentally-
appropriate practices. Students progress through the standards-based curriculum with acceleration and
enrichment. Diverse teaching techniques, individualized, small or whole group instruction, hands-on-
/inquiry-based explorations, and other developmentally-appropriate practices promote rigor, high
expectations and academic success for all students. Beyond the acquisition of basic skills and
knowledge in math, science, social studies and language arts literacy, Edgemont students are taught to
become thoughtful readers, skillful computers, clear writers, creative problem solvers, critical and logical
thinkers, independent decision-makers, and lovers of learning.

In our state-of-the-art Cosmic Studies Lab, students develop an understanding of the world around
them through hands-on, project-based explorations, and real-life applications. The rich interdisciplinary,
inquiry-based, experiential connections between all the sciences, social and cultural studies, and
technology are experienced by students through Science Teams and cooperative learning
configurations. The sciences and cultural studies are extended further into the Outdoor Learning
Environment, and the Green Team’s Children’s Garden. The Peaceable School Model informs our social-
problem-solving/conflict resolution/character education program. Our Health and Wellness Team and
the RAINBOWS Program also enhance social and emotional development.

Aesthetic and artistic experiences are provided through the related-arts specialists in art, music and
physical education, and the school’s partnership with a variety of arts-in-education venues. Fourth and
Fifth Graders also have the option to participate in the ORFF Ensemble, Art Extravaganza, or the
                                                                      Elementary School Registration packet/page 19

Edgemont Chamber Music Chorus by audition, portfolio and/or interest. Field trips and service learning
opportunities through the Roots & Shoot program and Student Council are varied and thematically
integrated into instruction. Expert command of differentiation by faculty, and “Academic Meets” in Math
and Language Arts Literacy provide nationally-based academic challenges for all students but especially
those accelerated in learning.

Requirements for 21st century teaching and learning are infused across all subject areas through
computer fluencies, current technologies, and digital tools. Laptops, Alpha-Smarts, Video-conferencing,
video streaming, the Internet, classroom monitors, web-based learning, and the school’s broadcast, Eye
on Edgemont, are an integral part of every classroom environment.

Academic and social growth as well as the development of positive self-esteem among Edgemont’s
students are facilitated by a talented, highly qualified professional staff; learner-centered classrooms;
differentiation as the philosophical essence, culture, and foundation of each classroom; and a nurturing,
student-friendly school environment where students are enhanced, engaged and enriched, and are able
to express, explore, and excel!

Key Features At-a-Glance

•   Cosmic Studies Lab for experiential, project-based learning in the Sciences and Social/Cultural
•   A standards-based, Balanced Language Arts Program
•   A standards-based Balanced Mathematics Program
•   The Infusion of Technology and use of digital tool
•   Accelerated Related Arts offerings for 4th and 5th graders in ORFF Ensemble, Art Extravaganza, and
        Chamber Chorus
•   Roots & Shoots Service Learning/Community Service Projects
•   Technology Coordinator/Library-Computer Center/Mobile Lap Tops/Video Conferencing
•   Family involvement and home-school partnerships
•   Varied Arts-in-Education programming
•   Outdoor Learning Environment and Children’s Garden with habitats and maze
•   Extensive PTA After School Enrichment Program
•   School Council with school-wide representation
•   English as a Second Language for international students/French and Spanish
•   Interdisciplinary/Inquiry-based/Thematic Approach to the Sciences, Cultural/Social Studies
•   An inclusive, family-friendly school community
                                                                        Elementary School Registration packet/page 20

                                     HILLSIDE SCHOOL
                             Mr. Michael J. Chiles, Sr., Principal
                      Mr. Anthony M. Grosso, Acting Assistant Principal
                                      54 Orange Road
                                    Montclair, NJ 07042

                                         Grades 3-5
                                  Theme: Gifted and Talented

                                   Hours: 9:20 a.m. – 3:35 p.m.
                                    Early Dismissal: 2:10 p.m.

Hillside School’s gifted and talented magnet program presumes ALL children have special gifts and
talents. It is the school’s responsibility to identify and nurture every child’s special abilities.

Due to the wide variety of choices at Hillside, students of all abilities, interests and backgrounds are able
to discover areas in which they will excel. With its high academic standards and strong related and
performing arts programs, Hillside provides students with a positive environment where responsibility
and maturity are stressed.

Students are assigned to a homeroom teacher in groups averaging twenty-five. Half the day is spent
with a Basics team for instruction in language arts, math, science and social studies. Full-time staff in
French, Spanish, dance and other arts areas, provide instruction in Aesthetics and Creative “I” course
offerings. Support staff for students with special needs is also available.

Language arts, math, social studies and science form the core of the Basics components at Hillside.
Instruction is planned to challenge each child’s skill level.

Academic support is provided through Learning Centers, such as the basic skills improvement program
(Project S.T.A.R.S.), which provides students with academic support in reading/writing and

Students are exposed to a wide range of experiences and subject areas in the Aesthetics program.
Studies in Aesthetics are designed to allow children to develop new interests and knowledge. Children
do not have to show a special talent to participate in this program. They should be willing to learn and
take part in new situations.

During the trimester cycles, children have the opportunity to take courses in art, foreign language,
philosophy and logic, science, math, social studies, language arts, leadership, music, drama, dance
computers, contemporary living, film and video.
                                                                        Elementary School Registration packet/page 21

The Creative “I” program supports children’s individual interests and talents. The students use what
they have learned in Basics and Aesthetics to apply knowledge in new ways and pursue ideas in greater
depth through individual projects, small group assignments and excursion into the community.

Students may be recommended for Creative “I” by their parents, themselves, teachers and/or
administrators. A written assessment and/or test is then administered and a determination is made after
consulting with the Creative “I” Screening Committee.


Drums of Thunder
Drums of Thunder began in 1980 as the brainchild of Mr. Louis D’Amico. Each year, the group has
broken new creative ground and has ventured further out into the performance world. The development
of character in his musicians is equal in importance to their skills in drumming. The goal for the program
is to provide each child with a strong sense of self-esteem and the pride of accomplishment which
comes from practice and hard work. The members develop team-building skills, which we know are
critical to success in careers and throughout life. For many of our members, their participation in Drums
of Thunder literally becomes a life altering experience. Drums of Thunder is nationally known and
continues to grow.

Hillside School Waste-Free Lunch Program
Hillside participates in a lunch program that reduces the amount of garbage that is produced during
lunchtime and to sort the trash that goes out more effectively into recycling, compost, and garbage. On
average, after dumping the liquids, pulling out the cartons, recycling, and compost, WFL creates a total
average of only 54 pounds of actual trash per day compared to an average of 130 pounds.

The President’s Challenge
The President’s Challenge is the premier program of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and
Nutrition. The President’s Challenge helps people of all ages and abilities increase their physical activity
and improve their fitness through research-based information, easy-to-use tools, and friendly motivation.
                                                                          Elementary School Registration packet/page 22

                                         NISHUANE SCHOOL
                                        Mrs. Gail Clarke, Principal
                                 Ms. Jill McLaughlin, Assistant Principal
                                            32 Cedar Avenue
                                           Montclair, NJ 07042

                                               Grades K-2
                                        Theme: Gifted and Talented

                                        Hours: 9:20 a.m. – 3:35 p.m.
                                         Early Dismissal: 2:10 p.m.

Nishuane School has been recognized as a School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education
as a STAR SCHOOL. The STAR SCHOOL AWARD acknowledges Nishuane's exemplary Creative "I" and
Aesthetic Courses and the entire Gifted and Talented Program. When this award was made, Nishuane
was one of only ten schools to be recognized as a STAR SCHOOL in the entire state of New Jersey.

Nishuane's philosophy is based on the belief that all children are gifted. The school's environment and
curriculum are carefully designed to draw out individual talents and to encourage the growth of self-
esteem necessary to make self-actualization possible. The Nishuane curriculum was developed to meet
the needs of students in their intellectual, physical, emotional and social development. The curriculum is
composed of four major components: (1) The Special Nishuane Arts Program (SNAP) includes daily
instruction in either art, music, physical education or library. Integrated into the BASIC/SNAP curriculum
are the house performances; (2) The Aesthetics program consists of general exploratory courses in
language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, art, dance, drama, gymnastics and music; (3) The
Creative "I" program provides enrichment for children who have shown special abilities and interest in
one or more subjects; (4) Students in Grades Kindergarten, One and Two participate in the World
Language Program (Mandarin and Spanish).

The professional staff is involved in teaching Social Problem Solving Curriculum, which was developed
at Rutgers University Center for applied Psychology and is implemented at Nishuane as a cooperative
effort between teachers, administration and parents. The Social Problem Solving Program teaches
students to develop self-control and social awareness, builds self-esteem using cognitive problem
solving skills through an eight step process as children learn to apply these skills to real life situations.
The curriculum has a parent training component that aims at giving children a consistent approach to
social problems at school and at home.


It is our responsibility:

    •    To foster a positive self-image in which children explore their gifts and talents, feel free to take
         risks, experience success and enjoy learning within the context of a multi-cultural environment;
    •    To provide a safe and secure environment;
    •    To develop an awareness and sensitivity to the multi-racial, multi-ethnic and diverse economic
         backgrounds of our students;
    •    To discover and develop each child's potential;
                                                                  Elementary School Registration packet/page 23

•   To teach in a variety of strategies to promote critical thinking skills and to accommodate for
    various learning styles;
•   To educate parents about the importance of providing a nurturing environment in their child's
    early years.
                                                                      Elementary School Registration packet/page 24

                                      NORTHEAST SCHOOL
                                Dr. Joseph A. Putrino, Acting Principal
                                          603 Grove Street
                                         Montclair, NJ 07043

                                           Grades K-5
                               Theme: Magnet School of Global Studies

                                      Hours: 8:20 a.m. – 2:35 p.m.
                                       Early Dismissal: 1:10 p.m.

Northeast School is home to 445 Kindergarten through 5th grade students. Language Arts, Math,
Science and Social Studies constitute the core curriculum. All students attend weekly classes in Music,
Art, Physical Education, Spanish and Technology. We have an instrumental band program for grades 4
and 5.

Children are heterogeneously assigned to classes at each grade level, K-5. Language Arts, Music,
Science and Social Studies constitute the Core Curriculum. A developmental approach is implemented
in the primary grades with emphasis on the use of manipulatives and integrated language and centered
learning. The fourth and fifth grade teachers team-teach various disciplines and implement project-
based work as well as cooperative group learning. Smaller group instruction occurs through the use of
teaching assistants, creative use of staffing, reading and math support teachers, parent volunteers and
other support staff.

Our magnet theme Global Studies is a powerful perspective for examining and understanding our
world’s people, places and problems. Geography is a subject that can unite the curriculum and support
academic skills. Studying the world provides our students opportunities to reflect on cultural diversity,
the global economy, politics and real life issues. Global education at Northeast School is a meaningful
way to excite children about learning and to teach the necessary skills they will need as tomorrow’s
citizens, leaders, peacemakers and protectors of our resources.

Each grade level studies a designated continent using the National Geographic standards as a
framework. Students use maps, the environment, politics, topography, current events and populations to
understand the past, present and future. There is a global studies coordinator who interfaces with all
students and teachers to develop and integrate these skills into the curriculum.


Journeys is a program which takes place for students in grades 3-5. The first semester of Journeys
focuses on continent study and social studies. Starting in January, curriculum skills and concepts will be
reinforced and presented to students in a variety of formats, including:
                                                                      Elementary School Registration packet/page 25

    •   How to organize information
    •   How to approach open ended questions
    •   How to examine information when it is presented differently and explain their work

The focus is on Language, Math, Writing and Science, but these skills may be implemented in other
disciplines. This instruction may happen in small or large groups.


Northeast offers a special program for international students called English as a Second Language –
ESL. The program measures the children’s communication skills in four basic areas: listening, speaking,
reading and writing. Since communication is a two-way process which develops gradually, we try
carefully to integrate students into our school and way of life.


Northeast is fortunate to have families from a diversity of backgrounds and talents. Our school takes
pride in its parental involvement and its community volunteer program, PALS (Partners And Loving
Students). The PTA organizes and offers After School Enrichment courses for all our students. The
YMCA offers and operates a before and after school program, on site, for parents desiring this service.
                                                                        Elementary School Registration packet/page 26

                                       WATCHUNG SCHOOL
                                     Mr. Peter Turnamian, Principal
                                           14 Garden Street
                                          Montclair, NJ 07042

                                             Grades K - 5
                                     Theme: Science & Technology

                                       Hours: 8:50 a.m. – 3:05 p.m.
                                        Early Dismissal: 1:40 p.m.

As one of seven elementary schools in the Montclair Public School District, Watchung Elementary
School serves over 450 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Watchung School is dedicated to
preparing its students to face their future by developing independent learners who can confidently
negotiate a world where technology and science are the tools utilized to retrieve, interpret and process
information. Our curriculum promotes the value of scientific inquiry, the gift of each child, and the social,
academic, emotional and ethical growth possible during these early years of development. The staff
emphasizes achievement, mastery, critical thinking and problem solving in a school organized to provide
a safe, orderly and nurturing environment for learning.

Watchung’s science curriculum is aligned so that students begin the fall cycle with earth science and
then progress through physical and environmental studies by the year’s end. The emphasis in all areas is
on hands-on experiences that teach and reinforce the importance of the scientific method. The school is
equipped with a state-of-the arts science lab and all classes meet weekly with the lab teacher. The
spiraling curriculum allows for coordination between the classroom science teachers and the science
specialists in the lab and greenhouse.

A solar greenhouse project to celebrate Watchung School’s Centennial was constructed to enhance and
expand the science theme for our students to encourage parental involvement, to reach out to other
public and private schools as a teaching tool, and to foster a partnership with the community at large.
The students are engaged in a variety of hands-on experience that focuses on the world of botany and
horticulture. Our fifth grade students also participate in a program allowing them to become certified as
Junior Master Gardeners as part of their greenhouse studies. In addition to the greenhouse, our students
study in our environmental courtyard, which enables them to work in planting beds and tend to a fully
operational pond.

Our technology lab is equipped with work stations for all students and an interactive Smartboard system
to ensure active participation. The emphasis in the lab setting is to provide the students with the core
content standards that enable them to use technology in the regular classroom setting as a tool for
enhancing and expanding their learning.

Our related arts program include ever-expanding offerings – music instruction with Yamaha keyboards,
Orff percussion instruction, recorders, a vocal recording studio, an instrumental music program for 4th
and 5th grade students; a library media center with a rich collection of books and opportunities to utilize
technology for research and writing; art instruction, which includes art history, appreciation, and
experiences that speak to a wide range of mediums and expressions, a physical education program with
                                                                        Elementary School Registration packet/page 27

a dedicated gymnasium space and a focus on health and nutrition; and a world language program that
provides instruction in Spanish.

PTA involvement is strong and parents are considered vital to the education climate. Active parental
participation further contributes to the overall school climate as one of a family dedicated to teaching our

Watchung School offers a positive, peaceful, productive school culture in which every child can
experience success.
                                                                             Elementary School Registration packet/page 28

Who must file a Freedom of Choice (FOC) application?

Elementary School: Parents/Guardians who want to transfer their child to a different elementary school for the next
school year. The application must be filed at any time during the month of APRIL at the Montclair Board of Education,
22 Valley Road.

Middle School: Parents/Guardians who want their child to attend a middle school other than the feeder pattern noted
above. The application must be filed at any time during the month of MARCH/APRIL at the Montclair Board of
Education, 22 Valley Road.

         If you have any questions, contact Jo Ann Monahan, Registrar, at 973-509-4017.
                                                                   Elementary School Registration packet/page 29


Will my child be transported to school next year?
Elementary and middle school students residing more than 1 mile from school will be transported.
Those residing less than 1 mile from school are not eligible for busing and there are no exceptions. High
school students who live more than 2.5 miles from Montclair High School will be offered bus

How are distances determined?
Distance is measured from the front of your property via the shortest (walking) distance to the nearest
door of the school. The Montclair Board of Education uses data verified by three separate consultants.
All three surveys confirm the accuracy of our computerized distances.

Who is responsible for assigning bus stops?
It is the sole responsibility of the Transportation Office to assign bus stops. A School Principal, the bus
driver or aide MAY NOT change a bus stop without the approval of the Transportation Office.

Can I have a bus stop closer to my house or in front of my house?
Buses are assigned stops at corners. This is done for safety reasons as cars are less likely to pass a
school bus stopped at a corner and traffic tends to slow down when it reaches an intersection. Routes
are also designed for efficiency. Each route takes approximately 18-20 minutes. Adding stops lengthens
the time of each run.

Is there a late bus in the morning?
NO. If your student misses a bus because he/she was not at the stop on time, it becomes the parent's
responsibility to transport the child to school. There is an EMERGENCY bus in town that is used when
there is an equipment failure or delays to certain routes. It is not to be used when a child has missed a
bus because of his/her tardiness.

My child is in kindergarten. If i am not at his/her stop in the afternoon, will the driver let him/her
off the bus?
NO. Kindergarten and first grade students must be met by a parent or a responsible designee. If no one
is at the stop to meet the student, he/she will be brought to the next school on the run or back to
Nishuane School, which is the last cycle.

Can my child be transported to a babysitter or day care center?
If your child is eligible for transportation from home, a written request for a change in bus assignment
will be accepted if the alternate address also meets bus eligibility requirements. All assignments are on
a five-day a week basis. Applications are available at all area day care centers, as well as in the
Transportation Office and Central Registration Office at the Montclair Board of Education, 22 Valley

Can my child ride a different bus temporarily for a day?
 Since state regulations require that we file a copy of our routes at the beginning of each year with the
names of students at each stop, we are unable to change stops or allow students to ride buses to which
they are not regularly assigned.

NOTE: All buses are equipped with high back seats and seat belts. All buses have aides/attendants to
assist students.
                                                           Elementary School Registration packet/page 30


Transportation to and from school is available for students in the Montclair Public Schools who meet the
eligibility requirements which are based on the distance from the child=s residency to the school he/she
is attending. According to board policy, transportation will be provided for the following students:

    1. All elementary students who reside more than 1 mile from their assigned school.

    2. All middle school students who reside more than 1mile from their assigned school.

    3. All high school students who reside more than 2.5 miles from the high school.

All eligible students will be automatically assigned busing to/from the home address by the
Transportation Office. Parents do not have to call the Transportation Office for regular busing

The board is able to provide transportation on a space available basis for students in grades K-8 who
live down to one mile from their school; however, space available seating is determined on an annual
basis and does not guarantee continued transportation every year. Whenever possible, space available
transportation assignments are made prior to the first day of school.

Alternate transportation to or from a baby sitter or day care center is available provided that the
following requirements are met:

    1. The student must be eligible for transportation from his/her home address.

    2. The sitter or day care center must meet the mileage eligibility requirements.

    3. All assignments are made for the school year on a five-days-a-week basis. Students cannot
       receive alternate transportation on only certain days of the week.

    4. Assignments for sitter/day care are on a space available basis. The board must first provide
       service to those students who travel to and from home on the same bus.

Applications for alternate transportation are available at school registration as well as the Transportation
Office and local day care centers. Applications for transportation to local day care centers should be
submitted directly to the day care center by August 4. All other applications for alternate transportation
should be submitted to the Transportation Office by August 4. This will assure first day of school
assignments. Applications received after August 4 may not be assured an assignment at the beginning
of the school year.
                                         page 31
  ncar u l c o l
Mo tli P bi S h os
 h wn c n mi o e
S o ige o o cz n s

 . rdo d c o l8     u t e rn o d
1 B a fr S h o, 7Mo n H bo R a
 . o te s S h o, 0 rv Sr te
2 N rh a t c o l6 3G oe t e
 . u t e r n d l c o l1 3 eve vn e
3 Mo n H b o MideS h o, 7 B lu A e u
 . d e n Mo ts o i c o l2 d e n R a
4 E g mo t ne s r S h o, 0E g mo t o d
 . th n c o l1 ad n t t
5 Wac u gS h o, 4G re Sre  e
 . ncar ih c o l1 0 h s t t t
6 Mo tli H g S h o, 0 C etu Sre e
 . e r e n e s n e , 4 ak t t
7 G o g In s A n x 1 1P r Sree
8 R n is n ea R n MideS h o,
 . e as a c t a d d l c o l
     7 ot uet vn e
          h lo
    1 6N r F lr nA e u
 . isd c o l5 rn e o d
9 H l ieS h o, 4O a g R a
               o f c , 2 ae R a
1 . o r o E u ainof e 2 V ly o d
 0 B ad f d c t     i
 1 B l k c o l5    si tn t t
1 . ulc S h o, 5Wah go Sre
      o                     e
 2 G e f d d l c o l2      p vn e
1 . lnil MideS h o, 5Ma lA e u
 3 N s u n c o l3 e a A e u
1 . ih a eS h o, 2C d r vn e
                                                                 Elementary School Registration packet/page 32

                                      Montclair Council of PTAs

                             A Guide to Help You Navigate
                         the Elementary School Selection Process

Figuring out which of the Montclair public elementary schools to rank in preference for your child is not
always an easy task. When you imagine the ideal school for your child, colorful classrooms and
dynamic teachers may come to mind. But when you begin to weigh your options, practical
constraints, philosophical considerations and “specialty features” may all be issues affecting your

How do you sort it all out? Follow these simple steps to identify your preferences and prioritize your
selection as you attend orientation meetings and visit the Montclair elementary schools.

Step I: Make a List. Using the guidelines below, list the characteristics and qualities you are
looking for in a school.

Step 2: Prioritize. Review your list and number your ideas in order of importance to you.

Step 3: Visit the schools. Try to visit as many elementary schools as you can. A list of sample
questions is attached to this worksheet. If you would like to speak to a parent whose children
attend a particular school, just ask at the tour or in the school office.

                                         Things to Consider

1. Practical Elements

    School Hours
    • Is the school opening and closing important?
    • Do I need childcare before or after school?

    • Do I need bus transportation?
    • The Transportation Office (973-509-4055) can tell you, based on your home address, to
       which schools your child is eligible for bus transportation.
    • Do I want to be within walking distance of school?
    • Am I able to drive my child to and from school?

    Special Needs
    • Does my child have any physical, emotional, linguistic or learning needs that require special

2. School Environment

    •   Would my child be suited to a small school environment or would a large school be better?
    •   Do I want a school that spans all the elementary years (K-5) or one that concentrates on a smaller
        range of grades (K-2 and 3-5)?
    •   Am I interested in a traditional or more alternative approach to learning?
                                                                   Elementary School Registration packet/page 33

3. Areas of study

    •   How important are science and technology programs?
    •   Are world language classes important? Which languages?
    •   How important are music, art and drama programs?
    •   Are any of the magnet themes important to me?

                        Key Questions to Ask During the School Visit

Here are some sample questions to ask at the school visits. Some of the information may be in the
written materials or tours provided by the schools. Put a check next to the questions that you would like
answered when you visit the schools.

Mission and Community
    •   Does this school have a particular educational philosophy or mission?
    •   How is the school's magnet theme incorporated into the school environment?
    •   How does this school encourage and monitor students' progress toward meeting grade-level
    •   Do the children work in small groups on various tasks or spend most of their time in large group
    •   Are classes self-contained or do children move from class to class for each subject?
    •   What is this school's approach to student discipline and safety?
    •   What professional development opportunities do teachers have? In what ways do
        teachers work together with other teachers? With parents/caregivers?

Resources and Extra-Curriculum Opportunities
    •   What are some highlights of this school's curriculum in reading, math, science and social
    •   What kinds of library resources are available to students?
    •   How is reading encouraged at school (e.g., incentive programs, contests, read-a-thons)?
    •   How is technology used to support teaching and learning at this school?
    •   How do the arts fit into the curriculum? Is there a school chorus or instrumental music
        group? A school play or talent show? Art classes?
    •   What materials are available in the classrooms to support learning (e.g., visual tools, hands-
        on tools, technological tools)?
    •   What world languages are offered? How much time is devoted to world language at each grade
    •   Are there opportunities for different grade levels to interact in a supervised way (reading buddies,
    •   Is there an after school enrichment program?
    •   Is childcare available before or after school?
                                                                Elementary School Registration packet/page 34

Special Needs

   •   How does this school support students who have academic, social or emotional
   •   If your child has any medical problems, speak to the nurse during your tour. For example,
       how are food allergies, asthma, or diabetes managed at school? What paperwork is
       required before next September?
   •   Is the school building handicapped accessible with ramps, a lift and/or an elevator? (This is
       important for non-ambulatory students and non-ambulatory parents/caregivers).

The Home/School Connection
   •   How does this school keep parents informed of school information and activities?
   •   Is there an active PTA and School Review? What other types of parent involvement take place at
       this school?
   •   Can parents get involved in the classroom if they so choose? Must parents get involved?
   •   How often are school-wide assemblies held? Are parents invited to attend these?
   •   What is the procedure for morning drop-off? Where do I park? Where does the child enter
       the building?

Some Practical Questions

   •   Where do the children (including kindergarteners) eat lunch (e.g., cafeteria or
   •   Do children of different grade levels eat lunch or have recess together?
   •   What do the children do during outside recess? What is the policy on playing outside in cold
   •   What do the children do for indoor recess in inclement weather?
   •   Where are the Kindergarten bathrooms located? Are they in the classroom?
   •   Are children allowed to travel to the bathroom alone?
   •   In kindergarten, what related arts do the children receive? Do they leave the classroom for
       certain activities?

Things to Look For:

   •   Do classrooms look cheerful? Is student work displayed, and does it seem appropriate for the
       grade level?
   •   Do teachers seem enthusiastic and knowledgeable, asking questions that stimulate
       students and keep them engaged?
   •   Do the teachers seem able to address the children's individual needs?
   •   Does the principal seem confident and interested in interacting with students/ teachers and
   •   What are the procedures used when students move from class to class or play outside?
   •   How well are the facilities maintained? Are bathrooms clean and well supplied, and do the
       grounds look safe and inviting?
                                                               Elementary School Registration packet/page 35

                               Quick Guide to Navigating
                              Through the School System

Key Contacts

   •   Your School Building is the primary source of information.

   •   Principal and Assistant Principal: Get to know and confer with your school principal and
       assistant principal on general policy matters beyond the purview of school staff.

   •   Teachers: Teachers are the focus of the educational process and key to the education of your
       child. Parent/teacher consultation is the key to the educational success of your child.

   •   Counselors: Your middle school and high school have guidance counselors to help with class
       scheduling issues. All schools in the district have Student Assistance Counselors to help you
       and your child with concerns.

   •   PTA/PTSO Presidents: These people are the key to informing parents about the school
       community. Knowing the function and phone number of these key people will greatly facilitate
       your adjustment to the school community, and assist in the academic success of your child.

Question/Complaint Procedure

The question/complaint procedure described below should be used if you have a question or a concern
about your child's educational program. Begin at Step 1. You should proceed to the next step of the
procedure ONLY if the question/concern was not resolved at the first step.
                                                                              Elementary School Registration packet/page 36

  NOTE: See also the website link in the yellow bar to “Staff List” for all staff contact information.

Name and Office                         Title                                                            Telephone
Superintendent’s Office
Dr. Frank R. Alvarez                    Superintendent                                                   973-509-4010
Dr. Felice A. Harrison                  Assistant to the Superintendent                                  973-509-4015
Mrs. Jo Ann Monahan                     Registrar                                                        973-509-4017
Ms. Sylvia B. Bryant                    Parent Coordinator                                               973-509-4028
Business Office
Mrs. Dana Sullivan                      Business Administrator                                           973-509-4050
Mrs. Andrea DelGuercio                  Assistant Business Administrator                                 973-509-4050
Mr. Leonard Romano                      Transportation Manager                                           973-509-4055
Mr. Leonard Saponara                    Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds                                973-509-4044
Department of Instruction
Dr. Clarence C. Hoover, III             Interim Assistant Superintendent for Instruction                 973-509-4030
Dr. Lydia Furnari                       Supervisor of Curriculum                                         973-509-4039
Ms. Jean Rac Wuensch                    Supervisor of Special Programs                                   973-509-4038
Mr. George Glass                        Student Data Analyst                                             973-509-4811
Mrs. Janine Gregory                     Literacy Consultant                                              973-509-4575
Pupil Services
Ms. Linda Mithaug                       Director of Pupil Services                                       973-509-4022
Mrs. Rebecca Ross                       Supervisor of Special Education                                  973-509-4031
Dr. Keith Breiman                       Supervisor of Special Education                                  973-509-4078
Mrs. Linda Colucci                      Supervisor of Special Education                                  973-509-2581
Personnel Department
Dr. James B. Patterson                  Personnel Administrator                                          973-509-4005
Mrs. Maria Narciso                      Technology Coordinator                                           973-509-4018

  Areas in which you can become involved in your child’s education and sharing in
  school community activities

           •    School PTA/PTSO: Co-Presidents available in every school — support educational
           •    School Action Team for Partnerships — School level curriculum and program
           •    Volunteer Programs in Your School: You can volunteer to help out in areas in which
                you are proficient
           •    After School Programs.

  Suggested Reading List

           •    Preparing Your Children for Back to School, Jennifer Tankersley
           •    MegaSkills: Building Our Children’s Character and Achievement for School
                and Life, Dr. Dorothy Rich, Updated 5th Edition
           •    176 Ways to Involve Parents: Practical Strategies for Partnering with
                Families, Betty Boult
           •    School Family and Community Partnership, Dr. Joyce Epstein
           •    Achievement Gap: City Kids, City Schools, Dr. Pedro Noguero

  Parent Tips
                                                                Elementary School Registration packet/page 37

   1. Know your child's teacher — consult with the teacher as it relates to academics, discipline,
   2. Know the building administrators/staff/resource persons within the building.
   3. Know the school rules as they relate to academics, discipline and attendance.
   4. Know the guidance counselors and/or student assistance counselors in your school.
   5. Attend the PTA/PTSO educational programs at the school and the educational program at
       the district level.
   6. Check the district website regularly and read the school newsletter.
   7. Visit the school.
   8. Check the backpacks of young children for information sent home.
   9. Know the calendar of events.
   10. Attend Board of Education meetings.
   11. Parent/teacher conferences are crucial to keep up-to-date with your child's personal and
       academic progress.
   12. Remember that it is the quality and quantity of time with children that make a difference.

       Remember: parents who are involved in their children's education are
       in a position to make a positive difference in their child's education.

Parent Coordinator

       Parent Coordinator: Resource to parents in the district. Works with parents in
       consultation with building administrators and staff, but can be reached independently for
       parent concerns. Whenever possible, parents should contact principals and/or teachers
       first when you have a question, concern and/or suggestion.

Areas of Service

   •   Parent education: workshops/support groups/seminars; Love&Joy of Reading; family math;
       Grandparent Support Program
   •   Parent Leadership Development: MegaSkills; parent leadership development
   •   Volunteers in the Schools: Persons interested in volunteering in the schools in tutoring and
   •   PTA/PTSO: Coordination of parent education programs with PTA.

Suggested Reading List

   •   Preparing Your Children for Back to School, by Jennifer Tankersley
   •   MegaSkills-Building Our Children’s Character and Achievement for School and Life, by Dr.
       Dorothy Rich – Updated 5th Edition
   •   176 Ways to Involve Parents-Practical Strategies for Partnering with Families, by Betty
   •   School Family and Community Partnership, by Dr. Joyce Epstein
   •   Achievement Gap-City Kids, City Schools, by Dr. Pedro Noguero

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